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The Global Armed Freak of Terror Resurgence Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Salted Fish Turns aroundChapter 2 What about the promised blockbuster?Chapter 3 Throwing herself into my arms, isn¡¯t this a freak girl!Chapter 4 SSR Armed Freak--Hell Loli
Chapter 5 Walking Plug-inChapter 6 A surprise appearance of the divine martial body!Chapter 7 Live SearchingChapter 8 The task of choosing one of two
Chapter 9 I¡¯m here to rob!Chapter 10 The Light of the SlumsChapter 11 Night Watch League AssociationChapter 12 Gasping is an insult!
Chapter 13 The Fastest Man PresentChapter 14 Freak Modification MasterChapter 15 The mission to eliminate demonsChapter 16 The rich man¡¯s invitation
Chapter 17 Steel Meat GrinderChapter 18 Increase the quantity and priceChapter 19 The Crisis of XiangyanChapter 20 Free experience points
Chapter 21 Mecha Wolf King. Change?Chapter 22 If you are alive, say something!Chapter 23 You make me sick to my stomach!Chapter 24 Don¡¯t cause trouble, and don¡¯t be afraid of trouble!
Chapter 25 Breakout (Part 1)Chapter 26 Breakout (Part 2)Chapter 27 Breakout (Part 2)Chapter 28 Weird Research Laboratory
Chapter 29 I think we can save it a little more!Chapter 30 Online chat, help?Chapter 31 This is your destinyChapter 32: Artificial Freak Rampage Incident (Part 1)
Chapter 33: Artificial Freak Rampage Incident (Part 2)Chapter 34: A hard-earned meal?Chapter 35 The Haunted House of One MillionChapter 36 Snow Girl of the Abyss
Chapter 37 CommitmentChapter 38 Conquer the Snow Girl, the dual-armed monster!Chapter 39 Rose with thorns, chat group?Chapter 40 Giant Praying Mantis
Chapter 41 Dead SoldierChapter 42 Fishing in troubled watersChapter 43 I don¡¯t feel it, do you think it¡¯s annoying?Chapter 44 Ice and Fire
Chapter 45 Working as a worker, working as a soul!Chapter 46 Justice in the HeartChapter 47 Beigong Mu comes to visit!Chapter 48 Freak, the Patriarch of Tiangong - one thing is missing!
Chapter 49 I just want to make money...Chapter 50 Weird teammatesChapter 51: So wise and so close to a demonChapter 52 Evil Lord, Nightmare Level 7
Chapter 53 Mr. Xue, hello!Chapter 54 Freak, Sequence Super BrainChapter 55 Emergency PlanChapter 56 I will teach you how to be a better person! (superior)
Chapter 57 I will teach you how to be a better person! (Down)Chapter 58 It¡¯s your own fault!Chapter 59 Arriving at Kangding Town!Chapter 60 Water crisis!
Chapter 61 What a man!Chapter 62 The only survivorChapter 63 InvestigationChapter 64 The mastermind behind the scenes
Chapter 65 Mental InvasionChapter 66 Danger SurroundedChapter 67 Return in embarrassmentChapter 68 Battle Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 69 Battle Plan (Part 2)Chapter 70 Frontal Conflict (Part 1)Chapter 71 Frontal Conflict (Part 2)Chapter 72 Frontal Conflict (Part 2)
Chapter 73 I promise you anything...Chapter 74 Even if you jump into the Yellow River, you won¡¯t be able to escape...Chapter 75 Go to Fengdu to settle the bill!Chapter 76 An incredible modification!
Chapter 77 Flea ForumChapter 78 What a big pit!Chapter 79 The incident broke out!Chapter 80 A near miss...
Chapter 81 Judgment of the ApostlesChapter 82 Gambling Troubles (Part 1)Chapter 83 Gambling Troubles (Part 2)Chapter 84 Gambling Troubles (Part 2)
Chapter 85 Big money invitation!Chapter 86 Fighting, killing, human accident!Chapter 87 A knife hidden in a smileChapter 88 It¡¯s a blessing, not a curse, it¡¯s a curse that cannot be avoided
Chapter 89 Black PearlChapter 90: A hundred battles with the dark soldiers, showing off their power?Chapter 91 Gambling War!Chapter 92 Digging a hole!
Chapter 93 Buried...Chapter 94 Girl Terminator...Chapter 95 Sage King of SlimeChapter 96 The ruthless young lady
Chapter 97 Absolute Arms (Part 1)Chapter 98 Absolute Arms (Part 2)Chapter 99 Fierce fight of life and deathChapter 100 A worthy death!
Chapter 101 Big victory!Chapter 102 The dust has settledChapter 103 Happiness comes too suddenly...Chapter 104 Useless freak equipment...
Chapter 105 The Blessing of the Midwinter GoddessChapter 106 Encounter with Chen Jingshan!Chapter 107 Enemies meet on a narrow roadChapter 108 I want to escape!
Chapter 109 Is it the BOSS or the father-in-law?Chapter 110 Siege of the City in April (Part 1)Chapter 111 April Siege (Part 2)Chapter 112 April Siege (Part 2)
Chapter 113 Going up to the towerChapter 114 The second wave of beasts!Chapter 115 The bloody battle at the West Tower (Part 1)Chapter 116 The bloody battle at the West Tower (Part 2)
Chapter 117 UndercurrentChapter 118 I just want to make money in a low-key way!Chapter 119 There are so many famous people!Chapter 120 Super Freak, the Chosen One!
Chapter 121 Weird Research MaterialsChapter 122 The fierce flatteryChapter 123 Sudden fatherhood!Chapter 124 Breaking the Kung Fu...
Chapter 125 Alcohol... makes people irrational!Chapter 126 Carjacking!Chapter 127 Devouring Heaven and Earth!Chapter 128 Awakening! Synchronized breathing! (superior)
Chapter 129 Awakening! Synchronized breathing! (Down)Chapter 130 Counterattack!Chapter 131 Golden Heart! Hot potato!Chapter 132 Online Shopping Freak
Chapter 133 Strengthening NingxueChapter 134: Dog eyes look down on peopleChapter 135 The danger of Longdu!Chapter 136 Combat meeting!
Chapter 137 God of War, please leave your phone number!Chapter 138 Blood, too fierce...Chapter 139 Investment genius!Chapter 140 Owe a favor!
Chapter 141 Devil¡¯s special training? Child Welfare Center! !Chapter 142 A century-old temple, Grandma Ya (Part 1)Chapter 143 A century-old temple, Granny Ya (Part 2)Chapter 144 Stone Spirit Monkey!
Chapter 145 A thunder on the ground!Chapter 146 Brothers in distress!Chapter 147 The storm is coming...Chapter 148 Ten Palaces of Yama!
Chapter 149 Live Demonstration...Chapter 150 Provoking public anger...Chapter 151 There are evil beasts inside, please don¡¯t enter unless you want toChapter 152 Five Elements Breathing Method
Chapter 153 Mixed doubles battle against pandas!Chapter 154 Crisis! Paper cranes and flowers, evicting guests...Chapter 155 Return!Chapter 156 An invincible and powerful enemy...
Chapter 157 Shocking Battle in the Bamboo Forest (Part 1)Chapter 158 Shocking Battle in the Bamboo Forest (Part 2)Chapter 159 Shocking Battle in the Bamboo Forest (Part 2)Chapter 160 Crush...
Chapter 161 The last lesson!Chapter 162: Sorrow, the right to choose...Chapter 163 I want to become stronger...Chapter 164 The Strongest Housekeeping Company...
Chapter 165 Teach a man to fish...Chapter 166 Offline Transactions...Chapter 167 The freak version of "Barrett"Chapter 168 The Doomsday Soft Rice King!
Chapter 169 The key to hatching dragon eggs!Chapter 170 Ambush! See the virtual spirit shadow again!Chapter 171 Facing Fear (Part 1)Chapter 172 Facing Fear (Part 2)
Chapter 173 Walking Medical CabinChapter 174 Pride and Honor!Chapter 175 Mother Magnetite!Chapter 176 Team members gather!
Chapter 177 Dawn Walker!Chapter 178 The weird richest man in the world!Chapter 179 Assistance from the War Preparedness Department!Chapter 180 The sun never sets on Cao Pheasant County!
Chapter 181 Yan Zhongying¡¯s test!Chapter 182 The mysterious petrochemical mine?Chapter 183 Entering the mine for the first time...Chapter 184 One, two, three, stone man (Part 1)
Chapter 185 One, two, three, stone man (Part 2)Chapter 186 One, two, three, stone man (Part 2)Chapter 187 The dark shadow in the boiler roomChapter 188: Being robbed and drinking a boy...
Chapter 189 SurvivorsChapter 190 Taming Shuten Doji!Chapter 192 A machine without senses...Chapter 193 Omega, imperfect body
Chapter 195 Fighting Omega (Part 2)Chapter 196 Fighting Omega (Part 2)Chapter 197 Artificial Consciousness CoreChapter 198 Kill them all...
Chapter 199 Meeting is rare...Chapter 200 Poseidon!Chapter 201 Weigh anchor and set sail!Chapter 202 Disagreement...
Chapter 203 In front of Tamamo, the white-faced Nine-Tails!Chapter 204 Like a dream mirror...Chapter 205 Crisis in Dreams (Part 1)Chapter 206 Crisis in Dreams (Part 2)
Chapter 207 Crisis in Dreams (Part 2)Chapter 208 Lotus Brand!Chapter 209 Desperate situation, life and death!Chapter 210 Defeating the inner demon and shattering the illusion (Part 1)
Chapter 211 Defeating the inner demon and shattering the illusion (Part 2)Chapter 212 Catastrophe level 10, the demon fox awakens!Chapter 213 A group fight against the demon fox!Chapter 214 Cutting off the nine tails, the end!
Chapter 215 Hot pot on the way back!Chapter 216 Iron Lady...Chapter 217 What happened to Black Pearl...Chapter 218 The Only Goddess Martial Body (Part 1)
Chapter 219 The Only Goddess Martial Body (Part 2)Chapter 220: Brainstorming...Chapter 221 The Royal Family¡¯s Worries!Chapter 222 The Spy of the War Readiness Department (Part 1)
Chapter 223 Spies from the War Preparedness Department (Part 2)Chapter 224 The point is, buy a car or a house...Chapter 225 White Flame T800...Chapter 226 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 227 Trial move (Part 1)Chapter 229 Special Training Quadratic (Part 1)Chapter 230 Special Training Quadratic (Part 2)Chapter 231 Special Training Quadratic (Part 2)
Chapter 232 Oxygen content, 10%!Chapter 233 TrialChapter 234 Pass the assessment...Chapter 235: Close encounter (Part 1)
Chapter 236: A close encounter (Part 2)Chapter 237 Void Spirit Square, Dimensional Teleportation...Chapter 238 ShowdownChapter 239 Watching the video without vomiting at midnight...
Chapter 240 A Living Sports Car (Part 1)Chapter 241 A Living Sports Car (Part 2)Chapter 242: What¡¯s wrong with wanting to live?Chapter 243 You are also my sun...
Chapter 244 I also have self-respect!Chapter 245 An Gufeng¡¯s appointment!Chapter 246 Taking office (Part 1)Chapter 247 Taking office (Part 2)
Chapter 248 Taking office (Part 2)Chapter 249 A piece of cake!Chapter 250 I usually don¡¯t cause trouble!Chapter 251 The only way is to strive for self-improvement!
Chapter 252 Golden official sedan!Chapter 253 Imperial power is supreme!Chapter 254 Returning to the old place...Chapter 255 Hidden sealed warehouse!
