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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Shocking Sword Emperor Chapter 6509 Immortal body! DiJianYi 83533K 23-09-03 serializing
Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 5827 Battle with Commander-in-Chief Liao QianLiMuChen 73575K 23-10-24 serializing
The best doctor in the city Chapter 10851 take advantage of the victory FengHuiXiao 59777K 23-09-03 serializing
God Cultivation Gaiden Chapter 5168 Bliss Sect XiaoDuanTanHua 46530K 23-08-19 serializing
Peerless Sword God Chapter 5206 The return of the ancestor of the h HeiAnHuoLong 39551K 23-09-03 serializing
Demon Dragon Ancient Emperor The speed of blood coagulation YaoWangNaShan 35762K 23-09-03 serializing
battlefield contractors Chapter 5741 The Ellesmere Port rout WuYiHang 34953K 23-11-17 serializing
Jianbao Golden Pupil Chapter 5578 The soul comes to the mirror QiBaoLiuLi 33156K 23-10-24 serializing
The infinite wings of the pirate Chapter 415: Two saves LingShangKaiHu 32235K 23-09-26 serializing
Mad God Xingtian Chapter 3948 Undercurrent YaoDeTianKong 30353K 23-09-08 serializing
Lord of the Worlds of Civilization Chapter 4112 This lady has negotiated in this li FeiXiangdeLanM 29092K 23-09-02 serializing
God Emperor Chapter 4096: Confrontation with the Four Half-A FeiTianYu 28955K 23-11-16 serializing
My beautiful iceberg wife Chapter 3159 Buried Heart MeiGanCaiShaoB 27885K 23-11-17 serializing
Reincarnation Paradise Chapter Forty-One: Copy NaYiZhiWenZi 26878K 23-08-29 serializing
my iceberg beauty wife Chapter 3717 Useless MeiGanCaiShaoB 26716K 23-09-26 serializing
Rich son-in-law Chapter 5863 Strange Creatures JueRen 26498K 23-10-24 serializing
Chaos Heavenly Emperor Technique Chapter 4076 All-out war? JianQingYang 25280K 23-11-16 serializing
Naruto Ninjutsu Master 1241. Method YinZi 25049K 23-10-17 serializing
Taoist is not easy to mess with 4228 - Worthy of the past KunDeShuiBuZha 24861K 23-09-02 serializing
The king of special forces is in the mountain vill Chapter 4393 A sudden turn of events ShengShouFangF 24832K 23-11-18 serializing
My master is a fairy Chapter 3054 connected by a rope ShangDian 24677K 23-08-18 serializing
Peerless God Chapter 3501: Dispatch the elders of the ten cla BaiLiLongHa 23048K 23-09-02 serializing
Lou B Chapter 516 Hiding Identity ShouWangFanChe 22829K 23-09-14 serializing
Supreme Eye Magician: Peerless Miss Chapter 7166 Secrets of the Underworld MoYan 22022K 23-11-16 serializing
Taoyuan Mountain Village Chapter 1,154 How to do business HaiDanWang 21718K 23-10-24 serializing
Tiexian successor in the city Chapter 3318 XiaoXiaoYu 21623K 23-10-17 serializing
Six-fingered trick doctor Chapter 3260 Red Fox Kunlun 16 LingHuErZhong 21406K 23-11-17 serializing
Time travel begins with Dragon Ball Chapter 34 Ice Toad DouBanQingJiao 21253K 23-11-17 serializing
a perfect world Chapter 1336 Understood HuaShi 20574K 23-09-02 serializing
Online Games of Changyou Chapter 491 Conventional Treatment TaiJiYinYangYu 20197K 23-09-02 serializing
Emperor concubine Lintian Chapter 5745 5745 deceived everyone BaiTian 20109K 23-08-29 serializing
Futian Clan Text Chapter 2189 Chaos Realm Pure Traceless 20004K 23-08-10 serializing
Wanjie storage box Chapter 3077 conclusion and testimonials HuaiYinXiaoHou 19840K 23-09-03 serializing
Quick Travel Guide to Retirement Chapter 2970 The glory of Suigu goddess (10) KuaiChuanKuang 19752K 23-11-17 serializing
