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Evolve and upgrade from wild monsters Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Laozi became a "Weak Wolf Man"? !Chapter 2 Improving Quality and TalentChapter 3 Lost equipment!Chapter 4 Brush Up
Chapter 5 Making a Little MoneyChapter 6 Ultimate Gnoll StickChapter 7 Aren't you just a second-rate dealer?Chapter 8 Two Star Quality
Chapter 9 Official EntryChapter 10Chapter 11 Extra Strong, Extra Agile, Extra StrongChapter 12 Legion Recruitment Order (Triple)
Chapter 13 Reluctant to Sell!Chapter 14Chapter 15 Military SettlementChapter 16 Automatically upgraded to one and a half levels?
Chapter 17 Impossible to have this kind of equipment!Chapter 18 5000 pieces of equipmentChapter 19 We found the BOSS!Chapter 21 Just a short-sighted person
Chapter 22 Still Selling Skins?Chapter 23 New basic attribute, spiritual power!Chapter 24 Don't Give It For Free?Chapter 25 It's that person!
Chapter 26Chapter 27 The Weird Poisonous Fog ForestChapter 28 Second Son, Third Son, Fourth Son... SorryChapter 29 Command Seriously!
Chapter 30 Finally got enough for me!Chapter 31 Bloodline FusionChapter 32 Zakas, I'm here to save you!Chapter 33 The blood bar disappeared?
Chapter 34 This guy is the BOSS!Chapter 35 The Three Idiots Upgraded!Chapter 36 Integrating New BloodlinesChapter 37 Lost the blue outfit!
Chapter 38 Poison mist set, 7000!Chapter 39: The Poison Mist Kit That Shakes the Official WebsiteChapter 40 Personal AuctionChapter 41 Make a fortune!
Chapter 42 How did this boss survive?Chapter 43Chapter 44 Hidden Mission "Shelter"Chapter 46 Announcement for the whole server!
Chapter 48 300,000 reputation!Chapter 49 Start layout...Chapter 51 Is He That Person?Chapter 52 Old Comrades
Chapter 53 Those four people are too ruthlessChapter 54 The Regional Manager's ApologyChapter 55 Could it be him?Chapter 56 The Women Are Crazy
Chapter 57: Deal at a sky-high price!Chapter 58 Full server mission!Chapter 59 Super MutationChapter 60 Super Explosion Rate
Chapter 61Chapter 62 Extreme OperationChapter 63 Poor CubChapter 64
Chapter 65 It's time to grab the headChapter 66: The Four Powerful Ancient BeastsChapter 67 Activate the hidden mission!Chapter 68 Hidden Mission "Ultimate Beast"
Chapter 69 Fighting the Black Flame Dragon EmperorChapter 70 When did I have this skin?Chapter 71 Thousands of people meleeChapter 72
Chapter 73: Azure Dragon in the SkyChapter 74 Let's go to Xianshan togetherChapter 75 Unless You Are That PersonChapter 76: The Three Powerhouses
Chapter 77 What the hell is this guy doing!Chapter 78 Get the hell out of here!Chapter 79 "Mad Waves" Guild Established!Chapter 80 Refreshing the Twin Towers Record
Chapter 81 The Uninvited GuestChapter 82 New talent, combo!Chapter 83 Dungeon: Tiger King CaveChapter 84 Quick Dress Up
Chapter 85 Prepare to receive the wrath of the Shadow Gale Tiger!Chapter 86 !Chapter 87 LeaderboardChapter 88 Brother Wuming has made a move!
Chapter 89Chapter 90 Nameless brother, please!Chapter 91 Purple dress, tiger weeps!Chapter 92 I'm going to cry because of this man
Chapter 93 Entering the Heated CompetitionChapter 94: I Made a MistakeChapter 95 The most valuable is you!Chapter 96 The advantage of low level
Chapter 97 Double the BudgetChapter 98 State SecretsChapter 99: Sniping the Nameless Brother!Chapter 100 We are targeting all Chinese players!
Chapter 101 MassacreChapter 102 Can anyone stand up?Chapter 103 Connection GameChapter 104 I use my blood to revive the God of War
Chapter 106 Come and clean up the trashChapter 108 Are You Too Naive?Chapter 109 Let me stop you a little bitChapter 111 Apology and Compensation
Chapter 113 Entering a New EraChapter 114 Doing Business Is IntegrityChapter 115 Ten million!Chapter 116 This person must not be messed with!
Chapter 117 The Ancient HeartChapter 118 Ascension to the Star!Chapter 119 So You Can Play Like ThisChapter 120 Soul Out of Body
Chapter 121 Qualitative change of "inferior werewolf blood"Chapter 122 Stealing 500,000 Pure ReikiChapter 123 Ghost pet Xiao MinChapter 124 Fake Muchen Bead
Chapter 125 WatchdogChapter 126 Purple Ghost Pet Xiao MinChapter 127 One sword upgrade!Chapter 128 He Has Been Surpassed
Chapter 130 Do I agree?Chapter 132 Giant Que SweepingChapter 133 Ten swords clear the field, thirty-six swords establish prestigeChapter 134 Betting
Chapter 135 Can't You See Brother Wuming's Contribution!Chapter 136 Dungeon of Underground MineChapter 137 Super Boss, Abyssal ZombieChapter 138 The Corpse King Explodes
Chapter 139 Did I kill Lu Yi? !Chapter 140 Lu Chen's Personal CopyChapter 141 Absolutely cause a sensation in the whole serverChapter 143 Free ancient materials?
Chapter 144 Level 30 MapChapter 145 I'm going to decide on this talent!Chapter 146 New Talent "Rapid Travel"Chapter 147 Dragon PK Tournament
Chapter 148Chapter 149 100,000 HeadsChapter 150 8 million bets against each otherChapter 151 The Nameless Legend
Chapter 152: Explosively Strong NamelessChapter 153 Kill God in seconds!Chapter 154: The Stone Gate of Measuring ForceChapter 155 Level 5 Reward Copy
Chapter 156 Equipment Strengthening?Chapter 157 Brother, You Are Too StrongChapter 158 Two paragraphs of "rapid travel"Chapter 159 Brother
Chapter 160 Limited supercar "Chameleon"Chapter 161: The Monkey King Reverses BloodChapter 162: Three Million One PositionChapter 163 Ruyi Longstick and Golden-haired Macaque
Chapter 164: Lingxiao Main CityChapter 165 I'll Take Them!Chapter 166 That's right, it's that person!Chapter 167 I Only Take One Hour
Chapter 168 Killing two birds with one stoneChapter 170Chapter 171 Unexpected Hidden MissionChapter 172 Five Star Destruction Level
Chapter 173: A Sensation From All SidesChapter 174 The most chaotic event in historyChapter 175 Blood Demon InvasionChapter 176 Which side are you on?
Chapter 177 Defending the Immortal MountainChapter 178 The Immortal Mountain Protector FormationChapter 179 Pull That Monkey AwayChapter 180 Has the monkey become a spirit?
Chapter 181: Immortal Mountain BeastChapter 182 The Scary Blood DemonChapter 183 MutationChapter 184: White Tiger Cub, Arrived!
Chapter 185: The Brains of the PlayersChapter 186 A Level 42 Woman!Chapter 187 The Thriving Ren'ai PeakChapter 188 Win the game by being ugly?
Chapter 189 The Strongest PlayerChapter 190 Magical Treasure to Brush BossChapter 191: Divine Beasts Betting on Divine Beasts!Chapter 192 Scared People to Cry Again
Chapter 193 Level 35 Super AttributesChapter 194Chapter 195: Monkey PlayingChapter 196 No sense of participation at all
Chapter 197Chapter 198 Guild ConstructionChapter 199 20 Million Prestige AltarChapter 200 Super Archer
Chapter 202: Double Doubles in All ServersChapter 203 How many levels is unknown?Chapter 204Chapter 205 Waiting for more than a month
Chapter 206 Little Chaos' Divine SkillChapter 207 The Scheming NamelessChapter 208 Killing All in One MoveChapter 209 You are a monster!