Chapter 256 Bloodthirsty Spore Complex...Chapter 257 Big breakthrough on the floor!Chapter 258 Angry at the Prince...Chapter 259 Lin Chen¡¯s choice!
Chapter 260 Are you chasing? I run away!Chapter 261 Crow Tengu, twins...Chapter 262 A dead Taoist friend is not dead but a poor Taoist...Chapter 263 Enhanced modification, drunken boy!
Chapter 264 Flying a kite to spawn monsters...Chapter 265 Shura Dao. Nether Princess!Chapter 266 I was hit on the waist by Thunder (Part 1)Chapter 267 I was hit on the waist by Thunder (Part 2)
Chapter 268 IntrospectionChapter 269 I¡¯ll give you a little red flower!Chapter 270 The mysterious old blacksmith...Chapter 271 The old man who feeds freaks...
Chapter 272 Steel Divine Weapon...Chapter 273 People are scarier than freaks...Chapter 274 Black Rakshasa...Chapter 275 Protect your home!
Chapter 276 Chaos Black Demon...Chapter 277 Black scales, absolute defense!Chapter 278 Feeding plan!Chapter 279 If you come out to fool around, you will have to pay back sooner or later!
Chapter 280 Emergency Rescue!Chapter 281 Sneaking into the castle...Chapter 282 Artificial Freak¡ªAT. Witch Doctor GirlChapter 283 My name is Zuo Xiaochu!
Chapter 284 Just passing by...Chapter 285 The force field collapses and the system shuts down!Chapter 286 Shallow Water BastardsChapter 287 Mysterious Badge Token
Chapter 288 Missed Call (Part 1)Chapter 289 Missed Call (Part 2)Chapter 290 Longdu will not take the blame...Chapter 291 Humans are worse than dogs...
Chapter 292 Imperial power cannot be insulted...Chapter 293 Assembly (Part 1)Chapter 294 Gathering (Part 2)Chapter 295 Gathering (Part 2)
Chapter 296 Conquer the Candle Dragon Saint, Xiaowanzi!Chapter 297 The mission to eliminate demons, 2.7 billion!Chapter 298 Summoned!Chapter 299: You give in and are still so domineering! ?
Chapter 300 There are some things that I won¡¯t sell!Chapter 301 Fighting the Forbidden Palace Envoy!Chapter 302 This is the real God of War...Chapter 303 I seem to have a piece too...
Chapter 304 The Protector¡¯s Wife?Chapter 305 Letter of annulment!Chapter 306 Dog food, sprinkled on my face....Chapter 307 Price increase? !
Chapter 308 Golden Delta...Chapter 309 Crisis is everywhere...Chapter 310 Leave your name on the fire tongs! !Chapter 311 Violent Motorcycle Plus!
Chapter 312 Don¡¯t be afraid, I¡¯m here!Chapter 313: Conspiracy to lure the snake out of its hole!Chapter 314 Grouping!Chapter 315 The rescue station in the setting sun...
Chapter 316 Wolf Killing in the Extreme Night!Chapter 317 Confrontation (Part 1)Chapter 318 Confrontation (Part 2)Chapter 319 Confrontation (Part 2)
Chapter 320 Bloody Battle with the Goblin LordChapter 321 The Breath of Darkness, chasing souls and seeking lives!Chapter 322 What a fast sword...Chapter 323 Suffocation crisis!
Chapter 324 You are not qualified to negotiate terms!Chapter 325: One Cavalry Against a Thousand (Part 1)Chapter 326: One Cavalry Against a Thousand (Part 2)Chapter 327: One Cavalry Against a Thousand (Part 2)
Chapter 328 Procrastination - Stand still, lie down passively!Chapter 329 15% Gap (Part 1)Chapter 330 15% gap (Part 2)Chapter 331 The terrifying power of biotechnology...
Chapter 332 Biochemical fungi...Chapter 333 Victory, cleaning up the mess...Chapter 334 A good hand of cards, played to pieces...Chapter 335 Dual personality!
Chapter 336 Crushing, absolute power!Chapter 337 Threat level, equal!Chapter 338 Encounter on a narrow road (Part 1)Chapter 339 Encounter on a narrow road (Part 2)
Chapter 340 Encounter on a narrow road (Part 2)Chapter 341 The mysterious third one-man teamChapter 342 Warlord, Black Flag Army!Chapter 343 When you come out to hang out, you must be trustworthy!
Chapter 344 The crime of having a jadeChapter 345 Brother Gu, mighty!Chapter 346 ReunionChapter 347 The Kingdom of Frost!
Chapter 348 Peacekeeping Brigade, Public Security Administrative Detention...Chapter 349: Zhongfu (Part 1)Chapter 350: Ambush (Part 2)Chapter 351 Eye of Horus
Chapter 352 Rainforest BattlefieldChapter 353 RescuedChapter 354 A miserable howl...Chapter 355 Treeman? !
Chapter 356 My hometown!Chapter 357 A white lie...Chapter 358 Extreme despair...Chapter 359 Try it!
Chapter 360 Destroy the rebel position!Chapter 361 Immature little plan...Chapter 362 The power of the masses!Chapter 363 The adopted tyrant warlord...
Chapter 364 Man¡¯s calculation is not as good as God¡¯s calculation...Chapter 365 Volley, electromagnetic pulse cannon...Chapter 366 Red Flame Sword SoulChapter 367 Please enter the urn (Part 1)
Chapter 368 Please enter the urn (Part 2)Chapter 369 Swinging the Sword One Hundred Thousand Times (Part 1)Chapter 370 Swinging the Sword One Hundred Thousand Times (Part 2)Chapter 371: Exploiting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, developing in a vulgar way...
Chapter 372 Rainforest Ancestral God...Chapter 373 Long-range bombardment!Chapter 374 Xunmu. Tree Beard Ancestral Dragon God!Chapter 375: Hit the snake seven inches...
Chapter 376 Green ThunderChapter 377 Negotiation between freaks! ?Chapter 378 The Candle Dragon Saint in girlish state!Chapter 379 Interesting Humans...
Chapter 380 Reunion!Chapter 381 The knife in my heart...Chapter 382 Her Royal Highness the Princess?Chapter 383 A Different Royal Family
Chapter 384 Unlock the achievement, Freak Modification Master!Chapter 385 The Glory of the ValkyrieChapter 386 Purgatory on Earth (Part 1)Chapter 387 Purgatory on Earth (Part 2)
Chapter 388 Confidential Private ChatChapter 389 Seven Heroes, Origin Freaks!Chapter 390 Air Defense Combat System!Chapter 391 Air to air, hand-to-hand combat!
Chapter 392 Heavy equipment, mecha killer!Chapter 393 Violent Soldier ModeChapter 394 Mecha Core, I accept it!Chapter 395: Seize the core of the mecha and eradicate the root!
Chapter 396 Murder and arson Zhao Tianyi!Chapter 397 Shura¡¯s methods and the feelings of the Virgin (Part 1)Chapter 398 Shura¡¯s methods and the feelings of the Virgin (Part 2)Chapter 399 Good luck in opening a position!
Chapter 400 Make a fortune and achieve financial freedomChapter 401 The source of the noise, Earthbound. Demonic BeastChapter 402 Who is the God? Who is the monkey! ?Chapter 403 You are that monkey!
Chapter 404 A filial son emerges from the stick!Chapter 405 Volcanic Eruption (Part 1)Chapter 406 Volcanic Eruption (Part 2)Chapter 407 Ice and Fire
Chapter 408 The Power of the Candle Dragon (Part 1)Chapter 409 Ningxue upgrades, ice, snow and dust!Chapter 410 The general returns!Chapter 411 The Imperial City¡¯s Last Hope
Chapter 412 A wonderful misunderstanding (Part 1)Chapter 413 A wonderful misunderstanding (Part 2)Chapter 414 A wonderful misunderstanding (Part 2)Chapter 415 Let me come
Chapter 416: Will you bear the beating?Chapter 417 The Secret of MeccaChapter 418 The Eastern warlords who grew up together!Chapter 419 The Strongest Warlord with a Righteous Mind (Part 1)
Chapter 420 The Strongest Warlord with a Righteous Mind (Part 2)Chapter 421 The final decision, the demons dance wildly!Chapter 422 Eavesdropping (Part 1)Chapter 423 Eavesdropping (Part 2)
Chapter 424 No freedom, or death!Chapter 425 Thunder...Chapter 426 Traitors will be killed without mercy!Chapter 427 No thanks!
Chapter 428 I am your opponent...Chapter 429 Who will win? ?Chapter 430 I just want to have a group fight!Chapter 431 Bone loosening massage, full set!
Chapter 432 Don¡¯t hinder me from doing business...Chapter 433 The wind direction is just right!Chapter 434 Pink Hell!Chapter 435 Send him on his way...
Chapter 436 We were fooled...Chapter 437 I don¡¯t care about the future, but I hope it ends with no regrets!Chapter 438 When meeting the royal family, be polite!Chapter 439 Pandora¡¯s ambition!
Chapter 440 Beheading!Chapter 441 Artificial Freak, Phantom Guest!Chapter 442 The long-lost ¡°unknown creature¡±! ?Chapter 443 Strange demi-human!
Chapter 444 Gemini, time and space dimensions!Chapter 445 Xiao Mo (Part 1)Chapter 446 Xiao Mo (Part 2)Chapter 447 Xiao Mo (Part 2)
Chapter 448 The sword of the country!Chapter 449 Kill the dual personalities!Chapter 450 Vicious alienation!Chapter 451 Big defeat!
Chapter 452 Entrustment...Chapter 453 Underground Palace ProjectionChapter 454 Give it to me!Chapter 455 The Woman with Divine Martial Body
Chapter 456: Gambling modification and enhancement!Chapter 457 Dragon God, Eight Tribes!Chapter 458 Trespassers will die!Chapter 459 The strange underground palace tomb (Part 1)
Chapter 460 The strange underground palace tomb (Part 2)Chapter 461 The strange underground palace tomb (Part 2)Chapter 462 A glimmer of hope? !Chapter 463 Throne Mummy!
Chapter 464 Stone Inscription...Chapter 465 Buried myself alive! ?Chapter 466 Life Sacrifice! Two hundred thousand...Chapter 467 Boss VS Boss (Part 1)
Chapter 468 Boss VS Boss (Part 2)Chapter 469 Boss VS Boss (Part 2)Chapter 470 Help me...Chapter 471 People-oriented!
Chapter 472 Xiao Mo¡¯s Secret (Part 1)Chapter 473 Xiao Mo¡¯s Secret (Part 2)Chapter 474 Xiao Mo¡¯s Secret (Part 2)Chapter 475 Weeping Blood Lotus¡ª¡ªOriginal Sin!
Chapter 476 Origin Freak, Resurrection (Part 1)Chapter 477 Origin Freak, Resurrection (Part 2)Chapter 478 Origin Freak, Resurrection (Part 2)Chapter 479 Nanoman-made mechanical freak!
Chapter 480 In short, come back alive!Chapter 481 Bloody Battle "Origin Freak" (Part 1)Chapter 482 Bloody Battle "Origin Freak" (Part 2)Chapter 483 Bloody Battle "Origin Freak" (Part 2)
Chapter 484 You are not fighting alone!Chapter 485 Don¡¯t underestimate humans!Chapter 486 Shocked Dongji Island!Chapter 487 Acting President and President...
Chapter 488 Reward, Super Heart!Chapter 489 The storm is coming!Chapter 490 I am your fan...Chapter 491 Three glasses of wine, a tribute to the heroes!
Chapter 492 The financial sponsor¡¯s father......Chapter 493: Both are people who traveled through the world (Part 1)Chapter 494: Both are people who traveled through the world (Part 2)Chapter 495 Where in life do we not meet?
