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Demon Sword Tao Yan (12)

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    After gently placing Song Yunyin on the ground, Zhang Liangshao stood up, flicked his sleeves, and looked at the woman in front of him, with no concealment of the awe-inspiring murderous intent in his slightly narrowed red pupils.

    He raised his hand slightly, and the body of the Yanyan Sword in front of him was summoned by the shadow, and it suddenly left the ground, like a dark red lightning, and circled the entire forest in an instant.

    The next moment, he suddenly closed his fingers and held the flying long sword in his backhand.

    A few seconds passed.


    Under the woods, a line of blood suddenly spurted out from the necks of several demon cultivators who were setting fire to the corpses. They covered their necks, their eyes widened, and there were several "clicks" in their throats. They didn't know what had just happened until they died.  .

    The moment they fell to the ground, a cloud of black energy emerged from the wounds on their necks, as if something invisible was devouring their flesh and blood. In an instant, those people turned into shriveled corpses.

    The black smoke blew along the wind and hit Zhang Liangshao. He lowered his head, took a long breath of contentment, raised his head, and the embodied demonic energy turned into huge wings and spread out behind him.

    Zhu Jiu took a breath of cold air, her wide-open purple eyes full of fear.

    "Who are you?"

    "Does an ant like you deserve to know my name?" Zhang Liangshao slowly tilted his head, revealing a bloodthirsty and evil smile.

    "The auspicious time has arrivedit's time to hit the road."

    The black wings behind him expanded in an instant, rising into a giant black beast with teeth and claws and red eyes. The giant beast slowly poked its head in front of Zhu Jiu and opened its bloody mouth like a black hole towards her.

    Zhu Jiu¡¯s pupils shrank suddenly, and he opened his mouth and said softly:

    "Senior, forgive me¡ª¡ª"

    "Ah," and before the woman could finish speaking, the giant black beast swallowed her into its belly, including her skin and bones.

    It¡¯s so weak and boring.

    Zhang Liangshao clicked and twisted his neck. After the giant beast swallowed the flesh and blood, it turned into ethereal black flames and returned to his body. It also floated over and rubbed his hand affectionately.

    Zhang Liangshao opened his hand and took the bead handed to him by Hei Yan, held it in front of his eyes and looked at it.

    ??A treasure weapon that can imprison the soul and refine spiritual energy. Hey, this is a great tonic pill.

    He opened his mouth and brought the beads to his mouth¡ª¡ª

    His blood-red eyes turned and glanced at the unconscious man behind him.

    ¡°Forget it, it¡¯s still important to save people.

    He put the beads away, and with a thought, it turned into billowing black air, rolled up Song Yunyin and his sword, and flew towards the clear pool deep in the valley.

    They left corpses on the ground.


    ¡°Senior¡­senior brother¡­¡±

    On the ground beside him, the disciple in Tsing Yi, with his eyes half-opened and half-closed, opened his chapped lips and murmured softly.


    Is it is it an illusion

    Mo Zixuan thought drowsily and passed out again.


    Zhang Liangshao didn't know that he had accidentally saved a life just now. He placed the swordsman in white clothes on the stone beside the pool and leaned against it. He staggered and almost fell on his old attacker. Fortunately, he was in time.  He stretched out his arms without pressing on Song Yunyin's wounds.

    ? #Pretending too hard, a little tired#

    The red flame between the eyebrows gradually faded into black, the body in the hand was retracted into the sea of ??consciousness, and the flames surrounding it gradually dissipated.

    Zhang Liangshao leaned on Song Yunyin and took a breath.


    But it seemed like I was sucking a little too hard just now, almost reaching the critical point again.

    If he is discovered by the sky thunder, he will probably be hacked to death.

    ????????????????????????? Mom, I feel a little scared just thinking about it, if I don¡¯t hide in this secret place for the rest of my life and never come out.

    Zhang Liangshao sighed, stretched out his hand and caressed the man's pale and handsome face.

    "How did you end up in this situation?"

    He whispered, and the lingering sound faded in the air. I don¡¯t know whether he was talking to himself or listening to him.


    Not far away, there was the sound of rushing water from the waterfall, a row of white and green water, and the slanting glow of the water.

