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Deep Space Latest chapter update list


Volume 1 Chapter 1 Old LandVolume 2 Chapter 2 Time is fleetingVolume 3 Chapter 3 Life Extension ProjectVolume 4 Chapter 4 Supernatural
Volume 5 Chapter 5 Abandoned ShoesVolume 6 Chapter 6 The GoddessVolume 7 Chapter Seven Immortals Are Not ExistingVolume 8 Chapter 8 Gathering
Volume 9 Chapter 9 ClassmatesVolume 10 Chapter 10 New ArtVolume 11 Chapter 11 The Battle Between the Old and the NewVolume 12 Chapter Twelve Gentle Overlook
Volume 13 Chapter Thirteen: The End of the Old Art RoadVolume 14 Chapter Fourteen ExpeditionVolume 15 Chapter Fifteen EclosionVolume 16 Chapter 16 Silver Animal Skin Book
Volume 17 Chapter 17 Cutting HuVolume 18 Chapter Eighteen EncounterVolume 19 Chapter Nineteen Ex-GirlfriendVolume 2 Chapter 20 Xiao Wang is too fierce
Volume 21 Chapter 21 Not allowed to become a masterVolume 2 Chapter 22 Rubbing shoulders with deathVolume 23 Chapter 23 Super SenseVolume 24 Chapter 24: The Correct Way to Open the Pre-Qin Bamboo Slips
Volume 25 Chapter 25 Contact with the MysteryVolume 26 Chapter 26 Not UniversalVolume 27 Chapter 27: Immortal TombVolume 28 Chapter 28 Fishing
Volume 2 Chapter 29: The Living AlchemistVolume 30 Chapter 30 Failed to Climb to ImmortalVolume 31 Chapter 31 The Longevity Seed ProjectVolume 32 Chapter 32 Strange Object
Volume 33 Chapter 33 The Shortcut to the Inner SceneVolume 34: You Are GoneVolume 35 Chapter 35 Near Immortals Near DemonsVolume 36 Chapter 36 Something Happened
Volume 37 Chapter 37 Sleeping with the FairyVolume 38 Chapter 38: Seeking Immortals in the RainVolume 39 Chapter 39 Battle of MontenegroVolume 40 Chapter 40: Making a Way for Old Techniques
Volume: Chapter 41: The First Time in LifeVolume 42 Chapter 42: Old Chen ReturnsVolume 43 Chapter 43: Immortal Buddha BesideVolume 44 Chapter 44: What should the Buddha ask the mortals?
Volume 45: The Relocation of the BodhisattvaVolume 46: EncounterVolume 47 Chapter 47: The Golden DriverVolume 48: Letter from Deep Space
Volume 49 Chapter 49: Immortal PhysiqueVolume 5 Chapter 50 Rare GodsMain Text Volume Chapter 51 Philosophy and BenefitsVolume 52 Chapter 52: Old and New Showdown
Volume Four: Chapter Fifty-Three: The Last Glory of the Old ArtVolume 54 Chapter 54: Grand MasterVolume Four: Chapter Fifty-Fifth: Digging the Roots of the Old ArtVolume 56 Chapter 56: A Big Beard Has Been Chopped
Text Volume Chapter Fifty-seventh Brilliant EndingText Volume Chapter Fifty-Eighth Renewing the Life of the Old Art by One's Own PowerVolume 59 Chapter Fifty-ninth Arouse BloodlinessVOLUME 60 Chapter 60: Lao Chen's Protector
Volume 61 Chapter 61 Relics of the ImmortalVolume 62 Chapter 62 UnityVolume 63 Chapter 63 Female Sword FairyVolume 64: Wang Jiaozu
Main Text Volume Chapter 65: Seeing the Sword Makes You VomitVolume 66 Chapter 66 Ancheng Circle is ExpensiveVolume 67 Chapter Sixty-Seven: A Preliminary Comparison of Ancient and Modern Realm LevelsVolume 68 Chapter 68: Worry about the Interior (Ask for a monthly ticket)
Volume 69 Chapter 69 The Last Tranquil TimeVolume 70 Chapter 70 Hugging ExplosionText Volume Chapter 71: Old Chen Was Stolen by a Cat (Ask for a Monthly Ticket)Main Volume Chapter 72: The Bodhisattva Scared Away
Volume 73 Chapter 73: The Powerful Banshee FairyVOLUME 1 Chapter 74: The Inner Scene Stained with Blood for the First TimeVolume 75: Little Wang LiweiVolume II Chapter Seventy-Six: Passionate Heart
Text Volume Chapter 77: Going Through All the Camps AloneVolume 78 Chapter 78: The Treasure BoyMain Text Volume Chapter 79 How Terrifying the World Will Be in Three YearsVolume 80 Chapter 80 The Three-Year Agreement
Volume 81 Chapter 81 Old Testament Lock MantraVolume 82 Chapter 82 Clearing up the history of old artsVolume 83 Chapter 83 Old Techniques Are Not OldText Volume Chapter 84: Can Battleships Kill Lie Xian?
Volume 85 Chapter 85: Running to Kill in the Rainy NightVolume 86 Chapter 86 Grandmaster Wang!Volume 87 Chapter 87 MythVolume 88: The Times Have Changed
Volume 89 Chapter 89 Thunder Rolling Murder NightVolume 90 Chapter 90: What Will Happen Tomorrow?Main Text Volume Chapter 91: The Ancient Sword for Repelling Ghosts and GodsMain Text Volume Chapter 92: Finally Can Participate in the Funeral
Volume 93 Chapter Ninety-Three with Pictures and TextsVolume: Chapter 94: Piloting a Spaceship to Pick Heavenly MedicineVolume 95 Chapter 95 Immortal Mouth Seizing FoodVolume 96: Master Consciousness
Volume 97 Chapter 97 ConfidanteVolume 98 Chapter Ninety-Eighth Aliens Yearning for the ImmortalsVolume 99 Chapter 99 Deep Space and Secret LandVolume 1 Chapter 100 The Brilliant Master Wang
Volume 1Volume 102 Chapter 102 The end of the songVOLUME 1 Chapter 103: PartingVolume 1 Chapter 104 Mysterious Contact
Volume 1 Chapter 105 Star TrekVOLUME 1 Chapter 106 EncounterVolume 1 Chapter 107: Above the MoonVolume 1 Chapter 108: The Bodhisattvas Are Too Enthusiastic
Volume 109 Chapter 109: The Mighty Old LingText Volume Chapter 110 Pursuit and PracticeText Volume Chapter 111 Killing an ImmortalText Volume Chapter 112: Being Targeted by Immortals
VOLUME 1 Chapter 113 Myth is not in this worldVOLUME 1 Chapter 114: The Moon Crater ExplodesVOLUME 1 Chapter 115: Who does the world belong to?Text Volume
VOLUME 1 Chapter 117: The World Behind the CurtainVOLUME 1 Chapter 118: The Price and Revenge of the Old TestamentText Volume Chapter 119 First Arrival in the New WorldVOLUME 1 Chapter 120 New Star Aboriginals
Volume 1 Chapter 121: The Secret PlaceVolume IIVOLUME 1 Chapter 123: Lao Zhong Runs Away Carrying the BattleshipVOLUME 124: Goddess Zhao
Text Chapter 125: The Great Era is ApproachingText Chapter 126: The Sea of ??StarsText Chapter 127: The Style of That FootText Chapter 128 First Experience in the New World (Ask for a Monthly Pass)
Text Chapter 129 Moonlit Night AppearsText TestimonialsText Chapter 130: Bloody RomanceText Chapter 131: Miracle on a Moonlit Night
Text Chapter 132: Human NatureText Chapter 133: CouplesText Chapter 134 Jiao (ask for subscription, ask for guaranteed monthly pass)Text Chapter 135: The Golden Body Transforms Again (Sixth Change)
Text Thank you all!Text Chapter 136: Grand MasterText Chapter 137: Dark Secret LandText Chapter 138: Solo Riding Through the Enemy Camp
Text Chapter 139 SalvationMain text Chapter 140: Nothing but dustText Chapter 141 Marrying a Wife and Having Children in a Foreign LandText Chapter 142: Midi New Humanity
Text Chapter 143: Killing AliensText Chapter 144: Little Clock with Countless TreasuresText Chapter 145: Hunting ExtraordinaryText Chapter 146: The Extraordinary Kiss
Text Chapter 147 Competing with the BuddhaText Chapter 148: Becoming a DemonMain text Chapter 149: Emerald FerrymanText Chapter 150: Dealing with Li Xian
Main text Chapter 151: Envious meeting of familiar immortalsText Chapter 152: Seeing the Red-clothed Fairy AgainText Chapter 153: A Date in the WorldText Chapter 154: Peripheral Changes
Text Chapter 155: Everything is for Good FortuneText Chapter 156: Eternal Night is YoungText Chapter 157 ReunionMain Text Chapter 158 Full Strength Exposure
Text Chapter 159: The Lovers Are Not FullText Chapter 160 Follow from the Old LandText Chapter 161: No longer a fairyText Chapter 162: I Really Didn¡¯t Want to Fish
Text Chapter 163: Earth Immortal ExplodesText Chapter 164: The Rare Object Coveted by the ImmortalsText Chapter 165: Changes in the InteriorText Chapter 166 Earth Immortal Spring
Text Chapter 167 Good FortuneText Chapter 168: Slashing the ExtraordinaryText Chapter 169: Gold List FishingText Chapter 170: All Laws Are Immortal
Text Chapter 171: The Slate Slate Stained with Lie Xian's BloodText Chapter 172: Developing the Strongest RootsText Chapter 173: The Last Great AlchemistText Chapter 174: Foxy Wu Yin
Text Chapter 175: Fox King YinText Chapter 176 Compensation for two people and one beastText Chapter 177: The Origin of the Five Decays of Heaven and ManText Chapter 178: Dance of Immortals
Text Chapter 179: Top secret techniqueMain Text Chapter 180 Demon ChaosText Chapter 181 Perennial blame ChenMain Text Chapter 182: Several Realms of the Ancient Cultivation Path
Text Chapter 183 Step into the Extraordinary DomainText Chapter 184: The Ferryman Gets ScaredText Chapter 185: The AvengersText Chapter 186: Old Zhong is out of this world
Text Chapter 187: Zhao and WuText Chapter 188: Wang Chaofan's SpectacleText Chapter 189: See if Wu is beautifulText Chapter 190 Fighting against the Descendants of the Top Immortal Cultivation Family
