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from the red moon Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 Going HomeChapter 3 Corner Coffee ShopChapter 4 You haven¡¯t drunk your coffee yet
Chapter 5 Level 1 Spiritual MonsterChapter 6 Class D Special Pollution Source¡ª¡ª036Chapter 7 Mental MutantsChapter 8 Me and my family
Chapter 9 Red Moon Primary SchoolChapter 10 Special Operations Group - Non-staffChapter 11 A lot of toysChapter 12 Family
Chapter 13 Work is the most importantChapter 14 Work MotivationChapter 15 I am seriousChapter 16 Business as done
Chapter 17 Weird thingsChapter 18 Endless RevengeChapter 19 Class D Special Pollution Source¡ª¡ª041Chapter 20 Mental Pollution Investigation
Chapter 21 Work FocusChapter 22 Underwater OperationsChapter 23 Under the Red MoonChapter 24 Big hand holding small hand
Chapter 25 Humanoid Fruit TreeChapter 26 Super level spiritual monsterChapter 27 The source of pollutionChapter 28 Who am I?
Chapter 29 Logical Chain and Core KeyChapter 30 Your handling method is very violentChapter 31 Estimation of mental weightChapter 32 Risk of Loss of Control
Chapter 33 Our ResponsibilityChapter 34 Information NotificationChapter 35 Analysis Report No. 041Chapter 36 Teacher Xiaolu
Chapter 37 The best lifeChapter 38 Quiet DinnerChapter 39 Onboarding TestChapter 40 Guidance and Promotion
Chapter 41 TheoreticallyChapter 42 Multiple TestsChapter 43 Too normalChapter 44 Monsters in Qinggang
Chapter 45 What color is it?Chapter 46 About the book Red Moon!Chapter 47 Class C Special Pollution Source¡ª¡ª039Chapter 48 Working Machine
Chapter 49 Countdown to thirty secondsChapter 50 This is called professionalismChapter 51 Secondary Pollution SourcesChapter 52 A good obedient boy
Chapter 53 Mental DamageChapter 54 Cutting off the logical chainChapter 55 Work ReportChapter 56 A trick to prevent loss of control (Gecko version)
Chapter 57 Lunar Eclipse Research InstituteChapter 58 A Life Worthy of GratitudeChapter 59 Is the family real?Chapter 60 Red Rose
Chapter 61 The Man Drinking CokeChapter 62 Headless HorsemanChapter 63 People with abilities outside the cityChapter 64 Spiritual transformation of people
Chapter 65 In-depth InvestigationChapter 66 Special Pollution Source¡ª¡ª072Chapter 67 A community shrouded in fear (first update)Chapter 68 I¡¯m used to it (second update)
Chapter 69 Fear (third update)Chapter 70 The mysterious individual soldierChapter 71 Private Commission (please vote for new book)Chapter 72 Headquarters Regulations
Chapter 73 The Seriously Contaminated Person (please vote for new book)Chapter 74 Looking at each other and smiling (1st update)Chapter 75 Human Head and Tentacles (Second Update)Chapter 76 Core Key (More than 1,000 monthly tickets plus more updates)
Chapter 77 Pollution and being pollutedChapter 78 Must follow the contractChapter 79 It doesn¡¯t have to be like thisChapter 80 A lot of toys
Chapter 81 Responsibilities must be clearly definedChapter 82 The workflow is okayChapter 83 That painting is so beautifulChapter 84 Distortion of Will
Chapter 85 Mental parasites (first update)Chapter 86 If you love me, we must be together (second update)Chapter 87 Sudden Mental Pollution Incident (Additional update for monthly tickets exceeding 2,000)Chapter 88 Massacre Weapons
Chapter 89 SecurityChapter 90 City-wide riotChapter 91 Level 1 AlertChapter 92 Official work begins
Chapter 93 The Red Rose IncidentChapter 94 The Simplest Method (Please vote for new book)Chapter 95 The third stage (seeking votes for new book)Chapter 96 Only saving people (please support for new book)
Chapter 97 The Floating Girl (Please support the new book)Chapter 98 Drunkard UncleChapter 99 Thousands of People Weeping at the WallChapter 100 Watch quietly (first update)
Chapter 101 In-depth Investigation (Second Update)Chapter 102: Integrate with them (more updates for fat people who love hot pot)Chapter 103 The Crying Little BoyChapter 104 Humanoid self-propelled mental detector
Chapter 105 Mental Pollution BombChapter 106 Face Stitch MonsterChapter 107 You Quit (Please support the new book)Chapter 108 Agree! agree! agree!
