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Futian Clan Latest chapter update list

author£ºPure Traceless

Text Chapter 1: The Boys HereMain Text Chapter Two Three Years of Qi GatheringMain Text Chapter Three Three Realms in a DayMain Text Chapter 4: The Soul of the Sun
Main Text Chapter Five Feng Qingxue's DecisionText Chapter 6: Dragons HauntText Chapter VII CarverText Chapter 8 All Eyes
Text Chapter 9 Essay ExaminationText Chapter Ten BlockbusterMain Text Chapter Eleven: The Goblin Hurts MeText Chapter Twelve Senior Brothers
Text Chapter Thirteen One Day SuccessText Chapter Fourteen ControversyText Chapter Fifteen Too ArrogantText Chapter 16 Young and Frivolous
Text Chapter 17 I refuse to acceptText Chapter Eighteen General QinText Chapter Nineteen AftermathText Chapter 20: Luring the Wolf Into the House
Text Chapter 21: Heiyan AcademyText Chapter 22 The Proud BoyText Chapter 23: This is Ye FutianText Chapter 24 Domineering
Text Chapter 25 Peerless BeautyText Chapter 26 Stubborn BoyText Chapter 27 Side by sideMain Text Chapter 28 Bad Temper
Text Chapter 29 The Soul of the PianoMain Text Chapter 30: The Piano Demon PainterText Chapter Thirty-one: StepfatherText Chapter Thirty-Second: The Beginning of Love
Text Chapter Thirty-Three PartingText Chapter 34 Qingzhou City CrisisText Chapter 35: Emperor Ye QingText Chapter 36 Internal and External Troubles
Main Text Chapter 37 Statues and Coiling DragonsMain Text Chapter 38 Bad FateText Chapter Thirty-nine I am not waiting for youText Chapter Fortieth Out of the Mountain
Text Chapter 41 You are all rightText Chapter 42: I Am, the Destiny MageText Chapter 43 FarewellText Chapter 44: The Royal Family
Main text Chapter 45 Down and outText Chapter 46: The Girl in LoveText Chapter 47: Donghai AcademyText Chapter 48 I still want to find my girlfriend
Text Chapter 49 ViolenceText Chapter 50 MeetText Chapter 51 You will remember his nameText Chapter 52 That's all
Text Chapter 53: Luo WangfuText Chapter Fifty-Four: The Palace BanquetText Chapter Fifty-Five: Neon Clothes and PlumageText Chapter 56 Please advise
Text Chapter Fifty-seven: The battle between the disciples of Qin MohuaText Chapter Fifty-eight: Integration of Martial ArtsText Chapter 59 I'm Waiting for Him HereText Chapter 60: Brothers, Shackles
Text Chapter 61 You are not a manText Chapter 62 Apprenticeship for the rest of my lifeText Chapter 63 ProvocationText Chapter 64 Rumors
Main text Chapter 65 Women can't be messed withText Chapter 66: Kiss MeText Chapter 67: Mu Yunxuan is UnworthyText Chapter 68: Killing Thought
Text Chapter 69 My Surname is DonghuangText Chapter 70: Nine Strikes of the SkyText Chapter 71: BeheadedText Chapter 72: The Fate of Hua Jieyu
Text Chapter 73 Yu Sheng was beatenText Chapter Seventy-Four: Order of the Former General of Ziwei PalaceText Chapter 75: The Controversy of HeirsText Chapter 76 Blocking the Door
Text Chapter 77 LiquidationText Chapter 78 Holding Hands and FacingText Chapter 79 I Take His LifeText Chapter 80 Plan
Text Chapter 81: MistressText Chapter 82 BetrothalText Chapter 83: Somebody ComesMain text Chapter 84 Gathering of Heroes
Text Chapter 85: The Seven Palaces ConferenceText Chapter 86: What an EnmityText Chapter 87 Roll RollText Chapter Eighty-eight: A Song of the World
Main text Chapter 89 Going against the trendText Chapter 90: Showing LoveText Chapter 91: Emperor LuoText Chapter 92: A Thunderbolt from the Blue Sky
Text Chapter 93: I am the Emperor's OrderText Chapter 94: A Bunch of IdiotsMain Text Chapter 95: The StormText Chapter 96 Melting Sad Palm
Text Chapter 97 ShockText Chapter 98 Reappearance of the EmperorText Chapter Ninety-Nine: Nam Doo Tae's DecisionText Chapter 100 The Last Song
Text Chapter 101 Chaotic Rivers and MountainsText Chapter 102 TragicText Chapter 103: Emperor GuangText Chapter 104 Execution (ask for subscription and monthly pass)
Text Chapter 105: If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight (second update)Text Chapter 106 Goal (3rd)Text Chapter 107 Cangye Academy (Fourth)Text Chapter 108 Qinzong Baiqiu (fifth watch)
Text Chapter 109: Lin Yueyao (6th more)Text Chapter 110 Fenghua Banquet (Seventh)Text Chapter 111 Sharpness (Eighth)Text Chapter 112 Fighting Hand in Hand (Ninth Update)
Text Chapter 113 Banquet (10 more)Text Chapter 114: Backup DancerText Chapter 115 I'm looking forward to it (seeking a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 116: Learned
Text Chapter 117: DespisedText Chapter 118: The First BattleText Chapter 119 Anger (3rd watch)Text Chapter 120: Your Majesty's Forgiveness
Text Chapter 121 Unforgettable for a lifetime (ask for a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 122: Come One by OneText Chapter 123 Practice in BattleText Chapter 124: The Emperor Roll Call
Text Chapter 125: Nice PeopleText Chapter 126 CanonizationText Chapter 127: National TeacherText Chapter 128: Emperor Luo Changes His Fate
Text Chapter 129: Going to the Banquet (Second)Text Chapter 130: Take down Ye Futian (3rd watch)Text Chapter 131: Listening to the Wind Feast (Fourth)Text Chapter 132 Tit for Tat
Text Chapter 133 You can figure it outText Chapter 134: Can't live longText Chapter 135: ColdText Chapter 136: Much more honest
Text Chapter 137: Hanging King PalaceText Chapter 138: The Ancient Realm (Part 1)Text Chapter 139: Twin Wings (2 more)Text Chapter 140: Final Battle Day (3rd watch)
Main text Chapter 141: Everything is mine (fourth update)Text Chapter 142: My name is Yu ShengText Chapter 143: Cangye Kingdom's No. 1 ArroganceText Chapter 144: Low-key Ye Futian
Text Chapter 145: One Stick, One DharmaText Chapter 146: Ye Tianzi's AttitudeText Chapter 147 InfluenceText Chapter 148 Marriage
Text Chapter 149 ArrivalText Chapter 150 Delicious and SpicyText Chapter 151: Qianmeng CityText Chapter 152: Shibi Poetry
Text Chapter 153: Abnormal Guy (Part 2)Text Chapter 154: Stone Wall Swordsmanship (3rd watch)Text Chapter 155 Do you want to die? (four more)Text Chapter 156 Shock
Text Chapter 157: Killing YouText Chapter 158: Luck LevelText Chapter 159 I hope you can bear itText Chapter 160 Poaching in person
Text Chapter 161 Then DieText Chapter 162 Threesome (2 more)Text Chapter 163: The Momentum Is Like a Broken BambooText Chapter 164 How Frivolous
Text Chapter 165 Am I Letting You Go?Main text Chapter 166: Prince of FortuneMain text Chapter 167: The LawText Chapter 168 You Can't Take It
Text Chapter 169: Loulan Ancient RuinsText Chapter 170: Entering the RuinsText Chapter 171: Bing TombText Chapter 172 Meddling
Text Chapter 173: You deserve it tooText Chapter 174: You Got My ApprovalText Chapter 175 StrongText Chapter 176 Encirclement and Suppression
Text Chapter 177: Ultimate BattleText Chapter 178: Sun and MoonText Chapter 179 CrisisText Chapter 180 Broken Arm
Text Chapter 181 SelectionText Chapter 182: The will of the sagesText Chapter 183: The Queen's WrathText Chapter 184: One Man, One Sword
Text Chapter 185: Death of QianyangText Chapter 186: Very LikableText Chapter 187: Desolate City, Mirror MountainText Chapter 188: Liu Chenyu
Text Chapter 189: Slave?Text Chapter 190: I am the worstText Chapter 191: The Wind ComesText Chapter 192 Sword Body
Text Chapter 193 WinningText Chapter 194: BetText Chapter 196: Can't Take ItText Chapter 197: Madman (seeking tickets)
Text Chapter 198 Selecting the sectText Chapter 199: Xiao Wuji (3rd watch)Text Chapter 200 Unmatched?Text Chapter 201: Whoever Knows Me Can Solve My Arrogance
Text Chapter 202 My World, How Can You Understand It?Text Chapter 203 Burning ArmText Chapter 204 ArrivedText Chapter 205 Lethality (2 more)
Text Chapter 206: Murderous Intent from the Palace of the Hanging King (3rd watch)Text Chapter 207 In the name of Cang YeText Chapter 208 WavesText Chapter 209: What to See
Text Chapter 210 EscortText Chapter 211: Soldiers Approaching the CityText Chapter 212 ReturnText Chapter 213: Does Your Father Know?
Text Chapter 214 Wait and seeText Chapter 215 CallingText Chapter 216 Arrival of All Parties (Third Watch)Text Chapter 217 Humility
Text Chapter 218 Right?Text Chapter 219: Cangye DynastyText Chapter 220: Ye Xiao's EndingText Chapter 221 Eighteen-year-old Sky
Text Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve: AcademyText Chapter 223: Thatched Cottage DiscipleText Chapter 224: Good RiskText Chapter 225: Life Is So Beautiful
Text Chapter 226 Invitation from the Qin DynastyText Chapter 227: Fifth Senior Brother Descending the MountainText Chapter 228: Prince and GrandsonText Chapter 229: The Fame History of Thatched Cottage
Text Chapter 230: The Arrogant BeautyText Chapter 231 Blind date?Text Chapter 232: You Don¡¯t Know TemperamentText Chapter 233: Crushing
Text Chapter 234 CrushingText Chapter 234 RageMain Text Chapter 235: The Disturbance Caused by a Piano FairText Chapter 236 Intensifies
Text Chapter 237 This is a Big Deal (Third Watch)Text Chapter 238 Observing the CeremonyText Chapter 239: Come and Get SomeoneText Chapter 240 Questioning
Text Chapter 241: Four Disciples of Thatched CottageText Chapter 242 Who dares to bullyText Chapter 243: I'm Still a Sensible Junior BrotherText Chapter 244 Uproar
Text Chapter 245 No StatusText Chapter 246 LettersText Chapter 247 Ye Futian's NameText Chapter 249 Apology
Text Chapter 250 SwordText Chapter 250: Slashing (3rd watch)Text Chapter 251: Mochizuki SectText Chapter 252 Departure
Text Chapter 253 Tit for TatText Chapter 254: The Ancient Autumn of DaoziText Labor Day, ask for a monthly passText Labor Day, ask for a monthly pass
Text Chapter 255: The Magic CauldronText Chapter 256 Lifting the Ding (Second Watch for Ticket)Text Chapter 257 ResonanceText Chapter 258 Joke?
Text Chapter 259 Lessons from not risingText Chapter 260: EraseMain text Chapter 261: Chicken crowing dog thief?Text Chapter 262 Arrival
Text Chapter 263 Martial Arts PlatformText Chapter 264: Sunset over the Long RiverText Chapter 265: Here I ComeText Chapter 266: The Peak Showdown
Text Chapter 267: Victory (Second Update)Text Chapter 268: Guardian (3rd watch)Text Chapter 269 Group BattleText Chapter 270 One-sided
Text Chapter 271: Dark-bellied Fourth Senior BrotherText Chapter 272 Low-key or ArrogantText Chapter 273: Shot Like ThunderText Chapter 274: Battle of Temperament
Text Chapter 275 VulnerableText Chapter 276: A Wilder BlowText Chapter 277: Killing IntentText Chapter 278: The Dead
Text Chapter 279: The Storm Is ComingText Chapter 280: The Second Senior Sister Goes Down the MountainText Chapter 281: He XirouText Chapter 282: Arrival of the Lord of the Fifth Palace
Text Chapter 283: The Death of He XirouText Chapter 284 Location, Nandou KingdomText Chapter 285: Behind the AssassinationText Chapter 286: Academy Newcomer
Main Text Chapter 288 The Queen's ConspiracyText Chapter 288: Ye Futian's PlanText Chapter 290 Chu LianText Chapter 290 Mochizuki Sect
Text Chapter 291 You're welcomeText Chapter 292 The sky is about to changeChapter 294 Attitudes of all partiesText Chapter 294: Betrayal
Text Chapter 296 RageText Chapter 297 How PowerfulText Chapter 297: The Death of the Six EmperorsText Chapter 298: The Inflated Nam Doo Tae
Text Chapter 299: Not One LessText Chapter 301 Seeing you offText Chapter 301: Debt CollectionText Chapter 302: A Man
Text Chapter 303 ZhesongText Chapter 304 You can tryText Chapter 305 Tit for TatText Chapter 306 Showdown
Text Chapter 307 Combat PowerText Chapter 308: The Death of Luo JunlinText Chapter 309: The EndChapter 311 Let me measure it for you
Text Chapter 312 Lin QiuText Chapter 312 ConflictText Chapter 314: The End of the Nandou KingdomText Chapter 315 Training
Text Chapter 315 Training in the Martial Arts FieldMain Text Chapter 316: Naturally Powerful PersonText Chapter 317 Qin Dynasty proposes marriageText Chapter 318: Villain
Text Chapter 320 ArriveMain Text Chapter 320: Marriage Proposal (1st update)Text Chapter 321: Guishan (2 more)Text Chapter 322: Mountaineering (3rd watch)
Text Chapter 323: Battle on Guishan MountainText Chapter 324: MadmanText Chapter 325: Turtle ImmortalText Chapter 326 Conspiracy
Main Text Chapter 327: Killing Thoughts Shocking the HeavensText Chapter 328 KillingChapter 330 The Storm FallsText Chapter 330: Pessimistic
Text Chapter 331: The Invincible Qin YuText Chapter 332: ShockingChapter 334 Unreasonable to be a CottageText Chapter 334: The Tree Wants to Be Quiet, But the Wind Doesn't Stop
Text Chapter 336 Declaration of WarText Chapter 336 Mr. Du's IdealMain text Chapter 337 The general trend has come?Text Chapter 337: The general trend has come?
