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I picked up red envelopes in PlayerUnknown s Battlegrounds Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds picking up red envelopes?Chapter 2 Wei Shen is ConfusedChapter 3 Chicken tonightChapter 4 Anchor Xiaotuanzi
Chapter 5 Walking PositionsChapter 6 Male God PotionChapter 7Chapter 8 Post Bar Explosion
Chapter 9 Unlimited CharmChapter 10 Proficient in Chinese food?Chapter 11 Hearty Breakfast!Chapter 12 The Killing God Comes!
Chapter 13 Stepping on a 'landmine'!Chapter 14 Be a companion!Chapter 15 List is here!Chapter 16 Hawkeye!
Chapter 17 Killing a Big Green MonkeyChapter 18 Eat hot or coldChapter 19 Fair competition!Chapter 20 What Hand Speed!
Chapter 21 The car was caught off guard!Chapter 22 As Much as You Need!Chapter 23 Heart-warming Goddess!Chapter 24 Amazing!
Chapter 25 Suitor?Chapter 26 Premiere!Chapter 27 Amazing operation!Chapter 28 Accidental!
Chapter 29 Can't Download!Chapter 30 Want to run after messing with me?Chapter 31 ModifiersChapter 32 Arrogant!
Chapter 33 Let's One On One!Chapter 34 Water Friends CompetitionChapter 35 AssaultChapter 36 Don't blame me for not giving you a chance!
Chapter 37: Society, Brother ZeChapter 38 RecognizedChapter 39 Crossbow arrows eat chickenChapter 40 Make the enemy cry
Chapter 41 The King and the BeggarChapter 42 ExhibitionChapter 43Chapter 44 Gambling?
Chapter 45 ShoutChapter 46 The Real GoddessChapter 47 The Anchor Competition BeginsChapter 48 The trolls open the way, and the bombs play tricks on the opponent
Chapter 49 Motorcycle bomb, take down the anchor frittersChapter 50 Mr. Catfish's Narrow VictoryChapter 51Chapter 52 Break the rules and perfect the overall situation
Chapter 53Chapter 54Chapter 55 The snipe and the clam compete for the fisherman's profit!Chapter 56 This is called the Dragon from Heaven!
Chapter 57 One Punch ManChapter 58 The idea of ??playing a careerChapter 59 Welfare Bureau?Chapter 60 Your wild area, my home
Chapter 61 Chen Ze is crazyChapter 62 Slashing the End of the World with a Sword, Double Five KillsChapter 63 The God of Songs ReappearsChapter 64 Sniping Wei Shen Again
Chapter 65Chapter 66 4AM's True ThoughtsChapter 67Chapter 68 Trial training begins!
Chapter 69 Base sight 98K online bird shooting!Chapter 70 The whole person is cheatingChapter 71: Demons in the smoke!Chapter 72 Officially whitewashed, since the thunderbolt
Chapter 73 You Can Always Trust ZeshenChapter 74 - One Step AheadChapter 75Chapter 76 Is it my turn?
Chapter 77 Heading to the FinalsChapter 78 Mountain Battle BeginsChapter 79 Reckless Entering the FinalsChapter 80 Killing the gods in the finals, M24 predicts the position!
Chapter 81 One shot and three killsChapter 82 Crisis, full formation strikesChapter 83 The God of Heaven Comes Down to Earth with One HammerChapter 84 Wulian Chicken, Unprecedented in History
Chapter 85: Treatment ProblemsChapter 86 Chen Ze's ThoughtsChapter 87 Done, Sign 4AMChapter 88 Command Handover
Chapter 89Chapter 90 Classic Four Packs OneChapter 91 HeadshotChapter 92: Working Emperor
Chapter 93 King Qin Surrounds the PillarChapter 94: Meeting OMG Again at the Top of the MountainChapter 95 Breakpoint attack, reverse slope of life and deathChapter 96 Destroy OMG again!
Chapter 97: Jumping the gun show operationChapter 98 Reluctantly Falling In Third PlaceChapter 99 You decide the landing pointChapter 100
Chapter 101 Breaking two people in a row and attacking the buildingChapter 102: Details Are Fast ExpansionChapter 103 Selling TeammatesChapter 104 Eat a team without injury
Chapter 105 Red Envelopes Do Things, Injure Teammates by AccidentChapter 106 Vigorous 4AMChapter 107 Xiuer Chen ZeChapter 108 Come to a water friend competition?
Chapter 109 The water friends match turned into a training match?Chapter 110 Actors are all actorsChapter 111 Hard work can make up for weaknessChapter 112 Customize New Tactics
Chapter 113Chapter 114: The Live Broadcast BeginsChapter 115 The God of Songs ReappearsChapter 116 Online Cafe Teaching
Chapter 117 Owe My Brother Three TimesChapter 118 Skill Appears, Killing God in LineChapter 119 Top-notch intercourse surgery!Chapter 120 Massacre Villa Area
Chapter 121 The Conferred God CampaignChapter 122 The Unexpected Young MasterChapter 123 Gambling EstablishmentChapter 124 Solo Begins
Chapter 125 Level 2 Single EatChapter 126 Choose Galen AgainChapter 127 Another 100 million games? unequal battleChapter 128 Suffocating Repression
Chapter 129 Tianxiu Nok, the guillotine calls you a manChapter 130: Internet Caf¨¦ Show TenChapter 131 The Couple Gaming HotelChapter 132 Asura Field
Chapter 133 I'm His CousinChapter 134 Thrilling 1V4!Chapter 135 Do You Want To Watch Fireworks?Chapter 136 Returning to Support
Chapter 137 Playing with opponentsChapter 138 Shen Xingling Falls to the GroundChapter 139 Do You Mind Another One?Chapter 140 The Father Who Appeared Suddenly
Chapter 141 The Threat of VisitingChapter 142 Are you interested in earning an extra 20,000 yuan?Chapter 143 Winning Ten Games in a RowChapter 144
Chapter 145 Are you out of luck?Chapter 146 We Are Not Going AnywhereChapter 147 Approaching the Golden Grand PrixChapter 148 The Golden Grand Prix starts!
