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Against the sky game system Latest chapter update list


01 Time Travel (Please support the new book!)02 Face reality (please give me flowers and collect them!)03 Lottery and enhancement (please give me flowers and collect them!)04Go to school
05 girlfriend06First mission07 Lessons08 Campus Belle
09 Brother Yao is mighty!010 Mythical bloodline!011 Qin Wanru¡¯s shock012 comes to the door
013 Master! Master! High master!014 shocked everyone¡¯s eyeballs015 first copy016 Encounter
017 world changes018 departure (second update)019 Massacre!020 exchange skills
021Dispute022Death! (two updates)023 Licker!024Temporary rest
025 Shizuka026-026The Collapsed World027 Save Alice028 The shock brought by the powerful fireball technique!
029 consolation030 decision031 Cross the bridge032 bloodline fusion
033 Meet Wisteria Again034 Saeko¡¯s inferiority complex035 Final mission!036 The powerful final matrix
037 The prologue begins!038 battle! war! war!039 A critical moment040The war ends
041 first night042 Strength increases greatly043 Enlightenment of Kendo044 Flying Thunder God!
045 Back to reality046Kneel down047 Two million for a skewer of barbecue (second update)048So what?
049get to know050 There are so many people seeking death.051 Brother Yao, Brother Yao!052Meet the parents
053 Peerless monster! (two updates)054Future Plans055 A good thing was ruined again056 Meet again
057 You can¡¯t run away058 Very safe059 Complete solution060 Relationship established
061 Re-entry copy062 Hueco Mundo063 Devour064 Nellielu
065 Nilu¡¯s Heart Knot066 The Forest of Daxu067 Yachukas068 Zanpakut¨­ awakens!
069 present world070No one can make you cry071 live together072 Orihime¡¯s ability
073 position?074 Everything is under control075Follow me home076 Ye Yi¡¯s counterattack
077 was discovered078 Nilu recovers079 two together080 join
081 Admission082 affection083 First meeting, the girl of death084 new classmates
085 Horrible bento086 Puppet Parrot087 Transform the soul088Death Agent
089 Ishida Uryu090 showdown091 Orihime takes action092 The last peace
093 collision094 Lin Tianyao¡¯s strength095 A strong person, a domineering sword096 request
097 accident098 ready to enter099Soul Society100 God Killing Gun!
101 Weird Buildings, Weird Women102 Invasion of Jinglingting103 flash kill104 total war
105 Betting on the Quincy¡¯s dignity106 layout107 Penitence Palace108 Another ability of Chi Xiao
109 Spoiler110 Horrible travel disaster111 Division 4112 Flying Immortals from Beyond the Sky!
113 Sister Lie, Sister Lie114 Execution Day115 execution begins116 spiritual pressure, liberation!
117 truth118 gradually becomes clear119 temptation120including you
121 new captain122Restore calm123 Fighting Kenpachi Again124 ready to return
125 Return to daily life126 Arrancar, Arrancar!127 Angry Yami128 returns to the sword!
129 brief confrontation130 Sixtieth Blade131 Massacre132 Kill again
133 lost134Preparations of all parties135 Everyone¡¯s request136 Return to Hueco Mundo
137 Surrounded?138 Nilu¡¯s grudge139 The unintentional person140 reinforcements?
141 take over142 Death of Arrogance143 Battles that ended one after another144Decisive Moment
145 pick up the pace146 arrived in time147 suppression149 kill
150 Romance of the battlefield151 Aizen¡¯s strength152 Blades facing each other153 fight
154 exposed fangs155 Higher Evolution156 finally got serious157 plot
158 Immortality159 The end! (Two chapters in one)160 inheritance starts161 Return to system space
162 calls163 ants164 Lessons165 Let it go and do it
166 Beautiful brother167 Kneel down and crawl out!168 cute little girl169Trust
170 shadow kill171 sniper172 Cold Night173 hunter
174Destruction175 schools176 talk177 Walking in the Rain
178 invitations179 Shura Field?179 breakthrough? 2180 gold brilliant
181 heartbeats181 second-hand goods 2182 solved183 moon night
184The next realm?185 warrior186 looks like an acquaintance187 Saving people is conditional
188Show me that thing on your chest189 Invincible190 days level191 No agreement
192 seems to be too big193 better man194The night before leaving195 Defense Jade Card
196Enter197 Cheating identity198 treatment199 meet
200 copy magic201 The legendary black magician202Forget it! !203 Dark Guild
204 Killing intent205 Vulnerable206 Sword Intent Soaring into the Sky207 Talking Book
208 Challenge209 go home210 Fairy Tail211 buying a house
212 Challenge213 Lessons214 Book of Zeref215 Summon the Demon
216 Crazy (enter with caution)217 Fairy Queen218 Kendo219 Erza¡¯s first glimpse of the world
220 tasks221 crusade222kidnapping223 Weird way to wake up
225 Erza¡¯s first kill226Controversy227 The scary boy228 begging for mercy
229 Kill230 return231 Makarov¡¯s Resentment232 People coming from the council
233 convinced234 feels uncomfortable to the touch235 breakthrough236 strength greatly improved
237 demon238Wendy239 The reputation of the devil240Wendy joined
241anima(soul)242 Natsu Dragneel243 Discipline Inspection Commission244 the strongest
245 knot246 emotional247Growth248 Miraj
249 Thousand Miles of Sound Transmission250 dinner251 Gate of Hades252 Hades
253 The Strongest Showdown254 The earth shattered255 Father and daughter recognize each other256Your daughter is mine
257 Transcendent258 Edras259Four years later260 Soul of the Beast King
261 The Rampant Beast King262 Mirajane¡¯s decision263 solved264 Return
265 Mila¡¯s dark underbelly266 The moonlight is getting darker267 The year the plot begins268 departure
269 ??fake fire dragon270 boarding271 pay the price272 Star Spirit Magic
273 Destined274 return276 The Wizard of Fairy Tail277 rescue
278 Come live with me279 Vulcan280 The power of one punch281Treatment
282Cohabitation283 An Unquiet Night284 regular meetings285 Erza Returns
286 Iron Forest287 reasons288 Not interested289 Brutal Erza
290 Death291 Lin Tianyao¡¯s Sword292 Magic Flute295 love decision
296 A little loli with amazing words297 See again flash kill298 The deflated Laxus299 Cursed Island
300 Karna Island301 Lin Tianyao arrives!302 Dream Girl Jie Xueli303 Lyra Lila
304 Memories about Wu Lu305 The battle between Leo and Gray306 It was you who killed Wu Lu307 The reason for resurrecting Deliora
308 Hidden things309 move fusion310 The decisive battle with Deliola311 One punch breaks the sky
312 terrible punishment313 Strange Commission314 Happy Oolong Transformation315 Lebby-chan¡¯s Secret Love
316 The beaten Gedir318 comes to your door319 four elements320 arc of time
321 Lucy Heartfilia322 Magic Cannon Jupiter323 The dragon roars!324 training
325 Rain Girl326 Sword of Chaos327 Death Hunt328 Earth Dance
329 bet330lea331 Prediction332 Successor
333 The stars that can¡¯t go back334 Star Spirit King335 It¡¯s better to go on vacation!336Xiaoxian
337 old friend338 envy339 Tower of Paradise340 evil
341 Chuanyin342 Three Feathered Crows343Juvia344 Turtle Dove
345 white light346 Erza and Jellal347 Naraku348 The sun is really hot
349 new guild350 The addition of Gejir351Thunder Gods352 Harvest Festival
353 lottery354355 Battle between fairies356 exhaustion
357Satan358 lightning and thunder359You are no match for me360 Expelled from Guild
361Fantasia362 secret medicine3638island364 Chamber of Commerce attacked
365 Nude Bandage Man366 Six Demon Generals367 Jie Xueli368 Demon Cat¡¯s Place
369The long-awaited encounter370 Angel371 Gas Tree Sea372 Christina
373 Fighting Six Demons374 Conquer375 surrounded376 Fake Lin Tianyao
377 Vicious Woman378 Lao Lao379 cure380 Amnesia
381 preparation for war382 Nirvana383 gods384 Rune Knights
385 technique386 Resurrection387 fright388 welfare
389 Silent Town390 artificial dragon391Fulfill the promise392 Flower Viewing Day
393 Sakura394bingo395 Aslant396 soul
397 Edras398 opposite person399 magic crystal400 black market
401 Abduction of Xia Lulu402King, come down!403 smash404 Farewell
405 Tenrou Island406 Naz Trial407 Zeref408 alert
409 Hades410 plunder411 three-way connection feeling412 Get involved with my woman?
413 Gravity414 Sirius Tree415 Book of Zeref416 my woman
417 Mavis and the Black Dragon418 The enchantment of Oolong419Seven years later420Jinana
421Fourth generation president422 Great Demonic Way!423 three months423 Flower City
425 rule426 preliminaries427 results428 officially begins
429 was attacked430 sky wear431 block432 complete victory
433 Tragedy Gajeel434Who is the champion?435 suddenly436 upgrade
437 Come hand in hand438 Can dragon-slaying magic transform into a dragon?439 combination magic circle440 purification
441 Return to the city442 commotion443 freshmen444 Don¡¯t do loss-making trading!
445 willingly!446 Bar447 shock448 trench? Come and fight?
449 clues450 why not451 exploit452 Island
453 reasons454 Enter the copy455 gold and wood456 If you are stupid, there is nothing you can do
457food458 teasing459 strong460 cooperation
461Reality462 white dove463 first battle464 Ghoul? Humanity?
465 Doctor Dikou466 Jason467 Xiaoyu468 suitcase carrier
469 defeated470 suicide471 I pledge myself to you472 together
473 I¡¯m not that kind of person474 be your girlfriend475 Dikou was arrested476 deaths
477 layout478Death of Mado Wu Xu479 This world is wrong480 bar
481Doctor482onenight483 Yueshanxi484 Shangjing University
485 Restaurant486 Human natureIs 487 delicious?488 Gui Wei
489church490 The secret of the ghoul491 Punishment for Dong Xiang492 Kirishima Aandu
493 The consciousness of God on behalf of the world494 Duo Duo Liang?495ccg496 Suzuya
497 join?498 needs you499 seeking death500 imp
501 war502 joins the war503 phone504 Xuandu escapes
505 Slaughtered ccg506 Red Cloak Aite507 fight night508 Noro and Kaneki
509 The Threat of the One-Eyed Owl510 scared back511 bathroom512 Resignation
513 spy514 The movement of the Qingtong tree515 control516 second night
517 Eternal Current Situation518 lying519 meet again520 three parties
521 Ghoul Restaurant522 Conquer523 Qingtong tree and Jiana524 Aite
525Fangcun¡¯s Story526Memories of the past527 strange people528 There is another way
529Complete the second task530 God on behalf of the worldThe purpose of 531 Jiateng Mingbo532 The excitement of massacre
533 A ghoul is a ghoul after all534Restore memory535 almost cruel way535 Memory of the Age of Gods
537Strength proves everything538 The conspiracy of Kato Akihiro539 analyze the situationMr. Bai from 540 Mask Shop
541 Drunk542 Clown Group543Past544 SSS level ghoul appears unexpectedly
545 scary guy546 Muramasa547 Battle with Muramasa!548ccg is coming!
549 Arima Noble General500 versus one against two551 reached an agreementThe curtain opened by 552
553 Ghoul ShelterThe truth about the 554 experiment555 decisive battle556 Finale
557 serial copy558 red pupils559 Dark Imperial City560Who is the moth?