    By the edge of the pond, a green leaf fell with the wind, and just kissed its reflection. I just waved it nostalgically in the wind,?? was stepped into the water by a pair of jade feet.

    Slender fingers slowly pushed aside the ashes-stained white clothes, revealing the man's distinct collarbones and solid chest.

    The black robe on his body turned into curls of black smoke and drifted away in the wind. Zhang Liangshao pushed his long hair aside, hugged Song Yunyin and soaked in the pool, letting his head rest on his body.

    ?On the surface of the water, only his white shoulders looming through his long hair were exposed, as well as the smooth butterfly bones on Song Yunyin's back.

    He half hugged the unconscious person, and his slender fingers gently touched his eyebrows, which were frowning in his sleep, as if to soothe him.

    "Sorry, I can't get that woman's needle out of your body" he said in a low voice, "but I can use my fire to refine them. That woman's demonic energy is Yin, and your ice spirit  The roots come from the same source, and after refining, they can actually nourish your damaged meridians."

    ¡°¡­it might hurt a little, but you have to bear it.¡±

    He kissed the man's forehead pityingly, closed his eyes, and the red magic pattern on his forehead appeared. The next moment, the cool pool water around him actually started to bubble, and the surrounding water quickly rose.  The dense mist covered this extremely fragrant scene in a milky white beauty.

    So hot

    Song Yunyin thought like this in the chaos of consciousness.

    The broken golden elixir fragments were swept up by the chaotic spiritual energy in his own air sea, and his internal organs were in a mess.

    But at this time, it was as if the body suddenly fell into the crater of a volcano. The hot magma seeped in from every crack in his skin, especially in every scarred joint and organ, entrenching itself on the wound like a tarsal ant.  , unable to escape.

    The man lying on his shoulder groaned uncomfortably, and unconsciously grabbed his arm with his palms, squeezing the arm bones until they cracked.

    Zhang Liangshao opened his eyes and stretched out his hand again to smooth his increasingly wrinkled eyebrows. After finding that it didn't work, he simply pushed Song Yunyin to the edge of the Tan, raised his wet arms to the bank beside the man, and covered him to pry.  Opened his closed lips.

    The pair of dark red eyes were half-closed, with a rare tenderness deep in them. The fiery lips and tongue were attacking the man's slightly cold mouth, with a domineering attitude that could not be resisted, just like the red flame of the flame sword itself.  So wanton.

    It seemed that the familiar feeling made the man regain his memory. His eyes were still closed, but he slowly responded involuntarily.

    While Zhang Liangshao comforted Song Yunyin, he did not forget to activate his own flames to help him heal his injuries. He used the innate glazed karma fire to melt and refine the Nine Yin Divine Needles at the key points in his body one by one.

    The ripples in the pool swayed gently, like a mirror, reflecting two intertwined figures.

    The long dark red hair and black hair are intertwined and tangled together, like a knot that cannot be untied in this life.


    The temperature around him was still so hot, but it was no longer unbearable. The ravine between Song Yunyin's brows gradually smoothed out at some point. In his inner vision, streams of warm currents flowed into his body along his meridians.  Like the sea of ????qi in the center of the storm, while repairing the damaged body, it slowly melted the broken golden elixir into a handful of blue water, and then merged into the water flow without any hindrance. Following the direction of the flow, in  A deep vortex formed in the center of the air sea.

    Looking from a distance, the vortex is half fiery red, half blue, one yin and one yang, like a Tai Chi Pisces diagram.

    Yin and Yang are the way of heaven and earth, the order of all things, the parents of change, the origin of life and death, and the house of the gods. Yang generates and grows Yin, Yang kills and Yin hides. Yin and Yang complement each other, and their Qi moves. One Yin and one Yang.  , the way of heaven and earth

    In the white mist, the eyelashes as fine as crow feathers of the leader of Lingxiao Peak, who was leaning against the pool wall with his eyes closed, trembled slightly.

    The next moment, the man's long and narrow eyes suddenly opened, and the confusion in his dark pupils flashed away, and then a cold purple light lit up.


    Song Yunyin: When my wife kissed me, I suddenly realized - it¡¯s great to have a wife (expressionless and serious face).

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