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Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Quick travel guide: The female supporting characte Chapter 4752 A new life (9) XiaYuYan 46K 23-11-21 serializing
Become a Martial God as a member Chapter 5601 Despair and Restart (Finale) XueShanBaiShu 3211K 23-11-19 serializing
City God Level Selection System Chapter 4241 Legal Affairs YeHuoFenXin 219K 23-11-19 serializing
Urban Hidden Dragon Chapter 2626 Sophie sets off XiZhuangBaoTu 34K 23-11-19 serializing
Rebirth of the Urban Mad Fairy Chapter 4504 The Origin of Ancient Times MengZhongBiDia 14383K 23-11-19 serializing
Gu Zhenren Chapter 2324 Fang Yuan fights against the stars GuZhenRen 4902K 23-11-19 serializing
I started checking in since I was a special soldie New book "Building an Entertainment Empire from S NaLanLingYun 141K 23-11-19 serializing
Sword of Dawn New book is online! YuanTong 2752K 23-11-19 serializing
The arrogant princess invites herself to leave the Chapter 1028 Propose to her ShiXinDongA 104K 23-11-19 serializing
Special God of War Chapter 1193 Ruined Reputation MeiWeiDianFeng 6740K 23-11-19 serializing
Ten Thousand Beasts Chao Huang Chapter 1189 Supreme Disqualification (2) YuShanHuaShui 4210K 23-11-19 serializing
The alien land reclamation of vegetable-growing sk Chapter 918: Your structures have been requisiti QingZhongLiuSh 5375K 23-11-19 serializing
The princess s pampering routine Extra - I love you WoYaoChengXian 812K 23-11-19 serializing
doomsday roulette 2728 Monster emitting white light HuanDong 17719K 23-11-19 serializing
Danwu Supreme Chapter 2467 There really is a dragon XinYangFeiYue 15229K 23-11-19 serializing
Crushed in your eyes Bun series extra LiuJiangJun 367K 23-11-19 serializing
Online dating boyfriend turned out to be an alien Extra 2: Marriage on Earth ZhiTang 180K 23-11-19 serializing
Beautiful female accessories GL [quick wear] over ShenRiShi 715K 23-11-19 serializing
My seven sisters are beautiful and fragrant Chapter 1234 Ranking Ninth DongHaiNingMen 6847K 23-11-19 serializing
The king of special forces is in the mountain vill Chapter 4393 A sudden turn of events ShengShouFangF 24832K 23-11-18 serializing
The miracle doctor and the poisonous concubine are Chapter 3498 Happy Ending GuSuXiaoQi 11836K 23-11-18 serializing
Douluo s strongest son-in-law Chapter 1,384 The sky is about to change! WoZhenBuXiangC 7334K 23-11-18 serializing
king of all realms Chapter 1821 Seal the world for 100,000 years!  (e NiCangTian 13457K 23-11-18 serializing
Douluo Dalu IV Ultimate Douluo postscript TangJiaSanShao 12041K 23-11-18 serializing
Two ghost husbands are so difficult to deal with 788 story repeats itself DouDouFei 4469K 23-11-18 serializing
The best romantic medical fairy Chapter 2093 It really hurts FengHuaYu 9082K 23-11-18 serializing
My wife is obviously a queen but she is too virtuo Final words and preview of new book GuangYing 6421K 23-11-17 serializing
seductive Sweetheart sultry SuGa 396K 23-11-17 serializing
The girl has a fairy spring Complete text RouRaoQingMan 1159K 23-11-17 serializing
Peerless Heavenly Emperor (also known as Xianwu Em Chapter 608: Qin Hao’s arrival, the magic of Ta WoAiDanMianHua 3640K 23-11-17 serializing
Dig a ton of gold at the start Chapter 814 Handsome Man WuFan 5468K 23-11-17 serializing
Plane slave master Chapter 221 The inevitable rise! XiaoXiXi 1324K 23-11-17 serializing
The days when I pretended to be an NPC in an escap island (2) QingZhuXie 549K 23-11-17 serializing
