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Chapter 155: Showing Up (Please subscribe and vote)

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    Lian Er¡¯s depression is understandable, but Jia Cong doesn¡¯t share much of the same hatred.

    In Rongguofu, it is normal for Dafang to feel wronged, and there is nothing to say.

    ???????????????????????????? It¡¯s a good thing that Lian Er was promoted to the fourth rank of Shuntian Fu Cheng. Anyone who is not a fool knows that the old lady¡¯s deliberate suppression is just a formality.

    Is it possible that you really dare to ignore all the people in the house?

    It¡¯s just that the old lady¡¯s hand hurt Chain 2, and she also pushed the guy towards the main room, which was considered a good thing.

    But on the other side, the General Mansion did not ignore it.

    The elder did it in a more ostentatious way. Since the old lady had no idea of ??throwing a grand feast to celebrate, it would be okay for him, the father-in-law, to come out and entertain the guests with wine, right?

    "It's rare for a senior otaku to want to make a move. Naturally, Jia Cong, a bastard, can't get away from the incident. He is accused of causing chaos, so he can't ask the big boss to come forward in person.

    Jia Cong didn¡¯t have any bad thoughts, and he didn¡¯t even feel jealous.

    ¡° For a being like Lian Er, if you want him to take a high look, that¡¯s just a dream.

    Fortunately, Rongguo Mansion has rich experience in hosting banquets, and Jia Cong only needs to be a supervisor. Any trivial chores will naturally be handled by the General Mansion.

    No matter how you say it, they are all dignified raiders. Although the eldest master was forced to go to Ma Peng, the internal management mechanism of the General's Mansion is also sound. There is no need for the old lady and the second room to worry about it, and they will not have the heart to help.

    As for the chores outside, isn¡¯t there my younger brother Xue Pan? This guy was looked down upon very badly after he returned to Beijing. He has slowly corrected himself to the bad habits he had had before.

    This time, the banquet held by the General's Mansion in the name of celebrating Lian Er's promotion can be said to be quite successful.

    Although the old lady has always had a cold attitude, she can't stand the enthusiasm of her old relatives and the four princes and eight princes.

    ???????????????? Again, even a fool can see that Lian Er has a bright future!

    At the moment, before thirty, I sat on the position of Shuntianfu, a Zheng Sizhin. As long as they do n¡¯t go wrong in the future, they can also boil senior officials with more than forty products.

    It can be said that Lian Er is a rising star who has emerged from the Jingcheng Xungui Group in recent years. The upward trend is quite obvious. If we don't build a good relationship quickly at this time, should we wait until Lian Er becomes a senior official before taking action?

    By then, it will be too late.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Out of the blue is a banquet hosted by the General's Mansion, and Jia Cong, a concubine, also has the opportunity to "show his face" and meet a group of connections in the General's Mansion.

    In order to show solemnity, the four princes and eight prince families all sent their descendants of the younger generation to express their congratulations. It can be said that they include the core descendants of the top nobles in the capital.

    In the past, Jia Cong was not even qualified to meet these people.

    This time, the eldest master showed mercy and specifically told Lian Er to take Jia Cong with him to get to know him.

    "Are you Jia Cong, the 'San Shao Cong' who wrote "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "The Richest Man in the World", as well as "The Legend of Wuyou Cave"?"

    Seeing Jia Cong, these top noble disciples did not put on arrogant postures. Instead, they were all curious.

    ¡°If it¡¯s fake, it will be replaced!¡±

    Jia Cong smiled and said: "I don't think you all have heard of this random work in my spare time. It's surprising!"

    "What's the surprise? Your novels are very well written. I have listened to them all. The plot is wonderful!"

    "Exactly, there haven't been any good works on the market recently. I even re-listened to the novels written by your boy several times!"

    "I thought you were a weak scholar, but unexpectedly you turned out to be so strong!"


    A group of top nobles chatted and laughed with Jia Cong without any sense of disobedience.

    Jia Cong looked calm and not at all reserved. He asked the guests who came to have a drink to take a high look, but Feng Lazi was a little dissatisfied.

    This time there was a grand banquet at the General's Mansion to celebrate Lian Er's promotion. Even the old lady showed up. Did Master Zheng Er have to take the initiative to receive the guests?

    Feng Lazi presided over all aspects of this banquet, and it can be said that she was very high-spirited and very proud.

    In her opinion, the pig's trotters at today's banquet should be chain two. Jia Cong, a concubine from the general's palace, was joining in the fun. He was chatting and laughing with a group of top nobles, which was annoying to watch.

    Of course, the unhappiness in his heart only flashed by, and he did not dare to show it in front of many guests.

    Jia Cong didn¡¯t know that he was being raped by FengVery helpless!  "

    ¡°You kid, you¡¯ve only been back to Beijing for a few days, and you¡¯ve already caused so much trouble!¡±

    Lin Ruhai was also speechless. The young man in front of him was really a troublemaker. Of course, the origin of the matter had little to do with him, but in the end it caused a sensation in the capital, which was very speechless.

    "I have some free time recently. If I take the initiative to come to visit you, my uncle can't show off his face!"

    Changing the topic with a smile, Jia Cong said directly: "It just so happens that I have many younger brothers who will take part in the imperial examination this year, and I will have to give them guidance when the time comes."

    ¡°Then bring people here, it just so happens that the house is very empty!¡±

    Lin Ruhai smiled and said, "Are you one of them?"

    ¡°I haven¡¯t had such an idea yet!¡±

    When he said this, he deliberately lowered his voice and chuckled: "My uncle must be aware of the situation in the house. There is no need to quarrel with the old lady!"

    "It's hard for you kid!"

    Lin Ruhai sighed, disapproving of the old lady's actions.

    But the other party is his mother-in-law, and now she is helping to 'educate' her only daughter. It is not easy to talk about this topic as a gentleman.

    No matter how you look at it, it¡¯s hard for Jia Baoyu in the second room to be a good person. He feels that he still has some perspective on people (Remember the website address:
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