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From a country team to a giant Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 The champion represents everything!Chapter 2 Meteor TeamChapter 5 People Who Like Black CoffeeChapter 7 Two Government Orders
Chapter 8 I know, why do I hate himChapter 9 Two InvitationsChapter 10 I am Party A!Chapter 12 Another Village
Chapter 13 We walk in the confusion to find the lost championChapter 15 The GhostChapter 16 ScandalChapter 18 Target upgrade!
Chapter 19 I don't want moneyChapter 20 Why Are You Awesome?Chapter 21 The First Practice MatchChapter 22 Pretending to be Garlic!
Chapter 23 The first round of the seasonChapter 25 Problem Characters in Salary CutsChapter 34 Upset! (Please collect!)Chapter 36 Is this an amateur team? (Please collect!)
Chapter 37 Recruiting management (please collect!)Chapter 38 Uninvited Guest (please collect!)Chapter 44 Half-time champion (for collection!)Chapter 45 Filzmore Stadium (Favorites!)
Chapter 46 The First Foreign Aid (Favorites!)Chapter 48 Ivan (Please recommend!)Chapter 49 Encounter (for collection!)Chapter 50 Too Deep Love (please bookmark and ask for recommendation tickets!)
Chapter 55 Loans to build a training base (please collect and ask for tickets!)Chapter 58 Football Kingdom (please recommend for collection!)Chapter 60 Selling (please collect and recommend tickets!)Chapter 62 It's My Food! (Please recommend for collection!)
Chapter 65 God Bless!Chapter 67 I'm Eleven! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 68 Guarantor (please recommend for collection!)Chapter 69 Successful Loan (Please recommend for favorites!)
Chapter 72 Ji An! Shoot! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 74 Suitcase (please recommend for collection!)Chapter 75 Youth training cooperation (recommended for collection!)Chapter 77 New Season, New Lineup! (Please recommend for favorites!)
Chapter 78 The 'Old' Captain of Saarbr¨¹cken (Please recommend for collection!)Chapter 79 Double Jump? (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 80 Victims (recommended for favorites!)Chapter 81 Finalize the internal youth training league (recommended for favorites!)
Chapter 83 We will cover the travel expenses (recommended for favorites!)Chapter 86 Massacre! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 89 The rich and lonely? (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 95 Is it amazing to be rich? (Please recommend for favorites!)
Chapter 98 HearingChapter 101 Have You Known Hoffenheim?Chapter 102 Next sentenceChapter 103 You Are Not Alone
List testimonials!Chapter 105 The Story of Sinsheim (Seeking Subscription Monthly Pass!)Chapter 107 St. Galio's Quotation to Ji'anChapter 109 Let's Play (Please Subscribe Monthly Pass!)
Chapter 112 The Sorrow of the Small TeamChapter 113 I Was Chosen? (Please subscribe and collect!)Chapter 116 How did he live?Chapter 120 Target, Karlsruhe!
Chapter 121 New Fans Swarming AgainChapter 131 Reform?Chapter 136 Entering Sinsheim!Chapter 137 Ten thousand people stadium
Chapter 139: A Blockbuster! Morsi!Chapter 140 Digging Addicted Saarbr¨¹ckenChapter 141 Nothing is more meaningful than life!Chapter 142 Scared head coach resources
Chapter 143 TidalChapter 144 Double Red MeetingChapter 145 Who is he?Chapter 146 Alex's Successor
Chapter 147 Lore ChristopherChapter 148 Hoffenheim's new coachChapter 153 The First Stage Results of the Internal Youth Training LeagueChapter 156: Hoffenheim's big troll
Chapter 160 The Value of Being ScoldedChapter 161 The Importance of Passing!Chapter 163 Expanding the Competitive SectionChapter 164 Hoffenheim's Worth
Chapter 165 An Interview with the Youth Section of "Sportsman"Chapter 166 Team? family!Chapter 168 False Number Nine! (Please subscribe to the monthly pass!)Chapter 169 A Brand New Way of Playing Football (Please Subscribe Monthly Pass!)
Chapter 171 David Koch's Curtain Call!Chapter 172 HungryChapter 173 The Koch Stand and Season TicketsChapter 174
Chapter 175 Let's work hard next seasonChapter 182 This is not West**!Chapter 183 Full FirepowerChapter 184 Ji An's Crazy Solo Show
Chapter 185 Hillbilly, have you watched the Champions League?Chapter 188: Two Rookies Make Their First DebutChapter 192 He Didn't Deny ItChapter 193 Greatness Comes from...Trying!
