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Chapter 76 I¡¯m so helpless

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    By the way, the Xue family thugs who followed Jia Cong have been eating and drinking in various restaurants in Yangzhou in recent days, which can be regarded as benefiting and broadening their horizons.

    But when they saw that the wealthy young man from Yangzhou City actually used a honey trap or even a beauty trap against Mr. Cong, their mentality collapsed.

    There is an urge to look up to the sky and laugh wildly

    Did Nima make mistakes, and even used this method of using San Shao, is it just playing the piano for the cow? It is strange to be effective.

    When the wealthy young man from Yangzhou who had hosted Jia Cong at the banquet came to his senses, he spent a lot of time inquiring about Jia Cong's specific situation. You can imagine his surprise and depression when he learned that this tall and strong young man from the capital was not yet ten years old.

    This is such a misguided attempt that I can¡¯t even laugh or cry!

    At this time, Jia Cong refused the further invitation from these guys.

    Lin Ruhai finally found an opportunity to squeeze out a three-day vacation to spend with Lian Er and Jia Cong, two nephews from the capital, and it was hard for others to say anything.

    It was a sunny and refreshing day, and Lin Ruhai took Lian Er and Jia Cong to Zhuangzi outside Yangzhou City to play and relax.

    Lian Er and Jia Cong knew very well that the official residence of the Xunyan Censor had been severely infiltrated, and they had to be careful about what they said when they lived there, but it was better to relax in Zhuangzi.


    Aside from other things, Jia Cong has been staying at the official residence of the Xunyan Censor for several days, and he couldn't find a safe place to communicate with Lin Ruhai in private.

    Walking on the ridge of the fields, Jia Cong was not polite, nor did he hide anything. He directly asked Lian Er, "Brother Lian Er, did the imperial envoy and the investigation team gain anything?"

    "You spend the whole day attending this banquet or that party. You are so busy. What can you gain?"

    Lian Er rolled his eyes and said angrily: "As far as I'm concerned, there's no intention of bothering at all, it's just a formality!"

    Think about it and you will understand the reason. Any salt merchant that can become big cannot be supported by powerful people. Whether it is the imperial envoy or the investigation team, they may not be able to withstand it.

    It even involves the Emperor, so only a fool would ignore it and get involved.

    "What does Uncle Lin think?"

    Jia Cong looked at Lin Ruhai and asked with a smile, "Don't you have any thoughts?"

    Lin Ruhai shook his head, with a helpless smile on his face.

    After several days of contact, with his eyes, how could he not see that Jia Cong was the one who kept his word among the two brothers.

    Although this situation surprised him, it was not that shocking.

    Jia Cong's size and his status as the author of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" are enough to make Lin Ruhai take a high look.

    ¡°It¡¯s been so long, there¡¯s no point in holding on to it!¡±

    The tone was plain and full of vicissitudes of life, Jia Cong felt as if his heart was weighed down by a stone.

    How is it possible to say that Lin Ruhai has no resentment in his heart?

    After all, he was the one who was assassinated in the first place. Although the guards were able to protect him and he was not injured, the shock was unavoidable.

    But the situation is stronger than the person. The matter may involve the emperor, or some top dignitaries or princes. What can he do?

    The Salt Patrol Censor is indeed a fat man. He earns no less than tens of millions of taels of silver every year. As long as he makes a little effort, he can be a treasure trove of gold and silver.

    But with such a huge benefit, there are many people watching.

    Why is the Salt Patrol Censor basically changed once a year? Isn¡¯t it just to avoid the appearance of huge corruption?

    , Lin Ruhai is a special case. He has been the Yangzhou Salt Patrol Censor for almost five years now, and has become a thorn in the side of some people.

    For example, the Jinling Zhen family is eager to regain control of Yangzhou¡¯s salt administration

    It¡¯s not that Lin Ruhai¡¯s ability is really extraordinary, but it¡¯s due to Daqing¡¯s special situation.

    If possible, I believe Lin Ruhai would be more willing to escape from the big fire pit of Xunyan Yushi, otherwise he would not have sent his only legitimate daughter to Rongguo Mansion in the capital so early.

    He was the courtier during the emperor's reign, and he was also promoted by the emperor. He should be the emperor's confidant, and this is indeed the case.

    The Yangzhou salt tax was the main source of finance for the emperor's private treasury. The emperor naturally had high hopes for Lin Ruhai to take the position of Yangzhou salt inspector.

    It¡¯s a pity that the emperor abdicated for special reasons. Now that he comes to power, he naturally has to control Yangzhou¡¯s salt administration, a major financial source.

    Lin Ruhai suddenly sat on the wax!

    On the one hand, he hasTo meet the emperor's huge needs, and on the other hand, he had to do his best to ensure the stability of Yangzhou's salt tax or even go further. Life was a torment.

    Collecting too much salt tax will naturally affect the huge interests of salt merchants.

    And behind the salt merchants were either royal family members or top dignitaries. While Lin Ruhai ensured that the salt tax was stable or even improved, he naturally offended these hidden bosses.

    Because he was ¡®effective in doing things¡¯, the emperor obviously didn¡¯t want him, a good money maker, to leave his position as Yangzhou Salt Patrol Censor.

    However, now that he has been in power for a long time and has gradually stabilized the situation in the court, he naturally needs more financial resources to fulfill his ambitions. It would be too dazzling for Lin Ruhai to continue to stay in the post of Yangzhou Salt Patrol Censor.

    This is the embarrassing situation that Lin Ruhai is in right now. He is retreating and retreating, not knowing how to move forward. He also has to guard against the overt and covert attacks of the party whose interests are harmed. His life is extremely miserable.

    Of course, he would not tell his two nephews this

    ¡°I¡¯m afraid my uncle¡¯s situation is not good, isn¡¯t it?¡±

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: Jia Cong¡¯s sudden words made Lin Ruhai change his face, feeling surprised, happy and confused in his heart.

    He said nothing, but there was some encouragement in his eyes.

    Jia Cong was not polite and simply said: "The position of Yangzhou Salt Patrol Censor is the focus of contention between the Emperor and the present. A bad outcome would be dismissal from office or even the death of the family. With my uncle's qualifications and the Lin family's  You don¡¯t need to dirty your hands with cashiers if you have good foundation!¡±

    Under Lian Er¡¯s surprised gaze, Lin Ruhai did not hold on, but nodded and admitted with a wry smile: ¡°Brother Cong is right, but it¡¯s not that easy to retreat now!¡±

    Having said this, he paused and said leisurely: "Even if the Rongguo Mansion comes forward, it will be of no use!"

    Glancing at Lian Er who was at a loss, Jia Cong smiled noncommittally and said something that surprised Lin Ruhai and made Lian Er pale in shock: "But the Rongguo Mansion, or the First-Class General Mansion, has no choice but to  It¡¯s so helpless to take advantage of my uncle!¡±

    "How to say?"

    Lin Ruhai¡¯s eyes flashed and she asked with interest.

    Jia Cong chuckled softly, recounted what he had said to the eldest man before, and finally said: "Prince Teng's ambition is too great, but his background is too weak. If he fails, he will not even have a way out. The eldest master can  I have no intention of risking my life!"

    Lin Ruhai nodded silently, accepting this reason. For some reason, his heart suddenly relaxed, and suddenly he felt dizzy and his body became weak and fell to the ground (Remember the website address:
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