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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
lure sweet Extra 14 ChaNuanBuSai 148K 23-09-12 serializing
Doomsday gangster dressed as cannon fodder female Chapter 302 Prepare for the worst LongJiuYue 1814K 23-09-12 serializing
Marriage favorite: sweet and flirtatious wife Chapter 1192 I’m here TaoRanRan 6490K 23-09-14 serializing
[Korean Entertainment] Crimson Stardust Whatever the whole life WeiQingChenYin 1634K 23-09-12 serializing
The real daughter quit [competition] Extra three DaJiangLiu 420K 23-09-12 serializing
One Birth Two Treasures: Ex-husband Don t Be Greed Chapter 138 You owe me what you owe me, and it w TangXinXiaoRou 817K 23-09-12 serializing
After wearing it back  the paranoid boss turned bl Chapter 1145 Li Mao Mao coaxes people FengLangZi 3677K 23-09-12 serializing
The Original Dream of Star Lotus World Chapter 779 Text SanShiYiShengL 3403K 23-09-12 serializing
Salvation Fallacy [Unlimited] Thirty-one Xiao Si Bao LinYao 228K 23-09-12 serializing
Madame s vest is about to fall off Chapter 176 Asking for a signature YouZiZai 541K 23-09-12 serializing
After being taken back to the wealthy family  I wa Chapter 741 Who will the heaven let go of? XiXiYouYu 2734K 23-09-12 serializing
Spring breeze does not understand love Chapter 202 Final preparations, you drank LangYu 1162K 23-09-12 serializing
Group Pet Mommy Vest Hit the World Chapter 835 Do you have a problem with her or so QingFengNianYu 2506K 23-09-12 serializing
delusion The new book is here~ FengDongLingXi 440K 23-09-12 serializing
Rebirth 80 only wants to be the richest woman Chapter 360 The Richest Female JiuYin 2010K 23-09-12 serializing
I became the villain s daughter Chapter 615 Is she cute? QuXiaoXi 6228K 23-09-14 serializing
She was 18 years old after being knifed (Game) The outside world (Zero + Xiao Shuo) PaiBuSiLaoHan 1046K 23-09-12 serializing
Murakami s Wife is Fierce and Sweet Chapter 1364 HuaJianYao 9369K 23-09-12 serializing
CEO s poor wife Chapter 2695 She wants to be a good daughter LuoLiDa 14414K 23-09-14 serializing
Daddy Mommy vest exposed Chapter 78 Begging for forgiveness YanShiWu 5595K 23-09-26 serializing
After wearing a book  I became the ceiling of the Chapter 43 Going to the grave, do you want to go XingHuaManTou 2472K 23-09-14 serializing
[Football] Perfect midfield Chapter 29 ZhiJiuBaiYi 200K 23-09-13 serializing
After cohabiting with an e-sports god[E-sports] Chapter 95 BuChiHuLi 239K 23-09-13 serializing
CEO husband is too fierce Chapter 614 I just miss you suddenly LinXia 3089K 23-09-13 serializing
[Curse back] The journey of the strongest white-ha Chapter 151 TouMingGuTou 415K 23-09-13 serializing
When the sworn enemy becomes my inhibitor Extra: Ruan Ruan vs. Gu Ze (7) YiHuReShui 252K 23-09-13 serializing
Chasing top actresses into girlfriends Chapter 096 XiaoJinLiYa 214K 23-09-13 serializing
Someone in Daddy has taken a fancy to Mommy again Chapter 1,193 TangYin 3806K 23-09-14 serializing
See you at night  mysterious president Chapter 557 Is it possible for her to forgive hi HuaMiao 3121K 23-09-13 serializing
Hard to fly Chapter 92 happy ending FengDongLingXi 502K 23-09-13 serializing
I was a schoolmaster in the 80s Chapter 545 RenXi 2051K 23-09-14 serializing
Give you a lifetime of coolness Chapter 568 Xia Weiwei takes action against Shi BanBeiLi 3643K 23-09-14 serializing
The Sinful Wife of the Paranoid Overlord Chapter 836 Full of indifference ChunFengYiJiu 4474K 23-09-14 serializing
Ou Shao  you pissed me off Chapter 303 Dog bites dog FeiYou 2204K 23-09-14 serializing