The strongest overlord of the Three Kingdoms Chapter 1,753 Intention to break out JiangShanMeiRe 12571K 23-11-17 serializing
Shenlong Kuaishu Chapter 2471 The biggest abnormality FengZhongDeYan 16405K 23-11-17 serializing
Konoha s Genius Sakura Chapter 427 Hope CengJingYouGuo 2993K 23-11-17 serializing
I can upgrade my shelter Chapter 843 Toast to the Moon ShiQiZheng 5369K 23-11-17 serializing
I really don’t want to be a trainer. Chapter 867 GOTCHA! BeiChuanNaHai 5146K 23-11-17 serializing
masseur Chapter 51 DouBanJun 301K 23-11-17 serializing
The young ancestor of Mr. Lu’s family is a forensi Chapter 469 Who is right and who is wrong MoWeiShiGuangR 2284K 23-11-17 serializing
Sign in from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Chapter 483 Not many soldiers LuoZiWen 2780K 23-11-17 serializing
Six-fingered trick doctor Chapter 3260 Red Fox Kunlun 16 LingHuErZhong 21406K 23-11-17 serializing
Unparalleled Demon Emperor Chapter 1369 Family Love (Finale) ShengWu 9262K 23-11-17 serializing
Dimensional invasion of real earth 1760. Avalokitesvara’s Enlightenment WuZiXiong 14443K 23-11-17 serializing
Enlightenment begins with covering the sky Chapter 1443 All the way north GuiDengQingYue 10776K 23-11-17 serializing
Starting human body Chapter 36 After the War MaoSe 4342K 23-11-17 serializing
mercenary war Chapter 2726 When to take action? RuShuiYi 17746K 23-11-17 serializing
The first dragon of all time Chapter 1216 The King of the Lower Realm, Long Q LongBuQi 9241K 23-11-17 serializing
Taoist Laws Chapter 1659 Hedao (Additional update for the 00 BaBaoFan 12525K 23-11-17 serializing
Secret treasure of the original world Chapter 1568 The powerful old man MoShiSiJi 9628K 23-11-17 serializing
battlefield contractors Chapter 5741 The Ellesmere Port rout WuYiHang 34953K 23-11-17 serializing
The Steady Mage in the Pirate World Chapter 540 Blackbeard, I will send you to Impel HuiBiCuiRong 4362K 23-11-17 serializing
Bane in Genesis Chapter 354 War in the Fantasy Realm LingWuShuiXiu 3293K 23-11-17 serializing
The age of rebirth is full of happy wives Chapter 1910 1910 Thoughts ZiYouXiangShan 11527K 23-11-17 serializing
Online games are taking the world by storm Chapter 1,612 Rescue Elizabeth BaJiaoBuRuXian 9138K 23-11-17 serializing
The return of the sword ancestor of the city Chapter 182 The enemy arrives ZuiMengXingChe 4288K 23-11-17 serializing
The leisurely life of the divine princess Chapter 1401 Shattered into ice slag YiZhiChaJian 7359K 23-11-17 serializing
Please stop teasing me Chapter 688 The whole audience went crazy! QueYangDeYu 6623K 23-11-17 serializing
Journey to the West: People work from nine to five Chapter 1795 The demons take action and the Budd XueShanBaiShu 12674K 23-11-17 serializing
Signing in begins with the police officer Chapter 2040 Tantric Buddhist Temple, the Forget ShengDouYanMin 15268K 23-11-17 serializing
The strongest dad and the king of soldiers Chapter 953 Who do you think you are? WangErGou 5596K 23-11-17 serializing
I am being favored by four big boss dads Chapter 665: No. 1 Troublemaker LuLuoLuo 5473K 23-11-17 serializing
The ex-wife of the invisible rich man’s prosperous Chapter 144 BiXiaBuShangCh 915K 23-11-17 serializing
Dress up as a rich man and become a real daughter explain XiangSuLi 563K 23-11-17 serializing
Your little cutie fell off Extra-Graduation 2 JiuYi 421K 23-11-17 serializing
Sang Tian and Luan Chengyan Chapter 972 Don’t avoid Mr. Luan, you know her HuaYangEr 3965K 23-11-17 serializing