Chapter 109 I¡¯ll give you a big toy (please support the new book)Chapter 110 Sister¡¯s AbilityChapter 111 Twisted Monster (1st update)Chapter 112 Don¡¯t Peep (Second Update)
Chapter 113 My sister¡¯s hug (monthly ticket is 3,000 plus updates)Chapter 114 Very simpleChapter 115 Who is responsible (please support for new book)Chapter 116 He is very nervous
Chapter 117 For your safetyChapter 118 Family Meeting (1st update)Chapter 119 Friendly Discussion (Second Update)Chapter 120 The Escaped Laboratory (more updates if monthly ticket exceeds 4,000)
Chapter 121 What happened back thenChapter 122 Business trip application (please support for new book)Chapter 123 Unexplainable (Please support the new book!)Chapter 124 I should be abnormal, but I am very normal
Chapter 125 Confidentiality Level (Update 1)Chapter 126 Try not to hurt him (second update)Chapter 127 Leaving the city! Out of town! Out of town! (Additional update for monthly tickets exceeding 5,000)Chapter 128 Saw it directly (please support for new book)
Chapter 129 Found itChapter 130 Blackwater TownChapter 131 Occult LogicChapter 132 Labor Market
Chapter 133 No need for planningChapter 134 Puppet-type ability user (first update)Chapter 135 It¡¯s not over yet (second update)Chapter 136 Can¡¯t run away (monthly ticket exceeds 6,000 plus more updates)
Chapter 137 Remarks on the release of "Starting from the Red Moon"Chapter 138 Mother¡¯s Ability (First order requested)Chapter 139 You are not normal (second update)Chapter 140 The Third Gun (Third Update)
Chapter 141 Let¡¯s all be reasonable (fourth update)Chapter 142 I hope you can explain it yourself (5th update, please vote and subscribe)Chapter 143 He is normal now (Additional update because yesterday¡¯s monthly ticket exceeded 7,000)Chapter 144 I just have a weird ability (monthly ticket exceeds 1,000 plus more updates)
"Red Moon" is finally on the list...Chapter 145 The end of Route 85 (first update)Chapter 146 Happy Town (Second update)Chapter 147: Unsolvable level ability (more updates if the monthly ticket exceeds 2,000)
Chapter 148 It will be very dangerous (monthly ticket exceeds 3,000 plus more updates)Score reportChapter 149 Smiling Residents (1st update)Chapter 150 Already a toy (second update)
Chapter 151 I¡¯ve been looking for you for a long time (additional update for monthly tickets exceeding 4,000)Chapter 152 You are just a lunatic at best (please recommend new books)Chapter 153 Incremental AvengersChapter 154 This is a Curse (Additional update for monthly tickets exceeding 5,000)
Chapter 155 A gift you shouldn¡¯t receiveChapter 156 It¡¯s time to let him come out for some air (please vote for the new book)Chapter 157 Little baby, don¡¯t be afraid (1st update)Chapter 158 Black Shadow (Second Update)
Chapter 159 Monsters and Real Monsters (Third update)Chapter 160 Codenamed "Individual Soldier" (1st update)Chapter 161 Family and the Queen (Second update)Chapter 162 Mother¡¯s way of dealing with it (third update)
Chapter 163: We are family after all (Thanks to Brother Qiu for becoming the leader)Chapter 164 The support team enters the sceneChapter 165: The ultimate pressure relief technique (Lu Xin version)Chapter 166 The secret of an individual soldier (first update)
Chapter 167 Family Promise (Second Update)Thanks to mmbnb Noah¡¯s Ark boss for tipping the Silver AllianceChapter 168 The man who brought a gun to work is back (third update)Chapter 169 Mission Report (fourth update)
Chapter 170 Special Talent Introduction Mechanism (Fifth Update)Chapter 171 The second stage (sixth update)The sixth update is done. To be honest, I¡¯m not even happier...Chapter 172 Taboo Experiment
Chapter 173 "Ghost Catch" MissionChapter 174 Reject me, the consequences will be seriousChapter 175 There are ghosts all aroundChapter 176 A Ghost (1st update)
Chapter 177 Why did you come? (Second update please vote please vote please vote)Chapter 178 You are breaking the law (third update please vote please vote please vote)Chapter 179 You are surrounded (fourth update)Chapter 180 Win before the battle (5th update, please vote!)
Chapter 181 Complete death restrictionChapter 182 You are definitely not a godAbout the extra storyChapter 183 Completion Level ¡°B¡±
Chapter 184 The Drunkard¡¯s Invitation (Please vote for the New Year)Chapter 185 Drunkard UncleChapter 186 Yes, very enthusiasticChapter 187 The mysterious organization (first update)
Chapter 188 Two Monsters (Second Update)Chapter 189 Crazy Building (Third update)Chapter 190 Monster under human skin (first update)Chapter 192 Is this okay? (Ten thousand words update please vote)
Chapter 193 Xiansen, you have such good tasteChapter 194 What a wonderful familyChapter 195 Praise for HometownChapter 196 A Hospitable Family
Chapter 197 Communication is importantChapter 198 Task Evaluation A+Chapter 199 The secret of an individual soldier (first update)Chapter 200 His ¡°family¡± (second update)
Chapter 201 The best solution (third update please vote)Thanks to the alliance leaders who showed up this week, and to settle the scoreChapter 202 Successful guidanceChapter 203 A young man with a bright future
Chapter 204 My name is Lu XinChapter 205 Scary BackgroundChapter 206 The Cannibal Nightmare (please vote for more chapters!)Chapter 207 People with influence abilities
Chapter 208 Dream-making ability userChapter 209 No physical performance (first update)Chapter 210 Thoughts are so dirty (second update)Chapter 211 Forced into a dream (third update)