Chapter 149 First-Person PerspectiveChapter 150 Ke Zhou's ThoughtsChapter 151 Watching the game from the perspective of GodChapter 152 Heading to the arena
Chapter 153 The History of Douyu and 4AMChapter 154: 4AM¡¯s live streaming room reaches the topChapter 155 - PicardoChapter 156
Chapter 157: Kill the Motorcycle Boy!Chapter 158Chapter 159 The Sixth in the Circle, Beating the Professional PlayersChapter 160 The illegitimate child of the blue hole?
Chapter 161 Don't Respond, Still Inside the CircleChapter 162 Destiny's SonChapter 163 - A BacklashChapter 164 The Milestone of Ten Kills
Chapter 165 The Targeted 4AMChapter 166: Changing Seats and Shooting Shows His Powers!Chapter 167 Prediction Grenade Demonstrates Divine PowerChapter 168 Sending to death?
Chapter 169 The Xeon Sniper AppearsChapter 170 Poor ForeverChapter 171 The Final BattleChapter 172 One shot will tell!
Chapter 173: Nineteen Kills, the Highest MilestoneChapter 174 Summary after the matchChapter 175 Facing the InterviewChapter 176: The Tiger Steals People!
Chapter 177 Do you want to snatch people even if you want to tease fish?Chapter 178 Just follow meChapter 179 Predicting the circle positionChapter 180 Four kills with a gun
Chapter 181 The Incredible Car SweepChapter 182 Reappearance of tactics, split into two groupsChapter 183Chapter 184 Head-to-head SSS
Chapter 185 Giving Up on Saving People, Going RecklessChapter 186Chapter 187 The Xeon Sniper Appears AgainChapter 188 Eating Chicken Again
Chapter 189 Shen Xingling VisitsChapter 190: Going to Gate XChapter 191 Exchange for 100,000 Chips!Chapter 192: A Brilliant Plan
Chapter 193 Sorry, Black JackChapter 194 Win three million and attract gambling consultantsChapter 195 I don't want to play like thisChapter 196 Manager Zhao Finds Someone Personally
Chapter 197 Invited UpChapter 198 I am the God of GamblersChapter 199 Secret GambleChapter 200 Arriving at the Magic City
Chapter 201 Rotation TacticsChapter 202 Going with the flowChapter 203 The Actions of the Two PlatformsChapter 204 The two giants came to the door
Chapter 205 Preparing for the Three-Party TalksChapter 206 Start RotationChapter 207 The Embarrassed Wei GodsChapter 208 Repeat the old trick, the old housing area!
Chapter 209 The Boiling Housing AreaChapter 210 Forced Charge 4AMChapter 211 Destroy the team alone, 1v3 in a desperate situation!Chapter 212 The Fourth Force
Chapter 213 The ultimate part-time job, Chen Ze's ten killsChapter 214 Air Explosion Lei Xiu Flips MotorcycleChapter 215 The Rise of the Second TeamChapter 216 The Cafe and Others
Chapter 217 The Vice Presidents of the Two Major Platforms Are in PlaceChapter 218 Eighteen million bids!Chapter 219 Deal, 30 million officially settled in Douyu!Chapter 220 Another day off
Chapter 221: The Court AffairChapter 222 Battle on the Field FieldChapter 223: Eurostep Layup!Chapter 224: An Impossible Defense
Chapter 225 Consecutive Hot Pot, Blocking the GodsChapter 226Chapter 227 I just want to give all the girls a homeChapter 228 Live Room No. 7912
Chapter 229Chapter 230 Debut is the pinnacle, FCZ team and Chen Ze's pastChapter 231 The Origin of the Sniper GodChapter 232: The Origin of the FCZ Team
Chapter 233 The Four Great Beasts of the AvengersChapter 234 Hard Steel One-handed PickupChapter 235 Preparing for a FirefightChapter 236
Chapter 237 Routine and anti-routineChapter 238 Grenades will stabilize the country, and the group will destroy FCZ!Chapter 239 The premiere will start soonChapter 240 The live broadcast begins
Chapter 241 Live broadcast debut, full of cardsChapter 242 Ingenious Bounty CompetitionChapter 243 Remote Licking BagChapter 244 I will use the mini
Chapter 245 MINI14! eternal godChapter 246 The Mountain of Swords and Fire at the Bridge HeadChapter 247 Jumping Bridge Triple KillChapter 248 Remote bombing area?
Chapter 249 Eating Chicken AloneChapter 250Chapter 251 Fifteen kills at the airportChapter 252 Four kills at the gas station
Chapter 253 Three kills through smokeChapter 254 The Black Girl AppearsChapter 255 Thirty-eight kill and eat chickenChapter 256 Change the competition system, a new training match
Chapter 257 Hundred-man training matchChapter 258 Siege of the Swimming PoolChapter 259 The Importance of Listening to PositionChapter 260: No solution through smoke!
Chapter 261 FCZ team with complicated moodChapter 262 Jia Wenyao VisitsChapter 263 Try Mobile GamesChapter 264 Experience the Mobile Game Chicken for the First Time
Chapter 265 Eight kills on the ground!Chapter 266: Two sniper shots with a flashing mirror, the hero saves the beautyChapter 267Chapter 268: The Car Crash Team!