Text Chapter 191: A Group of Geniuses WeepingText Chapter 192 Copying the Path of the BuddhaText Chapter 193: Blood-stained dense landText Chapter 194 Desperate Transformation
Text Chapter 195: Wang Randeng's Great LiquidationText Chapter 197: All DestroyedText Chapter 198: Lying down and winningText Chapter 199: Wang Zha
Text Chapter 200 The TreasureText Chapter 201: Immortal RewardsText Chapter 202 Myth is DecayingText Chapter 203 The Last Splendor, the Last Sound
Text Chapter 204: Everything is getting readyText Chapter 205: The Journey to the Secret Land Is OverText Chapter 206: Battleship Destroyer ImmortalText Chapter 207 Reward
Text Chapter 208 Practice too fastText Chapter 209 DinnerMain Text Chapter 210: Adapting to the Age of Getting Along with Li XianText Chapter 211: Out of Body
Text Chapter 212: Desire to Hunt the ExtraordinaryText Chapter 213 Nova¡¯s First Extraordinary Battle Hastily EndedText Chapter 214 Hot Discussion and DestructionText Chapter 215: The King's Contempt
Text Chapter 216: The Capital of the Earth ImmortalText Chapter 217 Stealing the InteriorText Chapter 218 Watershed EventText Chapter 219: Transcendence is defeated
Text Chapter 220: The Curtain UnveiledText Chapter 221: Counterattacking the Super ChaebolText Chapter 222 Thunder in the NightText Chapter 223 Investing in Wang Xuan
Text Chapter 224 Comparing Ancient LegendsText Chapter 225 StormTextText Chapter 227: Inner Ghost
Text Chapter 228: Ready for the Final BattleText Chapter 229: Battle of the Shepherd CityMain Text Chapter 230: Next City FirstText Chapter 231 Restless Night
Text Chapter 232: Brilliant Decisive BattleText Chapter 233: Why Don¡¯t You Dare?Text Chapter 234 Vajra glaring, Bodhisattva lowering his eyebrowsText Chapter 235: The Sword Points at the Sun Family
Text Chapter 236 Sakyamuni SutraText Chapter 237 The Situation is ComplicatedText Chapter 238: The Tree Wants to Be Quiet, But the Wind Doesn't StopText Chapter 239 Invitation from Immortals
Main text Chapter 240 Make up for shortcomingsText Chapter 241: Accumulate GrainText Chapter 242 BlasphemyText Chapter 243 Dragon Slaying Begins
Main Text Chapter 244: As You Like ItText Chapter 245: Breaking the MythText Chapter 246: Dragon Pool and Tiger DenText Chapter 247 Let Lie Xian fall in love
Main text Chapter 248: Immortal misfortuneText Chapter 249 Mothership restartText Chapter 250 Preemptive StrikeText Chapter 251: The Real Owner of the Sun Family¡¯s Secret Library
Text Chapter 252: The Sword Immortal is DeadText Chapter 253 Another Secret RoadText Chapter 254: The Mysterious WorldText Chapter 255 Extraordinary Return
Text Chapter 256: The World Has ChangedText Chapter 257: The Beginning of Ten Thousand LawsText Chapter 258? Finding a way for ChaofanMain text Chapter 259? All the secret vaults are occupied
Main text Chapter 260: There is no pure land in the worldText Chapter 261 Seeing ImmortalsText Chapter 262: Immortal BodyguardText Chapter 263 Heavenly Medicine
Text Chapter 264: Moving Clouds in All DirectionsText Chapter 265 Immortal Blood SplattersText Chapter 266: Teaching Lie Xian a LessonText Chapter 267: Severing the Immortal Fate
Text Chapter 268 Killing ImmortalsText Chapter 269 Intervention in the present world against being huntedText Chapter 270 We are the future youText Chapter 271: The Extraordinary World Collapses
Text Chapter 272 Really AppearedText Chapter 273 Surrounded by Ruthless PeopleText Chapter 274: Scary SpiritsText Chapter 275
Text Chapter 276: Really... Wang ZhaText Chapter 277 Sword Slashing the BattleshipText Chapter 278: Educated to understand the truthText Chapter 279: Immortal Embryo
Text Chapter 280: Improvement of Cultivation BaseText Chapter 281: The World Is So EnchantingText Chapter 282 Immortal WorldText Chapter 283: New Era, New Monsters, and New Immortals
Text Chapter 284 Everything is ReadyText Chapter 285: Blood and DestinyText Chapter 286: The Fish Who Leaped Out of the River and Changed Its FateText Chapter 287: Devil's Tire
Text Chapter 288: Great HarvestText Chapter 289: I am Zheng WuText Chapter 290: Prince WushuangText Chapter 291: The Patriarch of the Real World
Main Text Chapter 292: Isolating EverythingText Chapter 293: Finally Entering Lao Zhong's Study RoomText Chapter 294: Countless Secret CodesMain Text Chapter 295: The Supreme Treasure Enters the Land of Destiny
Text Chapter 296: Who Burns Paper Outside the NightText Chapter 297: Sailing into Deep SpaceText Chapter 298? Demons rampantText Chapter 299: Reappearance of the Ancient Scarlet Scene
Main text Chapter 300: A lot of movementMain text Chapter 301?Text Chapter 302: The Great Lost EraText Chapter 303: Former Father-in-Law's House
Text Chapter 304 Killing Intent RisingText Chapter 305: Difficult to meet againText Chapter 306: Dramatic Changes of the TimesMain text Chapter 307: Set a new path
Text Chapter 308: Change the worldText Chapter 309 Rebirth in the NothingnessText Chapter 310: The Flower of Everlasting LifeText Chapter 311: Reshaping the Universe
Text Chapter 312: Demon Killing in the WorldText Chapter 313: The World Responds (Please Guaranteed Monthly Pass!)Text Chapter 314: Wang Xuan's DaughterText Chapter 315: Return to the Old Land
Text Chapter 316 Seeds of Spring, Fairies of AutumnText Chapter 317: Get MarriedText Chapter 318 Opening the CurtainText Chapter 319 Calm Overlook
Main text Chapter 320 Another shock!Text Chapter 321: Zhang, Yao, and Fang Are Also ShockedText Chapter 322 Affects allText Chapter 323: Into Reality
Text Chapter 324: When it's time to make a moveText Chapter 325 Transformation into TribulationText Chapter 326: Immortality Like Weeds Under FireText Chapter 327: Land Immortal
Text Chapter 328? The Demon Emperor Meets Old ZhangText Chapter 329: Fang YuzhuText Chapter 330 The New TestamentText Chapter 331: The First Edition of the Covenant
Text Chapter 332: Opening up the world silentlyMain Text Chapter 333: The King¡¯s Name on the Golden ScrollText Chapter 334: One-on-one against the worldText Chapter 335 Lord Wang's Hate Value Is Overwhelming
Text Chapter 336: Exotic New WorldText Chapter 337 Stronger Than the Demon AncestorText Chapter 338: The Burning End of the MythText Chapter 339 Communication with Another Mythical Civilization
Text Chapter 340: The scriptures are firewood, civilization is flameText Chapter 341: There has only been one person since ancient timesText Chapter 342 Fighting for the WayText Chapter 343: Cutting Yi Yongzhi
Text Chapter 344: Sending a fairy is not a respectText Chapter 345: The Wish of InvincibilityText Chapter 346: Lei Ze Blood PoolText Chapter 347 It's time for a shock
Text Chapter 348 Collective reverse escalation tragedyText Chapter 349: MegatronText Chapter 350: There is a fairy mine at homeText Chapter 351: Killed 1,327 times
Text Chapter 352: Coming for the KingText Chapter 353: The Human Race Monster King Who Vs The EnemyText Chapter 354: Beheading the Demon EmperorText Chapter 355 Sword Wheel Slashing Heroes
Text Chapter 356 Fairy DanceText Chapter 357: Cutting the Body BannerText Chapter 358 PeerlessMain text Chapter 359: Dancing with the King of Three Wards
Main Text Chapter 360: Here Comes the PatriarchText Chapter 361 Spiritual RelicsText Chapter 362: Illuminating the Extraordinary Night SkyText Chapter 363 Spiritual Hell
Text Chapter 364 Lonely Invincible Fishing GodText Chapter 365: The Treasure Under the EmbersMain text Chapter 366: The ultimate level, one leap to immortalityMain text Chapter 367: The place where the entire mythological civilization ascends
Text Chapter 368: The Truth About the Origin of the MythText Chapter 369: Heavenly Medicine Planted in Meteor CraterText Chapter 370 Encounter in NothingnessText Chapter 372: Winning the Hall
Text Chapter 373: Killing PeerlessText Chapter 374: Zheng Qi CompatibilityText Chapter 375: Getting to the KitchenText Chapter 376 Lovers
Text Chapter 377: There was also a person who opened a special interior locationText Chapter 378 Wishing to Die in the Same Year, Same Month, Same DayText Chapter 379 My roommate is a fairyMain text Chapter 380: The fisherman who makes a nest on the moon is about to go bankrupt
Text Chapter 381: The Ancient One ComesText Chapter 382 Time and Space Disorder BarText Chapter 383: The Arctic Ocean in 1982Text Chapter 384: The Source of Transcendent Essence Appears
Text Chapter 385: Give birth to an offspringText Chapter 386: The Abyss That Devours MythsText Chapter 387: Wang Jiaozu who broke throughText Chapter 388: Regrets in Life
Text Chapter 389: Is it the king's land in the whole world?Text Chapter 390: Declining moodText Chapter 391: Slightly drunkMain Text Chapter 392 A Thousand Years of Cultivation...