The pastoral doctor’s concubine: a peasant girl cl Chapter 119 Playing with aggressive generals WeiRanHuaHuo 6125K 23-11-17 serializing
Zhutian: Check in from Douluo Chapter 704 Fighting, beast transformation! WenJianZhongNa 6390K 23-11-17 serializing
Xianwu fellow practitioners Chapter 2318 Breakthrough in Strength YueRuHuo 19560K 23-11-17 serializing
Mr. Xi wants to make an official announcement ever Chapter 709 The truth about the fire GongZiAnYe 7805K 23-11-17 serializing
Quick Wear: A scumbag  she only plays tricks but i Chapter 780 Can I be your little waste? ZhiZaiSiFang 2833K 23-11-17 serializing
Great Celestial Master 274 NanShu 2064K 23-11-17 serializing
The entire internet is a fan of me and my ex-boyfr Chapter 94 Blind date meeting NaXiBuXi 1918K 23-11-17 serializing
Warm Wedding from a Famous Family: Is Young Master Chapter 1809 Streaming Light MingShu 5841K 23-11-17 serializing
The King’s Favorite: The Evil Concubine with Ghost Chapter 112 Stung by a Bee MengQianXi 8309K 23-11-17 serializing
Charming and natural add chaos QingMuYuan 1015K 23-11-17 serializing
There s a big problem in Elf Town Chapter 1442: Get rid of heart disease (free cha ShuiChanXianDi 10195K 23-11-17 serializing
After the death of Xiu Xian  I joined the entertai Build the foundation to overcome the tribulation MingZiJun 1105K 23-11-17 serializing
Online Fantasy: The Invincible Emperor 775 enemy FengRiTian 5397K 23-11-17 serializing
Online game: The Arrival of Heavens Chapter 653: Expedition to the Song Empire 槍Wu 5114K 23-11-17 serializing
Son with super powers is a hottie to his mother Chapter 365 JiangLi 2060K 23-11-17 serializing
Nine Dishui·Corpse Investigation Series (7 volumes Secret Whispers of the Dead · Thirty-five JiuDiShui 3703K 23-11-17 serializing
Exile Extra daily life JiuYueLiuHuo 336K 23-11-17 serializing
The little marquis who climbs over the wall every Climb the wall thirty-two times ZhiShao 391K 23-11-17 serializing
He heard his lover discussing with the system how 05-01 XiaoXiaoGe 775K 23-11-17 serializing
door of creation Chapter 1523 Enemies meet EShiLaoWu 10223K 23-11-17 serializing
The female partner hugs her thigh every day Transaction【1st update】 WoYaoChengXian 708K 23-11-17 serializing
Regret Master Anonymous alarm YiDuJunHua 782K 23-11-17 serializing
Journey to the West: Tang Sanzang  the Supreme Bei Chapter 612 The Ring Spirit Army!  The Seven Saint KongMengShui 5747K 23-11-17 serializing
The female supporting character in a sadistic nove Embrace ShuangXiaZhiBa 251K 23-11-17 serializing
The Age of Cultivation and Industrialization Chapter 1746 Murderous Intent ShiJianTianYa 12385K 23-11-17 serializing
I really like the Chinese paper that comes standar Chapter 136 HuaMuRou 919K 23-11-17 serializing
Longing for mountain village life Chapter 1,251 Tomb Chamber DaDa 7238K 23-11-17 serializing
My whole family wears golden fingers Chapter 59 Life is like a play, it all depends o YTTTaoTao 2844K 23-11-17 serializing
Miracle Doctor Leng Hou Chapter 1641 Is this all?  ! LiuFeiFei 5615K 23-11-17 serializing
The iron-blooded mission of resisting Japan Chapter 1,323: Support from all parties (please CangYueAoTian 13415K 23-11-17 serializing
Cultivation craze Please collect daily single chapters! FuXiaoChen 15243K 23-11-17 serializing
Fantasy world travel Chapter 760 Borgin Bock ChenYiShiYi 10330K 23-11-17 serializing
The plot has nothing to do with me [Quick Travel] Wind and Rain Jianghu Road 4 SheGu 641K 23-11-17 serializing
My sickly husband is the way of heaven Chapter 74 AoLiAoBingBing 277K 23-11-17 serializing