Chapter 194 Saima AirlinesChapter 195 Capital's AttentionChapter 196 Mayor VandervenChapter 197: German Cup Second Round Opponent
Chapter 198 Bundesliga Relegation Team - NurembergChapter 200: Scored TwiceChapter 201 The Meaning of ExistenceChapter 202: The Birth of a Dark Horse
Chapter 203 Cheetah! Cheetah!Chapter 204 The story begins here..Chapter 206 Baden-W¨¹rttemberg Youth LeagueChapter 209 Knock One
Chapter 210 Albert!Chapter 211 The jersey in memoryChapter 213: Restarting the ProjectChapter 215 Confronting Wayne Burger
Chapter 217 The strongest dark horse in German Cup history!Chapter 219 Find itChapter 220 The Village MiracleChapter 221 Shares
Chapter 222 Where do you want to go?Chapter 223: German ShockChapter 225 Quarterfinal Match ListChapter 226 Football in Prison
Chapter 227 Are we in the senior regional league?Chapter 228 Fighting the HornetChapter 229 The Terrifying MorsiChapter 230 Invite Dortmund
Chapter 231 The rookie's first experience of the German CupChapter 232 Ji'an! hero!Chapter 233 Our fans ask you to increase the price!Chapter 234 Four Finals!
Chapter 235 Life is not just breadChapter 236: Ivan ReturnsChapter 237 Introducing Stars?Chapter 238 Polly's Application
Chapter 239 The ¡®Cooperative¡¯ DerbyChapter 240 Create a reason for hatredChapter 241Chapter 245 For the glory of Rhine Neckar!
Chapter 246: Mortal Enemy! Derby!Chapter 247 - GloryChapter 248 Actually, You Can Play More Confidently...Chapter 249
Chapter 250 'Magician' Wei RauchChapter 251Chapter 252 Let's go to Berlin together!Chapter 253 Bloodletting
Chapter 254 Without the fans, football will be worthlessChapter 255 Hot discussion in EuropeChapter 256 KakaroChapter 257 I Need Money
Chapter 258: Because We Are Rich!Take a day off!Chapter 259: MeansChapter 260 Heading to Berlin
Chapter 261 Berlin Olympic ArenaChapter 262Chapter 263 Kakaro's JoiningChapter 264 Two Years
Ask for another day off and make it up in two days!Chapter 265 Tokyo U20 World Youth ChampionshipChapter 266 Leo! First team!Chapter 267 New season and broadcast share
Chapter 268: Hoffenheim! (repair)Chapter 269 Mr. is very kindChapter 270: The Opening Match of the Second BundesligaChapter 272 Change
Chapter 273 SpyingChapter 274 Little Leo's debut stageChapter 275: Crazy Extraordinary Show!Chapter 276: The Tyrant of Hoffenheim!
Chapter 277 Returning to ChinaChapter 278 Football SchoolChapter 279Chapter 280 Senior Sports Brand Partners
Chapter 281 Investigating Hong Kong Flower Youth TrainingChapter 282 Zhang QuanshunChapter 283: The Big Boss from GermanyChapter 284 Wang Shuang
Chapter 285 Damn it!Chapter 286 Wang Shuang, you must grasp it!Chapter 287 The messengerChapter 288 Attention from Europe
Chapter 289 The legendary experience of HoffenheimChapter 290 Transferring to Japan (Fill)Chapter 291 Yuta FukuokaChapter 292 Reaction Test
Chapter 293 Super ElevatorChapter 294 Look! Quiet now!Chapter 295 OutburstChapter 296 Super God Show
Chapter 297 Public Opinion StormChapter 298 The decision to leaveChapter 299 Change of Dynasty?Chapter 300: Football Association Meeting Invitation
Chapter 301 Why?Chapter 302 Bundesliga factionChapter 303 Breakfast ShopChapter 304 Mrs. Wendy's Corn Paste
Chapter 305 Halfway OverChapter 306 Ricardo Ross GrimanChapter 307 Next season's transfer budgetChapter 308 Football is a sport that eats youth
Chapter 309 SnowstormChapter 310 Wang Shuang's debutChapter 311 The off-duty schedule beginsChapter 312 You will regret it
Chapter 313 Haber and the through ballChapter 314 Target? European war?Chapter 315 Meeting Osmuk AgainChapter 316: The Right Person
Chapter 317 Chairman CandidateChapter 318 Antitrust FighterChapter 319 The cake is too smallChapter 320: If you are poor, just step back a little bit!
