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Devour the stars Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Luo FengChapter 2 RRChapter 3 Jiangnan CityChapter 4 Luo Feng¡¯s strength
Chapter 5 Different ChoicesChapter 6 College Entrance ExaminationChapter 7 Final ResultsChapter 8 Two Warriors
Chapter 9 The Privileges of WarriorsChapter 10 Assessment of Quasi-Martial ArtistsChapter 11 Neural Response SpeedChapter 12 Five Hearts to the Sky
Chapter 13 JoyChapter 14 You are looking for deathChapter 15 I cooperate with your workChapter 16 Detention Center
Chapter 17 Late Night in the CellChapter 18 Fighting with weaponsChapter 19 AwakeningChapter 20 Dark Golden Ball (Final Chapter)
Chapter 21 Hello, Brother LuoChapter 22 CompensationChapter 23 Blood Shadow SaberChapter 24 Excited Jiang Nian
Chapter 25 Levels of WarriorsChapter 26 Zhuge TaoChapter 27 MovingChapter 28 Practical Assessment of Warriors
Chapter 29 Monster TownChapter 30 The First KillingChapter 31 Entering the micro levelChapter 32 Invitation to Thunder Martial Arts School
Chapter 33 Extreme HouseChapter 34 The source of Luo Feng¡¯s headacheChapter 35 Should I buy it or not?Chapter 36 Expensive Equipment
Chapter 37 NegotiationChapter 38 Fire Hammer TeamChapter 39 Ten Dark PowersChapter 40 HR Alliance Mall (Final Chapter)
Chapter 41 Wilderness AreaChapter 42 One-horned BoarChapter 43 Amazing ProgressChapter 44 The commanding heights
Chapter 45 Beast Commander Level MonsterChapter 46 Monster¡¯s CorpseChapter 47 Huya TeamChapter 48 Take action
Chapter 49 Death CrisisChapter 50 Flying knife dripping bloodChapter 51 RestChapter 52 Silver Moon Wolf
Chapter 53 AnatomyChapter 54 Supply BaseChapter 55 Divide MoneyChapter 56 Return to base city, Xu Xin¡¯s background
Chapter 57 Price, ecstasyChapter 58 Future PlanningChapter 60 Ambition (Final Chapter)Chapter 61
Chapter 62 Murderous intent lurksChapter 63 Cultivation in BloodChapter 64 Level 3 Rat TideChapter 65 Taking shape
Chapter 66 Strength TestChapter 67 The dead god of war ¡®Lu Gang¡¯Chapter 68 Guo HaiChapter 69 City No. 003
Chapter 70 Demon Cave and BattlefieldChapter 71 Make money faster than a money printing pressChapter 72 Two-Headed Black Line SnakeChapter 73 Picking up the bargains
Chapter 74 Walking AloneChapter 75 I can¡¯t help it anymoreChapter 76 Zhang Zehu, die!Chapter 77 Setting up the scene
Chapter 78 A phone call with my brotherChapter 79 Great OpportunityChapter 80 The God of War ArrivesChapter 81 Ares Palace
Chapter 82 Peak ShowdownChapter 83 Stealing dragon eggs?Chapter 84 Put your feet on the shield and fly!Chapter 85 The Lair of the Armored Dragon (Also Release Announcement)
Chapter 86 The Treasure of the Armored DragonChapter 87 ¡®Perfect level¡¯ of body skills?Chapter 88 Escape from DeathChapter 90 Five steps of blood splatter
Chapter 91 Li Wei¡¯s ParentsChapter 92 Sky-high price rewardChapter 93 The influence of 100 billionChapter 94 Xu Xin
Chapter 95 The Third Level of Thunder KnifeChapter 96 Buying CheatsChapter 97 Kyoto Base CityChapter 98 Younger Brother Luo Hua
Chapter 99 The Price of Combat UniformsChapter 100 Luo Feng¡¯s Promise (Final Chapter)Chapter 101 War God Luo Feng Three Months of TrainingChapter 102 God of War Luo Feng, someone from the headquarters
Chapter 103 God of War Luo Feng Dragon BloodChapter 104 God of War Luo Feng Shocked Special EnvoyChapter 105 God of War Luo Feng One quotaChapter 106 God of War Luo Feng Emergency Rescue
Chapter 107 God of War Luo Feng B-level test?Chapter 108 God of War Luo Feng seizes the opportunityChapter 109 Three updates tomorrow!Chapter 110 God of War Luo Feng Brother
Chapter 111 God of War Luo Feng Wang Xingping and Luo Feng (three chapters completed!)Chapter 112 God of War Luo Feng Global HeadquartersChapter 113 God of War Luo Feng Consciousness SensorChapter 114 God of War Luo Feng Trial Tower
Chapter 115 God of War Luo Feng New FutureChapter 116 God of War Luo Feng Jiangnan PavilionChapter 117 God of War Luo Feng¡¯s strength surgesChapter 118 God of War Luo Feng Newcomer
Chapter 119 God of War Luo Feng ChallengeChapter 120 God of War Luo Feng Decisive Battle StadiumChapter 121 God of War Luo Feng Luo Feng¡¯s teacherChapter 122 God of War Luo Feng¡¯s days in the training camp (Complete of three chapters)
Chapter 123 God of War Luo Feng Ranking ChangesChapter 124 God of War Luo Feng Luo Feng¡¯s rankingChapter 125 God of War Luo Feng TurmoilChapter 126 God of War Luo Feng Roundtable Conference
Chapter 127 God of War Luo Feng summonedChapter 128 God of War Luo Feng RenewableChapter 129 God of War Luo Feng Three MonthsChapter 130 God of War Luo Feng¡¯s crazy methods
Chapter 131 God of War Luo Feng Luo Feng vs CandaceChapter 132 God of War Luo Feng, the fourth level of Thunder Sword!Chapter 133 God of War Luo Feng Huge Reward (The third update is here!)Chapter 134 God of War Luo Feng The miraculous effect of dragon blood (fourth update completed!)
Chapter 135 God of War Luo Feng Luo Feng¡¯s strengthChapter 136 The Arrival of God of War Luo Feng HongChapter 137 God of War Luo Feng Australia MainlandChapter 138 God of War Luo Feng Speaker
Chapter 139 God of War Luo Feng Laser CannonChapter 140 God of War Luo Feng StrongholdChapter 141 God of War Luo Feng The two sides meet (third update completed)Chapter 142 God of War Luo Feng Kill!
Chapter 143 God of War Luo Feng is furiousChapter 144 God of War Luo Feng Laser Cannon, AimChapter 145 God of War Luo Feng Escape PlanChapter 146 God of War Luo Feng Accident (Calling for Monthly Tickets!)
Chapter 147 God of War Luo Feng takes the initiative to invite (fourth update completed)Chapter 148 God of War Luo Feng Poor Li YaoChapter 149 God of War Luo Feng The Mystery of KirishimaChapter 150 God of War Luo Feng is released!
Chapter 151 God of War Luo Feng, Spirit of Plants and TreesChapter 152 God of War Luo Feng 10% shareChapter 153 God of War Luo Feng Millennium Willow HeartChapter 154 God of War Luo Feng, dark golden ball, broken
Chapter 155 God of War Luo Feng God of War Luo FengChapter 156 God of War Luo Feng Beats the TurtleChapter 157 God of War Luo Feng, an existence beyond the God of WarChapter 158 God of War Luo Feng¡¯s big news
Chapter 159 Double the last day! Please vote monthly~~Chapter 160 God of War Luo Feng returns to base cityChapter 161 God of War Luo Feng Hong He ChangtengChapter 162 Reward Share
Chapter 163 Exchange TableChapter 164 InspectorChapter 165 Escape from TiansuoChapter 166 Palace of the God of War
Chapter 167 Return to JiangnanChapter 168 Meeting Luo FengChapter 169 Helmet Safety IssuesChapter 170 "Basics of Spiritual Masters" (Complete of Three Chapters)
Chapter 171 "3516"Chapter 172 Spirit and WillChapter 173 AuctionChapter 174 Morning (final chapter)
Chapter 175 Fifty thousand year old corpse is deliciousChapter 176 The 50,000-year-old corpse arrivesChapter 177 Fifty Thousand Years Old Corpse Army GeneralChapter 178 Fifty Thousand Years Old Corpse Guards
Chapter 179 Fifty Thousand Years Old Corpse No. 9 Ancient Civilization RelicsChapter 180 Fifty thousand year old corpse tit for tatChapter 181 No Backing Down (End of Three Chapters)Chapter 182 Fifty thousand year old corpse The war between humans and monsters
Chapter 183 Fifty Thousand Years Old Corpse Sound Wave AttackChapter 184 Soul BaptismChapter 185 Civilization RelicsChapter 186 Brain Width ¡®21¡¯
Chapter 187 Death Mission (please vote for me)Chapter 188 News of Luo Feng¡¯s DeathChapter 189 One Year and Three MonthsChapter 190 Relic Rewards
Chapter 191 Luo Feng is backChapter 192 Fifty Thousand YearsChapter 193 Anger arises from the heart and evil arises from the courage.Chapter 194 Luo Feng, capital crime!
