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After being forced to ascend the throne  I became popular in Interstellar Latest chapter update list


Resurrectionstar contestBoy with rabbit earsStar Network Popular
Earth civilizationClear customs firstcheck powercountry deal
mechanical mazeZerg baseFull of question marksstop thinking
Shocking scandalSo angry and coldEnter machinerythug mantis
Enemies meetBlood Phantom Sporenatural abilityHidden rules
Feed the Queenlife and deathEarth teammatesPromotion Badge
So viciousfalse ruleslemon tearsRosa Civilization
make a dealMantis appearsexploding flowerhealing pills
Badge positioningIs he pretending?Ah, me tooOne per person
Medium ZergDon't shake BilianI beg youIron-blooded Vineworm
Get rich instantlymaze centerchild scaredHave been pleased
forest mountainsZerg aliensforest of liesgive warning
eavesdropping onlineIt's darkblack water ghost butterflyReally a good person
Money will come quicklyTrigger rulestruth liesLies
PopularShangyuan civilizationPrepare for waryellow sand country
Advanced ZerghunterFarmer and SnakeLeads per capita
Ridiculous speculationInsect beast civilizationvisual and auditory hallucinationsemergency
trade buildinggolden treelove at first sightIrregularities
The thoughts of various countriesWant to plant trees?Enemies meetdead tree
Officials are causing troubleConfirm the conjectureShadow Worm Brain GuThe last day
The status quo of competition for favorComes with key?interstellar ageShangyuan Secret Realm
Sit back and waittrue ghost storyCan't leaveControl people's hearts
your purposeWealth comes naturallyHe didn't agreeBrain Gu Evolution
BorderlandsA master of conversationNeptune Su YuMake it big or small
sense of illusionno reasonTake a look at it slowlyTo deceive people with sex
Martial arts contest to recruit a brideZerg preferencesSo what?Shocked
swallow miragesecondary evolutionThe master invites youWordless Book of Heaven
two zergPeeping in the darkZerg InstinctTurn it over to the country
scheming snakeAnother starshipWang is so cutebad development
no queensecretly covetDelisting EarthGo to Alliance
Star game beginsAll villainsConfrontation maptrue and false illusion
Start to feel sourvery reasonablean ideaDon't like it?
All for youCity baseBroodworm hatchingAppearance deceives
Zerg prototypecoincidentallycrystal crownGather some wool
Just this, thisNumber of low-level segmentsspecial boyAnge player
Coward, coward, cowardBroodworm HatchingMimicry abilitytwo worlds
Discovered by the outside worldWhat a scapegoatBad guessGet a battleship
Everyone is crazyit is mineOffer victoryscientific miracle
Su Yu's identityfive major civilizationstry to assimilatetwo starships
I broke the rulesStart assimilatingare you suresmall group
plush fluffymagical universeI like Wanghumanoid monster
life energyLeave him aloneThe prototype of the armyPowerful and lovely
Make yourself kingFood and accommodation includedCapture city Bnew disaster
Higher education baseAlien Kingno choiceResearch Base
fellow earthweak kingfanatical followingFalse white group
He is backWhat is likeI want to help youTesting the Zerg
false temptationyou are dyingcompetition is overThat's outrageous
personal serviceInsect tree baseThe truth about insect treesMake the king happy
Brilliant Galaxydeath matchhunting smilethis is not normal
haven't seen you for a long timeflashyabandoned planetXinghai Library
Real double standardsZerg WeaknessThe insect tree appearsout of control
Insect Beast TreeHappiness falls from heavenTracking processPlayer dies
almost godSecret pastHow to be proudobscure thoughts
frightenedPreparation ceremonyBattleship arrivesSweeping the whole network
As expectedGod-level operationMental avalancheself-contained camp
Enlightenment on the spotAppend rulesyou have no heartInternal friction in the camp
Men silently shed tearsRushing to blow themselves upDesolate and miserableDominate the Zerg
The battle situation reversesreverse againrestart gamethis is a miracle
finalAudience in tearstime abilityStar Game ends
want to hug youHorrible Habitcoronation ceremonyEveryone celebrates
another worldZerg martial lawher supplementslooking for meeting
The arrival of the ZergHow crazy with desirenew zergfederal decision
federal requestJust very scaredSow discordZerg missing
a bit shockedTogether forever  
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