Chapter 2833 The Holy Son of Reincarnation 19567K 23-10-09 serializing
Xianwu fellow practitioners Chapter 2318 Breakthrough in Strength YueRuHuo 19560K 23-11-17 serializing
Shen Gongbao inheritance Chapter 2382 Taiyin takes action to destroy the DiJiuTianMing 19526K 23-11-16 serializing
immortality Chapter 2755 Hunyuan Great Realm Bell TaiYiShenShe 19382K 23-09-14 serializing
Futian Chapter 334 JingMoHen 19333K 23-08-29 serializing
fishing god Chapter 2115 Choice HuiLangJiaoDeZ 19215K 23-09-26 serializing
Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 3049 Extra: Graduation Internship (3) MaoMao寶貝 19062K 23-11-17 serializing
Shinto Dandi Chapter 3292 Train Ye Chen MoYang 19057K 23-08-15 serializing
The full text of the full-time mage is free to rea Chapter 3047 Black Stone Fall Zone Luan 18762K 23-10-17 serializing
Take the warehouse to Daming New book: The Great Man of the Northern Song Dyn DiBaLaJueShi 18714K 23-09-18 serializing
door-to-door son-in-law Chapter 2513 XieGongZi 18433K 23-08-17 serializing
village evildoer little village doctor Chapter 3257 East China Sea LengLiuShui 18401K 23-10-09 serializing
I am the hope of the whole village Chapter 2482: Soul shadow formation JinLiRuWo 18312K 23-11-17 serializing
My princess is very fierce Chapter 5457 5.1209 Master Reunion ZiYunXi 18312K 23-11-16 serializing
I m picking up pieces in PlayerUnknown s Battlegro Chapter 2673 The unscrupulous boss Jiang Siming! QingJiuBanHu 17901K 23-11-17 serializing
Big Data Cultivation Chapter 3259 New Space ChenFengXiao 17858K 23-09-14 serializing
doom cockroach Chapter 2195 centrifugal WeiAnZhangLang 17830K 23-08-17 serializing
mercenary war Chapter 2726 When to take action? RuShuiYi 17746K 23-11-17 serializing
doomsday roulette 2728 Monster emitting white light HuanDong 17719K 23-11-19 serializing
The strongest emperor of the Three Kingdoms 3548. I never said I would let you go! WoShiASi 17018K 23-09-26 serializing
Sign in at the start of the ancient holy body Chapter 2792: Suppressing the ancient emperor wi JShen 16968K 23-10-09 serializing
Mistress  please respect yourself Chapter 2772 Scary blind man! BuZui 16952K 23-08-17 serializing
The Strongest Villain of Fengyun Chapter 35 The jackal is coming YiHen 16862K 23-10-17 serializing
Against the sky game system 435 If you don’t seek death, you won’t die. QingFengYinYue 16751K 23-10-09 serializing
Evolution Quotient Chapter 2692 Duel among the clouds! HuPoNiuKou 16437K 23-09-02 serializing
Shenlong Kuaishu Chapter 2471 The biggest abnormality FengZhongDeYan 16405K 23-11-17 serializing
Peerless Taoist Chapter 5344 Golden Dragon Flying into the Sky XieHuYuanYou 16311K 23-08-23 serializing
Medical martial arts small farmers Chapter 916 The Death of Patriarch Liu BaiRiLiangMeng 16238K 23-08-29 serializing
Read the full text of  Mortal Cultivation of Immor Chapter 2427 The True Immortal Comes to the Worl WangYu 16186K 23-11-17 serializing
Into another world with a full-level account Chapter 2255 You are not irreplaceable HuaShuiDeZaoSh 16101K 23-10-09 serializing
Anti-Japanese War Chapter 1838: Large reinforcements from the Japa MuYunEr 16100K 23-11-17 serializing
The world is well and healthy Chapter 1581 I dream about Jiangnan MingJi 16086K 23-11-17 serializing
My WeChat Tonglong Palace Chapter 1375 Kunlun's guardian beast? NingXiaoYao 16056K 23-08-29 serializing
The Legend of Mortal Cultivation Chapter 2055 Battle of the Demon Realm Siege WangYu 16042K 23-08-28 serializing