561 breakout562 amazing strength563 Meeting Najita for the first time564 vs. Nadetta
565 Join Night Raid566 emergencies567 first task568 beheading
The mastermind behind 569570 Take advantage of the situation571 plan execution572 total destruction
573 Commander574 action begins575 Infiltrate576 Entering the Collar Palace
577 Mysterious Man578 ice beauty579Hill Returns580 Head to the Imperial Capital
581 past events582 speakeasy583 Tasty enough584 Kill without blinking an eye
585 approx.586 Treat me to spicy hotpot587 Seeing is not believing588 Beauty eating xylitol
589 Chelsea590 Disguise Teigu591 Go to prison592 Infiltrate
593 The beginning of the crisis594Zank595 I can¡¯t stand it anymore596 cut your tongue
597 Entering the Tiger's Den598 Love comes too suddenly599 kills everyone600 General Alice
601 meet again602 Alice? Esdeath?603 Revolutionary Army Station (please subscribe)604 conspiracy
605 serial trap606 flash kill607 exposed608 Learn about the plan
609 Head to the Palace610 Night Talk611 Countermeasures612 meeting between giants
Implementation of the 613 Plan614 The experience of love615 dispatched616 Emotional
617 Blind Date Conference618 Teigu Noble Chariot!619 The Teigu is useless!620 crushing
621 Everything comes naturally622 tit for tat623 hands-on624 chaos
625 Golden Crow Bloodline626 deception627 Special Skill¡ªThunder and Ten Thousand Calamities628 Thunder Tribulation is also a floating cloud
629 Kill Bude630 The rain is coming631 New Countermeasures632 Hunter Organization
633 persuade634The plans of both parties635 can¡¯t escape after all636 pervert
637 The Hunter Arrives638 modern machinery639 against the enemy640 Showdown in the Sky
641 Birdman is birdmanThe prelude to 642 brawl643 Dog Slaughter (Part 1)644 Dog Slaughter (Part 2)
645 robot is mine646 Black pupils appear647 Teigu Eighth Room649 A critical moment
650 One hand, destroy you!651 pull away652 rescue653 starts killing
654 strong strength655 outbreak656Relief657 bewitching flute sound
658 Change your career659 join forces660 The situation is stable661 deep inside
662melt663 Women must learn to be tolerant664 Hunter surrenders665 further plans
666 poisoning667 The sound of the trumpet668 failed message669 Back in jail
Is 670 reverse?671 Palace Rebellion672 The curtain opens673 Prison Storm
674 tit for tat675 true colors revealed676 It¡¯s too late677 drastic changes
678 Soldiers are approaching the city679 Supreme Imperial Instrument680 Entering the Palace681 rescue
682 You are so courageous683 Fear684 Remove the cancer684 Remove the cancer 2
685 Crazy Tazmi686 The Supreme Emperor is dispatched687 The moment of decisive battle688 The Power of the Supreme Emperor
689I will make you feel at ease690 The power of a sword!691 You are finished692Does it hurt?
693 I want to kill you694 ends (Part 1)695 Ending (Part 2)696 ends (Part 2)
697 You are stronger and I am stronger698 Flying Fairy from Heaven Reappears699 is over700 tasks completed
701 finaleChapter 702 The will of the systemChapter 703: Lots of MysteriesChapter 704: Entering the Mingyue World of Qin Dynasty
705 Great Qin Empire706 Yin Yang Siming707 I want to take away two people!708 Beauty, it¡¯s you we want to take away
709 Days with beautiful women710 forward711 was robbed712 Unparalleled Machinery
713 Match sticks and big tree trunk714 Xiang Yu715 The wind is blowing716 Quicksand Organization
717 establish prestige718 Blue Wolf King719 Rebellious wolves720 The wolf dies and the white phoenix appears
721 The best thief in the world722 Jinghu Medical Village723 Medical Immortal Duanmu Rong724 tense
725 The enemy cannot move, I cannot move726 Come as soon as you say727Who are you, Baidu?728 Teasing Bai Feng
729You are too slow730 Wei Zhuang¡¯s plan731 Danger around youClass 732 Master
733 Shocking changes one after another734 scheming735 Fire Charm736 Insight into everything
737 is finally here738 Zhuang Zhou Mengdie739 Kindness and Cruelty740 is finally here
741 Confrontation742 Test the medicine on yourself743You have no chance to refuse744 You can¡¯t!
745 one move746 Fire Charm and Illusion747 fake corpse748 A plan within a plan
749 is over750 estrangement751 Overestimating one¡¯s capabilities752 final trump card
753 trump card754 kills everyone755 total destruction756 Da Si Ming
757 Star Soul758 gathers energy to become a blade759 If you can do it, so can I.760 I can do everything you know
761 teleportation array762 Donghuang Taiyi763 ends764 ends
765 Prepare to die766 If I don¡¯t say I¡¯ll destroy you, I¡¯ll kill you all767 The mysterious great mage768 Return of the King
769 Go to Mo¡¯s house comfortably770 Entering the Agency City771 Hidden Mystery772 new conspiracy
773The weather is getting dark774 shock775 Gao Jianli¡¯s methods776 takes action
777 The Hidden Bat Returns778 Will not change his destiny779 intruder780 You can¡¯t hide it
781 has been invaded782 poisoning783 Plan within plan784 mechanism beast
785 The evil plan succeeds786 You have to help me787 Remove the fuel from the bottom of the cauldron788 fell
789 Found the mole790 rescue791 confused792 old people don¡¯t repair
793 doesn¡¯t help794 bronze opening795 The truth comes to light796 Duanmu Rong is fake
7897 Catch Mo Qilin799 turned out to be a girl799 fetal poison800 No one can resist the temptation
801 treatment802 Internal Digestion803 fainted804 new breakthrough
805 can¡¯t stop for a moment806 Mo Qilin¡¯s thoughts807 A forced choice808 Mind Attack Scheme
809 Lin Tianyao is dead810 Trouble ensued811 chips812 Where do you go when you lose your revenge?
813 Come face to face814 pull you out brightly815 was let go816 The murderous intention has already begun
817 Lin Tianyao¡¯s impulse818 Changes in Mind819 Chasing Donghuang Taiyi820 Shameless
820 Shameless 2821 Mohist¡¯s Countermeasures822 confusing823 Love rivals are fighting
824 Entering the Forbidden Land825 It¡¯s the magic circle again826 Tiger Leaping Cliff827 kite flying stream
828 Arrival Square829 Battle against the giant machine830 non-attack831 Get
832 digimon833 Conquer834 The world behind the gate835 deception
836 Self-inflicted evil837 is on the verge of breaking out838 The beginning of the war839 heavy casualties
840 forces you to show up841 The great mage takes action842 Insider843 war begins
844 huge845 You are bigger and I am bigger846 So many evil thoughts847 Shocking Secret
848 The Great Magister¡¯s Trick849Do you still want to act?850 Confession851 Compassion
852 You can¡¯t escape after all853 Demon Blood854 never tired of it855 shows weakness to the enemy
856 Comprehension857 eye surgery858 Mysterious Awakening859 meat grinder
860 news leaked861 Find the weakness862 attack863 Oscar winner
864The opportunity has come865 plan successful866 You smile proudly867 will kill you
868How do you choose?869 escaped?870 draws fire from the bottom of the cauldron871 The world is in chaos
872 Want to play basketball873 Mohist giant874 Yan Dan875 Yan Dan¡¯s Plan
876 United Forces877 Six Soul Horror Curse878 Comfortable879 sees through everything
880 It¡¯s not up to you to choose881 Coercion and inducement882 rescue883 Reversi
884 near miss885 Taixu Fantasy Realm886 Phantom Sound Box887 rescue Tianming
888 Unblock failed889 transfer890 Canglong Qisu891 confusing
892 Xiaoyaozi (Part 1)893 Xiaoyaozi (Part 2)894 If you don¡¯t like it, I¡¯ll beat you up.895 Sancai Formation
896 amazing897 lifted898 Tianming¡¯s memory899 rebuke
900 structure teleportation magic circle901 Entering Yin Yang¡¯s House902 Yin Yang Family Sect903 Xiaoling
904 past905 contradiction refers to906 Yin Yang and Five Elements907 waiting
908 critical point909 Gathering Point910 Take action when it¡¯s time to take action911 you were fooled
912Have you fallen or collapsed?913 is at your fingertipsThe beginning of 914 contradictions915 mysterious woman
916 Taoist?917 Overt and covert fighting918 Qiuli Sword919 tricks
Where are the 920 people?921 The Crisis of Confucianism922 See the rogue plant again923The first big fish
924 teasing925 set of questions926 wishes927 surrender
928 Hunting929 lightning fast930 kill931 dead
932 hidden weapon933 The peerless master steals the foot924As a man, what is your endurance?925 Tired into a vegetative state
936 What should you do937 Seeds planted in spring938 Zhao Gao939 Confucian righteousness
940 Sneaking into Songhai City941 battle942 Holy King Sword Technique943 backup
944 Death of Meng Tian945 Lin Tianyao is hereI killed 946 people947How can a dead person be used as a hostage?
948 accept a younger brother at any time949 I¡¯m going to do a magic trick950 is still useful951 Confucianism disappeared
952 completely divided953 camp appears954 completed955That¡¯s it
956 Extremely old957 Shao Siming? Kirishima Touka?The starting point of unlocking the secret of 958959 reverse copy method
960 Wrong Way961 There is no cure962 People¡¯s hearts are fickle963 One mistake leads to eternal hatred
964 is over965 mission completed966 leave copy967 Rebel
968 bad news and good news969Real World Crisis970 Gaohe Company971 Dare to touch my woman?
972 You are finished973 Experiencer? traitor!974 method975 I count three numbers
976 Zhou Feng appears977 afternoon978 Make a contract and enter a copy979 enter
980 Meeting Rentaro for the first time981 invitation982 paper kite983 One wave just calms down, and another wave rises again
984 makes a big fuss at the police station985 terrorist986ss level paper kite987 paper music
988 is here989 transactions990 success991 weapon exchange system
992 Another SS level993 accidental entry994 Nobuo Ampere995 fierce battle with Takizawa
996 Merciless Killing997 appointment998 secret conversationThe eve of the 999 war (1)
The Eve of the 1000 War (2)1001 The Eve of the War (3)1002 The Eve of the War (4)1003 The eve of the station (Friday)
1004 The Eve of the War (6)1005 Eve of the War Seven1006 Eve of the war eight1007 Eve of the war nine
1008 Eve of the War Ten1009 war begins1010 Qianshou Natsushi1011 Xia Shi
1102 appeared1103 Scorpio1014 Smart Xia Shi1015 I will bear your sins
1106 The legendary car god1017 A roadblocking dog1018 Who is more arrogant!1019 destroyed easily
1020 opening1021 dance1022 Holy Emperor1023 rejected
1024 action1025 Blood Wolf Misiro1026means1027 Organization called Blood Moon
1028 blood moon in action1029 The curtain opens1030warmthEpisode 1031 Before the War
1032 crazy1033 warning1034 The war begins1035 Improve morale
1036 war mission1037 Gun of LightThe first day of the end of 10381039 Harvest
1040 space movement, time reversal1041 chat1042 Negotiation1043 Destroy the Spear of Light
1044 War resumes1045Aldebaran1046 War March1047The final attack
1048 lurking1049 Fairy Law1050 is not over yet1051 God!
1052 Feng Chenzi1053 Rules and Regulations1054 Preaching1055 Convert the World
1056 attack on titan world1057 competition1058 Join the Survey Corps1059 Leaving the Survey Corps Headquarters
1060 buy a house1061 Ellen Yeager1062 Hanli Sword1063 Training Allen
1064 messages1065 plan1066 action1067 rush to the destination
1068 Messenger under the night1069 crisis1070 breakout1071Death is always with me like the wind
1072 Samsara Avenue1073 eliminated1074 A delightful plot1075 hanging
1076 Victory1077daily1078 research results1079 Return to the city
1080 celebration1081 The arrival of the big shot1082Levi¡¯s plan1083 Meet Mikasa
1084 Accept another disciple1085 weapons1086Enter the copy of Fairy Sword World1087 First encounter with snow
1088 Tang Xuejian¡¯s troubles1089 Hair issues are very important (Part 1)1090 Hair issues are very important (Part 2)1091 Go to the nine heavens to find immortals!
1092 storm1093 talk1094 Teasing the innocent fairy1095 A dream in heaven
1096 Resistance Plan1097 Storm in the Lower Realm1098 Tang Tai¡¯s Conspiracy1099 Accept Sedum as a younger brother (Part 1)
1100 Take Sedum as a Little Brother (Part 2)1100 accepts Sedum as a younger brother (Part 2)1101 Make a bet with you1102 Go to Shushan
1103 Poison Crisis1104 Negotiate conditions with Changmei1105 King of Demons (Part 1)1106 King of Demons (Part 2)
1107 King of Demons (Part 2)1108 Conquer the Demon Emperor1109 The mysterious man from the future1110 Fairy Sword Xiaoyao
1111 Compromise1112 poisonous incident1113 Demon Zun Tower (Part 1)1114 Demon Zun Tower (middle)
1115 Demon Zun Building (Part 2)1116 Fat beat the devil to respect the building!1117 The Beginning of the Five Spirit Pearls Mission1118 Taoist Priest Qingwei¡¯s Request
1119 Travel the world with beautiful women1120 misunderstanding1121 Anning Village1122 Weird things in Anning Village
1123 strange woman1124Two mysterious women (Part 1)1125Two mysterious women (Part 2)1126 Descendants of Nuwa
1127 Someone died again!1128 Lots of doubts1129 Let¡¯s find out more1130 night exploration
1131Fox Demon Wife1132 The transaction with Wan Yuzhi1133 Holding hands with Zixuan1134 The holy aunt of Nuwa clan
1135 Ancient Vine Forest1136Monkey and the old man1137 The old man Gu Teng who can see through people¡¯s hearts1138 The thoughts of four people
1139 Luo Rulie came out halfway1140Tang Xuejian and Nightshade were captured1141 Fox Demon Clan1142 The earth spirit bead mission ends
1143 Fire Pearl Mission Begins1144 Fengdu ghost ghost1145The Secret of the Fire Ghost King1146The so-called bad luck
1147 Zhao Wuyan1148 Paradise1149 Death Ghost1150 Sneak into the ghost world
1151 Demons are coming1152 Putting the blame on others1153 Hug three girls1154 Aunt Ma¡¯s identity
1155The secret threat is coming1156 Re-entering the Paradise1157 Demon Zun Tower1158 will-o'-the-wisp array
1159 The powerful Aunt Ma1160 Aunt Ma¡¯s true identity1161 Fallen Goddess1162 One glance for a lifetime
1163Who are you?1164The unbearable truth1165 It¡¯s better to forget each other in the world1166 The Fire Lingzhu Incident Ends
1167 Set off again1168 Leizhou land1169There are hooligans everywhere1170 Instant kill with one sword!
1171 Murderous intent~!1172 Young Master of the Yun Family1173 Entering the Lei family1174 Yun Ting¡¯s Thoughts
1175 Yun Ting¡¯s request (Part 1)1176 Yun Ting¡¯s Request (Part 2)1177 Yun Ting¡¯s request (Part 2)1178 Leizhou Storm Rises
1179 Thousand Demons Gather1180 Leizhou City Head1181 Storm in all directions1182 First Night (Part 1)
1183 First Night (Part 2)1184The first night (Part 2)1185 first contact1186 The Demon King of the World (Part 1)
1187 The Demon King in the World (Part 2)1188 The First Demon King1189 Infighting among the demon clan1190 Who can beat me?