Text Chapter 338: FragileText Chapter 339: The teacher is lazyMain Text Chapter 340: Ancient BattlefieldText Chapter 342
Text Chapter 342: The Great Emperor's CallText Chapter 343: Meeting of Wind and Cloud (Supplementary Update)Text Chapter 344: Someone on Tianshan MountainText Chapter 345: On the Tianshan Mountains
Text Chapter 346: I have a question for youText Chapter 347 All the way forwardText Chapter 349 TimingText Chapter 349: Limit Explosion
Text Chapter 351: Flying Snow (Updated)Text Chapter 352 TragicText Chapter 352: EnchantedText Chapter 354 Obsession
Text Chapter 355 Evil EyesChapter 356 Looking at the Mountain TopText Chapter 357 Compose the worldText Chapter 357: Top Ten Famous Songs
Text Chapter 358: Bloody AbuseChapter 360 Mystery of Tianshan MountainText Chapter 360: The Clock and the Devil BirdText Chapter 362 The Bell Ringing Continuously
Text Chapter 362 King QinText Chapter 363: The SwordsmanText Chapter 365 Get cheatedText Chapter 365 Gossip in thatched cottage
Text Chapter 367 Descending to the Moon-watching SectText Chapter 368 IronyText Chapter 368: Brother and SisterText Chapter 369 Relocation
Text Chapter 370 Daughter-in-lawText Chapter 371: The Dean's RoarText Chapter 373 PolishingText Chapter 374 Another Year
Text Chapter 375: Ying Long pulls outChapter 376: The Man Who Changed the WorldText Chapter 377 Descending on Book MountainChapter 378 Inferior sect
Text Chapter 379 WinningText Chapter 380 OpportunityText Chapter 381 Family GeneralAt the beginning of the month, ask for a monthly ticket
Chapter 382: Devil Bird on Tianshan MountainChapter 383 Peak gameChapter 384 Battle of the PeakText Chapter 385 Yamashita
Text Chapter 386 ExposureText Chapter 387 Are you worthy?Text Chapter 388 Qin Yu's EndText Chapter 389 Killing
Chapter 390 Alive, okay?Text Chapter 391 Reasons for ApprenticeshipText Chapter 392 Lifting the banText Chapter 392: Donghuazong Disaster
Text Chapter 394 East Wasteland Returns to OneText Chapter 394: A Thousand Phantom Thunder ShadowsText Chapter 395: Reappearance of the Eastern PhoenixText Chapter 396: Parting
Text Chapter 397: The End of the SongText Chapter 398: Barren State, Cloudy Moon CityText Chapter 399: Ordinary PeopleText Chapter 400 Chasing People (Updated)
Text Chapter 401 UndercoverText Chapter 402 The Battle of the Four FactionsText Chapter 403: Wang Linfeng's DecisionMain text Chapter 404: The first battle, the rest of my life
Text Chapter 406 ApologyChapter 407 Wang Linfeng's VictoryText Chapter 408 Low-key shotMain Text Chapter 409 Defeat but not Victory?
Text Chapter 409: Xing Feng is OutMain text Chapter 410: God descendsChapter 412 Who wants the third placeText Chapter 413 All-round spike
Text Chapter 413: The Fear of the Merchant Brothers and SistersText Chapter 415 You DieText Chapter 416 Change of mouthText Chapter 417 Gambling
Chapter 418 Don't Insult the SwordsmanText Chapter 419 So, are you satisfied?Text Chapter 420 Wang YuqingText Chapter 420 Seeing the World
Text Chapter 421: Seeing Senior Brother AgainText Chapter 422 CompetitionText Chapter 424 Dragon MansionText Chapter 424 Hands-on
Text Chapter 425: The Death of Shang HaiText Chapter 426: The Golden Cicada Escapes its Shell (Updated)Text Chapter 428 Get outText Chapter 428: Holy City
Text Chapter 429: Have you ever seen a beautiful woman?Text Chapter 430 Later, he diedChapter 432 Dragon MasterText Chapter 432: Swindling
Text Chapter 433: The new owner of the Immortal PavilionText Chapter 435 Greed for pleasure?Text Chapter 435 TalentText Chapter 437 Heaven's Jealousy of Talents
Text Chapter 437: Xishan Young DragonText Chapter 438: CreationText Chapter 439 End of Year, AuctionText Chapter 440: Sky-high price
Text Chapter 441: BirthdayText Chapter 442: Ye Futian's StyleText Chapter 443 You deserve it too?Text Chapter 444: Ye Futian's Gift
Text Chapter 445: SpiritualistText Chapter 446: Youmei ComesText Chapter 447: College Assessment DayText Chapter 448: Practical Assessment
Text Chapter 449 EmbarrassmentText Chapter 450: A Familiar SceneText Chapter 451 SweepingText Chapter 452: Gu Yunxi¡¯s Words
Text Chapter 453: Long Mu's WordsText Chapter 454 FameText No update at nightText Chapter 455: Start Lightly
Text Chapter 457 Martial Arts BattlefieldMain Text Chapter 458 The Three Great Courts Arrive (Updated)Text Chapter 459 In the battlefieldText Chapter 460 Looting the Martial Luck
Text Chapter 461 The true meaning of martial artsText Chapter 462 Care?Text Chapter 463 Fishing in Troubled WatersText Chapter 464 Looting
Text Chapter 465 Conflict broke outText Chapter 466 Worship Me Like GodChapter 467 Ultimate LandText Chapter 468 Collapse
Text Chapter 469 Checking PeopleChapter 470 Holy LightText Chapter 471 AdmittingText Chapter 472 Support
Chapter 473 Can You Do It?Text Chapter 474: Constructing a SaintText Chapter 475 Please SonText Chapter 476 Dissatisfaction
Text Chapter 477 CrushingText Chapter 478Chapter 479 Fighting to the top of the skyChapter 480 Familiar Routine
Text Chapter 481 Happy EventChapter 482 Magical Artifact Destroying the DomeText Chapter 483 Reaching the Star MansionText Chapter 484 Happy Birthday
Text Chapter 485 Dome magic weaponText Chapter 486 Who will fightText Chapter 487 What a pityText Chapter 488 Just a question
Text Chapter 489 First Battle PrinceText Chapter 490 Take away (updated)Text Chapter 491 Keeping an eye on the doorText Chapter 492 Undercurrent
Main Text Chapter 493 Revenge for Killing SonText Chapter 494: Behind the scenesText Chapter 494 ReminderText Chapter 495: Taking People
Text Chapter 496: Refuse to hand overText Chapter 497 UproarText Chapter 498: Coercion Over Nine Heavens PalaceText Chapter 499: The Oriole Behind
Text Chapter Five HundredMain text Chapter 501: Sudden KillerText Chapter 502 HealingText Chapter 503 Stealing
Text Chapter 504: News of DeathText Chapter 505: Holy RoadText Chapter 506: Nine Sages MountainText Chapter 507 Winning
Text Chapter 508: Intention to SolicitText Chapter 509: Zhongzhou Land BoundaryText Chapter 510 Gathering on the Holy RoadText Chapter 511 Enemies meet
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Twelve: Fighting AgainText Chapter 513: I want a cityText Chapter 514: Ruins KillerText Chapter 515: Master Ye
Text Chapter 516: Collecting Holy DecreeText Chapter Five Hundred and Seventeen: The Storm Is ComingText Chapter 518 Hot to HandText Chapter 519 Attack and Kill
Text Chapter 520 A write-off? (three more)Text Chapter 521: Great WarText Chapter 522: Relics OpenText Chapter 523: Successor of the Dark Wise Monarch
Text Chapter 524 ComprehensionText Chapter 525 Killing with a Borrowed KnifeText Chapter 526 Come and get itText Chapter Five Hundred and Twenty Seven
Text Chapter 528: Stepping into the Golden Sky CityChapter 530 Sun God FireText Chapter 530: Zhan NinghuangText Chapter 531: Ning Huang's Defeat (Second Update)
Text Chapter 532 Killer, the rest of his life (updated)Text Chapter 533: One Step AwayText Chapter 334: Snow Ape EmperorText Chapter 536 Invasion
Text Chapter 536: The Third RelicText Chapter 538 The End of the Holy RoadText Chapter 539 Nowhere is goodText Chapter 539: Nothing Has Changed
Text Chapter 541 Is there something wrongText Chapter 542 ExpectationText Chapter 542: Great ChaosText Chapter 543: Strong Like a Cloud
Text Chapter 544: None of My BusinessText Chapter 545 Borrowing Monuments to PracticeText Chapter 546: The First ChallengerText Chapter 547 Out
Text Chapter 548 Whose StageText Chapter 549 Get outText Chapter 550: Old Ning makes a moveText Chapter 551: The Perfect Man
Text Chapter 552: NymphoText Chapter Five Hundred and Fifty-Three Shameless (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)Text Chapter 554: Top Ten in the Desolate Sky ListText Chapter 555: Ultimate Speed
Text Chapter 556 Soft persimmon?Text Chapter 557: Ugly People Do MischiefText Chapter 558 RejectedText Chapter 559: Ye Wuchen¡¯s Defeat
Text Chapter 560 Invincible Divine PowerText Chapter 561: Fierce BattlefieldText Chapter 562: Defeating the EnemyText Chapter 563: The Battle of Breaking the Wall
Text Chapter 564: The Eye of AnnihilationText Chapter 565: The Stick Technique of Ape WarText Chapter 566: Owners of the Three Great Souls (Part 2)Text Chapter 567 Fighting Yanjiu (3rd watch)
Chapter 569 Reaching the top tenChapter 570: The rest of my life transformed (second update)Chapter 571 Second Young Master of Baiyun City (3rd watch)Text Chapter 571: Battle of the Top Ten
Text Chapter 572 Zhuge Xing is outText Chapter 573: The Last SixText Chapter 574 Make way?Text Chapter 575: Top Three
Main text Chapter 576 Carved talismans in the voidText Chapter 577 Explosive strengthText Chapter 578 TramplingText Chapter 579: The Last Battle
Text Chapter 580: The Battle of the PeakText Chapter 581: The CurtainText Chapter 582 Taihang MountainText Chapter 583: Old Friends
Text Chapter Five Hundred and Eighty-Four: A PromiseText Chapter 585 Witness to HistoryText Chapter 586: Saint Qualification?Text Chapter 587: Daobang Newcomer
Text Chapter 588 MisunderstandingText Chapter 590 shameless nameText Chapter 590: The First Battle of Dao PalaceText Chapter 591 Conflict in Daozang Palace
Text Chapter 592: The Eighth PrinceText Chapter 593: The Second TimeText Chapter 594: The Battle of the StrongText Chapter 595: Bloody Abuse
TextText Chapter Five Hundred and Ninety SevenText Chapter 598: Fire of White GlassText Chapter 599 Appeal
Text Chapter 600: The Defeated GeneralText Chapter 601 Clean and NeatText Chapter 602: Junior Brother is not an ordinary personText Chapter 604
Main Text Chapter 605: Competition of Piano ArtText Chapter 606 Qin GuText Chapter 607 Year-end GatheringChapter 608: Three Years in Dao Palace
Text Chapter 609 Good intentionsText Chapter 610 First place in the road battle and the first place in the road listText Chapter 610: The Most Tragic Fighter in HistoryText Chapter 611 Alchemy Conference
Text Chapter 612: CasinoText Chapter 613 Gambling NewText Chapter 615 Top magic weaponText Chapter 617 Want all
Chapter 618 Battle of the SixteenText Chapter 618: Qin and ArrayMain text Chapter 619: Battle situationText Chapter 620: Dividing the Loot
Text Chapter 621: The Alchemy Conference HeldText Chapter 622: Fourth Senior Brother's ThoughtsText Chapter 623: Senior Brother RefiningText Chapter 625: The Final Battle
Text Chapter 626: Sacrificial SoulText Chapter 627: End of RefiningText Chapter 629 Gold ListText Chapter 630 Fighting
Text Ask for a minimum monthly passText Chapter 631 You Chi's ConversationChapter 632 Third Class PrinceText Chapter 633 Endurance
Chapter 634 Who dares to moveText Chapter 635 RampageChapter 636 Life and death battleText Chapter 637 Absolute Strength
Chapter 638 The Most Tragic Gold List No. 1Chapter 639 Who Can Be InvincibleChapter 640 Alchemy City's No. 1 ArrogantChapter 641 Taking advantage of the situation to break through
Text Chapter 643Text Chapter 644 ConsummationText Chapter 645: First in the new road listChapter 646 Attitude of Dao Palace Tianjiao
Text Chapter 646: I am the No. 1 TaoistText Chapter 647: Under the Battle Saint PalaceText Chapter 648: The Battle of the Top TenText Chapter 649 Lost
Text Chapter 650: The Battle of the First Rank of the Two Times (1st Update)Text Chapter 651: The beginning of an era (2 more)Text Chapter 652: Wind Rises to the Zhuge Family (Third Watch)Text Chapter 653: The Arrival of Ye Futian (Fourth)
Text Chapter 654 I disagree with this marriage (5th watch)Text Chapter 655 Betting on fate (six more)Text Chapter 656: Thatched Cottage Disciples Gather (Seventh Watch)Text Chapter 657: Attack (Eighth)
Text Chapter 658: War of Wordstext a few wordsText Chapter 660 Human Emperor's Orthodoxy (Ten Updates)Text Chapter 660 Selfish Man
Text Chapter 661: Letter from the Third Senior BrotherChapter 663 Love This Kind of Thing (Third Watch)Chapter 664 Gathering of the strong in the barren stateText Chapter 665 Marriage Proposal
Text Chapter 666 Crouching Dragon MountainText Chapter 667 ChaseChapter 668 Battle of Gu BaiText Chapter 669: Myriad Spirits
Chapter 670 What is a sageText Chapter 671 Dao Heart FlawlessChapter 672 Visitor from YuzhouText Chapter 673 Targeted
Text Chapter 674Text Chapter 675: Myriad Phrases Wise Monarch ExitsText Chapter 676 CalamityText Chapter 677 Zhu Xian
Text Chapter 678 Coming out of the mountainText Chapter 679 Trampled to deathChapter 680 White Cloud CityText Chapter 681 Attitude
Chapter 682 Kyushu Sage ListChapter 683 Please Daoist Palace to come forwardText Chapter 684 Wolong Mountain NarenText Chapter 684: Sacred Items
Text Chapter 685: White Cloud City (Part 2)Text Chapter 686: Dao Palace¡¯s DecisionText Chapter 687 The Holy Land Is No LongerText Chapter 688 Defeating the Two Great Palace Masters
Text Chapter 689: Fighting the White Cloud City LordText Chapter 690 Desolate StateText Chapter 691: The danger of Crouching Dragon MountainText Chapter 692: Determination
Text Chapter 693: The Holy Way MissedText Chapter 694: Peak ShowdownText Chapter 695: Battle of No. 1 PrinceText Chapter 696: That's it
Text Chapter 697: PositionText Chapter 698: Wrong?Text Chapter 699: CrazyChapter 701 Dao Palace Split
Chapter 702 Taihang MountainText Chapter 703 Killing IntentText Chapter 703: The Birth of RulesText Chapter 704: Setting Sun Like Blood
Text Chapter 705 Omen of CatastropheText Chapter 706: Dao Palace¡¯s DecisionText Chapter 707 CommitmentText Chapter 708: Contradictions
Text Chapter 709: The EveText Chapter 710: The Wind Rises from the Taoist PalaceText Chapter 711 Hurtful WordsText Yesterday's chapter has been revised
Text Chapter 712: What is talent?Text Chapter Seven hundred and thirteen UnsealedText Chapter 714: The Divided Barren StateText Chapter 715: Civil War in the Taoist Palace (Second Update)
Text Two updates todayText Chapter 716: The Mysterious Man's Hole CardText Chapter 717 Death of Heavenly PunishmentText Chapter 718 Astrolabe Rotation
Text Chapter 719 UnknowableText Chapter 720 Invite Emperor XiaText Chapter 721: The End of an EraText Chapter 722: Back to the Eastern Wasteland
Text Chapter 723 Ye Futian's MarriageText Chapter 724 Wake upText Chapter 725: The New LeaderText Chapter 726: Order of the Palace Master
Text Chapter 727: Entering the TempleText Chapter 728: One YearText Chapter 729 GoalText Chapter 730: Leaving the Barren State
Text Chapter 731: Ninth Young MasterText Chapter 732 Chess BattleText Chapter 733: Learning ChessText Chapter 734 Banquet
Text Chapter 735: DiligenceText Chapter 736 Tianlong Chess GameText Chapter 737 Joining forcesText Chapter 738 Do You Know Chess? (Second update)
Text Chapter 739 DeductionText Chapter 740: Try it and you will knowText Chapter 741: Not Giving UpText Chapter 742: Self-Humiliation
Text Chapter 743: CrackingText Chapter 744 Attack vs. AttackText Chapter 745: Break AgainText Chapter 746 Chess Master Selection
Text Chapter 747: Liu ZongText Chapter 748: Invitation from Xihua Sacred MountainText Chapter 749: Huatian CityText Chapter 750: Dao Bell
Text Chapter 751: The BellText Chapter 752: Disciple of the Holy SpiritText Chapter 753: The Old Man and the GirlText Chapter 754: Entering the Holy Mountain
Text Chapter 755 DisrespectText Chapter 756: Familiar RoutineText Chapter 757 Kyushu askedText Chapter 758 The first battle, the power of a punch
Text Chapter 759: One Man in ChargeText Chapter 760 AggressiveText Chapter 761: Psychic AttackText Chapter 762 Breaking the rules?
