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Chapter 484 Unexpected Discovery

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    "That one is the lord of Feihujing, and he is also the third son of Zhenbei Gongfu!"

    On the third floor of the restaurant on the corner, the window of the private room was wide open. Two well-dressed men were looking at Chen Ying, who was patrolling in the distance, and talking in a low voice.

    "It doesn't look like much, they are all exiled to this remote place!"

    "The Feihu Trail territory is indeed deserted, but do you dare to say that the current Taniguchi City can be considered deserted?"

    ¡°The development trend here is quite good, but it¡¯s a pity that the population is too small and the development potential is limited!¡±

    "Just looking at the current situation in Taniguchi City, we know that the third son of Zhenbei Gongfu is an out-and-out business talent!"

    "I don't deny this, but so what?"

    "This third son of Zhenbei Gongfu is not bad at all. Haven't you heard the recent rumors?"

    "You're talking about the defeat of the two Pegasus Hall branches?"

    "Isn't that true? If this is the case, the strength of this Lord of Flying Fox Trail is not simple at all."

    "Didn't we come here to check? It's just that this guy doesn't like to show up. He has been hiding in the city lord's mansion for almost two months, and we can't get any information!"

    "No matter what, the eldest prince sent us to arrive in the Northland one step ahead. The purpose is to find out the information about the younger generation of masters here in advance. Don't forget it!"

    "Don't worry, you won't forget it!"

    The two of them thought they were careful when talking, and they didn't worry about anyone eavesdropping.

    But if they saw Chen Ying's half-smiling expression and muttering to himself, they might not have the confidence to do so.

    "The eldest prince is really interesting!"

    To be honest, the entire Taniguchi City is only ten miles in radius. With the strength of Chen Ying¡¯s soul, he can easily cover the entire city.

    He did not act like this. Once outsiders discovered it, it would be a huge scandal and it would do too much damage to the reputation of the Flying Fox Trail Leader.

    However, with his mental strength, it is quite easy to receive the sound waves in the entire city.

    From it, he can know a lot of secret information, which is a kind of bad taste.

    Whenever you are in the city, no matter how low your voice is, as long as there are sound waves transmitted, you cannot avoid Chen Ying's detection.

    The conversation between the two well-dressed men naturally reached Chen Ying's ears clearly.

    What surprised him was that the eldest prince would not arrive in the North for another three months. He did not expect to start preparations so early.

    Thinking about it, the eldest prince brought hundreds of talented warriors here just for the purpose of demonstrating and shocking the local heroes.

    ??It would be embarrassing if the protest failed and was slapped in the face because you didn¡¯t understand the situation.


    It is also necessary to inquire about the masters in the Northland in advance.

    I believe that all the powerful people in the North, including Zhenbei Gongfu, should have sent many people at this time to find out the details of the innate masters who followed the eldest prince.

    "I just didn't expect that the eldest prince's people would actually come to Feihu Trail.

    "Obviously, it should have been the leak of information about the masters of the Kuanghammer Pegasus Hall branch in the Zhenbei Gongfu, which led to the existence.

    Chen Ying didn¡¯t think anything of it, she came as soon as she came

    As long as they abide by the rules, there is no need to worry about anything else.

    Here, the two well-dressed men, who had no idea that they had been exposed, were still standing at the window talking quietly.

    "I didn't expect that the density of good players in Feihu Trail is so high!"

    "I have inquired, and it was the idea of ??Chen Ying, the third young master of the palace, to release the cultivation resources so that people in the entire territory can practice!"

    ¡°It¡¯s a shame that it¡¯s only a middle-level cultivation method at the highest level, and it¡¯s also a method of practicing internal martial arts and hard martial arts in the military!¡±

    "It's already pretty good. If you have a high level of talent, you can even practice to the level of inner boxing elixir strength, which is comparable to the innate-level Zhenqi warrior. Even if you practice hard skills in the military, if you practice to the peak level, it will not be worse than an innate master!"

    "Haha, if there really is such a talented person, can a small flying fox path be able to keep it?"

    "Who says we can't keep him? Isn't that sword-crazed Lingfeng the best example?"

    "Sword Crazy Lingfeng is indeed a powerful guy. His martial arts skills have probably reached the late stage of Xiantian, right?"Therefore, his time is really long, and he can farm quietly without any thoughts or thoughts about causing trouble outside.

    But the two well-dressed men were talking excitedly at this time, and their voices were unconsciously louder.

    "Have you heard that the sword-crazed Lingfeng recently swept across tens of thousands of miles outside the Great Wall, and even killed a group of large tribe warriors to the point where they abandoned their helmets and armor? Isn't that embarrassing?"

    "Of course I've heard that Ling Feng is really brave. He not only fights in and out of the tens of thousands of miles outside the Great Wall, but he even plans to hold some kind of warrior conference to resolve disputes with the tribes outside the Great Wall!"

    ¡°Si, I just don¡¯t know if this guy will return to the North City in three months to join the martial arts competition organized by the eldest prince?¡±

    "I think so. Such a crazy guy, and his strength is so outstanding. If he doesn't come forward, it will really be unreasonable!"

    "It's a pity that we have to leave immediately, otherwise we can go to the tribe outside the wall to watch the excitement, the Warriors Conference hehe"

    "Come on, are there any powerful masters outside the Great Wall? Even if they are, they won't stay outside the Flying Fox Trail. We still have other candidates to explore, so don't waste time. If something goes wrong, it will be bad!" (  Remember the website address:
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