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The male god  he is handsome and cracks the sky [Quick time travel] Latest chapter update list


Don't clickProloguefirst world 1first world 2
first world 3The first world 4 (punctuation correction)first world 5The end of the first world (punctuation correction)
The second world 1 (punctuation correction)The Second World 2 (punctuation correction)The Second World 3 (punctuation correction)The Second World 4 (punctuation correction)
The Second World 5 (punctuation correction)The Second World 6 (punctuation correction)The Second World 7 (punctuation correction)The second world 8 (punctuation correction)
The Second World 9 (punctuation correction)The end of the second world¡¾Second update¡¿The third world 1¡¾Third update¡¿The third world 2
The third world 3The third world 4The third world 5The third world 6
The Third World 7 [Complete]The third world 8The third world 9The third world 10
The third world 11The fourth world 1The fourth world 2Fanwaijun
The fourth world 3The fourth world 4The fourth world¡¾End¡¿The Fourth World¡¾Extra¡¿
The fifth world 1The fifth world 2The fifth world 3The fifth world 4
The fifth world 5The fifth world 6The fifth world 7The fifth world 8
The fifth world 9The fifth world 10The fifth world¡¾End¡¿The Sixth World 1
The Sixth World 2The Sixth World 3The Sixth World 4The Sixth World 5
The Sixth World 6 [Little Fatty Chapter]The Sixth World 7 [Insect Catching]The Sixth World 8The Sixth World 9
The Sixth World 10The Sixth World 11The Sixth World 12The Sixth World 13
The Sixth World 14The Sixth World¡¾End¡¿The seventh world 1The Seventh World 2
Chapter 65The Seventh World 4The Seventh World 5The Seventh World 6
The Seventh World 7The Seventh World 8The Seventh World 9The Seventh World 10
The Seventh World 11The Seventh World 12The Seventh World 13The Seventh World 14
The Seventh World 15¡¾End¡¿Wen Sa's extra chapter¡¾1¡¿Wen Sa's extra chapter¡¾End¡¿Mo Jiuyuan extra
The eighth world 1The Eighth World 2The Eighth World 3The Eighth World 4
The Eighth World 5The Eighth World 6The Eighth World 7The eighth world 8
The Eighth World 9The Eighth World 10The Eighth World 11The Eighth World 12
The Eighth World 13The Eighth World 14The Eighth World 15The Eighth World 16
The Eighth World 17The Eighth World 18The Eighth World EndThe Ninth World 1
The Ninth World 2The Ninth World 3The Ninth World 4The Ninth World 5
The Ninth World 6The Ninth World 7The Ninth World 8ninth world
The Ninth World 11The Ninth World 12The Ninth World 13The Ninth World 14
The Ninth World 15The Ninth World 16The Ninth World EndThe Ninth World Extra
the last world 1the last world 2the last world 3the last world 4
The last world 5? The last world 6the last world 7the last world 8the last world 9
the last world 10The last world 11the last world 12The last world 13
The last world 14The last world 15Gu Yanxi Extra (1)Gu Yanxi Extra (2)
Finale Part 1end  
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