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Chapter 139

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    The suddenly darkened live broadcast room kept the audience from coming back to their senses for a while. They looked at each other in confusion. Some people asked: Is there a power outage on the main star of the empire?

    [Power outage?  You don¡¯t even believe in the empire.  ]

    [Marshal He, from today on, he and I have a sworn hatred.  ]

    "[My brownie, even if I can't get it in the lottery, there is still a chance of one in tens of billions!"  Now, there is no hope at all, Marshal He, ah ah ah]

    The audience in the live broadcast room clenched their fists with both hands, their eyes glowed green, and they stared forward menacingly, as if they wanted to pass through the terminal and stare at Marshal He who dared to shut down the live broadcast room.

    At this time, He Yunting, who was holding Su Yemu, was very beautiful. He went crazy because he was drunk a few days ago. When he got up the next day, he didn't get close to Su Yemu. Every day when he came back from the military headquarters, Hua Yan  The gate of the palace had been closed long ago, and even if he was left outside, he could not open it even if he shouted.

    Thinking of what happened a few days ago, He Yunting instinctively lowered his head and saw that Su Yemu's exposed collarbone had returned to white. He secretly thought about when to add something unspeakable to it.

    As he thought about it, He Yunting's mind wandered again, to the morning when he was hungover.

    When He Yunting woke up, he saw Su Yemu staring at him with a particularly calm look, which made him sweat secretly. He hesitated to ask what happened to Su Yemu?

    Because of his hangover, He Yunting could hardly remember what happened last night, but although he couldn't remember what happened last night, looking at the marks on Su Yemu's body, he knew that he must have made a big fuss last night.

    Thinking of this, He Yunting's eyes couldn't help but darken again, his throat moved, he turned away from his eyes, secretly took a deep breath, and suppressed the emotions that surged in his heart.  I have been single for ninety-nine years and started to indulge in pornography. Because Su Yemu is young and too busy recently, this is the second time I have talked about life with Su Yemu in bed. You can imagine how cruel he is.

    Su Yemu stretched out her hand and covered He Yunting's chest, feeling the strong beating of his heart: "Do you still remember the marriage?"

    He Yunting was stunned. It took him a while to understand what Su Yemu was asking. He wanted to say no, but the words stuck on his lips again.  Ever since He Yunting had the memory of General He, he couldn't help but pay attention to this matter. After six hundred years, Emperor Sheng Yuan's marriage had become an obsession of General He, so he had the drunken questioning.

    He Yunting brought Su Yemu close to him, kissed his palm, and said in a deep voice: "Your choice six hundred years ago was the right one, I can understand it."

    Su Yemu looked at He Yunting steadily. In his dark eyes, Su Yemu saw a light and a darkened light.  After pondering for a moment, Su Yemu said: "I understand, but I can't accept it, right?"

    "Otherwise six hundred years ago, General He would not have faced those three nuclear bombs head-on. As long as he had dodged a little and hid in the air wing, at least he would have been left with a whole body.

    "now I understand."

    "No, you don't understand."

    He Yunting wanted to take this matter away, but Su Yemu was not prepared to leave the problem behind.

    "Now you may be thinking, since I have the strength to kill the ruler of the first civilization, why didn't I take action in the first place? Why did I marry that sheep, right?"

    His clear eyes were clean and clear, and there was no room for deceit in such a gaze. He Yunting opened his mouth, he wanted to say, this is a matter of General He, a matter of Emperor Sheng Yuan and General He. We are people six hundred years later,  We are not them, we live our own lives well, but we can't tell anything.

    It is undeniable that since General He has the memory, he is no longer just He Yunting.

    Su Yemu wanted to take his hand out of He Yunting's hand, but was held tightly and struggled fiercely. He Yunting hugged him and whispered: "Su Su, don't do this -"

    Closing her eyes tightly, a trace of pain welled up in her heart; this was the emotion that belonged to General He, and it was also the emotion of He Yunting. The question Su Yemu said, both General He and He Yunting had thought about, but they couldn't find the answer, but they couldn't find the answer.  I don¡¯t know how to ask. More important than this answer is Su Yemu.