Chapter 269 Playing with the HT teamChapter 270: Being Targeted by the Immortals!Chapter 271 Fighting the ImmortalsChapter 272 Get Jia Wenyao Done
Chapter 273 Seal strength, second-rate playerChapter 274: Movie Emperor Chen ZeChapter 275 4AM's Team StrengthChapter 276 Finding an Opportunity
Chapter 277 Ranking in the Diamond BureauChapter 278: The Battle Against the VersionChapter 279Chapter 280
Chapter 281 Confidence or arrogance?Chapter 282 World CupChapter 283 Come to Gamble?Chapter 284 Greece scores!
Chapter 285 Hypnosis Shows Its PowerChapter 286 Target Gambling KingChapter 287 Arrival! Las Vegas!Chapter 288 Gambling Kings Gather
Chapter 289 ExplorationChapter 290 Tiger Father Dog SonChapter 291 I am all-inChapter 292
Chapter 293 Another RoutineChapter 294 Every muscle of mine can grow a thousandChapter 295Chapter 296: Three Masters
Chapter 297 Playing Cards Be BoldChapter 298Chapter 299 I Can Only Blame You For Being BrainlessChapter 300 Substitution, the crisis is coming
Chapter 301: Switching to an Automatic Card ShufflerChapter 302: One game decides the outcomeChapter 303 Women's Revenge PsychologyChapter 304 Smoke Hypnosis
Chapter 305 The snipe and the clam compete, and the fisherman benefitsChapter 306 Flying cards break the gameChapter 307 Tragedy GroundedChapter 308 The Instigation of the King
Chapter 309 Duke CaoChapter 310 Two younger sisters?Chapter 311 Rejecting KindnessChapter 312: Double Red Envelopes Come
Chapter 313 The sales office in the villa areaChapter 314 Black Tiger Gang Big BossChapter 315 Sky-high MansionChapter 316 Take Money to Kill You
Chapter 317: One hundred thousand slapsChapter 318 Another Billion!Chapter 319 Shredded Green TeaChapter 320 I only want elites
Chapter 321 Domineering Interviewer!Chapter 322: Well doneChapter 323: Ten People End, Dzogchen!Chapter 324 Private Jet
Chapter 325 Long time no see, cross talk teamChapter 326 Teaser Fish's Celebrity ProjectChapter 327Chapter 328 Car Bomb
Chapter 329 Remote bombingChapter 330 Collaborative Variety ShowChapter 331Chapter 332 Three hundred million plus one hundred million
Chapter 333 Five Years Movie EncyclopediaChapter 334 The Royal Pavilion Hotel in the Magic CityChapter 335 Meeting Liu Shishi by chanceChapter 336
Chapter 337 The Rich Woman AppearsChapter 338 Save Liu ShishiChapter 339 Good LuckChapter 340 Scary Woman
Chapter 341 Do you want to be an actor?Chapter 342Chapter 343 Recruiting a Private StewardessChapter 344 Liu Shishi's Misfortune
Chapter 345 Meeting Liu Shishi's ParentsChapter 346 Newcomer ContractChapter 347 Signing the ContractChapter 348 Parents' Satisfaction
Chapter 349 Plan to Acquire FacebookChapter 350 Meeting Priscilla ChanChapter 351: The Arrival of Gan ChanghanChapter 352 Start fooling
Chapter 353 Brother Helps You?Chapter 354 Gan Changhan's SpringChapter 355 What did you see?Chapter 356 Two Choices
Chapter 357: Gan Changhan's Website CrisisChapter 358 Finally Waiting For YouChapter 359 Half SuccessChapter 360 Request for Investment
Chapter 361 The Suddenly Appearing Miss HeChapter 362 "Investment God"Chapter 363 Believe in your visionChapter 364 The Spreading Speed ??of News
Chapter 365 Xiang Xuan is here, unlock multiplayer events!Chapter 366 Press Conference SiteChapter 367 Can I still come to participate?Chapter 368 Aura Suppression
Chapter 369 Confronting PijiwanChapter 370 BTTLE?Chapter 371 Confrontation at the sceneChapter 372
Chapter 373 Kneel in public!Chapter 374Chapter 375 The Final ShowdownChapter 376 Opening the Eighth Spring?