Text Chapter 763: God SlayingText Chapter 764: The Rules of Light and DarknessMain text Chapter 765 Early promotion (second update)Text Chapter 766: The Magical Girl
Text Chapter 767 Out (Fourth)Text 2019, Happy New YearChapter 769 The Sadness of Knowing the Holy Cliff (Happy New Year's Day)Text Chapter 769: The Sacred Land
Text Chapter 670 Trample him to death (3rd watch)Text Chapter 771 Top 100Text Chapter 772 BanquetText Chapter 773: Provocation and Counterattack
Text Chapter 774 CuriosityText Chapter 775: All eyesText Chapter 776 Tit for TatText Chapter 777: The Smell of Gunpowder
Text Chapter 778: CrushingText Chapter 779: The First Person in the Temple of Holy LightText Chapter 780: Top 50Text Chapter 781: Fist as before
Text Chapter 782 Heads up and leaveText Chapter 783: Twenty-Four PeopleMain text Chapter 784: A violent battleText Chapter 785 Apology
Text Chapter 786: Explosive StrengthText Chapter 787: Top TenText Chapter 788: Peerless PhysiqueText Chapter 789: Scary Picture
Text Chapter 790: Two InvinciblesText Chapter 791 Who is Crazier?Text Chapter 792: The Final BattleMain text Chapter 793: Magic without sky
Text Chapter 794: Winning the ChampionshipText Chapter 795 Stealing people?Text Chapter 796: The Lord of the PalaceText Chapter 797: Advice
Text Chapter 798: VillageText Chapter 799: The First Sword in KyushuText Chapter 800: Hidden Dragon and Crouching TigerText Chapter 801: The Secret of the Void Sword Tomb
Text Chapter 802: Two DiagramsText Chapter 803 DecisionText Chapter 804: Do what you canText Chapter 805 Void Sword Tomb
Text Chapter 806: The Eyes of the Village ChiefText Chapter 807: The Same PictureText Chapter 809 Chess Master InvitationMain text Chapter 809: Chess master's game
Text Chapter 810 Spirit BodyText Chapter 811 RollText Chapter 812 I choose, beheadedText Chapter 814 Blood debt
Text Chapter 814 Domineering Zhou Sage KingText Chapter 815: The First Saint in the Barren StateText Chapter 816 Killer, beheadText Chapter 817 Holy War
Text Chapter 818 Storm is ComingText Chapter 119: Holy War BeginsText Chapter 820: PreparationsText Chapter 821: Assistance from all directions
Text Chapter 822: The Obsession of Zhou ShengwangText Chapter 823: Soldiers approaching the cityText Chapter 824 Jihad OutbreakText Chapter 825 Two armies at war
Text Chapter 826: Fierce BattleText Chapter 827: The Army of Sages Go to WarText Chapter 828: Infinite Ruler, Golden Phoenix SwordText Chapter 829 Husband and wife join forces
Text Ask for a monthly ticket on the 1stChapter 831 Battle of Faith (seeking monthly ticket)Text Chapter 831: Want to ask the blue skyText Chapter 832: The Tragic Battle (ask for a monthly ticket)
Text Chapter 833 AliveText Chapter 834 WithdrawalText Chapter 835: PlanningText Chapter 836: The Immeasurable Palace (third watch)
Text Chapter 837: Turmoil in the Holy DynastyText Chapter 838: Twelve Places on the Holy List (Happy New Year's Eve)Text Chapter 839 Kyushu Academy (Happy New Year)Text
Text Chapter 841Text Chapter 842: DiscussionText Chapter 843 SaintsText Chapter 844: The Saint's Defeat
Text Chapter 845: TapText Chapter 846 Mr. Xu DaText Chapter 847: Fairy ButterflyText Chapter 848 See Jiang Sheng
Main text Chapter 849 Test medicineText Chapter 850: The First TimeText Chapter 851: Jiang ShengText Chapter 852: The Arrival of the Holy King
Text Chapter 853: Bad NewsText Chapter 854: I will kill youText Chapter 855: Army MobilizationText Chapter 856 Interception
Text Chapter 857 Observing the CeremonyText Chapter 858: AmbushText Chapter 859: You Chi's Ruthless DecisionChapter 861 Why Fight
Text Chapter 861 Convergence of DaotaiText Chapter 862 Get outText Chapter 863 Yisheng's HonorChapter 865 Suppressing the Tianjiao of the Yi Clan
Text Chapter 866 Advice togetherText Chapter 866: What a boldnessText Chapter 868 Fighting and Crossing TribulationText Chapter 869 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 870 Fighting to become holyChapter 871 Battle of the Holy RealmText Chapter 872 RampageText Chapter 872: Behemoth of War
Text Chapter 873 DeadlockText Chapter 874: Xia Family InvitationText Chapter 875: Interpreting Yu¡¯s thoughtsText Chapter 876 Hint
Text Chapter 877 Just think about itText Chapter 878: Xia Sheng¡¯s Birthday BanquetText Chapter 879 MediationText Chapter 880 Reaching an agreement
Text Chapter 881: Xia QingyuanText Chapter 882 Ye Futian's planText Chapter 883 TargetingText Chapter 884 Undercurrent
Text Chapter 885 FantasyText Chapter 886: Holy List and Hallows ListText Chapter 887: Space TearText Chapter 888: The Endless Sea
Chapter 832 Want to ask QingtianChapter 833 The Tragic Battle (seeking a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 834 AliveText Chapter 835 Withdrawal
Text Chapter 836 PlanChapter 837 Infinite Palace (third shift)Chapter 838 Turmoil in the Holy PilgrimageChapter 839: Twelve in the Holy List (Happy New Year's Eve)
Chapter 840 Kyushu Academy (Happy New Year)Text Chapter 841 Attack outside the academyText Chapter 842Text Chapter 843 Discussion
Text Chapter 844 SaintsChapter 845 The Saints' DefeatText Chapter 846 Lightly tapText Chapter 847 Mr. Xu Da
Text Chapter 848 Fairy ButterflyChapter 849 Meet Jiang ShengText Chapter 850 Drug testingText Chapter 851 First time
Chapter 852 Jiang ShengChapter 853: Arrival of the Holy KingText Chapter 854 Bad newsChapter 855 I will kill you
Text Chapter 856 Army mobilizationText Chapter 857 InterceptionText Chapter 859 AmbushChapter 860 You Chi's Ruthless Decision
Text Chapter 862 Convergence of DaotaiChapter 864 Yisheng's honorText Chapter 867 What kind of courageChapter 873 War Behemoth
Text Chapter 874 DeadlockChapter 875 Invitation from the Xia FamilyText Chapter 876Text Chapter 877 Hint
Text Chapter 878 Just think about itText Chapter 879 Xiasheng Birthday BanquetText Chapter 880 MediationText Chapter 881 Reaching an agreement
Text Chapter 882: Xia QingyuanText Chapter 884 ForText Chapter 886 FantasyText Chapter 887 Holy List and Holy Artifact List
Chapter 888 Space tearChapter 889 Endless SeaText Chapter 889: Yazhou CityText Chapter 890 Advice (2 more)
Text Chapter 891 Do you want to try it (3 thousand monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 892: Departure Ruins (6,000 Monthly Pass plus Chapters)Text Chapter 893 Kyushu will changeText Chapter 894: Undersea Palace (Second Update)
Text Chapter 895: Statue Destruction (9 thousand monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 896: Nine Infants of the Holy BeastText Chapter 897: Game of DeathText Chapter 898: In the land of Kyushu, I am unique
Text Chapter 899: The Death of Nine InfantsText Chapter 900 DecisionText Chapter 901: Ruins NewText Chapter 902: Huidao Palace
Text Chapter 903 Climbing the Ladder and Ascension Order (Second Update)Text Chapter 904 Rage RageText Chapter 905 Climbing the LadderText Chapter 906: Come whenever you want
Text About adding more rulesText Chapter 907 Nine Heavens DojoText Chapter 908: Entering the DojoText Chapter 909 Unshakable
Text Chapter 910: Unlucky guyText Chapter 911: The Battle of the Three Senior Brothers (15,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 912 Absolute AdvantageText Chapter Nine hundred and thirteen just to break through the Nine Heavens
Text Chapter 914: The Shadow of a Stick Covers the SkyText Chapter 915: The Eight HeavensText Chapter 916 Gap?Text Chapter 917 Boiling
Text Chapter 918 He Comes from KyushuText Chapter Nine Hundred and NineText Chapter 920: Heir of Lihen Sword PalaceText Chapter 921: Above the Nine Heavens
Text Chapter 922: The Battle of the Nine Heavens (Part 2)Text Chapter 923 How should I treat you (21,000 monthly ticket plus update)Text Chapter 924: What is Peerless?Text Chapter 925: The Second Rejection
Text Chapter 926 WarmText Chapter 927 MarriageText Chapter 928: Attending the BanquetText Chapter 929 Damage
Text Chapter 930 DangerousText Chapter 931 Xia Sheng Sound Transmission (Second Update)Text Chapter 932: Topic (24,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 933 Three Holy Lands Join Forces
Text Chapter 934: The Sword Points at the Holy CliffText Chapter 935 Blood DebtText Chapter 936: Wrath of Emperor XiaText Chapter 937: Repaying Debt
Text Chapter 938: The Fall of the Virtuous List (Second Update)Text Chapter 939: Zhisheng¡¯s Roar (20,000 July tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 940 The SituationText Chapter 941: Yue Lingshuang Visits
Text Chapter 943: Royal FamilyText Chapter 944: Shaking Between Two RealmsText Chapter 945: Map of the Imperial TombText Chapter 946: Difficulty bowing your head
Text Chapter 947: Entering the Imperial MausoleumText Chapter 948 Zhou Shengwang and Li ShengText Chapter 949: DemonText Chapter 950 Layout
Text Chapter 951: Emperor's TombText Chapter 952 DesperateText Chapter 753: Lao Tzu is a descendant of a queenText Chapter 754: Borrowing a Sword from the Ancestors
Text Chapter 795 Who is more ruthlessText Chapter 756 Please Advise the PrincessText Chapter 957: Battle of PeerlessText Chapter 958 Can it be stronger?
Text Chapter 959 ShamelessText Chapter 960: Smile awayText Chapter 961 Who Wants to Get the InheritanceText Chapter 962: Begging to die
Text Chapter 963: There is no one under the Holy Spirit (two more)Text Chapter 964: The Splendor of That Halberd (3,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 965 Bloody BattleText Chapter 966 Changes in the Situation
Text Chapter 967 The Wind Blows (Second Update)Text Chapter 968 Abandoned son (nine thousand monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 969: Wind and Cloud in KyushuText Chapter 970: The Holy Sword Breaks Through the Sky (Second Update)
Text Chapter 971: Arrival (12,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 972: Soldiers approaching the cityText Chapter 973 Jihad OutbreakText Chapter 974: The Great Sun Tathagata Palmprint
Text Chapter 975: Lotuses grow every step of the wayText Chapter 976: Mr. Xu Da (15,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 977: Jiang Sheng's BureauText Chapter 978: The Man Has Tears
Text Chapter 979 Jiang Sheng's WishText Chapter 980: Vicious Liu ZongText Chapter 981: Gu Bai Joins ForcesText Chapter 982 You are not worthy
Text Chapter 983: The Moment of Decisive BattleText Chapter 984: Breaking the Battle Formationtext no more tonightText Chapter 985 Destruction
Text Chapter 986: Closing the netText Chapter 987: Nine Invincibles (18,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 988 DesperationText Chapter 989 Forbidden Technique
Text Chapter 990 KillingText Chapter Nine Hundred and Ninety OneText Chapter 992: Only I Can Bully YouText Chapter 993 Killing
Text Chapter 994: Emperor Xia¡¯s Decree (21,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 995: Be GoodText Chapter 996: RecluseText Chapter 997 See you again, white hair
Text Chapter 998 Lifting the banText Chapter 999 Verbal StimulationText: Chapter 1000: Eighteen YearsText Chapter 1001 Invite the Palace Master to Return to the Palace
Text Chapter 1002: Divide into two groupsChapter 1003 After today, there will be no big week in KyushuText Chapter 1004 The power of a halberdText Chapter 1005 Please Die
Text Chapter 1006 Great Zhou DestructionText Chapter 1007 SadnessText Chapter 1008 Defeated without a fightText Chapter 1009: The End of Xihua Sacred Mountain (Second Update)
Main Text Chapter 1010 Don't know etiquette (27,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1011 Sending off the princessText Chapter 1012 Glass Saint TransformationText Chapter 1013 Grand occasion
Text Chapter 1014 LegendText Chapter 1015 Prologue of the Eratext not tonightText Chapter 1016 Kyushu Shock
Text Chapter 1017 News brought backText Chapter 1018 Reaching the Upper RealmChapter 1019 Pei Qianying's HatredText Chapter 1020: News of Xie Yu (updated)
Chapter 1021 Battle of Sword CultivatorsChapter 1022 Fist of FrenzyChapter 1023 Liyang Sword MasterText Chapter 1024: The Ultimate Saint, the Princess' Attendant
Text Chapter 1025 Roll (30,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text There is something to sayText Chapter 1026 DepartureChapter 1027 The end of Absolute Shadow Palace
Chapter 1029: The Top Power in the Emperor Xia RealmMain text Chapter 1030 The lunaticText Chapter 1031 A full man does not know a hungry man is hungry (30,006 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1032 Birthday Banquet
Chapter 1033 Princess AttitudeText Chapter 1034 Who deserves to fight? (30,009 monthly tickets plus more stamps)Main text May update rulesText Chapter 1035: Shocking
Text Chapter 1036: Lower Thirty-Three HeavensText Chapter 1037 The first person under the Holy Spirit? (updated)Main Text Chapter 1038: Li Hate the World (Add 45,000 Chapters)Chapter 1039 One step closer to the way of the sword
Text Chapter 1040 Straight up to the Thirty-Third HeavenChapter 1041 The strongest battle under the Holy SpiritText Chapter 1042 I lend you a swordChapter 1043 One person is one realm (5,000 monthly ticket plus more chapters)
Text Chapter 1044 The Fourth Level of the Holy PathText Chapter 1045 History of ChinaText Chapter 1046 The truth stabs peopleText Chapter 1047 Leader
Text Chapter 1048 Who is the descendant? (10,000 monthly tickets plus change)Text Chapter 1049 Sacrificial FlagText Chapter 1050 OverbearingText Chapter 1051: Idiot (10,005 monthly ticket plus more chapters)
Chapter 1052 Master Diao is inflatedText Chapter 1053 Dali Imperial TeacherText Chapter 1054 ShamelessText Chapter 1055 Calculation
Text Chapter 1056 Resisting warChapter 1057 Garou Royal FamilyText Chapter 1058 InterlockingChapter 1059 Xia Qingyuan's Order
Text Chapter 1060 General trendText Chapter 1061 Sacrifice?Text Chapter 1062: The Great War is Coming (20,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1063: Rush and battlefield
Text Chapter 1064 AttackText Chapter 1065 PerceptionChapter 1066 Defeat of the Demon Emperor RealmText Chapter 1067 The outcome has been decided
Text Chapter 1068 Capture the flag without cutting itText Chapter 1069Text Chapter 1070 False Saint (30,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Chapter 1071: The Battle of the Sky Realm Ends
Text Chapter 1072: AwardText Chapter 1073 The princess is niceText Chapter 1074 Li Yao's killing intentText Chapter 1075 Kung Fu Trading
Text Chapter 1076 StartText Chapter 1077 Mystery MountainChapter 1078 Borrowing a Sword for Thousands of MilesText Chapter 1079 Heavy interception
Text Chapter 1080 FightingText Chapter 1081 ArrivingText Chapter 1082 UnforgivableText Chapter 1083 Collaborating with the enemy?