Alien god system Chapter 2383 Impeachment of Tiandao HuaShuiDeZaoSh 16026K 23-11-17 serializing
Legend of the King of Anti-Japanese Soldiers Chapter 1013 Succeeded LiuYun 15903K 23-08-23 serializing
Xiao Tiance Gao Weiwei Temple of Heaven Chapter 732 Give up the choice DongFengBuPo 15875K 23-10-09 serializing
unlimited replacement Chapter 63 Chanel's Coin TianHuangYu 15844K 23-08-29 serializing
Rebirth 80: Daughter-in-law is a bit spicy 219: The Persevering American Suitor (2 More) BaoZhuangCheng 15787K 23-08-28 serializing
Ten fiancées divorced at the beginning Chapter 176 Fire Lotus JuZiChaoLaTiao 15490K 23-08-18 serializing
Miraculous doctor poison concubine black belly bab Chapter 2293 Break his dog legs! MuYiYi 15416K 23-08-15 serializing
Signing in begins with the police officer Chapter 2040 Tantric Buddhist Temple, the Forget ShengDouYanMin 15268K 23-11-17 serializing
Qimen Little Miracle Doctor Chapter 2273 Action BuXiangZuoMeiG 15263K 23-08-15 serializing
Cultivation craze Please collect daily single chapters! FuXiaoChen 15243K 23-11-17 serializing
Danwu Supreme Chapter 2467 There really is a dragon XinYangFeiYue 15229K 23-11-19 serializing
Urban reinforcement system dominates all fields Chapter 2800 Don’t blame Ye for being ruthless ZhengYan 15210K 23-11-16 serializing
No. 1 Maniac Chapter 2361 Jiulong Cauldron recognizes its new SuiYueYongHeng 15168K 23-10-24 serializing
My twin wives and I Chapter 2289 Special snake venom MingRiFuMingRi 15141K 23-11-16 serializing
My time in a women s prison Chapter 2802 Storm WangYouSenLin 15109K 23-11-16 serializing
spy clouds Chapter 2676 Death of Zhang ChenZhongMo 15071K 23-10-10 serializing
Immortal Ni Chapter 1613 Decisive Battle (2) Second update ErGen 15061K 23-11-16 serializing
My only way of righteousness and evil Chapter 1151 The Three Envoys of the Dragon King LanHeiMoSe 14830K 23-09-14 serializing
Wuji world Chapter 2298 Your era will end with me CanJianLiDeNiu 14791K 23-10-09 serializing
Great Wei Nengchen Chapter 1732 Another black lightning!  (season fin HeiNanJue 14563K 23-11-17 serializing
Dimensional invasion of real earth 1760. Avalokitesvara’s Enlightenment WuZiXiong 14443K 23-11-17 serializing
CEO s poor wife Chapter 2695 She wants to be a good daughter LuoLiDa 14414K 23-09-14 serializing
Rebirth of the Urban Mad Fairy Chapter 4504 The Origin of Ancient Times MengZhongBiDia 14383K 23-11-19 serializing
Famous Love: Di Shao s 100 Billion Favorite Chapter 2195 Extra: No escape NianHuaReXiao 14361K 23-10-17 serializing
God-level System Myriad Realms Store Manager Chapter 2691: More considerations ShaoShuJiuHui 14349K 23-10-17 serializing
Tiandao Library Chapter 1067 The Red Leaf King Vomits Blood HengSaoTianYa 14187K 23-11-16 serializing
Become a detective in the film and television worl Chapter 2018 Chapter 2034 Free system, free harv BingYuanSanYa 14138K 23-11-17 serializing
I have a wild knife Chapter 2298 Master of Terror ZhuLianBiHe 14043K 23-09-05 serializing
All Heavens Mobile Games Chapter 1965 Alarm JiuDao 14011K 23-10-09 serializing
God-level wish system dominates the whole field Chapter 2656 The moment before victory FengQingYang 13973K 23-10-17 serializing
back to 1991 Chapter 2567 the long-lost executive meeting NaSanDan 13908K 23-08-18 serializing
Rebirth of the City: I am the Immortal King Chapter 2312 Sadness HuaYu 13825K 23-10-24 serializing