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Song s Peak Legion Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 The first year of TianshengChapter 2 Internal and External TroublesChapter 3 The Uninvited GuestChapter 4 First Meeting
Chapter 5 Reciprocity of BenefitsChapter 6 Happy CooperationChapter 7 The Eve of PartingChapter 8 Ins and Outs
Chapter 9 DepartureChapter 10 Night Raid on Military AssetsChapter 11 Scar Ghost VIChapter 12
Chapter 13 Killing IntentChapter 14 The First ShotChapter 15Chapter 16
Chapter 17 Arriving in PingliangChapter 18 Civil and military positionsChapter 22 Invitation from the Master BookChapter 24 Planning for Weizhou
Chapter 25 Business StrategyChapter 26 Detention OrderChapter 27Chapter 28 Envoy Fang Jun
Chapter 29 Meeting Fang JunChapter 30 Changes in the SituationChapter 32 Resting at the post stationChapter 33
Chapter 34 Plan to Annihilate the EnemyChapter 35 Seizing Enemy AssetsChapter 36 Arriving in HuanzhouChapter 37
Chapter 38Chapter 39: Dafu ZhongtuChapter 40 Signing Official DocumentsChapter 41 About the official position and dispatch in the text
Chapter 42 Farewell to DafuChapter 19 Inexplicable PromotionChapter 20 Zuoban DianzhiChapter 21 Returning to Huating
Chapter 23 Hand in handChapter 31  
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