Chapter 321 The CurseChapter 322 Three CarriagesChapter 323 Hoffenheim is Yan Party?Chapter 324 The Gate and the Lock
Chapter 325: Heavy BombardmentChapter 326Chapter 327 Goddess of Luck blesses Hoffenheim!Chapter 328 The Last Match!
Chapter 329 Your number seven is very goodChapter 330 Competition Begins at the Commentary SeatChapter 331 Kira who can't run to deathChapter 332 Cut through it!
Chapter 333 Positional WarfareChapter 334 General FanChapter 335 Bundesliga! Bundesliga!Chapter 336 Welcome to the Bundesliga!
Chapter 337 This night belongs to HoffenheimChapter 338 Parade after winning the championshipChapter 339 Parade Place: HeidelbergChapter 340 The Last Round
Chapter 341 Dedicated to You!Chapter 342 Heidelberg ParadeChapter 343 Parting and transfer planChapter 344 Do Nothing
Chapter 345: The European Cup BeginsChapter 346 Why can't they be more generous?Chapter 347 The Temptation of Fame and FortuneChapter 348: Ibstroui
Chapter 349 Youth training resultsChapter 350 The going to be chaotic!Chapter 351 New Players and Veteran PlayersChapter 352: Bad Warm-up Match
Chapter 353 The first opponent, Bremen!Chapter 354: Starting ListChapter 355 Failure and LossChapter 356 Admissions Office
Chapter 358 Silky GoalChapter 359: ConnectedChapter 360 The Third CaptainChapter 361 First victory or collapse
Chapter 362 Opening GoalChapter 363 What is his function?Chapter 364 WatcherChapter 365 First Victory
Chapter 366 An away draw with LeverkusenChapter 367 Double Matches in One WeekChapter 368 Before the matchChapter 369 The Great Emperor Comes
Chapter 370 A Brand New Era?Chapter 371 The attitude of the Bundesliga overlordChapter 372: The Disappeared No. 9Chapter 373 Is this a monster?
Chapter 374Chapter 375 UpsetChapter 376 Mr. Is My FatherChapter 377 Get better
Chapter 378 Brawl! start!Chapter 379 North-South Derby!Chapter 380 This is a sad storyChapter 381 Ivan is German?
Chapter 382Chapter 383 Satellite TeamChapter 384 Saint BieffChapter 386 The Two Captains
Chapter 387 I Will StayChapter 388 Bumblebee VS Huo Cun!Chapter 389 We are here to pursue victory!Chapter 390: Anthony Reviews Leo
Chapter 391 You come and I goChapter 392: The First BallChapter 393 ManzianiChapter 394 Score two goals in a row
Chapter 395 Continuing to AttackChapter 396 Jamie who can be invisibleChapter 397 Everything is possibleChapter 398 Climbing to the top!
Chapter 399 Flow and HarvestChapter 402 The Father of HoffenheimChapter 403 Season Champion?Chapter 404 The Breeze Blows
Chapter 405 Going to... a wealthy familyChapter 406 The 'Big Egg' Stadium!Chapter 407 TailoringChapter 408 You Come to Be the General Manager of Trafford
Chapter 409 Talented Argentine FootballChapter 410 Play against Bremen again!Chapter 411 Jamie InjuredChapter 412 Injury wave!
Chapter 413 The three little ones that broke outChapter 414 Red Card!Chapter 416: Germany and Zhang XianChapter 417
Chapter 418: Seeking Scripture from KochChapter 419 The Old Father Finds a Job for His SonChapter 420 Against Shaq UnitedChapter 421 Young team
Chapter 422 One-for-one tactics!Chapter 423 Officially enters the European theater!Chapter 424 Happy New YearChapter 425 I'm helping myself
Chapter 426 The Young Marshal of Europe - ChristopherChapter 427: Summer Window Transfer SweepstakesChapter 428 The World Cup Training NoticeChapter 429 The 'Internal Traitor' in the Football Association
Chapter 430 Europe in full swingChapter 431 InsufficientChapter 432 Crazy Ji'anChapter 433 Advance! Hoffenheim! (Six more votes)
Chapter 434 Announcement of the training listChapter 435: On the Eve of the World CupChapter 436: Opening Match and Investigation ObjectivesChapter 437: Ovidoviv
Chapter 438 Leaning BackChapter 439 Individuals and TeamsChapter 440 German tanks! Sweep!Chapter 441: Big Brothers Gather
Chapter 442 Heading to MoscowChapter 443: Take OvidolivChapter 444 The Sun Father and SonChapter 445 Signing Successively
Chapter 446 Leo who speaks ChineseChapter 447 The 'Important' ChampionChapter 448: Successive Official AnnouncementsChapter 449 Black Boy
Chapter 450 UpstartChapter 451 InterviewChapter 452: Victory in the First BattleChapter 453 The crying child has milk to drink
Chapter 454 Rumors of a 'Wizard' in Hoffenheim!Chapter 455 Let's... go home!Chapter 456 Returning ChildChapter 457: The European War Coming Quietly
Chapter 458Chapter 459 UEFA League Points RankingChapter 460: Personal ExperienceChapter 461 Come on! Hoffenheim!