Text Chapter 1084 The imperial concubine summonsText Chapter 1085 Reward and PunishmentChapter 1086 Sword IntentChapter 1087 Self-Destructing the Soul of the Piano
Chapter 1088 Pure 'Sword Cultivator'Text Chapter 1089 Arrogant Sword Cultivator (35,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1090Text Chapter 1091 Peer
Text Chapter 1092 EloquentText Chapter 1093 RitsukawaText Chapter 1094 From the palace (30,008 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1095 Who did the Eagle provoke?
Text Chapter 1096 Pointing the countryText Chapter 1097 When will the sword come out? (40,001 monthly ticket plus chapter change)Text Chapter 1098 A Sword BornChapter 1099: Sword Cultivation Sword Seven (2 more)
Text Chapter 1100 Who else (40,004 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1101 AppreciationText Chapter 1102 Great Li Imperial CityText Chapter 1103 The Man of Destiny
Text Chapter 1104 Sword Seven seeks the WayText Chapter 1105 Unruly (40,000 July tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1106 You have to use your swordChapter 1107 Unpredictable intentions
Text Chapter 1108 Summit Gathering (50,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1109 Dali's Three Great Cultivation SitesText Chapter 1110 Low-key arrivalText Chapter 1111 Seeking Taoism on Mount Li
Text About this month's updateText Chapter 1012 Kasyapa SwordText Updated this monthChapter 1113 Deadly Sword
Text Chapter 1114 The Saint's First SwordChapter 1115 The strongest battle between the two holy placesText Chapter 1116 ApprenticeshipText Chapter 1117 Congratulations (second update)
Text Chapter 1118 Selection of National TeacherText Chapter 1119 The first person under the pilgrimage of Dali DynastyText Chapter 1120 Entering the National Teacher's OfficeText Chapter 1121 Disciple of the National Teacher
Text Chapter 1122 Mr. Nan ZhaiText Chapter 1123 Sending exercises (9 thousand monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1124 Mysterious ManText Chapter 1125 Conspiracy
Text Chapter 1126 No flawsText Chapter 1127 Missing WomenText Chapter 1128 Change of Fate and SoulChapter 1129 Can the princess afford it?
Chapter 1130 Hunting in the Western MountainsText Chapter 1131 Demon Saint Gouging TeethText Chapter 1132: Deep in the Western Mountains (12,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Chapter 1133 Torch Dragon's Killing Intent
Text Chapter 1134 Questioning NewChapter 1135 I'm going to pick someone upText Chapter 1136 Regent PalaceText Chapter 1137 What is a struggle (10,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)
Text The third update has been issued, please ask for a monthly ticketText Chapter 1138 National Teacher PreachingText Chapter 1139 SolveChapter 1140 Marriage
Chapter 1141 The news Li Yao gotText Chapter 1142 Sword SaintText Chapter 1142 Sword SaintText Chapter 1143 Give up, parting
Text Chapter 1144 Seeing offText Chapter 1145 One man in charge (two more)Text Chapter 1143 Give up, partingText Chapter 1146 Take a step back (10,000 August tickets plus more chapters)
Text Chapter 1147 BackChapter 1148 Meet Xiao ShengText Chapter 1149 Give a rideText Chapter 1150 Battle Saint Realm
Text Chapter 1151 Do you recognize it?Text Chapter 1152 PleaText Chapter 1153 SainthoodText Chapter 1154 The death of Xiao Sheng
Chapter 1155 Debt collectionText Chapter 1156 Destroying Saints with One FingerText Chapter 1157 DeterrenceText Chapter 1158 Punishment
Text Chapter 1159 Kyushu EndText Chapter 1160 Female Devil?Text Chapter 1161 The Prince ArrivesText Chapter 1162 Spreading the word
Text Chapter 1163 Fifth PrinceText Chapter 1164 Piano musicText Chapter 1165Text Chapter 1166 Magic Sea
Text Chapter 1167 Yaoxi's life experienceText Chapter 1168 HeartbeatText Chapter 1169 He is mineText Chapter 1170 Don't go too far, you boy
Chapter 1171 Summer Palace is Not Peaceful (Updated)Text No. 1Text Chapter 1172 RefiningChapter 1173 Red Dragon Realm
Text Chapter 1174 Madam Ye? (seeking a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 1175 Evil CultivatorChapter 1176 Murder caused by a girlText Chapter 1177 Absurd (Part 2)
Text Chapter 1178 Ulterior motives (supplement 1)Text Chapter 1179 Shen Jun's InvitationChapter 1180: Battle of the Sleepy Dragon (Part 2)Text Chapter 11281 Meeting an acquaintance (supplement 2)
Chapter 1182 Betting on the Dragon (seeking a monthly ticket)Text Chapter 1183 Pressing the formationMain Text Chapter 1084 Group Destroyer (Supplement 3)Chapter 1185 Hunting the Dragon
Text Chapter 1186: The Invincible ManText Chapter 1188 PoachingText Chapter 1189 PlanText Chapter 1190 Reliance
Text Chapter 1191 Seizing the CityChapter 1192 New City LordText Chapter 1193 National Teacher ArrivalText Chapter 1194 Realm Palace (Supplement 5)
Text Chapter 1195 ChiheText Chapter 1196 The battlefield under the roadChapter 1197 Continuation of the War in the Air RealmText Chapter 1198 Enlightenment
Text Chapter 1199 One day the sword in hand (Supplement 6)Text Chapter 1200 TargetingChapter 1201 Unrivaled DemonChapter 1202 Reappearance of the Holy Tribulation
Text Chapter 1203 RobberyText Chapter 1204: The Battle of Chihe EndsText Chapter 1205 RivalryText Chapter 1206 Seeking Alliance
Text Chapter 1207 Letter and the First PrinceText Chapter 1208 The eve of the stormText Chapter 1209 Dark Cloud Overwhelms the CityText Chapter 1210 Battle broke out
Text Chapter 1211 Powerful BattleChapter 1212 Strong National Teacher (Second Update)Text Chapter 1213: Yan Yuan's Battle with the God of Death (Supplement 8)Text Chapter 1214: Sword Array Drop (Supplement 9)
The fourth update of the text is completed, and the last month's owed update has been made upText Chapter 1215 Desperate departureText Chapter 1216 StrugglingText Chapter 1217 Release and kill
Text Chapter 1218 A Gentleman Bears His VirtueText Chapter 1219 ReturnText Chapter 1220 Dali PalaceText Chapter 1221 Li Huang's means
Text Chapter 1222 The Death of the National TeacherText Chapter 1223 Breakthrough in one stepText Chapter 1224 Second Disciple of the National TeacherChapter 1225 Yan Yuan's plan
Text Chapter 1226 Emperor Xia's AttitudeText Chapter 1227 PeerText Chapter 1228 ArrangementText Chapter 1229 Entering the Royal Palace
Text Chapter 1230 City of WoodText Chapter 1231 Strange old manText Chapter 1232 Thief?Chapter 1233 The Battle of the Two Women (3,000 Monthly Ticket Plus Changes)
Text Chapter 1234 LeavingText Chapter 1235: Remains of the EmperorText Chapter 1236 ArriveText Chapter 1237 Ancestral land
Text Chapter 1238 Fire SpiritChapter 1239 Sun Castle (Part 2)Text Chapter 1240: The Showdown Among Nine PeopleText Chapter 1241 Decisive
Chapter 1242 Dao Fire Invasion (Part 2)Text Chapter 1243 Give up? (9K monthly ticket plus chapter change)Chapter 1244 The Gate of the Ancestral LandText Chapter 1245 Vigilance (two more)
Text Chapter 1246 Cruel and Spicy (10,002 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Text Updated in AugustChapter 1247 Solar Black HoleChapter 1248 Ancestral Land Disappears (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1249 Statement (supplement 1)Text Chapter 1250 NewsText Chapter 1251 UndercurrentText Chapter 1252 Gathering
Text Chapter 1253 ConfrontationText Chapter 1255 Cave Lord (second update)Text Chapter 1256 Excuse (third shift)Text Chapter 1257: Wu Yong's battle with Seven Nirvana
Main text Four more, ask for a monthly ticketText Chapter 1258 Gaisheng KingText Chapter 1159 Zhu Qiang makes a moveText Chapter 1260 Nirvana Refinement
Text Chapter 1261 SurrenderChapter 1262 Star Reaching Saint MonarchText Chapter 1263 Reversed SituationText Chapter 1264 The overall situation has been decided
Text Chapter 1265 Domineering Nine SlavesText Chapter 1266 Don't depend on others?Text Chapter 1267 Absolute ControlText Chapter 1268 Wake up
Text Chapter 1269 Peach Blossom StickersText Chapter 1270 Falling BlossomsText Chapter 1271 GenerousText Chapter 1272 Magic piano
Text Chapter 1273 ListeningText Chapter 1274 A Proverb of a Thousand WordsText Chapter 1275 DiscussionText Chapter 1276 Princess Battle
Chapter 1277 Asking about the way of the sword (second update)Text Chapter 1278 Expectation (3rd)Text Chapter 1279 FlashyChapter 1280 I hope you win
Text Chapter 1281 TogetherChapter 1282 The Ultimate ShowdownText Chapter 1283 Is it so miserableText Chapter 1284 The strongest comprehension
Text Chapter 1285 What the halberd points toText Chapter 1286 PeerlessText Chapter 1287 Shenwu RoadText Chapter 1288 Twelve Steps
Text Chapter 1289 Limit?Text Chapter 1290 Flat historyChapter 1291 The True Meaning of the Peach Blossom FeastChapter 1291 The True Meaning of the Peach Blossom Feast
Text Chapter 1292 Killing IntentText Chapter 1293 Join forcesText Chapter 1294: The Great Sentence BeginsText Chapter 1295 Repel
Text Chapter 1296 Reappearance of WillText Chapter 1297 Killing IntentText Chapter 1298 Both losersText Chapter 1299 Enlightenment
Text Chapter 1300 War LetterText Chapter 1301 Above the Red RiverText Chapter 1302 BerserkText Chapter 1303 Suppression
Chapter 1304 Stoned to deathText Chapter 1305 Nine Slaves' WrathText Chapter 1306 The Killing SwordChapter 1307 Defeated (second update)
Text Chapter 1308 Concern (third shift)Text Chapter 1309 UnforgiveText Chapter 1310 The Unscrupulous Emperor Xia (2nd update)Text Chapter 1311 Reminder (third shift)
Text Chapter 1312 Behind the sceneText Chapter 1313 Behind the sceneText Chapter 1314 AmbushText Chapter 1315 Joining forces
Text Chapter 1316 Capture aliveText Chapter 1317 Soldiers approaching the cityText Chapter 1318 PersecutionText Chapter 1319 Game
Text Chapter 1320 ConditionsText Chapter 1321 A gentleman should strive for self-improvementText Chapter 1321 KillText Chapter 1322 Always
Text Chapter 1323 ClosingText Chapter 1324 LegendText Chapter 1325 Jiu Nu's opponentText Chapter 1326 Rolling
Text Chapter 1327 The CurtainText Chapter 1328 WeddingText Chapter 1329 Heavenly Mandate RealmText Chapter 1330 Leaving
Text Chapter 1331 First ArrivalText Chapter 1332 Emperor's DomainText Chapter 1333 Fan JingtianText Chapter 1334 Zuoqiu family
Text Chapter 1335 For the FamilyText Chapter 1337 ChangeText Chapter 1338 Rush to the Imperial CityText Chapter 1339 The so-called genius
Text Chapter 1340 StrengthText Chapter 1341 Get outText Chapter 1342 One blowText Chapter 1343 Bullying
Text Chapter 1344 Unintentional insertionText Chapter 1345 Qi Huang's helpText Chapter 1346 Haotian Immortal GateText Chapter 1347 Extinct Ancient Clan
Text Chapter 1348 Meeting of Wind and CloudText Chapter 1349: Mountain of GodText Chapter 1350 Cheng TianleiText Chapter 1351 Invincible
Text Chapter 1352 Lu YouText Chapter 1352 Climbing to the top (updated)Text Chapter 1353 Number of PolesText Chapter 13354 Treatment
Text Chapter 1355 Heavenly Palace ComesText Chapter 1356: The Peak Power in the Mandate RealmText Chapter 1357 Oppression (third shift)Chapter 1358 Gu Tianxing
Text Chapter 1359 LostText Chapter 1360 West of Heavenly MandateChapter 1361 Qingyang Palace LordText Chapter 1362 Demon Crown Prince
Text Chapter 1363 Everyone has his own ambitionText Chapter 1364: Return of the Carving Master (updated)Text Chapter 1365 The Power of the Demon FormationText Chapter 1366 Stick Technique
Text Chapter 1367 Infighting (updated)Text Chapter 1368 FrictionText Chapter 1369 Breaking the FormationText Chapter 1370 Zixiao Tiangong makes a move
Text Chapter 1371 The Raging PrinceText Chapter 1372 Zhen Fei (updated)Text Chapter 1373 Take your pickChapter 1374 Domineering magic power
Text Happy National DayText Chapter 1375 Battle of the Dao (one more)Text Chapter 1376 Demon Capital (Second Update)Text Chapter 1377 Gu Tianxing's life and death (3k monthly ticket plus more chapters)
Text Chapter 1378 The Prophet (6K monthly pass plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1379 ProphecyText Chapter 1380 Secrets must not be leakedText Chapter 1381 Sensation
Text Chapter 1382 Fox SpiritText Chapter 1383 TransactionText Chapter 1384 A boneText Chapter 1386 Give up?