Text Chapter 393: The Treasure Is TremblingText Chapter 394: Big HeartText Chapter 395: The world of mortals is destinedText Chapter 396: The Mushroom Soup That Wang Ma Poisoned the Peerless Immortals
Main Text Chapter 397 Zheng Jueshi is Fighting Both Online and OfflineText Chapter 398: Fairy Sword Was Killed AgainText Chapter 400: The Whole World Is Going CrazyText Chapter 401: The New Testament is Peerless
Text Chapter 402 Old Zheng Zhibao PhobiaText Chapter 403 Unpredictable FutureText Chapter 404 Visiting Old Zheng¡¯s GraveText Chapter 405 No such person found
Text Chapter 406: The Ancient Spaceship from Deep SpaceMain text Chapter 407: Immortals are deadText Chapter 408: Flying TogetherText Chapter 409: Wang Xuan's Cub
Text Chapter 410: Extraterrestrial VIPText Chapter 411 Slaying the Dragon with One HandText Chapter 412 CivilizationText Chapter 413: Black List Celebrities
Text Chapter 414: The source of truth does not exist or has never been far awayText Chapter 415: The Early Collision of Civilizations EndsText Chapter 416: Going Away and AbnormalityText Chapter 417 Sleepless Tonight
Text Chapter 418: Blowing away the fog and approaching the truthText Chapter 419 Worrying About MarriageMain text Chapter 420: Those who resist the Old Testament and never dieText Chapter 421: The Supreme Treasure Overwhelms the World
Text Chapter 422: Who in the world has the final say?Text Chapter 423: Who is in charge of the immortalsChapter 425: The Night of KillingMain Text Chapter 426 Super Peerless Taoist Companion
Text Chapter 427 White Rose Red RoseText Chapter 428 Seeking SelfText Chapter 429 Taboo FieldChapter 430 Live-action version is here
Chapter 431 Thinking About HorrorMain text Chapter 432 I was certified as goneChapter 433 Mental ExplosionChapter 434 Giant Dragon and Ant
Chapter 435 Cutting the light of the soulText Chapter 436: Turning Reality into False TruthText Chapter 437 Flowers in HeartChapter 438 Based on the forefront of myth theory
Text Chapter 439 Awakened from the dreamMain Text Chapter 440 The beginning of a great era of changeChapter 441 Ship Repair ExpeditionText Chapter 442 Myth fiasco
Text Chapter 443 Dream RealizerChapter 444 The Whaler SaysText Chapter 445 WhalefallText Please take a day off
Text Chapter 445 Returning to the Human WorldText Chapter 446 Secret ReunionText Chapter 447: BadText Chapter 448: Taking You Home
Text Chapter 449: The Corrupt WorldText Chapter 450: Two Thousand Years in One WalkText Chapter 451: Friend or LoverText Chapter 452: Give birth to an extraordinary offspring
Text Chapter 453: New Ship VoyageText Chapter 454 Can't help touching the dog's headText Chapter 455: A Universe Out of Lie Xian's ControlText Chapter 456 Immortal Land
Text Chapter 457: Withering of the Imperial Palace Star PowerhouseText Chapter 458: Popular Seed Hell LevelText Chapter 459 Becoming a God or Marrying a Wife and Having ChildrenText Chapter 460: Peerless
Text Chapter 461: The Book of TimeText Chapter 462: The Limit Breakers Hunt the Paradise TogetherText Chapter 463: Desperate Mythical Last YearsMain text Chapter 464: Seeking defeat without solution
Text Chapter 465: The Only Source of TranscendenceText Chapter 466: Tearing up the Old TestamentText Chapter 467 Grand Events Are PreyText Chapter 468: They Are All Xeon Hunters
Text Chapter 469 Chaos in the Extraordinary RealmText Chapter 470: The Family Bracelet Is a TreasureText Chapter 471: Hunting the Xeon GodsText Chapter 472: Wang Xuan Kills God
Text Chapter 473: There is no solution above the sense of spiritText Chapter 474 No one has ever gained a foothold in the twelve paragraphsText Chapter 475 UnprecedentedText Chapter 476: The Loser Who All Eyes Are on
Main text Chapter 477: Split Xeon GodText Chapter 478 Myths and Troubled TimesMain text Chapter 479: Number one recordText Chapter 480
Text Chapter 481 Orthopedics or BrainText Chapter 482 Sweet and greasyText Chapter 483: The Cicada¡¯s CryText Chapter 484: The Treasure Has an Owner
Main text Chapter 485: Approaching the real source and catching living creaturesMain text Chapter 486: The thirteen stages of Nirvana are imminentText Chapter 487: The Secret of the Supreme Treasure Health FurnaceMain text Chapter 488 Who can check and balance in this world (Happy New Year!)
Text Chapter 489 Facing the Dragon AloneMain Text Chapter 490: Battle in the Inner SceneText Chapter 491: Ultra-Peerless DeathText Chapter 492: Who is Slaying the Dragon?
Text Chapter 493: Introducing the Sword FairyText Chapter 494: Jiang Qingyao, the No. 1 Person in Modern TimesText Chapter 495: Winning NumbText Chapter 496: Fiery Light in the Eyes
Text Chapter 497: The Best Sword Sutra in the WorldText Chapter 498: One Big One and One SmallText Chapter 499: The King's DaughterText Chapter 500: Unstoppable Temptation of Eternal Spring
Text Chapter 501 UndefendedText Chapter 502 Give the Demon Master a Brilliant SmileText Chapter 503 This brother should not stay longText Chapter 504: Buzhou Mountain Spiritual Blood Pool
Text Chapter 505: The Master of the Sky MirrorText Chapter 506: Mythical CrossroadsText Chapter 507: Treasure ConfrontationText Chapter 508: Is the demon lord your black hearted padded jacket?
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Nine: Brother and Sister or Tong HusbandText Chapter 510: The Extraordinary Twilight Is UnstoppableText Chapter 511: The Great Barrier CollapsesText Chapter 512: End
Text Chapter 513 Discussing the Mythology RoadText Chapter 514 Royal WayText Chapter 515: Zixiao He Dao SwordText Chapter Five Hundred and Sixteen
Text Chapter 517: Wandering in Deep SpaceMain text Chapter 518: Primordial Spirit ImmortalText Chapter 519: The Dragon ShowdownText Chapter 520: For All the Transcendents of This Era
Text Chapter 521: Another BattlefieldText Chapter 522: Battle to the DeathText Chapter 523: Cut Xuan or Slay the DragonText Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty-Four
Text Chapter 525: HellText Chapter 526 Never RegretText Chapter 527: KillingText Chapter 528: The Dragon Slayer Is Not an Evil Dragon
Text Chapter 529: The Disaster of the Scary SpiritText Chapter 530: Prestige and the Greatest CrisisText Chapter Five Hundred and Thirty-OneText Chapter 532: The Old Era Ends
Text Chapter 533: The Myth EternalText Chapter 534: After the Interior SceneText Chapter 535 Embers of the Supreme FireText Chapter 536 Origin of Great Barrier
Text Chapter 537: The Secret Road Paved with the Blood of the Supreme GodText Chapter 538: The Road to the Extraordinary RealmText Chapter 539: The Last Brilliance of the ExtraordinaryMain text Chapter 540 Where does the big universe go after error correction
Text Chapter 541: SonText Chapter 542: A Different PathText Chapter 543: The Last Dance on EarthText Chapter 544: Mother Sea
Text Chapter 545: Waiting for FeedText Chapter 546: The Enemy Behind This EraText Chapter 547: Ruthless people who have struggled for three thousand yearsMain text Chapter 548: The end of the old chapter
Main Text Chapter 1 SeparatedMain Text Chapter 2 No TraceText New Chapter Chapter 3 WeddingMain Text Chapter 4 The Treasure Getaway Boat Trembling
Text New Chapter Chapter 5 Three YearsMain Text Chapter 6: The World Behind the Meteorite PassageMain Text Chapter 7 AwakeningText New Chapter Chapter 8 The Times Are Different
Main Text Chapter 9: The Birth of the Mysterious TreasureMain Text Chapter 10 Time Kills the PastMain Text New Chapter Chapter 11 The Last AfterglowMain Text Chapter 12 Nonstop
Main Text Chapter 13 Settle a ConcernMain Text Chapter 14 Return to the original world trajectoryText New Chapter Chapter 15 RealityMain Text Chapter 16 The Real Fugue
Text New Chapter Chapter 17 The world of mortals is full of sceneryText New Chapter 18 The Strange Man Who Survives the Extraordinary Cold Winter NightMain Text Chapter 19 Traveling in the UniverseText New Chapter Chapter 20 Strange Land
Main Text Chapter 21 Supreme GodMain Text Chapter 22 The World Is Changing Too FastMain Text Chapter 23 One of the Best Sources of CivilizationMain text, new chapter, Chapter 24: The picture is too big
Text New Chapter Chapter 25 Royal RoadMain Text Chapter 26 Royal Road vs. Royal RoadMain Text New Chapter Chapter 27 Gains and LossesMain Text Chapter 28 Rise of the Wind and Cloud
Text New Chapter Chapter 29 Returning to the Real WorldMain Text Chapter 31 The Source of TruthText New Chapter Chapter 32 Get out of the order as soon as possibleMain Text Chapter 34 The Wedding Date Has Been Set
Text New Chapter Chapter 36 Blood BurnMain Text New Chapter Chapter 39 The Brilliant EndMain Text Chapter 40: The Final Battle of the Temple of ImmortalsMain Text New Chapter Chapter 41: Treasure Trembling
Main Text Chapter 42 The Great War During the Extraordinary Cold Winter NightText New Chapter Chapter 43: Yuanshen Returns to Kill the EnemyText New Chapter 45 Another faction joins the warText New Chapter 45 Myth and Technology Collide
Text New Chapter 46 One person is a mythText New Chapter 47 The Destroyed TreasureText New Chapter 48 The Ultimate Battle is OverText New Chapter Chapter 49 Post-war
Text New Chapter Chapter 50 New RoadText New Chapter Chapter 51 Preparing for MarriageText New Chapter 52 The Dead Land is DestroyedMain Text New Chapter Chapter 53 The Wedding Held as Scheduled
Text New Chapter Chapter 54 MarriageMain Text Chapter 55 Spring Sleep Without AwarenessMain Text New Chapter Chapter 56 Listening to Prohibited WordsMain Text New Chapter Chapter 57 Winter is Coming
Main Text Chapter 58: The Big Stage Reveals From the FogText New Chapter 59 Experiencers and Degenerates Come TogetherPlease turn from black to white for a day offMain Text New Chapter Chapter 60 High Risk Industry