Chapter 496 Confidential Files!Chapter 497 Disaster PastChapter 498 The four hidden ranks...Chapter 499 Bombardment from Longdu!
Chapter 500 How dare I give any orders! ?Chapter 501 Dragon...dragon freak! ?Chapter 502: The compatibility value is 18%, that¡¯s it? !Chapter 503 I am innocent...
Chapter 504: Touching porcelain, cool!Chapter 505 Hi Ti Summer Resort!Chapter 506 Destroy you on behalf of the moon!Chapter 507 Chaos in the training camp (Part 1)
Chapter 508 Chaos in the training camp (Part 2)Chapter 509 Chaos in the training camp (Part 2)Chapter 510 Bullying the small with the big, Pipixia? !Chapter 511 An understatement of crushing!
Chapter 512 Teacher, we were wrong...Chapter 513 A filial son emerges from under the stick!Chapter 514 The God of Wealth in Longdu¡ªZuo Xinghe!Chapter 515 Public Enemy of Longdu!
Chapter 516 Instructor Xue, work hard, come on!Chapter 517: Start with a knife, if you don¡¯t accept it, chop it with a knife!Chapter 518 Let me help you...Chapter 519 Old Monster Xue¡¯s rules!
Chapter 520: The provoking method!Chapter 521 Freak Distribution Center (Part 1)Chapter 522 Freak Distribution Center (Part 2)Chapter 523 Rules! ?
Chapter 524 Don¡¯t judge a book by its cover...Chapter 525 A good start!Chapter 526 The last four hundred!Chapter 527 Poker Magician!
Chapter 528 SSR, none of them are fuel-efficient!Chapter 529 Beyond yourself!Chapter 530 Reinforcements and uninvited guests!Chapter 531 No. 3 Seizure Camp!
Chapter 532 The son of light and shadow, the suit freak!Chapter 533 Fusion - Final Level 12! !Chapter 534 The place is too small to perform...Chapter 535: 50-50 in the air!
Chapter 536 The most awesome fellow in history!Chapter 537 Negotiation (Part 1)Chapter 538 Negotiation (Part 2)Chapter 539 Negotiation (Part 2)
Chapter 540: Heart-killing, differentiation (Part 1)Chapter 541 Killing the Heart, Differentiating (Part 2)Chapter 542: Heart-killing, differentiation (Part 2)Chapter 543 Calm down, cut the mess with a quick knife!
Chapter 544 The end, waiting for you!Chapter 545 The courage of an ordinary man...Chapter 546 The low-key poisonous snake...Chapter 547 Have you awakened the legendary system! ?
Chapter 548 Second life!Chapter 549 Training Camp, Twelve Fortress Competition!Chapter 550 The upcoming "Battle Royale"!Chapter 551 At the critical moment, three are missing and one is missing...
Chapter 552 Is he a devil? !Chapter 553 The game begins...Chapter 554 The immature team is full of ugliness!Chapter 555: A piece of scattered sand, each in its own formation!
Chapter 556 The Evil Spirit High Priest!Chapter 557 Teamwork, conquering the east and west!Chapter 558 The legendary devil instructor...Chapter 559 The Prince of the Imperial City...
Chapter 560 The emperor¡¯s mind!Chapter 561: Outrage the master with great achievements and eradicate dissidents!Chapter 562 Gluttony Demon Chrysalis...Chapter 563 Force yourself...
Chapter 564 That¡¯s not necessarily the case!Chapter 565: See you off a thousand miles away, but we must say goodbye in the end!Chapter 566 The Imperial Envoy Arrives (Part 1)Chapter 567 The Imperial Envoy Arrives (Part 2)
Chapter 568 They need me...Chapter 569 The competition for hegemony begins (Part 1)Chapter 570 The competition begins (Part 2)Chapter 571 The competition for hegemony begins (Part 2)
Chapter 572 Fists and kicks have no eyes, you know...Chapter 573 Live Broadcast!Chapter 574: Us, this is cheating, right?Chapter 575: Encounter with the Boneless Black Monk...
Chapter 576 Cold-blooded and ruthless...Chapter 577 Depression CaveChapter 578 The footholdChapter 579 Chain Reaction (Part 1)
Chapter 580 Chain Reaction (Part 2)Chapter 581 Split up!Chapter 582 Attacked!Chapter 583 Honglian, revive!
Chapter 584 Blood debt must be paid with blood!Chapter 585: Instructor, I will take revenge for you!Chapter 586 Everyone has his own ambitions!Chapter 587 Fight to the death!
Chapter 588 Eight Wastelands and Liuhe, a shocking battle (Part 1)Chapter 589 Eight Wastelands and Liuhe, a shocking battle (Part 2)Chapter 590 Eight Wastelands and Liuhe, a shocking battle (Part 2)Chapter 591 Sixth sense, heart lock!
Chapter 592 Biological restriction lock, bronze greed!Chapter 593 Turning the tide of the war!Chapter 594 Ice, Fire and Lightning Strike, Ghost Domain Dragon Breath!Chapter 595 Super level, gene combination!
Chapter 596 The final winner...Chapter 597 It¡¯s obligatory!Chapter 598 The God of War takes action!Chapter 599 Bad popularity!
Chapter 600 Dusty Stain (Part 1)Chapter 601 Dusty Stain (Part 2)Chapter 602 Dusty stain (Part 2)Chapter 603 The ideal of changing the world
Chapter 604 Atonement...Chapter 605 The only person who changes the world is you!Chapter 606 The Water of Return to RuinsChapter 607 Plague Brad!
Chapter 608 Su Xiaoqing¡¯s proposal!Chapter 609 The hungry women¡¯s army!Chapter 610 Thirty seconds, no big problem!Chapter 611 The will is lost!
Chapter 612 The hungry ghost is reincarnated...Chapter 613 Seven Desires Restriction Lock!Chapter 614 A thrilling ten minutes...Chapter 615 The fifth sequence, big cat!
Chapter 616 The heaven-defying potion, the power of six paths!Chapter 617 Transformation and return to the battlefield!Chapter 618 Nangong Weiyang and Little Joey!Chapter 619 Mythical Head, Trait System - Weapon Spirit Type
Chapter 620 Little Joey¡¯s choice!Chapter 621 One-sided!Chapter 622 Absolutely armed, six-path form!Chapter 623 Battle of Bones (Part 1)
Chapter 624 Battle of Bones (Part 2)Chapter 625 Battle of Bones (Part 2)Chapter 626: Beheading, a blockbuster!Chapter 627 Another "Superior Heart"!
Chapter 628 Genetic RecoveryChapter 629: Group attack, fight to the death!Chapter 630 The death worm that kills people!Chapter 631 The Power of Six Paths, the Eight Tribes of Heavenly Dragons
Chapter 632 Eight dragons, candle dragon subduing demons (Part 1)Chapter 633 Eight dragons, candle dragon subduing demons (Part 2)Chapter 634 The Lonely Winner!Chapter 635 Here we go again! ?
Chapter 636 Instant KillChapter 637 Conspiracy...Chapter 638: Devastated!Chapter 639 Return home!
Chapter 640 The God Who Reshapes the WorldChapter 641: Natural selection, one¡¯s heart can be killed!Chapter 642: Responsibility, until death!Chapter 643 The Lord has an order, go into battle and kill the enemy!
Chapter 644 Choice!Chapter 645 Curfew NightChapter 646 Some things have to be done by someone!Chapter 647 Pioneer, a herd of monsters!
Chapter 648 Corpse Brain Invasion!Chapter 649 The cruel battlefield!Chapter 650 Death. Parasitic brainworm!Chapter 651 Teacher of benevolence and righteousness, your honor!
Chapter 652 The trial officially begins!Chapter 653 United as One (Part 1)Chapter 654 United as One (Part 2)Chapter 655 General attack!
Chapter 656 Killing Machine¡ª¡ªMerlinChapter 657 Beheading time!Chapter 658 Do you dare to fight me?Chapter 659: Snakes dancing wildly (Part 1)
Chapter 660: Snakes dancing wildly (Part 2)Chapter 661 The sun never sets on the delisting sacrifice!Chapter 662 Two-headed snake...body!Chapter 663 Proud of you!
Chapter 664 Thunder falls!Chapter 665 It is inevitable...Chapter 666 Not a waste!Chapter 667 Surrender to one¡¯s limits!
Chapter 668: Conquer the servants, King Fudo!Chapter 669 The tragic Xicheng Tower!Chapter 670 Crushing Support (Part 1)Chapter 671 Crushing Support (Part 2)
Chapter 672 Feint attack and sacrifice!Chapter 673 If there is a next life!Chapter 674 The legendary bullshit hero!Chapter 675 The Power of the God of War (Part 1)
Chapter 676 The Power of the God of War (Part 2)Chapter 677 The Power of the God of War (Part 2)Chapter 678 Light and darkness, rebuilding orderChapter 679 The "Chosen One" resurrects!
Chapter 680: Heavenly Craftsman, Bahuang Wood Puppet!Chapter 681 Mortals VS GodsChapter 682 What is the God of War? !Chapter 683: God creates things, and the divine machine is ever-changing (Part 1)
Chapter 684: God creates things, and the magic is ever-changing (Part 2)Chapter 685 Prayer...Chapter 686 BaitChapter 687 A scholar dies for his confidant!
Chapter 688 The Mo Sword is as big as the sky!Chapter 689 Race against time, snatching fragments of consciousness!Chapter 690 Become your partner (Part 1)Chapter 691 Become your partner (Part 2)
Chapter 692 See you in hell!Chapter 693: An extremely powerful enemy, world-class!Chapter 694 The most terrifying enemyChapter 695 Mozi burned wood, evidence of hard work!
Chapter 696 A world-level battleChapter 697 Someone will inherit my will!Chapter 698 Beheading the Chosen One!Chapter 699 Goodbye, Longdu War God...
Chapter 700 Heart diseaseChapter 701 The missing head!Chapter 702 Awakening from a big dream!Chapter 703 Stirring up the situation
Chapter 704: An evasive planChapter 705 The best qualifications!Chapter 706 Mozi Killing. Time and Space PuppetChapter 707: One-on-one or group fight, you choose?
Chapter 708 An old beggar appears halfway!Chapter 709 Awkward double act...Chapter 710 The real boss!Chapter 711 Problem Child, Golden VIP
Chapter 712 Exchange conditions...Chapter 713 My name is Sun Xiaolong...Chapter 714 The Skullbreaker, Logan!Chapter 715 Problem children, focus!
Chapter 716 Founded by science and technology, Ocean FederationChapter 717: Real villains and hypocrites...Chapter 718: Lots of Talents...Chapter 719 There is no most perverted, only more perverted...
Chapter 720 The most unlucky lucky guyChapter 721 The little ball that speaks...Chapter 722 Hunter and PreyChapter 723 Dark logic!
Chapter 724 Mission goal, defeat Brooke!Chapter 727 Battle at Taniguchi (Part 1)Chapter 728 Battle at Taniguchi (Part 2)Chapter 730 Quantum Rules, Freaks¡ªEntropy
Chapter 731 Causality, the power of entropy!Chapter 732 The ruthless Sun Xiaolong, Shura Ripper (Part 1)Chapter 733: The ruthless Sun Xiaolong, Shura Ripper (Part 2)Chapter 734 That year, that wine, that sword (Part 1)
Chapter 735 That wine and that sword that year (Part 2)Chapter 736: Weapon Spirit Freak, Fear of Demon Sword (Part 1)Chapter 737: Weapon Spirit Freak, Fear of Demon Sword (Part 2)Chapter 738 Xuantian Dragon Girl in "Adulthood"!