Chapter 195 Councilor Luo FengChapter 196 ArrestChapter 197 The Secret Technique to Reach Planet LevelChapter 198 The Three Major Forms of Escape from Tianshuo
Chapter 199 Death PenaltyChapter 200 Li Yao¡¯s death (do you have a monthly ticket?)Chapter 201 That¡¯s called DuntiansuoChapter 202 Kirishima
Chapter 203 BirthChapter 204 Entering the planet levelChapter 205 Extra HarvestChapter 206 The Sixth Inspector
Chapter 207 Stationed at KirishimaChapter 208 Three Thousand Five Hundred Meters UndergroundChapter 209 Hong He Beast KingChapter 210 The Great Excavation
Chapter 211 Ice and Snow EmperorChapter 212 The magic of white crystal stonesChapter 213 There will only be one update per day today and tomorrow. I will make up for it on Saturday. Sorry.Chapter 214 Shock, shock!
Chapter 215 The bloody battleChapter 216 Muya Crystal FeastChapter 217 The most powerful weapon on earth is born!Chapter 218 Ancient Ruins
Chapter 219 Fifty thousand year old corpseChapter 220 My name is BabataChapter 221 Immortality, eternity, godsChapter 222 Apprenticeship
Chapter 223 Teacher¡¯s LegacyChapter 224 Returning with a Full LoadChapter 225 Cultivation (Final Chapter)Chapter 226: Nirvana of Life: Assembling a spaceship?
Chapter 227 Nirvana of Life See You AgainChapter 228 Nirvana of Life PhoneChapter 229 Life Nirvana MeetingChapter 230 Nirvana of Life The inheritance of the master of the Fallen Ink Star
Chapter 231 Nirvana of Life Secret MethodChapter 232 Nirvana of Life Luo Feng¡¯s Special AbilityChapter 233 Life Nirvana TransformationChapter 234 Nirvana of Life A Year of Growth
Chapter 235 Nirvana of Life The End of the EarthChapter 236 Nirvana of Life Emergency CallChapter 237 Nirvana of Life Starry Sky BehemothChapter 238 Nirvana of Life If the roots are dead, can the leaves still live?
Chapter 239 Nirvana of Life Ruins FormChapter 240 Nirvana of Life Bad NewsChapter 241 Nirvana of Life Explodes! fry! fry!Chapter 242: Nirvana of Life, Heaven and Earth Shatter
Chapter 243 Nirvana of Life Ruin No. 12Chapter 244 Nirvana of Life Juli DingChapter 245 Nirvana of Life RobotChapter 246 Nirvana of Life Brutal Destruction
Chapter 247 Crazy Devouring BeastChapter 248 War smoke everywhereChapter 249 Realm (please vote!)Chapter 250 Hong and Thunder God
Chapter 251 ¡®B6 level¡¯ laser cannonChapter 252 Light Pillar Shooting into SpaceChapter 253 Heavy damageChapter 254 Luo Feng¡¯s Responsibility
Chapter 255 Talking and LaughingChapter 256: Burning togetherChapter 257 FallChapter 258 The No. 1 Spiritual Master on Earth
Chapter 259 Six PeopleChapter 260 A new chapterChapter 261 Nirvana of Life (Final Chapter)Chapter 262 Preview: ¡®Space Adventurer¡¯ (also taking a day off)
Chapter 263 Space Adventurer Inherited MemoryChapter 264 Space Adventurer Changes on the EarthChapter 265 Space Adventurer¡¯s Secret TalentChapter 266 The gestation and birth of the space adventurer
Chapter 267 Space Adventurer Peace TalismanChapter 268 Space Adventurer Half a Year Later (Please vote for me)Chapter 269 Space Adventurer Luo Feng ReturnsChapter 270 Space Adventurer He has arrived
Chapter 271 Space Adventurer SensationalChapter 272 Space Adventurer Sublight SpeedChapter 273 Space Adventurer Arrives at MarsChapter 274 Space Adventurer Mineral Deposits
Chapter 275 Space Adventurer SearchChapter 276 Space Adventurer Luo Feng¡¯s AssetsChapter 277 Space Adventurer Earth¡¯s Three Powerful MenChapter 278 Cosmic Adventurer Cramming Improvement
Chapter 279 Horned Dragon StarChapter 280 Arriving at the Horned Dragon StarChapter 281 My name is Gao ShengChapter 282 Imperial Citizens
Chapter 283 Five Big MacsChapter 284 Virtual UniverseChapter 285 Space Adventurer Telepathy Weapon (Complete of Three Chapters)Chapter 286 Wei Di Family
Chapter 287 Slave MarketChapter 288 My heart is coldChapter 289 Purchasing before leavingChapter 290 Qianwu Dojo
Chapter 291 Return to the Milky WayChapter 292 Luo Feng¡¯s future residenceChapter 293 Return to EarthChapter 294 Determined Plan
Chapter 295 The space adventurer is comingChapter 296 ArrivalChapter 297 Nuolanshan FamilyChapter 298 Arresting Luo Feng and the Three People
Chapter 299 Big Trouble (Second Update)Chapter 300 Target, Treasure of the Earth (Complete of Three Chapters)Chapter 301 Survival BaseChapter 302 Three months
Chapter 303: Urgent Urgency (End of Three Chapters)Chapter 304 Cosmic MercenariesChapter 305 Huge WealthChapter 306 This is...
Chapter 307 Extremely excitedChapter 308 Projection in the SkyChapter 309 Should we withdraw or not?Chapter 310 Nuo Lanshan¡¯s Order
Chapter 311 Catch!Chapter 312 Anger is overwhelmingChapter 313 Killing FieldChapter 314 Rescue
Chapter 315 The bloody sea (fourth update completed)Chapter 316 The strength of the golden-horned beastChapter 317 The most powerful trick of the golden-horned giant beast (final chapter)Chapter 318 World Lord Man Luo
Chapter 319 The Real Purpose of the World Lord¡¯s Killing FieldsChapter 320 World Lord Nuolan MountainChapter 321 Take actionChapter 322 World Lord¡¯s World, the Decisive Battle Space of the Killing Fields
Chapter 323 World Lord Battle!Chapter 324 Disastrous defeatChapter 325 Territory LordChapter 326 Bloodline Level of Earthlings
Chapter 327 Leaving EarthChapter 328 Bloodline Evolution AgentChapter 329 Heading to Canglan StarChapter 330 Thunder World
Chapter 331 Entering the Thunder for the First TimeChapter 332 One-horned Iron Rhino GroupChapter 333 Baihu TowerChapter 334 Planet Fortress
Chapter 335 Ten Thousand Sword Soul SealChapter 336 Wind and Thunder CanyonChapter 337 Black HoleChapter 338 Storm
Chapter 339 Hard-working Luo FengChapter 340 If you want to die, go in! (End of three chapters)Chapter 341 Big HarvestChapter 342 World Lords Meeting
Chapter 343 Core AreaChapter 344 The gangster eats the gangsterChapter 345 Winning overChapter 346 Younger Brother Luo Hua
Chapter 347 Uncovering the TreasureChapter 348 312 TreasuresChapter 349 Crazy for the TreasureChapter 350 A tense moment
Chapter 351 What treasure should I exchange for?Chapter 352 Exchange in the fortChapter 353 Fruit of LifeChapter 354 Kill them
Chapter 355 A sudden disturbanceChapter 356 The Bereaved DogChapter 357 Cosmic LevelChapter 358 The Power of Moyun
Chapter 359 A month and a half of killingChapter 360 The light of the sword and the shadow of the swordChapter 361 The last exchangeChapter 362 Return
Chapter 363 One shot to the headChapter 364 Return to Canglan StarChapter 365 Meeting MingyuChapter 366 The Realm Lord Appears
Chapter 367: Inherited Crystal Ball (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 368 ends, ¡®Rising in the Universe¡¯ begins! (No updates today)Chapter 369 Rise in the universe and deal with treasuresChapter 370 Rise in the Universe and Soar in Wealth
Chapter 371 Rise in the Universe ResumeChapter 372 Rise in the universe and in the fighting arenaChapter 373 Rise in the Universe The Grassland in DreamsChapter 374 Rise in the Universe Go Home, Earth
Chapter 375 Rise in the Universe and Enter the Universe LevelChapter 376 The Rise in the Universe, Domains and LawsChapter 377 Rise in the Universe Luo Feng and BaikaluoChapter 378 The Rise of the Master in the Universe
Chapter 379 Rise in the Universe Fierce Battle in SpaceChapter 380 The Rise of the Blade Clan in the UniverseChapter 381 Rise in the Universe Luo Feng¡¯s PowerChapter 382 The Rise of the Mechanical Spaceship in the Universe
Chapter 383: Rising in the universe, confusedChapter 384 The Rise in the Universe The auction is comingChapter 385 Spring Festival Update NoticeChapter 386 Rise in the Universe Ganwu Universe Country
Chapter 387 Rise in the universe and suffocateChapter 388 The Divine WeaponChapter 389 The end of the auctionChapter 390 The second clone
Chapter 391 Initial UniverseChapter 392 The twelfth lunar month of winterChapter 393 StartingChapter 394 Holy Land Black Dragon Mountain
Chapter 395: Hanging ListChapter 396 Strong wind risesChapter 397 Endless GeniusesChapter 398 First World Area
Chapter 399 Take actionChapter 400 Crazy ¡®Luo Feng¡¯ (please vote for me)Chapter 401 Madman and Magic HammerChapter 402 Bloody Street Fight
Chapter 403 RankingChapter 404 Luo Feng and Wind WheelChapter 405 The Divine WeaponChapter 406 Special Envoy
Chapter 407 The Empire¡¯s Expectations (please vote for me)Chapter 408 EliminationChapter 409 LightChapter 410 His name is Luo
Chapter 411 Luo Feng appears ()Chapter 412 Earth-shattering ()Chapter 413 Avoiding a fight ()Chapter 414 The choice of fate ()
Chapter 415 Two Roads (End of Chapter Five)Chapter 416 Five chapters are over, summon monthly tickets!Chapter 417 The only opponentChapter 418 Winning streak
Chapter 419 A strong collisionChapter 420 Crazy! brutal!Chapter 421 Standing and FallingChapter 422 Ranking
Chapter 423 Three years of hell trainingChapter 424 ¡®Madman¡¯ Three Years LaterChapter 425 UndercurrentChapter 426 Demon Killer Clan Clone
Chapter 427 "Ten Thousand Lines of Flow"Chapter 428 Kicks offChapter 429 Gathering of geniuses (three chapters completed, please vote for me)Chapter 430 Cruel Elimination
Chapter 431 Luo Feng¡¯s planChapter 432 Zerg Mother NestChapter 433 Smiling ThirteenChapter 434 Four People
Chapter 435 The brilliance of lifeChapter 436: Five years of silence, then an explosion (is there a monthly ticket?)Chapter 437 DiversionChapter 438 Galaxy Lord
Chapter 439 The Four Secret Realms (New January, call for monthly tickets!)Chapter 440 StatusChapter 441 The First BattleChapter 442 The real peak collision (Seriously, I need a monthly pass!)