1191 Shock all demons1192 Ten Thousand Demons Revere Together!1193 Supreme Demon King1194 Night ends and dawn (Part 1)
1195 Night ends and dawn (Part 2)1196 Shushan Storm1197 Which one is more important?1198 Leizhou City Rebellion
1199 intricate1200 to watch the gods and demons1201 Trends in the God Realm1202Chaos
1203 successfully infiltrated1204 Yunting¡¯s choice1205 Putting the blame on others1206 Kill the gods from all directions
1207Who can stop it?1208 The gods and demons tremble!1209The world is shocked!1210 All Gods Fall
1211Truth1212 demonic human natureWhere is the 1213 road?1214The Responsibility of Mother Earth
1125The sorrow of human nature1216Zixuan¡¯s choice1217 Traces of Lin Tianyao1218The whereabouts of Lin Tianyao
1219 rescue operation1220 Is the madman still a human god?1221 Moments of life and death1122 Xu Changqing¡¯s thoughts
1223 Becoming a god or a demon?1224 The Evil Sword Immortal is Born1225 Shushan Sword MeteorChapter 1226 The evil sword fairy¡¯s plan
1227 Shushan Disciples vs. Zixuan1228 A joke of fate1229Who can stop it?1230 The Road of Gods and Demons (Part 1)
1231Critical moment1232difficult1233 A critical moment1234 strong and invincible
1235 Accept the Evil Sword Immortal as your younger brother1236I will return1237 The Lord Lands Ten Thousand Demons1238 Demon Emperor
1239Who is dissatisfied?1240 Shock the group of demons12.41 Thousands of demons share the same respect1242 The Road to the Future (Part 1)
1243The Road to the Future (Part 2)1244The road to the future (Part 2)1245 Master and disciple are still friends1246 Cooperation or confrontation
1247 Two Realms of Gods and Demons (Part 1)1248 Two Realms of Gods and Demons (Part 2)1249 The Two Realms of Gods and Demons (Part 2)1250 Goodbye Xiyao
1251The so-called Gods1252 Havoc in Heaven (Part 1)1253 Havoc in Heaven (Part 2)1254 Havoc in Heaven (Part 2)
1255Undercurrent surges1256 The Sorrow of Gods and Demons (Part 1)1257 The Sorrow of Gods and Demons (Part 2)1258 ends of the earth (Part 1)
1259 ends of the earth (Part 2)1260My name is Li Sansi!1261 fate meeting1262Evil people will have their own trials and tribulations
1263 Accept a disciple?1264 Return to Leizhou1265 The eve of the decisive battle1266 Talking to Zixuan
1267Everyone is happy1268 The changing situation1269 chess is one move away1270The war is coming
1271 Lots of worries1272 The army gathers1273 Lin Tianyao¡¯s ambition1274 Changes in the Demon World (Part 1)
1275 Changes in the Demon World (Part 2)1276 Changes in the Demon World (Part 2)1277My name is Xifeng1278 The Ambition of the Evil Sword Immortal
1279 another confrontationTen tricks to pass 12801281 Ten moves to determine the world1282 ended in a tie
1283 I am puzzled1284 elusive1285The finalized plan1286Mutual calculations
1287 Demon God War?1288 Get back the Fire Pearl!1289Goodbye Aunt Ma1290 Speechless
1291 Farewell in troubled times1292 Fengdu today1293-1294 Goodbye Fire Ghost King1295 Return to the human world again
1296 Re-entering the God Realm1297 Fierce battle with the gods1298 Look at the gods1299Ten Great Generals
1300 foot-pedaling generals!1301 Arrogant Demon Clan!1302 Dominate the world!1303 The Second Divine General
1304Who can be the enemy?1305 Die together1306 gear rotation1307 The war between gods and demons begins
1308 The war breaks out!1309 Monster clan joins the war1310 Three-party melee1311 The chaos of the gods (Part 1)
1312 The chaos of the gods (Part 2)1313 The chaos of the gods (Part 2)1314 Kill ten!1315 The emperor has hatred
1316 Capture the Emperor of Heaven!1317 Donghuang Divine Bell1318 Demon Emperor vs. God Emperor!1319 Demon King vs. Hongjun
1320 The Gods are destroyed!1321 Demon King versus Demon Lord (Part 1)1322 Demon King versus Demon Lord (Part 2)1323 Everything ends
1324 new worldChapter 1 System FailureChapter 2 Meeting Duan Yu for the first timeChapter 3 Wuliang Sword Sect
Chapter 4 Shennong GangChapter 5 Take actionChapter Six: Strong Internal PowerChapter 7 Infinite Cave
Chapter 8 A miracle occursChapter 9 Discovering SecretsChapter 10 LearningChapter 11 Destroying Zuo Zimu
Chapter 12: Switching sides in battleChapter 13 The Woman in BlackChapter 14 Beauty doesn¡¯t want a hero to save herChapter 15 Osteoporosis
Chapter 16 KillingChapter 17 South China Sea Crocodile GodChapter 18 I don¡¯t allow you to touch herChapter 19: Are you convinced?
Chapter 20 Become my teacherChapter 21 QuestioningChapter 22 The four villains appear togetherChapter 23: Run, Duan Yanqing
Chapter 24: Go to Dali!Chapter 25: Take down Mu Wanqing!Chapter 26 Prologue! The tragic life of Jiumozhi!Chapter 27: Scare away Jiumozhi
Chapter 28: Fooling DafaChapter 29 Meeting Duan Zhengchun for the first timeChapter 30 The Battle of Tianlong TempleChapter 31 Ku Rong¡¯s last words
Chapter 32 Cooperation can achieve successChapter 33 The sad Duan YuChapter 34 Wang Yuyan appearsChapter 35: The ¡®upright¡¯ Murong Fu
Chapter 36 Gold Medal Best Actor JiumozhiChapter 37 Peeping at Miss WangChapter 38: How to make a lying gunChapter 39 Picking up girls in the air
Chapter 40: The time has come to set the trapChapter 41: Self-created sword move¡ªTian Xuan Sword!Chapter 42: Excalibur for Star ShiftChapter 43: Young Master, please stay!
Chapter 44 The Six Meridians Divine Sword is a big reward, buy six and get one free!Chapter 45: If you want to do it, be the biggest!Chapter 46 Please call me Duan LihongChapter 47: Cooking wine and talking about cowards
Chapter 48 You won¡¯t even give me a hundred dollars.Chapter 49 The earth is so roundChapter 50: Your sisterChapter 51 Mantuo Villa, here I come
Chapter 53: Perfection of MindChapter 54 Negotiations on entering the islandChapter 55: The true effect of Zuixian WangyueChapter 56: Fuxi¡¯s Shadow
Chapter 57 The fox¡¯s tail is exposedChapter 58 My name is Xuanyuan TianChapter 59: Far away, yet so close.Chapter 60: Hand it over obediently
Chapter 61: Success in the passing of timeChapter 62 DowryChapter 63 Leaving the VillaChapter 64 Azi appears
Chapter 65 A surprising ending1325-1644 The World of Fairy Sword 1 (Part 1)1645 The World of Fairy Sword 1 (Part 2)1646 Lunar Worshipers (Part 1)
1647 Lunar Worshipers (Part 2)1648 Something happened to Aunt Li (Part 1)1649 Something happened to Aunt Li (Part 2)1650 Something happened to Aunt Li (Part 2)
1651 The Fairy of Fairy Island (Part 1)1652 The Fairy of Fairy Island (Part 2)1653 The Fairy of Fairy Island (Part 2)1654 Fairy Zhao Linger (Part 1)
1655 Fairy Zhao Linger (middle)1656 Fairy Zhao Linger (Part 2)1657 Killing the Moon Worshipers Part 1)1658 Killing the Moon Worshipers (Part 2)
1659 Killing the Moon Worshipers (Part 2)1660 Grandma¡¯s Entrustment (Part 1)1661 Grandma¡¯s Entrustment (Part 2)1662 The Mystery of Shushan (Part 1)
1663 The Mystery of Shushan (Part 2)1664 The Mystery of Shushan (Part 2)1665 Shushan and Nanzhao (Part 1)1666 Shushan and Nanzhao (middle)
1667 Shushan and Nanzhao (Part 2)1668 A daughter of the Lin family grows up (Part 1)1669 A daughter of the Lin family grows up (middle)1670 The girl next door has grown up (Part 2)
1671 Someone loves someone who is unruly and willful (Part 1)1672 Unruly and willful people love you (Part 2)1673 Someone loves someone who is unruly and willful (Part 2)1674 Spring Breeze Proudly Horseshoe Disease (Part 1)
1675 Spring Breeze Proudly Horseshoe Disease (Part 2)1676 Spring Breeze Proudly Horseshoe Disease (Part 2)1677 Nerd Cousin and Sassy Cousin (Part 1)1678 The nerdy cousin is also the sassy cousin (Part 2)
1679 Nerd Cousin and Sassy Cousin (Part 2)1680 Even evil girls are tempted (Part 1)1681 Even evil girls are tempted (Part 2)1682 Even evil girls are tempted (Part 2)
1683 Competition to recruit a bride (Part 1)1684 Martial Arts Competition to Recruit a Marriage (Part 2)1685 Competition to recruit a bride (Part 2)1686 There are girls in the Lin family who are not easy to mess with (Part 1)
1687 There are girls in the Lin family who are not easy to mess with (Part 2)1688 There are girls in the Lin family who are not easy to mess with (Part 2)1689 Shushan and the Lin Family (Part 1)1690 Shushan and Lin Family (middle)
1691 Shushan and the Lin Family (Part 2)1692 Strange Young Man (Part 1)1693 Strange Young Man (Part 2)1694 Strange Young Man (Part 2)
1695 Accept a top scholar as an apprentice (Part 1)1696 Accept a top scholar as an apprentice (Part 2)1697 Lin Yueru¡¯s thoughts (Part 1)1698 Lin Yueru¡¯s thoughts (Part 2)
1699 Lin Yueru¡¯s thoughts (Part 2)1,700 for another US dollar (Part 1)1701 Another US Dollar (Part 2)1702 The Lin family has trouble (Part 1)
1703 Lin family trouble (Part 2)1704 Set off again (Part 1)1705 Set off again (Part 2)1706 Monster Clan Chaos (Part 1)
1707 Monster Clan Chaos (Part 2)1708 Monster Clan Chaos (Part 2)1709 Killing the Monster Tribe (Part 1)1710 Killing the Demon Tribe (Part 2)
1711 Killing the Monster Tribe (Part 2)1712 The Story of the Fox and the Snake (Part 1)1713 The Story of the Fox and the Snake (Part 2)1714 The Story of the Fox and the Snake (Part 2)
1715 Aman and Tang Yu Xiaobao (Part 1)1716 Aman and Tang Yu Xiaobao (middle)1717 Aman and Tang Yu Xiaobao (Part 2)1718 Let¡¯s hit the road together (Part 1)
1719 Let¡¯s hit the road together (Part 2)1720 Let¡¯s hit the road together (Part 2)1722 situation (medium)1723 Situation (Part 2)
1724 Miao Jiang Gu Technique (Part 1)1725 Miao Jiang Gu Technique (Part 2)1726 Miao Jiang Gu Technique (Part 2)1727 Civil strife in Miao territory (Part 1)
1728 Civil strife in Miao territory (Part 2)1729 Civil strife in Miao territory (Part 2)1730 Join forces (Part 1)1731 Join forces (middle)
1732 Join forces (Part 2)1733 affectionate and bitter1734 The pain of infatuation1735 detachment
1736 Elder Shi¡¯s Ambition (Part 1)1737 Elder Shi¡¯s Ambition (Part 2)1738 Turmoil (Part 1)1739 Turmoil (Part 2)
1740 Turmoil (Part 2)1741 Worshiping the Moon and the Sword God (Part 1)1742 Worshiping the Moon and the Sword God (Part 2)1743 Worshiping the Moon and the Sword God (Part 2)
1744 Who is stronger, the witch or the sword (Part 1)1745 Who is stronger, the witch or the sword (Part 2)1746 Who is stronger, the witch or the sword (Part 2)1747 Three Swords of Heaven, Earth and Man (Part 1)