Chapter 212 The Pale Laboratory (Updated update, please vote for me)Thank you to the ten alliance leaders and Mr. Tongtang yesterday.Chapter 213 The other half of the problemChapter 214 Find it and capture it
Chapter 215: SurviveChapter 216 Remember to come backChapter 217 Main City Passage (1st update)Chapter 218 Is it her? (Second update)
Chapter 219 It¡¯s over before it even begins (please vote for more updates)Ticket request sheetChapter 220 She fell from the sky (please vote for me at the beginning of the month)Chapter 221 Level 1 Alert (Please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)
Chapter 222 It¡¯s quite abnormal (please vote for more updates)Chapter 223 Qinggang¡¯s Doll (please vote for me at the beginning of the month!)Chapter 224 Three Questions (Please vote for new book)Chapter 225 Doll Training Plan
Chapter 226 Qinggang Nuclear WeaponsChapter 227 Dual-line mission (first update)Chapter 228 Interrogation Result (Second Update)Chapter 229 The mysterious wish-making event (additional update for the update invitation circle event)
Chapter 230 A single soldier team is dispatched (first update)Chapter 231 Stress relief and punishment course (second update)Chapter 232 Entering the Ghost Realm (please vote for the third update)Chapter 233 Maritime State Expert Group (please vote)
Chapter 234 Work is differentChapter 235 Believe me or not (first update)Chapter 236 Candidate of God (Second update)Chapter 237 The answer to the Maritime Kingdom (please vote for the third update)
Chapter 238 Catch them (1st update)Chapter 239 He doesn¡¯t want to live (Second update, please vote)Chapter 240 Red Hooded Monster (please vote for the third update!)Chapter 241 Subconscious Monster (1st update)
Chapter 242 The cleanup task begins (second update)Chapter 243 Attack of the Dolls (please vote for the third update)Chapter 244 Unconventional Emergency Defense Plan (fourth update, please vote for me)Chapter 245 Second Phase Execution (First Update)
Chapter 246 Key Items (Second Update)Chapter 247 S-level cleanup mission (please vote for me)Chapter 248 Sister attacks (first update)Chapter 249 Mom¡¯s Scissors (Second update)
Chapter 250 Codenamed "Tyrant" (two-in-one, please vote for me)Chapter 251 Cooperating with the individual captain (first update)Chapter 252 We have two S-classes (second update)Chapter 253 Nice to see you (third update)
Chapter 254 Thank you for your help (fourth update)Chapter 255 Behind the First Door (5th update)Chapter 256 High-profile performance (sixth update)Chapter 257 It¡¯s all what I should do
Chapter 258 The ritual of being a human beingThank you from the Silver Alliance and its leaders and answer some readers¡¯ questionsChapter 259 The pollution of ordinary peopleChapter 260 Gift
Chapter 261 Document No. 003Chapter 262 The Old Director of the OrphanageChapter 263 Heavenly Kingdom Plan (4,000 words)Chapter 264 Is he a good person?
Chapter 265 Asking for leave to visit relatives (first update)Chapter 266 A big event (second update)Chapter 267 You must not leave (third update)Chapter 268 Don¡¯t look at me as just a sheep (4,000 words)
Chapter 269 Weird kidChapter 270 He won¡¯t get better (first update)Chapter 271 She¡¯s hungry again (second update)Chapter 272 Please don¡¯t hurt me (third update)
Chapter 273 Dance under the Red Moon (Happy Birthday to Noah¡¯s Ark)Chapter 274 The fight between two women (this chapter is purely for votes!)Chapter 275 Ghost hits the wallChapter 276 A man scarier than a ghost
Baimeng thank you speechChapter 277 The Man Hanging on the Tree (Thanks to Baimeng for the additional update)Chapter 278 It looks so enjoyableChapter 279 The source of pollution caused by hanging people from trees
Chapter 280 Only your head belongs to you (4,000 words)Chapter 281 The Terrifying Purpose (4,000 words)Chapter 282 The head and body hate each otherChapter 283 Han Bing knows so much (4,000 words)
Chapter 284 Silently observing (first update)Chapter 285 Baita Town (Second update)Chapter 286 One hundred yuan for a madman (third update)Chapter 287 Close Observation
Chapter 288 The Laughter of a MadmanChapter 289 Mother¡¯s irritability (please vote for the third update)Chapter 290 The car¡¯s decision (first update)Chapter 291 Love even if you die (second update)
Chapter 292 Laqin¡¯s Brain (Third update)Chapter 293 She was indeed contaminatedChapter 294 Who is the monster?Chapter 295 God¡¯s Brain Experiment No. 3 (Third update)
Chapter 296 Elegant footsteps (fourth update)Chapter 297 Lose or GainChapter 298 Confirmation of Investigation ResultsChapter 299 God¡¯s Body Cultivation Plan (Part 1)
Chapter 300 Emergency Report (Second Update)More updates today, including women's clothing...Chapter 301 Hell Group (More updates please vote for me)Chapter 302 The most important thing
Chapter 303 I¡¯m here to reportChapter 304 You are the one I reported (please give me your monthly vote for more updates!)Chapter 305 The strange disappearance (first update)Chapter 306 The strange disappearance (second update)
Chapter 307 It would be great if mom was here (please give me monthly votes for more updates!)Chapter 308 Will disappear if ignored (please vote at the beginning of the month!)Chapter 309 So you are here (haha, I added one more, I didn¡¯t expect it)March results report and reflections
Chapter 310 Cute big eyes (the third update today)Chapter 311 The disappeared monster (please vote for the fourth update...)Chapter 312 A person with the ability to read minds?Chapter 313 Look how happy they are (asking for votes at the beginning of the month)