Chapter 462 Big VictoryChapter 463 Permanent MemberChapter 464 EgoistChapter 465 Strong Enemy of the Season
Chapter 466Chapter 468 Hedes Birthday PartyChapter 469 MagicChapter 470 Dechao!
Chapter 471 The Urgent Munich 1900Chapter 472 Touching the SkyChapter 473 Gathering in MunichChapter 474 Football Revolution
Chapter 475 You are ruining German football!Chapter 476 Happy CooperationChapter 477 First in the groupChapter 478 Attacking Hoffenheim
Chapter 479: Eyeing OpponentsChapter 480: 17 roundsChapter 481 Winter BreakChapter 483 Wang Qiang and his son
Chapter 484 Harden Bazel's SurpriseChapter 485 Gradually fermentChapter 486: Samor enters the gameChapter 487 Capital Game
Chapter 488 Depressed HadesChapter 489: Bad Hand BenariChapter 490: Bad lottery resultChapter 491 No. 10 Jersey
Chapter 492 Stimulated JamieChapter 493 Ending Fairy Tales?Chapter 494: Sneak AttackChapter 495 9! Jamie!
Chapter 496 Seville in DisorderChapter 497 The Second GoalChapter 498 Brother HendryChapter 499: Single Core Ludimod
Chapter 500 Spoon! fraud!Chapter 501: Victory TogetherChapter 502 The defending champion driven into desperationChapter 503 You put '50+1' on them?
Chapter 504 BrewingChapter 505 Stanford's ChoiceChapter 506 Declaration of victory?Chapter 507 Military Order
Chapter 508 Urgent StevenChapter 509 Harbour! meritorious service!Chapter 510: Harvey Abano's Enemy ForeverChapter 511 Don't Try to Pretend X
Chapter 512Chapter 513: Ending the MatchChapter 514 Europa League QuarterfinalsChapter 515 Expectation and Anger
Chapter 516: Champions League CollapseChapter 517 Sinsheim's Great TransformationChapter 518Chapter 519 Dream and Ambition
Chapter 520: Koch's Special TrainingChapter 521 Ledomy's SubstituteChapter 522 Call from HoffenheimChapter 523 Next season! return!
Chapter 524 Europa League Final FourChapter 525 Those who left and those who stayed behindChapter 526 Leo's ChangeChapter 527 Heading to Spain
Chapter 528 This is not the end!Chapter 529 Controversy and PunishmentChapter 530: The Counterattack BeginsChapter 531 Thunderous Applause
Chapter 532Chapter 533 Winning the First RoundChapter 534 Baden-W¨¹rttemberg Evening News: National Derby!Chapter 535 Powerful Team! Hoffenheim!
Chapter 536 I Am Me!Chapter 537Chapter 538 Soaring Cannon!Chapter 539! counterattack? Fight back!
Chapter 540 Leading? tie!Chapter 541 Jamie EraChapter 542 A new era for the Bundesliga?Chapter 543 Hope of Victory
Chapter 544 The Distressed Munich 1900Chapter 545 Detonate GermanyChapter 546 You are blue here!Chapter 548: Expedition of Faith
Chapter 549 Departure for AzerbaijanChapter 550 Familiar yet Strange ExpressionChapter 551 City VS CountrysideChapter 552 Pervasive tension
Chapter 553: The Opening of the FinalsChapter 555 Let's charge again!Chapter 556 Lullaby?Chapter 557 Confrontation battle!
Chapter 558 Own goalChapter 559 Our Red Factory is Invincible!Chapter 560 Must win!Chapter 561
Chapter 562: Rural CounterattackChapter 563 They are called Hoffenheim!Chapter 564: The Birth of a Legend!Chapter 565 We are the champions!
Chapter 566 ApprovalChapter 567: The Carnival Belonging to BadenChapter 568 Next season! Champions League!Chapter 569 Why is there no news?
Chapter 570 TransformationChapter 571 Failed ContactChapter 572 Riot!Chapter 573 A Better Future!