1748 Three Swords of Heaven, Earth and Man (Part 2)1749 The War of Gods Ends1750 Chaos (Part 1)1751 Divine Chaos (Part 2)
1752 Divine Chaos (Part 2)1753 The War of Gods Ends1754 Lin Tianyao¡¯s decision1755 Attacking Shushan (Part 1)
1756 Attacking Shushan (middle)1757 Attacking Shushan (Part 2)1758 Discussing the Way of the Master of ShushanWhat happened in 1759
1760 Journey to the Demon Locking Tower (Part 1)1761 Journey to the Demon Locking Tower (Part 2)1762 Journey to the Demon Locking Tower (Part 2)1763 King of Demons
1764 Jiang Ming1765The truth! (superior)1766 The Truth (Part 2)1767 The Truth (Part 2)
1768 full of doubts1769 Liu Jinyuan (Part 1)1770 Liu Jinyuan (middle)1771 Liu Jinyuan (Part 2)
1772 Colorful Butterfly (Part 1)1773 Colorful Butterfly (middle)1774 Colorful Butterfly (Part 2)1775 Miao Territory Nanzhao (Part 1)
1776 Miao Territory Nanzhao (Part 2)1777 Night Visit to the Royal Palace1778Secret Infiltration1779King of Nanzhao
1780 palace coup1781 A country that worships the moon?1782 Whereabouts Unknown (Part 1)1783 Whereabouts Unknown (Part 2)
1784 missing (Part 2)1785 Traitor (Part 1)1786 Traitor (Part 2)1787 Rescue (Part 1)
1788 Rescue (Part 2)1789 Rescue (Part 2)1790 Descendants of the Witch God (Part 1)1791 Descendants of the Witch God (Part 2)
1792 Descendants of the Witch God (Part 2)1793 The whereabouts of the old friend (Part 1)1794 The whereabouts of the old friend (Part 2)1795 Countermeasures
1796 beheaded! (superior)1797 beheaded! (middle)1798 beheaded! (Down)1799The person who kills you (Part 1)
1800 The Man Who Killed You (Part 2)1801 The person who kills you (Part 2)1802 Kill God! (superior)1803 God Killing (Part 2)
1804 God Killing (Part 2)1805 The Witch God comes to an end1806 peerless style!1807 Million Years Ancestral God War Ends
1808 Countermeasures1809 Rebellion in Southern Xinjiang (Part 1)1810 Southern Xinjiang Rebellion (Part 2)1811 makes a strong move (Part 1)
1812 strong shot (middle)1813 strong shot (Part 2)1814 Tao and Sword (Part 1)1815 Tao and Sword (Part 2)
1816 Tao and Sword (Part 2)1817 Different ways don¡¯t work together (Part 1)1818 Different ways don¡¯t work together (Part 2)1819 Different ways don¡¯t work together (Part 2)
1820 Good or evil?1821Reverse time and space1822 ten years ago1823 Reincarnation (Part 1)
1824 Reincarnation (Part 2)1825 Reincarnation (Part 2)1826The reason for everything (Part 1)1827 Lin Tianyao¡¯s determination
1828 Killed on Shushan again1829 kills everyone!1830 Tai Chi Formation vs Golden Tai ChiThe unparalleled reputation created by 1831~!
1832 One method breaks all laws!1833 I have my own way1834 Across the Past and the Present (Part 1)1835 Across the Past and the Present (Part 2)
1836 Past, present and futureThe truth about the world of 18371838 The End of the Fairy Sword1839 New World Quest
1840 Wumengling Valley (Part 1)1841 Wumengling Valley (middle)1842 Wumengling Valley (Part 2)1843 Mysterious Figure
1844The Conspiracy of the Man in White1845 rescue1846 First fight (Part 1)1847 The first fight (Part 2)
1848 Wumengling Valley (Part 1)1849 Wumengling Valley (middle)1850 Wumengling Valley (Part 2)1851 Han Xiuning¡¯s request (Part 1)
1852 Han Xiuning¡¯s request (middle)1853 Han Xiuning¡¯s request (Part 2)1854 Lin Tianyao¡¯s plan1855 Tracking (Part 1)
1856 Weird forces1857 Late night secret conversation (Part 1)1858 Late night secret conversation (Part 2)1859 terrible opponent
1860 Hunting in the mountains1861Cunning Opponent (Part 1)1862 Cunning opponent (middle)1863 Cunning Opponent (Part 2)
1864 Trap (Part 1)1865 Trap (medium)1866 Trap (Part 2)1867 Hunters and Hunters (Part 1)
1868 Hunters and Hunters (Part 2)1869 Hunters and Hunters (Part 2)1870 Fen Ji was born1871 Triggering of random tasks (Part 1)
1872 Triggering of random tasks (medium)1873 Random task trigger (Part 2)The true meaning of 1874 random tasks1875 Lin Tianyao¡¯s ambition
1876 ??layout begins (Part 1)1877 layout begins (middle)1878 layout begins (Part 2)1879 Ziyin Zhenren (Part 1)
1880 Ziyin Zhenren (Part 2)1881 The Gear of Destiny (Part 1)1882 The Gear of Destiny (Part 2)1883 Visitors from Youdu (Part 1)
1884 Visitors from Youdu (Part 2)1885 Visitors from Youdu (Part 2)1886 Struggle and Compromise (Part 1)1887 Struggle and Compromise (Part 2)
1888 Struggle and Compromise (Part 2)1889Resuscitation Han Xiuning (Part 1)1890Resuscitation Han Xiuning (middle)1891Resuscitation Han Xiuning (Part 2)
1892 Seven-Year Covenant (Part 1)1893 Seven-Year Promise (Part 2)The Seven-Year Promise of 1894 (Part 2)1895 The storm is about to come and the wind fills the building
1896 Disciples Rebellion (Part 1)1897 Disciples Rebellion (Part 2)1898 Disciples Rebellion (Part 2)1899 Tianyong City Rebellion (Part 1)
1900 Tianyong City Rebellion (Part 2)1901 Tianyong City Rebellion (Part 2)1902 Return (Part 1)1903 Return (Part 2)
Return of 1904 (Part 2)1905 First conversation1906 Tianyong Furui1907 Where is the ruby?
1908 Head of Tianyong (Part 1)1909 Head Tianyong (middle)1910 Head of Tianyong (Part 2)1911 Tianyao Preaching (Part 1)
1912 Tianyao Preaching (Part 2)1913 Tianyao¡¯s sermon (Part 2)1914 No. 1 in the worldThe troubled year of 1915
1916 Lingduan¡¯s Ambition (Part 1)1917 Lingduan¡¯s Ambition (Part 2)1918 Lingduan¡¯s Ambition (Part 2)1919 Calculation (Part 1)
1920 Calculation (Part 2)1921 Big Story Wumeng LingguThings started in 1922 (Part 1)Things started in 1923 (Part 2)
1924 Houshan Chaos (Part 1)1925 Houshan Chaos (Part 2)1926 Houshan Chaos (Part 2)1927 The weird head of Tianyong City (Part 1)
1928 The weird head of Tianyong City (middle)1929 The weird head of Tianyong City (Part 2)1930 Zumai Longshan (Part 1)1931 Zumai Longshan (middle)
1932 Zumai Longshan (Part 2)1933 Kunlun Yin and Yang (Part 1)1934 Kunlun Yin and Yang (Part 2)1935 Kunlun Yin and Yang (Part 2)
1936 The Mystery of the Man in Black (Part 1)1937 The Mystery of the Man in Black)1938 The Mystery of the Man in Black (Part 2)The mystery of 1939 rises again (Part 1)
1940 Mystery Resurrection (Part 2)The mystery of 1941 rises again (Part 2)1942 The Daughter of Youdu (Part 1)1943 The Daughter of Youdu (Part 2)
1944 The Daughter of Youdu (Part 2)1945 Ten Witches of Youdu (Part 1)1946 Ten Witches of Youdu (Part 2)1947Mediation and Compromise (Part 1)
1948Mediation and Compromise (Part 2)1949Mediation and Compromise (Part 2)1950 is full of fog1951 Identity a mystery (Part 1)
1952 Identity a mystery (Part 2)1953 Mountains and rivers are in chaos (Part 1)1954 Mountains and rivers are in chaos (Part 2)1955 Mountains and rivers are in chaos (Part 2)
1956 Shocking Change (Part 1)1957 Shock (Part 2)1958 Shocking Change (Part 2)1959 Return (Part 1)
1960 Return (Part 2)1961 Missing it is a mistake1962Goodbye Han Xiuning1963 Dahua Wumeng (Part 1)
1964 Dahua Wumeng (Chinese)1965 Dahua Wumeng (Part 2)1966 slap in the face1967 Lord of Burning Silence
1968Suwen1969 Family Banquet (Part 1)1970 Family Banquet (Part 2)1971 Storm (Part 1)
1972 Storm (Part 2)1973 Storm (Part 2)1974 A Promise (Part 1)1975 A Promise (Part 2)
The shadow behind 1976 (Part 1)The shadow behind 1977 (middle)In the shadow of 1978)1979 Countermeasures
1980 Young Leaders (Part 1)1981 Young Leaders (middle)1982 Young Leaders (Part 2)1983 What is right and wrong (Part 1)
1984 What is right and wrong (Chinese)1985 What is right and wrong (Part 2)1986 The Storm of the World (Part 1)1987 The Storm of the World (Part 2)
1988 The Storm of the World (Part 2)1989 twists and turns (Part 1)1990 Twists and Turns (Part 2)1991 twists and turns (Part 2)
1992Relics of the Gods1993 Relics of the Gods (Part 2)1994 Mysterious Creatures (Part 1)1995 Mysterious Creatures (Part 2)
1996 God's Forbidden Zone1997 Watchland (Part 1)1998 Watchland (Part 2)1999 Watchland (Part 2)
2000 Watching Family (Part 1)2001 The Watchers (Part 2)2002 The Watchers (Part 2)2003 Paradise of the Gods
2004 The future of the Overwatch clan (Part 2)2005 The future of the Overwatch clan (Part 2)2006 The future of the Overwatch clan (Part 2)2007waiting
2008 Thriller (Part 1)2009 Thriller (Part 2)2010 Thriller (Part 2)2011 The Unknown Gods (Part 1)
2012 The Unknown Gods (Part 2)2013 The Unknown Gods (Part 2)2014 Eternal Lament (Part 1)2015 Eternal Lament (Part 2)
2016 Eternal Lament (Part 2)2017 Killing Evil Spirits!2018 Ultimate Secret (Part 1)2019 Ultimate Secret (Part 2)
2020 Ultimate Secret (Part 2)2021 A battle across time and space (Part 1)2022 A battle across time and space (Part 2)2023 A battle across time and space (Part 2)
2024 Self-Destruction of Heaven and Earth (Part 1)2025 Self-Destruction of Heaven and Earth (Part 2)Three years of vicissitudes in 2026 (Part 1)Three years of vicissitudes in 2027 (Part 2)
Three years of vicissitudes in 2028 (Part 2)2029 Present and Past (Part 1)2030 Now and Past (Part 2)2031 Suwen (Part 1)
2032 Plain Questions (Part 2)2033 Plain Questions (Part 2)2034 Linggu Renovation Plan (Part 1)2035 Linggu Renovation Plan (Part 2)
2036 Linggu Renovation Plan (Part 2)2037 Turning (Part 1)2038 Turning (Part 2)2039 Turning (Part 2)
2040 Wind and Cloud Meeting (Part 1)2041 Wind and Cloud Meeting (Part 2)2042 Wind and Cloud Meeting (Part 2)2043 Why did the guest come (Part 1)
2044Why did the guest come (ChineseWhy did the guest come in 2045 (Part 2)2046 Who is the King of Wumeng (Part 1)2047 Who is the King of Wumeng (Part 2)
2048 Who is the King of Wumeng (Part 2)2049 Bo Liang (Part 1)2050 Bo Liang (Part 2)2051 Secret Talk (Part 1)
2052 Secret Talk (Part 2)2053 Secret Talk (Part 2)2054 Showdown (Part 1)2055 Showdown (Part 2)
2056 Showdown (Part 2)2057 (Part 1)2058 (Chinese)2059 (Part 2)
A different Lin Tianyao in 20602061 One thought makes a world of difference2062 Something happened here (Part 1)2063 Something happened here (Part 2)
2064 Something happened here (Part 2)2065 back mountain2066 Kunlun!2067 How Many People from Ancient Times Return (Part 1)
2068 How Many People Return from Ancient Times (Part 2)2069 How many people came back from ancient times (Part 2)2070 Immortal Burial Ground (Part 1)2071 Immortal Burial Ground (Part 2)
