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Chapter 62 The Current Situation of the Plantagenet Empire

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    "What? Sky Dragon wants to join my guild?" Su Yu was surprised.

    Of course Su Yu, the little lolita Sky Dragon, knows.

    She is the cousin of Emperor Xue Shitian. She is 14 years old and her family is very, very (omit 98 "very") well-off.

    After entering the game, Emperor Xue Tian did not take her to play, but threw her to the Red Eyes Black Dragon team.

    Sky Dragon herself is very impressive. With her banknote ability and big red hand, she has become the core of the red-eyed black dragon team's output. Her name often appears on the first kill and speed pass lists of major dungeons.

    In addition to her cute appearance and often carrying a baby panda, she is very popular in the game.

    But for such a little loli, why doesn¡¯t she stay in the Emperor¡¯s Blood instead of joining his guild?

    "Could it be a spy?" Su Yu thought thoughtfully.

    But he soon felt relieved.

    Su Yu doesn¡¯t intend to spend his energy managing the guild, and with his special characteristics, it won¡¯t be long before the guild is infiltrated by people from major guilds, and this one is no exception.

    Su Yu: "Okay! Let her come to my guild after level 10. What about you, Hongyan? Do you want to come too?"

    ??True Red-Eyed Black Dragon: "(;¡ä¡Ð`)I'll forget it. I signed a contract with Emperor Blood and I can't afford the liquidated damages."

    Su Yu: "Okay By the way, how was the response to the questions we answered together last night?"

    He has been busy looking for information about ghosts all night, and he hasn¡¯t had time to look at the official forum yet.

    ??????????????????????????????"Brother, haven't you paid attention? The response to the forum has been very good! There are voices praising you everywhere! If you don't believe it, if you go around the village, the praises must be everywhere!"

    Su Yu: "Is that so?"

    Su Yu ended his private chat with the red-eyed black dragon and walked out of the warehouse.


    Directly opposite the square where the warehouse is located is the dungeon merchant [Jenny].

    At this time, there was already a long queue in front of [Jenny]. Players queued up to buy tickets and were transferred to the instance one by one.

    Many players looked impatient, eager to teleport in quickly.

    And new players are constantly arriving in the village, calling their friends to queue up here.

    "Old Li, let's go to the [Qingqing Grassland] dungeon! I've wanted the [Lucky Double-Leaf Clover] dropped by the Yangcun Village Chief for a long time, it's enough for me to use until level 15!"

    "If you don't go, you are stupid! How can we possibly defeat him?"

    "You're stupid! Don't you know that the nemesis boss sent out a dungeon guide yesterday? Now anyone can do it!"

    "Of course I know, but that post has eight to nine hundred questions! Can you memorize it?"

    "Why do you have to memorize it? Can't we just open the forum and take a look when the boss asks questions? Are you really stupid?"

    "That's right I was careless, let's start a copy!"

    Another pair of players have joined the queue.

    There are also players who keep coming out of the dungeon.

    "Haha, it's finally out! Look at my [Shooting Wolf Bow]!"

    An archer player was smiling brightly, standing at the door of the dungeon with a bow and arrow, showing off.

    "Are my glasses cool? They were dropped by the village chief!"

    Another player put on the [Village Chief¡¯s Glasses] and assumed a Conan reasoning pose.

    "No matter what, I still have to thank the nemesis boss! Without the boss to solve the problem, where would we get the equipment?"

    "Yes! Thank you, Mr. Nemesis!"

    "After I reach level 10, I will apply for the nemesis boss's guild as soon as possible!"

    The players really did what the Red-Eyed Black Dragon said and were full of praise for Su Yu. After all, Su Yu brought them real benefits.

    Looking at the smiles on the faces of the players, Su Yu also felt a lot better.

    After all, being kind to others means doing good to yourself!


    After walking around for a while, Su Yu walked towards the mercenary trading market, preparing to close the stalls that were set up there yesterday.

    Mercenary trading market.

    It¡¯s not as lively as it was yesterday. There are only a few scattered players standing around the stall.

    These players are not here to buy equipment, but they have never seen blue rare equipment, so they came here to learn more.

    Su Yu walked forward and checked the stall information.

    Yesterday he put a total of 53 blue rare equipment on the shelves, 41 pieces have been sold so far, with 12 pieces left.

    These 12 pieces are basically level 3 blue equipment, and all level 5 items have been sold out.

    By selling these equipment, Su Yu received a total of 5,040 psychic coins, equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars.

    But with Su Yu¡¯s net worth, he looked down upon this little money at all.

    After putting the money and equipment into his backpack, Su Yu left the mercenary trading market without looking back.

    The surrounding players were shocked to see the stall disappear, and quickly spread the word. There were even one or two discussion posts in the forum.

    But now that players are busy completing dungeons and getting equipment, this incident has not caused any waves.


    After collecting the stalls, Su Yu came to the magic cabin, found the old magician, and retrieved the oversized leather backpack filled with equipment and props dropped by the Wolf King.

    Under the reluctant eyes of the old magician, Su Yu left the magic hut and came to the village square to report to the village chief.

    "Brave adventurer!"

    Knowing that Su Yu was ready to go to Plantagenet City, the village chief faced the east with his hands behind his back, his eyes looking particularly long:

    "Since the day you set foot in Nolan Village, I knew that we would eventually part ways. You are wandering alone in the empire, so remember to be more careful!"

    "I will pay attention." Su Yu nodded.

    "But before that, I must tell you about the history and current situation of the empire, so that you can make a difference as king."

    "Please speak." Su Yu replied helplessly.

    If I remember correctly, the "Village Chief Telling Stories" section was very long and smelly, and would last up to 15 minutes!

    And these 15 minutes cannot be skipped, every player must go through it.

    Su Yu had no choice but to listen patiently.

    ¡°The story begins with the creation of all things by the God of Creation¡± the village chief slowly told.


    After 15 minutes, the story ends.

    There is no need to say more about the history of the Plantagenet Empire. No one except the sophisticated party in the game will care about it.

    Regarding the current situation of the Plantagenet Empire, it can actually be expressed very concisely:

    ??Twenty years ago, the imperial emperor Charles VI imposed exorbitant taxes, oppressed the country at home, and sent troops abroad, causing famine and starvation everywhere.

    Several great lords in the north, headed by Anzu Cypher and Landilus, took advantage of the opportunity to rebel and organized a "Kallet Resistance Army".

    The Kallet resistance army won the support of the farmers and soon occupied half of the Plantagenet Empire. Now it is almost reaching the imperial capital!

    On the other hand, look at the royal family.

    A leader with a high reputation among the people has appeared on the royal family's side - Princess Alijie.

    But now Princess Alijie has not yet obtained military power, so her strength is relatively weak.

    The main plot Su Yu received was to help the princess Alijie obtain the scepter symbolizing the emperor's power, integrate domestic forces, defeat the Kallet rebels, and restore the glory of the Golden Sparrow Empire!  (Remember the website address:
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