Chapter 739 Military Honor!Chapter 740 Game!Chapter 741 The rabbit dies and the fox is sad, the mission changes!Chapter 742 The relationship between father and son cannot be made public!
Chapter 743 Giant beasts in the sky. Weapon controlChapter 744 Logan, the terrifying mechanical analysis bodyChapter 745 Tragic LifeChapter 746 A self-pitying coward!
Chapter 747: Destiny, you have the final say!Chapter 748 Special Gene, Eternal PhysiqueChapter 749 Doom. Judgment DiceChapter 750 It¡¯s really bad luck!
Chapter 751 Perfect Plan...Chapter 752 Arrested...Chapter 753 Potential crisis!Chapter 754: Cangdang goes to jail (Part 1)
Chapter 755: Cangdang goes to jail (Part 2)Chapter 756 Purgatory on EarthChapter 757 Prison Rat, Zhou Xianling!Chapter 758 Labor positions, redistribution!
Chapter 759: Millions of jobs, man on duty!Chapter 760 Fighting between the Dragon and the Tiger (Part 1)Chapter 761 Fighting between the Dragon and the Tiger (Part 2)Chapter 762 Business, bargaining!
Chapter 763 The hidden wealthy boss...Chapter 764 Encountered a field attack!Chapter 765: Once it comes, let¡¯s make peace with itChapter 766 The beginning of trouble!
Chapter 767 Delivering food, or looking for trouble...Chapter 768 Former comrades!Chapter 769 Rebuilding (Part 1)Chapter 770 Rebuilding (Part 2)
Chapter 771 Reinvention (Part 2)Chapter 772 Three-Open Blind BoxChapter 773: Weapon Spirit Freak, Glass Sea Giant Whale HalberdChapter 774: I¡¯m afraid of being poor, asking for a lot of money!
Chapter 775 Dangerous undersea currents!Chapter 776 Awesome GuardChapter 777 Abandoned garbage...Chapter 778 My own way!
Chapter 779 Brother, don¡¯t do this!Chapter 780 The so-called freedom!Chapter 781 A plan within a plan!Chapter 782 Prison break plan!
Chapter 783 Making Trouble (Part 1)Chapter 784 Making Trouble (Part 2)Chapter 785 The fat man blocking the road!Chapter 786 Romance between men!
Chapter 787 Specialization in the art industry!Chapter 788 So what if I touch you? !Chapter 789 More than one!Chapter 790 The Peak Battle of Prison Break (Part 1)
Chapter 791 The Peak Battle of Prison Break (Part 2)Chapter 792 Breaking through the barrier, seawater pours in!Chapter 793 The deep-sea monster, the humanoid old man!Chapter 794 If you have the ability, come up? !
Chapter 795 BaitChapter 796 There are no secrets between comrades!Chapter 797 Federation Star, Suit Freak - Black Fairy Tale!Chapter 798 The tadpole is looking for its mother!
Chapter 799 The war is coming, making trouble!Chapter 800 Tribulation Field (Part 1)Chapter 801 Tribulation Field (Part 2)Chapter 802 Tribulation Field (Part 2)
Chapter 803 Forced demolition incident in Xiacheng District (Part 1)Chapter 804 Forced demolition incident in Xiacheng District (Part 2)Chapter 805 Betrayal...Chapter 806: I swear to the death that I will not be the scapegoat!
Chapter 807 A golden nest and a silver nest are not as good as a doghouseChapter 808 Sabbath, population optimization plan!Chapter 809 Target, sewage discharge well!Chapter 810 Look forward!
Chapter 811 The old man in the castle!Chapter 814 Killing people and stealing goods, seizing the day!Chapter 815 Stirring a hornet's nest!Chapter 816 Midnight Rush
Chapter 817 The Soul-Chasing Pied Piper!Chapter 818 Face Long Wei!Chapter 819 Human nature is like this, there is nothing wrong with itChapter 820: Why is it too urgent to fry each other?
Chapter 821 Disgusting Sewage Treatment PlantChapter 822 Lots of doubtsChapter 823 People¡¯s hearts are broken and it¡¯s hard to lead the team...Chapter 824 All living beings suffer!
Chapter 825 The Three Giants in Xiacheng District!Chapter 826 Joint Action (Part 1)Chapter 827 Joint Action (Part 2)Chapter 828 Joint Action (Part 2)
Chapter 830 A powerful enemy, the weird silver-haired girl!Chapter 831 A sophisticated machine with vital signs!Chapter 832 The Terrifying Creatures of the Florent Islands (Part 1)Chapter 833 The Terrifying Creatures of the Florent Islands (Part 2)
Chapter 834 The awakening of the strong!Chapter 835: Secret operation, five-person team!Chapter 836 The escaped female warrior...Chapter 837 An unexpected surprise
Chapter 838 Sakura and the Knife (Part 1)Chapter 839 Sakura and the Knife (Part 2)Chapter 840 Sakura and the Knife (Part 2)Chapter 841 Actually, you are quite cute sometimes!
Chapter 842 Weapon Spirit ArmsChapter 843 Sword skills, Yae Sakura!Chapter 844 Descendants of the Royal Physician!Chapter 845 Dead end!
Chapter 846 Right and Wrong...Chapter 847 Alarm!Chapter 848 Turning Passivity into InitiativeChapter 849 Distribution, everyone performs their duties!
Chapter 850 The war is coming!Chapter 851 Witch Spirit. Dragon Hunter (Part 1)Chapter 852 Witch Spirit. Dragon Hunter (Part 2)Chapter 853 Witch Spirit. Dragon Hunter (Part 2)
Chapter 854 Evolution, terrifying human face!Chapter 855: Work together to break through the encirclement!Chapter 856 The Demonic Sound ReverberatesChapter 857 This road is temporarily blocked!
Chapter 858 Natural Selection!Chapter 859 Bald Man VS HardlinerChapter 860 Unique to Daxia, inherited weaponsChapter 861 Elemental Suppression!
Chapter 862 Son of the Grassland (Part 1)Chapter 863 Son of the Grassland (Part 2)Chapter 864 Son of the Grassland (Part 2)Chapter 865 This sword is for you
Chapter 866 A pot of kumiss is enoughChapter 867 Six thousand trouble threads, one sword can rule the world!Chapter 868 Ten years of life, saved!Chapter 869 Internal strife (Part 1)
Chapter 870 Internal strife (Part 2)Chapter 871 Lord BishopChapter 872 EvolutionChapter 873 The wind is tight, let¡¯s run away together!
Chapter 874 The enemy of the enemy is an ally!Chapter 875: Carapace Phantom. MirageChapter 876 Mirror Flowers and Moon in the WaterChapter 877 Big deal...
Chapter 878: Not enemies, not getting together...Chapter 879 Number One Fan (Part 1)Chapter 880 Number One Fan (Part 2)Chapter 881 No need for trial!
Chapter 882 Five Elements Golden Corpse!Chapter 883 He Comes from Hell (Part 1)Chapter 884 He Comes from Hell (Part 2)Chapter 885 He Comes from Hell (Part 2)
Chapter 886 Talent Curse, Armed Killing Body (Part 1)Chapter 887 Talent Curse, Armed Killing Body (Part 2)Chapter 888 Talent Curse, Armed Killing Body (Part 2)Chapter 889 Enough is Enough...
Chapter 890 Live on in an upright manner!Chapter 891 Sealing propsChapter 892 A beam of light in the darkness!Chapter 893 Human Trafficking Warehouse!
Chapter 894 Private property, no entry unless requiredChapter 895 Rules and BenefitsChapter 896 Corpse Corps, attacked from both sides!Chapter 897 Meteors Falling in the Rain (Part 1)
Chapter 898 Meteors Falling in the Rain (Part 2)Chapter 899 Battle of Divine Martial Body (Part 1)Chapter 900 Battle of Divine Martial Body (Part 2)Chapter 901 Battle of Divine Martial Body (Part 2)
Chapter 902: One shot into the soul (Part 1)Chapter 903: One shot into the soul (Part 2)Chapter 904: One shot into the soul (Part 2)Chapter 905 The remnants that slipped through the net (Part 1)
Chapter 906 The remnants that slipped through the net (Part 2)Chapter 907 The remnants that slipped through the net (Part 2)Chapter 908 The Eternal NightChapter 909 The strongest sniper, wiping out the sky!
Chapter 910 Breakthrough, "Silver. Gluttony" (Part 1)Chapter 911 Breakthrough, "Silver. Gluttony" (Part 2)Chapter 912: Thousands of lights...Chapter 913 The leader descended from the sky
Chapter 914 The power of the leader (Part 1)Chapter 915 The power of the leader (Part 2)Chapter 916 The power of the leader (Part 2)Chapter 917: Taking Chestnuts from the Fire (Part 1)
Chapter 918: Taking Chestnuts from the Fire (Part 2)Chapter 919 The final kill!Chapter 920 Crush the Azure Dragon!Chapter 921 A good teacher has passed away, but the fire will never be extinguished!
Chapter 922 Endless...Chapter 923 Home is where people are.Chapter 924 The Resurrected T800Chapter 925 Short-distance space jump!
Chapter 926 Terrifying Biotechnology (Part 1)Chapter 927 Terrifying Biotechnology (Part 2)Chapter 928 Terrifying Biotechnology (Part 2)Chapter 929 The 39th "Animal"
Chapter 930 DisagreementChapter 931 The seniority is messed up!Chapter 932 Uninvited Guest (Part 1)Chapter 933 Uninvited Guest (Part 2)
Chapter 934 Atlantis - "The City Under the Abyss" (Part 1)Chapter 935 Atlantis - "The City Under the Abyss" (Part 2)Chapter 936 Atlantis - "The City Under the Abyss" (Part 2)Chapter 937 Kidnapping (Part 1)
Chapter 938 Kidnapping (Part 2)Chapter 939 The first landing on the "Florent Islands" (Part 1)Chapter 940 The first landing on the "Florent Islands" (Part 2)Chapter 941 The ultimate biotechnology, immortal consciousness!
Chapter 942 The Island Comes to Life!Chapter 943 A powerful enemy in the roots of the treeChapter 944 The... overlord among beggars? !Chapter 945 The terrifying digestive system...
Chapter 946 The Infinite Life of Optimus (Part 1)Chapter 947 The Infinite Life of Optimus (Part 2)Chapter 948 The Infinite Life of Optimus (Part 2)Chapter 949 The Strongest Cage (Part 1)
Chapter 950 The Strongest Cage (Part 2)Chapter 951 The Strongest Cage (Part 2)Chapter 952: Memory in "Superordinate Heart" (Part 1)Chapter 953: Memory in "Superordinate Heart" (Part 2)
Chapter 954: Memory in "Superordinate Heart" (Part 2)Chapter 955 A mess...Chapter 956 Belated Landing (Part 1)Chapter 957 Belated Landing (Part 2)
Chapter 958 Your life belongs to you...Chapter 959 Madman¡¯s Laboratory!Chapter 960 The terrifying mental power search!Chapter 961 The most reasonable arrangement!
Chapter 962 Death Game (Part 1)Chapter 963 Death Game (Part 2)Chapter 964 The truth about cruel experiments (Part 1)Chapter 965 The truth about cruel experiments (Part 2)
Chapter 966 The truth about cruel experiments (Part 2)Chapter 967 "Multinational Summit" (Part 1)Chapter 968 "Multinational Summit" (Part 2)Chapter 969 "Multinational Summit" (Part 2)
Chapter 970 Swamp Cooperation Plan (Part 1)Chapter 971 Swamp Cooperation Plan (Part 2)Chapter 972 The action begins!Chapter 973 Let¡¯s chat privately for a while!