Main Text Chapter 61 Ancient and Modern FourthMain Text Chapter 62 Lunar Strange CircleMain Text Chapter 63 The Scary Black Wooden BoxMain Text Chapter 64 The World Restarts Twice
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 65 Too Strong to Have No FriendsMain Text New Chapter Chapter 66: Primordial Spirit and Physical Body UnityText New Chapter Chapter 67 The First Fairyland FestivalText New Chapter Chapter 68 Children will be born
Text New Chapter Chapter 69 Abnormal NormalMain Text New Chapter Chapter 70 A Peaceful DeathMain Text New Chapter Chapter 71: All FishermenMain Text Chapter 72 Teaching the Flying Immortal
Text New Chapter Chapter 73 Chaos and SadnessMain Text Chapter 74 Encirclement and SuppressionText New Chapter Chapter 75 Wandering Starry SkyMain Text New Chapter Chapter 76 Proving Yourself in the Extraordinary World Center
Main Text Chapter 77 Whaling Wind RisesText New Chapter 78 The First Battle Between Different UniversesText New Chapter Chapter 79 Sword Immortal vs Mechanical LifeformMain Text New Chapter Chapter 80 Three Jue Chapters
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 81 Myth is TechnologyMain Text Chapter 82 Defeat of the Great Chitian SaberMain Text Chapter 83 The Cosmic Wind RisesText New Chapter Chapter 84 The real purpose
Main Text Chapter 85 Legend Becomes RealityMain Text New Chapter Chapter 86 The Real Game UniverseMain Text Chapter 87 The Truth of the ExperiencerText New Chapter Chapter 88: Stabbing to death
Main Text Chapter 89Main Text Chapter 90 Using the Treasure as a SacrificeMain Text Chapter 91 Wrong Sacrifice Shows Wrong LoveText New Chapter Chapter 92 Experiencer Old Wang
Main Text Chapter 93 All Sudden DeathsMain Text Chapter 94: The Moon Sets Silently in the Prosperity and BrillianceText New Chapter Chapter 95 Announcing the entire universeMain Text Chapter 96 Gathering Hundreds of Thousands of Immortals and Opening the Gate of Heaven
Main Text Chapter 97: The Truth Comes Out of the BattlefieldMain Text Chapter 98 Prohibited Items Killing CrazyMain Text New Chapter Chapter 99: The World Behind the DoorMain Text New Chapter Chapter 100: Expedition of the Hundred Thousand Immortals and Demons
Main Text Chapter 101 Transformation of the Supreme TreasureMain Text Chapter 102 The Highest Spiritual WorldText New Chapter 103 Time Takes A Generation AwayMain Text New Chapter Chapter 104 Hunting the Treasure
Text New Chapter Chapter 105 Invincible CreatureMain Text Chapter 106 The Moment of Life and DeathMain Text Chapter 107 SweetText New Chapter 108 Breaking Zhibao's Leg
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 109: Chasing down the third person in Central WorldMain Text New Chapter 110 The Treasure of DisgraceMain Text New Chapter Chapter 111 The Six Giants CrossoverMain Text New Chapter Chapter 112 New Saint Star Road
Text New Chapter Chapter 113 Health MasterText New Chapter 114 Years of Ruthless Life for a Hundred YearsMain Text Chapter 115 The End of a GenerationMain Text Chapter 116 The Immortal Has Regrets
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 117 It's time to fight the future againText New Chapter 118 Sitting in a wheelchair and becoming a fairyMain Text Chapter 119 Goodbye Old FriendMain Text Chapter 120 The world is quiet
Main Text New Chapter 121 Strange ParentsText New Chapter 122 Be CarefulMain Text Chapter 123 Goodbye, Goddess ZhaoMain Text New Chapter Chapter 124 Lawless Land
Text New Chapter 125 The Fourth WayMain Text Chapter 126 Ascension to ImmortalText New Chapter 127 Across the UniverseMain Text New Chapter Chapter 128 New World First Experience
Main Text Chapter 129 LevitationMain Text Chapter 130 UnpopularMain Text New Chapter Chapter 131 Only What Doesn't ChangeMain Text Chapter 132 Fate
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 133 Visitors from outside the TerritoryMain Text Chapter 134: The Blood-Stained Edict of Opening HeavenMain Text Chapter 135 RealityMain Text Chapter 136 Terror Attack
Main Text Chapter 137 Lu RenjiaText New Chapter Chapter 138 Wei PeishengText New Chapter 139: Nirvana of the Six TribulationsMain Text Chapter 140 Ascension Land
Text New Chapter 141 Wonderful JourneyMain Text New Chapter Chapter 142 Wedding Wine in the Immortal RealmMain Text Chapter 143 You may not believe itMain Text Chapter 144: A Ruthless Person
Text New Chapter Chapter 145 BullyingMain Text Chapter 146 SurprisedMain Text Chapter 147 Dragon Leaps Nine HeavensText New Chapter Chapter 148 Everyone is crossing
Main Text Chapter 149 Interlaced Time and SpaceMain Text New Chapter 150 The Land of WorshipText New Chapter 151 Limit Breakers of Star RegionsMain Text Chapter 152 Temptation
Main Text Chapter 153 Extraordinarily EnchantingText New Chapter Chapter 154Main Text Chapter 155 Who is InvincibleMain Text Chapter 156 King Level Hunting Moment
Main Text Chapter 157 Sweeping the chessboard battlefieldMain Text Chapter 158 One Man's Hunting GroundMain Text New Chapter Chapter 159Text New Chapter Chapter 160 Sky Level
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 161Main Text New Chapter 162 It¡¯s time for Dalang to take medicineText New Chapter Chapter 163 Weird WorldMain Text Chapter 164 Origin of the Overseas World
Main Text Chapter 165 The Unstoppable TemptationText New Chapter 166 Stealing the Holy BackyardMain Text Chapter 168 Passing byText New Chapter Chapter 169 Return with a rewarding experience
Text New Chapter 170 Identity DoubtMain Text New Chapter Chapter 171 Where is Uncle Going?Text New Chapter Chapter 172 Gu XianText New Chapter Chapter 173 2 Years 8 Months
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 174Main Text New Chapter Chapter 175 Top 3 Prohibited ItemsText New Chapter 176 Originally Wanted to Be QuietMain Text New Chapter Chapter 177
Text New Chapter 178 The Door Is Always Open For YouMain Text New Chapter Chapter 179 First ArrivalMain text: Chapter 180: Strange things from beyond the skyMain Text Chapter 181 This Is a Thrilling Feeling
Text New Chapter 182 Entering the venue to search for an old friendText New Chapter 183 Hometown of the SaintMain Text Chapter 184: The Truth of the Space-Time Secret RealmText New Chapter 185 Transcending the world and shedding holy blood
Main Text Chapter 186Main Text Chapter 187 Breakthrough and dumbfoundedMain Text Chapter 188 Fengyun CenterMain Text Chapter 189: Man sits in a nest at home and comes from heaven
Main Text Chapter 191 Good Luck to Have a SonMain Text Chapter 192 Fellow Daoist ConfusedMain Text Chapter 194: The Reddest Demon in Meteorite SeaMain Text Chapter 195 A Demon Turns the Sky
Main Text Chapter 196 Starry Sky Goes OutMain Text Chapter 197 The Contrast of CivilizationsMain Text Chapter 198 Famous Demon and CareMain Text Chapter 199 Heavenly Court Canteen Never Closes
Main Text Chapter 200 The Holy MountainMain Text Chapter 201 To LiveMain Text Chapter 202 A SurpriseText New Chapter 203 Everything is for the future
Main Text Chapter 204 MutationMain Text Chapter 205Main Text Chapter 206: 11 Years of Brilliant GalaxyMain Text Chapter 207 Cosmic First-Class Powerhouse
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 208Text New Chapter 209 In order to protect youText New Chapter 210 Baptism of Blood and FireMain Text Chapter 211 Singled out against the whole family
Main Text Chapter 212 The Style at That EndMain Text Chapter 213 Life is full of surprisesText New Chapter 214 Seductive and UnstoppableMain Text Chapter 215
Main Text Chapter 216 The Whole World Is Turned Upside DownMain Text Chapter 217 SuccessMain Text Chapter 218Text New Chapter Chapter 219: The death scene of a large society
Text New Chapter Chapter 220 Golden Book and Jade BookText New Chapter Chapter 221Main Text Chapter 222 The Future True Sacred Domain Has Its NameMain Text Chapter 223 Number of Poles--Ten Crows
Main Text Chapter 224 Hit by YouthText New Chapter Chapter 225 The Biggest WinnerMain Text Chapter 226 Fishing StrangersMain Text New Chapter Chapter 227
Main Text New Chapter 228 Li LinMain Text Chapter 229 Busy with GirlfriendsMain Text Chapter 230 Suspected DeathMain Text Chapter 231 Very High
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 232: Recording the Wonderful Life of a ForeignerMain Text Chapter 233 Surviving the Holy TribulationText New Chapter Chapter 234 I hope the next era can still have this sceneMain Text Chapter 235 The Remaining Is King
Main Text Chapter 236 The Situation of Wang YushengMain Text New Chapter Chapter 237 Childhood Dream Come TrueMain Text Chapter 238: The World Behind the Present World (Two Chapters in One)Main text Chapter 239 Encounter in a foreign land
Text New Chapter 240 Unification of Breaking Limits and Royal DaoizationMain text Chapter 241: The catastrophe of ancient and modern regressionMain Text New Chapter Chapter 242: Panda DiplomacyText New Chapter Chapter 243 Mixed Doubles
Text New Chapter 244 Killing Intent Difficult to Enter the Bronze PalaceMain Text New Chapter 245 Everyone will be gone in an instantText New Chapter 246 Undefeated True Immortal Kong Ten FistMain Text Chapter 247 Frequent Accidents in the Arena
Main Text Chapter 248: The Excited True Immortal Facing the TranscendentMain Text New Chapter Chapter 249 True Immortal vs. PeerlessMain Text New Chapter Chapter 250 Superb WoolText New Chapter Chapter 251 The End of the Stranger
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 252Text New Chapter Chapter 253 Castle in the AirText New Chapter Chapter 254: World War One Confers GodText New Chapter Chapter 255 Fame and Welfare