Chapter 210 Monster LegionChapter 211: Lu Chen's NemesisChapter 212 Hidden CopyChapter 213 Xiao Min's Divine Skill
Chapter 214 The Eyes of the Dark GodsChapter 215 A sensation in the whole serverChapter 216 RagnarokChapter 217 I Can Pass This Dungeon!
Chapter 218 Clearing the level one after anotherChapter 219 "Alternative" Beta PlayerChapter 220 I Must Have Both!Chapter 221 Demon Suit
Chapter 222 Infiltrating into Printing Services to Brush Growth PointsChapter 223 Crazy growth valueChapter 224 Game and RealityChapter 225 The Mad God Is Relatively Free Today
Chapter 226 Purple Flame NihuangChapter 227 80 millionChapter 228: Yiyi's DuelChapter 229: Accepting Apprentices
Chapter 230 The First Time to Lead an ApprenticeChapter 231 Full Level Beta Players Officially Declare WarChapter 232 Funk?Chapter 233 The Nameless Friend
Chapter 234 Login!Chapter 236 Young man, the damage is quite highChapter 237 PlayingChapter 238
Chapter 239 CryingChapter 240 The Mysterious PlayerChapter 241 Looking up at the starry sky for harvestChapter 242 The Five Elements God's Pet Forbidden Land
Chapter 243 Race Against TimeChapter 244: The Heaven-Swallowing Devil TigerChapter 245 The Price of Being CheapChapter 246 King's Mount
Chapter 247 Individual CompetitionChapter 248 Two New TalentsChapter 249 It's Strong!Chapter 250 Breaking the Bone King of the Dungeon!
Chapter 251: Eternal SlaveChapter 252 Jiusi's hole cardChapter 253 Break free!Chapter 254 You Are Already Dead!
Chapter 256 First place in the individual competition!Chapter 259: Divine Might and Demon PowerChapter 260 60 Days of RetreatChapter 261 Babel Tower
Chapter 262 The Worst Boss in HistoryChapter 263 High-end player groupChapter 264: Solving the Puzzle "Ghost Valley"Chapter 265: Benevolent Rescue Incident
Chapter 266 Unresolved PoisonChapter 267 Quasi-Tianyu Level BossChapter 268 You Don't Have Great LuckChapter 270 Warnings Are Useless!
Chapter 271: Whoever Stands in My Way Dies!Chapter 272 UnstoppableChapter 273 Mad God BewitchedChapter 275 Super Powerful Three God Beast Combination
Chapter 276: Even the Mad Gods Are No OpponentsChapter 277 Is he the limit of strength?Chapter 278 EncounterChapter 279 The Legendary Hidden Mission Completed!
Chapter 280 The Divine Blood Demon SeedChapter 281 Named Disciple?Chapter 282 The Forbidden Area of ??Soaring Firmament CityChapter 283 Don't Do What You Shouldn't Do
Chapter 285 Two-Tailed Demon FoxChapter 286: The Thinking of a Top ExpertChapter 287 Extreme DisplacementChapter 289 Crying
Chapter 290 Synthesis of magic weaponChapter 291 Dark Gold Magic Treasure¡ª¡ªHeaven and EarthChapter 292 The Lord of Soaring Clouds CityChapter 294 You will never get it in your lifetime
Chapter 295 Entering the roleChapter 297 The Last Door!Chapter 298 Maropa XunChapter 299 Divine Skill, Triple Door
Chapter 300 You Are DeadChapter 301 Full of anger, the world is full of wasteChapter 302 Instant KillChapter 303: Sensation
Chapter 306: A Novice Village of the Strong?Chapter 309 Everyone, You Are Already DeadChapter 310Chapter 313: Wanted in All Servers
Chapter 314 Arrogance comes with a priceChapter 316 Operations Nobody Can UnderstandChapter 317 How Did You Do It?Chapter 318 Disaster Level Task
Chapter 319 Wild monsters or human players?Chapter 320Chapter 321 Died on the Treasure ChestChapter 322 Whole Server Group Destroyed
Chapter 323 Powerful Treasure ChestChapter 324: Illegal AreaChapter 326 Crazy cultivation of spiritual powerChapter 328 Surrounded
Chapter 329: The Unavoidable TauntChapter 330Chapter 331 The Three Great PowersChapter 332: The Sword Passes Without a Trace
Chapter 333: A Battle That I Can't Keep Up With My EyesChapter 334 Nine Jue of Yujian Vs Triple DoorChapter 335 Extreme OperationChapter 336: The Puppet Master
Chapter 337 Lingsi Fingers SoftChapter 338 Running into "Source"Chapter 339 Hey, the city is going to be massacred againChapter 340 Appointment Alone
Chapter 341 One person against one hundred thousand!Chapter 342: A Mortal Body Can Kill a GodChapter 343 I need to change the personaChapter 344: Gate of Eternal Life and Death
Chapter 345 Super Powerful XiaoyuanChapter 346 The Legendary Glittering Gold BowChapter 347 City Lord, Are You Participating?Chapter 348 Second Layer Heaven Domain, Here We Come!
Chapter 349 The players' grievancesChapter 350 Internal and External Troubles in the Global VillageChapter 351 Forging the Great Wall of the New WorldChapter 352 Rewards for the Gate of Life and Death
Chapter 353 You are the weakestChapter 354: Complete AssholeChapter 355 The Strongest BowChapter 356 You Are Not Worthy To Be My Son
Chapter 357: Three Hours of MassacreChapter 359Chapter 360 I want to become stronger!Chapter 361 New Map
Chapter 362 The Opportunity to Make Money ComesChapter 363 Super Powerful OpponentChapter 364 You Have No ChanceChapter 365 Let go
Chapter 366 Are you sure this is my home field?Chapter 367 The Infinitely Dizzy ArcherChapter 368 Are you sure you want to continue betting?Chapter 369 Boy, do you have a girl you like?
Chapter 370 Master of the Sunset and StarsChapter 371 You Excited MeChapter 372 God-Level PredictionChapter 373 The Awakening of the Great God
Chapter 374 Invincible NPCChapter 375 Is This the Poison Master?Chapter 376 Super Long ShotChapter 377 The Last Question of Poison Master Tu
Chapter 378 Winning RespectChapter 379Chapter 380: Tianwei Chess GameChapter 381 Tianwei Twin Dragons: Strangling
Chapter 382 Wait For Me!Chapter 383 Fate is overChapter 384Chapter 385: Sky Rat
Chapter 386: Asura FieldChapter 387 The Heart of the Most Poisonous WomanChapter 388 Mao Tuan and Xiao YuanChapter 389 Locking 100% Strength
Chapter 390 What the hell is this!Chapter 391Chapter 392 Rampant NewcomerChapter 397 You really don't think of my apprentice?
Chapter 398 The discovery of the scientific teamChapter 399 Heart Refining AcademyChapter 400 Kindergarten PrincipalChapter 401 Cannibal White Pig
Chapter 402: Grab the Wild BossChapter 403 UnscrupulousChapter 404 The Ultimate Match between the Triple Gate and the Annihilation of the UniverseChapter 405 My Site
Chapter 406 Too late to prepareChapter 407 Flood Tiger LakeChapter 408 Hanging Corpse for Public Display!Chapter 409 Please!