Chapter 974 The Raptor Crosses the River (Part 1)Chapter 975 The Raptor Crosses the River (Part 2)Chapter 976 The Raptor Crosses the River (Part 2)Chapter 977 Chaos in the Underground Garage (Part 1)
Chapter 978 Chaos in the Underground Garage (Part 2)Chapter 979 I Have a Dream (Part 1)Chapter 980 I Have a Dream (Part 2)Chapter 981: Attracting investment and removing salary from the bottom of the cauldron!
Chapter 982 The Angry Prince!Chapter 983 Trading space for time!Chapter 984 Crazy affection (Part 1)Chapter 985 Crazy affection (Part 2)
Chapter 986 Hot counterattack!Chapter 987 Fire melts the heart!Chapter 988: Powerful enemies surround you, waiting for an opportunity!Chapter 989 Eye of All Knowledge, Deadly Throwing Knife (Part 1)
Chapter 990 The eye of omniscience, the deadly flying knife (Part 2)Chapter 991 Eye of All Knowledge, Deadly Throwing Knife (Part 2)Chapter 992 Excellent hunter!Chapter 993 Shoot together!
Chapter 994 When you¡¯re full, you can fight!Chapter 995 Emergency Rescue (Part 1)Chapter 996 Emergency Rescue (Part 2)Chapter 997 Emergency Rescue (Part 2)
Chapter 998 Showdown between men (Part 1)Chapter 999 Showdown between men (Part 2)Chapter 1000 The showdown between men (Part 2)Chapter 1001: Kill the enemy with one sword, and the Yin soldiers take advantage of it!
Chapter 1002: Deployment in times of crisis!Chapter 1003 Add money...Chapter 1004 A terrible plan, making an attack in the east and attacking in the west with the quadratic power (Part 1)Chapter 1005 A terrible plan, making an attack in the east and attacking in the west with the quadratic power (Part 2)
Chapter 1006 A terrible plan, making an attack in the east and attacking in the west with the quadratic power (Part 2)Chapter 1007 I predicted your prediction (Part 1)Chapter 1008 I predicted your prediction (Part 2)Chapter 1009: Fake power, absolute gap (Part 1)
Chapter 1010: Fake power, absolute gap (Part 2)Chapter 1011 Coordinates and freak equipment!Chapter 1012 Golden Spine "Experience Equipment"Chapter 1013 The truth comes out, angry Xue Yun!
Chapter 1014 The Fury of the Crazy SharkChapter 1015: Love is considered ruthless (Part 1)Chapter 1016: Love is considered ruthless (Part 2)Chapter 1017: Love is heartless (Part 2)
Chapter 1018 The final calculationChapter 1019 Our Differences (Part 1)Chapter 1020 Our Differences (Part 2)Chapter 1021 What do you think of your teammates! ?
Chapter 1022 Destroy the city!Chapter 1023 The seeds of hatredChapter 1024 My damn charm...Chapter 1025 Cold Negotiation (Part 1)
Chapter 1026 Cold Negotiation (Part 2)Chapter 1027 Another space jump!Chapter 1028 Waiting, total solar eclipse (Part 1)Chapter 1029 Waiting, total solar eclipse (Part 2)
Chapter 1031 Reward, Super Armed Mode!Chapter 1032 "Mobius Strip" (Part 1)Chapter 1033 "Mobius Strip" (Part 2)Chapter 1034 The Secret of "Sequence Super Brain" (Part 1)
Chapter 1035 The Secret of "Sequence Super Brain" (Part 2)Chapter 1036 The Secret of "Sequence Super Brain" (Part 2)Chapter 1037 The Only GodChapter 1038 Prepare for a rainy day
Chapter 1039 Cold DealChapter 1040 Awakening¡ªThe dusty "City under the Abyss" (Part 1)Chapter 1041 Awakening¡ªThe dusty "City under the Abyss" (Part 2)Chapter 1042 Awakening¡ªThe dusty "City under the Abyss" (Part 2)
Chapter 1043 Bloody Battle in the Forbidden Sea (Part 1)Chapter 1044 Bloody Battle in the Forbidden Sea (Part 2)Chapter 1045 Bloody Battle in the Forbidden Sea (Part 2)Chapter 1046 The spiritual power of "Hongmeng level"? !
Chapter 1047 Dive into the deep sea!Chapter 1048 Hollow Ancient Ruins (Part 1)Chapter 1049 Hollow Ancient Ruins (Part 2)Chapter 1050 The truth of history (Part 1)
Chapter 1051 The truth of history (Part 2)Chapter 1052 The truth of history (Part 2)Chapter 1053 Incredible CraftsmanshipChapter 1054 Under the abyss, Mo Jiao guards
Chapter 1055 The Obsession of Deep Blue Lightning (Part 1)Chapter 1056 The Obsession of Deep Blue Lightning (Part 2)Chapter 1057 The Obsession of Deep Blue Lightning (Part 2)Chapter 1058 I can¡¯t help it, I can¡¯t hate it...
Chapter 1059 The Blessing of SoldiersChapter 1060: Encounter on a narrow road, battle for battle (Part 1)Chapter 1061: Encounter on a narrow road, battle for battle (Part 2)Chapter 1062: Encounter on a narrow road, battle for battle (Part 2)
Chapter 1063 The Dragon-Slaying BoyChapter 1065 The most dangerous backgammon (Part 1)Chapter 1066 The most dangerous backgammon (Part 2)Chapter 1067 The most dangerous backgammon (Part 2)
Chapter 1068 Tianyuan!Chapter 1069: Weakness is the original sin.Chapter 1070 The star core appears!Chapter 1071 Crystal Skull!
Chapter 1072 Lu Chen¡¯s Past (Part 1)Chapter 1073 Lu Chen¡¯s Past (Part 2)Chapter 1074 Bai Ze¡¯s awakening!Chapter 1075 Philosopher¡¯s Stone
Chapter 1076 Zhuang Zhou Mengdie (Part 1)Chapter 1077 Zhuang Zhou Mengdie (Part 2)Chapter 1078 Hot Pot Restaurant Video...Chapter 1079 Two-way crisis!
Chapter 1080 Unscrupulous madness...Chapter 1081 We owe each other nothing!Chapter 1082 The potential explodes!Chapter 1083 Delayed Justice (Part 1)
Chapter 1084 Delayed Justice (Part 2)Chapter 1085 Delayed Justice (Part 2)Chapter 1086 Golden Lazy!Chapter 1087 Fight for yourself!
Chapter 1088 Virtue is not worthy!Chapter 1089 Concentrating fire and assistingChapter 1090 There are stars in that world.Chapter 1091 Press Conference...
Chapter 1092 Saved the wrong person? !Chapter 1093 My justice will never be late!Chapter 1094 Consciousness returns!Chapter 1095 Master, take care!
Chapter 1096 You don¡¯t belong to this worldChapter 1097 Rating, three major tests!Chapter 1098 Obtain inheritance!Chapter 1099 The team fights hard!
Chapter 1100 Titan Giant Divine Weapon!Chapter 1101 You forced me to take drugs!Chapter 1102: Multi-faceted attack!Chapter 1103 Combined Attack Mode - Super Position. Demon Lord of Six Paths!
Chapter 1104: The Way of the Gods, Seven-Colored Dragon!Chapter 1105 The collapsed underwater city!Chapter 1106 It is better to change yourself than to change the world.Chapter 1107 Don¡¯t bury me!
Chapter 1108 Garrison IslandChapter 1109 Do you want to rebel? !Chapter 1110 Extinct volcano base, welcome to Wisteria Island!Chapter 1111 Your identity is a dead person!
Chapter 1112 Early retirement...Chapter 1113 The Fury of the World¡¯s Richest Man (Part 1)Chapter 1114 The Fury of the World¡¯s Richest Man (Part 2)Chapter 1115 My name is Situ Feng, a sharp-edged Feng...
Chapter 1116 Trial CeremonyChapter 1117 I don¡¯t want to collect their bodies.Chapter 1118 The Sacrifice of the Twin Freaks (Part 1)Chapter 1119 Sacrifice of Twin Freaks (Part 2)
Chapter 1120 Ba Boer Ben, and Ben Boer Ba...Chapter 1121 Angrily kill the black salamander!Chapter 1122 Visitors from Dragon Nest (Part 1)Chapter 1123 Visitors from Dragon Nest (Part 2)
Chapter 1124 Visitors from Dragon Valley (Part 2)Chapter 1125 I don¡¯t want to recognize my ancestor and return to my clan!Chapter 1126 Two Dragons Battle!Chapter 1127 Stop the intention!
Chapter 1129 That ray of sunshine (Part 1)Chapter 1130 That ray of sunshine (Part 2)Chapter 1131 That ray of sunshine (Part 2)Chapter 1132 I¡¯m lucky to meet you.
Chapter 1133 Closed Disciple!Chapter 1134 Sad Rainy Night...Chapter 1135 Congratulations, you won.Chapter 1136 Weird? !
Chapter 1137 I am willing to die.Chapter 1138 An unexpected disruption!Chapter 1139 Forgot meChapter 1140 The sunset is infinitely beautiful, but it¡¯s almost dusk
Chapter 1141 Come here!Chapter 1142 Stop the intention, sneak, and kill (Part 1)Chapter 1143 Stopping, Sneaking, and Killing (Part 2)Chapter 1144 Stopping the intention, sneaking, and killing (Part 2)
Chapter 1145 Xiaowanzi¡¯s awakening (Part 1)Chapter 1146 Xiaowanzi¡¯s Enlightenment (Part 2)Chapter 1147 Xiaowanzi¡¯s awakening (Part 2)Chapter 1148 Self-destruction of the Dragon Ball!
Chapter 1149 Take advantage of his illness to kill him (Part 1)Chapter 1150 Take advantage of his illness to kill him (Part 2)Chapter 1151: Liberation from the Starry Sky...Chapter 1152 Temperature and Dignity
Chapter 1153 Life ReviewChapter 1154: Imperial City and Tiger Capital, a glimmer of hope.Chapter 1155 The ultimate negotiation!Chapter 1156. Farewell and go home.
Chapter 1157 Imperial City Crisis, Lin Family¡¯s Conspiracy (Part 1)Chapter 1158 Imperial City Crisis, Lin Family¡¯s Conspiracy (Part 2)Chapter 1159 Imperial City Crisis, Lin Family¡¯s Conspiracy (Part 2)Chapter 1160 The unstoppable Lin Chen
Chapter 1161 Xuanyuan¡¯s confidenceChapter 1162 Return, endless reincarnation!Chapter 1163 You disappoint me...Chapter 1164 Continuous Crush
Chapter 1165 Uncle Emperor, save me!Chapter 1167 Return to Longdu and wait for meChapter 1168 Right and wrong, different positionsChapter 1169 Clues to "Psychic Water"
Chapter 1170 A gift to the dead!Chapter 1171 The first dangerous place, "The Valley of the End"Chapter 1172 Princess Mononoke¡¯s ObsessionChapter 1173 The Trap in the Valley of the End (Part 1)
Chapter 1174 The Trap in the Valley of the End (Part 2)Chapter 1175 The Trap in the Valley of the End (Part 2)Chapter 1176 Royal banquet, changes!Chapter 1177: Surrender and lose half, okay?
Chapter 1178. Tourist attractions, close the doors and leave the bones!Chapter 1179 I¡¯m back!Chapter 1180 Home is still there!Chapter 1181. Are you coming to visit your old place again?