Text Chapter 1387 Oppression (9k monthly ticket plus more chapters)Text Chapter 1389 Borrowing BoneText Chapter 1390 Elephant Emperor BoneText Chapter 1391: Demons dancing wildly
Text Chapter 1392 Gathering (12,000 monthly tickets plus more chapters)Chapter 1393 Origin MountainsChapter 1394 Death CanyonChapter 1395 I Haven't Read It Yet
Text Chapter 1396 DevourText Chapter 1397 Seizing the CorpseText Chapter 1398 swallowedText Chapter 1399 Surprise
Text Chapter 1400 Zhan Zun Dao BodyMain text Chapter 1401 All parties robText Chapter 1402 SiegeText Chapter 1403 The Emperor's Threat
Text Chapter 1404 Heart to the LightText Chapter 1405 AnswerText Chapter 1406 Breakthroughs one after anotherText Chapter 1407 Mysterious Man
Text Chapter 1408 Giants ArriveText Chapter 1409 FormationText Chapter 1410 To create a new kingText Chapter 1411 Fairy Gate Participation
Text Chapter 1412 Battle of the Emperor's BoneChapter 1413 Divine Elephant Stepping on HeavenText Chapter 1414 Asking the QueenText Chapter 1415 The Idol Emperor's Question
Text Chapter 1416 External changesText Chapter 1417 The Great Event of Zixiao TempleText Chapter 1418 Above the Heavenly PalaceText Chapter 1419 Advice
Text Chapter 1420 ReplacementChapter 1422 Li BaText Chapter 1423Text Chapter 1423 Appreciation
Text Chapter 1424 RejectionText Chapter 1425 The Crown Prince of GodText Chapter 1426 There is no place for you here (updated)Text Chapter 1427 I am alone
Text Chapter 1428 That's all? (two more)Main Text Chapter 1429: Supreme Dao Body (Updated)Text Chapter 1430 Heavenly Dao Divine BodyChapter 1431 Stronger Than Me (Part 2)
Chapter 1432 Tragic Zixiao Heavenly Palace (updated)Text Chapter 1433 Taking advantage of the situationText Chapter 1434 Qin HeText Chapter 1435 Xianmen Clan
Text Chapter 1436 Wang YanbingText Chapter 1437 A day of practice is better than a yearChapter 1438 Women Are Trouble (Part 2)Chapter 1439 Immortal Alley (updated)
Text Chapter 1440 Join forcesChapter 1441: The Fairy Gate Opens (Second Update)Main Text Chapter 1442 Immortal Law Chooses the Master (Supplement)Text Chapter 1443 Immortal Soul Induction
Text Chapter 1444 ExitText Chapter 1445 Gu Dongliu fights Wang YanbingText Chapter 1446 Do not enter the fairy gate, do not returnText Chapter 1447 Soldiers
Text Chapter 1448 Open-mindedText Chapter 1449 The Crown Prince VisitsText Chapter 1451 Fated EnemyText Chapter 1452 Coercion
Text Chapter 1453 Fighting the Nine AloneText Chapter 1454 Do you want to die?Text Chapter 1455 It's OKText Chapter 1456: Battle of Destiny
Text Chapter 1457 Gu Dongliu vs. Yi TianyuText Chapter 1458 The battle between immortals and godsText Chapter 1459 Power of the whole cityText Chapter 1460 Stay honest
Text Chapter 1461 New HopeText Chapter 1462 Dragon AbyssText Chapter 1463 AbnormalText Chapter 1464 Shrine Disciple
Text Chapter 1465 InvitationText Chapter 1466 Xuantian PavilionText Chapter 1467 EmbarrassedText Chapter 1468 Xuantian Formation
Text Chapter 1469 Rhythmic confrontationText Chapter 1470 Breaking the FormationText Chapter 1471 A moment?Text Chapter 1472 Shangxiao Shrine
Text Chapter 1473 Candidate?Text Chapter 1474 ConversationText Chapter 1475 A Good ShowText Chapter 1476 Chaos
Text Chapter 1477 Too miserableText Chapter 1478 MysteryText Chapter 1479 Who is fightingText Chapter 1480 Determination
Chapter 1481 Yi Tianyu's AttitudeText Chapter 1482 Battle against Yi TianyuText Chapter 1483 Who Can Be PeerlessText Chapter 1484 Master and Apprentice
Text Chapter 1485 Strong desire to killText Chapter 1486 Fan JingtianText Chapter 1487 BreakthroughText Chapter 1488 Immortal Gate Luck
Text Chapter 1489 Free and easyChapter 1490 Battle of the Immortal GateText Chapter 1491Text Chapter 1492 Becoming a Demon
Text Chapter 1493 Living up to the Immortal GateText Chapter 1494 LuthierText Chapter 1495 TrialText Chapter 1496 Sword Seal
Text Chapter 1497 Broken SoulText Chapter 1498 Not SimpleText Chapter 1499 Adult BeautyText Chapter 1500 Taixuan Mountain
Text Chapter 1501 Little PhoenixText Chapter 1502 InstructionsText Chapter 1503 Sword AbyssText Chapter 1504 Coincidence?
Text Chapter 1505 Stealing a teacherText Chapter 1506 Sadness in BeautyText Chapter 1507 Taoist preachingText Chapter 1508 Taixuan Daoist
Text Chapter 1509 Friends come from afarText Chapter 1510 TroubleText Chapter 1511 Whose SwordText Chapter 1512 See it clearly
Text Chapter 1513 Breakthrough?Text Chapter 1514 RetreatText Chapter 1515 Divine ComedyText Chapter 1516 Quota
Text Chapter 1518 DaohaiText Chapter 1519 Long time no seeText Chapter 1520 ReceptionText Chapter 1521 The Land of Enlightenment
Text Chapter 1522 Taking care of childrenText Chapter 1523 RobberyChapter 1524 Harmony of Qin and SwordChapter 1025 Dao God Wheel
Chapter 1026 The Sword of Taixuan Mountain ReappearsText Chapter 1527 Fountain of LifeText Chapter 1528 InsatiableText Chapter 1529 Enlightenment Divine Tree
Text Chapter 1530 No one can go upText Chapter 1531 One SwordMain text Chapter 1532 Give a song, assist in kendoText Chapter 1534 Not For Whom
Text Chapter 1535 One personText Chapter 1536 Crazy?Text Chapter 1536 The mountain is not high enoughText Chapter 1537 God's Sigh
Text Chapter 1538 PeerlessText Chapter 1539 ComprehensionText Chapter 1540 Deterring the PowersText Chapter 1541 Xie Jianshan
Text Chapter 1542 AttentionText Chapter 1543 ArroganceText Chapter 1544 Unleashing the SwordText Chapter 1545 Fortunately
Text Chapter 1546 The Battle of the SwordText Chapter 1547 One Sword Breaks Ten Thousand LawsText Chapter 1548 SimplyText Chapter 1549 Excuse me
Text Chapter 1550 One step over?Text Chapter 1551 Go strongText Chapter 1552 I have to practiceText Chapter 1553 Huang Zhong
Text Chapter 1554: The Heaven and the Earth Are LackingText Chapter 1555 Get outText Chapter 1556 Unleashing the Eighty-One SwordText Chapter 1157 Killing Intent
Text Chapter 1558 Fight Gai X AgainText Chapter 1559 KillingText Chapter 1560 Sneak attackChapter 1562 The Violent Queen (Updated)
Text The last three days, ask for a monthly ticketChapter 1564 Emperors appear (second update)Text Chapter 1565 The Great Way is a String (Updated)Text Chapter 1566 revealing identity
Text Chapter 1567 RetreatText Chapter 1568: Ten Thousand and Thirty-Four Years of the Chinese CalendarText Chapter 1569Text Chapter 1570 Dao Zun's old friend
Text Chapter 1571 Tianhe DaozuText Chapter 1572 A StoryText Chapter 1573 Come backText Chapter 1574: Successor
Text Chapter 1575 Mopping upText Chapter 1576 Junior BrotherText Chapter 1587 Little Martial UncleText Chapter 1579 Xu Ping'an
Text Chapter 1580 leaving peacefullyChapter 1581 Protoss ComesText Chapter 1582 VIPText Chapter 1583 Show up
Text Chapter 1584 ExecutionText Chapter 1585 The choice between life and deathText Chapter 1586 BreakthroughText Chapter 1587 Three hundred and fifty years
Text Chapter 1588 God's RemainsText Chapter 1589 Bow your headText Chapter 1590 City of RuinsText Chapter 1591 Confluence
Text Chapter 1592 Nine RealmsText Chapter 1593 FightText Chapter 1594 Vientiane Realm ForcesText Chapter 1595 My Master
Text Chapter 1596 Take it backText Chapter 1597 Take it backText Chapter 1598 PreparationText Chapter 1599 Keep a low profile
Text Chapter 1600 The tragedy of entering the ruins for the first timeText Chapter 1601 ControlText Chapter 1602 Ziwei PalaceText Chapter 1603 Melee
Text Chapter 1604 Fighting IntentChapter 1605 Battle in the Underground PalaceText Chapter 1606 Possessed by God of WarText Chapter 1607 Extreme Battle
Text Chapter 1608 InheritanceText Chapter 1608 Sword CityText No. 1609 Attribution of the ruinsText Chapter 1610 Choice
Text Chapter 1611Text Chapter 1612 Invincible with a spearText Chapter 1613 TargetText Chapter 1614 Gathering
Text Chapter 1615 How innocentText Chapter 1616 Don't pickText Chapter 1617 Great Luck of the God of Heaven DynastyText Chapter 1618 A little difficult
Text Chapter 1620 MyselfText Chapter 1621 Death of the EmperorText Chapter 1622 Instigating rebellionChapter 1623 Battle Emperor (Second Update)
Text Chapter 1624 There is a vacancy in the emperor (updated)Text Chapter 1625 spare a lifeText Chapter 1626 Complete VictoryText Chapter 1627 Door
Text Chapter 1628 Maker of HistoryText Chapter 1629 Deity AcademyText Chapter 1630 Finding the way in the garden (second update)Text Chapter 1631 Lotus in the Lake (updated)
Text Chapter 1632 Lotus chooses the masterText Chapter 1633 Princess XiahuangjieText Chapter 1634 Gathering of experts from the Nine RealmsText Chapter 1635 Courage
Text Chapter 1636 Absolute SuppressionText Chapter 1637 Shen YuanChapter 1638 Can you bear a swordText Chapter 1639 Nine people
Text Chapter 1640 Give upText Chapter 1641 Plunder and warText Chapter 1642 Death ThreatText Chapter 1643 Perfect Level
Text Chapter 1644 MeteorText Chapter 1645 ChangeText Chapter 1646 Emperor ShadowText Chapter 1647: God's Appearance
Chapter 1648 Tomb of the GodsText Chapter 1649 After the majestic Fighting GodText Chapter 1650 TroubleText Chapter 1651 Dissension and provocation
Text Chapter 1652 Participating in the warText Chapter 1653 Innate visionText Chapter 1554 Emperor Xia turned his faceText Chapter 1655 Besieged on all sides
Text Chapter 1656 Ye Futian?Text Chapter 1657 Use the situation to resolveText Chapter 1658 Hidden secretText Chapter 1659 Landing
Text Chapter 1660 Horror visionText Chapter 1661 Arrogant thoughtsText Chapter 1662 ConfirmationText Chapter 1663 Accepting apprentices on behalf of teachers
Text Chapter 1664 Apprentice rejectedText Chapter 1665 CallingText Chapter 1666 Ye Futian's ambitionText Chapter 1667 For?
Text Chapter 1668 The Eye of PromiseText Chapter 1669 Concubine?Text Chapter 1670 This shameless personText Chapter 1672 Xiao Muyu's Transformation
Text Chapter 1673 So MasterText Chapter 1674 Family BanquetText Chapter 1775 DistanceText Chapter 1676 Courtesy
Text Chapter 1677 Canonization of GoddessText Chapter 1678 OccupationText Chapter 1679 ReturnText Chapter 1680: Return to the Heavenly Mandate Realm
Text Chapter 1681 PlanningText Chapter 1683 Soldiers approaching the cityText Chapter 1684 WaiText Chapter 1685 The Last Battle
Text Chapter 1686 One blowText Chapter 1687 It's overText Chapter 1688 Burying an EraText Chapter 1689 Ending
Text No. 1, asking for a monthly ticketText Chapter 1690 VisitText Chapter 1691 Pain, so I won't forgetText Chapter 1692 You win, I am you
Text Chapter 1693 Threshold of thatched cottageText Chapter 1694 DefenseText Chapter 1695 Academy establishedText Chapter 1696 Powerful Protoss
Text Chapter 1697 CourageChapter 1698 Protoss heritage?Text Chapter 1699 OriginText Chapter 1700 Looking for someone
Chapter 1701 Great Elder of the ProtossText Chapter 1702 ReversalText Chapter 1703 DestructionText Chapter 1704 Nine Worlds Shake
Text Chapter 1705 Soldiers approaching the cityText Chapter 1706 Meet MasterText Chapter 1707 God saidText Chapter 1708 Opportunity
Text Chapter 1709 The battlefield of two peopleText Chapter 1710 Weaker than expectedText Chapter 1711 ReleaseText Chapter 1712 Protoss Compromise
Text Chapter 1713 PostponeText Chapter 1714 Look at old friendsText Chapter 1715 UnrealText Chapter 1716 Check the details
Text Chapter 1717 HandlingText Chapter 1718 TearsText Chapter 1719 ChantingText Chapter 1720 Smile
Text Chapter 1721 WarmthText Chapter 1722 ThoughtsText Chapter 1723 10,040 years of the Chinese calendarText Chapter 1725 Disappearing forces
Text Chapter 1726 The Gate of HellText Chapter 1727 Nine NetherworldText Chapter 1728 AdviceText Chapter 1730 Emperor Wu
Text Chapter 1731 Ominous girlText Chapter 1732 Ye QingyaoText Chapter 1733 Vigorous meansText Chapter 1734 Domain Suppression
Text Chapter 1735 Mysterious girlText Chapter 1736 Dao Body Divine EmbryoText Chapter 1737 Reversal of the UnderworldText Chapter 1738 Ancient Battlefield
Text Chapter 1739 Giant BuddhaText Chapter 1740 AncientsText No update tonightText Chapter 1741 Mysterious person
Text Chapter 1742 MotivationText Chapter 1743 Change of skyText Chapter 1744 Virtual RealmText Chapter 1745 Original Realm
Text Chapter 1746 Returning one after anotherText Chapter 1747 Foreign forcesText Chapter 1748 Let the past go?Text Chapter 1749 One Sword
Text Chapter 1750 General chaosText Chapter 1751 Who is he?Text Chapter 1752 Come to VIPText Chapter 1754 Meiting
Text Chapter 1755 Restaurant in the darkText Chapter 1756 StrengthText Chapter 1757 All parties come to helpText Chapter 1758 The Beauty of Human Nature
Text Chapter 1760: The Alliance of the Two Holy LandsText Chapter 1761 Chaos and OpportunityText Chapter 1762: The Controversy of Tianyu AcademyText Chapter 1763 Summer insects are unspeakable ice
Text Chapter 1764 ShenzhouText Chapter 1765 Almost perfectText Chapter 1766 SuppressionText Chapter 1767 A powerful opponent
Text Chapter 1768 Battle for the rest of his lifeText Chapter 1769 Traitor from the Demon RealmText Chapter 1770 Fist of FameText Chapter 1771 Dominance
Text Chapter 1772 Sword outText Chapter 1773 Mu QingkeText Chapter 1774 Limit?Text Chapter 1775 Whose Descendants
Text Chapter 1776 Mei Ting visitsText Chapter 1777 Provocation?Text Chapter 1778 Opening the curtainText Chapter 1779 Golden God Kingdom Action
Text Chapter 1780 Shrine CrisisText Chapter 1781 AttitudeText Chapter 1782 ReciprocateText Chapter 1783 Game
Chapter 1784 Emperor Wu's ConfidenceText Chapter 1785 Spreading the wordText Chapter 1786 The arrival of the armyText Chapter 1787 Shrine Crisis
Text Chapter 1788 Bing Feng pointedText Chapter 1789 Excalibur ArrivesText Chapter 1790 Emperor Wu's TransformationText Chapter 1791 Sun Divine Body
Text Chapter 1792 Ancestral SteleText Chapter 1793 Lone boatText Chapter 1794 Dao Ancestor SlaughterText Chapter 1795 Under the Excalibur
Text Chapter 1796 Fighting the EmperorText Chapter 1797 Absolute ControlText Chapter 1798 BombardmentText Chapter 1799 Mysterious Man
Text Chapter 1800 DialogueText Chapter 1800 DialogueText Chapter 1801 Lower BoundText Chapter 1802 Summoning
Text Chapter 1803 Three SeesText Chapter 1804 Resetting the orderText Chapter 1805 Making RulesText Chapter 1806 Good intentions
Text Chapter 1807 Nether God SonText Chapter 1808 InvitationText Chapter 1809 DeliberatelyText Chapter 1910 Emperor's Servant
Text Chapter 1812 Lunar DoomsdayText Chapter 1813 The fetish of the lunar worldText Chapter 1814 Summoned againText Chapter 1815 Arrival
Text Chapter 1816 Spear King SoloText Chapter 1817 SurpriseText Chapter 1818 The Battle of the Original RealmText Chapter 1819 Dao Divine Body
Text Chapter 1820 Divine FistText Chapter 1821 The Center of the EarthText Chapter 1822 FigureText Chapter 1823 Heavenly Heir
Text Chapter 1824 Rough stoneText Chapter 1825 DissipationText Chapter 1826 MoonlightText Chapter 1827 Fusion
Text Chapter 1828 NegotiationText Chapter 1829 BattleText Chapter 1830 ExpeditionText Chapter 1831 Battlefield
Text Chapter 1832 EngagementText Chapter 1833 Battle FormationText Chapter 1834 AttentionText Chapter 1835 Killing six people with one sword
Text Chapter 1836: Rescue (updated)Text Chapter 1837 People's heartsText Chapter 1838 General trendChapter 1839 no way out