2072 Immortal Burial Ground (Part 2)2073 Burial Ground of Immortals (Part 1)2074 Burial Place of Immortals (Part 2)2075 Burial Ground of Immortals (Part 2)
2076 Dark Past (Part 1)2077 Dark Past (Part 2)2078 Dark Past (Part 2)2079 Immortal Burial Tower (Part 1)
2080 Immortal Burial Tower (middle)2081 Immortal Burial Tower (Part 2)2082 Golden Desert (Part 1)2083 Golden Desert (Part 2)
2084 Golden Desert (Part 2)2085 The secret of the samsara eye2086 Sky-Swallowing Beast (Part 1)2087 Sky-Swallowing Beast (Part 2)
2088 Sky-Swallowing Beast (Part 2)2089 God should be like this (Part 1)2090 God should be like this (Part 2)2091 God should be like this (Part 2)
2092 Lava Beast (Part 1)2093 Lava Beast (middle)2094 Lava Beast (Part 2)2095 Strong Player (Part 1)
2096 Ice World (Part 1)2097 Icefield (Part 2)2098 Xuanwu Divine Beast (Part 1)2099 Xuanwu mythical beast (middle)
2100 Xuanwu Divine Beast (Part 2)2101 Xuanwu¡¯s Fury (Part 1)2102 Xuanwu¡¯s Wrath)2103 escape
2104 Buried Sword World (Part 1)2105 Buried Sword Realm (Part 2)2106 Burning Silence! Burn silence! (superior)2107 Burning Silence! Burning Silence (Part 2)
2108 Emperor in the Sword (Part 1)2109 Emperor in the Sword (Part 2)2110 Emperor in the Sword (Part 2)2111 contention
2112 fight without end2113 Avenue for supremacy2114 Lin Tianyao¡¯s calculation (Part 1)2115 Lin Tianyao¡¯s calculation (Part 2)
2116 Burning silence and disaster end2117 keep moving forward2118 Senluo Sea (Part 1)2119Sen Luo Sea (middle)
2120 Senluo Sea (Part 2)2121The burial place of an era (Part 1)2122The burial place of an era (Part 2)2123The burial place of an era (Part 2)
2124 Land of Destiny (Part 1)2125 Land of Destiny (Part 2)2126 Bronze Sacred Wood (Part 1)2127 Bronze Sacred Tree (Middle)
2128 Bronze Sacred Tree (Part 2)2129 The war is ominous2130 The ultimate battle2131 Immortality (Part 1)
2132 Immortality (Part 2)2133 Immortality (Part 2)2134 The Moment of Life and Death (Part 1)2135 The Moment of Life and Death (Part 2)
2136 The Moment of Life and Death (Part 2)2137 Difficult Nirvana (Part 1)2138 Difficult Nirvana (Part 2)2139 Difficult Nirvana (Part 2)
2140Reshape the physical body! (superior)2141Reshape the body (Part 2)2142Reshape the body (Part 2)2143 The Ultimate Realm of Life and Death (Part 1)
2144 Extreme Realm of Life and Death (Part 2)2145 Extreme Realm of Life and Death (Part 2)2146 A narrow escape from death2147 Perfect Golden Body (Part 1)
2148 Perfect Golden Body (Part 2)2149A new realm2150 Showdown (Part 1)2151 Showdown (Part 2)
2152 Showdown (Part 2)2153 Conquest!2154 is a world of difference!2155 Immortality is broken!
2156 Nine Lives Shura (Part 1)2157 Nine Lives Shura (Part 2)2158 Nine Lives Shura (Part 2)2159 Tragic!
2160 stormy2161 Bronze Sacred Tree2162 Six Paths Coffin (Part 1)2163 Six Paths Coffin (middle)
2164 Six Paths Coffin (Part 2)2165choice2166 Immortal Creatures (Part 1)2167 Immortal Creatures (Part 2)
2168 Immortal Creatures (Part 2)2169 reasons2170 puzzle solvingOpening in 2171!
2172 Nine-story Demon Coffin2173 Deceiving the Secret (Part 1)2174 Deceive the Secret (Part 2)2175 Deceive the Secret (Part 2)
2176 A phalanx (upper)2177 A phalanx (middle)2178 A phalanx (bottom)2179 Great Disaster (Part 1)
2180 Great Disaster (Part 2)2181 Great Disaster (Part 2)2182 A blow that spans the ages!2183 The Third God)
2184 The Third God (middle)2185 The Third God (Part 2)2186 The powerful Junyun Tianshang)2187The powerful Jun Yuntian (Part 2)
2188 Talking about the past and the present2189 Huitianyong (Part 1)2191 The end of disaster (Part 1)2192 The end of disaster (Part 2)
2194 Today¡¯s Wumeng (Part 1)2195 Today¡¯s Wumeng (Part 2)2196 old friends2197 accident
2198 different choices (Part 1)2199 different choices (medium)2200 different choices (Part 2)2201 War Begins (Part 1)
2202 War Begins (Part 2)2203 War Begins (Part 2)2204Extinction2205 kills
2206 Tianyong City was destroyed2207 The end of the day2208 Mission Ended (Part 1)2209 Mission Ended (Part 2)
2210 mission completed (Part 22211 meet2212 It¡¯s like not seeing each other2213 Enter Kunlun again!
2214 Seeking Skin from a Tiger (Part 1)2215 Seeking Skin from a Tiger (Part 2)2216 Traveling in the Galaxy (Part 1)2217 Traveling in the Galaxy (Part 2)
2218 Traveling in the Galaxy (Part 2)2219 Taikoo Divine Road (Part 1)2220 Taichu Ancient Road (middle)2221 Taichu Ancient Road (Part 2)
2222The blood-stained ancient road2223 Gate of Heaven and Earth (Part 1)2224 Heaven and Earth Gate (Part 2)2225The truth of the world
2226The Ending Place2227 The Beginning of Chaos (Part 1)2228 The Beginning of Chaos (Part 2)2229The Beginning of Chaos (Part 2)
2230Which is true or false?2231The Ruler of Destiny (Part 1)2232 The incomprehensible truth2233 first decryption (Part 1)
2234 decryption (medium)2235 Decryption (Part 2)2236 bet2237 New World Quest - List of Gods
2238 moving forward, a new beginning2239 Small Village Crisis2240 conflict2241 Strange things in the small village (Part 1)
2242 Strange things in the small village (Part 2)2243 Strange things in the small village (Part 2)2244 Midnight Strikes (Part 1)2245 Midnight Strikes (Part 2)
2246 Disaster in a small village (Part 1)2247 Disaster in a Small Village (Part 2)2248 Disaster in a small village (Part 2)2249 The Manifestation of the Soul (Part 1)
2250 Soul Manifestation (Part 2)2251 The Manifestation of the Soul (Part 2)2252 The Emperor of Demons (Part 1)2253 The Emperor of Demons (middle)
2254 The Emperor of Demons (Part 2)2255Jinguangmen2256 Golden Gate (middle)2257 Golden Gate (Part 2)
2258 Golden Light Formation (Part 1)2259 golden light array (middle)2260 Golden Light Array (Part 2)2261 Jinguang Taoism (Part 1)
2262 Jinguang Taoism (middle)2263 Jinguang Taoism (Part 2)2264 Huang family rogue (Part 1)2265 Huang family rogue (middle)
2266 Huang family rogue (Part 2)2267 Family misfortune (Part 1)2268 Family misfortune (Part 2)2269 Family misfortune (Part 2)
2270 continue tracking (Part 1)2271Continue tracking (Part 2)2272 bet2273 Willing to admit defeat
2274 reasons2275 There is a daughter in the Su family (Part 1)2276 There is a daughter in the Su family (middle)2277 There is a daughter in the Su family (Part 2)
2278 Adopting Daji as a disciple (Part 1)2279 Adopting Daji as a disciple (Part 2)2280 Adopting Daji as an apprentice (Part 2)2281 King of Wucheng, let¡¯s make a bet (Part 1)
2282Wucheng King, let¡¯s make a bet (Part 2)2283 King of Wucheng, let¡¯s make a bet (Part 2)2284 Fighting with the Moral King (Part 1)2285 Fighting with the Moral King (Part 2)
2286 Fighting with the Moral King (Part 2)2287 Capturing the True King Alive (Part 1)2288Capturing the True King Alive (Part 2)2289Capturing the True King Alive (Part 2)
2290 The unlucky moral king2291 Immortal Killing Tribulation2292 Killing robbery starts2293 Countermeasures (Part 1)
2294 Countermeasures (Part 2)2295 Entrusting a dream to King Zhou2296 The ministers¡¯ interpretation of dreams (Part 1)2297 The ministers¡¯ interpretation of dreams (Part 2)
2298 The Emperor is lucky to the Huang family (Part 1)2299 The emperor is lucky to the Huang family (middle)2300 magic circle traps the immortals (Part 1)2301 The magic circle traps the immortals (Part 2)
2302 King Zhou is coming (Part 1)2303 Temptation (Part 1)2304 test2305 Talking about life with King Zhou
2306 Adopt King Zhou as his younger brother (Part 1)2307 Accept King Zhou as his younger brother (Part 2)2308How to become a good actor (Part 1)2309How to become a good actor (Part 2)
2310How to become a good actor (Part 2)2311 is served in one pot?2312 calculation2313 Step by step (Part 1)
2314 Step by Step (Part 2)2315 Step by Step (Part 2)2316 The saint takes action2317 Opposition between Two Saints
2318 The three saints turned against each other2319 Four Saints2320 Opposition2321 Attack the Twelve Immortals (Part 1)
2322 Attack the Twelve Immortals (Part 2)2323 seize cause and effect2324 Something happened2325 The secret of prehistoric times
2326 Great Shang Guoshi2237 Ziya throws himself into Xiqi at night (Part 1)2238 Ziya throws himself at Xiqi at night (Part 2)2239 Tianyao fights to chase Ziya
2330 Antarctic Immortal2331 The Antarctic Immortal¡¯s Abacus2332 Ran Deng Taoist (Part 1)2333 Ran Deng Taoist (Part 2)
2334Hard stubble2335 Mr. Lu Yadao2336 compromise2337 Mountains and rivers are in chaos
2338 Secret2339 It seems that there are old friends in the mountains and rivers (Part 1)2340 It seems that there are old friends in the mountains and rivers (Part 2)2341 Trouble Begins in Xiqi (Part 1)
2342 Trouble Begins in Xiqi (Part 2)2343 Trouble Begins in Xiqi (Part 2)2344Decided to leave2345 final arrangement
2346 cheap apprentice2347 Su Qing¡¯s thoughts2348Four Disciples (Part 1)2349Four Disciples (middle)
2350 Disciple Fighting (Part 1)2351 Disciple Fighting (Part 2)2352 Disciple Fighting (Part 2)2353 Huang Tianhua vs Yang Jian
2354The person who is entrusted with everything (Part 1)2355The person who is entrusted with everything (middle)2356The person who is entrusted with everything (Part 2)2357 The young genius who has had eight lifetimes of bad luck (Part 1)
2358 The genius boy who has had eight lifetimes of bad luck (Part 2)2359 The genius boy who has been unlucky for eight lifetimes (Part 2)2360 Playing Genius2361 The storm is raging (Part 1)
2362 The storm is rising (middle)2363 The storm is raging (Part 2)2364 Undercurrent (Part 1)2365 Undercurrent (Part 2)
2366 The situation is about to be chaotic (Part 1)2367 The situation is about to be chaotic (Part 2)2368 chess players (Part 1)2369 chess player (middle)
2370 Chess Players (Part 2)2371 Young Yang Jian (Part 1)2372 Young Yang Jian (middle)2373 Young Yang Jian (Part 2)
2374 Su Qing¡¯s Thoughts (Part 1)2375 Su Qing¡¯s Thoughts (Part 2)2376 Su Qing¡¯s Thoughts (Part 2)2377The most important chess piece (Part 1)
2378The most important chess piece (middle)2379The most important chess piece (Part 2)2380 dark son2381 Lustful Emperor
2382 Who dominates the star platform (Part 1)2383 Who dominates the star platform (center)2384 Who dominates the star platform (Part 2)2385 Dim lights
2386What's your father's surname?2387 Wen Zhong¡¯s son?2388 iron plate2389What's your mother's surname?