Chapter 1182 The Strapped OrphanageChapter 1183 Old woman, we... came to see you.Chapter 1184 The last clue!Chapter 1185 The remaining soldiers are defeated
Chapter 1186 Car Crash...Chapter 1187 The place where the monsters of Shura Dao are located - the Valley of the End!Chapter 1188 The Past and Present Life of Shura Dao (Part 1)Chapter 1189 The Past and Present Life of Shura Dao (Part 2)
Chapter 1190 The Past and Present Life of Shura Dao (Part 2)Chapter 1191 The Optimistic Prince Shura (Part 1)Chapter 1192 The Optimistic Prince Shura (Part 2)Chapter 1193 The Optimistic Prince Shura (Part 2)
Chapter 1194 Warm Freak (Part 1)Chapter 1195 Warm Freak (Part 2)Chapter 1196 Warm Freak (Part 2)Chapter 1197 Six Paths of Reincarnation, Endless Snake!
Chapter 1198 King Shura¡¯s DreamChapter 1199 Pandora¡¯s PeepingChapter 1200 Psychic Spring¡ª¡ªColorful RainChapter 1201 Expulsion Order
Chapter 1202 The promise to meet againChapter 1203 The Invader¡¯s Plot (Part 1)Chapter 1204 The Invader¡¯s Plot (Part 2)Chapter 1205 The Invader¡¯s Plot (Part 2)
Chapter 1206: Internal and External Cooperation (Part 1)Chapter 1207 Internal and External Cooperation (Part 2)Chapter 1208 Full consciousness, ignite!Chapter 1209 The black shadow in the flames
Chapter 1210 Shura Catastrophe (Part 1)Chapter 1211 Shura Catastrophe (Part 2)Chapter 1212 Shura TransformationChapter 1213 Turning enemies into enemies
Chapter 1214 Target, "Valley of the End" (Part 1)Chapter 1215 Target, "Valley of the End" (Part 2)Chapter 1216 Target, "Valley of the End" (Part 2)Chapter 1217 Extreme Pull (Part 1)
Chapter 1218 Extreme Pulling (Part 2)Chapter 1219 Extreme Pull (Part 2)Chapter 1220 What on earth is this? !Chapter 1221 Colorful flags fluttering...
Chapter 1222 Electric shock!Chapter 1223 Flood washed away the Dragon King Temple (Part 1)Chapter 1224 Flood washed away the Dragon King Temple (Part 2)Chapter 1225 Flood washed away the Dragon King Temple (Part 2)
Chapter 1226 Refuse to cooperate!Chapter 1227 I don¡¯t like it!Chapter 1228 Five kilometers deepChapter 1229 A car cannot be judged by its appearance (Part 1)
Chapter 1230 A car cannot be judged by its appearance (Part 2)Chapter 1231 Aldebaran Star. Water-dwelling Giant ApeChapter 1232: Destroying seedlings and encouraging growth (Part 1)Chapter 1233: Destroying seedlings and encouraging growth (Part 2)
Chapter 1234: Destroying seedlings and encouraging growth (Part 2)Chapter 1235 The Freak¡¯s TrickChapter 1236 The "super level" who gives inChapter 1237 The angry female island owner (Part 1)
Chapter 1238 The angry female island owner (Part 2)Chapter 1239 Personal Cultivation of Dog Licking (Part 1)Chapter 1240 Personal Cultivation of Dog Licking (Part 2)Chapter 1241 Personal Cultivation of Dog Licking (Part 2)
Chapter 1242 Yan Song¡¯s planChapter 1243 Imaginary Number Maze (Part 1)Chapter 1244 Imaginary Number Maze (Part 2)Chapter 1245 Imaginary Number Maze (Part 2)
Chapter 1246 Ice and Fire Battle Royale (Part 1)Chapter 1247 Ice and Fire Battle Royale (Part 2)Chapter 1248 Plain Encirclement and Suppression (Part 1)Chapter 1249 Plain Encirclement and Suppression (Part 2)
Chapter 1250 Plain Encirclement and Suppression (Part 2)Chapter 1251 Head-to-head confrontation (Part 1)Chapter 1252 Head-to-head confrontation (Part 2)Chapter 1253 Head-to-head confrontation (Part 2)
Chapter 1254 The Battle of Six Paths (Part 1)Chapter 1255 The Battle of Six Paths (Part 2)Chapter 1256 The Battle of Six Paths (Part 2)Chapter 1257 The Fisherman¡¯s Advantage (Part 1)
Chapter 1258 The Fisherman¡¯s Advantage (Part 2)Chapter 1259 The Fisherman¡¯s Advantage (Part 2)Chapter 1260 Birds and Eagles...Chapter 1261 Never be a slave!
Chapter 1262 As a human being, you must be trustworthy!Chapter 1263 Believe in fate, but don¡¯t accept it!Chapter 1264 Die without regrets...Chapter 1265: It takes time to see people¡¯s hearts
Chapter 1266 Ancestor Remains (Part 1)Chapter 1267 Ancestor Remains (Part 2)Chapter 1268 Ancestor Remains (Part 2)Chapter 1269 No one...
Chapter 1270 War, Killing Thunder (Part 1)Chapter 1271 War, Killing Thunder (Part 2)Chapter 1272 Five minutes, it should be fine!Chapter 1273 Advanced Artificial Freak
Chapter 1274 Elemental Seal!Chapter 1275 Damn tacit understandingChapter 1276: Lure him with benefits!Chapter 1277 Ax of Mental Power (Part 1)
Chapter 1278 Ax of Mental Power (Part 2)Chapter 1279 The Backbone of the WorldChapter 1280 The deal is concluded?Chapter 1281 The collapsed tree of life
Chapter 1282 Group destruction crisis (Part 1)Chapter 1283: Group destruction crisis (Part 2)Chapter 1284 System update completed, taming the Nether PrincessChapter 1285 Relief
Chapter 1286 Your mount is back!Chapter 1287 Taming the companion mount, the iron-eating beast!Chapter 1288 The last bit of pride!Chapter 1289 Valley within a valley, the ultimate battle (Part 1)
Chapter 1290 Valley within a valley, the ultimate battle (Part 2)Chapter 1291 Valley within a valley, the ultimate battle (Part 2)Chapter 1292 Work together, regardless of each otherChapter 1293: Cutting out the roots (Part 1)
Chapter 1294: Cutting out the roots (Part 2)Chapter 1295: Cutting out the roots (Part 2)Chapter 1296 A lot of loveChapter 1297 Seeking skin from a tiger, walking a tightrope (Part 1)
Chapter 1298 Seeking skin from a tiger, walking a tightrope (Part 2)Chapter 1299 Seeking skin from a tiger, walking a tightrope (Part 2)Chapter 1300 Jealousy brings a lot of trouble (Part 1)Chapter 1301 Jealousy brings a lot of trouble (Part 2)
Chapter 1302 The new one, Dragon City War God!Chapter 1303: Forced by the situation, declinedChapter 1304 Big News (Part 1)Chapter 1305 Big News (Part 2)
Chapter 1306 Macho chauvinism!Chapter 1307 Returning HomeChapter 1308 Warm BackingChapter 1309 The Secret of the Dog System (Part 1)
Chapter 1310 The Secret of the Dog System (Part 2)Chapter 1311 Return to the Slums (Part 1)Chapter 1312 Return to the Slums (Part 2)Chapter 1313 Fire of Nirvana
Chapter 1314 Forced coolingChapter 1315: Reunion, find someone to deal with the aftermath.Chapter 1316 The troops are divided into two groupsChapter 1317 I am willing to relieve His Majesty¡¯s worries
Chapter 1318 Two major cancersChapter 1319: Trick, borrowing a knife to kill someoneChapter 1320 Rock Star (Part 1)Chapter 1321 Rock Star (Part 2)
Chapter 1322 Rock Star (Part 2)Chapter 1323: Coaxed to PassChapter 1324 The guard who thinks deeply about itChapter 1325 Spoiler
Chapter 1326 Dragon God, Zhu Jiuyin (Part 1)Chapter 1327 Dragon God, Zhu Jiuyin (Part 2)Chapter 1328 Dragon God, Zhu Jiuyin (Part 2)Chapter 1329 Freaks, you also need to take a breather
Chapter 1330 See the Lord ProtectorChapter 1331 Parting waysChapter 1332: Long time no see, I miss you so much!Chapter 1333 Fear of inconvenience
Chapter 1334: Castration, what is that?Chapter 1335 Poor mountains and rivers, ugly women and unruly peopleChapter 1336 The Strong Prince Gong (Part 1)Chapter 1337 The Strong Prince Gong (Part 2)
Chapter 1338 A heaven-defying rewardChapter 1339 I have no choiceChapter 1340 Knife-wielding man!Chapter 1341 Who is in favor and who is against? !
Chapter 1342 The Sword Points at Graphite (Part 1)Chapter 1343 The Sword Points at Graphite (Part 2)Chapter 1344 The Sword Points at Graphite (Part 2)Chapter 1345 The weak figure in the laboratory
Chapter 1346 Fuck your rules!Chapter 1347: Show kindness to the world!Chapter 1348: Be trustworthyChapter 1349 Raid, Abyss Musicians
Chapter 1350 Kidnapping His Majesty the Emperor (Part 1)Chapter 1351 Kidnapping His Majesty the Emperor (Part 2)Chapter 1352 Forced House ArrestChapter 1353 The Ancestral Spirit of the Imperial Mausoleum (Part 1)
Chapter 1354 The Ancestral Spirit of the Imperial Mausoleum (Part 2)Chapter 1355 Visitors from Longdu, Diplomatic Team (Part 1)Chapter 1356 Visitors from Longdu, Diplomatic Team (Part 2)Chapter 1357 Visitors from Longdu, Diplomatic Team (Part 2)
Chapter 1358 Lin Zerong¡¯s method of provoking generalsChapter 1359 Overt and covert struggles, competition for powerChapter 1360 Xing Tian¡¯s Backlash (Part 1)Chapter 1361 Xing Tian¡¯s Backlash (Part 2)
Chapter 1362 Xing Tian¡¯s Backlash (Part 2)Chapter 1363 The Sword Immortal picked up the leak (Part 1)Chapter 1364 The Sword Immortal picked up the leak (Part 2)Chapter 1365 Zhulong returns to his throne
Chapter 1366 A strong attack, the power of the sword spirit!Chapter 1367 The truth about the imperial mausoleum (Part 1)Chapter 1368 The truth about the imperial mausoleum (Part 2)Chapter 1369 The Edict of Succession (Part 1)
Chapter 1370 The Edict of Succession (Part 2)Chapter 1371 The Edict of Succession (Part 2)Chapter 1372 The truth about artificial freaks (Part 1)Chapter 1373 The truth about artificial freaks (Part 2)
Chapter 1374 The truth about artificial freaks (Part 2)Chapter 1376 Small Tofu ManChapter 1377 Xue Yun¡¯s IntegrityChapter 1378 Let me tell you, no way!
Chapter 1379 Cut it into pieces and feed it to the dogs...Chapter 1380 Secret Battle in the Court (Part 1)Chapter 1381 Secret Battle in the Court (Part 2)Chapter 1382 Secret Battle in the Court (Part 2)
Chapter 1383 How can it not be as satisfactory as everyone wants?Chapter 1384 Soul Boy BodyChapter 1385 Reborn (Part 1)Chapter 1386 Reborn (Part 2)
Chapter 1387 Reborn (Part 2)Chapter 1388 Offshore Islands (Part 1)Chapter 1389 Offshore Islands (Part 2)Chapter 1390 Offshore Islands (Part 2)
Chapter 1391 Ice Crystal Blade (Part 1)Chapter 1392 Ice Crystal Blade (Part 2)Chapter 1393 Ban on Arms (Part 1)Chapter 1394 Ban on Arms (Part 2)
Chapter 1395 Ban on Arms (Part 2)Chapter 1396 The Second Ninja (Part 1)Chapter 1397 The Second Ninja (Part 2)Chapter 1398: Forbidden to practice martial arts, only give orders
Chapter 1399 Senior, helloChapter 1400 Consciousness is the soul!Chapter 1401: Cooperate and rob supplies!Chapter 1402 A desperate move!
