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Chapter 113 Thirty-six Tiangang Formations!

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    In a corner of the auditorium.

    A bohemian middle-aged man with a mustache showed a smile.

    "You are more than capable, Guanyang."

    ? ? Almost all the materials Li Guanyang uses now are obtained with his lifetime wealth.

    Although I don¡¯t know what Li Guanyang produced, if it is just such strength.

    That can¡¯t be his Li Bailong¡¯s son.


    On the playing field.

    Chen Feng¡¯s eyes suddenly widened, and everyone saw an incredible scene.

    Li Guanyang suddenly had a stack of spiritual cards in his hand.

    It¡¯s really a stack!

    "Human sea tactics?"

    Chen Feng could only think of this tactic for a while.

    Li Guanyang¡¯s expression remained unchanged and he took back his Three Musketeers.

    The next moment, all the audience screamed in surprise.


    ¡°Damn it!¡±

    Opponent Qin Ruochen also showed a surprised look.

    A huge fighting arena.

    In front of Li Guanyang, green-robed swordsmen appeared one after another.

    Even the big guys in the VIP seats looked at the arena in astonishment.

    "so much?"

    A total of thirty-six azure junior green-robed swordsmen stood proudly on the field holding dark green long swords.

    As a father, Li Bailong also laughed when he saw this scene.

    He gave almost his entire fortune to Li Guanyang.

    Being familiar with Li Guanyang¡¯s card-making style, he already knew what Li Guanyang wanted to do.

    "Damn it, the spiritual heart you promised is so expensive?"

    Chen Feng couldn¡¯t help but complain.

    Thirty-six swordsmen, that is, thirty-six spiritual hearts.

    He worked hard to get one, which was given to him by someone else, and he made Nezha.

    Plus Thirty-Six Weapons Spirit Sword materials.

    You can imagine how expensive the total value is.

    "They are all low-quality spiritual hearts and sky-blue level spiritual swords."

    Manman said seriously while looking at the field.

    Any material has high and low quality, and its value is also different.

    Chen Feng has only seen the soul who made Nezha in his life.

    That was an apology from the Sunset Chamber of Commerce, and the quality was naturally very high.

    This principle is just like the same heart of the devil wolf, the quality must be high or low.

    But even if it is a low-quality spiritual heart, every one will still be competed for. The number is too terrifying.

    If a family produces a genius like Luo Hanzhou, they will not hand over all their wealth to him.

    But the father treats his son completely differently.

    Just like Chen Feng¡¯s father, he also gave all his savings to Chen Feng.

    The same is true for Li Bailong.

    Li Bailong has been traveling around, collecting materials, and his wealth can only be described as amazing.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? together??????

    All the audience couldn¡¯t help but smile.

    The next moment, thirty-six green-robed swordsmen shouted angrily:


    "Set up the formation!"

    In an instant, one after another, the green-robed swordsmen soared into the air and flew towards Qin Ruochen's four-winged demon!

    The figures are constantly changing, each standing at a corner of the formation, surrounding the four-winged demon in the center!

    A large formation was formed in an instant!

    The VIP guests at the table could not help but say:

    "Thirty-six Tiangang Formation?"

    Huangfuyan replied:

    "A weakened version of the Tiangang Formation."

    The truly legendary Thirty-Six Tiangang Formation requires thirty-six Yaojin-level human swordsmen to complete.

    The power of its formation is unpredictable.

    Although Li Guanyang¡¯s thirty-six green-robed swordsmen are only at the beginning level of Tianlan.

    But as long as the power of the Tiangang Formation is unleashed, the outcome of this battle is unknown!

    No one expected to see such a wonderful game in the nine-province competition.

    It¡¯s even more exciting than the battle between Imperial Colleges!

    At this moment, thirty-six green-robed swordsmen formed a formation, their auras connected with each other, and they kept waving their swords.

      The power of the formation is constantly superimposed, and the combat effectiveness is extremely tyrannical!

    In terms of the power it unleashes, it is even more terrifying than the four-winged demon.

    The spiritual power in the sky seems to be attracted by this endless power of the formation, and is constantly gathering into the formation¡ª¡ª

    Qin Ruochen did not hesitate, and a burst of extremely dark energy erupted from the four-winged demon.

    ??He crashed into one direction of the formation with his powerful body!

    I don¡¯t know what skill flickered, but the whole person hit the formation with a dark light.

    In an instant, the formation began to strangle.

    The two pairs of black wings of the four-winged demon unfolded at the same time, continuously shooting out black light and attacking the formation, making bursts of roaring sounds!

    With this Thirty-Six Tiangang Formation, as long as a gap is made, the formation can be broken.

    The spiritual power in the air seemed to be integrated into the formation like flowing water.

    The momentum has risen to its peak!

    Every sound made all the audience¡¯s hearts tremble.





    In the center of the Tiangang Formation, an illusory swordsman seemed to appear.

    With eyes closed and holding the sword in front of his chest with both hands, Qin Ruochen looked at the swordsman ferociously. With a thought, the four-winged demon killed him in an instant!

    The black demon claws directly grabbed the swordsman floating in the air.

    But what shocked Qin Ruochen was that this claw with all his strength was swung into the air.

    "how come¡­¡­"

    At Lingfeng College, Bai Di found that she seemed to have underestimated the opposite college.

    "Tiangang Formation, if you don't break it, you will die!"

    In an instant, the swordsman floating in the air suddenly opened his eyes.

    The aura of Yaojin level suddenly erupted.

    A shocking sword.

    Before anyone could react, he struck the four-winged demon¡¯s wings with great power!

    The body of the demon-like spirit card is extremely tough. Even so, one of the wings of the four-winged demon was still severed!

    Black blood spreads across the field

    fell on Qin Ruochen's face.


    "Die! Die!"

    Qin Ruochen roared ferociously.

    The four-winged demon was in great pain after one of its wings was broken, but he still attacked forcefully under Qin Ruochen's control!

    The master¡¯s will is the spirit card¡¯s will and cannot be violated.


    The huge demon body exploded with the strongest impact, and once again painfully hit the formation.

    The powerful forces collided together and made a huge roar!

    "It is impossible to break the Tiangang Formation without strong enough explosive power."

    Manman said in surprise in the waiting area.

    If Qin Ruochen leaves Chen Feng in this situation, Chen Feng will most likely be able to break through the Tiangang Formation.

    But Qin Ruochen can't do it!

    Li Guanyang struggled to support the formation, and the spiritual power in his body was almost drained.

    With another sword swing, the four-winged demon broke off two more wings!

    Having lost its three wings, the four-winged demon suddenly fell to the ground.

    Thirty-six green-robed swordsmen were also severely injured by the impact, and blood overflowed from the corners of each swordsman's mouth.

    But the Thirty-Six Tiangang Formation is still in operation.

    The swordsmen gathered in the formation stood in front of Qin Ruochen who was kneeling on the ground.

    The dark green sword was pointed at his head.

    All the spectators looked at the arena blankly

    The winner has been decided!

    "I actually won"

    "I actually won!" (Remember the website address:
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