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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Gu Zhenren Array Chapter 2324 Fang Yuan fights against the stars GuZhenRen 4902K 23-11-19 serializing
Six-fingered trick doctor Array Chapter 3260 Red Fox Kunlun 16 LingHuErZhong 21406K 23-11-17 serializing
Taoist Laws Array Chapter 1659 Hedao (Additional update for the 001 leader who enjoys it) BaBaoFan 12525K 23-11-17 serializing
Secret treasure of the original world Array Chapter 1568 The powerful old man MoShiSiJi 9628K 23-11-17 serializing
door of creation Array Chapter 1523 Enemies meet EShiLaoWu 10223K 23-11-17 serializing
The Age of Cultivation and Industrialization Array Chapter 1746 Murderous Intent ShiJianTianYa 12385K 23-11-17 serializing
The predecessor is unparalleled Array Chapter 581 Obstacles at every level YueQianChou 4513K 23-11-17 serializing
I am the deputy leader of Jiejiao Array Chapter 900 Join the battle group MouZhongRen 6285K 23-11-17 serializing
Heaven s heart is angry Array Chapter 734 Tianxin opens fire XiaoXiaoYingXiong 7232K 23-11-17 serializing
Shen Gongbao inheritance Array Chapter 2382 Taiyin takes action to destroy the true body DiJiuTianMing 19526K 23-11-16 serializing
Immortal Ni Array Chapter 1613 Decisive Battle (2) Second update ErGen 15061K 23-11-16 serializing
The earth has signed in for a hundred years and is Array Chapter 540 The Emperor’s Warning XiaoXiaoYaoXian 4956K 23-11-16 serializing
The martial arts is fierce Array Chapter 339 Another beginning! XiaoZiMoDan 2459K 23-11-11 serializing
Yu Yuan of the Gods Array Chapter 277 Three Thousand Gods and Demons Return with Their Corpses (Grand Finale) LinChao 1516K 23-11-04 serializing
Rebirth of the City: I am the Immortal King Array Chapter 2312 Sadness HuaYu 13825K 23-10-24 serializing
half fairy Array Chapter 1102 Stupid YueQianChou 375K 23-10-24 serializing
Drunken fairy gourd Array Chapter 2047: Yuan Guang Secret Technique ChengShiZhouGong 13444K 23-10-17 serializing
fairies please respect yourself Array Chapter 611 A Taoist nun friend of mine JiCha 9413K 23-10-17 serializing
The Strongest Villain of Fengyun Array Chapter 35 The jackal is coming YiHen 16862K 23-10-17 serializing
Tiexian successor in the city Array Chapter 3318 XiaoXiaoYu 21623K 23-10-17 serializing
benxian is here Array Chapter 198: Suppression of the City ShouZhaoMaoShuiJiaoDeYu 6625K 23-10-09 serializing
Immortal Quest Array Chapter 477 Nine-tailed Demon Fox, Qilin Xiaojin. ChongZhi 12K 23-10-09 serializing
cross the river Array Chapter 2099 This pattern DuoDuo 71K 23-10-09 serializing
three inch room Array Chapter 1418 Found you!  (Third update) ErGen 131K 23-10-09 serializing
This guy is too serious Array Chapter 503: A confrontation with the God of Fortune! YanGuiZhengChuan 120K 23-10-09 serializing
Sign in Shushan Sword Immortal Array Chapter 315 Choice, Shushan God and Demon Well, Sleepless Night YeTianDao 7K 23-10-09 serializing
Grabbing the Sky Array Chapter 1485: Refining Heaven to Make a Great Pill HeiShanLaoGui 87K 23-10-09 serializing
At the beginning of Journey to the West  Sun Wukon Array Chapter 641 Love at first sight GanShangDeQiuJi 19K 23-10-09 serializing
Journey to the West in heaven from nine to five Array Chapter 1101 Self-destruction?  Little Nezha, why are you so desperate? XueShanBaiShu 8715K 23-10-09 serializing
Wind rises and peace Array 1002. Goodbye, Lord Chunhe BaGuiShaoNian 5948K 23-09-26 serializing