Text New Article Chapter 256 Use Resources ImmediatelyMain Text New Chapter Chapter 257 Strange Mobile PhoneMain Text Chapter 259: The World Behind the DoorText New Chapter Chapter 260: Catching Xuan as a Beast
Main Text Chapter 261 The World Is So BigMain Text Chapter 262 Little Wang Next DoorText New Chapter 263Main Text New Chapter Chapter 264
Text New Chapter Chapter 265: Capital of OthersMain Text New Chapter Chapter 266Main Text Chapter 267: Knowing the Truth and Being AutisticText New Chapter 268
Text New Chapter Chapter 269Text New Chapter Chapter 270 Too PopularText New Chapter Chapter 271Text New Chapter Chapter 272 Grand Event
Text New Chapter Chapter 273 Rise of the Dark HorseText New Chapter Chapter 274 Double ShowsMain Text New Chapter Chapter 275 The thorn in the eventMain Text Chapter 276 Want to carry people away together
Text New Chapter 277 Someone from outside the world is comingMain Text New Chapter Chapter 278 Find a New SurpriseMain Text New Chapter Chapter 279 Set the Imperial Road SackMain Text New Chapter Chapter 280 Sorry for Calling the Wrong Person
Text New Chapter Chapter 281 Carrying everything on my ownMain Text New Chapter Chapter 282 Scary Cell Phone Strange ItemText New Chapter 283 Eat a stick from my old grandsonMain Text New Chapter Chapter 284 The Lady's Brackets 5X
Text New Chapter 285 Three Dozens of Bone DemonsText New Chapter Chapter 286 It's time to endText New Chapter Chapter 287: True Equal to HeavenText New Chapter Chapter 288: Traveling of the True Saint
Text New Chapter Chapter 289 Outsiders (two chapters in one)Main Text New Chapter 290 Worse Than Mental IllnessText New Chapter Chapter 291 Comparable to Monkey KingText New Chapter 292: A Famous Demon Kong II
Text New Chapter Chapter 293 InvertedText New Chapter 294 Date?Main Text New Chapter Chapter 295: The Grand Event EndsText New Chapter Chapter 296 Capture the track of fate
Text New Chapter Chapter 297: The World¡¯s Extraordinary Is My OwnMain Text New Chapter 298 Vision Shocks the Starry SkyText New Chapter 299 Extremely Yin, Extremely YangText New Chapter 300 Extremely Good, Extremely Evil
Text New Chapter 301 Keeping a Bright Heart, Living to DeathText New Chapter Chapter 302: With YouText New Chapter Chapter 303 Poetry and WineMain Text Chapter 304: Dozens of Starfield Central Capitals
Text New Chapter 305 Extraordinary HistoryText New Chapter Chapter 306 ReunionText New Chapter Chapter 307 Enrage the Holy FatherText New Chapter Chapter 308 None
Text New Chapter Chapter 309 The Great Sage AttacksText New Chapter Chapter 310 Anti-HeavenText New Chapter 311 Havoc in HeavenMain Text Chapter 312 Encounter with Sun Sigun
Text New Chapter 313: The Abnormal Ancestor of the Western Sky and the Great SageText New Chapter 314 Reaching the Other Side of DestinyText New Chapter Chapter 315 Where is the Wild Sacred Flower and FruitText New Chapter Chapter 315 Where is the Wild Sacred Flower and Fruit
Text New Chapter 316 Calling the Supreme Being to manifest the Holy SpiritText New Chapter Chapter 317: The True Sage DescendsMain Text Chapter 318 Star EarthquakeText New Chapter 319: Mobile Phone Stranger Being Forced to Shut Up
Main Text Chapter 320 How cruel it is to cross the extraordinary sea of ??lightMain Text Chapter 321 The True Sage Chases and Kills the Cell Phone PitMain Text Chapter 322 Prohibited and must-kill listMain Text Chapter 323 20 Years of Brilliant Spring
Main Text Chapter 324 Night Fishing King SaintMain Text Chapter 325 Going against the general trend of the outside worldMain Text Chapter 326: Give Me a Fulcrum to Blow the True Saint His FatherMain Text Chapter 326 Wang Jiaozu Strikes Back
Main Text Chapter 328 The Great Hunting of the Grandson of Huaguo MountainMain Text Chapter 329 Standing Against the Torrent of HistoryMain Text Chapter 330 From the True Sage DojoMain Text Chapter 331: The Number of Living True Saints
Main Text Chapter 332 Unpredictable Kill ListMain Text Chapter 333 Star FishingMain Text Chapter 334 Mythology has been corrupted for 237 yearsMain Text Chapter 335 Stunned Cell Phone Strange Object
Main Text Chapter 336 Crossing to the Other Side of the Starry SkyMain text Chapter 337: The land where thousands of races come to courtMain Text Chapter 338 Sword Trial of the True Saint DojoMain text Chapter 339 Reunion with Sword Fairy Jiang Qingyao
Main Text Chapter 340 The whereabouts of the deceasedMain Text Chapter 341 True Sage SelectionText New Chapter 342: The Enmity Between the Wang Family and Prohibited Level CreaturesMain Text Chapter 343: The Cell Phone Strange Object Was on the Site That Year
Main Text Chapter 344 Seeing the pastMain Text Chapter 345 DiscussionMain Text Chapter 346: The Immortal Shit Stirring Stick Clears the FieldMain Text Chapter 347 One Person Overwhelms Two Teachers
Main Text Chapter 348 Old Central Cosmic FragmentMain Text Chapter 349 Chaos golden lotus is just a coverMain Text Chapter 350 Partial remains of the mobile phoneMain Text Chapter 351 A Letter from the Future
Main Text Chapter 352 Most Afraid of Staring at Deep Space in SilenceMain Text Chapter 353 The Boat of Consciousness and the Blood of RulesMain Text Chapter 354 Ultimate Aria ChapterText New Chapter Chapter 355: I once took a picture of the true saint
Main Text Chapter 356 UnprecedentedMain Text Chapter 357 Time ChangesMain Text Chapter 358 The Legend Comes into RealityText New Chapter Chapter 359: Checking the Way
Text Chapter 360 Backyard of Five Tribulations MountainMain Text Chapter 361 The Person Who Looks More Like Kong Xuan Than Wang XuanText New Chapter Chapter 362 Know everythingMain Text Chapter 363: The Moon Palace¡¯s 4 Gatherings of Limit Breakers
Text New Chapter Chapter 364 True Sacred ResourcesText New Chapter Chapter 365 Eighteen Thousand FateText New Chapter 366 The Terminator of RuinsText New Chapter 367 Amazing time
Main text Chapter 368: The old friend of the mother universe is by my sideText New Chapter 369 Super God Quality Inspector and Monkey KingMain Text Chapter 370: The End of the MythMain Text Chapter 371: Miraculous Hell
Text New Chapter Chapter 372 Saint DeathText New Chapter Chapter 373: Shaking the Foundation of the Existence of the Extraordinary RealmText New Chapter 374: The Great League of Geniuses of All GenerationsText New Chapter Chapter 375: The Imperial City and the Holy Temple Are Unfathomable
Main Text Chapter 376 ChaosText New Chapter Chapter 377 The King of 5 Limit BreakersText New Chapter Chapter 378: LegendMain Text Chapter 379 Consequences of Breaking the Rules of Hell
Text New Chapter 380: The new interpretation of mental illness is far beyond imaginationText New Chapter 381 Reappearance of Mysterious AttributesText New Chapter Chapter 382 Truth and FalseText New Chapter 383 Hell Riot
Main Text Chapter 384 Hell is a Good PlaceMain text Chapter 385: The divine photo could be youText New Chapter 386 Breaking into a Huge City AloneMain Text New Chapter Chapter 387 Killing God Wang Xuan
Text New Chapter 388 The First Fairy of the Six EpochsMain Text Chapter 389: A Miracle That Is Difficult to ReplicateMain Text New Chapter Chapter 390 The whole person is dumbfoundedText New Chapter 391 King of the Prowlers¡ªKong Xuan
Text New Chapter 392 The Deceased Expresses Emotional StabilityText New Chapter 393 Prowler vs. True Saint DojoMain Text New Chapter Chapter 394: A Big Event HappensMain Text Chapter 395 The 5th Limit Breaker Arrives
Main Text Chapter 396 He Gives Too MuchText New Chapter 397 Subverting the Inherent Cognitive WarfareMain Text New Chapter Chapter 398 Really blown awayText New Chapter Chapter 399 Old Holy Sky Map
Text New Chapter 400 5 times limit breaking appraiserMain Text Chapter 401 Hell Is So Big I Want to Take a Look AroundMain Text New Chapter Chapter 402 Flower AppreciationText New Chapter Chapter 403 Master rides a bull and walks the world
Text New Chapter 404 Hell "Festival"Text New Chapter 405: The Bloom of the Divine FlowerText New Chapter 406 Wild FlowerMain Text New Chapter Chapter 407 Extraordinary Demon
Main Text New Chapter 408: Hunting MomentMain Text New Chapter Chapter 409Text New Chapter Chapter 410 King-level decisive battleText New Chapter Chapter 411 Defeat 5 Breaking Limit Alliances
Main Text Chapter 412: The Messenger in the Deep of HellText New Chapter Chapter 413: Turning an Enemy into a Father-in-LawText New Chapter Chapter 414 SinText New Chapter 416 Old Imperial City Ruins
Main Text New Chapter 417: Shocked by the Strange Object of the Mobile PhoneMain text Chapter 418 Who is crossing the catastropheText New Chapter Chapter 419Main Text Chapter 420 Unprecedented True Immortal Tribulation
Main Text Chapter 421: The Unheard-of Three Sacred ObjectsText New Chapter Chapter 422 ConsummationText New Chapter Chapter 423Text New Chapter 424 Sweeping Enemies from All Sides
Text New Chapter Chapter 425 Hell Allied ForcesMain text Chapter 426 Who is reborn in hellText New Chapter 427 World War I Hell QuietText New Chapter Chapter 428 One Night
Main Text Chapter 429 Swallowing HellText New Chapter 430 Encounter, Wang ZeshengText New Chapter 431: Like a Son, Like a FatherText New Chapter 434 Magnificent Civilization
Text New Chapter 435 Unbelievable EncounterText New Chapter 436 Tears almost fell after knowing the truthText New Chapter Chapter 432 VigorousMain Text Chapter 433 The Twilight of Hell
Text New Chapter 434 Magnificent CivilizationText New Chapter 435 Unbelievable EncounterText New Chapter 436 Tears almost fell after knowing the truthText New Chapter Chapter 437 Passionate