Chapter 443 Top TenChapter 444 A low-key opponentChapter 445 The Genius War Ends (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 446 is over and is about to begin, collecting monthly votes!
Chapter 447 Yuxiang Mountain DistanceChapter 448 Yuxiang Mountain FarewellChapter 449 Yuxiang Mountain Yuxiang MountainChapter 450 Yuxiang Mountain This is the treasure house!
Chapter 451 Yuxiang Mountain ChoiceChapter 452 Three Years LaterChapter 453 SpaceshipChapter 454 Chaos City
Chapter 455 52 Chaos MonumentsChapter 456 The color of heaven and earth changesChapter 457 Chaos City LordChapter 458 Enlightenment
Chapter 459 Tongtian BridgeChapter 460 King ZhenyanChapter 461 First FloorChapter 462 The Lord of the Universe
Chapter 463 "Blood"Chapter 464 ShockChapter 465 The Third Treasure of Chaos CityChapter 466 True Spirit of Chaos
Chapter 467 Time is like waterChapter 468 ComparisonChapter 469: Blood flows with one swordChapter 470 Sitting for ten years
Chapter 471 King Longyu (arrives)Chapter 472 Luo Feng¡¯s Knife ()Chapter 473: Learning while fighting (three chapters completed)Chapter 474 Good luck but no work
Chapter 475 Entering the domain master levelChapter 476 Evolution (three chapters completed, please vote for me)Chapter 477 HomeChapter 478 Apprenticeship?
Chapter 479 Secondary SubsidiaryChapter 480 Thirty YearsChapter 481 ExcitedChapter 482 Break in!
Chapter 483 EnlightenmentChapter 484 Basics (Second update)Chapter 485: Meeting on Yuxiang Mountain (the final chapter of this article)Chapter 486 The Secret Realm of the Universe, Taichu
Chapter 487 The Secret Realm of the Universe Star FragmentsChapter 488 The Secret Realm of the Universe A New Start (Second Update)Chapter 489: Secret Realm of the Universe: Repair the Fallen Ink Star?Chapter 490 "Time and Space Essay"
Chapter 491 Weakness ()Chapter 492 Yike (second update)Chapter 493 Immortal Altar (Third update, please vote for me)Chapter 494 The heart is like a mirror, the heart is like a knife
Chapter 495 Illusion SeaChapter 496 The World of CultivationChapter 497 Blood World ()Chapter 498 Archery to save people
Chapter 499 Yan Gang LeaderChapter 500 ArmorChapter 501 Kill them ()Chapter 502 Blood Warrior (Chapter Four Completed)
Chapter 503 Chunyu Family (first update)Chapter 504 Ruins of Ancient Gods (Second Update)Chapter 505 Late night bloodshed (third update)Chapter 506 Chunyu Tao (fourth update completed)
Chapter 507 Investigation (first update!)Chapter 508 Night Visit (Second Update)Chapter 509 Beautiful Blood Crystal (Third Update)Chapter 510 The Magic of Blood Luo Crystal (Fourth update, please vote for me!)
Chapter 511 The desire for blood crystal (fifth update)Chapter 512 Victory without force (sixth update)Chapter 513 Temple Messenger (seventh update)Chapter 514 The Demon Killer Clan¡¯s clone goes berserk (eighth update)
Chapter 515 An unexpected surprise (ninth update)Chapter 516 Choice (10th update)Chapter 517 Leaving (11th update)Chapter 518 Fusion (12th update)
Chapter 519 Destiny (13th update, please vote for me!!!)Chapter 520 Ruins of Ancient Gods (14th update)Chapter 521 Giant Pit (15th update)Chapter 522 Ancient Pictures (16th update)
Chapter 523 Two years (17th update)Chapter 524 The Sixth Floor of Tongtian Bridge (18th update!!!)Chapter 525: 18 updates in two days, completed! The wolf howled, oooh~~~~Chapter 526 Luo Feng and Bo Lan
Chapter 527 The existence at the bottom of the pitChapter 528 Death or surrender!Chapter 529 Wild Beast QiniuChapter 530 Ecstasy
Chapter 531 The Transformation of the Golden-Horned BehemothChapter 532 MutationChapter 533 Hunting PlanChapter 534 Fusion
Chapter 535 Thirty years laterChapter 536 The Three Realms of Mind CultivationChapter 537 Evil VortexChapter 538 Inside the Vortex Core
Chapter 539 Meet the Blood GodChapter 540 Immortal TempleChapter 541 RuinsChapter 542 Beast God Statue
Chapter 543 It¡¯s worth itChapter 544 Rain Blade SectChapter 545 Naco eighty years laterChapter 546 Luo Feng fights the Realm Lord
Chapter 547 Go to hell!Chapter 548 Celestial Eclipse PalaceChapter 549 Lord of the Heavenly Eclipse Palace (Final Chapter)Chapter 550 The Original World of Swords
Chapter 551 Original Blood Crystal PriceChapter 552 Original Tongtian MountainChapter 553 Original: One versus Three (Second Update)Chapter 554 The Original Five Masters (Third Update)
Chapter 555 Original Seventh Floor of Tongtian Bridge! (Fourth update)Chapter 556 Original newcomer Luo Feng (fifth update)Chapter 557 Original ChangeChapter 558 Original Provocation
Chapter 559 Original Divine WeaponChapter 560 Original FuryChapter 561 Original "Black Hole Evolution"Chapter 562 Original Gambling
Chapter 563 ArrivalChapter 564 The mighty Luo FengChapter 565 Desperate MissionChapter 566 Magic Mountain
Chapter 567 Po YuhouChapter 568 Prepare each other (second update)Chapter 569 Detection (Third update completed)Chapter 570 Discovering the Secret
Chapter 571 ChaseChapter 572: Wolf in front and tiger in backChapter 573 Who is it?Chapter 574 Death Trap
Chapter 575 The Domain Lord¡¯s Ninth Level OpponentChapter 576 E9 level laser gunChapter 577 The Power of DestructionChapter 578 Fat Sheep
Chapter 579 Ancestor Jinyang (also a wedding leave notice)Chapter 580 MoroChapter 581 The Roar of the Abyss (updated again on May 8)Chapter 582 Abyss World
Chapter 583 ImmortalityChapter 584 Forbidden Land InheritanceChapter 585 ExecutionChapter 586 Primary Candidates (First update today)
Chapter 587 Anxiety (second update today)Chapter 588 Luo Feng¡¯s Limit (Third update completed)Chapter 589 Loophole (first update)Chapter 590 Treasures left in the palace (second update today)
Chapter 591 The qualification battle begins! (End of three chapters)Chapter 592 Qualification Battle (First update today)Chapter 593 White Dwarf (Second update today)Chapter 594 That Claw (Third update completed)
Chapter 595 Three People (First Update)Chapter 596 The original secret realm (second update today)Chapter 597 The dust has settled (third update completed)Chapter 598 Monthly Pass, I want a monthly pass!