Chapter 377 An epic battle!Chapter 378Chapter 379: A DrawChapter 380 Real Rap
Chapter 381 The Double VersionChapter 382 Deng Qi as a partnerChapter 383 Exploding Bubble Adaptation!Chapter 384 High Score Victory
Chapter 385 Reviewing Chen's Film and Television CompanyChapter 386: Here Comes Chen ZeChapter 387 No ComparabilityChapter 388 Your sister is here
Chapter 389 ToastChapter 390 Liu Shishi's ScriptChapter 391 The Girl's InnocenceChapter 392 Dilemma
Chapter 393Chapter 394Chapter 395 Guo Jing CallsChapter 396 Guo Jing's Conspiracy
Chapter 397: The Miraculous Pill Shows Its PowerChapter 398: A Pervert Turns OutChapter 399: Reporter Team Leader Bei BingChapter 400 Unexpected Loyalty
Chapter 401Chapter 402 Gathering of Internet Celebrity AnchorChapter 403 Start groupingChapter 404 The five-member team with bad intentions
Chapter 405 Aggressive Brother DeChapter 406 Arriving at Shi AnlingChapter 407 Dangerous raw waterChapter 408 Entering the Shi Anling Wilderness
Chapter 409 Making a Ground CageChapter 410 Breaking through the big tree!Chapter 411: Fire machine incidentChapter 412 Transferring Koi
Chapter 413 The Discovery of the Dumb GirlChapter 414 Wooden Salt TreeChapter 415 Prepare to CookChapter 416 Water shortage problem
Chapter 417 Borrowing SomethingChapter 418 The Eliminated TeamChapter 419 Making Clay JarChapter 420 Everyone, Let's Eat Meat
Chapter 421 Meet the hare first and then the pheasant?Chapter 422: Rich HarvestChapter 423 Delicious ChickenChapter 424 Made of Salt
Chapter 425 Dealing with the HareChapter 426 Dissection TeachingChapter 427: Cheating SkillsChapter 428 Bacon
Chapter 429 Soaking Rabbit MeatChapter 430 Tasting Smoked Rabbit MeatChapter 431 Making Hemp RopeChapter 432 Fierce battle with wild boars
Chapter 433 Building a Thatched HouseChapter 434: The Emerging FormChapter 435 Encountering Nanbo by chanceChapter 436 Nanbo joins the team
Chapter 437 Bark can also be eatenChapter 438 Derived from Hemp RopeChapter 439 Nanbo who is unbalancedChapter 440 The Harem Catches Fire
Chapter 441 Nanbo's Self-ReportChapter 442 Is it Brother De?Chapter 443 Prepare to go deep into the forestChapter 444
Chapter 445Chapter 446 The Villa in the WildernessChapter 447 Xanadu?Chapter 448 This Isn't Stealing, It's Calling Borrowing
Chapter 449 The Bow and Arrow Hanging at the TopChapter 450 The Hundred-Cat BowChapter 451: An Embarrassing SceneChapter 452: Ancestral Bow and Arrow
Chapter 453 Draw a Bow and ArcheryChapter 454Chapter 455 Help Nanbo Find TeammatesChapter 456 Mission Complete
Chapter 457 Making a Sleeping BagChapter 458 Powerful twineChapter 459: Ancient Architectural TechniquesChapter 460 The Uncomfortable Goddess Team
Chapter 461 The Choice of Snow MMChapter 462 Completion of thatched cottageChapter 463 Five green monkeys?Chapter 464 The Four Maggot Brothers Are Here
Chapter 465 Prepare to Compete for the AirdropChapter 466 The Embarrassing YordleChapter 467 God's OperationChapter 468 Don't Take The Cliff Seriously
Chapter 469: A False AlarmChapter 470 Returning in vainChapter 471 Making a CrucibleChapter 472 Refining Ore
Chapter 473 Iron SmeltingChapter 474 Can Ori save people?Chapter 475 Iced Mung Bean SoupChapter 476
Chapter 477: The Wolves Are ComingChapter 478: Turning an Enemy into a Friend?Chapter 479Chapter 480 De Ge's Conspiracy
Chapter 481 The Final Battle in the WildernessChapter 482 Brother De KneelingChapter 483 The End of the WildernessChapter 484
Chapter 485 Fifty people snipedChapter 486 The Acquisition of Negative EmotionsChapter 487Chapter 488 Return to the Magic City
Chapter 489Chapter 490 Participating in the competitionChapter 491: A Top-Up With No HumanityChapter 492 Tianhu Clown Stab
Chapter 493 The Clown King Who Destroys Heaven and EarthChapter 494 This is the last male gunChapter 495 Boring Pirate LineupChapter 496 Prepare for the International Invitational Tournament
Chapter 497 United PCLChapter 498Chapter 499 Dismal VictoryChapter 500 Post-war resumption
Chapter 501Chapter 502Chapter 503 Punishment for mission failureChapter 504 Shifting the center point, 4AM new tactics
Chapter 505 Disagreement AppearsChapter 506 Lose and carry it togetherChapter 507 Uninvited Guest, FCZChapter 508: Official Insult
Chapter 509: The Group Stage BeginsChapter 510 Obscene development, don't waste timeChapter 511: Two Guns and One HeadChapter 512 Difficult Double Red Envelopes
Chapter 513: Twin Thunders Set the CountryChapter 514 Heading to the Plum Blossom Pile CenterChapter 515: Li Kui of the macho team ends the battle in three secondsChapter 516 Anxious Instagram
Chapter 517 Chen Ze who gloatedChapter 518 Li Kui, the Reckless KingChapter 519 The Meticulous Chen ZeChapter 520 Eye-catching, equal to the god of sniper
Chapter 521Chapter 522 The King's Sniper LevelChapter 523Chapter 524: Have You Ever Heard Of The Dragon From The Sky?