    Being held in He Yunting's arms, Su Yemu's eyes turned slightly red. After a long time, he pushed He Yunting away. Su Yemu looked at the man in front of him and said in a low voice: "Six hundred years ago, everyone said that Emperor Sheng Yuan died for love.  What if I said, no!¡±

    He Yunting¡¯s expression moved slightly, and then, heartache and regret came over him; if he didn¡¯t die for love, then he died unexpectedly. Why did he die unexpectedly?

    Su Yemu can travel through time and space and directly kill the ruler of the first civilization. Is there really no cost?

    He Yunting suddenly remembered that Su Yemu came to the front line like this before. His heart skipped a beat. He pressed Su Yemu's shoulders and asked in a deep voice: "A few days ago, you also asked QilinAfter attracting public attention, General Gavin was eventually sentenced to exile and taken to a prison planet in the empire for transformation. His sentence was five hundred years.

    The person who attracts the most attention from the outside is Gavin, and the person who attracts the most attention from the inside is undoubtedly Aaron. After all, his brother is the Marshal's general. In the end, Aaron was sentenced to 150 years and served in the Imperial Prison.

    No one said anything about this result. Allen's name was not included in the discussion of merit and rewards. Everyone knew that this day would happen.

    With the conclusion of the trial, the empire officially bid farewell to the war, entered a new life, and ushered in the Dragon Boat Festival, which was urgently included in the empire's traditional festival.

    Early in the morning, the empire was celebrating. The Royal Academy had a half-day holiday. From leaving the academy to returning to the palace, Xiaonan had colorful lanterns floating all the way, which was worse than the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    "Brother, are you making rice dumplings?"

    Xiaonan ran in with her schoolbag on her back, and the live broadcast room instantly exploded; this time, Xiaonan's performance in leading the Royal Academy students on the front line was highly praised by a group of generals. In this discussion of merit, Xiaonan also received the rank of Shaowei.  There are many people who have not graduated from the Royal Academy Military Academy and have obtained the rank of Shaowei or Major, but the youngest is Su Xiaonan. She is only thirteen years old this year.

    [Ah, my husband is here, look at me, look at me, husband, I¡¯m here.  ]

    [Gungungun, it¡¯s obviously my wife, go as far as you want.  ]

    The live broadcast room was once again abuzz with the arrival of Xiaonan. Since the video of Xiaonan commanding this war was released on the official website of the military department, Xiaonan, as a girl, has gained a lot of fans from her wife and husband, and these fans are all primary school students and junior high school students.  .  When Su Yemu saw someone asking him for the first time in the live broadcast room, ¡®When will my husband take vacation¡¯ and ¡®When will my husband come to the live broadcast room?¡¯, he was so shocked that he couldn¡¯t recover for a while.

    Xiao Nan ignored the shouting in the live broadcast room and just asked her brother: "Brother, didn't you live broadcast how to wrap rice dumplings before?"

    [Yes, yes, but wasn¡¯t it eaten by the marshal? BoBo will give it to us again!  ]

    Before Su Yemu could speak, someone in the live broadcast room answered Xiaonan.

    This time, Su Yemu¡¯s package was particularly large, which was regarded as an apology to everyone. Everyone reluctantly accepted it and no longer gnashed their teeth on the Star Network, saying that Marshal He was excessive.

    This time Xiaonan came back just in time. The zongzi had just been cooked and the steam was coming out, which made people appetizing.

    Su Yemu first picked out three different flavors of zongzi, soaked his hands in cold water for a while, and then started to open the zongzi. The audience in the live broadcast room swallowed hard at the zongzi, their eyes were not idle, and they looked outside the kitchen.  They are afraid that Marshal He will suddenly appear again. The last time they were eaten and the live broadcast room was shut down, they have already had a shadow. This time it must not happen again. They are still waiting to watch the dragon boat race in the afternoon. How can they have time to watch the stars?  Marshal He was scolded online.  (Remember the website address:
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