Text New Chapter Chapter 438: Appearance Contradicts with the True Sacred CriminalText New Chapter 439 Wang Xuan's Uncle and AuntMain Text Chapter 440: The Curse of Fate AppearsMain Text Chapter 441: The World Behind the Spectacular Twilight
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 442 Extreme Dao DomainText New Chapter Chapter 443: Young True SageMain Text Chapter 444 The Cage of MythText New Chapter Chapter 445 The Other Side
Text New Chapter 446 The Fourth in the Old Sacred EraText New Chapter Chapter 447 Super Saint ShowdownText New Chapter Chapter 448 Ultimate LandText New Chapter 449 Home of the Holy Object
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 450: Farewell to the phoneText New Chapter 451 Goodbye and RediscoveryText New Chapter 452 Kong Xuan is deadMain Text Chapter 453: Piercing Hell
Text New Chapter 454 A restless and suffocating hellText New Chapter Chapter 455 Known to the worldText New Chapter Chapter 456Text New Chapter Chapter 457 Unpredictable
Main Text Chapter 459 Correcting the Track of Hell (Part 2)Main Text New Chapter Chapter 460Main Text New Chapter Chapter 462 Killing a StrangerText New Chapter Chapter 464 Powerless
Text New Chapter Chapter 465 Kill listText New Chapter 466 Ending the Journey to HellText New Chapter Chapter 467 Call from the ancient boardText New Chapter Chapter 468 Ancient Gathering Machine
Text New Chapter Chapter 469 Hanging HighText New Chapter Chapter 470 Sunny Beach BeautyText New Chapter Chapter 471 Are there 6 broken creatures?Main Text New Chapter Chapter 472 Get caught
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 473: Collaborative cultivation with other peopleText New Chapter 474 True Holy TribulationMain text Chapter 475: There is no saint in front of natural disastersText New Chapter 476 Want to bring a bride price into the Demon Court
Text New Chapter Chapter 477Text New Chapter 478 Uncle WushuangText New Chapter Chapter 479Main Text New Chapter Chapter 480 Real Name Wang Xuan
Text New Chapter Chapter 481: 30 Years at the Snap of the FingersText New Chapter Chapter 482 UniqueMain Text New Chapter Chapter 483 Yudao Source PondText New Chapter Chapter 484 50 Years of Success
Text New Chapter Chapter 485 There is a saint behindMain Text New Chapter Chapter 486 Reunion with old friendsText New Chapter Chapter 487 The Sound of Nature Prompts 6 BreaksText New Chapter 488 Overcoming Tribulation with Bright Mind
Text New Chapter Chapter 489 UnprecedentedText New Chapter 490 Reversely beat the Heavenly TribulationMain Text New Chapter Chapter 491: The only one in ZhujiText New Chapter Chapter 492 Incomparably Far-reaching Influence
Main Text New Chapter 493 The Past Extraordinary New Covenant VowText New Chapter Chapter 494: The Old Man of ColosseumText New Chapter 495 Sansheng Shocks ThunderMain Text Chapter 497: Mother Universe Masters Gather for the First Time
Main Text Chapter 497: Mother Universe Masters Gather for the First TimeText New Chapter 498 Launch!Text New Chapter Chapter 499 Great SageMain Text New Chapter Chapter 500 Stranger Ends
Text New Chapter Chapter 501 Bloody True Saint OrthodoxyText New Chapter Chapter 502 Supreme MonsterText New Chapter 503 The Evil Saint is Going CrazyText New Chapter Chapter 504 Destruction of the Colosseum
Text New Chapter Chapter 505: Forming a group to kill the saintText New Chapter Chapter 506 New Year's Holy MeatText New Chapter Chapter 507 Everyone's HappyText New Chapter Chapter 508 Mobile phone travels with strange things
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 509 The phone is confusedText New Chapter Chapter 510 The old boss pleaseText New Chapter 511 New World of Royal RoadText New Chapter Chapter 512: Wang Yusheng¡¯s Parent and Son
Text New Chapter Chapter 513: Shang Yi Eagle Watching Wolf GuText New Chapter Chapter 514 Full of happinessText New Chapter Chapter 515 Off the markText New Chapter Chapter 516 True Saint Fishing
Main Text Chapter 517 No Destiny on the Other SideText New Chapter 518 Supreme Beings Solve PuzzlesText New Chapter Chapter 519 Gathering of old and new friendsText New Chapter Chapter 520
Text New Chapter Chapter 521 The Last Standing Place of the Old SaintText New Chapter 522 False myths and patients in this worldText New Chapter 523 The real world seen from 6 different perspectivesText New Chapter Chapter 524 Strange circle before the 17th century
Text New Chapter Chapter 525 God KingText New Chapter Chapter 526 Temple GuText New Chapter 527 A Brilliant and Bloody New WorldText New Chapter Chapter 528 Listening to the Supreme Language
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 529: First Appearance of Black SnowMain text Chapter 530Main Text Chapter 531: When Scary Legends Become RealityText New Chapter Chapter 167 Reserved
Text New Chapter 190 The Demon Heart Is MeatText New Chapter 193 One Man in ChargeText New Chapter 223 Number of Poles¡ª¡ªTen CrowsMain Text New Chapter Chapter 238: The World Behind the Present World (Two Chapters in One)
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 258: Taking a Photo of FateText New Chapter Chapter 327: Wang Jiaozu Strikes BackMain Text Chapter 415 The Amazing MutationMain Text Chapter 421: Three Unheard-of Sacred Objects
Main Text Chapter 424 Sweeping 4 EnemiesText New Chapter 427 1 Battle Hell is QuietMain Text Chapter 428 One NightMain Text Chapter 446 Old Holy Times Chapter 4
Main Text Chapter 458 Correcting Hell's TrackText Chapter 459 Correcting the track of hellText New Chapter 461 Passing by dogs are not sparedText Chapter 463 Passed away
Text New Chapter Chapter 463 Passed awayMain text Chapter 490 of the new article reversely beat the Heavenly Tribulation onceText New Chapter 491 Zhu Jiwei 1Text New Chapter Chapter 532 Extraordinary Cosmic Boundary Monument
Text New Chapter Chapter 533: The future is appointedText New Chapter Chapter 534 Old acquaintance in the outer universeText New Chapter Chapter 535 Confrontation of Supreme CreaturesText New Chapter Chapter 536 Against the general trend
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 537: Supreme Spiritual Opponent (Part 1)Main Text New Chapter Chapter 538: Supreme Spiritual Opponent (Part 2)Text New Chapter Chapter 539 Disastrous eventText New Chapter Chapter 540: Big Boss Ends
Main Text Chapter 541: The Oppressive Attitude of the Strongest DomainText New Chapter Chapter 542: Witness of All SaintsText New Chapter Chapter 543 Suffocating Daoist ControversyText New Chapter 544
Main text: Chapter 545 Always trustworthyText New Chapter Chapter 546Text New Chapter 547 The Millennium Bloody War BeginsText New Chapter 548 Killing a hundred with one
Text New Chapter 549Text New Chapter Chapter 550 Killing 14 districts and breaking throughMain Text New Chapter Chapter 551: Wang Xuan Has an EnemyText New Chapter Chapter 552 6 Disillusioned Views of Reality at the End
Text New Chapter Chapter 553 Ten YearsText New Chapter 554 The ultimate storm strikesText New Chapter Chapter 555 Early activationMain Text New Chapter Chapter 556: One Man Overwhelms the Holy City
Text New Chapter Chapter 557 Verification in the Ultimate RealmText New Chapter Chapter 558 6 Level Breaking ArrayText New Chapter Chapter 559 Killing the Old SaintText New Chapter Chapter 560 Who will fight
Text New Chapter Chapter 561 World AttentionText New Chapter Chapter 562 Ultimate ShowdownMain text Chapter 563: 6 Breaking the Destiny Cicada?Main Text Chapter 564 Something Big Has Happened
Text New Chapter Chapter 565 I am in the 6-broken fieldText New Chapter Chapter 566 Time is quietText New Chapter Chapter 567: The Supreme WorkerText New Chapter Chapter 568 Bloody Curtain
Text New Chapter Chapter 569 Flat pushText New Chapter 570: The Origin of Karma Silkworm and Destiny CicadaText New Chapter Chapter 571 Overturning the cognition of the extraordinary worldText New Chapter Chapter 572 Old Wang's Family
Text New Chapter Chapter 573 The Royal Family¡¯s Strongest Identity BackgroundText New Chapter Chapter 574: The King Crosses Borders to Patrol the MountainsText New Chapter Chapter 575 Ominous PremonitionText New Chapter 576: The Great King Enters the True Sage Dojo
Text New Chapter Chapter 577 The True Sacred LiquidationText New Chapter Chapter 578: The Tattoo Palace ExplodesText New Chapter Chapter 579: Fishing for the Supreme BeingText New Chapter 580 The most beautiful tattoo palace
Text New Chapter Chapter 581 The future is goneMain Text New Chapter Chapter 582Text New Chapter Chapter 583 Just a single wordMain Text New Chapter Chapter 584: An Extra Nephew
Text New Chapter Chapter 585 Having an Affair in the Super CenterText New Chapter Chapter 586 Revealing IdentityMain Text New Chapter Chapter 587Text New Chapter Chapter 588 The time has finally come
Text New Chapter Chapter 589 6 breaks in all domainsText New Chapter Chapter 590 Breaking the historical legendText New Chapter 591 A Hundred Years PassText New Chapter 592 After all, the king alone carried everything
Text New Chapter 593 Wang Yusheng suffers a critical attackMain text Chapter 594Text New Chapter 595: The Suffocating Extraordinary EraText New Chapter Chapter 596 Dramatic Changes of the Times
Text New Chapter 597 All worlds are prologueText New Chapter Chapter 598 Will become the old saintText New Chapter Chapter 599: From Beyond MythologyText New Chapter 600 The mechanical tengu who passed by was slapped twice
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 601: Wang Zesheng Arrives at the Extraordinary CenterMain Text New Chapter Chapter 602 Old Wang is hastyMain Text New Chapter Chapter 603: The First Battle of the Center of ExcellenceMain text Chapter 604 Wang Yusheng still has a father?