Chapter 599 Battle (first update today)Chapter 600 Luo Feng fights Bo Lan (second update today)Chapter 601 Luo Feng battles with Moro (third update completed)Chapter 602 Threat (first update today)
Chapter 603 Shock (second update today)Chapter 604 Luo Feng and Kroff, the final battle (third update completed)Chapter 605 Statement (first update today)Chapter 606 Today¡¯s second and third updates will be late.
Chapter 607 Dylan (second update today)Chapter 608 Immortal Teacher (Third update completed)Chapter 609: Fell ill... No update todayChapter 610 The inheritance ends (first update today)
Chapter 611 Going out (second update today)Chapter 612 There is no door to hell and you break in (the third update today)Chapter 613 Huge Rewards (Fourth Update)Chapter 614 Three Rewards (Fifth Update Completed)
Chapter 615 Luo Feng¡¯s plan (first update)Chapter 616 Unexpected News (Second Update)Chapter 617 Luo Feng¡¯s decision (final chapter of this article)Chapter 618: The Fourth Giant of the Frontier Officials
Chapter 619: The Great Official of the Frontier Kingdom of GodChapter 620: The feudal official goes to Ganwu Universe Kingdom (the first update today)Chapter 621: The Grand Official of the Frontier, the Teacher¡¯s LegacyChapter 622: The Evolution of Moyundeng, the Border Official
Chapter 623: Secret Pattern Solidification (Third update completed, please vote for me)Chapter 624 Request to leave (first update today)Chapter 625: New Falling Ink Star (the second update today)Chapter 626 Luo Feng takes office (third update completed)
Chapter 627 PreparationsChapter 628 The reception banquetChapter 629 PraisingChapter 630 That¡¯s my elder brother
Chapter 631 So that¡¯s how it is (first update)Chapter 632 Phantom King (Second update)Chapter 633 Betting on Life (Third update completed)Chapter 634 Hanging by a Thread (First Update)
Chapter 635 If you are not a fish, how can you know the joy of fish (second update)Chapter 636 NO.9 (Third update completed)Chapter 637 Mutation (First update)Chapter 638 Earth (Second update)
Chapter 639 I heard itChapter 640 Hometown (first update)Chapter 641 Zerg Brood Plan (Second Update)Chapter 642 Luo Family Treasure House (Third update completed)
Chapter 643 Yan Shen Clan (first update)Chapter 644 Nameless (Second update)Chapter 645 Conservation of Energy (Third update completed)Chapter 646 50 Years on Earth
Chapter 647 The Ninth Legion (first update)Chapter 648 Golden Horn Clan (Second Update)Chapter 649: Standing by (please vote!!!)Chapter 650 Hunting the Immortal Gods (First update)
Chapter 651 The Immortal War (Second Update)Chapter 652 Disaster (Third update completed)Chapter 653 Immortal Zerg Brood (First Update)Chapter 654 Inventory (Second update)
Chapter 655 Before separation (third update completed)Chapter 656: One day off, I will make up for it tomorrow, and there will be an update time notice.Chapter 657 The Creator of the Divine Weapon (First Update)Chapter 658 The World of Rasio (Second Update)
Chapter 659 One Hundred Thousand Tribes (Third Update)Chapter 660: Starry Sky Behemoth (Fourth Update)Chapter 661 Outside the Shrine (fifth update)Chapter 662 Opportunity (sixth update completed)
Chapter 663 Luo Feng and Bei Bed (first update)Chapter 664 Showdown (Second update)Chapter 665 Holy Monument (Third update completed)Chapter 666 Realm Lord Level
Chapter 667 World Lord-level comprehension speed (first update)Chapter 668: Recognition of the Original Law (Second Update)Chapter 669 Secret Code Tower (Third update completed)Chapter 670 Floor 999 (first update)
Chapter 671 Choice (Second update)Chapter 672 Herodo¡¯s Secret Skill (Third Update Completed)Chapter 673 Lurking (first update)Chapter 674 Elder Kebu (second update)
Chapter 675 An unexpected gain (third update completed)Chapter 676 Statue (first update)Chapter 677 Form and Spirit (First update)Chapter 678 Points (Second update)
Chapter 679 The secret method of controlling soulsChapter 680 Return to the Milky Way (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 681 The Lord¡¯s Punishment The Zerg Mother QueenChapter 682 The Lord¡¯s Punishment for Servant Zerg Queen
Chapter 683 The Lord¡¯s Punishment ZergChapter 684 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Millions of Realm Lords LegionChapter 685 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Nine Star Regions (Third update completed)Chapter 686 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Tian Wei
Chapter 687 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Wulong Star TerritoryChapter 688 The Punishment of the Venerable Medium World (Third update completed)Chapter 689 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment No. 6Chapter 690 The Punishment of His Holiness Taobao
Chapter 691 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment 90 Seconds of Life and DeathChapter 692 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment: Die!Chapter 693 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Luo Feng¡¯s DeathChapter 694 Golden-horned Behemoth vs Immortal God
Chapter 695 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Luo Feng¡¯s Battle PlanChapter 696 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment: Death without EvidenceChapter 697 The Punishment of the Venerable Nightmare Candle King (Third update completed)Chapter 698 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment: Imprisonment
Chapter 699 The Punishment of the Venerable Lord Eclipse FireChapter 700 The Venerable¡¯s punishment goes straight to the heartChapter 701 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment and RevengeChapter 702 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Tapping for Treasures in the Garbage Mountain
Chapter 703 The Lord¡¯s Punishment SummoningChapter 704 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Soldier (Third update completed)Chapter 705 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment Two YearsChapter 706 The highest points task (second update)
Chapter 707 Beth Planet (Third update completed)Chapter 708 GodChapter 709 Demon God PalaceChapter 710 Luo Feng¡¯s Punishment (Complete of Three Chapters)
Chapter 711 The Mysterious PansyChapter 712 The Ninth Level of Realm LordChapter 713 Crazy Bombing (Third update completed)Chapter 714 Locke Divine Water
Chapter 715 Interview with the Lord of the UniverseChapter 716 TeleportationChapter 717 Earth! Earth!Chapter 718 Negotiation (Second update)
Chapter 719 An emailChapter 720 Mobilization of the ArmyChapter 721 Arrival (Is there no monthly ticket left?)Chapter 722 The Venerable¡¯s Punishment
Chapter 723 Stirring up the stormChapter 724 The Lord of Nine SwordsChapter 725 Hong¡¯s fateChapter 726 The Secret of the Earth (Final Chapter of this Chapter)
Chapter 727 The Way of the Beast God Luo Feng¡¯s ChoiceChapter 728 The Way of the Beast God Hongmeng?Chapter 729 Struggle (first update)Chapter 730 Rabbit (Second update)
Chapter 731 Mission Completion (Third Update Completed)Chapter 732 The Third Ring Mission (First Update)Chapter 733 Blood Demon King and Luo Feng (Second update)Chapter 734 Luo Feng¡¯s Trial (Third update completed)
Chapter 735 Fourth Ring MissionChapter 736 Cangxue WorldChapter 737 Family Head Luo FengChapter 738 The End
Chapter 739: Filial piety comes firstChapter 740 Settling down in Chaos City (second update)Chapter 741 Teacher¡¯s Gift (Third update completed)Chapter 742 "The Seven Kills of the Beast God"
Chapter 743 Cultivation CareerChapter 744 Breaking through the OverpassChapter 745 Explosion! burst! burst!Chapter 746 Big Shock
Chapter 747 DetonationChapter 748: Thirsty for TalentChapter 749 Lord of Chaos CityChapter 750 Success (Third update completed)
Chapter 751 Domain Lord Level Qualification Battle (First Update)Chapter 752 Star-Eating GrassChapter 753 Eight Hundred YearsChapter 754 Personal Disciple
Chapter 755 Realm Lord Level Resource Rewards (Second Update)Chapter 756 The original secret realm masterChapter 757 SecretChapter 758 Killing Wu Yuyi
Chapter 759 The Limit of the UniverseChapter 760 Three Hundred Years of Long Time (Third Update Completed)Chapter 761 The first anniversary is coming, and it will break out tomorrow! Smash the monthly tickets!Chapter 762 Leaving Chaos City
Chapter 763 Luo Feng¡¯s Zerg LegionChapter 764 Wulong Star Territory (Third update, monthly votes!)Chapter 765 Silver Armor (Fourth update, keep blasting! Monthly tickets!)Chapter 766 The Bird Star (the final chapter of this article)
Chapter 767 The fifth update is completed, it¡¯s over, please vote for me!Chapter 768: Outer Territory Battlefield, Realm Lord War GeneralChapter 769 The battlefield outside the territory The secret of the territoryChapter 770 Extraterritorial Battlefield Integrating into the Collective
Chapter 771 Extraterritorial Battlefield AAA Spirit BaseChapter 772 The disintegration of the extraterritorial battlefieldChapter 773 Extraterritorial Battlefield CrisisChapter 774: Extraterrestrial battlefield, hit the iron wall?