Chapter 525 Post-match interviewChapter 526: The Boss Behind the CrashChapter 527: Falling in Love with a Big FamilyChapter 528 Poor Sby
Chapter 529 Chen Ze of the Chicken ThievesChapter 530 Two shots scare away SKTChapter 531: The Strongest Sniper AcquiredChapter 532 Horror Deterrence
Chapter 533 Reappearance of Moving Target HeadshotChapter 534: A true brother with love and righteousnessChapter 535 Eye-catching highlight momentChapter 536 fcz in a dilemma
Chapter 537 SKT with a burst mentalityChapter 538 Chen Ze, God of Head SnatchingChapter 539 Intense Finals!Chapter 540: Two Chickens
Chapter 541 Steady Advance to the FinalsChapter 542 Playing hard to getChapter 543 Participating in the Host CompetitionChapter 544 The anchors' reactions
Chapter 545 Reappearance of Aerial ShootingChapter 546: The Fierce Stairway 1V4Chapter 547 Anxious Leng YanhuaChapter 548
Chapter 549 The Horn of Underestimating the EnemyChapter 550 Willing to Call You the StrongestChapter 551 Chen Ze is in DangerChapter 552 London Game Hall
Chapter 553 Chen Ze, who exploded on stageChapter 554 Do You Dare To Play Big?Chapter 555 Two sets of skills equal to instant kill?Chapter 556 A String of Three Miracles
Chapter 557 Cruel KnockoutChapter 558Chapter 559Chapter 560 Preparing for the Finals
Chapter 561 Exhibition MatchChapter 562 Do you want to take a gamble?Chapter 563 Double sniper?Chapter 564 Motorcycle Fishing
Chapter 565Chapter 566: Old Times DreamChapter 567 No longer workingChapter 568 Temporary Cooperation
Chapter 569 Suffocating Sniper LevelChapter 570 Anxious Two TeamsChapter 571: Ghost Command and OperationChapter 572: The Sniper's Ceiling
Chapter 573 Do you want to dance too?Chapter 574: The Gap Between Super Class Melee CombatChapter 575 Destroy the team in two seconds!Chapter 576: Airdrop by the Sea
Chapter 577: Double Sniper Shows His PowerChapter 578 Destroy the team!Chapter 579 The Intense FinalsChapter 580 Desperate man-made bombing zone
Chapter 581 Unsolvable leading scoreChapter 582 Wei Shen, who does not believe in evilChapter 583 Solo BeginsChapter 584 Chen Ze's Details
Chapter 585 The Only ChanceChapter 586: The Magical Effect of PurificationChapter 587Chapter 588: The Eve of the Finals
Chapter 589: Praise or win?Chapter 590 Strange RouteChapter 591 The Rampant KZ TeamChapter 592
Chapter 593Chapter 594 Fierce BattleChapter 595 Leading by three points, Chen Ze expresses no panicChapter 596: The Eighth Game Begins
597 Car Crash! Li Kui VS 4AM!Chapter 598: 4AM's second place is superbChapter 599 The King of the Yin KingChapter 600 Gou Enters the Finals
Chapter 601 Wei Shen's highlight moment!Chapter 602 Conferring the Gods in the First BattleChapter 603 Back to PicardoChapter 604 Curiosity Killed the Cat
Chapter 605 Steady Ninth GameChapter 606: Uphill BulldozerChapter 607 Li Kui Eats ChickenChapter 608 Anxious Li Kui
Chapter 609Chapter 610 Boring Four KillsChapter 611Chapter 612
Chapter 613 Impatient Li KuiChapter 614: Strong ConfrontationChapter 615: United AgainChapter 616 Thunder God Chen Ze
Chapter 617 Tie Hanhan ForeverChapter 618 Two Spears Confer GodChapter 619 The third super-class playerChapter 620: A Difficult Task
Chapter 621Chapter 622Chapter 623 The Tactic of Waiting for a RabbitChapter 624 Ambush behind him is bound to take down Li Kui
Chapter 625Chapter 626 People are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strongChapter 627Chapter 628
Chapter 629 Treat the next game wellChapter 630 The Intense Last GameChapter 631: Flesh to block the gun, a real man!Chapter 632: The Puzzle of the Super Team Is Complete
Chapter 633 A Tasteful CompetitionChapter 634 Destroy Two Teams in a RowChapter 635 Meeting the Enemy Head-onChapter 636 Where did the 15x mirror come from?
Chapter 637 You deserve a MagnumChapter 638 The True God Chen Ze Under the Fifteen Times MirrorChapter 639: FCZ destroys Li Kui!Chapter 640 "Revenge for Kindness"
Chapter 641 Champion and Runner-upChapter 642 Lovely God WeiChapter 643 If there is, it is God WeiChapter 644 The Hardworking Zhang Chuxuan
Chapter 645 Celebrating after the gameChapter 646 Unexpected Cooking SkillsChapter 647 Sending 500 Super Rockets in a RowChapter 648 Change your mind and play LOL
Chapter 649: Stupid XiaohaiChapter 650Chapter 651Chapter 652 Birth of First Blood, Poor Robot
Chapter 653 Precise calculationChapter 654 Are you squatting back, or am I squatting back?Chapter 655: The Powerful Showdown on the RoadChapter 656
Chapter 657 Outflank the road!Chapter 658Chapter 659 The best five peopleChapter 660: A Stop That Breaks the Dimensional Wall
Chapter 661 Game in the wildChapter 662 Frown, giant lava beastChapter 663Chapter 664 I'm actually in the atmosphere
Chapter 665 Uncomfortable top lanersChapter 666 Killing letme with detailsChapter 667 Controlling Double DragonsChapter 668: Grab the dragon and win the next tower!
