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hero prison Latest chapter update list


Chapter 86 Undead CloneChapter 100 AIDS RuneChapter 109 Cracking HammerChapter 114 Traveling Businessman
Chapter 121 Ten Thousand Years AgoChapter 122 Desert BoulderChapter 130 The Second EvolutionChapter 131
Chapter 133 Turning the TideChapter 136 Counting the TrophiesChapter 138 Instant Kill and ThorChapter 139 Smoking
Chapter 140 TemperingChapter 141 Cheng WuChapter 142 Floor 40Chapter 144 Elf Boy Dong Yu
Chapter 145 Yun SihaiChapter 149 White Dragon King Essence and BloodChapter 150 Thunder God and BladeChapter 151 Evolution of the Dragon Clan
Chapter 152 It¡¯s Thor againChapter 154 Seal GapChapter 157 Properties of Legendary EquipmentChapter 158 Leaving is to come back stronger
Chapter 159 Black Sand TownChapter 160 FeistChapter 161 Target Level 50Chapter 162 Level 50
Chapter 164 Cooperation (Fat, ready to kill!Chapter 165 Blade and Dragon Thorn (first order requested)Chapter 166 Forum Analysis Post (please vote for me)Chapter 167 Fire Dance (Additional update for kulamingyue)
Chapter 172 Steel TorrentChapter 173 Corpse Poison FeastChapter 174 Girl¡¯s PrayerChapter 175 Mass Casualties
Chapter 176 I¡¯ve been watching youChapter 177 The Last PersonChapter 178 RefrigeratorChapter 179 Caught off guard
Chapter 184 Zero Death AgainChapter 186 Competition with the same formChapter 192 SpiritChapter 193 The Furnace
Chapter 195 Dawn of HeroesChapter 197 The hero who hasn¡¯t grown up yetChapter 201 Headless Horse (please vote for me)Chapter 205 The Third Eye
Chapter 207 The second fighting spiritChapter 208 AdvertisementChapter 209 Promotional VideoChapter 210 Speech
Chapter 212 The Tiniest StarChapter 213 Breaking into Dragon CityChapter 215 One person, one cityChapter 216 Countdown to 10 seconds
Chapter 217 The King of KillingChapter 219 The long breakoutChapter 221 Living and dying togetherChapter 222 Don¡¯t touch him
Chapter 225 Giving NameChapter 233 StrongholdChapter 237 All inChapter 238 Tiantai City
Chapter 243 Guild ChallengeChapter 245 Black SnakeChapter 248 Dark ShadowChapter 267 Tombs of Four Generals
Chapter 268 Please don¡¯t give upChapter 269 Job ChangeChapter 270 Purple Diamond CardChapter 271 Earth Dragon Valley
Chapter 273 Luo LuoranChapter 1772: Past skills shine!  
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