Chapter 410: Elementary Immortal Physique Divine Power and Elementary Demon Soldier Demon PowerChapter 411: The Counterattack Begins!Chapter 412 Crazy OutputChapter 413 Eat Slowly
Chapter 414: Exchanging Heaven-level TechniquesChapter 415 Three Changes of Gods and DemonsChapter 416 Leaving the Heart Training InstituteChapter 417: The Hunting Emperor Appears
Chapter 418 Flatten Your Global VillageChapter 419 What's going onChapter 420: The Powerful Hunting EmperorChapter 422 The Scale Sword Against the Water
Chapter 423 Take Out Your Heavenly SkillsChapter 424 The Magical Use of the Triple DoorChapter 425 Exclusive WeaponChapter 426: The Devil's Transformation
Chapter 428 ShreddedChapter 429 Jiu'er's IQChapter 430: Naihe BridgeChapter 432 Money can reach the sky
Chapter 434 Purgatory LevelChapter 435: The Essence of Ghostly ShadowsChapter 436 Heading to Tongtian TowerChapter 439 Stardust Poison Explosion
Chapter 440 I heard that you recover blood very well?Chapter 441 Ultimate AttackChapter 442: The EndChapter 443 Three Heavens
Chapter 444: Humanity has suffered a crushing defeatChapter 445 I really want to go outsideChapter 446 Team Battle BeginsChapter 447 Traitor?
Chapter 449Chapter 450 Don't even think about running awayChapter 451 Fool and CrazyChapter 453 Team Output Proportion
Chapter 455 Sky Punishment TowerChapter 456 Breaking into the Sky Punishment TowerChapter 457: Humble HumanChapter 458 Blood Sacrifice Soul Lead
Chapter 459 Rock Troll PuppetChapter 460 Nine Changes of Gods and Demons?Chapter 461: IllusionChapter 462: Lu Chen's Rogue Style
Chapter 463 The Strongest AttackChapter 464 Survival from DesperationChapter 465 Little Green's CallChapter 466 Goodbye Mu Xuan
Chapter 467 SoldiersChapter 468 The Supreme Treasure of the Sky Punishment TowerChapter 470Chapter 471 Going to the Land of Exile
Chapter 472 The City of ExileChapter 473 Death Squad MissionChapter 474 The Long-Waiting Little Hair BallChapter 475 Who is that person!
Chapter 476 TransformationChapter 477 Little hairball, let's eat!Chapter 478Chapter 480 Don't Say You Are My Friend
Chapter 481 Breaking the Record AgainChapter 482: Insufficient TrashChapter 483: VillainChapter 484: Tianwei Chess Formation
Chapter 485Chapter 486Chapter 487 The Transformation of the Small Hair BallChapter 488 Golden ID
Chapter 489 Want? Come get it!Chapter 490 Normal AttackChapter 491 I'm the one to mockChapter 493: Marshal of Destiny
Chapter 494 It's too embarrassingChapter 495Chapter 497 Li Muhua's Immediate BossChapter 498 Green Python
Chapter 499 This place is kind of evilChapter 500 The Impassable CanyonChapter 501 CrackChapter 502 The strongest of the strongest
Chapter 503 Super Powerful Nine-Clawed Black DragonChapter 504 God Demon Infinity SwordChapter 505 Unknown ItemChapter 506 Another foodie
Chapter 507 Ten Thousand Monsters FormationChapter 508: Swallow My EquipmentChapter 509 The Saddest NPCChapter 510 Take You Away
Chapter 511 Records of Maple Leaf CityChapter 512 Take off your clothesChapter 513 Have You Heard of the Weak Wolf Man?Chapter 514
Chapter 515 Winning HeartsChapter 517 Mirror WorldChapter 518 The Most Dangerous PlaceChapter 520 Choose Differently
Chapter 522 Three Years of RetreatChapter 523 The Terran Martial Arts Tournament BeginsChapter 524 I want to be number one this year!Chapter 525 The Five Great Families Vote
Chapter 526: Supreme Elder TokenChapter 527: Gift of ReliefChapter 528 Human race is bound to rise!Chapter 529 Leveling Resort
Chapter 530 Blood Vessel ImprovementChapter 531: Evil ChildChapter 532 Two Armies ConfrontingChapter 533: Instantly Killing the Marshal of the Beast Race
Chapter 534 So What If You Are Targeted?Chapter 535 Virtual MapChapter 537: The Shocking BattleChapter 538 Unlimited gift of relief in 15 seconds
Chapter 539 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's Destiny LegionChapter 540 Barrier: Eternal Night!Chapter 541 We have no contestantsChapter 542 Saying Goodbye
Chapter 543 Attribute WithdrawalChapter 544 Test ResultsChapter 545 Tongtian Tower, Here I ComeChapter 546: A Different Tianyu Boss
Chapter 547 I Can Still RescueChapter 548 First Arrival at the Fourth HeavenChapter 549 Enthusiastic Food Delivery BrotherChapter 550 How Much Damage Is Right?
Chapter 551 Ordinary attack or ultimate move?Chapter 552: A Different Immortal CultivationChapter 553 This is naked exploitationChapter 554: Underground Boss
Chapter 555: Immortal Gate Sect LeaderChapter 556Chapter 557Chapter 558 Xing Tian
Chapter 559 The Strongest Outer Sect Disciple in HistoryChapter 560 Stubborn NantianChapter 561Chapter 562 They Are Gone
Chapter 563 Void BeastChapter 564 Earth?Chapter 565 The Whirlpool WorldChapter 566 Earth 17 Years Later
Chapter 567 Ultimate EscapeChapter 568 I Finally UnderstandChapter 569: Heavenly Level Intermediate Technique - Shattering the VoidChapter 570 You Are Finally Here
Chapter 571 I am GodChapter 572 The Battle of Life and DeathChapter 573 The Only ChanceChapter 574 Parting
Chapter 575 Return to RealityChapter 576 The Harvest of RhubarbChapter 577Chapter 578 Massive Contributions
Chapter 579 God and Demon Mixed Primal Mind TechniqueChapter 580 Preparations before the eventChapter 581 The Joint Competition BeginsChapter 582 Goodbye Acquaintances
Chapter 583Chapter 584 Little Green's AbilitiesChapter 585: Top SixteenChapter 586 Broken Sword
Chapter 587 ChampionChapter 588 I Heard You Are StrongChapter 589 StudChapter 590 Cruel means
Chapter 591 Expedition to the Four SeasChapter 592 Strange CopyChapter 593 Asura WorldChapter 594: Lu Chen's Confidence
Chapter 595: AsuraChapter 596 Protecting the DevilChapter 597: Optional RewardsChapter 598: Two Immortal-Level Treasures
Chapter 599 Take down this personChapter 600 Demon RaceChapter 601 Prison BreakChapter 602 Execution
Chapter 603 The Balrog AppearsChapter 604: Friend of Life and DeathChapter 605 Boss of the Fourth Sky DomainChapter 606 Escape from the Tiger's Mouth
Chapter 607 Entrusted MissionChapter 608Chapter 609: Fragment of the Lotus Heart of God and DemonChapter 610: A Man's Responsibility
Chapter 611 Sentencing the ClanChapter 612 Black Gu PillChapter 613: Live Streaming Across HeavensChapter 614 Chaos Realm
Chapter 615 Competing?Chapter 616 Fighting Eight Great GeneralsChapter 617 Eight Heavenly Generals Are the StrongestChapter 618: The Decisive Battle Against the Great General
Chapter 619 The Strongest StrikeChapter 620 The Victory Has Been DecidedChapter 621 Primordial Demonic Blood PillChapter 622 High Fives
Chapter 623: Wild LandChapter 624: The Frost Clan MageChapter 625: The Frost ClanChapter 626 Trapped Beast Arena
Chapter 628: The Competition is ApproachingChapter 630 The Man Who Merges With the TreeChapter 632 I will make an exception todayChapter 633 Fierce battle against the butcher
Chapter 634 Warning: Stay away from No. 83!Chapter 635 He is smarter than anyone elseChapter 636Chapter 641: Core Materials
Chapter 642: The Great Yin ManChapter 643Chapter 644Chapter 645 The Second God Tomb!