Chapter 775 Extraterritorial Battlefield Luo Feng¡¯s SwordChapter 776 Military Glory on Extraterritorial BattlefieldsChapter 777 Domain Main Battlefield Broken Star Belt (please vote for me)Chapter 778 Alien Race ¡®Leiquan Clan¡¯
Chapter 779 The First Military MeritChapter 780 Half a YearChapter 781 EnemiesChapter 782 Annihilation (Second update)
Chapter 783 Black HandChapter 784 InvitationChapter 785 Special rewards from the demon clanChapter 786 Prey
Chapter 787 Blooming Star-Eating GrassChapter 788 Quick decision (second update)Chapter 789 Leaving AloneChapter 790 Yan Ji Continent (first update)
Chapter 791 Nuolan Mountain? (Second update)Chapter 792 Nuolan Shan¡¯s panic (in critical moments, please give me your monthly vote~~)Chapter 793 Treason (first update)Chapter 794 Battle (Fight! Fight! Fight!)
Chapter 795 Ants (Third update, keep fighting!)Chapter 796 A Hundred Years (Fourth Update)Chapter 797 Tomato has something to say (very important)Chapter 798 Testing the Knife (First Update)
Chapter 799 Behead! (Second update, urgently asking for monthly tickets!)Chapter 800 More Damn (Third Update)Chapter 801 No matter what, we have tried our best.Chapter 802 The decisive battle on the lake (fourth update completed)
Chapter 803 Monthly ticket summary, thank you to those people.Chapter 804 Strange MonsterChapter 805 Luo Feng¡¯s ProblemChapter 806 Treasure ¡®Killing Wu Yuyi¡¯
Chapter 807 The unique skill created in Wusha IslandChapter 808: Thousands of years, unique knowledge achievedChapter 809 Hometown, Bright Moon (final chapter of this article)Chapter 810 Postponed until tomorrow
Chapter 811 Knife River King Yanji Continent Main ContinentChapter 812 The King of Knife River accumulates military meritChapter 813 The King of Knife River, eradicate it as soon as possibleChapter 814 The King of Knife River disappeared ()
Chapter 815 The King of Knife River often walks by the river (third update completed)Chapter 816 The King of Knife River is in a hurryChapter 817 Knife River King Nine Jue Divine KingdomChapter 818: Suppressed (Third update completed)
Chapter 819 Luo Feng¡¯s counterattackChapter 820: Stealing chicken but losing riceChapter 821 Star TowerChapter 822 Storm, rising
Chapter 823 ChoiceChapter 824 HarborChapter 825 The total price of the lootChapter 826 Making Friends
Chapter 827 Message from the Blood CrystalChapter 828 Full of confidenceChapter 829 Mo YunChapter 830 Building the Kingdom of God
Chapter 831 Encounter in Yanji ContinentChapter 832 Fierce BattleChapter 833 Escape (Second update)Chapter 834 Target ¡®30 seconds¡¯
Chapter 835 FallChapter 836 Six Directions of HellChapter 837 Inspection every inchChapter 838 Awesome
Chapter 839 Surprise treasureChapter 840 Great OpportunityChapter 841 Even reluctant to part with itChapter 842 Join Hongmeng
Chapter 843 The second calamity is accomplishedChapter 844 Inside Hongmeng CityChapter 845 Shops in Hongmeng CityChapter 846 Golden Armor
Chapter 847 Judgment ()Chapter 848: Decades of Decades (Second Update)Chapter 849 Yan Sacrifice, Waves Rise (Third Update Completed)Chapter 850 Sacrifice Tower
Chapter 851 Ancient Divine KingdomChapter 852 LayoutChapter 853 Treasure RoomChapter 854 Killing each other!
Chapter 855 RushChapter 856 Tragic SituationChapter 857 Qiu Chika appearsChapter 858 Treasure
Chapter 859 The picture shows the dagger (third update completed)Chapter 860 Go to DeathChapter 861 The Threat of King Purple BellChapter 862 Then you all die
Chapter 863 Big WinnerChapter 864 The ethnic group rises!Chapter 865 Golden Armored Monster (Third Update)Chapter 866 Chain Treasure Chest (fourth update completed)
Chapter 867 Secret Pattern WeaponChapter 868 A bucket of cold waterChapter 869 RumorsChapter 870: Let¡¯s sort it out a little before the climax. It¡¯s just one chapter today.
Chapter 871 Named ¡®Feimo¡¯Chapter 872 It beginsChapter 873 Luo Feng¡¯s publicityChapter 874 The Purple Bell King Appears
Chapter 875 Fierce BattleChapter 876 Madman! ! !Chapter 877 FallChapter 878 Shock
Chapter 879 The sword light becomes a riverChapter 880 The King of Knife River (the final chapter of this article)Chapter 881 Jiao Transforms into a Dragon Purple BellChapter 882 The Dragon Transforms into a Dragon and the Revived Heavy Arrow King
Chapter 883 The Dragon Transforms into a Dragon Star TowerChapter 884 The dragon transforms into a dragon and enters the towerChapter 885: The Dragon Transforms into a Dragon and Guards the Forbidden LandChapter 886: Jiao Transforms into a Dragon, Sense of Crisis
Chapter 887: The Dragon Transforms into a Human Name (Third update completed)Chapter 888 The Dragon Transforms into a Dragon King Chen HunChapter 889 The dragon turns into a dragon and the strong gather togetherChapter 890: The Jiao Transforms into a Dragon, the Land of Killing (Happy Mid-Autumn Festival)
Chapter 891 The dragon turns into a dragon and forms an allianceChapter 892 AssassinationChapter 893 Luo Feng is waitingChapter 894 Big changes
Chapter 895 The GuideChapter 896 ReasonChapter 897 Inheritance of Life and DeathChapter 898 A long time
Chapter 899 Hope and DespairChapter 900 I really miss you...Chapter 901 Luo Feng wakes upChapter 902 Alien Mighty One
Chapter 903 The future of the Earth lineageChapter 904: Tower Tour by BoatChapter 905 Star MapChapter 906 Luo Feng¡¯s teleportation
Chapter 907 Luo Feng returns (final chapter)Chapter 908: Pause for one day today, prepareChapter 909 Ice Prison Star Chaos City Lord QuestionsChapter 910: Ice Prison Star, Drinking and Talking
Chapter 911 Ice Prison Star King Jianta pleads guiltyChapter 912 Ice Prison Star Luo Feng¡¯s KindnessChapter 913 Ice Prison Star HuntingChapter 914 Ice Prison Star Suppression (Second Update)
Chapter 915 Ice Prison Star Prototype (Third Update)Chapter 916 Ice Prison Star Luo Feng¡¯s Guards (fourth update completed)Chapter 917 Ice Prison Star Gemini Spiral DomainChapter 918 Ice Prison Star Battle Sky Array King
Chapter 919 Ice Prison Star Luo Feng AppearsChapter 920 Ice Prison Star, Brothers of Life and DeathChapter 921 Ice Prison Star A Whip ShadowChapter 922 Ice Prison Star Luo Feng fights the Black Shaved King
Chapter 923 Ice Prison Star The Legend of the Knife River KingChapter 924: A single chapter to solicit monthly votes and some words from Tomato.Chapter 925 Original Tongtian MountainChapter 926 Bet
Chapter 927 Battle on the 21st floorChapter 928 The Demon Hand KingChapter 929 Return to EarthChapter 930 An Order
Chapter 931 Qiandeng Star-Eating GrassChapter 932 The Seriously Injured Demon Hand KingChapter 933 Divine Body SplitChapter 934 Wuhua Secret Realm
Chapter 935 Named ¡®Kou¡¯Chapter 936 Teacher TarashaChapter 937 ExposedChapter 938 Escape
Chapter 939 Ice PrisonChapter 940 Trapped in Ice PrisonChapter 941 Murderous IntentChapter 942 The Way to Death
Chapter 943 Cangjiang ClanChapter 944 The Ten Great KingsChapter 945 Unique SkillChapter 946 Looking for Humans
Chapter 947 Shocking the StarsChapter 948 First BattleChapter 949 Silver Eyes AppearChapter 950 The Finger of Death
Chapter 951 Luo Feng¡¯s messageChapter 952 Easy to getChapter 953 AnxietyChapter 954 Two thousand years of dormancy
Chapter 955 Meeting SiriusChapter 956 Sirius¡¯s TreasureChapter 957 CalculationChapter 958 Luo Feng¡¯s original plan
Chapter 959 Lord of SiriusChapter 960 The Lord of Chaos City ArrivesChapter 961 See throughChapter 962 Famous Universe
Chapter 963 King Zhenyan and Luo FengChapter 964 The Land of Inheritance (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 965 Ancestral God Religion Bauhinia IslandChapter 966 Ancestral God Cult Protector Beast God
Chapter 967 Ancestral God Religion Three ChannelsChapter 968 Ancestral God Religion InheritanceChapter 969 Ancestral God Religion InferenceChapter 970 Ancestral God Cult Treasure Place
Chapter 971 Ancestral God Religion Venerable and KingChapter 972 He is the King of Knife RiverChapter 973 The troubles of becoming famousChapter 974 Hongmeng Group
Chapter 975 A difficult invitation to battleChapter 976 Fight?Chapter 977 Luo Feng¡¯s strengthChapter 978 620,000 games! ! !