Chapter 574: The Curtain EndsChapter 575 Entering a New EraChapter 576Chapter 577 Repurchase Contract
Chapter 578 FinalizeChapter 579 Three New TeammatesChapter 580Chapter 581: The Billion Dollar Era
Chapter 582: No Front TacticsChapter 583 Want to WinChapter 584 Champions League Second StageChapter 585 Youth training delegation
Chapter 586Chapter 587 Planting TreesChapter 588 Optimization of Football Industry StructureChapter 589: The Opening Match
Chapter 590 After the Great VictoryChapter 591: The Tradition of Drilling Dog HolesChapter 592 Anxious Sansuke InoueChapter 593 Big liar?
Chapter 594 I want to be willful again!Chapter 595: The Expected FutureChapter 596 Rich! capricious!Chapter 597: The Promise Ten Years Ago
Chapter 598 Four hundred million!Chapter 599 The Temptation of the Golden Globe AwardsChapter 600: Champions League AttackChapter 601 Repurchase
Chapter 602 Ravens' Free KickChapter 604: A New Generation of German TanksChapter 605 Arrogant RosiaChapter 606: Big List
Chapter 607: First ShowChapter 608 Defense Master=Old TurtleChapter 609Chapter 610 Attack! ! ¡ª¡ª
Chapter 611: Champion TemperamentChapter 612 Hoffenheim's first home game in the Champions LeagueChapter 613 The Charm of HoffenheimChapter 614: The key battle in Group D of the Champions League
Chapter 615 Suppressing TurinChapter 616 Black and Red TorrentChapter 617: The halftime game-winning goal!Chapter 618 Absolutely No Fool!
Chapter 619Chapter 620 Happy FootballChapter 621 Going to the worldChapter 622: Bait
Chapter 623 Is he lying to us?Chapter 624Chapter 625 Negotiation and deception?Chapter 626 Change of Chairman
Chapter 627 FinalizeChapter 628 Dechao! coming!Chapter 629 German Football Super LeagueChapter 630 Public representation and internal violence
Chapter 631: The same sharing ratio as that of a wealthy familyChapter 632: The Tournament ReignitesChapter 633 Adjustment AbilityChapter 634: Turin's Problem
µÚ635Õ ÅòÕ͵İͷûÖݱ¨Chapter 636: The Situation Is ClearChapter 637 Bundesliga! variable!Chapter 638
Chapter 639: Dreams Are Deserving of RespectChapter 640 Just Do It!Chapter 641Chapter 642 Tit for Tat
Chapter 643 Roquel's ExplosionChapter 644 Habr... is gone!Chapter 645 Diving to the top!Chapter 646 Weird Fifteen Minutes!
Chapter 647Chapter 648 Can Our Plan Be Advanced?Chapter 649 High-Level ReorganizationChapter 650 Secret Gathering
Chapter 652 Temperament and FaithChapter 653: The UEFA Champions League Group Stage Comes to an EndChapter 654 SublimationChapter 655 Going to Brazil Again
Chapter 656: NasserChapter 657: Nasser's AppealChapter 658 European Immigrant QuotaChapter 659 Signature
Chapter 661 Suffocating RhythmChapter 662 Distressed Munich 1900Chapter 663 Different SituationsChapter 664 Tit for Tat
Chapter 665 Unexpected TacticsChapter 666 Munich is setting up a bus?Chapter 667: Local SnakeChapter 668 Reaching Cooperation
Chapter 669 Ren Kangde's RequestChapter 670 Meeting Room Like a Vegetable MarketChapter 672: The Winter Break ArrivesChapter 673: Hometown? Senior?
Chapter 674 Structure OptimizationChapter 675: The End of the Old EraChapter 676 Sudden Incident!Chapter 677 Life and Death First Aid
Chapter 678Chapter 679: Contribution and RewardChapter 680 Champions League! Liverpool!Chapter 681 Data Analysis
Chapter 682: Traditional GiantsChapter 683 The Knockout Tournament BeginsChapter 684 Confrontation drama!Chapter 685 Done!
Chapter 686Chapter 687: Attacking the Core! Varim!Chapter 688 Reckless!Chapter 689 Hero!
Chapter 690: Goal FightChapter 692: No. 9 JerseyChapter 693 Give up the Champions League?Chapter 694 Can You Shoot?
Chapter 695 The Old Jazz Is RetiringChapter 696 I Want It All!Chapter 697Chapter 698 Short board
Chapter 699 Reliable RanieChapter 700 Mr. No. 9Chapter 701 Fierce confrontationChapter 702 As long as this goalkeeper is ours!