Chapter 314 InfantChapter 315 Friendly Persuasion (asking for votes at the beginning of the month)Chapter 316 Tainted Witness (1st update)Chapter 317 Zhao Hui¡¯s purpose (second update)
Chapter 318 Since reporting is useless (third update)Chapter 319 Commission CompletedChapter 320 What a pleasureChapter 321 I am very fierce
Chapter 322 Invitation from the Black TableChapter 323 Continue with your workChapter 324 The best Team Leader ChenChapter 325 Codename 1021 - Flesh Monster
Chapter 326 Finally found himChapter 327 God will tend towards perfection (4,000 words)Chapter 328 I just went to visit relatives (4,000 words)Chapter 329 Departure in ten minutes
Chapter 330 Codenamed "Life" (rounded to 5,000 words)Chapter 331 The cute little monsterChapter 332 Happy Cooperation (4,000 words)Chapter 333 Intelligence Collection (1st update)
Chapter 334 Bustling city streets (second update)Chapter 335 Memoir Video (Third Update)Chapter 336 Central City Team (1st update)Chapter 337 Reverse Pollution (Second Update)
Chapter 338 A city full of monsters (third update)Chapter 339 Eye Alley and Baby (fourth update)Chapter 340 The courtyard is full of geckos (all orders have exceeded 30,000 yuan, more updates!)Orders have been made for over 30,000 yuan, oh oh oh oh
Chapter 341 The little girl in white dress under the red moon (first update)Chapter 342 The Thoughts of a Neurotic Patient (Second Update)Chapter 343 Nightmare Chase (Third Update)Chapter 344 Twelve-level Rubik's Cube
Chapter 345 Brother, found herChapter 346 No more killing (third update)Chapter 347 Killing Machine (fourth update)Chapter 348: Person with Zero Abilities (Update, rounded to 20,000 words)
Chapter 349 The Big Monster (4,000 words)Chapter 350 Finally found himChapter 351 We are the fire thievesChapter 352 Drinking is bad for your health, so quit it
Chapter 353 The Birth of God (1st update)Chapter 354 City of Monsters (Second update)Chapter 355 Help, Captain (third update)Chapter 356 Do you want to surrender? (first update)
Chapter 357 The whole family comes together (second update)Chapter 358: In a one-on-one battle, one family will beat you up (third update)Chapter 359 Administration Office and Research InstituteChapter 360 A hot man who chases God
Chapter 361 Real Pollution (Update 1)Chapter 362 One Hundred Thousand Level Flesh Monster (Second Update)Chapter 363 Big Monster (Third update)Chapter 364 You are not God (1st update)
Chapter 365 The most terrifying pollution (second update)Chapter 366 Lu Xin under the red moon (please ask for monthly tickets for more updates!)Chapter 367 Warm lullabyChapter 369: Deputy Captain of the Single Soldier Team (1st update)
Chapter 370 Leadership Women (Second Update)Chapter 371 Lunar Eclipse Research Institute (please vote for the third update)Chapter 372 The person who carries the power of the godsChapter 373 Seven Steps Theory
Chapter 374 The Research Institute¡¯s Request for CooperationChapter 375 This is the Abyss (4,000 words)Chapter 376 Peeping into the AbyssChapter 377 Cleaning up the S-level restricted area
Chapter 378 The beauty of the soul is the real beautyChapter 379 The experimental subject recovery plan is completed (double, please vote!)Chapter 380 Summoning lurkers (first update)Chapter 381 The best intelligence organization (second update)
Chapter 382 Good people will never die (please vote with 10,000 words today)Chapter 383 Two million stepping stonesChapter 384 I¡¯m a newcomer and don¡¯t understand the rulesThe competition in May is so fierce. It¡¯s scary. Please vote.
Chapter 385 The Third Family Meeting (First Update) (Please vote at the beginning of the month!!)Chapter 386 Qinggang ability users (second update)Chapter 387 The choice of the queen (third update)Chapter 388 Selecting Team Members (Update 1)
Chapter 389 Doll and Family (Second update)Chapter 390 A lazy nap (third update)Chapter 391 Dead man working normallyChapter 392 The Smiling Town
Chapter 393 Mr. Single Soldier is here (third update)Chapter 394 Their Hope (4,000 words)Chapter 395 The only thing that can be done (4,000 words)Chapter 396 Hatred
Chapter 397 Own ResponsibilityChapter 398 So only I can do it (5,000 words)Chapter 399 Who said I am alone (5,000 words)Chapter 400 Latest mission instructions (4,000 words)
Chapter 401 Give Qinggang a warningChapter 402 Forest of the DeadChapter 403 Let him passChapter 404 The truth of the field
Chapter 405 Song of DeathChapter 406 Flower of Death (5,000 words)Chapter 407 Road to DeathChapter 408 A good opportunity to learn (5,000 words)
Chapter 409 PreacherChapter 410 An Island in the DarkChapter 411 This is considered homework, right?Chapter 412 Qinggang Attack (5,000 words)
Chapter 413 What it¡¯s like to be a human beingChapter 414 The Last Resort (4,000 words)Chapter 415 The goddess descending from the skyChapter 416 Thank you
Chapter 417 It¡¯s great that you¡¯re fineChapter 418 It really wasn¡¯t me (4,000 words)Chapter 419 Qinggang Individual SquadronChapter 420 There is a treasure there (first update)
Chapter 421 Everyone is crazy (second update)Chapter 422 Lu Xin¡¯s idea (thanks to mustlin for becoming the leader of the Red Moon and Silver Alliance)Chapter 423 I will protect youChapter 424 Let the world see who you really are
Chapter 425 Cute Crazy GirlChapter 426: The person in the cracks (4,500 words)Chapter 427: Falling down is really comfortable (first update)Chapter 428 What a big challenge (second update)
Chapter 429 This is our plan (third update)Chapter 430 Ability is ¡°Wish¡± (5,000 words)Chapter 431 Haha, I didn¡¯t expect that.Chapter 432: The Intention of the Naughty Child (Thanks again to mustlin for becoming a silver ally in this book)