night wind is not like you Chapter 1,498 How can you think so? LangYu 6810K 23-09-14 serializing
Unrequited Love: See you at night  Mr. Gu Chapter 1207 Prospects LaDouDou 6345K 23-09-13 serializing
stars into huaiming Chapter 1404 Exchange cooking skills with my mot DongRiWeiNuan 8743K 23-09-14 serializing
Big Brother s Big Brother s Sweet Wife Chapter 526 Aren’t you afraid of being struck b MuXia 4075K 23-09-14 serializing
I seem to have discovered something extraordinary Special Forces Extra DaYanJing22 2623K 23-09-13 serializing
Take the Farm Through the Chronology Chapter 680 Parallel Time and Space: Final Chapt ZuiRuGui 4381K 23-09-13 serializing
The Almighty Daughter became the group favorite Xi Chapter 693 Extra 5 The Grand Wedding 2 (End!) YanMoXiaoXiao 4270K 23-09-13 serializing
Rebirth 90: The heroine of the salted fish quit Chapter 801 You will regret it if you don’t go XiaRanXue 5198K 23-09-14 serializing
After dressing as a wealthy Mrs. Xie  she exploded Chapter 1869 Return JianXiaoLing 6170K 23-09-14 serializing
Let her make her koi debut after filming The movie queen makes her koi debut (End) LiEr 1211K 23-09-13 serializing
After I confessed to 5t5 Chapter 125 XiaoYe 272K 23-09-13 serializing
The Reborn Miracle Doctor s Little Wife! Chapter 65 Designing the Thief Baby YeLvErDong 859K 23-09-14 serializing
I m the only one in the whole world who doesn t kn Chapter 732 5D movie?  ? LinXiaoMo 2269K 23-09-13 serializing
It s not easy to be a fierce wife in the 1970s Chapter 889 This woman is very capable ShanYouMuXi 4658K 23-09-14 serializing
Marriage and love for a long time: give you a life Chapter 360 Tang Man can’t accept betrayal BanBeiLi 3718K 23-09-14 serializing
I exploded after the divorce! Chapter 847 0845: Just a thought ZiXueNingYan 2589K 23-09-14 serializing
Fast time travel: koi and cubs are busy farming Chapter 391 There are more than ten cubs at home YiXiaNaBei 1924K 23-09-13 serializing
CEO Daddy Chases His Wife 1108 The young master is missing ZiSu 6979K 23-09-14 serializing
Happiness in the farmhouse Chapter 236 The Last Face AnNu 2056K 23-09-14 serializing
Did Mr. Xu confess today? Chapter 345 Chapter 341 Peach Blossom Spring MengLiReYi 3657K 23-09-14 serializing
We don t want to stay in Japan for a long time Chapter 91 Extra: We don’t want to live forever ZhouReWen 662K 23-09-13 serializing
Marriage on the Pillow: Little Sweet Wife Begs for Chapter 371 Xu Lianshuang, you executioner LinXia 2749K 23-09-14 serializing
Rebirth First Favorite: Sweet Wife Jiao Didi Chapter 1699: The old and brother clan? GuJinLing 6323K 23-09-14 serializing
Back at 90  she became popular in the circle of su 【1142】The opinion of the boss must be treated FeiMaXiangShan 12014K 23-09-14 serializing
Report to Mommy: Daddy is here to propose again Chapter 617 Control ManManXi 3362K 23-09-14 serializing
Bai Yueguang Reborn as a Film King Chapter 293 Ending: Romantic Beginning SanSen 1676K 23-09-14 serializing
The promised little pitiful actually monopolizes m Extra: Jing Xiaotu x Big Black Wolf (full text c WangShu 386K 23-09-14 serializing
I rely on food to conquer the entertainment circle Extra (end) YuXuanW 259K 23-09-14 serializing
Return of the daughter: The chief boss can t affor Chapter 711 It’s raining heavily BanBanCheng 4283K 23-09-14 serializing
Wife  you changed your face again Chapter 1222 Don’t Show Cowardice QianJiangXianY 5133K 23-09-14 serializing
The cute baby is back  Gao Leng Daddy  please acce Chapter 1499 A pair of living treasures JiaJiShiMeng 8659K 23-09-14 serializing