Chapter 703 No. 10Chapter 704 Killing the gameChapter 705 Give up! have to!Chapter 706 Insufficient understanding
Chapter 707 Turin is at trouble againChapter 709 Anti-corruption StormChapter 710: Cabbage Price!Chapter 711 Complete the transfer!
Chapter 712 'Kangaroo' VarimChapter 713 Dortmund! OUT!Chapter 714: The Champions League is out!Chapter 715: Unite as one to meet the decisive battle!
Chapter 716 Salad PlateChapter 717: The Moment of Decisive BattleChapter 718 Want to learn from Liverpool?Chapter 719 Three years ago! Three years later!
Chapter 720 The bet just now?Chapter 721 The Counterattack of Munich 1900Chapter 722 Leading AgainChapter 724 Dawn
Chapter 725 Wonderful German FootballChapter 726 Derby + tragedy!Chapter 727 Champion! Long live!Chapter 728 Living Legend
Chapter 729 The glory of Hoffenheim!Chapter 731 Transfer disturbanceChapter 732 Captain and SubstituteChapter 733 New season!
Chapter 734 Mr. One Hundred MillionChapter 735 Training Match RecordChapter 736 The Last CarnivalChapter 737: A More Powerful Hoffenheim
Chapter 738 Steady defense and sharp offenseChapter 739 Shave Leverkusen's head!Chapter 740 Let's find fault togetherChapter 741: Champions League First Match
Chapter 742 The Attitude of a Strong ManChapter 743: The Whole Team HelpsChapter 744 In Father's NameChapter 746
Chapter 747 Meazza Milan's Strong EnemyChapter 748 Old guy, is it comfortable to pass?Chapter 749 Mea Chamilan Can't Keep UpChapter 750 The Nerazzurri on the road to revival
Chapter 751 Habble is InjuredChapter 752Chapter 753 Revenge of Munich 1900Chapter 754 Sumet Meize!
Chapter 765 Master and Apprentice ConversationChapter 766 CompensationChapter 767 Habble ReturnsChapter 768 Reaching the knockout round
Chapter 769: Awards CeremonyChapter 770 I took a photo with my idolChapter 771: Golden Boy! Leo!Chapter 772: The Wicked
Chapter 773 Rare holidayChapter 774 The Disparity of Being a Big BrotherChapter 775 Information BaseChapter 776 Umeze Returns
Chapter 777 ReportChapter 778 Finding ValueChapter 779 Preliminary IntegrationChapter 780: State Decline
Chapter 781 Roquel's Supernatural PerformanceChapter 782 Famous in EuropeChapter 783: Packaging, Propaganda, and Character DesignChapter 784 Champions League runner-up two years ago
Chapter 785 Easy VictoryChapter 786: Society DeathChapter 787 Double crown?Chapter 788 The Opportunity to Control Bafu State
Chapter 789 German Super League VS La Liga?Chapter 790: Inferior TeamChapter 791 Fighting for the FrontChapter 793 World-Class Stopping
Chapter 795Chapter 796 Logan Pulls His HairChapter 800 The Second RoundChapter 801 Camp Nou
Chapter 802 Burning RageChapter 803 Angry?Chapter 804 Let's go to the semifinals togetherChapter 805: Great Form
Chapter 806: Making HistoryChapter 807Chapter 808 The savior of German football?Chapter 809 Opponent! Stanford!
Chapter 810: Christopher's AmbitionChapter 811 Steven's WorriesChapter 813 Trust themChapter 814 Semifinals!
Chapter 815 You are not fighting alone!Chapter 816Chapter 817Chapter 818: Scoring and Being Scored
Chapter 819: Tactical Corner KickChapter 820 He is God!Chapter 821 Penalty KickChapter 822 The fast pace of seamless connection
Chapter 824 Lore!Chapter 826 Disgusting OperationChapter 827 Power speaksChapter 828: Air Raid Alert!
Chapter 829: Bad NewsChapter 830 RetributionChapter 831 What are you going to give?Chapter 832: The Genius Goalkeeper - Boots!