Chapter 433 A box of heartsChapter 434 Chen Jing¡¯s decisionChapter 435 Disaster Museum (5,000 words)Chapter 436 A Beautiful Life in a Bottle (4,000 words)
Chapter 437 The man with closed eyes in the wildernessChapter 438 The Queen¡¯s Cry for HelpChapter 439 Qinggang Nuclear Weapons Deployment (4,500 words)Chapter 440 Savage Doll
Chapter 441 The Rampant DollChapter 442 Give the world a smileChapter 443 Let the world begin to hateChapter 444 Two Monsters
Chapter 445 Spiritual Authority (1st update)Chapter 446 The backlash is coming (second update)Chapter 447 The Purpose of the Church of Technology (4,000 words)Chapter 448 We are right outside, please don¡¯t worry (fourth update)
Chapter 449 The feeling of happiness (first update)Chapter 450 Dark Red Hell (Second Update)Chapter 451 If you can cover it with firepower, you can cover it with firepower (third update)Chapter 452 Spiritual Lord (1st update)
Chapter 453 Taking the initiative to enter the bottle (second update)Chapter 454 The ability to copy mental characteristics (third update)Chapter 455 Truth and Falsehood (Part 1)Chapter 456 What can you give to the unfortunate people (second update)
Chapter 457 People polluted by God (third update)Chapter 458 Spiritual LordChapter 459 No one can give orders in front of meChapter 460 Their Answer Sheets (2 in 1)
Chapter 461 The Friendly QueenChapter 462 How to be togetherChapter 463 Lu Xin¡¯s FallChapter 464 Best Employee (Thank you everyone, Hongyue won the award)
Chapter 465 The person possessed by the devilChapter 466 Is this him you are talking about?Chapter 467 Bugs in the EyesChapter 468 Solve the problem calmly
Chapter 469 Han Bing¡¯s ComplaintsChapter 470 It¡¯s simply too unprofessional (4,000 words)Chapter 471 Unknown DangerChapter 472 The tortured girl
Chapter 473 You have to protect me (first update)Chapter 474 The harder you cry, the more your sister likes you (second update)Chapter 475 Female Seed with Evil Thoughts (Third Update)Chapter 476 No. 169 - Euglena Contamination Incident
Chapter 477 A watch worth two hundred thousand! ! !Chapter 478 Unexpected VisitorChapter 479 Our special clearance department does not accept giftsChapter 480 Lu Xin takes Han Bing with him on a small electric car
Chapter 481 Like this kind of lifeChapter 482 Just an insuranceChapter 483 The highest level of confidentialityChapter 484 Qinggang Heavenly Kingdom Plan (4,000 words)
Chapter 485 Core Spiritual LordChapter 486 Lu Xin¡¯s attitude (first update)Chapter 487 The baby is bad at learning (second update)Chapter 488 Our Life (Third update, please vote!)
Chapter 489 There is always a place where I will come backChapter 490 The first batch of experimental subjects - Maritime StateChapter 491 One thousand nine hundred, sixty-two thousand one hundred and seventy-six yuanChapter 492 The Curse of the Mermaid
Chapter 493 The Rotten Country (Update 1)Chapter 494 Singing in the depths of the ocean (second update)Chapter 495 The Conch Girl of the Maritime Kingdom (Third update, please vote)Chapter 496 The First Phase Experiment of the Heavenly Kingdom Plan
Chapter 497 Hold up an umbrellaChapter 498 Second Phase TestChapter 499 Qinggang is so big, hidden dragons and crouching tigersChapter 500 The War of Dolls
Chapter 501 Fortunately, security guards were preparedChapter 502: You must listen to your brother¡¯s words (1st update)Chapter 503: Frightened School of Fish (Second Update)Chapter 504 Our little princess in Qinggang (third update)
Chapter 505 Attitude is a big problemChapter 506 Negotiation Expert Gecko (4,000 words)Chapter 507 Decorating the Orphanage (First Update)Chapter 508 I¡¯m here to pick you up (second update)
Chapter 509 Actually, I remember it all (third update)Chapter 510 There may be something wrong with meChapter 511 Whose fault is it?Chapter 512 The best way to treat yourself
Chapter 513 The city whose sleep was stolenChapter 514 The person who controls the direction of the worldChapter 515 The Friendly QueenChapter 516 The establishment of a single soldier team (first update)
Chapter 517 The Shield and Sword of Qinggang (Second Update)Chapter 518 Han Bing¡¯s life-saving method (third update)Chapter 519 Sleepless Hotel (1st update)Chapter 520 Weird Dissent Meeting (Second Update)
Chapter 521 The Scarecrow¡¯s Eyes (Third Update)Chapter 522 The unknown trembling (first update)Chapter 523 The Soul of the City (Second Update)Chapter 524 Spiritual pollution of heaven (third update)
Chapter 525 My eldest brother is awesome (first update)Chapter 526 The insidious Han Bing (second update)Chapter 527: Father and daughter recognize each other, deeply touching (please vote at the beginning of the month)Chapter 528 The Ledger of the Masters
Chapter 529 The sound of chewing in the darkChapter 530 The earliest polluterChapter 531 Tianhe Ghost TowerChapter 532: The Man-eating Ghost House (please vote for the third update)
Chapter 533 Tianhe Military BaseChapter 534 Regular Infiltration OperationChapter 535 Finally blocked youChapter 536 The infiltration mission was perfectly accomplished
Chapter 537 The key to pollution in Black Swamp City (4,000 words)Chapter 538 Pollution Logic ChainChapter 539 Will-o'-the-Wisp Swamp (4,000 words)Chapter 540 Let them see who has the final say in Black Swamp City
Chapter 541 This is called provoking trouble (4,000 words)Chapter 542 The madness of a cityChapter 543 Raise your handsChapter 544 Do you want to see my true nature? (four thousand words)