Chapter 646 Thousand Years of SolitudeChapter 647: The God Tomb Medicine BoyChapter 648: The Battle Spirit of MishuiChapter 649 Rage God Battle Spirit
Chapter 650 Sacrifice for meChapter 652: Bad NewsChapter 655 The Third Ghost PetChapter 658: Something Impossible to Exist
Chapter 659: Going to the Fair is CrazyChapter 660 Psionic Space CannonChapter 661 Super ControlChapter 662 Synthesis
Chapter 663 Reaching the Upper Limit!Chapter 664: The Newcomer Leads the TeamChapter 665: Wild SquadChapter 666: Victory Comes!
Chapter 668 The Ice QueenChapter 669 The Powerful Shuang LingChapter 670 Black BartonChapter 671 The King of Wild Monsters
Chapter 672 I Came to Kill YouChapter 673 Another SelfChapter 674 I am a JackalChapter 675 Monopolize the Holy Land of Leveling
Chapter 676: Lu Chen's EndingChapter 677 I just want to blow you upChapter 678 See how he turns things aroundChapter 681 Melee Psionic Demolition Expert
Chapter 682 Risking Your Life to Protect the PillChapter 683 Breaking the CurseChapter 684Chapter 685: VIP Treatment
Chapter 686Chapter 687 The Easiest WayChapter 688 RageChapter 689 That guy is not human
Chapter 690 God of WarChapter 691 Battle of God of WarChapter 693 Human and Sword UnityChapter 694 Doubt about life
Chapter 695: Lu Chen's FriendsChapter 696 Don't Tell Me About My SisterChapter 697 Enlightenment AloneChapter 698 Immortal Bath Terrace
Chapter 699 Lunar EarthwormChapter 700 The decisive battle is imminentChapter 701 Ultra-high-intensity decisive battleChapter 702 Against the sky
Chapter 703 Reiki in the MinutesChapter 704: The Two Forms of the Holy BeastChapter 705 Their StoryChapter 706 Worship of Ten Thousand Races
Chapter 707 SubversionChapter 708 Returning to the Immortal GateChapter 709 Attribute WithdrawalChapter 710
Chapter 712 The lonely road against the skyChapter 715 New Functions of the LegionChapter 716: Before the Naihe BridgeChapter 717: The Login Method of the Fifth Heaven
Chapter 720: Jade ImmortalChapter 721 KillingChapter 722: Equipment Strengthening MaterialsChapter 723 Wild Cultivator
Chapter 726 Your request is not excessive at allChapter 727 Killing the Azure Dragon GateChapter 728 Tell me about Taiyin Youying?Chapter 730 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 731 Unlimited Firepower SuppressionChapter 732 Are small hairballs ingredients?Chapter 733 Self-destruct was swallowed?Chapter 735
Chapter 736: Lone Shadow Fishing AloneChapter 737: The Ultimate Dragon SeedChapter 738 I am the most respectable in our sectChapter 739 Tianchi Festival
Chapter 740 Tianchi Spirit SourceChapter 742 The big array is broken?Chapter 744: The Magical Use of Low-Level TechniquesChapter 745 I can enter the top 20, right?
Chapter 746Chapter 747Chapter 748 That Guy Is Too InsidiousChapter 750 Fierce Competition
Chapter 751 This kid must be singleChapter 752Chapter 754 Missed?Chapter 755 Immortal Level Hidden Mission
Chapter 756: Mysterious BeadChapter 758 The Correct Way of Artificial RespirationChapter 759 Emergency EvacuationChapter 760 Unknown brother, have a good trip
Chapter 761 BreakthroughChapter 764: The Powerful ArrivesChapter 767 I don't have much timeChapter 768 The Body Challenges the Battle Spirit
Chapter 771 The No. 1 Powerhouse in the Holy MountainChapter 772 Meet Someone With MeChapter 773 Living BuddhaChapter 774 Do you know how annoying you are!
Chapter 775: Clues to the Ancient MapChapter 776Chapter 780Chapter 781 Eight-Tailed Snow Fox
Chapter 782 Desperate!Chapter 784Chapter 785 Which trick do you want to use?Chapter 788 Instinct
Chapter 789 Still Not Strong EnoughChapter 790Chapter 793: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon's DownfallChapter 794: Powerful come in droves
Chapter 795 Dongyue Royal FamilyChapter 796: Profound Gold KoiChapter 797 Celestial GuardianChapter 798 Nuwa's Remnant Soul
Chapter 799: God's PalmChapter 800: The Test of Nuwa's Remnant SoulChapter 801 Extraterrestrial Giant BeastChapter 802 The price of winning the treasure
Chapter 803 The blood of all things is opened!Chapter 804 The Girl with Strange PowerChapter 805 Rich and arrogant, right?Chapter 806 Priceless
Chapter 807 Go Deep into the Spirit Stone MineChapter 808Chapter 809: Ancient Heart Refining InstituteChapter 811 Tragic Test
Chapter 812 TreasureChapter 813 The old dean's last wishChapter 814 Burning FlamesChapter 815 God Demon Astral Body
Chapter 816Chapter 817 Instant Kill Soul Body UnityChapter 818 Four Great AsurasChapter 819: Demonic Astral Body Appears
Chapter 820 Impossible so fast!Chapter 821 ProphecyChapter 822 Uninvited GuestChapter 823 The Chief Criminal Absconded
Chapter 824: Lu Chen's FriendChapter 825 Entering the White Lion CountryChapter 826 Magic Pupil ValleyChapter 827 Entering the Magic Eye Grand Canyon
Chapter 828Chapter 829: The Master of the Magic Eye CanyonChapter 830 The Fate of the WeakChapter 831 Luo Yao makes a move
Chapter 832 Breaking out of the encirclementChapter 833 Yao EmperorChapter 834 Night of the Full MoonChapter 835: Battle to the Death
Chapter 836Chapter 837: The Scrupled Lu ChenChapter 838: The Powerful Eight-Eyed GhostChapter 839 Broken Arm
Chapter 840 Instant Kill Eight Eyes!Chapter 841 Four Heavenly Kings of WarcraftChapter 842: Ruthless KillingChapter 843
Chapter 844 Permanent Abnormal StateChapter 845Chapter 846 Crossing the Valley of Magic PupilsChapter 847: Causing Heavenly Tribulation
Chapter 848 Undetectable Beast GodChapter 849 Three Beast HuntingChapter 850 Killing all the little beastsChapter 851 Endless Abyss
Chapter 852 DangerChapter 853Chapter 854 The request of the original godChapter 855 Strengthening of the Primal Crystal
Chapter 856 Body Remodeling and StrengtheningChapter 857: Shushi Ohno!Chapter 858 Dongyue Emergency State DecreeChapter 859 Refugee Lu Chen
Chapter 860: The War BeginsChapter 861: King's Might!Chapter 862 New GodChapter 863 Too witty
Chapter 864 Status SkillsChapter 865 Perceiving MindChapter 866 EpiphanyChapter 867
Chapter 868Chapter 869: Bipolar Yin-Yang OrbChapter 870 Breaking the FormationChapter 871 There Is Something To Give To Him
Chapter 872 War EscalationChapter 873: Breaking the Sky SwordChapter 874 A Glass of WineChapter 875: Formless
Chapter 876 The Final EnlightenmentChapter 877: Seven Gods DescendChapter 878Chapter 879 Half a year!
Chapter 880 The decisive battle is imminentChapter 881 Black Kirin's StrengthChapter 882Chapter 883 The Order of the Original God!