2390 Wen Tian, ??do you want to rebel?2391 killing?2392The beginning of the turmoil2393 Blood Night
2394 The heart of the superior2395 Disaster for Ten Thousand People2396 Disaster for Ten Thousand People (Part 2)2397 Disaster for Ten Thousand People (Part 2)
2398 Confrontation in court (Part 1)2399 Confrontation in court (Part 2)2400 Confrontation in class (Part 2)2401 War of words
2402 tit for tat2403Who has the merit and who has the fault?2404 The Emperor¡¯s Thoughts2405 A sudden turn of events
2406 Eight-year Promise (Part 1)2407 Eight-year Promise (Part 2)2408 Eight-year Promise (Part 2)2409 Layout (Part 1)
2410 Layout (Part 2)2411 Young Disciples (Part 1)2412 Young disciples (middle)2413 Young Disciples (Part 2)
2414 The final arrangement (Part 1)2415The final arrangement (Part 2)2416The final arrangement (Part 2)2417Yang Jian¡¯s life experience
2418 was seen through!2419 Shadow Dance2420 The curtain opens2423 Death Land Periphery (Part 1)
2424 Dead Land Periphery (middle)2425 conflict2426 The so-called natural principle (Part 1)2427 The so-called natural principle (Part 2)
2428 is hitting you!2429 Taoist Duobao (Part 1)2430 Duobao Taoist (middle)2431 Taoist Duobao (Part 2)
2432 The first person in the world2433 Qin Family Bright Moon (Part 1)2434 Qin Family Bright Moon (middle)2435 Qin Family Bright Moon (Part 2)
2436 Fog (Part 1)2437 Fog (Part 2)2438 Fog (Part 2)2439 The Mystery of the Dead Land (Part 1)
2440 The Mystery of the Dead Land (Part 2)2441 selected2442 There is spirit in the dead place2443 The shocking truth
2444 Choosing the Owner of Holy Objects (Part 1)2445 Choosing the Owner of Holy Objects (Part 2)2446 Explain the teaching and take the blame2447 days of great turmoil
2448 Lin Tianyao¡¯s decision2449 cooperation2450 Qin Tianhe¡¯s whereabouts2542 preparation
2453 "Break"!2454 External situation (Part 1)2455 External situation (Part 2)2456 is the end of the world!
2457 The Tribulation of Life (Part 1)2458 Ancient evil comes2459 Hungry Tiger Crisis2460Drilling wood to make fire
2461 Law of the Jungle (Part 1)2462 Law of the Jungle (Part 2)2463 Escape in embarrassment2464 Breathing Hole
2465 Weird Island2466 Dead Lake Monster Fish (Part 1)2467 Dead Lake Monster Fish (Part 2)2468 Blackwater Blackfish (Part 1)
2469 Blackwater Blackfish (Part 2)2470 "Born" is difficult2471 "Born" is difficult (Part 1)2472 Born with many difficulties (Part 2)
2473 Old and inactive2474 The swallowed essence2475 All things grow2476 guess (Part 1)
2477 Guess (Part 2)2477 Amazing Ideas (Part 1)2478 Laojie bell rings (Part 1)2480 Laojie bell rings (middle)
2481 Laojie bell rings (Part 2)2482 Strange Old World (Part 1)2482 The strange old world (Part 2)2483 Rogue Rabbit (Part 1)
2484 Rogue Rabbit (middle)2485 Rogue Rabbit (Part 2)2486 Rabbit is also crazy)2487 Rabbit is also crazy (Part 2)
2488 The first magic weapon (Part 1)2489 The first magic weapon (middle)2490 The first magic weapon (Part 2)2491My name is Donghuang
2492 Donghuang Taiyi2493 Proud Rabbit2494 The so-called death place (Part 1)2495 Demon Emperor and Eastern Emperor
2496 Immortal Ancient World2497 Pattern on Bronze Door2498The obliterated past2499 The Endless Reincarnation of Despair (Part 1)
2500 Endless Reincarnation of Despair (Part 2)2501 The Endless Reincarnation of Despair (Part 2)2502 Assumptions that are constantly overturned (Part 1)2503 Assumptions that are constantly overturned (Part 2)
2504 Assumptions that are constantly overturned (Part 2)2505 The endless cycle of despair2506Unsolvable Situation2507 Reasoning
2508 A crucial breakthrough!2509 Breaking the Game (Part 1)2510 Breaking the Game (Part 2)2511Truth
2512 The Battle of the Strongest Race Part 1)2513 The Battle of the Strongest Race (Part 2)2514 The Heaven-defying Family (Part 1)2515 The Heaven-defying Family (Part 2)
2516 Bronze Bird Seal Script2517 Weird Duobao Taoist2518 Disease and mutilation2519 City in the Sky (Part 1)
2520 Sky City (Part 2)2521City floating in the sky2522 Eternal Heart (Part 1)2523 Eternal Heart (Part 2)
2524 Eternal Heart (Part 2)2525 Doubts2526Shadows under light2527 Weird Giant City
2528 Human nature (Part 1)2529 Humanity (Chinese)2530 Humanity (Part 2)2531 God-making Movement (Part 1)
2532 God-making Movement (Part 2)2533 Night Banquet (Part 1)2534 Night Banquet (Part 2)2535 Night Banquet (Part 2)
2536 disagreements2537 Bet on the world!2538 Death World (Part 1)2539 Death World (Part 1)
2540 Endless Killing2541 Life restricted area2542 Secret2543 Prove the Tao with one¡¯s own body
2544 Death Tyrant (Part 1)2545 Death Tyrant (Part 2)2546 fierce battle2547What's the way forward?
2548 Tragic!2549The path is hard to find2550The next road2551Death to live!
2552 part ways!2553 Dreaming back through the ages (Part 1)2554 Dreaming Back to Eternity (Part 2)2555 Dreaming Back to Eternity (Part 2)
2556 Great Destruction (Part 1)2557 Great Destruction (Part 2)2558 Great Destruction (Part 2)2559 In the unreal world)
2560 Illusory World (Part 2)2561 Illusory World (Part 2)2562 One thought moves the ages2563 Transformation!
2564The truth of the world2565The way back2566 Disciples Fight (Part 1)2567 Disciples Fight (Part 2)
2568 Disciples Fight (Part 2)2569 Storm and golden light2570 Taier Zhenren? (superior)2571 Taier Zhenren? (middle)
2572 Tai Er Zhenren? (Down)2575Today Luofu2576 Chaos is coming2577 elucidation
2579Compassion and tolerance2580Pride and Prejudice2581 Dilemma2582 Huangjiacheng
2583 The world is shocked2584bad news2585Decision2586 Army Mutiny
2587 Huang Family Today2588 Explain the Three Immortals2589 Framed and framed2590 Huang family trouble
2591 Chaoge is in turmoil2592 Great Times2593Old friends remain the same2594 Still the same now and then
2595Su Qing¡¯s decision2596 Disciple Yang Jian!2597 different ways2598 Wind and Cloud Meeting
2599 Saint¡¯s edict2600 King Zhou¡¯s wedding2601 Zhao Gongming is here2602 All parties move to the cloud
2603 Game of Thrones2604 The hero is sad and the beauty passes (Part 1)2605 reason2606 soldiers sent to Xiqi
2607 Brutal tug of war2608 The first prompting god (Part 1)2609 The first reminder god (Part 2)2610 first contact
2611 The first war2612 Daozang Nuwa Palace2613 The Secret of Prehistoric Times2614 The fabricated past
2615 Eternal years2616The dusty pastWhere to go 26172618 The location of Biyou Palace
2619Who is the leader in Penglai?2620Goodbye Jie Jiao Immortals2621 Biyou Palace2622 Duobao Taoist
2623Tongtian Cult Leader2624 tit for tat2625 Backhand2626 conversations
2627 declare war2628 Empress Sanxiao2629 similar2630 strange woman
2631 Changes in Chaoge2632 Lei Zhenzi2633 disciples compete2634 Xuanyuan Three Demons (Part 1)
2635 Xuanyuan Three Demons (middle)2636 Xuanyuan Three Demons (Part 2)2637 Lin Tianyao¡¯s plan2638 Gunzu¡¯s life experience (Part 1)
2639Gun Zi¡¯s life experience (Part 2)2640 Gunzu¡¯s life experience (Part 2)2641 Something happened2642 Empress Sanxiao shows her magical powers
2643 Nezha three brothers2644 Cannibalism2645I am unruly2646 Xuanyuan Demon Chaos
2647 will suppress you for ten thousand years!2648 Saint Battle!2649 Saint's Curse Seal2650 Yang Jian returns
2651 Quasi-Saint Catastrophe2652Goodbye Taoist Duobao2653 Lin Tianyao¡¯s decision2654 Return to death
2655 pass three levels2656 Re-entering Tianren City2657 Quasi-Saint Crossing the Tribulation2658 Chaos Killing Tribulation!
2659Despair situation2660 Chaos Killing Tribulation2661 Xueliu Tongguan2662 Failed to overcome the tribulation
2663 Change destiny against heaven2664 Suppress a realm of heaven!2665 return2666 Dramatic changes in the world
2667 furious2668 Quasi-Sacred War (Part 1)2669 Quasi-Sacred War (Part 2)2670 Quasi-Holy War (Part 2)
2671 Chanjiao¡¯s trump card2672 The Game of Saints2673 Duobao vs. Yuanshi (Part 1)2674 Duobao Battle Yuanshi (Part 2)
2675 Duobao Battle Yuanshi (Part 2)2676 Turmoil and chaos2677 Goodbye Nuwa2678 Ancestor God and Taoist Saint 1
2679 Ancestor God and Taoist Saint 22679 Ancestor God and Taoist Saint 32680 Human Ancestor and Taoist Saint 42681 Lord of Heaven
2682 Hongjun¡¯s decree2683 The seventh saint?2684 Quasi-Saint War2685 A monkey for eternity
2686 Dialogue with Stone Monkey2687 Hit the Heavenly Palace!2688 One person¡¯s war2689 Stepping on Heaven
2690 Heavenly soldiers are sent out2691 Dark Matter2692 method2693Suwen
2694 Su Qing discusses the world2695 strange woman2696 puzzles2697It¡¯s hard to tell
2598 sudden change of situation2699 Jiepaiguan (Part 1)2700 Jiepaiguan (Part 2)2701 Goodbye Shen Gongbao
2702 What a big game of chess2703 Battle of Boundary Cards2704 Ran Deng and Duobao2705Who is invincible?
2706 Three Stances of the Saint (Part 1)2707 Saint¡¯s Three Strikes (Part 2)2708 Battle of Saints (Part 1)2709 Battle of Saints (Part 2)
2710 Battle of Saints (Part 2)2711 Purple air comes from the east2712 The First Killing Formation in Ancient Times2713 Blood and Turmoil (Part 1)
2714 Blood and Turmoil (Part 2)2715 Blood and Turmoil (Part 2)2716 The city of Western Zhou Dynasty was destroyed2617 The war breaks out
2718 The fierce battle between the three saints2719 The First Killing Formation in Ancient Times (Part 1)2720 ??The First Killing Formation in Ancient Times (Part 2)2721 Dialogue with Daozu
2722The manipulated world (Part 1)2723The Manipulated World (Part 2)2724The manipulated world (Part 2)2725 Two flowers in one life
2726The track of history2727 Immortal Killing Formation and the Four Saints (Part 1)2728 Immortal Killing Formation and the Four Saints (Part 2)The dusk of 27.29 million immortals (Part 1)
The dusk of 27.3 million immortals (Part 2)2731 Taking advantage of others (Part 1)2732 Taking advantage of others (Part 2)2733 Taking advantage of others (Part 2)
2734 The living demon emperor!2735 Demon Emperor!2736 The Demon Emperor and the Buddha (Part 1)2737 The Demon Emperor and the Buddha (Part 2)
2738 The Demon Emperor and the Buddha (Part 2)2739 Don¡¯t be afraid to lead!2740 The first quasi-sage!2741 Starry Formation in the Sky (Part 1)
2742 Starry Formation in the Sky (Part 2)2743 Suppress and lead!2744 Saints fight! (superior)2745 Saint¡¯s Chaotic War (Part 2)
2746 Lu Ya is here!2747 Daozu¡¯s meaning!2748 Return to death2749 A greater disaster (Part 1)
2750 A greater disaster (Part 2)2751 Reversal of Yin and Yang (Part 1)2752 Reversal of Yin and Yang (Chinese version)2753 Reversal of Yin and Yang (Part 2)
2754 A battle across time and space (Part 1)2755 A battle across time and space (Part 2)2756 Dreaming back to the ancient times (Part 1)2757 Dreaming Back to the Ancient Times (Part 2)
2758 Dreaming back to the ancient times (Part 2)2759 Bond (Part 1)2760 bond2761 The so-called master and apprentice (Part 1)
2762The so-called master and apprentice (Part 2)2763 The so-called master and apprentice (Part 2)2764 Past and Present Life (Part 1)2765 Past and Present Life (Part 2)
2766 Pangu and Hongjun2767 The dominated world2768 Emperor! superior)2769 Emperor! (middle)
2770 Emperor (Part 2)2771 Qingtian Dayin Bei Mountain River)2772 Qingtian Dayinbei Mountains and Rivers (Part 2)2773 Boundary Sea!
