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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
I started checking in since I was a special soldie Array New book "Building an Entertainment Empire from Summoning Su Shi" NaLanLingYun 141K 23-11-19 serializing
Special God of War Array Chapter 1193 Ruined Reputation MeiWeiDianFengShan 6740K 23-11-19 serializing
The strongest overlord of the Three Kingdoms Array Chapter 1,753 Intention to break out JiangShanMeiRen 12571K 23-11-17 serializing
mercenary war Array Chapter 2726 When to take action? RuShuiYi 17746K 23-11-17 serializing
battlefield contractors Array Chapter 5741 The Ellesmere Port rout WuYiHang 34953K 23-11-17 serializing
The iron-blooded mission of resisting Japan Array Chapter 1,323: Support from all parties (please vote for me) CangYueAoTian 13415K 23-11-17 serializing
The world is well and healthy Array Chapter 1581 I dream about Jiangnan MingJi 16086K 23-11-17 serializing
Lazy Array Chapter 655 Banquet QianNianLongWangl 7020K 23-11-17 serializing
Great Wei Nengchen Array Chapter 1732 Another black lightning!  (season finale) HeiNanJue 14563K 23-11-17 serializing
Xiao Ge Lao Array I have a problem with my eyes. Please take two days off. SanJieDaShi 12333K 23-11-17 serializing
Datang: My wife is Wu Meiniang Array Chapter 1707 Trends in various countries! TangFengQianNian 4075K 23-11-17 serializing
The Iron-blooded Warriors of the War of Resistance Array Chapter 1174: Possible outbreak? MiNiXiaoLong 7133K 23-11-17 serializing
The Iron-Blooded Heroes of the Three Kingdoms Array Chapter 485: Countermeasures HuXiaoShanLinDuoQingJian 3493K 23-11-17 serializing
Become stronger by reading from I Am a Special For Array Chapter 1124 Parade of Snakes GongJianJunHuoKu 11219K 23-11-17 serializing
Anti-Japanese War Array Chapter 1838: Large reinforcements from the Japanese army MuYunEr 16100K 23-11-17 serializing
Iron-blooded warhead Array Chapter 519: Suspicious Shadow YeFu 4489K 23-11-17 serializing
The Romance of the Concubine in the Red Mansion Array Chapter 560 The sword of wisdom cuts the thread of love WuWaiFengChuiLiang 5359K 23-11-17 serializing
Read the full text of  Mortal Cultivation of Immor Array Chapter 2427 The True Immortal Comes to the World, Nightmare Dragon and Tian Feier WangYu 16186K 23-11-17 serializing
Daming Zhenhaiwang Array Chapter 1165, Egyptian Canal Listed ZhongHuaTianYuanNiu 12304K 23-11-17 serializing
King Xiaoyao of the Han Dynasty Array Chapter 460 Liu Deng gets angry when he wakes up FengMiYouZi 8696K 23-11-17 serializing
The Young Marshal s Spring and Autumn Period Throu Array Chapter 934 Crash JiangShanBuLa 8422K 23-11-17 serializing
Ming Dynasty hypocrite Array Chapter 341 Kill oneself to become a benevolent person ZeiMeiShuYan 5670K 23-11-16 serializing
Anti-Japanese Almighty Soldier King Array Chapter 1761 It’s hard to move even an inch JiMoJianKe 12157K 23-10-24 serializing
Tang Jinxiu Array Chapter 1484: That moment GongZi許 507K 23-10-17 serializing
Overbearing Song Dynasty Array Chapter 2590 Leng Wushuang is here LuoShen 8705K 23-10-17 serializing
My harem can t be this messy Array Chapter 404 It doesn’t matter at all RanXieDeJianFeng 3652K 23-10-17 serializing
The strongest Hou Ye in history Array Chapter 409 Accepting Disciples DongYiFang 8102K 23-10-17 serializing
Great Scientist Reborn Array Chapter 607 Chapter 506: The tide is coming in Pukou and the beginning of Miao Man HeShiGong 3791K 23-10-17 serializing
The full text of the full-time mage is free to rea Array Chapter 3047 Black Stone Fall Zone Luan 18762K 23-10-17 serializing
spy clouds Array Chapter 2676 Death of Zhang ChenZhongMo 15071K 23-10-10 serializing