Chapter 884: Shifting StarsChapter 885 You guys, let's go togetherChapter 886 Breaking the sky with one swordChapter 887 Mortal Body
Chapter 888: Warcraft SupremeChapter 889Chapter 890: Lu Chen's Strongest Hole CardChapter 891 The Strongest Sword
Chapter 892 Conditions for a Dragon-species WarcraftChapter 893 Spirit Stone VeinChapter 894 Mining of Mineral VeinsChapter 895: Redrawing the Territory
Chapter 896 Blood of the Dragon GodChapter 898 Babel Tower!Chapter 899: Decisive Battle at Babel TowerChapter 901 Dragon Crystal
Chapter 902 Xiao Yuan's True IdentityChapter 903: Lu Chen FallsChapter 904 MutatedChapter 905 Survival on a Deserted Island
Chapter 906 The Strange Sixth HeavenChapter 907: The Temple of No ThoughtChapter 908: DeanChapter 909: Gathering of Elites
Chapter 910 He is the Temple of No MindChapter 912: Lao Tzu's TerritoryChapter 913 That Man Is ScaryChapter 914 Is it too late to abstain now?
Chapter 915: The College's New NameChapter 916: The right-hand man joinsChapter 917Chapter 918 His Actual Combat Is Too Scary
Chapter 919 God and Devil Academy Has a DiscipleChapter 920 Enrollment BeginsChapter 921 We don't want you like thisChapter 922 Popularity Explosion
Chapter 923 The Loophole in the NoticeChapter 925 What is your goal?Chapter 926 Devouring Spiritual QiChapter 927 Magical Special Space
Chapter 930 Don't You Still Have Me?Chapter 932 Personally Test the Creation SpaceChapter 934 True Dragon AttackChapter 935: Fighting Dragons and Tigers
Chapter 936 Those who know me, the dean alsoChapter 938 Dean's RhythmChapter 942 Half Immortal TombChapter 943 Extremely Random Selection
Chapter 944Chapter 946 Deep into the Nether PrisonChapter 948Chapter 949 Brush up?
Chapter 951Chapter 952 Dark Blood QiongqiChapter 953 Your Trial Is OverChapter 955
Chapter 956Chapter 957Chapter 958: Broken Arm RemnantChapter 960 Strongest State
Chapter 961 Are you afraid of me?Chapter 962 The Restless Sixth DistrictChapter 963 Cross competition?Chapter 964 Li Wei
Chapter 965Chapter 966: The Open Class of the Ten Great HallsChapter 967 Opening of the Ten Great HallsChapter 968: Lecture Begins
Chapter 969: Nine Major Occupational ConvergenceChapter 970 Subversive teachingChapter 971 Gift from Tianyin PavilionChapter 972 Exchange Competition Selection
Chapter 973 Come to slaughter the listChapter 974: The wolf is coming!Chapter 975 The Battle for the Top TenChapter 976 The Mind of a Genius
Chapter 977 Trash AcademyChapter 978 Disciple of Gods and Demons, clear the field!Chapter 979 Five MysteriesChapter 980: A Large Expense
Chapter 981: Monster AcademyChapter 982 Soul Martial HallChapter 983 YitianChapter 984 You Want My Help?
Chapter 985 Go Deep into the Immortal Corpse TombChapter 986 Green Fire Corpse KingChapter 987 Who disturbed my deep sleepChapter 988: The Secret of the Devil's Rebellious Suit
Chapter 989 That's My ChoiceChapter 990Chapter 991 God Demon Void RealmChapter 992: Pavilion of Immortals
Chapter 993 That girl is so noisyChapter 994 God Demon Taixu ArmChapter 995: Gun Ming's Last WishChapter 996 Can You Hurry Up?
Chapter 997: The Boss Is HereChapter 998 Fight With Me!Chapter 999 BreakthroughChapter 1000 Twin Soul Martial Palace
Chapter 1001 Cheating!Chapter 1002 Provoking the Immortal Pavilion MastersChapter 1003 The end of angering Lu ChenChapter 1004 Has Your Boss Been So Shameless?
Chapter 1005 Concession?Chapter 1006 Deal!Chapter 1007 Sweeping the Treasure PavilionChapter 1008 - Different Fire Burning Dzi Orb
Chapter 1009: Thinking Over Cliff Secret RoadChapter 1010 Underground PortalChapter 1012 Teammates Like PigsChapter 1013 Eight-Star Ghost Cultivator
Chapter 1014: Choose CaptainChapter 1015 Everyone's acting skillsChapter 1016 The Ultimate Human ManChapter 1017 Three Great Soul Messengers
Chapter 1018 The only way outChapter 1019Chapter 1020 Underworld Crystal NucleusChapter 1021 I am finally back
Chapter 1022 Underworld Dragon ClanChapter 1023 The Two Armies MeetChapter 1024 Head-on ConflictChapter 1025 Sturdy God and Demon
Chapter 1026 The Fierce Battle BeginsChapter 1027 Come to the rescue!Chapter 1028 DefeatedChapter 1029 The Dean Returns
Chapter 1031 Burning Flames¡ª¡ªFenxingChapter 1032 No Next Time!Chapter 1033 Lu Chen's Final BlowChapter 1034 Unknown Nameless
Chapter 1035: The Great War Is ImminentChapter 1036 Deliberations in Tianxian CastleChapter 1037 Questions from all sidesChapter 1038 Combat Strength Test
Chapter 1039: Dialogue Between Unparalleled WizardsChapter 1040: Lu Chen's ResultsChapter 1041: A Pharmacist's BreakthroughChapter 1042 Four months
Chapter 1043 I will accompany youChapter 1044 Extremely Cold PlaceChapter 1045 Sky Fox Asks the WayChapter 1046 What is your fire element affinity?
Chapter 1047 Two Star Earth CultivatorChapter 1048 Immortal Fire PillChapter 1049 Preparations by all partiesChapter 1050 Three Beasts
Chapter 1051: The Great War BeginsChapter 1052 Ancient Firewood StickChapter 1053 I'm Already Hiding My StrengthChapter 1054 prepare the best wine
Chapter 1055 Pure Beast GodChapter 1056 The strength of the three beastsChapter 1058Chapter 1059 I will avenge your revenge!