Chapter 979 Win! win! win!Chapter 980 Shocking the UniverseChapter 981 Kill him!Chapter 982 Ambush from all sides
Chapter 983 Assassination, Luo Feng dies!Chapter 984: Die at a touchChapter 985 Only the soulChapter 986 Leaving
Chapter 987 World TreeChapter 988 Space VortexChapter 989 WormholeChapter 990 The Origin Treasure
Chapter 991 Sudden ChangeChapter 992 BirthChapter 993 The secret method of talentChapter 994 Nine Nether Space and Time
Chapter 995 ExplosionChapter 996 The Barking Mirror KingChapter 997 Mirror of the UniverseChapter 998 Battle
Chapter 999 Nine Nether WhirlpoolChapter 1000 Another WorldChapter 1001 Lord of the Nine Netherworlds (please vote for me)Chapter 1002 Celebration
Chapter 1003 Venerable ZhenyanChapter 1004 Encirclement and SuppressionChapter 1005 The branches and leaves of the worldChapter 1006 Giving birth to the third clone!
Chapter 1007 Traveling through the Nine Nether WorldChapter 1008 DeathChapter 1009 EscapeChapter 1010 Father
Chapter 1011 SecretChapter 1012 Arrival at the Imperial Sea (Complete of three chapters)Chapter 1013 The Angry Lord of Nine NetherworldsChapter 1014 The third clone (the final chapter of this article)
Chapter 1015: Ashamed, please take one more day off. Update will start on the 10th.Chapter 1016 Immortal Treasure! Treasure!Chapter 1017 Immortal Ancient Ship GalaxyChapter 1018 Immortal Born Beast God
Chapter 1019 Immortal Life Gene LevelChapter 1020 Immortality 6400 timesChapter 1021 Immortality The third clone is completed!Chapter 1022 Immortal Talent Secret Technique
Chapter 1023 Immortal Creation!Chapter 1024 Immortality: Shocking Changes After 500 YearsChapter 1025 Immortality I am the universeChapter 1026 Immortality Luo Feng¡¯s World
Chapter 1027 Immortality The law is established and immortality is crossedChapter 1028 Immortality, the ultimate secret skillChapter 1029 Immortality: Fifty Thousand Years of Wandering in the UniverseChapter 1030 Immortal Immortal God Luo Feng
Chapter 1031 Immortal and Mighty as HellChapter 1032 Immortality Luo Feng¡¯s Kingdom of GodChapter 1033 Immortality MountainsideChapter 1034 Immortal Glory
Chapter 1035 Immortality King of Barking Mirror and King of DaoheChapter 1036 Immortal Crazy Luo FengChapter 1037 Immortal Overlord of the UniverseChapter 1038 Immortality King of Daohe, you are cruel enough!
Chapter 1039 Immortality Prove OneselfChapter 1040 Immortal Supreme CouncilChapter 1041 Immortal ArmsChapter 1042 Immortality Reversal of Time and Space
Chapter 1043 Immortal Golden Line Aurora MirrorChapter 1044 Immortality on the cusp of the stormChapter 1045 Immortal Supreme CouncilChapter 1046 Immortal Primitive Star
Chapter 1047 The Immortal Strong One Comes to the DoorChapter 1048 Immortality Goes to the Yan God Clan (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 1049: Robbery Emperor YanChapter 1050: Armor of Tribulation, Heaven and Earth Net
Chapter 1052: Tribulation Armor. With one move, everyone is pale.Chapter 1053: Tribulation Armor, the original star is opened (fifth update completed)Chapter 1054 Jie Jia¡¯s first encounterChapter 1055: Jia Jia Emperor Yan¡¯s Ambition
Chapter 1056 Jie Jia This is Jie Jia!Chapter 1057 Tribulation Armor Entering the Original StarChapter 1058 Robbery: Stepping on a heavy treasure while walkingChapter 1059: Robbery Armor¡¯s combat power, fully exploded!
Chapter 1060 Wings like a canopyChapter 1061 Jianhe LuoChapter 1062 Escape quicklyChapter 1063 Spear of Qixue
Chapter 1064 Don¡¯t underestimate the super powerChapter 1065 Encounter on the Original StarChapter 1066 Venerable Tianyang (please vote for me~~~)Chapter 1067 The Lord of Overthrow
Chapter 1068 The meeting of the three masters of the universeChapter 1069 Starry Sky Beast Alliance Holy LandChapter 1070 Jiufei RiverChapter 1071 Departure
Chapter 1072 Yin Fa Secret Realm Craftsman StarChapter 1073 Venerable Chrysalis HeChapter 1074 In FlameChapter 1075 Flame Space of Craftsman Star
Chapter 1076 The Lord of Craftsman ReturnsChapter 1077 JediChapter 1078 Prisoners of the JediChapter 1079 The golden river in the starry sky
Chapter 1080 Star Tears GoldChapter 1081 Starry Sky Sacred MountainChapter 1082 Lord of the Golden HornChapter 1083 The Ancestor of the Starry Sky Behemoth
Chapter 1084 Beast God RealmChapter 1085 The only possibilityChapter 1086 AccidentChapter 1087 Micro Universe
Chapter 1089 The secret method is naturalChapter 1090 Fighting the AncestorChapter 1091 Named ¡®Beiyan¡¯Chapter 1092 Return to the original universe
Chapter 1093 The other two chapters today will be very late, you can read them tomorrow morningChapter 1094 DilemmaChapter 1095 VisitChapter 1096 Mobile Treasure House
Chapter 1097 It¡¯s Luo Feng!Chapter 1098 PreyChapter 1099 Trap! ! !Chapter 1100 The Top Universe Overlord
Chapter 1101 Building PrestigeChapter 1102 The Escaped Lord TianyangChapter 1103 Why is it so dark?Chapter 1104 Wings Treasure
Chapter 1105 The Change of WingsChapter 1106 Lord Fano and Luo FengChapter 1107 Buxue VineChapter 1108 Resurrection
Chapter 1109 Qishin TempleChapter 1110 ResolutionChapter 1111 Luo Feng¡¯s decisionChapter 1112 My Hometown ¡®Earth¡¯
Chapter 1113 ShockChapter 1114 My heart is peaceful (the final chapter of this article)Chapter 1115 The foundation of the Universe Venerable has been establishedChapter 1116 The Master of the Universe Farewell
Chapter 1117 Lord of the Universe Star Tower DisappearsChapter 1118 The Lord of the Universe is looking for the Star TowerChapter 1119 The Lord of the Universe Ancient Chin Secret RealmChapter 1120 The Lord of the Universe Blood Cloud Palace
Chapter 1121 The Lord of the Universe and the Palace Master AppearChapter 1122 The Lord of the Universe PromiseChapter 1123 The Bottleneck of Life GenesChapter 1124 Urgent
Chapter 1125 The Strongest ArrivesChapter 1126 The Ancestral God Fights the Demonic GodChapter 1127 The Demon God of False Truth (the first day of the new year, please vote for me)Chapter 1128 The Favor of the Universe
Chapter 1129 DisguiseChapter 1130 Lord TianhuaChapter 1131 Okay, let¡¯s get angry once! ! !Chapter 1132 Startup (one update guaranteed)
Chapter 1133 Melee (Second update guaranteed)Chapter 1134 The Power of a Sword (Updated with 6,000 votes)Chapter 1135 The Wind Rises (Updated with 7000 votes)Chapter 1136 Encirclement and Suppression (8000 votes plus update)
Chapter 1137 Kill! (One update guaranteed)Chapter 1138 Black Ocean (Second update guaranteed)Chapter 1139 Bloody Light (Updated with 9000 votes)Chapter 1140 Battle with the Lord of the Universe (Update with 10,000 votes)
Chapter 1141 The last laugh (11,000 votes added)Chapter 1142. One pot! (One update guaranteed)Chapter 1143 You are the Lord of the Universe (Second update guaranteed)Chapter 1144 Go and die (12,000 votes plus update)
Chapter 1145: Freedom (Updated with 13,000 votes)Chapter 1146: Fierce Power (late update on No. 3)Chapter 1147 The power of the blood cloud (make up for the missing update on No. 3)Chapter 1148 Beheading (Updated with 14,000 votes)
Chapter 1149 Suppressing Changgu (15,000 votes plus update)Chapter 1150 Lord of the Galaxy (Updated with 16,000 votes)Chapter 1151 Remarks and some update notices (must read, very important)Chapter 1152 Selling the stolen goods
Chapter 1153 The Treasure House (the final chapter of this article)Chapter 1154 Galaxy Lords: The Six Giants GatherChapter 1155 Galaxy Lord OriginalChapter 1156 Galaxy Lord Virtual Universe
Chapter 1157 Galaxy Lord Rong JunChapter 1158 Galaxy Lord I saidChapter 1159 Galaxy Lord Luo Feng¡¯s OrderChapter 1160 Galaxy Lord Earth Lineage
Chapter 1161 Lord of the Galaxy Killing Wu Yuyi¡¯s Second FormChapter 1162 Golden ToadChapter 1163 The Lord of YuanaoChapter 1164 Jue An Continent
Chapter 1165 God BovaChapter 1166 Torch RefiningChapter 1167 The beginning of the layoutChapter 1168 Some explanations of recent updates and notices of Spring Festival updates, etc.