Chapter 833 Happy StanfordChapter 834 Elimination!Chapter 835: Rebirth After FailureChapter 836: Hoffenheim Lack of Money
Chapter 837 Champion!Chapter 838 The champion meets the champion again!Chapter 839: Celebration BanquetChapter 840 Different Advantages
Chapter 841 Summer Window TargetChapter 842 Hello! Kusrian!Chapter 843: Sign KuslianChapter 844 The 'bargaining' routine
Chapter 845 The upcoming weddingChapter 846 Retirement and Entertainment Competition!Chapter 847 Meeting again after many yearsChapter 848 Retirement Banquet
Chapter 849 BlessingChapter 850 Target! Top of Europe!Chapter 851: A New SeasonChapter 852 Desire for Victory
Chapter 854 The terrifying Roquel returns!Chapter 855 Soaring Pampas Eagle!Chapter 856 Propaganda! Golden Globes?Chapter 857 Consequences of Slack
Chapter 858 Substitute LineupChapter 859 Collective ApologyChapter 860 Kicked out!Chapter 861: Current Status of the Bundesliga Club
Chapter 862 Death Group AChapter 863 ArguingChapter 864: Champions League First MatchChapter 865 Steady Hoffenheim
Chapter 866: The Rabbit and the HunterChapter 867 Motor's PowerChapter 868Chapter 869 Motor=Joke
Chapter 870 The Saddest EnemyChapter 872 Dechao = UnstableChapter 873 The Depressed Old ProfessorChapter 874 Red Factory Pain
Chapter 875 Impossible to suffer a second loss!Chapter 876Chapter 879Chapter 880
Chapter 881 I will return to HoffenheimChapter 882 Death Group C?Chapter 884 Ranie! Youth team!Chapter 885 Respective Problems
Chapter 886 Pay attention to the youth teamChapter 887: Wang Xiaoyu's Journey to the First Team (1)Chapter 888: Wang Xiaoyu's Journey to the First Team (2)Chapter 889
Chapter 890Chapter 892: DebutChapter 894Chapter 895
Chapter 896 Stand in lineChapter 897 Boots joins HoffenheimChapter 898 Training in advanceChapter 899 Free yourself
Chapter 900 The 'Defender' on the Goal LineChapter 901 Depressed RoquelChapter 902 Messy LeverkusenChapter 903 Gaining and Losing
Chapter 904: Crow's MouthChapter 905: Battle of VengeanceChapter 906 Passive StanfordChapter 907 Dead Knot
Chapter 909: An Unchangeable EndingChapter 910 Capital and MunichChapter 911 The Second RoundChapter 912 Who Can Stop Her?
Chapter 912Chapter 914 Am I really unable to go back?Chapter 915 UEFA meetingChapter 916 Brand New Sonal
Chapter 917 Cosmic Level TeamChapter 918 The second Champions League semi-finalChapter 919 Heading to Camp Nou againChapter 920 Confrontation in Midfield
Chapter 921 Different transmission controlChapter 922 The new book "Brave Waist" has been released! Ask for support!Chapter 923 The spirit bestowed by the veteranChapter 924
Chapter 925 Lost door star?Chapter 926: Traces of TimeChapter 928 The voice conveyed to the worldChapter 927 Unexpected harvest
Chapter 929 Are you all explaining like this now?Chapter 930 The Embarrassed Red and Blue LegionChapter 931 DespairChapter 932 Stepping onto the Stage of the Finals
Chapter 933 The source of everythingChapter 934 World Cup YearChapter 936: The Champions League final strikesChapter 937
Chapter 939Chapter 940 CannibalizeChapter 941 The King of Madrid's CounterattackChapter 942 Goal! Roquel!
Chapter 943 Aggressive Advancement and Lost BallChapter 944: A Close MatchChapter 3 Drawing a Big PieChapter 4 The Miracle of Huo Village
Chapter 6 Take officeChapter 11 Air Conditioned BusChapter 14 Your daughter's piano class is goneChapter 17 Where did the Meteor team go?
Chapter 24: A Good StartChapter 26 We Are All Idiots (Favorites!)Chapter 27 Locker Room Wars (Favorites!)Chapter 28 Duran Bob (please collect!)
Chapter 29 Hello, captain, long time no see! (Please collect!)Chapter 30 Gradually Radiating Influence (Favorites!)Chapter 31 Cooperation and Night Market (please collect!)Chapter 32 Strangers flooding into Hoffenheim (please collect!)
Chapter 33 Flag array! ferocious! (Please collect!)Chapter 35 Amateur Teams with Ugly Foods (Please collect!)Chapter 39 Go or stay (please collect!)Chapter 40 I want to go to Germany C! (Please collect!)
Chapter 41 Hoffenheim's sidewalk fast horse (please collect!)Chapter 42 Sonal Youth Training (please collect!)Chapter 43 Gold Dollar Football! (Please collect!)Chapter 47 Buyout (please collect!)