Chapter 545 The King in the AbyssChapter 546 The mastermind behind the scenesChapter 547 The cutest sisterChapter 548 He has a very bad temper (please vote for 4,000 words)
Chapter 549 Abyss StowawayChapter 550 This should be called "Execution" (4,000 words)Chapter 551 Find it and interrogate itChapter 552 You really have no chance to repent
Chapter 553 I am not a spiritual lord (4,000 words)Chapter 554 This is authorityChapter 555 ¡°He¡± is backChapter 556 Be good, don¡¯t hide
Card trailer is online! ! The Queen who scares the painter is comingChapter 557 You can¡¯t insult meChapter 558 You know nothing about the power of divinity (4,000 words)Chapter 559 Pure Divinity (first update)
Chapter 560 Actually, I understand, I just don¡¯t care (second update)Chapter 561 Execution Platform (Third update)Chapter 562 The Whistleblower (1st update)Chapter 563 You are the monster (two in one)
Chapter 564 Execution for the entire worldChapter 565 The old dean¡¯s transcriptChapter 566 Why me?Chapter 567 Divinity can be calculated
Chapter 568 The super motivated Lu Xin (Chapter 1)Chapter 569: Uprooting the black grass in Black Marsh City (two-in-one)Chapter 570 Things are still getting serious (4,000 words)Chapter 571 Kill this city
Chapter 572: Touch me? (first update)Chapter 573 If others don¡¯t know, don¡¯t you know it yourself? (Second update)Chapter 574 The evil god has arrived (4,500 words)Chapter 575 The arrival of the terrifying devil
Chapter 576 Gecko¡¯s broad mindChapter 577 A man¡¯s dream will never be shatteredChapter 578 Promoted Xia ChongChapter 579 Negative Zero Troops
Chapter 580 Creating a HellChapter 581 The wealthy Xia Chong (third update please vote)Chapter 582 Codename "Hell Messenger"Chapter 583 Fire Mining Company
Chapter 584 The place of interceptionChapter 585 Excuse me, do you have any fire?Chapter 586 Isn¡¯t it good to be reasonable? (4,500 words)Chapter 587 Six-eyed facial makeup
Chapter 588 Happy Plastic Child (4,000 words)Chapter 589: Parasites, I have them too (4,000 words)Chapter 590 The Gift of the Man Who Hidden the StickChapter 591 Messenger of Hell
Chapter 592 The God Who Borrows Fire (please vote for the third update)Chapter 593 The only one who can decide life and death is the judgeChapter 594 The way to see GodChapter 595 Extra Income (4,000 words)
Chapter 596: One person and one car driving back to Qinggang (please vote, please vote)Chapter 597 The phone ringing in the abandoned houseChapter 598 The frightened dollChapter 599 Everyone loves Director Lu
Chapter 600 Sky-high decoration listChapter 601 Zero-Level Parasitic ItemsChapter 602Chapter 603 The mysterious midnight cry
Chapter 604 Qinggang Mysterious Incident Investigation Team (4,000 words)Chapter 605: The Mystery of the Single School Beauty (Update 1)Chapter 606: This is not the only one who is sad (second update)Chapter 607: Conventional Love Story (Third Update)
Chapter 608 This is the official power (fourth update)Chapter 609 I have strong interrogation skillsChapter 610 Love Post-it NotesChapter 611 The cleanup of special pollution belongs to me
Chapter 612 Two-Headed Old ManChapter 613 Qinggang¡¯s Spiritual Lord¡ªWawaChapter 614 Cao Ye¡¯s PriceChapter 615 Blank Memory
Chapter 616 Everyone is in harmony, the doll¡¯s hugChapter 617 A little secret with the dollChapter 618 Five Parasitic ProductsChapter 619 The little princess who has just begun to fall in love (4,000 words)
Chapter 620 The secret of Lao LouChapter 621 Clean old buildingChapter 622 Red Moon Club offline gatheringChapter 623 Enthusiastic Folks
Chapter 624: People who abide by the rules (4,000 words)Chapter 625 The rule of not giving people a way to surviveChapter 626 This is my respect for the rulesChapter 627 One-man Army
Chapter 628 Human Spider Web (4,500 words)Chapter 629 Group Friend DraculaChapter 630 The Best Earning Five MillionChapter 631 The most reliable person in the club (first update)
Chapter 632: The Psychopaths in Tinder City (Second Update)Chapter 633 Is this a nightmare? (Third update)Chapter 634 Pale Hand (fourth update)Chapter 635 Night Owl
Chapter 636 Hell DesignerChapter 637 Crying under the BridgeChapter 638 Empty CityChapter 639 The black army holding hands (first update)
Chapter 640: Pollution Immune Mental Body (Second Update)Chapter 641 Central City Summer Insect (Third update)Chapter 642 The Strongest Mercenary in the AllianceChapter 643 The best infiltration mission
Chapter 644 For 100 MillionChapter 645 For the civilization and order of the worldChapter 646 It¡¯s very friendly nowChapter 647 Mom¡¯s phone call
Chapter 648 Deal with GodChapter 649: Fire Mining ModelChapter 650 You violated the law I recognized (first update)Chapter 651 The Trap of the Black Box (Second Update)
Chapter 652 Funeral for the living (third update)Chapter 653 Death Curse RitualChapter 654 Monster in the Mechanical Tree (4,000 words)Chapter 655 No. 2 of the Orphanage
Chapter 656 God¡¯s Nightmare WorldChapter 657 The Space of DespairChapter 658 God walking in the cityChapter 659 The only way to leave (third update)
Chapter 660 Baptism of God¡¯s NightmareChapter 661 Club members in nightmaresChapter 662 The enthusiastic gathering of friendsChapter 663 Lu Xin¡¯s Guarantee
Chapter 664 It¡¯s party time (third update)Chapter 665 The final sacrificeChapter 666 Crazy Tinder City (4,000 words)Chapter 667: One-man army emerges from the cave (first update)
Chapter 668: Pollution Confrontation (Second Update)Chapter 669 The messenger of justice gradually goes astray (third update)Chapter 670 Whispers Zombies and Madmen (1st update)Chapter 671 The pieced together fantasy country (second update)