Chapter 1169 Yuanao Supreme GodChapter 1170 New RouteChapter 1171 Strange ObjectChapter 1172 Lord of Nine Netherworlds
Chapter 1173 Jiuyou*HaiyanChapter 1174 RavageChapter 1175 SealChapter 1176 Founder of Black Universe
Chapter 1177 The legacy of Xuan YuanChapter 1178 The remaining map of Qingfeng RealmChapter 1179 Spring Festival Update NoticeChapter 1180 Tomato wishes everyone a happy new year~~~~~~
Chapter 1181 Crazy scrambleChapter 1182 That¡¯s mineChapter 1183 Luo Feng and the Lord of Heavenly WolfChapter 1184 Flame Sand Cup
Chapter 1185 The Cosmic Sea (the final chapter of this article)Chapter 1186 First Entering the Cosmic Sea Toya Black HoleChapter 1187: First Entering the Cosmic Sea, the Broken UniverseChapter 1188: First Entering the Cosmic Sea, Qingfeng Realm¡¯s Outer Territory
Chapter 1189 First Entering the Cosmic Sea Puti¡¯s AmbitionChapter 1190 Asking for helpChapter 1191 Lord Anyong and Luo FengChapter 1192 God Eye Clan
Chapter 1193 FallChapter 1194 The attraction of wingsChapter 1195 Wing SpaceChapter 1196 Vigilance
Chapter 1197 Beating!Chapter 1198 ToysChapter 1199 Get OutChapter 1200 The most powerful and precious spirit
Chapter 1201 SpiritChapter 1202 Recognizing the LordChapter 1203 StruggleChapter 1204 Millennium
Chapter 1205 Another ChannelChapter 1206 Breaking into ReincarnationChapter 1207 Giant AxChapter 1208 Ethnic Contribution
Chapter 1209 Careful explanation and decisionChapter 1210 Black-patterned Stone PillarChapter 1211 The King of Illusion RealmChapter 1212 Destroying God Stream
Chapter 1213 YintuoChapter 1215 No one can leave!Chapter 1216 Urgent, urgent, urgentChapter 1217 Fighting for a Chance of Survival
Chapter 1218 Flame LakeChapter 1219 Purple Moon Holy LandChapter 1220 Killing GameChapter 1221 Soaring into the Sky
Chapter 1222 Let¡¯s go to a dead end togetherChapter 1223 Of course, goChapter 1224 Calm downChapter 1225 Rushing to the space ship
Chapter 1226 The Divine Armor of ExterminationChapter 1227 The Strongest One ArrivesChapter 1228 MadnessChapter 1229 Island
Chapter 1230 Demonic CraneChapter 1231 Hand over the treasureChapter 1232 Giant Axe, the Strongest Battle!Chapter 1233 The Giant Axe
Chapter 1234 BowChapter 1235 Secret Patterns and Secret TechniquesChapter 1236 Split Gold and Silver WingsChapter 1237 Lord of Yanying
Chapter 1238 In front of the black patterned stone pillarChapter 1239 The Lord of Purifying EyesChapter 1240 PassingChapter 1241 Message (final chapter of this article)
Chapter 1242 The Fall of the Strongest Man MapChapter 1243 The fallen strongest man ZhouChapter 1244 The Fallen Strongest Man Lu Chong and Luo FengChapter 1245 The Fallen Strongest Man Gate
Chapter 1246 The Fallen Strongest Man My name is Duan Donghe*WuChapter 1247 The fallen strongest man makes a difficult choiceChapter 1248 The fallen strongest raceChapter 1249 The strongest man fell. One fell.
Chapter 1250 The Fallen Strongest Man Corridor of Life and DeathChapter 1251 The Fall of the Strongest Man IntensifiesChapter 1252 The fallen strongest man, the ancestorChapter 1253 Rhino Emperor Bureau
Chapter 1254 RulesChapter 1255 ViciousChapter 1256 KillingChapter 1257 Ice Cliff Castle
Chapter 1258 Gritting TeethChapter 1259 The original ancestor and Duan DongheChapter 1260 Who else would you rather me?Chapter 1261 Three Thousand Years
Chapter 1262 The Second BottleneckChapter 1263 Will! breakthrough!Chapter 1264 The EndChapter 1265 Everyone will die
Chapter 1266 The most powerful treasure? ridiculous!Chapter 1267 Ice Cliff Castle¡¯s resistanceChapter 1268 The hope of the ethnic groupChapter 1269 The inheritance of the sword
Chapter 1270 Luo Feng¡¯s sword skillsChapter 1271 New LifeChapter 1272 The new Duan DongheChapter 1273 Core inheritance
Chapter 1274 The disappearing Duandong RiverChapter 1275 This is the inheritance spaceChapter 1276 PreachingChapter 1277 The turning point of mankind
Chapter 1278 Treasure SpaceChapter 1279 The name of the sword is blood shadowChapter 1280 Stop him!Chapter 1281 Transaction
Chapter 1282 The proposal of the founder of the Eastern EmperorChapter 1283 It¡¯s a DeedChapter 1284 Departure to Qingfeng RealmChapter 1285 Recovering the White Wings
Chapter 1286 Divine BloodChapter 1287 Don¡¯t come (final chapter of this article)Chapter 1288 Beacon Frontier HumanityChapter 1289: Separate Actions at the Beacon Frontier
Chapter 1290: The Beacon Frontier, Black Prison and YanjunChapter 1291 The Final Distribution of Treasures in the Beacon FrontierChapter 1292 Giant Ax? Fall?Chapter 1293 Union
Chapter 1294 War is coming!Chapter 1295 The strongest ones who walk aloneChapter 1296 Fighting the Dream Demon AncestorChapter 1297 Killing Peng Gong
Chapter 1298 OutbreakChapter 1299 Blood Shadow Knife, unsheathed!Chapter 1300 Sixth Level PeakChapter 1301 Retreat
Chapter 1302 The Injury of the Demon Clan (Third Update)Chapter 1303 Luo Feng endsChapter 1304 Negotiations break down (fifth update)Chapter 1305 Reactions of Various Races
Chapter 1306 The tranquility before the warChapter 1307 The Limit of the Strongest Person in the UniverseChapter 1308 Three Clans AllianceChapter 1309 For the ethnic group
Chapter 1310 Mechanical FlowChapter 1311 UnstoppableChapter 1312 TragicChapter 1313 Ancient God¡¯s Eye
Chapter 1314 Nightmare (fourth update)Chapter 1315 The three clans were defeated (fifth update)Chapter 1316 Practice your skillsChapter 1317 Alliance
Chapter 1318 UndercurrentChapter 1319 Ancestral GodChapter 1320 UrgencyChapter 1321 Big changes
Chapter 1322 Left by the Original AncestorChapter 1323 The Treasure of the Human Family (Fourth Update)Chapter 1324 Breakthrough, Lord of the Universe! (fifth update)Chapter 1325 Humanity¡¯s Reply
Chapter 1326 LayoutChapter 1327 FactionsChapter 1328 The Final Choice of the Freedom AllianceChapter 1329 Sudden Outbreak
Chapter 1330 Sneak AttackChapter 1331 Who leaked the secret?Chapter 1332 The Lord of LightChapter 1333 Human Crisis
Chapter 1334 Bloody battle, Luo Feng¡¯s madness! (superior)Chapter 1335 Bloody battle, Luo Feng¡¯s madness! (middle)Chapter 1336 Bloody Battle, Luo Feng¡¯s Madness (Part 2)Chapter 1337 Capture
Chapter 1338 A sudden increase in strengthChapter 1339 Death StruggleChapter 1340 The dust has settledChapter 1341 The undercurrent under calm (the final chapter of this article)
Chapter 1342 Its arrival Hu YanboChapter 1343 Its Arrival The Ancestral God SummonsChapter 1344 Its arrival, the conspiratorsChapter 1345 Its arrival Luo Feng¡¯s strongest path
Chapter 1346 Its Arrival The Third Level of Divine BodyChapter 1347 Luo Feng arrives (second update)Chapter 1348 I¡¯ll wait for you if I get caughtChapter 1349 The Wings of the Peixing Lord
Chapter 1350 The Killing Order of Purple Moon Holy LandChapter 1351 SurpriseChapter 1352 Waiting to close the netChapter 1353 Undersea Battle
Chapter 1354 The terrifying Haolei Star LordChapter 1355 The Fall of the Strongest (End of Chapter Five)Chapter 1356 PrestigeChapter 1357 ¡®It¡¯
Chapter 1358 CoincidentallyChapter 1359 Five pairs of wingsChapter 1360 Luo Feng¡¯s Divine ArmorChapter 1361 Traces of the Last Wings