Text Chapter 1841 InvincibleText Chapter 1842 Killing thoughtsText Chapter 1843 Kill moveText Chapter 1844 Triumph
Text Chapter 1845 Should he be punished?Text Chapter 1846 OppressionText Chapter 1847 Reward and PunishmentText Chapter 1848 Return to Academy
Text Chapter 1849 EmotionsText Chapter 1850 Difficult to fly with wingsText Chapter 1851: Armed ForcesText Chapter 1852 The last ride
Text Chapter 1853 The Battle of DestructionText Chapter 1854 Date of deathText Chapter 1855 Give upText Chapter 1856 Destruction
Text Chapter 1857 Departure, returnText Chapter 1858 ShenzhouText Chapter 1859 Junior SisterText Chapter 1860 Planning
Text Chapter 1861 Delivered to the doorText Chapter 1862: Xia Qingyuan retreatsText Chapter 1863 DiscoveryText Chapter 1864 Killing God
Text Chapter 1865 Destroying Senluo MansionText Chapter 1866 Ying Qing's requestText Chapter 1867 Dongyuan PavilionText Chapter 1868 1045 Years of the Chinese Calendar
Text Chapter 1869 BreakthroughText Chapter 1870 StrongText Chapter 1871 ManifestationText Chapter 1872 Substitute palm? (two more)
Text Chapter 1873 Consent to replace (supplement)Text Chapter 1874 Apology?Text Chapter 1875 A Sword IntentText Chapter 1876 Competing for the position of Pavilion Master
Text Chapter 1877 StrongText Chapter 1878 DecisionText Chapter 1879 New Pavilion MasterText Chapter 1880 Speculation
Text Chapter 1881 ChallengeText Chapter 1882 Refining the SwordText Chapter 1883 Interesting factsText Chapter 1884 East Immortal Island
Text Chapter 1885 Penglai ContinentText Chapter 1886 Mother and Child Mandarin Duck MirrorText Chapter 1887 Gift?Text Chapter 1888 Jun Qiuyan
Text Chapter 1889 Hidden WorryText Chapter 1890 UnforgivenText Chapter 1891 Strong executionText Chapter 1892 Teasing
Text Chapter 1893 Live a few more daysText Chapter 1894 East Immortal GateText Chapter 1895 Blooming TreeText Chapter 1896: Blooming Tree Changes
Text Chapter 1897 Hidden but not revealedText Chapter 1898 Holy Land on the IslandText Chapter 1900 XiaomuText Chapter 1900 Breakthrough
Text Chapter 1901 Death IslandText Chapter 1902 Snake TamingText Chapter 1903 Demon Slaying SnakeText Chapter 1904 Master Diao is a little drifting
Text Chapter 1905 CocooningText Chapter 1906 So niceText Chapter 1907 FengmingText Chapter 1908: Phantom Space
Text Chapter 1909 ComprehensionText Chapter 1910 Can'tText Chapter 1911 KillerText Chapter 1912 Why seek death?
Text Chapter 1913 AttentionText Chapter 1914 Mountain wall noteText Chapter 1915 Vajra Subduing Demon LawText Chapter 1916 Words follow the law
Text Chapter 1917 ShotText Chapter 1918 Anti-killingText Chapter 1919 Do it againMain Text Chapter 1920
Text Chapter 1921 SwordsmanshipText Chapter 1922 Shangguan Qiuye's calculationText Chapter 1924 HumiliationText Chapter 1925 Heading to the Core Island
Text Chapter 1926 Chess GameText Chapter 1927 Entering the chess gameText Chapter 1928 Let's go togetherText Chapter 1929 You are okay too
Text Chapter 1930 EndText Chapter 1931 Master Diao's status is in dangerText Chapter 1932 Divine PillText Chapter 1933 Invitation
Text Chapter 1934 Tree GodText Chapter 1935 FusionText Chapter 1936 Second Island OwnerText Chapter 1937 Canonization
Text Chapter 1938 The Belonging of the Divine FlameText Chapter 1939 Good guyText Chapter 1940 DejimaText Chapter 1941 Encirclement and Suppression
Text Chapter 1942: WarText Chapter 1943 God Tree AppearsText Chapter 1944 Reckless KillingText Chapter 1945 The end of the Jun family
Text Chapter 1946 The CurtainText Chapter 1947 HandoverText Chapter 1948 RetreatText Chapter 1949 Breakthrough
Text Chapter 1950 Yin-Yang DiagramText Chapter 1951 FarewellText Chapter 1952 AbductedText Chapter 1953 Promise
Text Chapter 1954 Pill EmperorText Chapter 1955 PeerText Chapter 1956 WangduText Chapter 1957 A little understanding
Text Chapter 1958 KyogenText Chapter 1959 Level is too lowText Chapter 1960 ConfessionText Chapter 1961 Hitting people not in the face
Text Chapter 1962 InvitationText Chapter 1963 CalculationText Chapter 1964 StrongText Chapter 1965 Mysterious visitor
Text Chapter 1966: The Ancient Royal Family of the NorthlandText Chapter 1967 The visitor is not kindText Chapter 1968 Don't give faceText Chapter 1969 Yibo Yuntian Ye Futian
Text Chapter 1970 OpinionText Chapter 1971 BreakthroughText Chapter 1972 Confrontation across the airText Chapter 1973 Entering
Text Chapter 1974 One PunchText Chapter 1975: Battle of ChaosText Chapter 1976 Seven Realms?Text Chapter 1977 Mopping up
Text Chapter 1978 Who is fightingText Chapter 1979 What identity?Text Chapter 1980 Dragon and Phoenix CollisionText Chapter 1981 Wang Shenque
Text Chapter 1982 Send him a defeatText Chapter 1983 One SwordText Chapter 1984 Domain Lord's MansionText Chapter 1985 Divine Tower Practice
Text Chapter 1986 Zong ChanText Chapter 1987 God TribulationText Chapter 1988 Xianhai ContinentText Chapter 1989 Story
Text Chapter 1990 CliffText Chapter 1991 ArgumentText Chapter 1992 Wake upText Chapter 1993 Crack
Text Chapter 1994 Turtle Immortal IslandText Chapter 1995 ViciousText Chapter 1996 Change of skyText Chapter 1997 Powerful from all sides
Text Chapter 1998 Man of the YearText Chapter 1999 PrideText Chapter 2000 Responding to robberyText Chapter 2001 Robbery
Text Chapter 2002 VIPText Chapter 2003 ForText Chapter 2004 AngerText Chapter 2005 Fighting
Text Chapter 2006Text Chapter 2007 AmnesiaText Chapter 2008 The Hidden TruthText Chapter 2009 Palace Master's Invitation
Text Chapter 2010 DonghuatianText Chapter 2011 AdviceText Chapter 2012 The First Holy LandText Chapter 2013 Encounter
Text Chapter 2014 AlienationText Chapter 2015 Sacred Land SceneryMain text Chapter 2016 Academy askedText Chapter 2017 Desolate Tribulation Finger
Main Text Chapter 2018: Wild WheelText Chapter 2019 God Wheel RankText Chapter 2020 DetectionText Chapter 2021 God Wheel Warriors
Text Chapter 2022 AdmireText Chapter 2023 First FameText Chapter 2024 Donghua BanquetText Chapter 2025 Arrive
Text Chapter 2026 Meeting of Wind and CloudText Chapter 2027 Feast heldText Chapter 2028 The first Taoist battleText Chapter 2029 The Battle of Humiliation
Text Chapter 2030 Conferred God JueText Chapter 2031 Divine Comedy TaihuaText Chapter 2032 Man of the YearText Chapter 2033 Chen Yi
Text Chapter 2034 The strongest opponentText Chapter 2035 Peak ShowdownText Chapter 2036 InvincibleText Chapter 2037 Wind Demon
Text Chapter 2038 Undefeated Golden BodyText Chapter 2039 Divine Comedy TaihuaChapter 2040 Divine Comedy CollisionText Chapter 2041 For
Text Chapter 2042 Join forcesText Chapter 2043 Group battle?Text Chapter 2044 Fuyao Secret RealmText Chapter 2045 Monster Mountain
Text No more updates tonightText Chapter 2046 ThrobbingText Chapter 2047 staringText Chapter 2048 Killing heart
Text Chapter 2049 Not EnoughText Chapter 2050 KillingText Chapter 2051 The man behind the scenesText Chapter 2052 Crisis
Text Chapter 2053 Strong NinghuaText Chapter 2054 InvincibleText Chapter 2055 Chen Yi's ReasonText Chapter 2056 Sealed space
Text Chapter 2057 Breaking into the Demon TempleText Chapter 2058 SuicideText Chapter 2059 DangerText Chapter 2060 Sealed Object
Text Chapter 2061 Death without a doubtText Chapter 2062 Palace Master's DecisionText Chapter 2063 Coming from behindText Chapter 2064 Law Enforcement on behalf of the Great Emperor
Text Chapter 2065 tear faceText Chapter 2066 HuntingText Chapter 2067 DesperationText Chapter 2068 Killing
Text Chapter 2069 A person sent to death?Text Chapter 2070 Light Dao BodyText Chapter 2071 The death of Zong ChanText Chapter 2072 Speak out to help
Text Chapter 2073 Mysterious ManText Chapter 2074 The turmoil endsText Chapter 2075 Old LandText Chapter 2076 Can I live forever?
Text Chapter 2077 The emperor is like an antText Chapter 2078 Guixian Island DiveText Chapter 2079: Ten thousand and fifty-eight years of the Chinese calendarText Chapter 2080 Marriage
Text Chapter 2081 InterceptionText Chapter 2082 KillingText Chapter 2083 GunText Chapter 2084 Annihilation of the whole army
Text Chapter 2085 PlanText Calvin, no updates tonightText Chapter 2086 Sifang VillageText Chapter 2087 Strange Village
Text Chapter 2088 ZeroText Chapter 2089 Coincidence?Text Chapter 2090 Juvenile DisputeText Chapter 2091 Arrogant boy
Text Chapter 2092 Seven Great Magical TechniquesText Chapter 2093 InquiryText Chapter 2094 The Legend of Sifang VillageText Chapter 2095 The Day of the God Sacrifice
Text Chapter 2096: Kingdom of the Ancient GodsText Chapter 2097 DisgustText Chapter 2098 CruelText Chapter 2099 Apology
Text Chapter 2100 UnobstructedText No update tonightText Chapter 2101 Reality and IllusionText Chapter 2102 Expulsion
Text Chapter 2103 Four MastersText Chapter 2104 ChangeText Chapter 2105 square coverText Chapter 2106 Do you want to die
Text Chapter 2107 Who was expelled?Text Chapter 2108 SearchText Chapter 2109 The idea of ??accepting disciplesText Chapter 2110 Prestige
Text Chapter 2111 Back to the villageText Chapter 2112 Arrogant attitudeText Chapter 2113 The advent of the seven godsText Chapter 1214 Apprenticeship
Text Chapter 2115 Recommending the village chiefText Chapter 2116 ExpulsionText Chapter 2117 Complete defeatText Chapter 2118 unwilling to leave
Text Chapter 2119 FlipText Chapter 2120 AdmitText Chapter 2121 Mr.Text Chapter 2122 Leaving the village
Text Chapter 2123 AttackText Chapter 2124 Lock CityText Chapter 2125 KillingText Chapter 2126 Evacuation
Text Chapter 2127 WTO entryText Chapter 2128 The Storm Comes BackText Chapter 2129 CountermeasuresText Chapter 2130 Alchemy Master
Text Chapter 2131 Mysterious MasterText Chapter 2132 OffendedText Chapter 2133 Anti-killingText Chapter 2134 Arrogant Master
Text Chapter 2135 Take the baitText Chapter 2136 DanchengText Chapter 2137 Complete victoryText Chapter 2138 Make friends
Text Chapter 2139 PlanningText Chapter 2140 ShotText Chapter 2141 Can't walk awayText Chapter 2142 Impossible
Text Chapter 2143 Breaking through the ancient royal familyText Chapter 2144 UnstoppableText Chapter 2145 Spear InvincibleText Chapter 2146 Concession
Text Chapter 2147text not tonightText Chapter 2148 VisitText Chapter 2149 Big change
Text Chapter 2150 Cangyuan ContinentText Chapter 2151 ConflictText Chapter 2152 Divine Magic CollisionText Chapter 2153 God Seal of Houtu
Text Chapter 2154 AbuseText Chapter 2155 One Word One WorldText Chapter 2156 TravelingText Chapter 2157 Borrowing the Trial
Text Chapter 2158 There is no way in the worldText Chapter 2159 God's Coffin Ancient CorpseText Chapter 2160 God Armor EmperorText Chapter 2161 Unwilling
Text Chapter 2162 EnemyText Chapter 2163 Who is the god's corpseText Chapter 2164 Pupil TechniqueText Chapter 2165 Get used to it after watching it a few times
Text Chapter 2166 Zhou MuhuangText Chapter 2167 Get closeText Chapter 2168 Fairy Seven FantasyText Chapter 2169 Trauma
Text Chapter 2170 Response from the Imperial PalaceText Chapter 2171 Constructing the Divine MausoleumText No. 1, ask for a monthly ticketText Chapter 2172 Gathering again
Text Chapter 2173 Virtual world newsText Chapter 2174 Palace Lord HintText Chapter 2175 Spiritual Tomb PracticeText Chapter 2176 God Corpse Movement
Text Chapter 2177 The Tomb of the Gods CollapsesText Chapter 2178 CrisisText Chapter 2179 Coercion Sifang VillageText Chapter 2180 VIP
Text Chapter 2181 God Corpse Opens His EyesText Chapter 2182 Power of GodText Chapter 2183 PracticeText Chapter 2184 News from the Imperial Palace
Text Chapter 2185 Extreme of the skyText Chapter 2186 ReturnText Chapter 2187 Changes in Tianyu AcademyText Chapter 2188 Changes in the Original Realm
text not tonightText Chapter 2190 PlanningText Chapter 2191 HuntingText Chapter 2192 The death of the sun worship leader
Text Chapter 2193 The person who hurt the TaoistText Chapter 2194 RestlessText Chapter 2195 ReunionText Chapter 2196 Quiet piano sound
Text Chapter 2197 The truth of the yearText Chapter 2198 FistText Chapter 2199 retreatText Ask for leave at night
Text Chapter 2200 Changes in the Ziwei RealmText Chapter 2201 Terrorist LineupText Chapter 2202 A stone?Text Chapter 2203 Miracle
Text Chapter 2204 Dusty worldText Chapter 2205 The Emperor's WorldText Chapter 2206 Ziwei Imperial PalaceText Chapter 2207 Deterrence
Text Chapter 2208 Emperor Palace MasterText Chapter 2209 Reaching an agreementText Chapter 2210 Star MonasteryText Chapter 2211 Emperor's posthumous writing
Text Chapter 2212 NebulaText Chapter 2213 Devouring NebulaText Chapter 2214 DeterrenceText Chapter 2215 Pretend not to know each other
Text Chapter 2216 StrongText Chapter 2217 Fighting aloneText Chapter 2218: Cultivators of the Three Great WorldsText Chapter 2219 Backlash
Text Chapter 2220 Divine MightText Chapter 2221 Starry sky?Text Chapter 2222 NothingText Chapter 2223 The Mystery of the Stars
Text Chapter 2224 More than oneText Chapter 2225 MysteryText Chapter 2226 Iron blind man's chanceText Chapter 2227 Another Emperor Star
Text Chapter 2228 missText Chapter 2229 The idea of ??Ziwei Imperial PalaceText Chapter 2230 Coming out one after anotherText Chapter 2231 The last one
Text Chapter 2232 A glimmer of hopeText Chapter 2233 FoundText Chapter 2234 CrackText Chapter 2235 Domineering Imperial Palace
Text Chapter 2236 Emperor's WillText Chapter 2237 Unbearable ForceText Chapter 2238 The Emperor SighsText Chapter 2239 Unwilling
Text Chapter 2240 AwakeningText Chapter 2241 Invincible existenceText Chapter 2242 DeterrenceText Chapter 2243 Threat
Text Chapter 2244 TransferText Chapter 2245 Deja vuText Chapter 2246 Standing in lineText Chapter 2247 Solidarity
Text Chapter 2248 EnemyText No update tonightText Chapter 2249 FightingText I still can't update tonight, sorry
Text Chapter 2250 Ye Futian's confidenceText Chapter 2251 The power of the corpseText Chapter 2252 ExplosionText Chapter 2253 Continuous Killing
Text Chapter 2254 InvincibleText Chapter 2255 Destruction SwordText Chapter 2256 eyeingText Chapter 2257 The Holy Emperor of Absolute Beginning
Text Chapter 2258 Where did you come from, where do you go backText Chapter 2259 Emperor?Text Chapter 2260 StatusText Chapter 2261 The Curtain
Text Chapter 2262 All BeingsText Chapter 2263 Today's StatusText Chapter 2264 Wake upText Chapter 2265 High Emperor
Text Chapter 2266 waitingText Please leave tonightText Chapter 2267 Bow your headText Chapter 2268 Rectify the original world
Text Chapter 2269 SuccessionText Chapter 2270 RevengeText Chapter 2271 Underground Divine PowerText Chapter 2272 Destruction
Text Chapter 2273 Geocentric StormText Chapter 2274 Sun God StoneText Chapter 2275 DevourText Chapter 2276 Asylum
Text Calvin, the night is goneText Chapter 2277 UndercurrentText Chapter 2278 CruelText Chapter 2279 Kill
Text Chapter 2280 stayText Chapter 2281 SupportText Chapter 2282 Purgatory KingText Chapter 2283 Thoughts
Text Chapter 2284 AllianceText Chapter 2285 FutureText Chapter 2286 Iron Blind Breaks ThroughText Chapter 2287 Revenge
Text Chapter 2288 DomineeringText Chapter 2289 ThoughtsText Chapter 2290 Visiting in successionText Chapter 2291 For China?