Chapter 1060 MonsterChapter 1061 kill himChapter 1062 ReunionChapter 1063 Cheerleading Rhubarb
Chapter 1064 Soul GuardianChapter 1065 Earth Fire Burns the SkyChapter 1066: The Monstrous LeaderChapter 1067 Killing the Eternal Soul Palace
Chapter 1068 Redemption of the Underworld Black DragonChapter 1069 Demon King YamaChapter 1070 We are the same kind of peopleChapter 1071 The decisive battle of the peak combat power
Chapter 1072 Super Powerful OpponentChapter 1073 Master of the UnderworldChapter 1074 Uncrackable Stardust DecompositionChapter 1075 Unable to Decompose
Chapter 1076 Little Beast Will Always Love You MostChapter 1077 Dragon God Mad God and Underworld God Mad KingChapter 1078Chapter 1079: Hades' Last Words
Chapter 1080 Destruction StardustChapter 1081 The Celebration BanquetChapter 1082 Return to the UnderworldChapter 1083 Return
Chapter 1085: The Rules of the Tianjiao CompetitionChapter 1087 Emperor Heaven AsgardChapter 1088 MisjudgmentChapter 1089 The Victory of the God and Demon Disciples
Chapter 1090 Possessed by Fading GodChapter 1091: Bone Crushing FistChapter 1092 In fact, the game is overChapter 1093 Dean Licks Bag
Chapter 1094: Psychological TacticsChapter 1095 Keep AcceleratingChapter 1096Chapter 1097: Decisive Battle
Chapter 1098 Reverse TractionChapter 1099 Real strength?Chapter 1100 Immortal Lord TaihaoChapter 1101 Beauty Trap
Chapter 1102 Preparing for the Lower RealmChapter 1103 Promote Xuanjia KingChapter 1104 Strange WomanChapter 1105 The Drug Boy's Decision
Chapter 1106 Nine Wings AdvancedChapter 1107Chapter 1108 Fairy FightChapter 1109 Goodbye Mu Xuan
Chapter 1110 That GirlChapter 1111 Dark EclipseChapter 1112 Re-entering the Tongtian TowerChapter 1113 Dark Eclipse Chaos Suit
Chapter 1115 Return to EarthChapter 1116 Emperor ZiyeChapter 1117 Ye Fan's Great EnemyChapter 1118 Entering the Leaderboard
Chapter 1119: Dean's AssessmentChapter 1120 The Dean's AnswerChapter 1121 The lowest score in historyChapter 1122 Invitation Letter from Beichen Fairy Academy
Chapter 1123 Looks like the DeanChapter 1124Chapter 1125 The Seven-Day CovenantChapter 1126 Power Surging
Chapter 1127 The Mysterious Man in the Starry IllusionChapter 1128 Star visionChapter 1129 The Weird Main Spirit VeinChapter 1130
Chapter 1131 You will steal the sky, I will create the worldChapter 1132 The one who should despair is you!Chapter 1134: Magical Scepter SpiritChapter 1135 Immortal Emperor Sumeru Realm
Chapter 1136 Fusion of Divine and Demonic EyesChapter 1137 Sudden Change of SituationChapter 1138 No Shortcut LadderChapter 1139 Heaven-reaching Mount Sumeru
Chapter 1140 Keep Climbing MountainsChapter 1141 Gathering in the Immortal Corpse TombChapter 1142 Nameless ArrivesChapter 1143 Origin World
Chapter 1144 The Battle of FateChapter 1145 Angry Dark Eclipse Jiu'erChapter 1146 I am strongerChapter 1147 Dark Eclipse's Ultimate Move
Chapter 1148 The end of breaking the contractChapter 1149Chapter 1150 Angry Little BeastChapter 1151 Return to the fifth heaven
Chapter 1152 Ice PlanetChapter 1153 North Snow VillaChapter 1154: Beixue Lone StarChapter 1155 Approval
Chapter 1156 Fighting Between Ice and FireChapter 1157 The Poison of Extreme ColdChapter 1158 Extremely Cold Ice CaveChapter 1159 Exploring the Ice Cave
Chapter 1160 Immortal ArtChapter 1161 Senior Dukuang is backChapter 1162 No gift preparedChapter 1163 Boss of the Fifth Layer of Heaven
Chapter 1164 Sending a cash withdrawal certificate?Chapter 1165 The Lion Opens His MouthChapter 1166 Little bastards, take care!Chapter 1167 Prescription
Chapter 1168 MissedChapter 1169 Leisurely PracticeChapter 1170 The Eight Heavenly Kings of Emperor Tianxian PalaceChapter 1171: Huashan Decisive Battle
Chapter 1172 Tianyin Old GhostChapter 1173 No one can beat him anymoreChapter 1174 He is not humanChapter 1175
Chapter 1176 The strongest battle at the pinnacle of mortalsChapter 1177 Nine Paths and Seven Levels of Heavenly TribulationChapter 1178 Ninth Level Heavenly AlchemyChapter 1179: The Initial Mission
Chapter 1180 Sky Breaking SwordChapter 1181 New Enmity, Old EnmityChapter 1182 InheritanceChapter 1183 God Demon Patriarch
Chapter 1184 Resurrection Xiao Min?Chapter 1185: The Way to Revive Xiao MinChapter 1186 UncleChapter 1188 The Future of Earth
Chapter 1189 Time to get togetherChapter 1190 Crossing TribulationChapter 1191 Crossing Tribulation or ExecutionChapter 1192 Weak to the extreme
Chapter 1193 Planetary CoordinatesChapter 1194 FairyChapter 1195 True Immortals and Loose ImmortalsChapter 1196 Receive Coordinates
Chapter 1197 Nine Star Cave MansionChapter 1198 Immortal Lord Lu YuanChapter 1199 Huge WealthChapter 1200 Ascension to the Star
Chapter 1201 ExitChapter 1202 The Potential of Being a BanditChapter 1203 Five Tribulations True ImmortalChapter 1204 Trauma
Chapter 1205Chapter 1206 Living creature "practice space"?Chapter 1207 Void Extinguishing God Spear ArtChapter 1208 Another insight into the speed shadow gun
Chapter 1209 Can you give me a good timeChapter 1210 What the hell is this guy doing?Chapter 1211 BottleneckChapter 1212 Come again!
Chapter 1213 Choked Battle SpiritChapter 1214 Sensation in Immortal CityChapter 1215 Nine-Story Spirit PagodaChapter 1216 Little Vines
Chapter 1217 A Difficult OpponentChapter 1218 An Invincible OpponentChapter 1219 Sky Fury SpearChapter 1220 Strange World
Chapter 1221 Myriad Worlds MazeChapter 1222 Not a word of truthChapter 1223 Dark Demon ArmyChapter 1224 Million Beast Cores
Chapter 1225 My Favorite DollChapter 1226 The Knowledgeable FairyChapter 1227 Mount CompetitionChapter 1228 Technology World
Chapter 1229 Taking the Beast PillChapter 1230: World of High Martial ArtsChapter 1231 You have to treat herChapter 1232 Proving Strength
Chapter 1233 AccidentChapter 1234 The Difference Between Immortals and ImmortalsChapter 1235Chapter 1236 Super Powerful Opponent
Chapter 1237 The Milky WayChapter 1238 GiftChapter 1239 Zombie WorldChapter 1240 Eight Transformations of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1241 Don't Give Up Until The EndChapter 1242 The Great Chance of the Sixth HeavenChapter 1243 ExpediencyChapter 1244
Chapter 1245 Other exitsChapter 1246 ReproductionChapter 1247 Kill without mercy!Chapter 1248 Garbage
Chapter 1249 Guardian BattleChapter 1250 I am a god and demonChapter 1251 kill meChapter 1253 Horror Achievements
Chapter 1254 Eternal Rest in Qin GardenChapter 1255: Lots of ResourcesChapter 1257 The Special Features of the Promise SwordChapter 1258
Chapter 1259 Immortal Ancestor RuinsChapter 1260 Help You OnceChapter 1261 The place where the universe reversesChapter 1262 Treasure Hunting Squad
Chapter 1263 Everything Has Spiritual PowerChapter 1264Chapter 1265 Desperate SituationChapter 1266
Chapter 1267 The gap between peopleChapter 1268 Artifact Spirit PuppetChapter 1269 Strong SquadChapter 1270 Harvest
Chapter 1272Chapter 1274 Endless TrainingChapter 1275 The Only Treasure of the Immortal Ancestor SiteChapter 1276 The Final Test
Chapter 1278 Different Auction HousesChapter 1279 Immortal Realm AuctionChapter 1282 Give You a ChanceChapter 1283 One move
Chapter 1284 four and a half wordsChapter 1286Chapter 1287 Mysterious CrackChapter 1289 Crossing the Crack
Chapter 1292 The Sword of HeavenChapter 1293 Cooperate AgainChapter 1295 The Temple of Gods and Devils Outer HeavenChapter 1296 Battle of the Strong
Chapter 1297 Another "Heaven and Earth Crazy Gun"Chapter 1298 Everyone Dies!Chapter 1299 I Have a GunChapter 1300
Chapter 1301 Encounter by chanceChapter 1302 EmpoweringChapter 1303 Ninth Level AltarChapter 1305 The Purpose of Shepherd Dragon
Chapter 1306 Rescue Xiao YuanChapter 1307 Fairy couple?Chapter 1308 The Legend of the Demon GodChapter 1309 Preparations
Chapter 1310 Death OrderChapter 1311 Strengthening Death OrderChapter 1312 Defeating the Enemy with One MoveChapter 1313
Chapter 1314 Embark on a JourneyChapter 1315 Breakthrough!Chapter 1316 I, the human race, am the only one crazy!Chapter 1317 Madness Becomes Crazy
Chapter 1318 Singled out the Four Immortal KingsChapter 1319 I'm in a hurryChapter 1320 Next StopChapter 1321
Chapter 1322 God Race Immortal ArenaChapter 1323 The tacit understanding between Mulong and Ye FanChapter 1324 Interesting ThoughtsChapter 1325 The God of Death Appears
Chapter 1326Chapter 1327Chapter 1328 Myriad Spirit Tribe Immortal VenerableChapter 1330
Chapter 1331 Master is angryChapter 1332Chapter 1333 Three BeastsChapter 1334 The Coordination of Three Beasts
Chapter 1336 BankruptcyChapter 1337 Divine Beast IslandChapter 1338 Ancient Realm of Myriad SoulsChapter 1339 Ancient Realm Training
Chapter 1340 The First Black Tide Swallowing the SkyChapter 1341 Ancient Realm WorldChapter 1342 Tianyuan ContinentChapter 1343 Family
Chapter 1344 MutationChapter 1345 Dao HeartChapter 1346 Integrate into itChapter 1349 wait twenty minutes longer
Chapter 1350 Master ChefChapter 1351 My Spirit Vein Is Very BadChapter 1352 No one practiced shootingChapter 1353 Nine Star Points of Blood
Chapter 1354 Profound Sky and Earth ShaChapter 1355 Deception!Chapter 1356Chapter 1357 The Truth Comes Out
Chapter 1358 The last thing to do for XishengChapter 1359 Heading to Tianwei CityChapter 1360 MissyChapter 1361
Chapter 1362 Eastern Azure DragonChapter 1363 Save PeopleChapter 1364 Endless KillingChapter 1365 Bloodbath of the Dongfang Family
Chapter 1366 Town Clan Divine BeastChapter 1367 GuardianChapter 1368 Great Accomplishment of Spear IntentChapter 1369 Get lost!