Chapter 669: The Longkeng Receives the RegimentChapter 670 Intense Xiaolongkeng Team BattleChapter 671Chapter 672 The difference between a professional brother and a normal person
Chapter 673Chapter 674 Evenly matchedChapter 675 Misleading and ContributingChapter 676 Mercury flashes to solve R flash
Chapter 677 Misleading ReappearanceChapter 678 Either let him go or form a teamChapter 679 - God Wei VisitsChapter 680 Hot Chicken Male Star
Chapter 681Chapter 682 Reappearance of HypnosisChapter 683: A Good ShowChapter 684 You kneel down for me
Chapter 685Chapter 686: Canteen of No. 1 Company in ShanghaiChapter 687 Comeback is a double-edged swordChapter 688 Restructuring the Team
Chapter 689: Line Up With The PowerfulChapter 690 Abuse You Thousands of TimesChapter 691: Chen Ze's Galactic BattleshipChapter 692: Esports Company Civil War
Chapter 693 Start BPChapter 694: Whole-course GuidanceChapter 695 Clear thinking in the jungleChapter 696 Seizing Every Opportunity
Chapter 697 Bottom Road ShowdownChapter 698 The situation is one-sidedChapter 699 Office ConversationChapter 700 The Biggest Problem
Chapter 701 Take in Retired PlayersChapter 702 KNB Turned OutChapter 703 Another BetChapter 704 The Uzi Combination Pistol Lands Four Kills
Chapter 705 The Miraculous CrossbowChapter 706 Calling DadChapter 707 Watch me teach you how to be a man with a crowbarChapter 708 The big pineapple is in place
Chapter 709Chapter 710 Misleading is really easy to useChapter 711: Double CooperationChapter 712 The water friend who shocked Chen Ze
Chapter 713: The Rejuvenated UziChapter 714Chapter 715 Knb Team AppearsChapter 716: The Opening of the Competition
Chapter 717: The Boss Who Knows the MostChapter 718 Knb's first gameChapter 719 Chen Ze's Yasuo?Chapter 720 Classic One vs Two
Chapter 721 Raising Pigs in the Wild AreaChapter 722 Landing Double WindsChapter 723 The rhythm takes off and wins the gameChapter 724
Chapter 725: A Game of MahjongChapter 726 The God of MahjongChapter 727 Playing Without HandsChapter 728 Easy Ten Wins in a Row
Chapter 729 Terrible Execution AbilityChapter 730Chapter 731Chapter 732 g2 won a victory
Chapter 733Chapter 734Chapter 735Chapter 736 Level 1 Regiment Is Really Fun
Chapter 737 The Gap Between the Wild AreasChapter 738 Only God Wei is being beaten!Chapter 739: A Boring VictoryChapter 740 A Day Trip to the Amusement Park
Chapter 741 An anxious roller coasterChapter 742 The Horror Roller CoasterChapter 743 Miyo SatoChapter 744: A True Hero Saves the Beauty
Chapter 745 Island Country GirlfriendChapter 746: Peaceful Elite in Japanese ServiceChapter 747 Get Down and Get a Punch!Chapter 748
Chapter 749Chapter 750 Unpretentious sniper skillsChapter 751Chapter 752 Don't ban the jungler?
Chapter 753 I will kill himChapter 754Chapter 755 The First Blood ContestChapter 756 Take MCX Lightly
Chapter 757 Fire in the backyard!Chapter 758 Demonstrating Cooking SkillsChapter 759: Two Fields?Chapter 760 Strange Mid Laner
Chapter 761 The sharp German flagChapter 762 Double Kill NakanoChapter 763 Blooming on the next roadChapter 764 Perfect Team Battle
Chapter 765Chapter 766: Hunzi King AppearsChapter 767 Happy LineupChapter 768: Psychological Game
Chapter 769 Five people who are affectionate and righteousChapter 770 Take TL lightlyChapter 771 The Wayward Chen ZeChapter 772 Two princesses sick
Chapter 773: The Game BeginsChapter 774Chapter 775 Double kill? It doesn't matter if you have handsChapter 776 I'm Not a Cheater, I Just Want to Play You
Chapter 777Chapter 778 Interfering with Xuan CeChapter 779Chapter 780 Unlimited play
Chapter 781 Sorry, You Are Not WorthyChapter 782Chapter 783Chapter 784
Chapter 785 Play What You WantChapter 786 Fight as soon as you go online!Chapter 787Chapter 788: Suffocation from the King
Chapter 789Chapter 790Chapter 791 Skill DisguiseChapter 792
Chapter 793: Chen Ze, the genius military strategistChapter 794 The Importance of Execution StrengthChapter 795 The Powerful Big TurtleChapter 796: Attitude Achieves Everything
Chapter 797: A Bonus of 100 MillionChapter 798: The Quarterfinals BeginChapter 799 Why Ban KenanChapter 800: Bombing Through the Wild Area
Chapter 801: Lilia with Explosive MentalityChapter 802 Repressive PlayChapter 803 Request to suspend JDG!Chapter 804 When Leopard Girl Was Released
Chapter 805Chapter 806 Chen Ze's RhythmChapter 807 Every detail mattersChapter 808: Game of Luck
Chapter 809 Li Meng breaks four times in one secondChapter 810 Get the match pointChapter 811 The founder of Flash A?Chapter 812 Change of Tactics
Chapter 813 Mid laner CarterChapter 814 Toothpaste seriousChapter 815 Lightning with Five WhipsChapter 816 Tianxiu Operation
Chapter 817: The Blow of Mental ExplosionChapter 818 Five consecutive whips completed!Chapter 819 I Treat You, You Pay The BillChapter 820 Come to an autistic city
Chapter 821 Confused to the extremeChapter 822 Prepare to Eliminate Enemies 1,400 Meters AwayChapter 823 Killing at 1400 metersChapter 824 Explaining the Quarterfinals
Chapter 825: The Mysterious BPChapter 826 90% LostChapter 827Chapter 828 FNC Wins the First Game
Chapter 829 Let the second chase the thirdChapter 830 It's Just a Stepping StoneChapter 831 For future arrangementsChapter 832 G2 Zero Sanxing?
Chapter 833: Fans' FirefightChapter 834 The Pink Girl in the Internet CafeChapter 835 A girl who plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?Chapter 836 The Intense Finals
Chapter 837 How old are you?Chapter 838 Take me to eat chickenChapter 839 BettingChapter 840 Pretending Thirteen Naked
Chapter 841Chapter 842 What is it?Chapter 843 Technology or Technology?Chapter 844 The last game before the big tortoise final
Chapter 845 Understanding on BPChapter 846Chapter 847Chapter 848 Those who offend my LPL will be punished even if they are far away!
Chapter 849: E-sports Spring Festival GalaChapter 850 You Can Win Without Asking GodChapter 851 Eagle Eye, Seeing EverythingChapter 852
Chapter 853 Which floor is Chen Ze on?Chapter 854 Targeting Bot LaneChapter 855 I want to kill twoChapter 856: Chen's Triangular Kill!