Chapter 1403 Bald VS Bald Donkey (Part 1)Chapter 1404 Bald VS Bald Donkey (Part 2)Chapter 1405 Baihe ClanChapter 1406 Battle for Materials (Part 1)
Chapter 1407 Battle for Materials (Part 2)Chapter 1408 Battle for supplies (Part 2)Chapter 1409 Killing people and taking their hearts!Chapter 1410 Cleaning the battlefield
Chapter 1411: One Hundred Beasts. The Tiger of Kaifei, the Path of Animals! ?Chapter 1412 Overpowering the Sky (Part 1)Chapter 1413 Overpowering the Sky (Part 2)Chapter 1414 Overpowering the Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 1415 The Earth-bound Tiger (Part 1)Chapter 1416 The Earth-bound Tiger (Part 2)Chapter 1417 The Earth-bound Tiger (Part 2)Chapter 1418 The final defense (Part 1)
Chapter 1419 The final defense (Part 2)Chapter 1420 The final defense (Part 2)Chapter 1421 Seal and Exile!Chapter 1422 Group attack, combined force of six paths (Part 1)
Chapter 1423 Group attack, combined force of six paths (Part 2)Chapter 1424 Group attack, combined force of six paths (Part 2)Chapter 1425: Become a famous teacher and never regret life or deathChapter 1426 Aomori is shocked
Chapter 1427 Murdering your husband?Chapter 1428: There is no way to govern the country, but there is a way to disturb the peopleChapter 1429 Just a little bloodChapter 1430: The leader of beasts, I am the only one who dominates
Chapter 1431 The white tiger bites backChapter 1432 The meaning of survival!Chapter 1433 Six Paths Gather!Chapter 1434 The Demon Lord is accomplished, the six paths attack simultaneously (Part 1)
Chapter 1435: The Demon Lord is Great, Six Paths Attack (Part 2)Chapter 1436 The Demon Lord is accomplished, the six paths attack simultaneously (Part 2)Chapter 1437 RedemptionChapter 1438 Be yourself!
Chapter 1439 Ready to go, target Cao Pheasant County!Chapter 1440 The ruthless man of the Black Dragon Society!Chapter 1441 Gentle Township, Death Cave!Chapter 1442 The Name of Ghost Slaughter (Part 1)
Chapter 1443 The Name of Ghost Slaughter (Part 2)Chapter 1444 The stubborn little bugChapter 1445 Fatal QuestionChapter 1446 I choose power!
Chapter 1447 What do I need this iron rod for (Part 1)Chapter 1448 What do I need this iron rod for (Part 2)Chapter 1449 What do I need this iron rod for (Part 2)Chapter 1450 "Gamma Level" Third Level Fusion (Part 1)
Chapter 1451 "Gamma Level" Third Level Fusion (Part 2)Chapter 1452 Black Dragon SpiritChapter 1453 Just be happy!Chapter 1454: Dragon-Slaying Nine Dances, Scales Shattered!
Chapter 1455 "Evolution Paradise" (Part 1)Chapter 1456 "Evolution Paradise" (Part 2)Chapter 1457 "Evolution Paradise" (Part 2)Chapter 1458 The battle for points
Chapter 1459 The so-called evolution, the truth (Part 1)Chapter 1460 The so-called evolution, the truth (Part 2)Chapter 1461 The so-called evolution, the truth (Part 2)Chapter 1462 Nanogene Potion (Part 1)
Chapter 1464: Demons dancing wildly, dreams shattered (Part 1)Chapter 1465 Demons dancing wildly, dreams broken (Part 2)Chapter 1466: Sinister intentions, life is worse than deathChapter 1467 Knowing shame and then being brave
Chapter 1468 The second bewitchment!Chapter 1469 Proper CounterattackChapter 1470 Spiritual Offering!Chapter 1471 Bloody Hexagram
Chapter 1472 Daxia¡¯s face was completely humiliated...Chapter 1473 Wordless Stone TabletChapter 1474 The devil is still a god!Chapter 1475 Review, key to victory, gene sequence
Chapter 1476 It¡¯s me, it looks like me, but it¡¯s not meChapter 1477 Blind Box RewardChapter 1478 Kitchen Emergency Team (Part 1)Chapter 1479 Kitchen Emergency Team (Part 2)
Chapter 1480 A Gathering of Heroes (Part 1)Chapter 1481 A Gathering of Heroes (Part 2)Chapter 1482 A Gathering of Heroes (Part 2)Chapter 1483: When it¡¯s over, brush off your clothes and go away
Chapter 1484 The banquet beginsChapter 1485 Group attack, attack from all sides (Part 1)Chapter 1486 Group attack, attack from all sides (Part 2)Chapter 1487 The six paths and ten karma, taking chestnuts from the fire
Chapter 1488 A narrow victoryChapter 1489 Retreat and break through the encirclement (Part 1)Chapter 1490 Retreat and break through the encirclement (Part 2)Chapter 1491 Retreat and break through the encirclement (Part 2)
Chapter 1492 Sparing no effort to protectChapter 1493 The funeral soul explodes and the fragrance disappears.Chapter 1494 Violent Soldiers 2.0Chapter 1495 Demon Lord of Six Paths, mecha version!
Chapter 1496 Restoration of Egan Village (Part 1)Chapter 1497 Restoration of Egan Village (Part 2)Chapter 1498 Point of No ReturnChapter 1499 Great Purge
Chapter 1500 Strange Collision (Part 1)Chapter 1501 Strange Collision (Part 2)Chapter 1502 Bargaining (Part 1)Chapter 1503 Bargaining (Part 2)
Chapter 1504 CongratulationsChapter 1505 Mitsurugi JubeiChapter 1506 The miserable mandarin duck (Part 1)Chapter 1507 The miserable mandarin duck (Part 2)
Chapter 1508 Innocent Heart (Part 1)Chapter 1509 Innocent Heart "Part 2"Chapter 1510: Saving people through curves (Part 1)Chapter 1511: Saving people through curves (Part 2)
Chapter 1512: Fooling people at the wine tableChapter 1513 Absolutely cleanChapter 1514 Castle TowerChapter 1515 The Phantom of the Ancient Pavilion (Part 1)
Chapter 1516 The Phantom of the Ancient Pavilion (Part 2)Chapter 1517 Smiling Tiger (Part 1)Chapter 1518 Smiling Tiger (Part 2)Chapter 1519: Tweaking the tiger away from the mountain (Part 1)
Chapter 1520: Riding the Tiger Away from the Mountain (Part 2)Chapter 1521: Tweaking the tiger away from the mountain (Part 2)Chapter 1522 Leading the Way (Part 1)Chapter 1523 Leading the Way (Part 2)
Chapter 1524 Going straight to Huanglong (Part 1)Chapter 1525: Going straight to Huanglong (Part 2)Chapter 1526 Great ArtChapter 1527 Picking up the leaks
Chapter 1528 The Mask of HypocrisyChapter 1529: betrayal and separationChapter 1530 Look up!Chapter 1531 Thanks to the leader!
Chapter 1532 Magatama Three Souls (Part 1)Chapter 1533 Magatama Three Souls (Part 2)Chapter 1534 Fighting the Inner Demon (Part 1)Chapter 1535 Fighting the Inner Demon (Part 2)
Chapter 1536 Fighting the Inner Demon (Part 2)Chapter 1537 May you rest in peaceChapter 1538 Third level, golden laziness!Chapter 1539 Jedi Counterattack (Part 1)
Chapter 1540 Jedi Counterattack (Part 2)Chapter 1541 Jedi Counterattack (Part 2)Chapter 1542 The Eight-foot Mirror Demon King (Part 1)Chapter 1543 The Eight-foot Mirror Demon King (Part 2)
Chapter 1544 The Eight-foot Mirror Demon King (Part 2)Chapter 1545 The soldiers march in danger (Part 1)Chapter 1546: Dangerous Soldiers March (Part 2)Chapter 1547 The Dangerous Soldiers March (Part 2)
Chapter 1548 Sakurai¡¯s Ending (Part 1)Chapter 1549 Sakurai¡¯s Ending (Part 2)Chapter 1550 Sakurai¡¯s Ending (Part 2)Chapter 1551 The calm before the storm (Part 1)
Chapter 1552 The calm before the storm (Part 2)Chapter 1553 The calm before the storm (Part 2)Chapter 1554 Crisis in Longdu (Part 1)Chapter 1555 Crisis in Longdu (Part 2)
Chapter 1556 Crisis in Longdu (Part 2)Chapter 1557 The City Lord¡¯s Secret Room (Part 1)Chapter 1558 The City Lord¡¯s Secret Room (Part 2)Chapter 1559 Game and Secret War (Part 1)
Chapter 1560 Game and Secret War (Part 2)Chapter 1561 Transparent BarbecueChapter 1562 Who said there is no one who can fight?Chapter 1563 One finger, one student
Chapter 1564 Tuogu (Part 1)Chapter 1565 Tuogu (Part 2)Chapter 1566 A good show (Part 1)Chapter 1567 A good show (Part 2)
Chapter 1568 A good show (Part 2)Chapter 1569 Fist of Freedom¡ªBare WristChapter 1570 The war resumesChapter 1571 Taiping Street Renovation
Chapter 1572 Humans are not animals after allChapter 1573 Border EmergencyChapter 1574 The God of Sniper, one shot at a time (Part 1)Chapter 1575 The God of Sniper, one shot at a time (Part 2)
Chapter 1576 The God of Sniper, one shot at a time (Part 2)Chapter 1577 The Great Migration (Part 1)Chapter 1578 The Great Migration (Part 2)Chapter 1579 The Great Migration (Part 2)
Chapter 1580 RejectedChapter 1581 Jianghu rescuesChapter 1582 Give me a carChapter 1583 Give up your life and start a war!