Text New Chapter 605 The reappearance of the old saint's real body can still be contestedMain Text New Chapter Chapter 606: The Great Villain Old WangMain Text New Chapter Chapter 607 It¡¯s not OK for the Old Sage to come forward (Happy New Year¡¯s Day!)Text New Chapter Chapter 608 In-laws
Text New Chapter Chapter 609: Confronting the Old SaintText New Chapter 610 Just because I glanced at you more in the crowdText New Chapter Chapter 611 Slashing Supreme AuthorityMain text Chapter 612: Take precautions against the King of the Universe
Text New Chapter Chapter 613Main Text New Chapter Chapter 614 Big BrotherText New Chapter 615 Cleaning up the creatures on the other sideText New Chapter 616 Fighting the Times Who Doesn¡¯t Have a True Father
Main Text Chapter 617: The Strength of the Other Side CampMain Text New Chapter Chapter 618: The Strongest Background of the Extraordinary CenterText New Chapter Chapter 619: A Match Made in HeavenText New Chapter 620 Kong Lusun Trinity Exposed
Text New Chapter Chapter 621 Six Destroyers and RebirthText New Chapter Chapter 622 Wang Fa Breaks the TabooText New Chapter 623 Thousand-Eyed Centipede ButterflyText New Chapter Chapter 624 Explosion
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 625: Real Name Wang XuanText New Chapter Chapter 626 Holy chapterText New Chapter Chapter 627 Healing the creatures from the other shoreText New Chapter Chapter 628 Zaidao
Main Text New Chapter Chapter 629 A ProphecyText New Chapter Chapter 630 The end of the battleText New Chapter Chapter 631: Supreme Being¡¯s Spiritual Secret Meeting ChangesText New Chapter 632 Wang Family Reunion
Main text Chapter 633: Demon Court True Sage Smiles into a Brilliant BlossomText New Chapter 634 Peerless Father-Son BureauText New Chapter 635 That Year Old Wang Put His Hands in His PocketsText New Chapter 636 Father and Son Showdown
Text New Chapter Chapter 637 Continuation of 6 Broken RoadsText New Chapter 638 Opening up a new world for mythologyText New Chapter 639 Famous SceneText New Chapter Chapter 640 Warm Gathering
Main Text New Chapter 641 What should come is still hereText New Chapter 642 Across the Corrupted Great UniverseText New Chapter 643 ConfusedMain Text New Chapter Chapter 644 Outer Saint Evil God and Evil Spirit
Text New Chapter 650 Similarity of flowers in one period and one periodText New Chapter 646 Saints HuntingText New Chapter Chapter 647 HempText New Chapter 648: The Horror Information Contained on the Must-Kill List
Text Final note, a letter to book friends in the New YearText New Chapter 649 Conversation with the Creatures Behind the Must-Kill ListText New Chapter 650 Similarity of flowers in one period and one periodText New Chapter Chapter 651 Destroy the list of 6 broken
Main text Chapter 652 Mythic Ebb Tide Angel Swimming NakedText New Chapter Chapter 653 Change the worldText New Chapter 654 Myself at the Old Transcendent Center 23 Centuries agoText New Chapter 655: The Transcendent Centers Are False
Text New Chapter 656 Dao, Emptiness, Nothingness, ExistenceText New Chapter 657 All Saints Gone and DisappearedText New Chapter 658 The Old Land of Eternal NightText New Chapter 659 Beyond Myths, Fireflies Fill the Sky
Text New Chapter Chapter 660 Abandoned by the Extraordinary CenterText New Chapter 661: A Few People Who Rule the FutureText New Chapter 662 Mother-in-law sees son-in-lawMain Text New Chapter Chapter 663 Big Brothers from Different Era
Text New Chapter Chapter 664 Restarting the SourceMain Text New Chapter Chapter 665: The King-level Show of the True SageMain Text New Chapter Chapter 666 Forced to Be the Leading BrotherText New Chapter Chapter 667 15 Colors
Text New Chapter Chapter 668 6 Broken TreasuresText New Chapter Chapter 669 Zaidao's True Body ConfirmedText New Chapter Chapter 670: Spiritual AssemblyMain Text Chapter 671: A Wonderful Night
Text New Chapter 672 All ancestors appear togetherText New Chapter Chapter 673 UnbelievableText New Chapter 674 Gods and Beast EmperorText New Chapter 675 Blowing away the fog of truth on the other side
Text New Chapter Chapter 676 Leap to the Other SideMain Text Chapter 677: When the Beast Emperor Meets Wang LaolaiText New Chapter Chapter 678 6 Broken CemeteryMain Text Chapter 679 Robbers Never Take Unusual Paths
Text New Chapter 680 Is there still Wang Fa?Text New Chapter 681 Running away with 14 long legsMain text Chapter 682 Leg-slashing maniac breaks 5Text New Chapter Chapter 683: Billion Sword Flat Push
Text New Chapter 684 Hunting AliensMain Text New Chapter Chapter 685: The Daughter of the Cell Phone Rare ObjectText New Chapter Chapter 686Main Text New Chapter Chapter 687
Main text Chapter 688: The Supreme Beings whose legs were chopped off by Karma¡¯s kidneysMain Text Chapter 689 The scariest thing is datingMain Text Chapter 690: 6 The Big Pale Hand Breaking Through the FogMain Text Chapter 691 Mythological Changes
Text New Chapter 692 Great Era After UpheavalMain Text New Chapter Chapter 693: I can never go back to the pastText New Chapter Chapter 694 Gaining the favor of the worldMain text: Chapter 695: The supreme being is insane
Text New Chapter 696: A New Era of Becoming Gods and AncestorsText New Chapter 697 Unprecedented in the extraordinary worldText New Chapter Chapter 698 6 Breaking PowerText New Chapter Chapter 699 Divine Alliance
Text New Chapter 700: Wang Family¡¯s Death NoteMain Text New Chapter Chapter 701 Six Extraordinary CentersMain Text New Chapter Chapter 702 Boss Wang is angryMain Text Chapter 703 The Coffin Board Can¡¯t Hold Big Brother
Main Text Chapter 704: A Boy Wearing School Uniform Across the Sea of ??StarsText New Chapter 705 Cutting off fate and transforming into a new selfText New Chapter 706Main Text New Chapter Chapter 707: The Year I Turned 18
Text New Chapter Chapter 708 Royal Way 5 breaks the peakText New Chapter 709 Another 6-broken scriptureText New Chapter Chapter 710 Blocking the wayText New Chapter 711 The red line that cannot be crossed
Text New Chapter 712 Extraordinary Breaking the LeveeText Final Chapter 1 Myth FormattingMain Text Final Chapter 2 All Saints RetreatText Final Chapter 3 Holy Feast
Main Text Final Chapter 4 6 The Arrangement of the BreakersMain Text Final Chapter 5 150 Years of Migration at the Center of MythologyMain Text Final Chapter 6 A Chance Encounter Over Tens of CenturiesMain Text Final Chapter 7 The Collision of Different Transcendental Centers
Main Text Final Chapter 8 Experience a Magnificent New ChapterMain Text Final Chapter 9 Alien Wang XuanText Final Chapter 10 1503Main Text Final Chapter 11 The Big Brother Leads the Two Extraordinary Centers
Main Text Final Chapter 12 Next Door Little Wang Comes BackMain Text Final Chapter 13 Wu and Ma's Common DiscipleMain Text Final Chapter 14 6 Can't Be HiddenMain Text Final Chapter 15 Beautiful Moments at the Center of Two Myths
Main Text Final Chapter 16 The Shadow Corresponding to the Extraordinary SourceText Final Chapter 17 The Truth at the Source of the MythText Final Chapter 18 Arriving at the terminalMain Text Final Chapter 19 Everything Sleeps and I Awake Alone
Main Text Final Chapter 20: Killing the Extraordinary Origin with 6 Broken MonstersMain Text Final Chapter 21 Sailing a boat across the world to find the truthMain Text Final Chapter 22 Reality Seen Above the Black Umbrella of Eternal SilenceText Final Chapter 23 The Truth in the Land of the Real
Main Text Final Chapter 24 The Severe Insomniac Returns to His Homeland During the Eternal Death PeriodMain Text Final Chapter 25 The Greatest Opportunity in the Extraordinary WorldMain Text Final Chapter 26 Turning a page in an eraMain Text Final Chapter 27 A Cup of Tea
Main text Final chapter Chapter 28 The scriptures under the weight of 36 worldsMain Text Final Chapter 29 Since ancient times, the capital is just this yellow pageMain Text Final Chapter 30 The Epiphany of 6 Broken DomainsText Final Chapter 31 One person "surrounds" a group of high-level aliens
Text Final Chapter 32 MarriageText Final Chapter 33 The World's Greatest VillainText Final Chapter 34 The Best EndingText Later, the two chapters will be updated together