Chapter 857Chapter 858 Serious TESChapter 859: Field Military Training ContinuesChapter 860: Casa Completely Collapsed
Chapter 861 Murder Book LiliaChapter 862: Chen Ze playing support?Chapter 863 Release a strong versionChapter 864 Keep Betting
Chapter 865 The long-meaning dragon team battleChapter 866Chapter 867Chapter 868 Poor Brother Shuizi
Chapter 869Chapter 870 Summary of TES after the gameChapter 871 Dinner after the gameChapter 872 Special Water Friends Competition
Chapter 873 Picado WarChapter 874: The Desert Eagle Kills Three People in a RowChapter 875 Meeting the Former TeammatesChapter 876
Chapter 877Chapter 878 Aerial ExplosionChapter 879 Motorcycle Frying GliderChapter 880 Chen Ze is not a good person
Chapter 881 The Knowledgeable Zhang HangxueChapter 882Chapter 883: The Eve of the FinalsChapter 884: The Final Begins
Chapter 885 Dominance in BPChapter 886: The Stupid BPChapter 887 Two javelins at the startChapter 888 show maker blows up
Chapter 889Chapter 890 Killing and Taking the DragonChapter 891 Li Meng's PredicamentChapter 892 Li Meng's Change
Chapter 893 Calm down Li MengChapter 894 Limit Zero For ThreeChapter 895: AP Pan Sen Wins the VictoryChapter 896 Preparations for the Second Round
Chapter 897 Summary of the Big TurtleChapter 898 Thoughtful, the second round of the final!Chapter 899 Daunting, Meat Grinder Fighter!Chapter 900 Calculating BP
Chapter 901 Vigorous Sword LadyChapter 902 Is it an act, or is it intentional?Chapter 903 TiggerChapter 904 How dare you look down on Uzi?
Chapter 905: Plans after the gameChapter 906 There is a fate called Wei Shen and Chen ZeChapter 907 Strange BPChapter 908 Start giving away heads
Chapter 909 Death Makes Me HappyChapter 910: Thain's demolition systemChapter 911 We are the champions!Chapter 912 Post-match interview
Chapter 913 Under one personChapter 914 Experience the first day of lifeChapter 915: Immortals Come to Execute ImmortalsChapter 916
Chapter 917Chapter 918 This Is My BoyfriendChapter 919: A Handsome Guy Who Can Hit PeopleChapter 920 Young people don't talk about martial arts
Chapter 921 A Day's LifeChapter 922 Another Network AdministratorChapter 923: A Civil War Full of GunpowderChapter 924 Anxious Boss
Chapter 925: Killing the Male Spear in DetailsChapter 926Chapter 927 Boss equals a wretched man?Chapter 928 Plan
Chapter 929 Oolong and the truthChapter 930 Black tactics under the lightsChapter 931 No reason, just want to hit youChapter 932
Chapter 933 Perfect SolutionChapter 934: Big Oolong IncidentChapter 935 HonestyChapter 936 Bai Heting's Team
Chapter 937 In-depth CommunicationChapter 938Chapter 939: Real Professional GirlsChapter 940 From now on, I am your coach
Chapter 941 Testing StrengthChapter 942 Summary of each team memberChapter 943: Chen Ze Goes into BattleChapter 944 Four Bullets, Destroy the Team
Chapter 945: The Double Sniper ReappearsChapter 946 One against four in the final roundChapter 947 Chen Ze's WorriesChapter 948 Bai Heting's Stocks
Chapter 949 Go to Bai Heting's HouseChapter 950 What Are Your Measurements?Chapter 951: Missed OpportunityChapter 952 Immediate results, 900,000 arrived
Chapter 953Chapter 954Chapter 955 Do you still want face?Chapter 956: Chen Ze's Plan
Chapter 957Chapter 958 Chen Ze's planChapter 959 Meeting with God WeiChapter 960
Chapter 961 City LeagueChapter 962 DiscriminationChapter 963: The Group Stage BeginsChapter 964
Chapter 965Chapter 966Chapter 967 Winning the Game, Losing PointsChapter 968
Chapter 969 Molotov cocktails can sometimes save livesChapter 970: Destroy Team TChapter 971: Bandits rob the road!Chapter 972 BBQ Eats Chicken Again
Chapter 973 Change TacticsChapter 974 Little Hurt, But Extremely InsultingChapter 975Chapter 976 Offsite Interaction
Chapter 977 Landing boxer, XiaoxiaoChapter 978 Fierce BattleChapter 979: Three teams in a row!Chapter 980 Passion Blocks the Bridge
Chapter 981: Confrontation at the BridgeChapter 982 Working Emperor, Team TChapter 983 Weird Team RelationshipChapter 984
Chapter 985 Peeping ScreenChapter 986Chapter 987Chapter 988 Change the jump point
Chapter 989 Contributing to the Bombing AreaChapter 990 Internal Contradictions of Team TChapter 991 Chen Ze's RescueChapter 992 Forced to make money
Chapter 993 Combine work and rest, play basketballChapter 994: Scoring Four Goals In A RowChapter 995 Erlian Hot PotChapter 996 Show Operation
Chapter 997 The Same Method Doesn't WorkChapter 998Chapter 999 Demonstrating Cooking SkillsChapter 1000 Improving the Big Picture
Chapter 1001 Grinding the gun in front of the battleChapter 1002 The FinalsChapter 1003 Sealing the Throat with a ShotChapter 1004 Landing Double Kill
Chapter 1005 Stealing a CarChapter 1006 Another Explosive TruckChapter 1007 Encounter with a team to send warmthChapter 1008 Recognition from Professional Players