2774 Goodbye Jun Yuntian2775 Million Years Imperial War Ends2776The last farewell27.77 Ten thousand feet of red dust rolling by (Part 1)
27.78 Ten thousand feet of red dust rolling by (middle)2779 Ten thousand feet of red dust rolling by (Part 2)2781 Past, present and future (Part 1)2782 Past, present and future (Part 2)
2783 Journey to the West (Part 1)2784 Journey to the West (Part 2)2785 Journey to the West (Part 2)2786 Goodbye Jun Yuntian
2787 Regret makes the intestines green2788 Origin of the Gods2789 Su Qing¡¯s thoughtsDeparture 2790¡ªNew world mission
2791x The World of Men2792Life is a science2793 The shame of the robbery world2794 Huabang
2795 thoughts2796 Gangster¡¯s Revenge2797 Ninja (Part 1)2798 Ninja (medium)
2799 Ninja (Part 2)2800 legendary ninjutsu! superior)2801 The legendary ninjutsu (Part 2)2802 Mutants
2903 Brotherhood of Mutants2804 rebellious girl2805 variant mother and daughter2806 Twisted Angel (Part 1)
2807 Twisted Angel (Part 2)2808 Twisted Angel (Part 2)2809 Home2810 Home
2811 Kawamoto Musashi (Part 1)2812 Kawamoto Musashi (middle)2813 Kawamoto Musashi (Part 2)2814 Deadpool! (superior)
2815Deadpool (middle)2816 Dances with Wolves (Part 1)2817 Dances with Wolves (Part 2)2818 Dances with Wolves (Part 2)
2819 Returned without success2820 Fast and Furious2821 Airport Escape Operation (Part 1)2822 Airport Escape Operation (Part 2)
2823 Airport Escape Operation (Part 2))2824 Quicksilver2825 On after the scum grows up2826The desperate truth!
2827The desperate truth!2828Things are different and everything is empty!2829The most familiar strange world!2831 A world on the edge of war
2832Supreme Chief2833 Reincarnation becomes empty2834 Nian Yao2835 Su Xiaoxiao
2836The tranquility in the center of the storm2837 Fraternities and Academics2838 three thousand yuan2839 Zhang Hong
2840This is life2841 a grave2842 Huanjun Mingzhu sheds tears2843 I wish we could meet each other before we are married
2844How many times can you get good luck in your life?2845 Chang makes the beauty Luo Shi wet2846Love and Marriage (Part 1)2847Love and Marriage (Part 2)
2848Uninvited guest2849 warning2850 Fraternities and Colleges2851 Nianyao is in danger!
2852 Brotherhood of Mutants2853Nian Yao is a mutant? !2854Misfortune never comes singly2855xProfessor
2856 Pyramid2857 Age of Mythology2858 Pharaoh¡¯s Curse2859 Curse and Guardian
2860 Sphinx2861The Myth of the Sphinx2862The Age of God2863The Lost Fifty Years
2864 The God who fell from the altar2865Insects on the Tower of Babel2866 Betrayal and surrender2867 bigger shadow
2868 The man named Apocalypse2869The Devil Released2870 Declaration from Hell2871Heaven and Hell
2872 Su Nianyao¡¯s ability2873 Collapse of the World (Part 1)2874 Collapse of the World (Part 2)2875 The Collapsed World (Part 2)
2876 Shocking World2877 The Confrontation between Theocracy and Civilization2878The Lament of Auschwitz2879The end of human civilization (Part 1)
2880The end of human civilization (Part 2)2881 The Secret of the Pyramid (Part 1)2882 ??The Secret of the Pyramid (Part 2)2883 The Secret of the Pyramid (Part 2)
2884 Universe Emperor2885 United Nations Referendum2886 God War2887 forbidden areas
2888 fierce battle2889Dreams and Reality (Part 1)2890 Dreams and Reality (Part 2)2891 Ruler of Order
2892 breaks out! Donghuang Bell!2893 The child crying in hell2894 Li Nianyao¡¯s Power (Part 1)2895 Li Nianyao¡¯s Power (Part 2)
2896 There is a God in the East2897The God Who Welcomes Death (Part 1)2898The God Who Welcomes Death (Part 2)2899The God Who Welcomes Death (Part 2)
2900 surpasses the power of God! (superior)2901 Beyond the power of God (Part 2)2902 larger shade2903 Goodbye Wolverine (Part 1)
2904 Goodbye Wolverine (Part 2)2905 Goodbye Wolverine (Part 2)2906 Greetings from Money and Power2907 Gun of Judgment
2908 Kungunir (Part 1)2909 Kungunir (middle)2910 Kungunir (Part 2)2911Ambition from a distant planet
2912The Secret of the Sphinx2913 Before the birth of God2914 Unicron (Part 1)2915 Unicron (Part 2)
2916The power of public opinion2917 Level 5 mutant? ! (superior)2918 Level 5 mutant? ! (middle)2919 Level 5 mutant? ! (Down)
2920The Queen and the Devil2921 The Queen and the Devil (Part 1)2922The Queen and the Devil (Part 2)2923 The Queen and the Devil (Part 2)
2925Dangerous Games29.26 Million Magneto¡¯s Ambition (Part 1)29.27 Million Magneto¡¯s Ambition (Part 2)29.28 million Magneto¡¯s ambitions)
2929 Blue Devil Incident2930 Let the world feel the pain2931 Killing Immortal Sword Power2932 Army of Death (Part 1)
2933 Army of Death (Part 2)2934 Army of Death (Part 2)2935The emperor is dead!2936 Quasi-Emperor Realm!
2938 Past events under the stars (Part 1)2939 Past Events Under the Galaxy (Part 2)2940 Past Events Under the Galaxy (Part 2)2941 Emperor is dead?
The place of origin of 2942!2943 Return to Earth (Part 1)2944 Return to Earth (Part 2)2945 Sentinel! sentinel!
2946 On the verge of world collapse2947 Angry Magneto2948 Incredible (Part 2)2949 is out of control!
2950 Messenger from the Starry Sky2951 The rampaging Qin, the complete Omega level!2952Fallen God2953Where is the hope?
2954 China Bell Rings (Part 1)2955 China bell rings (Part 2)2956 Turbulent World2957 Donghuang vs Qin (Part 2)
2958 Danger, the Star Messenger is coming!2959 is at stake2960The little girl calling for love in the center of the world (Part 1)2961The little girl calling for love in the center of the world (middle)
2962 The little girl standing in the center of the world calling for love (Part 2)2963Life itself is a miracle2964Angel or devil?2965 Redemption and Perdition
2966Reality and Illusion2967Real Dream2968 piano2969 Parallel World
2970Go to China2971 Searching for Memory (Part 1)2972 Searching for Memory (Part 2)2973 Searching for Memory (Part 2)
2974 Rainy Night2975Nibelungen2976 God and God2977Deadpool
2978 Battle of Gods2979 Pantheon (Part 1)2980 Pantheon (Part 2)2981 Burying Angel
2982 The Sigh of the Gods2983 See the gods all the way2984 Like God¡¯s Residence in the World2985 reincarnation
2986Escape2987 Exit2988 full of mysteries2989 decryption
2990The huge mystery2991Greetings from God2992 games within games2993 selected
2994 Calculation and Conspiracy2995 Confession2996 Charles¡¯ decision2997 return
2998Dramatic Turn2999 After the chaos3000 furious3001The end of an era
3002The other side of God3003 Goodbye Mr. R3004 The red dust is rolling3005 human nature
3006 Negotiation3007 all kinds of life3008 earth affairs3009 I wish you all the best
3010Who sleeps in the Emperor¡¯s Tomb?3011 Jiefen3012 Burial World3013 Star Swallowing Beast
3014The Lost World3015 Dark and Ominous3016 Emperor's Disciple3017 The ancestor of the sky-swallowing beast
3018 bones3019 ominous3020In the Emperor's Tomb3021 Emperor's Blood Burning
3022 Raising the Emperor¡¯s Tomb3023 Facing the Emperor¡¯s Blood3024 Donghuang bell rings3025 Emperor Blood vs Donghuang
3026 buried a world3027 Earth Layer3028 another universe3029 One Emperor Can Dominate Eternity (Part 1)
3030 One Emperor Can Dominate Eternity (Part 2)3031 Where is Sendai?3032 Intrigue3033 vast land
3034 Confrontation3035 Feixian3036 does not belong to this era3037 Emperor¡¯s Murder Case
3038 Dark Past3039 Female Style3040 slap3041 Emperor's Shrine (On the Imperial Palace)
3042 Emperor's Shrine (middle)3043 Emperor's Palace (Part 2)3044 Meet the Emperor all the way (Part 1)3045 Meet the Emperor all the way (Part 2)
3046 Que Zhongdi (Part 1)3047 Que Zhong Emperor (Part 2)3048 came early3049 future?
3050 A corner of the turmoil of the great era3051The Lost Emperor of the Universe3052Another road3053 Origin of the Holy Mountain (Part 1)
3054 Origin of the Holy Mountain (Part 1)3055 Origin of the Holy Mountain (Part 2)3056 Mountaineering Road3057 Dengtian Road
3058 Daoguo3059 Sansheng Lake3060 Goodbye Ruyi?3061 Paradox of Cause and Effect
3062 finally sees the exit3063 Sage King vs Taoist Master3064The despairing gap3065 Immortal Fruit
3066 Suzaku Fruit and Sword Fruit3067 Taoist Master¡¯s Methods3068 Dao Master¡¯s true strength3069 Bluestone Sword Power
3070 Half-step Tianzun and Emperor Sword3071 The Origin of Mutants3072 The difference between Tianzun and Supreme3073 Unwilling to give in
3074 Female Style3075 Devastated3076 Dark Supreme3077 Shrine Emperor
3078 Imperial War!3079 All forbidden methods are revealed3080 Babel means3081 ended
3082The origin of everything (Part 1)3083The Origin of Everything (Part 2)3084The origin of everything (Part 2)3085 New world mission opens
3086Xiaoxian¡¯s thoughts3087 is worried3088 Jun Ruyi¡¯s decision3089 New World Quests
3090 talk3091 A whole new world3092Where is the strong man? (superior)3094Where is the strong man? (Down)
3095 Tiger Lord becomes famous (Part 1)3096 Tiger Lord becomes famous (Part 2)3097 Tiger Lord becomes famous (Part 2)3098 Jinyang Fengyun
3099 Single-handedly solve the problem of MayiA killing general among 31 million troops! (superior)3101 Killing general in an army of one hundred thousand! (Down)3102 Ghost God Lu Bu
3103 Your name is important to ghosts and gods (Part 1)3104 Wen Yuan, are you willing to form a sworn relationship with someone?3105Jinlan (Part 1)3106 Yi Jie Jinlan (Part 2)
3107 The Origin of Military Commander Skills3108 Jinyang Trip (Part 1)3109 Jinyang trip (middle)3110 Jinyang trip (Part 2)
3111 Lu Bu¡¯s thoughts3112 Cavalry General (Part 1)3113 Cavalry General (middle)3114 Cavalry General (Part 2)
3115 Fengyunji meeting3116 heaven, earth, people and generals3117The strength of the defenders3118The Guardian¡¯s Secret
3119 Ascension to Heaven Level (Part 1)3120 Ascension to Heaven Level (middle)3121Where is the justice!3122The Guardians (Part 1)
3123 Guardians (middle)3124 gap3125 The Guardian of Heaven Appears3126 The inheritance of military commanders (Part 1)
3127 Martial spirit? !3128 Zhang Liao¡¯s Martial Spirit (Part 1)3129 Zhang Liao¡¯s Martial Spirit (Part 2)3130 Zhang Liao¡¯s Martial Spirit (Part 2)
3131 Baize!3132 Lin Tianyao¡¯s martial spirit3133 Shock the World (Part 1)3134 Shock the World (Part 2)
3135 shocked the world (Part 2)3136 system tasks3137 Mysteries aboundThe abacus of the 3138-man defender
3139Each one has his own agenda3140 Famous in Bingzhou3141Opportunities and Challenges3142 talk
3143 Bingzhou Civil and Military3144 night banquet of wine and meat3145 Gao Shun is in trouble3146 Ghosts, Gods and People (Part 1)
3147 Ghosts and Gods (Part 2)3148 Ghosts and Gods (Part 2)3149 The great age is coming3150 Autumn Hunting
3151 First encounter3152Military strategy beyond the times3153 Hungry Wolf is available!3154 Human and Wolf Fight (Part 1)
3155 Human and Wolf Fight (Part 2)3156 Human and Wolf Fight (Part 2)3157 Psychic Wolf3158 Zhang Liao¡¯s general skills (Part 1)
3159The power of psychic beasts3160 Bai Ze appears!3161 caught in the storm3162 The Abacus of the Guardian of Heaven
3163 Ding Yuan¡¯s temptation (Part 1)3164 Ding Yuan¡¯s Temptation (Part 2)3165 Ding Yuan¡¯s temptation (Part 2)3166He Jin, the general of the Han Dynasty!