Text Calvin, no more tonightText Chapter 2292 Moving RelicsText Chapter 2293 Great Emperor's Remains?Text Chapter 2294 Resuscitated Corpse
Text Chapter 2295 The way homeText Chapter 2296 StopText No update tonightText Chapter 2297 The Emperor is alive?
Text Chapter 2298 Corpse KingText Chapter 2299 Emperor?Chapter 2300 Ancient White CoffinText Chapter 2301 Shenqin
Text Chapter 2302 The emperor is still thereText Chapter 2303 The Obsession of Emperor ShenyinText Chapter 2304 Send me homeText Chapter 2305 Going to Ziwei Starfield
Text Chapter 2306 Give upText Chapter 2307 Changes in the Original RealmText Chapter 2308 Intensified changesText Chapter 2309 Exceeding expectations
Text Chapter 2310 The Demon Realm ComesText Chapter 2311 Demon Emperor DiscipleText Chapter 2312 Demon body and divine bodyText Chapter 2313 Sword Intent
Chapter 2314 knife and stickText Chapter 2315 InheritorText Chapter 2316 WinningText Chapter 2317 Secrets of the Demon World
Text Chapter 2318 ConfusedText Chapter 2319 Practitioner RemainsText Chapter 2320 God's Legacy ContinentText Chapter 2321 Space Collision
Text Chapter 2322 AdmirationText Chapter 2323 SurvivorsText Chapter 2324 RejectionText Chapter 2325 Bequeathed
Text CalvinText Chapter 2326 History of the bereaved familyText Chapter 2327 CaveText Chapter 2328 The strength of the bereaved family
Text Chapter 2329 Xiao Mu goes to warText Chapter 2330 Rock formationText Chapter 2332 Pick someoneText Chapter 2332 Invitation to play
Text Chapter 2333 PracticeText Chapter 2334 The formation is thereText Chapter 2335 UncompromisingText Chapter 2336 Persuasion
Text Chapter 2337 UnwillingText Chapter 2338 ConfrontationText Chapter 2339 head-on crushingText Chapter 2340 Strong
Text Chapter 2341Text Chapter 2342 Attitudes of all partiesText Chapter 2343 Survivor crisisText Chapter 2344 Heritage of the bereaved family
Text Chapter 2345 ContainmentText Chapter 2346 Compromise and contentionText Chapter 2347 Unrest is approachingText Chapter 2348 Temporary calm of the storm
Text Chapter 2349 Arrival of all partiesText Chapter 2350 Continental AllianceText Chapter 2351 Crazy practiceText Chapter 2352 Thoughts
Text Chapter 2353 RealizationText Chapter 2354 DetailsText Chapter 2355 West Emperor PalaceText Chapter 2356 West Jade Lake
Text Chapter 2357 Raindrops Make SwordsText Chapter 2358 Eye of the Western EmperorText Chapter 2359 Extraordinary family background?Text Chapter 2360 Is the relationship abnormal?
Text Chapter 2361 OppressionText Chapter 2361 OppressionText Chapter 2362 SiegeText Chapter 2363 Strong opponent
Text Chapter 2364 one against twoText Chapter 2365 AbnormalText Chapter 2366 Strong fighting spiritText Chapter 2367 Nine realms shot
Text Chapter 2368 GoddessText Chapter 2369 Meet againText Chapter 2370 Have an appointment?Text Chapter 2371 Side by side again
Text Chapter 2372 Heavenly Demon God DescendsText Chapter 2373 Broken ArmText Chapter 2374 Inheritance of the Empress?Text Chapter 2375 Decisive battle
Text Chapter 2376 Tianyan City CrownText Chapter 2377 CooperationText Chapter 2378 Join forcesText Chapter 2379 Exchange
Text Chapter 2380 Decisive battleText Chapter 2381 Strong confrontationText No update tonightText Chapter 2382 Alchemy of God
Chapter 2383 decisive blowText Chapter 2384 Refusing to give upText Chapter 2385 Exchange?Text Chapter 2386 Demon World Old Man
Text Chapter 2387 Survivors join the warText Chapter 2388 Domineering blowText Chapter 2389 StrongText Chapter 2390 Grief and Indignation
Text Chapter 2391 Yusheng's identity?Text Chapter 2392 SuspectedText Chapter 2393 ExposureText Chapter 2394 How to deal with it?
Text Chapter 2395 FacingText Chapter 2396 Take a trip?Chapter 2397 Master of Star DomainText Chapter 2398 Fang Ru
Text Chapter 2399 Emperor's peakText Chapter 2400 Universe FingerText Chapter 2401 All parties intercede?Text Chapter 2402 Dialogue with the Emperor
Text Chapter 2403 SurvivalText Chapter 2404 Give upChapter 2405 retreatText Chapter 2406 Long trip
Chapter 2407 four juniorsText Chapter 2408 Chen Yi's SecretText Chapter 2409 Blind ChenText Chapter 2410 The Blind Man Welcomes Guests
Text Chapter 2411 VIP?Text Chapter 2412 Death CalamityText Chapter 2413 Calamity surrenderText Chapter 2414 The person behind
Text Chapter 2415 PietyText Chapter 2416 ExplorationText Chapter 2417 VulnerableText Chapter 2418 Enter
Chapter 2419 Small WorldText Chapter 1420 Temple of LightText Chapter 2421 ApostleText Chapter 2422 Emperor Invincible
Text Chapter 2423 ChangeText Chapter 2424 Open eyesText Chapter 2425 Why did he die?Text Chapter 2426 Leave
Text Chapter 2427 Bodhi Sacred TreeText Chapter 2428 ControlText Chapter 2429 Ferris PatriarchText Chapter 2430 Each has a ghost
Text Chapter 2431 Fighting wits and courageText Chapter 2432 Plan to killText Chapter 2433 Six DesiresText Chapter 2434 Invited
Text Chapter 2435 Shameless?Text Chapter 2436 NewsText Chapter 2437 Descending to the Palace of Six DesiresText Chapter 2438 Compromise, balance
Text Chapter 2439 Comprehension?Text Chapter 2440 DisasterText Chapter 2441 Great WarText Chapter 2442 Mutual calculation
Text Chapter 1443 Desperate FightText Chapter 2444 Zhan ChuchanText Chapter 2445 Killing IntentText Chapter 2446 Refusing to let go
Text No update tonightText Chapter 2447 Search peopleText Chapter 2448 Master and ApprenticeText Chapter 2449 Exposure
Text Chapter 2450 EncirclementText Chapter 2451 Killing ringText Chapter 2452 Break outText Chapter 2453 No way to go to heaven
Text Chapter 2454 Nowhere to goText Chapter 2455 No choiceText Chapter 2456 DestroyText Chapter 2457 Darkest Hour
Text Chapter 2458 ConfluenceText Chapter 2459 SleepingText No update tonightText Chapter 2460 Wanfo Calendar
Text Chapter 2461 Domineering monkText Chapter 2462 AwakeningText Chapter 2463 KillingText Chapter 2464 Going to the West
Text Chapter 2465 Monk in whiteText Chapter 2466 Predestined relationship with BuddhaText Chapter 2467 SpyingText Chapter 2468 Exceeding?
Text Chapter 2469 Big BuddhaText Chapter 2470 Master YumuText Chapter 2471 Follow the example of DonghuangText Chapter 2472 Dharma practice
Text Chapter 2473 Golden SeaText Chapter 2474 Buddhas of Lingshan MountainText Chapter 2475 Fudo Mingo DharmaText Chapter 2476 Buddhist Mantra
Text Chapter 2477 Dainichi TathagataText Chapter 2478 ThreatText Chapter 2491 SweepingText Chapter 2480 Space Dharma Body
Text Chapter 2481Text Chapter 2482 RepressionText Chapter 2483 The final opponentText Chapter 2484 Ashamed
Text Chapter 2485 Lord of Ten Thousand BuddhasText Chapter 2486 ReincarnationText Chapter 2487 Lingshan practiceText Chapter 2488 Return of True Zen
Text Chapter 2489 Seeking BuddhaText Chapter 2490 CentenaryText Chapter 2491 RobberyText Chapter 2492 Can't break through?
Text Chapter 2493 Another wayText Chapter 2494 All promising methods are like a dream bubbleText Chapter 2495 Different pathsText Chapter 2496 The wind wants to rise
Text No update tonightText Chapter 2497 Leaving LingshanText Chapter 2498 The Mysterious Powerhouse Overcomes TribulationText Chapter 2499 Encounter
Text Chapter 2500 Colorless SeaText Chapter 2501 LegendText Chapter 2502 Want to kill ZhenzenText Chapter 2503 You enter reincarnation
Text Chapter 2504 Zhu ZhenchanText Chapter 2505 ReturningText Chapter 2506 Come backText Chapter 2507 New Enmity, Old Enmity
Text Chapter 2508 Sheep into tiger's mouth?Text Chapter 2509 Ninghua fiascoText Chapter 2510 Strong executionText Chapter 2511 West Sea Mansion Master
Text Chapter 2512 Price?Text Chapter 2513 BloodbathText Chapter 2514 Debt Collection ComesText Chapter 2515 As if facing an enemy
Text Chapter 2516 LockedChapter 2517 whose worldText Chapter 2518 Yingzhou City ShakesText No. 1, asking for a guaranteed monthly pass
Text Chapter 2519 HelpText Chapter 2520 Attitudes of all partiesText Chapter 2521 Nine Yi Fairy MountainText Chapter 2522 Transaction
Text Chapter 2523 BureauText Chapter 2524 doomed to failureText Chapter 2525 SubdueText Chapter 2526 Ye Futian's ambition
Text Chapter 2527 PublicText Chapter 2528 Undersea Fairy MountainText Chapter 2529 Immortal Island and Divine FormationText Chapter 2530 Mopping up and leaving
Text Chapter 2531 RecruitmentText Chapter 2532 Demigod PillText Chapter 2533 Uncle Xia and Palace Master YeText Chapter 2534 Breaking through successively
Text Chapter 2535 The Fourth Hall is EstablishedText Chapter 2536 MaliceText Chapter 2537 ReciprocityChapter 2538 bad news
Text Chapter 2539 Ziwei's ExpeditionText Chapter 2540 AttackText Chapter 2541 DestructionText Chapter 2541 Destruction
Text Chapter 2542Text Chapter 2543 Where does self-confidence come from?Text Chapter 2544 The Holy LandText Chapter 2545 Complaint
Text Chapter 2546 A grand event in Tianyan City?Text Chapter 2547 Tianyan CityText Chapter 2548 Thirteen-storey buildingText Chapter 2549 Gossip
Text Chapter 2550 The battle of the second magic soldierText Chapter 2551 InvitedText Chapter 2552 InquiryText Chapter 2553 Refining Competition
Text Chapter 2554 alone ignoringText Chapter 2555 Behind the contestText Chapter 2556 UnusualText Chapter 2557 Unexpected ending
Text Chapter 2558 Gathering in the City Lord's MansionText Chapter 2559 Tenth roundText Chapter 2560 What's special about Wang Xiao?Text Chapter 2561 once famous all over the world
Text Chapter 2562 Unrivaled Wang Xiao, the number one person in ChinaText Chapter 2563 Emperor Wushuang?Text Chapter 2564 Who can be called unparalleled?Text Chapter 2565 Who is the supporting role
Text Chapter 2566 Skyshaker HammerText Chapter 2567 You, no wayText Chapter 2568 Bringing the emperor's soldiers to level ZiweiText Chapter 2569 Ziwei's Tribulation
Text Chapter 2570 One person's warText Chapter 2571 Imperial ArmyText Chapter 2572 ConfrontationText Chapter 2573 Infighting
Text Chapter 2574 Sky Refining CatalogText Chapter 2575 IndestructibleText Chapter 2576 When to returnText Chapter 2577 Shenzhou calendar 10,128 years
Text Chapter 2578 The Second TribulationText Chapter 2579 Shenzhou and ZiweiText Chapter 2580 Just get used to itText Chapter 2581 Plan
Text Chapter 2582 God YeText Chapter 2583 JourneyText Chapter 2584 RevengeText Chapter 2585 Massacre order
Text Chapter 2586 dismissiveText Chapter 2587 Temptation conditionsChapter 2588 one personText Chapter 2589 Killing to stop killing
Text Chapter 2590 KillingText Chapter 2591 Fallen Old GodText Chapter 2592 Get outText Chapter 2593 As if entering the land of no one
Text Chapter 2594 ExterminationText Chapter 2595 The Second Soldier ComesText Chapter 2596 Miserable Wang XiaoText Chapter 2597 Can it be killed?