Chapter 1009Chapter 1010 Xiaoxiao's God-level PredictionChapter 1011 The plan is in the plan, and the T team is eaten for the second timeChapter 1012
Chapter 1013 Last ChanceChapter 1014Chapter 1015 Team T changes jumping pointChapter 1016 Fighting Team T Again
Chapter 1017 Matching the DetailsChapter 1018Chapter 1019 The Taste of FailureChapter 1020 EDG Manager's Invitation
Chapter 1021 Rejecting EDGChapter 1022 The fourth game, the first battle on the islandChapter 1023 Eating BBQ?Chapter 1024: Tragedy Targeted
Chapter 1025 Unraveling the MysteryChapter 1026 Massacre the city!Chapter 1027 Don't even think about survivingChapter 1028: Dual Wielding Big Pineapple Blocks the Bridge
Chapter 1029Chapter 1030 There is no one in P CityChapter 1031 Chasing the AirdropChapter 1032
Chapter 1033 Encounter with Team TChapter 1034: BBQ Surprise EliminationChapter 1035 Evaluations from all walks of lifeChapter 1036 Overlapping Jump Points
Chapter 1037 You respect me one foot, I respect you one footChapter 1038 Repent, boys!Chapter 1039Chapter 1040 Gou is still reckless
Chapter 1041: Seeking Wealth and Insurance!Chapter 1042 Rectify the name of the women's team!Chapter 1043Chapter 1044: Seeding Master
Chapter 1045 Skills Are Really Easy to UseChapter 1046 Training match of professional teamChapter 1047 Battle of Honor and DisgraceChapter 1048: Entering the training match for the first time
Chapter 1049 The Consciousness Reached to the ExtremeChapter 1050 Falling into a DisadvantageChapter 1051 Thrilling Destroy the TeamChapter 1052
Chapter 1053 The game with a team of playersChapter 1054 Routine OMGChapter 1055 Special Skill - Grenade Ping Pong BallChapter 1056 The Second Game Begins
Chapter 1057 Either Technology or Chen ZeChapter 1058: Swapping TeammatesChapter 1059 Treasure MapChapter 1060 Join the second team training match
Chapter 1061 The Progress of SkillsChapter 1062 Landing speed one step aheadChapter 1063 Killed by one shotChapter 1064
Chapter 1065 Xiaoxiao single-handedly destroys the teamChapter 1066 Predict the next circleChapter 1067Chapter 1068 Encounter with the Second Team of 17
Chapter 1069: Guo Xinmeng's Continuous Sniping ExperienceChapter 1070Chapter 1071 Tiger's CallChapter 1072: The Two Live Streaming Platforms Appeared Again
Chapter 1073 The Royal Pavilion Hotel discusses cooperationChapter 1074 Tiger CallsChapter 1075 Hard Steel TigerChapter 1076 Successfully signed the contract
Chapter 1077: Three Chapters of Chen Ze's CovenantChapter 1078 Gift FrenzyChapter 1079: The First Live GameChapter 1080 Two Guns to Seal the Soul
Chapter 1081 Both fell to the groundChapter 1082 The Three Views Follow the Five SensesChapter 1083: The Remaining HoursChapter 1084
Chapter 1085 Lianmai full of gunpowder smellChapter 1086 Unequal PKChapter 1087 The scene of the car rolloverChapter 1088 Start PK
Chapter 1089Chapter 1090 Tragic BanChapter 1091 PeepingChapter 1092 Hot Searches
Chapter 1093 Prepare Hard SteelChapter 1094Chapter 1095 Do you want to travel?Chapter 1096 Xiaoxiao's Hometown
Chapter 1097: DepartureChapter 1098 Returning HomeChapter 1099Chapter 1100 An Embarrassing Price
Chapter 1101 Chen Ze makes a moveChapter 1102 Online DomineeringChapter 1103 Submissive ApologyChapter 1104 start to bring goods
Chapter 1105 Tangerines for saleChapter 1106 Curse SkillChapter 1107 Provocation from the BrokerChapter 1108 Martial arts cage fight?
Chapter 1109 Leaving HomeChapter 1110 Martial arts sceneChapter 1111 Confident Chen ZeChapter 1112 Playing with the broker
Chapter 1113 The curse skill is so easy to useChapter 1114 Weibo Cup Training MatchChapter 1115 Encounter FCZ by chanceChapter 1116 Like a Wolf Like a Tiger FCZ
Chapter 1117 Playing with FCZChapter 1118 Could it be that fairy?Chapter 1119 If you don't operate, you will be beatenChapter 1120 win94's 12-kill achievement
Chapter 1121 Take a GambleChapter 1122 Commanding the GhostChapter 1123 Mental collapseChapter 1124 Picardo has only two teams left
Chapter 1125 New Heights of SnipingChapter 1126: Defeating Junkrat for the First TimeChapter 1127 Encountering an Old Colorist by OccasionChapter 1128 Chen Ze: Shall I take you with me?
Chapter 1129Chapter 1130Chapter 1131 I am waiting for skills, what are you waiting for?Chapter 1132 The situation is tilted
Chapter 1133 Open Storm Dragon King SingleChapter 1134 Change equipment in secondsChapter 1135 The scene of five killsChapter 1136 Four Guarantees and One Tactic
Chapter 1137Chapter 1138Chapter 1139 Standing ADChapter 1140 Poor Ma Chao
Chapter 1141 Pentakill AgainChapter 1142 Returning to the Internet CafeChapter 1143 Meeting Shura Field AgainChapter 1144 A Strange Relationship Is Determined
Chapter 1145 Identity ReturnChapter 1146 Witnessing the CompetitionChapter 1147: A Consummated Life (The Finale) 
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