Chapter 1362 Jie Fanzi¡¯s treasureChapter 1363 A long timeChapter 1364 Eight Million Years LaterChapter 1365 Unstoppable
Chapter 1366 Can¡¯t Swallow (Final Chapter of this Chapter)Chapter 1367 The Fourth Jedi Collision with the Space ShipChapter 1368 The Fourth Jedi WillChapter 1369 The Fourth Jedi Enters
Chapter 1370 The Fourth Jedi The other end of the wormholeChapter 1371 TearsChapter 1372 Entering the World of JinChapter 1373 Wu and Jin
Chapter 1374 We are the protagonistsChapter 1375 Eastern Army CampChapter 1376 Life and Death FightChapter 1377 The equipment of the Manghe Army
Chapter 1378 Disaster LevelChapter 1379 The Ancestral God MessagesChapter 1381 RampageChapter 1382 Listen to me
Chapter 1383 A thought of emptinessChapter 1384 Split (first update)Chapter 1385 True God Level Battlefield (Second Update)Chapter 1386 Recruit Galaxy (Third update)
Chapter 1387 Being targeted by Luo Feng (fourth update)Chapter 1388 The only one in my heart is kill!Chapter 1389 Behead! cut! cut!Chapter 1390 Greed
Chapter 1391 ConfrontationChapter 1392 The Ending of the Manghe Army TeamChapter 1393 The Order of Ziyue AncestorChapter 1394 The Eternal God (Third update)
Chapter 1395 Wu Qishen (fourth update)Chapter 1396 SealingChapter 1397 Luo Feng¡¯s mechanical treasureChapter 1398 The Second Era
Chapter 1399 Setting up a killing trapChapter 1400 Divine Body BreakthroughChapter 1401 God King RealmChapter 1402 The Strongest Sergeant
Chapter 1403 vigilanceChapter 1404 Commander of God King ValleyChapter 1405 AwakeningChapter 1406 Endless expectations
Chapter 1407 The Final Death TribulationChapter 1408 The power of the divine eyeChapter 1409 Big SweepChapter 1410 Opportunities in Wuqi Tower
Chapter 1411 The last stepChapter 1412 Knife?Chapter 1413 The Road to Nine HeavensChapter 1414 Thousand Eyes (please vote for recommendation)
Chapter 1415 The Secret Technique of Divine EyeChapter 1416 The final obstacle (first update)Chapter 1417 Picture Scroll WorldChapter 1418 No retreat
Chapter 1419 YuanChapter 1420 Luo Feng and the God King of Jin (please vote!)Chapter 1421 Gift from the God KingChapter 1422 Four Commanders and Four Generals
Chapter 1423 The Killing in Purple Moon Holy LandChapter 1424 ArrivalChapter 1425 In the blink of an eyeChapter 1426 Catch them all in one fell swoop
Chapter 1427 Killing Wu Yuyi¡¯s Third LevelChapter 1428 The Third EraChapter 1429 World Beast (final chapter of this article)Chapter 1430 The gestation period of the strongest man in the universe
Chapter 1431 The Temptation of the Strongest Man in the UniverseChapter 1432 The strongest man in the universe invites the generalChapter 1433 The strongest man in the universe, you deserve to dieChapter 1434 Howling
Chapter 1435 Hatred that goes deep into the soulChapter 1436 The Human EraChapter 1437 Billions of Era (Part 1)Chapter 1438 Billions of Era (Part 2)
Chapter 1439 Eight Heroes GatheringChapter 1440 The birth of the world beastChapter 1441 The mountain guest and the original willChapter 1442 The delicacies of world beasts
Chapter 1443 Fireworm AllahChapter 1444 Cosmic Sea ArmyChapter 1445 WarChapter 1446 Besieging World Beasts
Chapter 1447 Reluctant to KillChapter 1448 The rumbling windChapter 1449 ReappearanceChapter 1450 Disaster
Chapter 1451 Purple Moon Holy LandChapter 1452 Luo Feng and ZiyueChapter 1453 Deadly EnemyChapter 1454 Luo Feng War Realm Beast
Chapter 1455 The Secret Technique of Divine EyeChapter 1456 After the WarChapter 1457 I will do my bestChapter 1458 Here I am again!
Chapter 1459 The power of the Star TowerChapter 1460 Blood of World BeastsChapter 1461 NewbornChapter 1462 It¡¯s really useless
Chapter 1463 Switch sides?Chapter 1464 World Beast Life MapChapter 1465 LairChapter 1466 Enlightenment
Chapter 1467 Breakthrough, chain reaction, legendChapter 1468 True GodChapter 1469 Small UniverseChapter 1471 The Beginning of One Yuan, the Realm Beasts Are Coming
Chapter 1472 Rapid improvement (please vote for me)Chapter 1473 Hunting PatrolChapter 1474 Morosa¡¯s final madnessChapter 1475 Captured alive
Chapter 1476 SuppressionChapter 1477 SlaveryChapter 1479: Transcendence from Reincarnation (Final Chapter) Five Methods of Realm BeastsChapter 1480 The final preparation for transcending reincarnation
Chapter 1481: Transcendence and Appraisal of TreasuresChapter 1482: Transcendence from Reincarnation Star TowerChapter 1483: Transcendence, Dark PlaceChapter 1484: Beyond Reincarnation The Strongest Bedi
Chapter 1485: Transcendence from Reincarnation Jin HaizhuChapter 1486: Transcendence from Reincarnation, Reincarnation ChannelChapter 1487: Transcendence from Reincarnation and Enlightenment under DestructionChapter 1488: Transcendence from Reincarnation, One Thought Creates the Universe
Chapter 1489: Beyond Reincarnation Mass Extinction PlanChapter 1490: Transcendence from Reincarnation The Invincible Luo Feng (please vote for recommendation)Chapter 1491 The final thrill of transcending reincarnationChapter 1492: Transcendence of Reincarnation Scimitar
Chapter 1493: Transcendence from Reincarnation and Closing the NetChapter 1494: Transcendence of Reincarnation and Great ExtinctionChapter 1495: Transcendence and Extreme FearChapter 1496 Catastrophe
Chapter 1497 The cruelest momentChapter 1498 Seeking the release of the original ancestorChapter 1499 Force Luo FengChapter 1500 Guarding
Chapter 1501 Devouring Luo Feng¡¯s UniverseChapter 1502 The last fight of the world beastsChapter 1503 Luo Feng¡¯s TeamChapter 1504 Birth
Chapter 1505 It¡¯s colorful because of the battle, and it¡¯s endlessly bright because of you.Chapter 1506 The Final BattleChapter 1507 The final winnerChapter 1508 The Birth of the World Beast King
Chapter 1509 The destruction of Ziyue UniverseChapter 1510 The depths of the cosmic seaChapter 1511 Release the Original AncestorChapter 1512 Our Red Alliance
Chapter 1513 The Disappearance of the World of JinChapter 1514 The End of the Original UniverseChapter 1515: Transcendence from Reincarnation (Final Finale) Part 1Chapter 1516: Transcendence from Reincarnation (Final Finale) Part 2
Chapter 1517 Final words and news about Tomato¡¯s new book!Some information about the publication of comicsRead the entire book for free!Chapter 1520 Tomato¡¯s new book "The Wilderness" has been uploaded!
Chapter 1521 "Swallowing the Starry Sky" is now available to read for free!Chapter 1522 Tomato¡¯s new book "Snow Eagle Lord" has 500,000 words, you can read it~~Tomato's new book "Flying Sword Question" has been released~~~The first chapter of Tomato's new book "Flying Sword Asking" has been uploaded!
Chapter 111 God of War Luo Feng¡¯s ruthless handTomato's new book "Cang Yuan Tu" has more than 200,000 words and is ready to be read!Tomato's new book "Cosmic Professionals" has been officially released!Chapter 59 Fascination
Chapter 1051 Tribulation Armor The Overlords of the UniverseChapter 1088 Billions of YearsChapter 1470 The two bodies merge into one, the structure of the universeChapter 1478 Common Enemy (Final Chapter of this Chapter)
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