Text Chapter 2598 Giants fallText Chapter 2599 The disappearance of the two major forces in ChinaText Chapter 2600 ExpulsionText Chapter 2601 The rest of my life
Text Chapter 2602 SurrenderText Chapter 2603 Devil RealmText Chapter 2604 Seeking the Demon EmperorText Chapter 2605 Breaking into the Demon Emperor's Palace
Text Chapter 2606 Blood neon clothesText Chapter 2607 Devil EmperorText Chapter 2608 Death of Emperor Ye QingText Chapter 2609 Capture Donghuang Emperor Mandarin?
Text Chapter 2610 Heavenly punishment?Text Chapter 2611 Admired opponentText Chapter 2612 How to choose?Text Chapter 2613 Devil Emperor True Body
Text Chapter 2614 Devil Emperor's Evil IdeaText Chapter 2615 Do you think you are strong?Text Chapter 2616 Donghuang Emperor YuanyuanText Chapter 2617 Identity gap?
Text Chapter 2618 Fate duelText Chapter 2619 The world's most versatileText Chapter 2620 FlawsText Chapter 2621 No way?
Text Chapter 2622 The original intention of Emperor DonghuangText Chapter 2623 Ziwei moving forwardText Chapter 2624 Housework?Text Chapter 2625 Too bullying
Text Chapter 2626 powerful allyText Chapter 2627 The big man from the dark courtText Chapter 2628 Heading to the war?Text Chapter 2629 Reaper and Tianyan City Giant
Text Chapter 2630 BattlefieldText Chapter 2631 StrengthText Chapter 2632 trembling maliceText Chapter 2633 With your blood, pave the emperor's road
Text Chapter 2634 You are not qualifiedText Chapter 2635 How to choose?Text Chapter 2636 As you wishText Chapter 2637 No double body method
Text Chapter 2638 Join forcesText Chapter 2639 Cutting handsText Chapter 2640 Wang Xiao's deathText Chapter 2641 Rebirth
Text Chapter 2642 PreventionText Chapter 2643 ReappearanceText Chapter 2644 Heavenly KingText Chapter 2645 Buddha Seal of the Heavens
Text Chapter 2646 The same abilityText No. 1 Asking for a monthly ticketText Chapter 2647 Reappearance of the pastText Chapter 2648 Return in despair
Text Chapter 2649 Tragic EmperorText Chapter 2650 Fear in Tianyan CityText Chapter 2651 DespairText Chapter 2652 The death of the first person to refine weapons
Text Chapter 2653 SadnessText Chapter 2654 SlaveryText Chapter 2655 EarthquakeText Chapter 2656 Seven Realms Vibration
Text Chapter 2657 ArriveText Chapter 2658 EmperorsText Chapter 2659 AbyssText Chapter 2660 Broken Sword
Text Chapter 2661 Fusion, breakthroughText Chapter 2662 Guardian BeastText Chapter 2663 Ancient God PengText Chapter 2664 Alternation of old and new
Text Chapter 2665 Demon Emperor?Text Chapter 2666 Undead EmperorText Chapter 2667 Ning Yuan's deathText Chapter 2668 Eight Parts
Text Chapter 2669 Supreme Sword MasterText Chapter 2670 SwordText Chapter 2671 Three Great EmperorsText Chapter 2672 Garuda
Text Chapter 2073 SpecterText Chapter 2274 Devil's CaveText Chapter 2675 Weird sceneText Chapter 2676 Fusion and obliteration
Text Chapter 2679 Infighting?Text Chapter 2680 God RulerText Chapter 2681 Ancient Heavenly CourtText Chapter 2681 Mahalaga
Text Chapter 2683 Mountain of corpsesText Chapter 2684 Remains of the EmperorsText Chapter 2687 PossessionText Chapter 2688 God's Eye Peeping
Text Chapter 2689 Turn back and do it?Text Chapter 2690 Invasion, confrontationText Chapter 2692 Difficulty with God's EyeText Chapter 2693 Backing
Text Chapter 2694 EntrustmentText Chapter 2695 Ruler of the Dao of HeavenText Chapter 2696 Gift to the EmperorText Chapter 2697 Secret of Heaven
Text Chapter 2698 Black and White PromiseText Chapter 2699 The Promise ExcaliburText Chapter 2700 Counting romantic figuresText Chapter 2701 Heavenly Emperor's Successor
Text Chapter 2702 Peerless eleganceText Chapter 2703 Gate of HeavenText Chapter 2704 Breaking the boundary with one footText Chapter 2705 Dialogue with the Old Gods
Text Chapter 2706 Statues of the GodsText Chapter 2707 Liwei?Text Chapter 2708 What to fight with?Text Chapter 2709 Battle demigod
Text Chapter 2710 The Power of the God RulerText Chapter 2711 The Rising ZiweiText Chapter 2712 Who controls the godsText Chapter 2114 Disrespect to the gods
Text Chapter 2715 Strange womanText Chapter 2716 Divine StoneText Chapter 2717 The Mystery of the God StoneText Chapter 2718 Solution
Text Chapter 2720 Pick upText Chapter 2721 Emperor Ye PalaceText Chapter 2722 Remains Ten YearsText Chapter 2724 Eyes of God of War
Text Chapter 2726 God's Forbidden LandText Chapter 2727 Living DeadText Chapter 2729 Head-to-headText Chapter 2731 Do you dare
Text Chapter 2733 Praying mantis catching cicadaText Chapter 2734 HeroText Chapter 2735 Failed?Text Chapter 2736 Abduction
Text Chapter 2737 CultivationText Chapter 2740 Exterminating the sectText Chapter 2741 Si JunText Chapter 2742 Practicing?
Text Chapter 2744 Killing the Demigod AgainText Chapter 2745 Betray the darkness?Text Chapter 2746 OppositionText Chapter 2747 Tough attitude
Text Chapter 2748 Dark SummonText Chapter 2749 The name of the tyrantText Chapter 2750 Huangquan TaoistText Chapter 2751 Outer Worlds
Text Chapter 2752 Miracle IslandText Chapter 2754 InterviewText Chapter 2755 Dark WillText Chapter 2756 The beginning of the storm
Text Chapter 2757 WarText Chapter 2758 Faith of the Dark LordText Chapter 2759 A rumorText Chapter 2760 War
Text Chapter 2761 Hypocrisy?Text Chapter 2763 Divine powerText Chapter 2764 Divine apocalypse, three-foot ruleText Chapter 2765 Divine power confrontation
Text Chapter 2766 Abi Shura ExcaliburText Chapter 2767 Pharmacist Buddha makes a moveText Chapter 2168 full of benevolenceText Chapter 2769 Breaking the illusion
Text Chapter 2770 MurderText Chapter 2771 The prison is not empty, vow not to stopText Chapter 2772 Destiny BuddhaText Chapter 2773 Prophecy
Text Chapter 2774 five hundred years of imperial fortuneText Chapter 2777 marriage turmoilText Chapter 2778 Emperor Road?Chapter 2779 invisible pressure
Text Chapter 2780 Killing comesText Chapter 2781 A step slowerText Chapter 2783 Die with glory?Text Chapter 2784 God War
Text Chapter 2787 Is it possible to get away?Text Chapter 2788 Killing blowText Chapter 2789 Cutting the WayText Chapter 2790 The Third Tribulation
Text Chapter 2791 After the catastropheText Chapter 2793 AftermathText Chapter 2794 The Way of the Great EmperorText Chapter 2795 A pair of eyes
Text Chapter 2796 Desperate King Kong RealmText Chapter 2797 Battle of the GodsText Chapter 2799 PreparedText Chapter 2801 Deep meaning?
Text Chapter 2802 Emperor Road Appears?Text Chapter 2803 Fallen Heaven RealmText Chapter 2804 Tiangong Emperor RoadText Chapter 2805 Xiaotiandao
Text Chapter 2807 Ancient and modern are differentText Chapter 2808 Great ChanceText Chapter 2809 Celestial revival?Text Chapter 2810 The way of heaven is chess?
Text Chapter 2812 Old God and New EmperorText Chapter 2813 Ye Futian's thoughtsText Chapter 2814 God AxText Chapter 2815 Battle of Emperor Zhun
Text Chapter 2816 The times have never changedText Get up and ask for a monthly passText Chapter 574 Make way?Just a few words in the text
Text Calvin, update later todayText Chapter 901 DisappearsText Chapter 1206: Seeking alliances (supplement 7)text about update
Text Chapter 1351 Lu YuText The last month of 2019Text 2020, Happy New YearText Chapter 2817 Inspiration and practice
Text Chapter 2818 Ultimate EvolutionText Chapter 2819 Wisdom TreeText Chapter 2820 The next generation of emperorText Chapter 2821 Feng Tianhou?
Chapter 2822 invisible pressureText Chapter 2823 Ye Futian's fetishText Chapter 2824 ten years leftText Chapter 2825 Ambition
Text Chapter 2826 AttemptText Chapter 2827 ExperimentText Chapter 2828 The coffin from the skyText Chapter 2829 Historic picture
Text Chapter 2830 Emperor of WarText Chapter 2831 Haotian Combat PowerText Chapter 2833 The emperor retreatsText Chapter 2834 Comprehension time
Text Chapter 2835 Change timeText Chapter 2836 Arrogant Ancestral GodText Chapter 2837 Power of Time and SpaceText Chapter 2838 Donghuang's Wife
Text Chapter 2839 Battle of the Two EmperorsText Chapter 2841 Donghuang makes a moveText Chapter 2842 Devil Emperor SpeculationText Chapter 2843 Breaking the void, solving the void, and burying the void
Text Chapter 2844 Ji Wudao's strengthText Chapter 2845 Storm in HeavenText Chapter 2846 Another secret?Text Chapter 2847 Innate fetish
Text Chapter 2848 BreakupText Chapter 2849 Lost personText Chapter 2850 He is not himText Chapter 2852 Destroy China first
Text Chapter 2853 Chaos has arrivedText Chapter 2854 God of JudgmentText Chapter 2855 One shot shocked the worldText Chapter 2856 Ren Zu
Text Chapter 2857 Human God PalaceText Chapter 2858 Distribution of benefits?Text Chapter 2859 Attacking ChinaText Chapter 2861 The eve of the war
Text Chapter 2863 Apocalyptic ArrayText Chapter 2865 Take awayText Chapter 2866 Battle of the Six EmperorsText Chapter 2868 Limit
Text Chapter 2869 Breaking into the Human God PalaceText Chapter 2870 Ancestor of Benevolence and RighteousnessText Chapter 2871 Blocking the wayText Chapter 2872 I have been waiting for you for a long time
Text Chapter 2874 Knows everythingText Chapter 2876 Heaven and Earth as ChessText Chapter 2877 Succession of the eraText Chapter 2878 Shenzhou Xindi
Text Chapter 2879 See youText Chapter 2880 The way of heaven is dead, and Futian should standText Chapter 2881 Ji Wudao's confessionText Chapter 2882 Runaway
Chapter 2883 fair fightChapter 2885 silver gun and black gunText Chapter 2886 Right or WrongText Chapter 2887 Ascension to the throne
Text Chapter 2888 Celestial OrthodoxyText Chapter 2889 is backText Chapter 2890 God's DescendText Chapter 2891 Ancient God Emperor
Text Chapter 2892 Father and son recordText Chapter 2893 ConfidenceText Chapter 2894 Death of God EmperorText Chapter 2895 Where to go
Text NoticeText Chapter 2896 Demon World TinderText Chapter 2897 GiftText Chapter 2999 Outsiders
Text Chapter 2900 DharmaText Chapter 2901 What is the endText Chapter 2902 Peaceful worldText Chapter 2903 The day that changed history
Text Chapter 2905 War is comingText Chapter 2906 ResponseText Chapter 2908 Father and Son Join ForcesText Chapter 2909 Eternal Sword Master
Text Chapter 2910 Comparable to the Six EmperorsText Chapter 2911 Not the deityText Chapter 2912 SeparateText Chapter 2913 Bloody Invasion
Text Chapter 2914 ZhengyiChapter 2917 half a yearText Chapter 2918 WisdomText Chapter 2919 New Emperor Legion
Text Chapter 2921 The final choiceText Chapter 2922 Space channel?Text Chapter 2923 The Three Powerhouses Join ForcesText Chapter 2924 Changes of Times
Text Chapter 2925 Looking upText Chapter 2926 Human Ancestor AvatarText Chapter 2927 Ren Zu's voiceText Chapter 2928 Arrival
Text Chapter 2929 The worldText Chapter 2930 training the armyText Chapter 2931 Before the decisive battleText Chapter 2932 War breaks out
Text Chapter 2934 The Man Who Must KillChapter 2935 bloody battle caused by one personText Chapter 2936 Darkness and LightText Chapter 2937 Human Ancestor's Horror
Text Chapter 2738 God's WorldText Chapter 2940 God War Breaks OutText Chapter 2941 Ancient and Modern ShowdownText Chapter 2942 Paranoia
Text Chapter 2944 The final battle (2)Text Chapter 2945 Final Battle (3)Text Chapter 2946 The Final Battle (4)Text Chapter 2947 The final battle (5)
Text Chapter 2948 Final Battle (6)Text Chapter 2949 TransformationText Chapter 2950 FateText Chapter 2952 Guixu
Text Chapter 2953 Bragging Mr.Text Chapter 2954 I would like to turn into a treeText Chapter 2955 ResurgenceText Chapter 2956 Ji Wudao's obsession
Text Chapter 2957 The World of the HeavensText Chapter 2959 FireworksText Chapter 2960 How high is the skyText Chapter 2961 Human affairs
Text Chapter 2962 Ordinary peopleText Chapter 2963 The gods come to courtText Chapter 2964 The strongest in the world?Text Chapter 2965 One shot
Text Chapter 2966 FinalText End of this speechText Extra Story (1)Text Extra Story (2)
Text Extra Story (3)Text Extra Story (4)Text Extra Story (5)Text Extra Story (6)
Text The new book "Base No. 7" is releasedText Chapter 195: The Magic Song of the Dao Heart Seed (Part 2)Text Chapter 1187 Sleepy Dragon Ascension to Heaven (Supplement 4)Text Chapter 1246 Cruel and Spicy (10,002 monthly tickets plus more chapters)
Text Chapter 2189 Chaos Realm   
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