Text Final Chapter 35 Knowing everythingText Final Chapter 36 The place where dreams take offMain Text Final Chapter 37 No Regrets in This LifeMain Text Final Chapter 38 The Other Side
Text Final Chapter 39 Carnival in the New WorldMain Text Final Chapter 40 The Other Side Can Still Be King for the Time beingMain Text Final Chapter 41 Restless YouthMain Text Final Chapter 42 The Peerless Demon Wang Xuan
Main Text Final Chapter 43 Returning to the Great PitMain Text Final Chapter 44 Slate of DespairMain Text Final Chapter 45 Warm-up Battle for 6 Breakthrough DomainsMain Text Final Chapter 46 Entering the Other Side
Main Text Final Chapter 47 Your circle is really messed upMain Text Final Chapter 48 HastyText Final Chapter 49 Sudden Saint-level CollisionMain Text Final Chapter 50 Top-notch diamond boss plus one
Main Text Final Chapter 51 True Ascension and Immortal AscensionMain Text Final Chapter 52 Demons and ghosts on the way back to the true worldMain Text Final Chapter 53 The Greatest Villain AppearsMain Text Final Chapter 54 Gathering of the Strongest in History
Text Final Chapter 55 Don't worryText Final Chapter 56 Piercing through the Alliance of the StrongestText Final Chapter 57 What is the end of the enemyMain Text Final Chapter 58 Patriarch passing by will be beaten
Main Text Final Chapter 59 The King Bears EverythingMain Text Final Chapter 60 On the Way to ReturnText Final Chapter 61 Unofficial Secrets of the True Sacred DomainMain Text Final Chapter 62 The Remains of the Land of Reality
Main Text Final Chapter 63 Guizhen StationMain Text Final Chapter 64 Demons and Ghosts on the Road to RealityMain Text Final Chapter 65 Happy Journey for a CenturyMain Text Final Chapter 66 The Leading Brother on the Way to Return to Truth
Main Text Final Chapter 67 Feeling full of oppressionMain Text Final Chapter 68 Sincerely Seeking DefeatMain text Final chapter Chapter 69 The master of the heavens and worldsText Final Chapter 70 True King
Main Text Final Chapter 71 What should come finally cameMain Text Final Chapter 72 All sources of myths are extinguishedText Final Chapter 73 Traveling in the Endless NightMain Text Final Chapter 74 Looking for Light Alone in Eternal Silence
Main Text Final Chapter 75 Even Perverts Feel PervertedText Final Chapter 76 The Source of the Old ExtraordinaryMain Text Final Chapter 77 Grave SweeperText Final Chapter 78 Sleeping for Hundreds of Millions of Years
Main Text Final Chapter 79 The Season of Recovery in the New EraMain Text Final Chapter 80 Passing byMain Text Final Chapter 81 True Saints Dare to HoldMain text final chapter Chapter 82
Main Text Final Chapter 83 Happy MeetingText Final Chapter 84 Illuminating Deep SpaceText Final Chapter 85 Guanhua and Wang YuerMain Text Final Chapter 86 The Story of All the Anglers
Main Text Final Chapter 87 Good TimesMain Text Final Chapter 88 Or the Remnant of Returning to Trueness Begins to AppearText Final Chapter 89 It¡¯s okay to be king in this worldText Final Chapter 90 Deep Space Fishing
Main Text Final Chapter 91 Breaking into the Headquarters of the Forbidden AllianceMain Text Final Chapter 92 Invite the leader to dieMain text Final Chapter 93 Must kill list visitMain Text Final Chapter 94 Accidentally Becoming Almighty
Main Text Final Chapter 95 The Big Boss Behind Li LinMain Text Final Chapter 96 Cheap Uncle is the StrongestMain Text Final Chapter 97 Surprising Changes at the Origin of the ExtraordinaryMain Text Final Chapter 98 Roasting the True Saint Grade Kidney
Main Text Final Chapter 99 Discussing Dao Overwhelming the Three RealmsText Final Chapter 100 The TerminatorText Final Chapter 100 The TerminatorMain Text Final Chapter 101 Killing Crazy in the Great Universe
Text Final Chapter 102 BaldMain Text Final Chapter 103 The ending is all wiped outText Final Chapter 104 From ancient times to the future, but only 15 pages of remnantsMain Text Final Chapter 105 "The Legacy" King's Landing
Main Text Final Chapter 106 The Birth of a Monster from a Transcendent SourceText Final Chapter 107 Commander of the worldMain Text Final Chapter 108 Youthful Dream RealizedMain Text Final Chapter 109 So It Was You
Main Text Final Chapter 110 Aiming to Support Passionate ElderlyMain Text Final Chapter 111 Lone Ship Journey to Ten Thousand WorldsMain Text Final Chapter 112 Going to the next levelMain Text Final Chapter 113 The king's name is passed on in foreign lands
Main Text Final Chapter 114 The Great Devil¡¯s Sense of OppressionText Final Chapter 115 Consummation of Merit and VirtueMain Text Final Chapter 116 Going Two WaysMain Text Final Chapter 117 The Passionate Elderly Group
Text Final Chapter 118 Singled out the ancestorsMain Text Final Chapter 119 The Tornado Boy Wrapped in MudslidesMain Text Final Chapter 120 Tiantuan New GoalText Final Chapter 121 Patriarchs Riding the Wind and Waves
Main text Final chapter Chapter 122 Shading the sky animation to start broadcasting on Tencent Video on May 3Main Text Final Chapter 123 Crisis AppearsText Final Chapter 124 Forced to set foot in an unknown areaMain Text Final Chapter 125 The First Germination of Dao after Life Soil
Text Final Chapter 126 Wang ZhenwangMain Text Final Chapter 127 RebellionMain Text Final Chapter 128 Supreme MeetingText Final Chapter 129 In line with the trend of history
Main Text Final Chapter 130 Conflict Between Great Extraordinary SourcesMain Text Final Chapter 131 The True King Arrives in the WorldMain Text Final Chapter 132 The Battle of the Lord of the Extraordinary SourceMain Text Final Chapter 133 True King Bleeding
Text Final Chapter 134 Six True Kings Qi BirthMain Text Final Chapter 135 Six Kings MeleeText Final Chapter 136 Wang DieMain Text Final Chapter 137 Hurting Tianhe
Main Text Final Chapter 138 Deciphering the True KingMain Text Final Chapter 139 The Passionate Elderly Group Comes Out of the MountainMain Text Final Chapter 140 Cruel TruthMain text Final chapter Chapter 141 Time flies
Text Final Chapter 142 Dialogue with the Land of ReturnMain Text Final Chapter 143 Ending Various Causes and EffectsText Final Chapter 144 This world is differentMain Text Final Chapter 145 Defying the Heavens and Changing Fate
Main Text Final Chapter 146 The True King of Later Generations Doesn¡¯t Emphasize VirtueMain Text Final Chapter 147 Schr?dinger's True KingMain Text Final Chapter 148 True King RevealsMain Text Final Chapter 149 Showdown
Main Text Final Chapter 150 Three Major DisastersMain Text Final Chapter 151 A 3,000-year-old heirText Final Chapter 152 The world knows the new kingMain Text Final Chapter 153 Prepare for the worst of the six yin catastrophes
Main Text Final Chapter 154 End of Another EraMain Text Final Chapter 155 6 Great Sources GatherMain Text Final Chapter 156 PeerlessText Final Chapter 157 Penance 270
Text Final Chapter 158 Sword Test KingsText Final Chapter 159 Shock 13 sourceMain Text Final Chapter 160 The Supreme Evil Emperor (Part 1)Main Text Final Chapter 161 The Supreme Evil Emperor (Part 2)
Main Text Final Chapter 162 No ChoiceText Final Chapter 163 Invincible in this worldMain Text Final Chapter 164 The LordMain Text Final Chapter 165 Influence of the Disaster Lord in the Present World
Text Final Chapter 166 The longest dreamText Final Chapter 167 The Last EraText Hit the pause button and write the last few chaptersMain Text Final Chapter 168 The Land of Reality Arrives
Main Text Final Chapter 169 The disaster lord takes actionMain Text Final Chapter 170 Manifestation of Saints in the WorldMain Text Final Chapter 171 The Last StopText Final Chapter 172 Set foot in the real land
Text Final Chapter 173 Killing the disaster lord and refining the true formMain Text Final Chapter 174 Everything is for GuizhenText Final Chapter 175 World War OneMain Text Final Chapter 176 Killing Through
Main Text Final Chapter 177 FinaleText Deep Space Completion TestimonialsText Extra [Outside the Road and the Backyard]Text Extra [Outside the Road and the Backyard] (Free)
Main Text Chapter 30 RuthlessText New Chapter Chapter 33 Breaking Through the Big UniverseMain text Chapter 35 Enemies come from afarMain Text Chapter 37 Resurrection of the Gods
Text New Chapter Chapter 38 Soldiers under pressureMain Text Chapter 458 Correcting the Track of Hell (Part 1)  
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