Chapter 1370 She is voluntaryChapter 1371 Brother Lu ChenChapter 1373 Heavenly Spirit XeonChapter 1374 Only Killing Twelve People
Chapter 1375 The Strongest PersonChapter 1377: A Hundred YearsChapter 1378 The World in the MirrorChapter 1379 One Star Little Wolf Monster
Chapter 1380 The Secret of the Mirror Realm WorldChapter 1381 The Unlovely Lu ChenChapter 1382 The Human Race's Final BattleChapter 1383 One shot decides the world
Chapter 1384Chapter 1385Chapter 1386: A Shocking BattleChapter 1387 buy a few rings
Chapter 1388Chapter 1389Chapter 1390 Crazy TrainingChapter 1391 Overturning Everything
Chapter 1392 AgreementChapter 1393 Reward of Immortal Venerable PanguChapter 1394 KissChapter 1395 Return to Earth
Chapter 1396 Final PreparationsChapter 1397 Can You Call Me Dad?Chapter 1398 That PersonChapter 1399 The Dark Tide Swallowing the Sky
Chapter 1402 let goChapter 1403 Taixu FormChapter 1404 Endless DawnChapter 1406 Immortal Venerable Conference
Chapter 1407 The Last SolutionChapter 1408 God-Level Cultivation TechniqueChapter 1409Chapter 1410 Say It Again
Chapter 1411 Leave me a hundred immortals first!Chapter 1413 Ten Thousand Stars Gathering Spirit FormationChapter 1414 Breaking the FormationChapter 1419 New Member
Chapter 1420 leaveChapter 1423 It's still earlyChapter 1426 Entering the Eighth Heaven for the First TimeChapter 1427 Warrior Jackal
Chapter 1428 Daughter-in-lawChapter 1429 Can't afford to provokeChapter 1431 You Are DeadChapter 1432 The God of Hunting Comes
Chapter 1433 The gap between mortals and godsChapter 1435 Return of RhubarbChapter 1436 Beyond the limitChapter 1437 Limits of Humanity
Chapter 1439 Hongmeng's IdentityChapter 1440 God Refining the World and Opening the Holy LandChapter 1441Chapter 1442 Breaking the defense with one arrow
Chapter 1443 Can't OperateChapter 1444 Ultimate Escape!Chapter 1445 Training in the Holy LandChapter 1446 Breakthrough
Chapter 1447 God SystemChapter 1448 Eight Gods SystemChapter 1449 Divine Power StoneChapter 1450 I am in the open
Chapter 1451 I am the king and you are the minister!Chapter 1453 Five-Star Lower GodChapter 1454 Survival and DeathChapter 1455 Unsolvable Situation
Chapter 1457 It's My TimeChapter 1458 Ice and Fire HellChapter 1459 Invitation from the Dao ElementChapter 1460 Counting the Prizes
Chapter 1461 TransactionChapter 1462 Firmament TempleChapter 1463 Ancient GodChapter 1464 Gods and Demons Are Strong
Chapter 1465 Demon SoulChapter 1466 Friends of YachongtianChapter 1467 The hunt begins!Chapter 1468 Lu Chen's Poisonous Scheme
Chapter 1469Chapter 1470 Chaos Youjin VeinChapter 1471Chapter 1472 Game Over
Chapter 1473 DefeatedChapter 1474 The Struggle for StatusChapter 1475 Race Against TimeChapter 1476 Crystallization of Divine Power
Chapter 1477 Chaos Beast LeaderChapter 1478 five hoursChapter 1479 Demon Abyss SwordChapter 1481 Two Conditions
Chapter 1482 Not cruel enough?Chapter 1484 The Truth Comes OutChapter 1485Chapter 1486 See you at the back of the mountain
Chapter 1488 Closed cultivation practiceChapter 1489 Outer BattlefieldChapter 1490 Ye Fan VisitsChapter 1491 The True Hero
Chapter 1492 Going to Outer SpaceChapter 1493 The Foundation of Outer Space BattlesChapter 1494 Supreme God KongguChapter 1495 Void Galaxy
Chapter 1496 Nightmare TapirChapter 1497 The Gift of the Nightmare TapirChapter 1498 The Man's Way of ThinkingChapter 1499 up to three years
Chapter 1500 The Bad News on the Polar StarChapter 1501 Mysterious WomanChapter 1502 Breakthrough!Chapter 1503 Beyond the Rules
Chapter 1504 The Test of Dazhuang and DashuaiChapter 1505: Pangu TestChapter 1506 Preparing for FusionChapter 1507 The Soul of Gods and Demons
Chapter 1508 Tree God StarChapter 1509 Wake UpChapter 1510 ReunionChapter 1511 leave resolutely
Chapter 1512 The Shocking BattleChapter 1513 The Doomsday of All RacesChapter 1514 Five Beasts ReunitedChapter 1515 Battle of Madness
Chapter 1516 Returning to the RuinsChapter 1517 Unfortunately, we are enemiesChapter 1518 Father and Son PracticeChapter 1519 Lu Yi's Secret
Chapter 1520 Nine Temples of Gods and DemonsChapter 1521 Can't escape after allChapter 1522 The Private Life of the Little BeastChapter 1523 Three questions about gods and Buddhas
Chapter 1524 Lu Chen's TacticsChapter 1525 Discovery of the Eight ConstellationsChapter 1526 Fighting the Eight Supreme GodsChapter 1527 Eight Gods Join Forces
Chapter 1528 Supreme God Level Combined SkillChapter 1529 Difficult WomanChapter 1530 Nine-turn Resurrection PillChapter 1531
Chapter 1532: Fairy House of Gods and DemonsChapter 1533 Ye Fan's RevengeChapter 1534 Lu Chen's appealChapter 1535 Onlookers
Chapter 1536 Ye Fan's RevengeChapter 1537 The Battle of Immortal VenerablesChapter 1539 Information brought by Ye FanChapter 1540 Eight-Story Babel Tower
Chapter 1541 Hunyuan Heavenly DaoChapter 1542 The last choice?Chapter 1543 Never Regret!Chapter 1544 Nine Heavens
Chapter 1545 TipsChapter 1546 You will only become a demonChapter 1547 The AnswerChapter 1548 Finding the truth
Chapter 1549 The Ultimate Goal of the Guider's ProjectChapter 1550 Heavenly Signs PresentChapter 1551 Babel KeyChapter 1552 Father
Chapter 1553 Lu YuanChapter 1554 I have one last thingChapter 1555 Good brotherChapter 1556 Nine Heavens God of War
Chapter 1557 Master Takes YouChapter 1558 Change EverythingChapter 1559 Let go and fightChapter 1560 The ultimate form of wild monsters
Chapter 1561 Death in BattleChapter 1562 Guardian of Thousands of RacesChapter 1563 Self-sacrificeChapter 1564 Lawlessness
Chapter 1565 Swallowing the Sky and Killing the God RatChapter 1566 Lu Chen's troublesChapter 1567 Big WeddingChapter 1568 time is tight
Chapter 1569 FinaleChapter 20 FrustrationChapter 45 Simultaneous UpgradeChapter 47 Five times the drop rate!