3167 days away, I am willing to help you!3168 The storm remains3169Time to test your patience3170 White Wolf vs Tiger
3171 public goodwill3172 It¡¯s not too late to settle accounts after the fall3173 Goodbye, the Guardian of People3174 double pressure
3175Character determines destiny3176 The Temptation of the Guardian of Heaven3177Be my apostle3178-3179 Lin Tianyao¡¯s decision
3180 Mission failed? !3181 chain reaction3182 A capable minister in governing the world!3183 Go to Youzhou
3184 Meeting Liu Yu for the first time3185Making things difficult?3186First impression is very important3187 Youzhou Experience
3188 Hunting3187 deep mountains3190 Grassland Caravan3191 The difference between Huayi and Huayi
3192Gongsun Zan and others3193 dark and windy night3194 Gongsun Zan¡¯s Ambition3195choice
3196Compromise3197 Xianbei changes3198 Xianbei invasion?3199 surprise
3200The day you rule the world is the day I return! (ending)Chapter 1 Entering the new copy - Kuroko's BasketballChapter 2 Basketball Department RecruitmentChapter 3 Application for Admission
Chapter 4 New MembersChapter 5: Incredible PhysiqueChapter 6 Kuroko TetsuyaChapter 7 Kuroko Tetsuya (2)
Chapter 8 Let me confirmChapter 9 Small Competition (Part 1)Chapter 10 Small Competition (Part 2)Chapter 11 Little Competition (Part 2)
Chapter 12 A chance encounter at McDonald¡¯sChapter 13: Formal application for joining the MinistryChapter 14 Declaration of Joining the Ministry (Part 1)Chapter 15 Declaration of Joining the Ministry (Part 2)
Chapter 16 Kise Ryota (Part 1)Chapter 17 Kise Ryota (Part 2)Chapter 18 Come and play with meChapter 19 I'm serious
Chapter 20 CounterattackChapter 21 Dare to despise usChapter 22 BasketChapter 23 Hai Chang Practice Match (Part 1)
Chapter 24 Hai Chang Practice Match (Part 2)Chapter 25 Hai Chang Practice Match (Part 2)Chapter 26 If you can¡¯t win, it¡¯s good (Part 1)Chapter 27 If you can¡¯t win, it¡¯s good (Part 2)
Chapter 28: Break you!Chapter 29 Heizi is injuredChapter 30 Second-year seniorsChapter 31 I understand
Chapter 32 The last two secondsChapter 33: Cheng Rin winsChapter 34 Midorima ShintaroChapter 35 Free Steak
Chapter 36 WarningChapter 37 Street gangstersChapter 38: Your BasketballChapter 39: Buying Bread (Part 1)
Chapter 39 Buying Bread (Part 2)Chapter 41 Preliminary Match ListChapter 42: Boost moraleChapter 43 "Dad"
Chapter 44 BugChapter 45: The first qualifying match (Part 1)Chapter 46: First Qualifier (Part 2)Chapter 47: First Qualifier (Part 2)
Chapter 48 The match went wellChapter 49: Something Powerful (Part 1)Chapter 51: Always on targetChapter 51 Forest Bacteria
Chapter 53 DVD (Part 1)Chapter 54 DVD (Part 2)Chapter 55: Battle against Zhengbang (Part 1)Chapter 56: Battle against Zhengbang (Part 2)
Chapter 57: Battle against Zhengbang (Part 2)Chapter 58: Thinking about it again and againChapter 59: People with low sense of existenceChapter 60 Two people
Chapter 61 Four OffendersChapter 62: Senior¡¯s DeterminationChapter 63 For VictoryChapter 64 Substitution
Chapter 65: Four crimes against your sisterChapter 66: OvertakingChapter 67 WinningChapter 68 Rest
Chapter 69 Seirin vs. XiudeChapter 70 Three-point shotChapter 72 Takao Kazunari¡¯s AbilityChapter 73 Eagle Eyes
Chapter 74 BrokenChapter 75: Shooting all over the courtChapter 76: DownwindChapter 77 Gradually widening
Chapter 78 IntermissionChapter 79: Never loseChapter 80 Jump higher and higherChapter 81 Blocking Shots
Chapter 82: One person suppressesChapter 83: Out of gasChapter 84 Big mistakeChapter 85 Heizi appears again
Chapter 86: Two chances leftChapter 87: PleaseChapter 88: Time lagChapter 89 Winning
Chapter 90 Qingfeng DahuiChapter 91 A terrible positionChapter 92 Tetsuya No. 2 (Part 1)Chapter 93: Tetsuya No. 2 (Part 2)
Chapter 94 Momoi MayChapter 95 Exactly the sameChapter 97Chapter 98: Him at that time
Chapter 99 Aomine Daiki¡¯s transformationChapter 100 The Eve of the GameChapter 101 Hot SpotChapter 102
Chapter 103 Momoi Satsuki¡¯s AttitudeChapter 104 Intelligence Collection ExpertChapter 105 Amazing jumping powerChapter 106 Ending and Entering
Chapter 107 The Appearance of Qingfeng DahuiChapter 108 Blocking ShotsChapter 109 IntermissionChapter 110 Leave it to me
Chapter 111 AgilityChapter 112 Aomine Daiki after becoming seriousChapter 113: Free and unrestrainedChapter 114 Kuroko Tetsuya appears
Chapter 115: Passing Five PeopleChapter 116 I will never give upChapter 117 Completely LostChapter 118 Moving towards new challenges
Chapter 119 Training VoidChapter 120 Muji TiepingChapter 121 Muji Tieping (2)Chapter 122 Muji Tieping (3)
Chapter 123 Lin Tianyao versus Muji TiepingChapter 124 Practice MatchChapter 125: No need to give me the ballChapter 126 Believe
Chapter 127 Kuroko Tetsuya¡¯s ApologyChapter 128 Summoning the ImmortalChapter 129 Lin XiaoxianChapter 130: The seaside and the mountains
Chapter 131 Overnight Tasting Party (1)Chapter 132: Camping Tasting Party (2)Chapter 133 Beach Stay (1)Chapter 134 Beach Stay (2)
Chapter 135 Beach Stay (3)Chapter 136 Beach Stay (4)Chapter 137 Beach Stay (5)Chapter 138 Beach Stay (6)
Chapter 139 Beach Stay (7)Chapter 140 Beach Stay (8)Chapter 141 The battle between Hai Chang and Tong Huang (1)Chapter 141 The battle between Hai Chang and Tong Huang (2)
Chapter 143 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (3)Chapter 144 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (4)Chapter 145 Hai Chang vs. Tong Huang (5)Chapter 146 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (6)
2015 Eternal Lament (Part 2)Chapter 147 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (7)Chapter 148 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (8)Chapter 149 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (9)
Chapter 150 Hai Chang versus Tong Huang (10)Chapter 151 Another Qingfeng DahuiChapter 152 Exactly the sameChapter 153 The final duel (Part 1)
Chapter 154 The final duel (Part 2)Chapter 155: This is the "Era of Miracles"Chapter 156 Heizi is finishedChapter 1 The King of Fighters
Chapter 2 Shingo YabukiChapter 3 The Negro and the White PigChapter 4: One against threeChapter 5 Leopard Girl
Chapter 6 Takuma SakazakiChapter 7 Absolute RealmChapter 8 Zhenwu is abusedChapter 9 The villain is angry
Chapter 10 FateChapter 11 Heavenly TribulationChapter 13 ChinaChapter 14 Zhi Quan Chong
Chapter 15 The Invincible MasterChapter 16 ChallengerChapter 17 ExcitementChapter 18 Departure
Chapter 19 Taking a planeChapter 20 Mi ZhuoChapter 21 Battle ListChapter 22 First Battle
Chapter 23 Athena goes to battleChapter 24: Defeat the enemy with one moveChapter 25 Terry the WolfChapter 26 Fear
Chapter 27 Mai ShiranuiChapter 28 SakazakiChapter 29 SemifinalsChapter 30 What a hatred
Chapter 31 Super Special MovesChapter 32 Savage MeleeChapter 33 The Undefeated God of WarChapter 34 The outbreak of Cao Zhijing
Chapter 35 Happy MomentsChapter 36 Thunder vs. ThunderChapter 37: Flame CannonChapter 38 Fire Snake vs. Golden Bird
Chapter 39 ChampionshipChapter 40: The King¡¯s AngerChapter 41 The Big DevilChapter 42 Ultimate Power
Chapter 43 The Competition is EndedChapter 44: The Kingdom of God ClanChapter 45 Dark PowerChapter 46 The power of the universe
Chapter 47: Hyperdimensional SpaceChapter 48: Kill with one punchChapter 49 Destructive PowerChapter 50: Killing Nujia (End of The King of Fighters)
Chapter 1 New WorldChapter 2 PoisoningChapter 3 The mutated centipede temptressChapter 4 Kill
Chapter 5 CooperationChapter Six TuskChapter 7 The Illusion of Demonic FangsChapter 8 Memories
Chapter 9 The Deal with the DevilChapter 10 Mind ControlChapter 11 Thunder LockChapter 12 Half a Soul
Chapter 13 The strange old manChapter 14 Sneak AttackChapter 15 Holy Hand PhysicianChapter 16 Antidote
Chapter 17 The WorldChapter 18 The Mysterious MirrorChapter 19 Cannot be fusedChapter 20: Growing wood
Chapter 21 Entering NothingnessChapter 22: The giant beast that guards the worldChapter 23 Vacuum CleanerChapter 24 The strange well
Chapter 25 Human HeadwormChapter 26 ExplanationChapter 27 AppearingChapter 28 Fire Talisman
Chapter 29 PupaChapter 30 The Story of the Insect KingChapter 31 ChangesChapter 32 Amnesia
Chapter 33 DangerChapter 34 Blood ExplosionChapter 35 ConfessionChapter 36 Waterfall
Chapter 37: Keeping the BoundaryChapter 38: Center of the EarthChapter 39 The truthChapter 40 Recovering a Bead
Chapter 41 Mai VillageChapter 42 StoryChapter 43 Ten PoemsChapter 44: Monster
Chapter 45: Man in BlackChapter 46 New DiscoveryChapter 47 The villain and the silver moon diskChapter 48 Tribesmen
Chapter 49: Enlightenment, BloodlineChapter 50 Moonlight SutraChapter 51 DisasterChapter 52 Framed
Chapter 53: Split upChapter 54: Surprise AppearanceChapter 55: Original Pearl and ¡®Devil¡¯s Eye¡¯Chapter 56 Dispute
Chapter 58 DefeatChapter 59 The disappeared MingjiaChapter 60 The joining of new membersChapter 61 Arrangements
Chapter 62 PromiseChapter 63 The monster enters the villageChapter 64 TestingChapter 65 The Heroic Man
Chapter 66: Watching a ShowChapter 67 Secret PassageChapter 68 Ice PondChapter 69 The giant whale at the bottom of the lake
Chapter 70 Critical StrikeChapter 71 StatementChapter 72 ConcealmentChapter 73 The Hidden Cave
Chapter 74 Meeting148 Masked Army Arrives224 Devil's Coffin275 Chaos
293 The Devil Reappears294Who is the monster?317 The decision to fight back2190 Hui Tianyong (Part 2)
2193`The end of disaster (Part 2)2421 Taoist Duobao¡¯s plan2422 Place of Death2573 The fish that slipped through the net (Part 1)
2574 A fish that slipped through the net (Part 2)2578 network2780 A heart full of love2830 pierce the sky
2924 Zhongming Donghuang (Part 1)2937The Secret of the Universe EmperorChapter 50 Something powerful (Part 2)Chapter 71: Heizi¡¯s Containment
Chapter 96: Your light is too weakChapter 12 Cao ZhilieChapter 73 Martial Arts ConferenceChapter 74 Take a walk
Chapter 533: Heading to the Beggar ClanChapter 19 Changes in the seaChapter 111 Eve of Dawn37 strong
38 scary39 strong41 is too strong292 fixes
493 Destruction647 turned against him1012Do you need help?1013 actually became teammates
1083 Possible turnaround1084 calculation1296 She is the traitor080 sarcasm
081 Shooting a rock to hit yourself122 Who is it?151 Ancient Secrets224 Electromagnetic force field
308 Attention435 If you don¡¯t seek death, you won¡¯t die.  
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