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King of Myriad Forms

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category Fantasyauthor Tian Can Tu Doustatus serializing
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King of Myriad FormsBrief introduction:

Prince Zhou Yuan of the Great Zhou Empire, originally blessed with the divine mandate of the Holy Dragon, had his destiny altered by the enemy Martial King, who used the lives of countless subjects as leverage, orchestrating a treacherous act that devoured the majestic dragon's fortune. As Zhou Yuan journeys to his ancestral land, he crosses paths with the enigmatic Yao Yao; reigniting his eight meridians, he sets forth once more onto the path of trials. With the quill wielded by a youth, serpents and dragons dance in harmony, cleaving through the chaotic era and illuminating the vast firmament. Amidst a world where one commands the essence of creation, what force truly guides his fate?

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      King of Myriad Formslatest chapter:Text Chapter 962: Meeting Qin Yi

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