A sweet wife is still a young CEO who needs to be Chapter 1419 Why is it so unfair? ChaoMu 8158K 23-09-26 serializing
monster girlfriend Chapter 77 YouQingKe 250K 23-10-08 serializing
Qingmei  the queen of the movie  is a big man in m Chapter 18 GuiXuReMeng 294K 23-10-17 serializing
Transmigrated into the ancient abuse text  I count Chapter 140 I want to talk to this girl Shixia a TianQiQi 544K 23-10-08 serializing
The full-level boss is the favorite of the group i Chapter 290 Black hair, black eyes, yellow skin. YiRanJianChan 2516K 23-10-17 serializing
My years as a teacher at the Western African Insti Huasui&Assessment CaJiaDaDuiChan 624K 23-10-17 serializing
He came across the galaxy Chapter 57 The way you looked at me just now was YuXingXue 1305K 23-10-24 serializing
The special national teacher of the Tang Dynasty Chapter 1,193 Xiao Cheng is in trouble! DaBaoZi 9251K 23-09-26 serializing
Cannon Fodder Female Supporting Immortal Cultivati Chapter 135 Encountering Evil Cultivators WeiRanChengFen 4579K 23-09-26 serializing
Rebirth 1980 Chapter 880 Visit HuTuXian 5728K 23-09-14 serializing
Shallow marriage and deep love: Ex-husband please Chapter 1204 An irreparable shortcoming in a lif ZhanXiaoBai 5242K 23-09-26 serializing
Naruto s water escape is the strongest Chapter 627 Chongwu GuanShuiLou 4179K 23-09-15 serializing
The return of the urban son-in-law Chapter 1955 Ambush in Qingfeng Gorge JiShangMenFan 11248K 23-09-26 serializing
This is Tenseigan Final words XiGu 3022K 23-09-15 serializing
Fujin on the technical side Chapter 66 GouQiHeiWuLong 1269K 23-09-26 serializing
Green tea is a young lady [quick travel] fantasy space YouYouXi 770K 23-09-26 serializing
The Global Armed Freak of Terror Resurgence Chapter 1809 The Soul Boy Saint (Part 2) LaoGuoZaiCi 11405K 23-09-26 serializing
Doting on My Wife (Rebirth) Ending HeiZiZhe 1046K 23-09-26 serializing
My salted fish life in Dakang Chapter 1039 I like businessmen very much! JunXiuCai 6194K 23-09-26 serializing
online game trial Chapter 685 The troubles of two ancient emperor- YuMin 5528K 23-09-26 serializing
fish pond master Chapter 190 QingYiXingLin 1101K 23-09-15 serializing
The infinite wings of the pirate Chapter 415: Two saves LingShangKaiHu 32235K 23-09-26 serializing
fishing god Chapter 2115 Choice HuiLangJiaoDeZ 19215K 23-09-26 serializing
Wubao is better at finding dad than mommy Chapter 243 Mommy has gained weight again recent BaoChaoGuoZi 8004K 23-09-26 serializing
Take the warehouse to Daming New book: The Great Man of the Northern Song Dyn DiBaLaJueShi 18714K 23-09-18 serializing
born noble Chapter 97 TianWang 659K 23-09-18 serializing
The anger value exploded [Quick travel] Reappearance of the Priesthood (Complete) HuiJi 1657K 23-09-18 serializing
Little coward  she is super rich Lin Zhiyu x Bai Xiaoyue (4) YiYeCongDeng 581K 23-09-18 serializing
my iceberg beauty wife Chapter 3717 Useless MeiGanCaiShaoB 26716K 23-09-26 serializing
First Assistant Training Manual Extra 2: Cheng Lang and her WenTan 1362K 23-09-19 serializing
The beginning of a city with a trillion Chapter 1171 Do something great! JKLuoSen 7456K 23-09-26 serializing
Devour the stars Chapter 1478 Common Enemy (Final Chapter of this WoChiXiGongShi 9073K 23-09-26 serializing
love and sorrow Love is not hurt QingJunMoXiao 2069K 23-09-19 serializing
Supreme Fortune Master of Unrequited Love Chapter 667 New Article Announcement WuRiYangGuang 3202K 23-09-19 serializing
Unswerving Extra: After Marriage (3) LiJiuEr 173K 23-09-19 serializing