Chapter 50 Brother Luo XiaoheiChapter 105 You Are Not WorthyChapter 107: Millions of Decisive BattlesChapter 110 Please let us go
Chapter 112: Heavy LossChapter 129 DuelChapter 131 My People, You Can't Move!142 Lying down and making money
Chapter 169 Experience Bar Disappearance TechniqueChapter 201 Big Appetite!Chapter 235 Demon FormChapter 255 Group Fight
Chapter 257 God and Demon AttributesChapter 258 Important CluesChapter 269 Thank youChapter 274 Breaking the Formation
Chapter 284 Stealing the sky and changing the sunChapter 288 Hidden RewardsChapter 293 Wentian CrewChapter 296 Full Level 70!
Chapter 304 Opening the Second Sky DomainChapter 307 It Doesn't Fit My CharacterChapter 311: A Little Wild Monster From the Second Heaven?Chapter 312
Chapter 315: The Magical Use of Reverse Chasing the MoonChapter 325: Holy Gate Invitation LetterChapter 327 Hard ModeChapter 358 Special Treatment
Chapter 393 Smash the old man?Chapter 394 Strange GirlChapter 395 Little hairball, super strong!Chapter 396 Little Hairball, Fight Well!
Chapter 421 Nameless, did you hear that?Chapter 427: The Battle of Conferred GodsChapter 431Chapter 433 Arranging Talents
Chapter 437Chapter 438: The Incomprehensible Spiritual Martial Medicine VenerableChapter 448 EscapeChapter 452 Your Damage Is Too Low
Chapter 454: Local Tyrant Lu ChenChapter 469Chapter 492: The Invisible BattleChapter 496: The Last Corner of the Treasure Map
Chapter 519: The Nine Transformations of Gods and Demons Part IIChapter 521 Don't Forget Your Original HeartChapter 627 StudChapter 629: A Game Without Rules
Chapter 631 The First HunterChapter 637 God's TombChapter 639 High-altitude racingChapter 640 Eight Beasts Guarding the Coffin
Chapter 651: Black Ice ScarabChapter 653: War God of DesolationChapter 654: The Hope of the Frost ClanChapter 656 Strange Treasure
Chapter 667 Desperate situationChapter 679 Refining the Nine-Star ElixirChapter 680 Sixth Grade PillChapter 692 Suppressing Everywhere
Chapter 711: Cause a SensationChapter 713 God Demon Lotus HeartChapter 714 New ImageChapter 718 The real game begins!
Chapter 719 The Miraculous RhubarbChapter 724Chapter 725 Rhubarb's Nine-turn Golden Crow MirrorChapter 729: Lunar Trapped Dragon Formation
Chapter 734 The God of Treasure HuntingChapter 741 Elemental InsulatorChapter 743 Garbage Man Using Garbage SkillsChapter 753 No Contrast, No Harm
Chapter 757 Training at the bottom of the lakeChapter 762Chapter 763 Two GeniusesChapter 765: The Image Recorded by the Shadow Stone
Chapter 766Chapter 769 Don't Let Him Get CloseChapter 770: One LeftChapter 777 Seven Generals of Warcraft
Chapter 778 Let him be cannon fodderChapter 779 Undead WarcraftChapter 783 I am your robberyChapter 786: God Demon Lotus Heart
Chapter 787 SurviveChapter 791 Qian QiuxueChapter 792 Your protection, I will complete itChapter 810
Chapter 897Chapter 900 Super Powerful Puppet MasterChapter 911Chapter 924 Scary Six Minutes!
Chapter 929 The Weak DeanChapter 931 Hunting ContestChapter 933: First Appearance of Dragon CrystalChapter 937: Surprising Wizard
Chapter 939 I'm not interested in the strongestChapter 940 Dare to touch our dean?Chapter 941 Gradually Taking ShapeChapter 945 Thank You...Idiot
Chapter 947 The Hunting Method of the Academy of Gods and DemonsChapter 950 Devil HeadmasterChapter 954 The Strongest SwordChapter 959
Chapter 1011 UnderworldChapter 1030: The Ultimate DetailsChapter 1057: The Trend of the BattleChapter 1084 Gods and Demons After the War
Chapter 1086 Attractive RewardChapter 1114 Marriage ProposalChapter 1133 Thief's True IdentityChapter 1187 New Generation Kindergarten
Chapter 1252 Your friendChapter 1256 Who are you calling trash!Chapter 1271 Immortal King PuppetChapter 1273 Enlightenment
Chapter 1277 Beyond the limitChapter 1280 Destroy Tianbao PavilionChapter 1281 Contest for the Cave MansionChapter 1285
Chapter 1288 Going to the Rift in the OtherworldChapter 1290 GuidanceChapter 1291 Greetings from an Old FriendChapter 1294 Defeated?
Chapter 1304 Desperate BreakthroughChapter 1329 Ancient Realm of Myriad SoulsChapter 1335 The Strongest XiaoyuanChapter 1347 Run, God and Demon Hunyuan Heart Technique!
Chapter 1348Chapter 1372 See ThroughChapter 1376Chapter 1400 How long has it been since you opened the full state?
Chapter 1401 I'll let you see for yourself!Chapter 1405 Changing HeadsChapter 1412 Next step planChapter 1415 Hitting You
Chapter 1416 Go!Chapter 1417 The Tailor of the Immortal ArmyChapter 1418 Golden Scale Dragon CarpChapter 1421 A Few Friends
Chapter 1422 Breaking into the TowerChapter 1424 Will He Die?Chapter 1425 God Demon EmperorChapter 1430 I am different from you
Chapter 1434 Rhubarb's true identityChapter 1438 Battle of the GodsChapter 1452 We Are OneChapter 1456
Chapter 1480 Treasure of the EarthChapter 1483 The Battle of the Median GodsChapter 1487 Degraded Immortal VenerableChapter 1538 Unkillable Master and Apprentice
Chapter 305Chapter 308 Not enough money...Chapter 479 God of the Exiled CityChapter 536: The Powerful Reason
Chapter 638 The Entrance ControversyChapter 657: 500,000 spiritual powerChapter 749Chapter 928: A Genius Appears
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