Chapter 672 Humanoid Spider Web (Third update)Chapter 673 The arrival of the terrifying devilChapter 674 Hell EmbryoChapter 675 Spiritual Core
Chapter 676: Gathering of Mentally Ill PatientsChapter 677 The Strongest Legion (Four Thousand)Chapter 678 The strength of the Red Moon ClubChapter 679 This is a war (third update)
Chapter 680 Lu Xin who loves to do good deeds (first update)Chapter 681 Stealing Divinity (Second Update)Chapter 682 The ultimate plan (third update)Chapter 683 The Man Hiding the Stick
Chapter 684 Hell is coming, and hundreds of ghosts are walking at nightChapter 685 The Fifth StepChapter 686 We can¡¯t let him leave like thisChapter 687: Sacrifice to you, I want to see you
Chapter 688: Don¡¯t honest people know how to fight?Chapter 689 The city abandoned by GodChapter 690 Tinder City¡¯s MistakeChapter 691 The Red Moon Club party officially begins
Chapter 692 You are just monstersChapter 693: The Strongest Title of Red Moon ClubChapter 694 People who cannot be recordedChapter 695 A gift for the doll
Chapter 696 My mental state is much betterChapter 697 Class ReunionChapter 698 No. 8¡¯s JobChapter 699 The Midnight Executioner
Chapter 700 Eliminate all sinsChapter 701 Lu Xin¡¯s confessionChapter 702 A late night snack for twoChapter 703 Family Celebration Party
Chapter 704 Qinggang saved the universe in his previous lifeChapter 705 Physical examination is a big dealChapter 706 Individual Soldier Physical Examination ReportChapter 707 Theft of spiritual power
Chapter 708 The level of individual soldiersChapter 709 The child codenamed TyrantChapter 710 Eyes in the sky, literal meaningChapter 711 Advanced Abilities Training Course
Chapter 712: A missile comes down to completely wipe out Qinggang.Chapter 713 The limits of ability users (first update)Chapter 714 In the end, it¡¯s just prey (second update)Chapter 715 The secret of this lesson (third update)
Chapter 716 The spiritual power falling from the skyChapter 717 Going out with momChapter 718 This is the spiritual coreChapter 719 The most worth holding on to
Chapter 720 Mom¡¯s ClassChapter 721 World-class S-level pollution incidentChapter 722 The countdown in the eyesChapter 723 The power of judgment
Chapter 724 Midnight Court Murder FileChapter 725 The Executor Outside the High WallChapter 726 Laughter that passes through timeChapter 727 The Orphanage¡¯s Accuser
Chapter 728 A poor performanceChapter 729 The trial of strength comesChapter 730 This is a typical invasionChapter 731 I don¡¯t want to destroy this world (4,000 words)
Chapter 732 This world is too imperfectChapter 733 Who can judge me?Chapter 734 Trial InvasionChapter 735 The real test of strength
Chapter 736 The monster in the old building Lu Xin (two chapters in one)Chapter 737 They just invaded (4,000 words)Chapter 738 The mutation of the dollChapter 739 The gift that alarmed Qinggang
Chapter 740 The power of the fantasy kingChapter 741 Refuse to PollutionChapter 742: Who is the sword holder?Chapter 743 Evil Thoughts Lu Xin
Chapter 744 The weakest one, Lu XinChapter 745 Fantasy Bullets (1st update)Chapter 746 Father¡¯s private money (second update)Chapter 747: Fire a shot into the sky (third update)
Chapter 748 The weight of the crown (fourth update)Chapter 749 Growing under the eyes of GodChapter 750 The First Generation Research TeamChapter 751 The Quiet Midnight Court
Chapter 752 The initial secret and the final planChapter 753 The most reliable vice-captain in historyChapter 754 Recovering the memories of those three yearsChapter 755 The city under fantasy (first update)
Chapter 756 Lu Xin¡¯s spiritual core (second update)Chapter 757 The old dean¡¯s second assistant (third update)Chapter 758 The Child Tyrant (4,000 words)Chapter 759 Lu Xin and the doll¡¯s private space
Chapter 760 Consultant Ms. LuChapter 761 The ability users of QinggangChapter 762 Mother¡¯s KissChapter 763 Specially invited professor Ms. Lu
Chapter 764 Qinggang¡¯s ChallengeChapter 765 Security - The Great Devil of TerrorChapter 766 The Kingdom of the Abyss (1st update)Chapter 767 Wandering in the Abyss (Second Update)
Chapter 768 The lowest things (third update)Chapter 769 The lowest level of the abyssChapter 770 The ultimate thing was bornChapter 771 Spades Office
Chapter 772 Investigation Plan for the Former Site of the Research InstituteChapter 773 The Father¡¯s Authority (Third Update)Chapter 774 The Power of the Prisoner of the NightChapter 775 Abyss Lurker
Chapter 776 The cold seaside townChapter 777 The Ultimate¡ªThe Fire StealerChapter 778 The truth is not afraid of violence (first update)Chapter 779 The Essence of the Fire Thief (Second Update)
Chapter 780 Mother¡¯s Insightful Eye (Third Update)Chapter 781 The price of looking directly at God (fourth update)Chapter 782 The Power of the Prisoner of the NightChapter 783 The moment fear returns
Chapter 784 Arrogant Father (two more chapters)Chapter 785 The father who left and the mother who took a breakChapter 786 Two hundred million is still neededChapter 787 I need a family
Chapter 788 Are you willing to be my messenger? (four thousand words)Chapter 789 It would be a pity not to break such a legChapter 790 Circus in the Mountains (2-in-1)Chapter 791 A huge sum of ten yuan
Chapter 792 They are always hanging above the headChapter 793 Walking in the weirdness, she is happier than the weirdness (two additional chapters)Chapter 794 This living forestChapter 795 The painting girl in the fairy tale world