Chapter 51 Five Minutes (Please collect and recommend tickets!)Chapter 52 Mendelson's Friendship (Please collect and recommend tickets!)Chapter 53 Fire Ivan (Please collect and recommend tickets!)Chapter 54 Mistakes and Costs (please collect and sell tickets!)
Chapter 56 Restart of the seasonChapter 57 Journey to Brazil (Please collect and recommend tickets!)Chapter 59 Excuse me (Please collect and recommend!)Chapter 61 Carnival and Red Factory
Chapter 63 Let's make a deal (recommended for collection!)Chapter 66 Back to Germany (recommended for favorites!)Chapter 70 What did you buy him for? (Please recommend for collection!)Chapter 71 Morsi is leaving (recommended for favorites!)
Chapter 73 Upgrade Battle! (Please collect the monthly pass!)Chapter 76 Upgrade! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 82 Angry Germany! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 84 Enemy's Road is Narrow (Please recommend for collection!)
Chapter 85 The first round of the new season (recommended for favorites!)Chapter 87Chapter 88 Plan ahead (recommended for collection!)Chapter 90 Expanding the Stadium (Please recommend for collection!)
Chapter 91 Illegal Operations (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 92 Courtesy first and soldiers later (recommended for collection!)Chapter 94 Big football event! (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 96 Raid! Football Association inspection team
Chapter 97: Twenty million in debt!Chapter 99Chapter 106 Betrayal (please subscribe monthly pass!)Chapter 108 Sonal U11-12 Echelon! ferocious! (Please subscribe to the monthly pass!)
Chapter 110 You are a child of HoffenheimChapter 111 Mergers and Acquisitions!Chapter 114 Youth You Tournament (please subscribe and collect!)Chapter 115 This guy is pretending again! (Please subscribe and collect!)
Chapter 117 DreamChapter 118: PrototypeChapter 119 Saima AirlinesChapter 122 Because of Respect
Chapter 123 Morsi Returning HomeChapter 124 Little Leo's Real GoalChapter 125 AntalyaChapter 126 The Red Devil
Chapter 127: TrainingChapter 128 Change and ImprovementChapter 129 - Losing StreakChapter 130 Are you an idiot?
Chapter 132 SupplementChapter 133 Special Genius Clause!Chapter 135 Hoffenheim's 'Donkey'Chapter 138 Barton's debut
Chapter 149 Excited ChristopherChapter 150 I Want Tickets!Chapter 151 Press ConferenceChapter 152 Competing for posts
Chapter 154 Contact MichelleChapter 155 Michelle is one of my ownChapter 157 African Cheetah!Chapter 158 Alex
Chapter 159 Faster than Ji'an?Chapter 162 Next Year's Summer WindowChapter 167 Vanderven ran for mayor (please subscribe monthly pass!)Chapter 170 It seems that they have forgotten you
Chapter 176 Upgrade! upgrade!Chapter 177 No GoalChapter 178 The Ice Bucket Challenge and the New SeasonChapter 179 New Teammates
Chapter 180 Hoffenheim Track and Field Team?Chapter 181 The first round of the German Cup strikesChapter 186: Center of ContradictionsChapter 187 Two States Fight
Chapter 189Chapter 190 Trial Training for the German Junior TeamChapter 191 Duran Bob is InjuredChapter 199 Score a goal first!
Chapter 205 Youth training pilotChapter 207 High School LeagueChapter 208 Steady DevelopmentChapter 212: Mortal Enemy! Flenburg!
Chapter 214 The Wind Rises from the Southern TerritoryChapter 216: Top Eight!Chapter 218: Players in EuropeChapter 224 League or German Cup?
Chapter 242 Crazy laning!Chapter 243 AnxietyChapter 244 4000 TicketsChapter 271 Contradictions loom
Chapter 415 I won't take revenge anymoreChapter 467Chapter 547 Economic BenefitsChapter 671 Youth Training Park
Chapter 691 Tell them you are hereChapter 798 Another goalChapter 799 Focus! Roquel!Chapter 825 Glory to the Champions League!
Chapter 853 Chiellini's requestChapter 877 Double-Edged SwordChapter 878 Red Factory's CounterattackChapter 935 Flopelis and Zhang Xian
Chapter 64 Can You Heal Me? (Please recommend for favorites!)Chapter 93 The temptation of Hoffenheim (recommended for collection!)Chapter 100 Going to the German Football AssociationChapter 104 The Dust Settled (Seeking Subscription Monthly Pass!)
Chapter 134 Goals for Next Season   
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