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Chapter 466 Tell the truth

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    "Guys, let's go down and start taking action!"

    With Major Dutch¡¯s order, everyone picked up their backpacks and weapons, hung up the slings and slid off the helicopter. Jiang Hao landed steadily on the ground.

    "Check the weapons and equipment in 5 minutes." Da Qi said.

    Jiang Hao began to check his things. He was a sniper. His main weapon was an m21 sniper rifle, and he was equipped with a melee weapon Remington shotgun.

    The pistol is an M29 revolver, a powerful pistol. It is the most powerful 0.44 caliber pistol. It uses 0.44 Magnum bullets and can kill buffalo, bears, wild boars and even elephants at close range. It is a favorite backup firearm for hunters.

    Jiang Hao himself likes to use revolvers, so this is very suitable.

    The rest are daggers, machetes, grenades, and a combat backpack, which contain some jungle combat supplies, such as bandages, medicines, water cleaners, explosive detonators, etc.

    After equipping everything, Jiang Hao still complained in his heart. Their real enemy this time was not the guerrillas in South America, but the Predators. These firearms could hurt him, but they could not kill him.

    The system is also screwed up. It doesn¡¯t give you any buffering time. It just throws it into the jungle, even at the beginning of the movie. At least you can prepare more supplies and equipment, and load the storage space with explosives, Stinger missiles, etc.  Like, blast that bastard to death.

    "The time is up, let's set off." Dutch said.

    Everyone picked up their guns and started heading into the jungle. Jiang Hao took a deep breath, and the humid tropical rainforest air refreshed him.

    Since it¡¯s here, let¡¯s fight.

    Let¡¯s have a crazy jungle battle and hope that we can eat chicken in the end!

    "Gu! Gu! Gu~~"



    The sounds of various animals were heard from time to time in the jungle. Jiang Hao's nerves were tense and he kept looking around.


    A voice came from under his feet. Jiang Hao looked over nervously and found that he had just broken a dead branch. Just as he relaxed, his energy suddenly became tense again because he felt a dangerous aura in front of him.

    That dangerous aura was not aimed at himself, but at Billy in front of Jiang Hao. "Billy, pay attention to the side and ahead." Jiang Hao warned in a low voice.

    Just when Jiang Hao was talking, Billy suddenly pulled out the machete from his waist, pointed it in that direction and slashed it. Then he saw a snake broken into two parts, falling on the dead leaves on the ground, its body  Still twisting.

    Billy put away the knife, turned around and nodded slightly to Jiang Hao.

    It seems that this guy also felt the danger just now. Jiang Hao remembered that in the movie, this Billy also had the ability to sense danger and was a natural warrior.

    The 8-person team advanced for about half an hour and finally arrived at the location where the helicopter crashed. Several people searched around. After a while, Ramirez shouted: "Boss, here, on the tree."

    Everyone gathered together and looked up to see a helicopter that had been blown to pieces and hung on a tree in the jungle.

    Ramirez took out the hook lock and threw it up. He slowly climbed up to the wreckage of the helicopter. After exploring inside, he came down and came to Dutch to report: "Boss, it should have been blown down by a heat-seeking bomb.  The equipment and radio were removed, and there were no bodies.¡±

    "Also, this helicopter is not an ordinary helicopter, but a reconnaissance helicopter."

    Major Dutch frowned and turned to look at Dillon, a senior CIA agent next to him, "Dillon, how come the guerrillas have heat-seeking bombs?"

    Di Long shrugged, "I don't know either."

    "Daqi blinked and didn't ask any more questions. He and Di Long were once teammates in the same team, brothers who were born and died. He didn't want to doubt his brother and chose to trust him for the time being.

    Jiang Hao is right next to him. He knows the ins and outs of everything and knows that this Di Long is lying. The purpose of this trip is not to save some wandering congressmen, but to kill the anti-government armed forces and seize their secrets.

    But even if he says it now, Dutch may not believe it, and it's too late now. They have already arrived in the jungle. The Predator is hiding somewhere at this moment, maybe it is spying on them, waiting to be hunted.

    Billy has been observing the surrounding situation. He is the tracking expert in the team. After a while, he came over and said: "Boss, there are six guys wearing US Marine Corps boots passing by here. They should be tracking the guerrillas?"

    Dutch looked at Dillon, "Do you know about this?"

      Dillon shrugged, "Maybe it's another guerrilla group, they often operate here."

    Dutch took a deep look at Dillon.

    To the others, "Spread out and see what you can find."

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? did not go to find the dead Delta special forces, but to see if he could feel the breath of the Predator.

    Billy walked forward with his tracking skills. Suddenly, he seemed to feel something. He slowly climbed up a stone platform and opened a clump of leaves first


    Billy yelled.

    Hearing the sound, others quickly gathered in that direction, Jiang Hao was no exception. They walked under the stone platform and saw a shocking scene.

    Three bloody corpses were skinned and hung upside down on the tree. The bright red muscle tissue was exposed, and the blood dyed the ground and leaves red.

    The governor's face was very ugly. Ramirez's eyes were solemn and he made a cross on his chest with his hand, "Virgin Mary."

    Mike found a military tag in the pile of corpses, picked it up with a dagger and threw it to the governor. The governor looked at the military tag and asked Dillon next to him: "They are the North Carolina army, why are they here."

    Dillon spread his hands and said, "Daqi, I don't know."

    But then he said: "This is so inhumane, those guerrillas actually skinned them."

    Dutch is still a little suspicious of Dillon.

    Dutch walked outside, looked around to observe the situation, walked up to Billy and asked, "What did you find?"

    "Boss, there was a gun battle here, but I found that they were shooting randomly in all directions. I can't think of a reason why they would do this." Billy said.

    "Were they ambushed?" the governor asked.

    "No, I see no sign of an ambush," answered Billy.

    Everyone put down the bodies, buried them in the dense forest, and saluted. Mike said sadly: "They shouldn't die like this."

    Next to him, Di Long watched the burial end and said, "Let's move on. I think the guerrillas' lair may be ahead."

    At this moment, Jiang Hao, who had been silent, said, "Daqi, I have something to say."

    Everyone looked at Jiang Hao.

    "Daqi, I saw the condition of those corpses. This was not a simple massacre. I even doubt that it was done by humans."

    Jiang Hao decided to tell the truth.  (Remember the website address:
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