Chapter 1584 Human Shield (Part 1)Chapter 1585 Human Shield (Part 2)Chapter 1586 The speed of life and death will come if you don¡¯t move forward (Part 1)Chapter 1587 The speed of life and death, coming uninvited (Part 2)
Chapter 1588 The speed of life and death, coming uninvited (Part 2)Chapter 1589 Thousands of Riders (Part 1)Chapter 1590 Thousands of Riders (Part 2)Chapter 1591 Thousands of Riders (Part 2)
Chapter 1592 Psychological tactics, pretending to be a ghost (Part 1)Chapter 1593 Psychological tactics, pretending to be a ghost (Part 2)Chapter 1594 Hell is fullChapter 1595 "Dog City" National Guest House (Part 1)
Chapter 1596 "Dog City" National Guest House (Part 2)Chapter 1597 "Dog City" National Guest House (Part 2)Chapter 1598 The Legend of the Snow Mountain Giant (Part 1)Chapter 1599 The Legend of the Snow Mountain Giant (Part 2)
Chapter 1600 The Legend of the Snow Mountain Giant (Part 2)Chapter 1601 Eternal Elixir (Part 1)Chapter 1602 Eternal Elixir (Part 2)Chapter 1603 The Realm of Beginning and Ending (Part 1)
Chapter 1604 The Realm of Beginning and Ending (Part 2)Chapter 1605 Favor DebtChapter 1606 Blood-based allianceChapter 1607 Camp Robbery (Part 1)
Chapter 1608 Camp Robbery (Part 2)Chapter 1609: In the midst of thousands of troops (Part 1)Chapter 1610: In the midst of thousands of troops (Part 2)Chapter 1611: In the midst of thousands of troops (Part 2)
Chapter 1612 Dilemma (Part 1)Chapter 1613 Dilemma (Part 2)Chapter 1614 Dilemma (Part 2)Chapter 1615 Five masters, Zhang Mufeng
Chapter 1616 Cry for your brother-in-law!Chapter 1617 Reinforcements return to the cityChapter 1618 Final GoalChapter 1619 Imitation of God
Chapter 1620 Lessons learned, decisive!Chapter 1621 Rebellion Proposal (Part 1)Chapter 1622 Rebellion Proposal (Part 2)Chapter 1623 Alien Creatures (Part 1)
Chapter 1625 Ambush (Part 1)Chapter 1626 Ambush (Part 2)Chapter 1627 Ambush (Part 2)Chapter 1628 Fighting the Zerg (Part 1)
Chapter 1629 Battle against Zerg (Part 2)Chapter 1630 Battle against Zerg (Part 2)Chapter 1631 Gate of Eris (Part 1)Chapter 1632 Gate of Eris (Part 2)
Chapter 1633 Gate of Eris (Part 2)Chapter 1634 I can run away from the monk, but I can¡¯t run away from the temple.Chapter 1635 Weird OreChapter 1636 Skill tree, the right choice
Chapter 1637 If the mind is clear, everything will be clearChapter 1638 The secret realm isolated from the worldChapter 1639 Your own choice!Chapter 1640 Zelta Three
Chapter 1641 Never give in!Chapter 1642 Endless (Part 1)Chapter 1643 Endless (Part 2)Chapter 1644 Endless (Part 2)
Chapter 1645 A decent funeral!Chapter 1646 The real giant spirit (Part 1)Chapter 1647 The real giant spirit (Part 2)Chapter 1648 Eternal Temple (Part 1)
Chapter 1649 Eternal Temple (Part 2)Chapter 1650 Eternal Temple (Part 2)Chapter 1651 Mortals vs. Gods (Part 1)Chapter 1652 Mortals vs. Gods (Part 2)
Chapter 1653 Two winners? !Chapter 1654 The so-called eternal life (Part 1)Chapter 1655 The so-called eternal life (Part 2)Chapter 1656 Shocking Reward (Part 1)
Chapter 1657 Shocking Reward (Part 2)Chapter 1658 Mummy in the Coffin (Part 1)Chapter 1659 Mummy in the Coffin (Part 2)Chapter 1660 In a blink of an eye (Part 1)
Chapter 1661 In a blink of an eye (Part 2)Chapter 1662 In a blink of an eye (Part 2)Chapter 1663 The Top of the Corpse MountainChapter 1664 The Dilemma of Longdu (Part 1)
Chapter 1665 The Dilemma of Longdu (Part 2)Chapter 1666 A great shame and humiliation (Part 1)Chapter 1667 A great shame and humiliation (Part 2)Chapter 1668 A great shame and humiliation (Part 2)
Chapter 1669 The battle situation reversesChapter 1670 Zhong Lizhan runs awayChapter 1671: Spreading branches and leaves (Part 1)Chapter 1672: Spreading branches and leaves (Part 2)
Chapter 1673: Spreading branches and leaves (Part 2)Chapter 1674 Food and Sex (Part 1)Chapter 1675 Food and Sex (Part 2)Chapter 1676 Food and Sex (Part 2)
Chapter 1677 The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn¡¯t stopChapter 1678 Children¡¯s words are unbridled, a different kind of eternal lifeChapter 1679 Waiting for you for ten yearsChapter 1680: Horseshoe disease in the spring breeze
Chapter 1681 The figure in the garbage truckChapter 1682 The naughty kid and the wretched manChapter 1683 Serving in the War Readiness DepartmentChapter 1684 The general doesn¡¯t want to die
Chapter 1686 Breakup (Part 1)Chapter 1687 Breakup (Part 2)Chapter 1688 Breakup (Part 2)Chapter 1689 Brother, have a good sleep
Chapter 1690 Poison Scheme (Part 1)Chapter 1691 Poison Scheme (Part 2)Chapter 1692 The Jin brothers in trouble (Part 1)Chapter 1693 The Jin brothers in trouble (Part 2)
Chapter 1694 The inheritance of our ancestors (Part 1)Chapter 1695 The inheritance of our ancestors (Part 2)Chapter 1696 Lack of MoneyChapter 1697 Dragon and Phoenix peace talks and bargaining (Part 1)
Chapter 1698 Dragon and Phoenix Peace Talks and Bargaining (Part 2)Chapter 1699 Dragon and Phoenix peace talks and bargaining (Part 2)Chapter 1700 Another God of War (Part 1)Chapter 1701 Another God of War (Part 2)
Chapter 1702 Green¡¯s AmbitionChapter 1703 Fire immediately!Chapter 1704: Making noises in the east and attacking in the west, taking chestnuts from the fireChapter 1705 One against ten thousand (Part 1)
Chapter 1706 One against ten thousand (Part 2)Chapter 1707 One against ten thousand (Part 2)Chapter 1708 Unhappy KarmaChapter 1709 Master, I¡¯ll leave you alone
Chapter 1710 Desperate Cover (Part 1)Chapter 1711 Desperate Cover (Part 2)Chapter 1712: Wandering before the Gate of HellChapter 1713 The fight between trapped beasts
Chapter 1714 I want to take him away todayChapter 1715 Pig King, Lin GanglieChapter 1716 I¡¯m not tired of livingChapter 1717 The Blessing of All People (Part 1)
Chapter 1718 The Blessing of All People (Part 2)Chapter 1719 It¡¯s Hardest to Accept the Favor of a BeautyDoubleChapter 1720 The situation is stronger than the people, and there is no control over the situationChapter 1721 Plan to destroy Fengdu (Part 1)
Chapter 1722 Plan to destroy Fengdu (Part 2)Chapter 1723: Exchange of equal value, no one can be deceived.Chapter 1724: Betrayal, intercept and kill (Part 1)Chapter 1725: Betrayal, intercept and kill (Part 2)
Chapter 1726 Take everything and take it away, in one thoughtChapter 1727 No need to be politeChapter 1728 The illegitimate daughter of TuchengChapter 1729 Defender of Imperial Power (Part 1)
Chapter 1730 Defender of Imperial Power (Part 2)Chapter 1731 Bloody Feud (Part 1)Chapter 1732 Bloody Feud (Part 2)Chapter 1733 Bloody Feud (Part 2)
Chapter 1734 Sword Intention Stone SculptureChapter 1735 The power of Xuanyuan Qiong¡¯s ancestral spirit (Part 1)Chapter 1736 The power of Xuanyuan Qiong¡¯s ancestral spirit (Part 2)Chapter 1737 The power of Xuanyuan Qiong¡¯s ancestral spirit (Part 2)
Chapter 1738 Midnight Siege (Part 1)Chapter 1739 Midnight Siege (Part 2)Chapter 1740 Midnight Siege (Part 2)Chapter 1741 The Ancestor Freak Is Coming
Chapter 1742 Rainy Night Siege (Part 1)Chapter 1743 Rainy Night Siege (Part 2)Chapter 1744 Rainy Night Siege (Part 2)Chapter 1745 One of the six paths is missing (Part 1)
Chapter 1746 One of the Six Paths Is Missing (Part 2)Chapter 1747 One of the six paths is missing (Part 2)Chapter 1748: Combining kindness and power, taking over FengduChapter 1749 Dividing the Cake (Part 1)
Chapter 1750: Divide the Cake (Part 2)Chapter 1751 Huge ChangeChapter 1752 Poisonous Dragon Gongsunsu (Part 1)Chapter 1753 Poisonous Dragon Gongsunsu (Part 2)
Chapter 1754 Fans of little fan Xue YunChapter 1755 Taking Hostages (Part 1)Chapter 1756 Taking Hostages (Part 2)Chapter 1757 The Sword Points to the Sky (Part 1)
Chapter 1758 The Sword Points to the Sky (Part 2)Chapter 1759 Sword Spirit¡¯s Request (Part 1)Chapter 1760 Sword Spirit¡¯s Request (Part 2)Chapter 1761 Return of the Six Paths (Part 1)
Chapter 1762 Return of the Six Paths (Part 2)Chapter 1763 Return of the Six Paths (Part 2)Chapter 1764 Diamond Jealousy (Part 1)Chapter 1765 Diamond Jealousy (Part 2)
Chapter 1766 It¡¯s great to have so many peopleChapter 1767 Destruction, cell destructionChapter 1768 Write a note firstChapter 1769 Hibernation Town (Part 1)
Chapter 1770 Hibernation Town (Part 2)Chapter 1771 Hibernation Town (Part 2)Chapter 1772 Five-color Priest (Part 1)Chapter 1773 Five-color Priest (Part 2)
Chapter 1774 Five-color Priest (Part 2)Chapter 1775 Decomposition and EscapeChapter 1776 Gathering of Heroes (Part 1)Chapter 1777 Gathering of Heroes (Part 2)
Chapter 1778 Gathering of Heroes (Part 2)Chapter 1779 In the Name of the Father (Part 1)Chapter 1780 In the Name of the Father (Part 2)Chapter 1781 In the Name of the Father (Part 2)
Chapter 1782 Egg hits stoneChapter 1783 One pillar supports the skyChapter 1784 The recognition sceneChapter 1785 Who is the leader (Part 1)
Chapter 1786 Who is the leader (Part 2)Chapter 1787 The meeting endsChapter 1788 Demanding DebtChapter 1789 Canvassing votes
Chapter 1790 Sudden Visit (Part 1)Chapter 1791 Sudden Visit (Part 2)Chapter 1792 Live StronglyChapter 1793: Catch all the chaos in one fell swoop
Chapter 1794 The strong versus the strong (Part 1)Chapter 1795 The strong versus the strong (Part 2)Chapter 1796 The strong versus the strong (Part 2)Chapter 1797 Unfortunately Defeated (Part 1)
Chapter 1798 Unfortunately Defeated (Part 2)Chapter 1799 Deep Sisterly Love (Part 1)Chapter 1800 Sisterly Love (Part 2)Chapter 1801 Deep Sisterly Love (Part 2)
Chapter 1802: Five Percent Bloodline (Part 1)Chapter 1803: Five Percent Bloodline (Part 2)Chapter 1804 The so-called familyChapter 1805 Alternation of monarchy (Part 1)
Chapter 1806 Alternation of monarchy (Part 2)Chapter 1807 The Soul Boy Saint (Part 1)Chapter 1808 The Soul Boy Saint (Part 2)Chapter 1810 Game in Shang Shufang
Chapter 1811 A rare treasureChapter 1812 Sword Spirit Controller (Part 1)Chapter 1813 Sword Spirit Controller (Part 2)Chapter 1814 The alliance joins forces to fight (Part 1)
Chapter 1815 The alliance joins forces to fight (Part 2)Chapter 1816 The alliance joins forces to fight (Part 2)Chapter 1817 Global Turmoil (Part 1)Chapter 191 Modification, strengthening, evolution? !
Chapter 194 Fighting Omega (Part 1)Chapter 228 Trial move (Part 2)Chapter 725 Killing weapon!Chapter 812 Important results!
Chapter 813 These are the animals that were robbed!Chapter 1030 Ningxue returns to her peakChapter 1128 The resilience of united efforts!Chapter 1166 Iron-Blooded Yama, Xuanyuan Zhong
Chapter 1809 The Soul Boy Saint (Part 2)   
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