Chapter 796 Those who work are the noblest (third update)Chapter 799 The place where the first secret was recorded (first update)Chapter 800 Investigation mission started (second update)Chapter 801 Research on High-Dimensional Life¡ª¡ªLu Tianming (third update)
Chapter 802 The Curse of Pre-Civilization (fourth update)Chapter 803 The Call of the PastChapter 804 Prisoner¡¯s DanceChapter 805 This is the Genesis Hard Drive (first update)
Chapter 806 The only consciousness (second update)Chapter 807 The goal of a generation of researchers (third update)Chapter 808 The ultimate fantasy power (fourth - fifth update)Chapter 809 The pen belongs to others, but my sister belongs to me
Chapter 810 Investigation Team¡¯s Plan BChapter 811 The pride of being a human being (two more updates from [Noah¡¯s Ark])Chapter 812 I am a monster, I am a tyrant (fourth update)Chapter 813 The feeling of destroying everything (first update)
Chapter 814 The power of black particles (two in one)This is a single chapter! A very important single chapter! !Chapter 815 Your NightmareChapter 817 How can there be a warm family? (Additional update please vote)
Chapter 818 Thirteen Ultimates¡ªAbyss WormChapter 820 The authority of the entire abyss (third update)Chapter 821 Wang Jingyun¡¯s plan (7,400 words)Chapter 822 The choice of the fortune teller
Chapter 823 The most humane planChapter 824 Crazy, yet simpleChapter 825 Mother¡¯s Fate (4,000 words)Chapter 826 The abolished trump card
Chapter 827 The Disappearance of the Life-Seeing Master (4,000 words)Chapter 828 I am a god (4,500 words)Chapter 829 The Final Performance (5,500 words)Chapter 830: No need for outsiders to interfere in family matters (4,000 words)
Chapter 831 Three Red Balloons (5,500 words)Chapter 832 Will definitely come back, Ms. Peeping LifeChapter 833 From the initial disgustChapter 834 Dinner alone
Chapter 835 The Highest Stage (4,000 words)Chapter 836 Normal Physical Examination ProcessChapter 837 Magic TechniquesChapter 838 I am the best, only a little stronger than the ultimate
Chapter 839 The Institute¡¯s Biggest CreditorExtra chapterextraChapter 842 Orphanage No. 14
Chapter 843 The message left by my motherChapter 844 He has been watching usChapter 845 A billion-dollar projectChapter 846 The child who is still alive
Chapter 847 Is this your bullet?Chapter 848 A man worth one billion (5,500 words)Chapter 849: The feeling of meeting old classmates (4,500 words)Chapter 850 No. 3 in clothes
Chapter 852 Violent Crazy No. 5 (1st update)Chapter 853 The skinny woman on the man¡¯s back (second update)Chapter 854 There are no fools in the orphanage (4,000 words)Chapter 855 No one knows him better than we do (rounded up and added 6,000 words)
Chapter 856 The Weakness of the Tyrant (4,000 words)Chapter 857 The most "smart" plan (two chapters in one)Chapter 858 Children in the Orphanage (two chapters in one)Chapter 859 The other side of the original (still two in one)
Chapter 860 The three secrets of the old dean (6,000 words)Chapter 861 The person who betrayed Qinggang (4,000 words)Chapter 862 If there is resistance, be killed immediatelyChapter 863 Genius Researcher¡¯s Plan
Chapter 864 Civilized Pollution Source (4,000 words)Chapter 865 Ant pushing woodRemarks on entering the closing stageChapter 867 Facing the beginning, spiritual baptism
Chapter 868 This is the Trial of God (4,500 words)Chapter 869 Spiritual Strength +2Chapter 871 World-destroying pollution incident (please vote for more updates)Chapter 872 Qinggang¡¯s attitude (four thousand)
Chapter 873 The second phase of the Heavenly Kingdom Plan and the strongest clean-up team in history (5,000 words)Chapter 874 Team assembly, initial twelve members (5,000 words)Chapter 875 Long-distance Strike (6,000 words)Chapter 876 The first battle of the Tyrant Squad (6,000 words)
Chapter 877 The Goddess of Light and the Knight (5,000 words)written request for leave¡­¡­Chapter 878 Qinggang faces the battle (6,500 words)Chapter 879 This is Qinggang¡¯s confidence (7,000 words)
Chapter 880 The Return of the King of Night (6,500 words)Chapter 881 What is light? (seven thousand words)Chapter 882 Ultimate¡ªGuardian (5,000 words)Chapter 883 The Tyrant is Coming (5,500 words)
Chapter 884 Everyone is happy (6,000 words)Chapter 885: Angry children never grow up (6,000 words)Chapter 886 The origin of the Thirteen Ultimates (6,000 words)Chapter 887 Civilized Undertaker
Chapter 888 The Biggest Madman (6,000 words)Chapter 889 The old dean¡¯s invitation (6,000 words)Chapter 890 The first quarrel (6,000 words)Chapter 891 Preparation of Teachers and Students (5,000 words)
Chapter 892 City of Life (7,000 words VS today¡¯s update, please vote!!)Chapter 893 The purpose of the old dean (7,000 words)Chapter 887 The First Sacrifice (5,000 words, three updates)Chapter 888 Seven ultimate witnesses (fourth update)
Chapter 889 The encounter between two eras (7,500 words)Chapter 890: Ways to Stop Sacrifice (7,000 words)Chapter 891 Becoming a God and then rejecting you (6,000 words)Chapter 892 A new era will always come
Final wordsPostscript - To those who will eventually go to happiness!Brothers, the new book "Scarlet Advent" has sold for 200,000 yuan.Chapter 922 "Starting from the Red Moon" comic is now online on Tencent Animation!
Extra trailer [Old Dean and the Crowned Clown]Chapter 191 Of course he is a good person (second update)Chapter 798 You are finally back (4,500 words)Chapter 840 The days of living with a doll
Chapter 841 The younger sister and Xiaojiu in the safeChapter 870 The Second ComingChapter 368 Experimental Subject Recovery PlanChapter 797 He took the bride away
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