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Chapter 110 The Princess¡¯s Advance Reward

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    Ten minutes later, Duke Anzu Sever arrived at the scene of the incident.

    Lake¡¯s body has been dragged out of the study.

    But walking in the study, you can still smell the strong smell of blood.

    This made Duke Cypher frown.

    Standing behind him was a middle-aged butler wearing dark black butler uniform.

    The butler's face turned pale and he bowed deeply: "Sir, Lake was instantly killed by one blow, and he was killed without any defense. I suspect that the enemy who invaded was at least a sixth-level saint.  assassin."

    "Huh? Sixth-level holy realm?"

    "That's right."

    "Okay, I understand." Duke Cypher nodded calmly.

    I took a quick look around the study room.

    In addition to Lake¡¯s blood stains on the floor that had not yet been wiped dry, the Duke also saw the hidden compartments that were opened on the walls, under the window sills, and under the seats.

    "But the Duke didn't care. The items in these hidden compartments were of little value.

    [Level 6 Temporary Experience Scroll] has the highest value, but it is about to expire, so he is not very distressed.

    But after seeing an open book on the table, the Duke's expression changed.

    He quickly walked forward and picked up the book.

    It is indeed "Knowing a Woman by Smell of Smell".

    The letter he had tucked into the title page was also missing!

    The Duke's face became very ugly.

    That letter is very important. If his opponent gets it, the consequences will be disastrous!

    He turned to look at the butler: "William, can you find out who the invading assassin is?"

    "It's difficult." Butler William apologized: "We didn't find any traces left by the assassin, but"


    "Just a few seconds before Lake's death, a guard near the study heard a name - 'Arch Mage Andiges'. Could this matter be related to this Archmage?"

    "Andiges of Silver Pine Spire?" Duke Cypher frowned deeply: "Did Silver Pine Spire intervene? That would make the matter difficult to handle!"

    Duke Cypher sat on the big leather chair, stroking his chin and thinking about countermeasures.

    William, the butler, did not dare to speak.

    The study fell into silence.


    At the same time, Su Yu rode a white horse and rushed towards the residence of the princess.

    He was very lucky. [Random Teleportation Scroll] teleported him directly out of the Duke's manor to a house in Fishtail Lane, and he was not stuck in the wall.

    However, in the process of returning, Su Yu did not ride Dima through the city. Instead, he found another [Disguise Master] to disguise himself as a bard and purchased the white horse before he dared to return to the Imperial Princess.  's residence.

    This was all done to eliminate traces as much as possible. After all, the Duke's family had a big business, and this was his territory. Su Yu didn't want to be found out and then hacked to death by the Duke's subordinates.

    Riding a horse and walking on the street, Su Yu paid attention to the movements around him while also looking at the [Level 6 Temporary Experience Scroll] he had just obtained in his backpack.

    "Alas! It would be great if this scroll was permanent!" Su Yu felt very sorry.

    If the scroll is permanent, he can plate it with gold and bring it back to reality, which is an excellent life-saving trump card!

    Of course, Su Yu also tried to use [Tina's Blood] to gild this scroll.

    When choosing to use it, he received a game prompt:

    "Ding! Do you want to use [Tina's Blood] to strengthen the [Level 6 Temporary Experience Scroll]? This item is a Level 6 item, and the estimated success rate of enhancement is 1.3%."

    "1.3%?" Su Yu was very helpless.

    He currently only has 10 copies of [Tina¡¯s Blood] in total, and if he throws them all at him, there is only a 13% chance that they will be plated in gold, and there is a high probability that they will be in vain.

    ¡°And the scroll has only 48 hours left, so he feels it¡¯s not worth it.

    But at this time, Su Yu suddenly had another idea: "I am very familiar with the princess and Chenxing. How about I ask them if there is any way to extend the life of the scroll?"

    Thinking of this, Su Yu decided to ask first before making a decision.

    He hesitated no longer and urged the white horse under him to move forward at full speed.


    In the hall of the princess¡¯s residence.

    Princess Alijie sat on the main seat, patiently listening to Su Yu's journey.??'s adventures.

    The cat Chenxing lay lazily in the princess's arms, opened her eyes just a slit, and was also looking at Su Yu.

    After Su Yu finished speaking, the princess nodded happily: "Thank you very much, Nemesis! This letter is very important to us. I hope it has what we want in it."

    The princess took the mission item [a letter full of affection] presented by Kelderon, released the magic seal on the letter, and took out the letter to read the content inside.

    But just halfway through seeing it, her face suddenly turned red, a bit like a ripe apple or a steamed crab.

    "Your Highness, what does the letter say?" Su Yu asked.

    "Ah, it's nothing, it's just important information!" The princess put the letter away in a panic.

    "Ahem." She coughed twice and her expression returned to normal: "Anyway, thank you nemesis."

    "Everything is for the empire." Su Yu replied immediately.

    "Ding! Congratulations on completing [Glory of the Plantagenet Empire (15100)] and receiving a reward of 1,000 experience points."

    "The next mission will start in 40 minutes, so stay tuned!"

    "We have to wait another 40 minutes" Su Yu felt helpless.

    But he didn¡¯t forget about the questionnaire axis.

    Su Yu asked: "Your Highness, I found a scroll in the secret compartment of Duke Seifer's study. This scroll is too old and is about to expire. I would like to ask if there is any way to extend its useful life.  of?"

    Su Yu took out the scroll from his backpack and handed it to Kelderon.

    Kelderon took it on a silver tray and presented it to the princess.

    The princess got the scroll, played with it, and immediately recognized it as the [Sixth Level Temporary Experience Scroll].

    She shook her head: "I'm sorry Nemesis, I don't have a way to extend its use period. Do you have one, Morning Star?"

    "Me neither." Chenxing shook his head.

    "Is this so?" Su Yu sighed slightly.

    "But" the princess changed the topic: "After returning to Plantagenet City, I can give you a brand new one as a thank you gift for this trip to Maple Leaf City!"

    "Ding! It is detected that [Prince Alijie]'s favorability towards you is greater than 20 points, you can turn on [Task Reward Prepayment]."

    "Ding! [Prince Alijie] has paid you in advance the rewards for the 20th and 25th levels of the main plot of [Glory of the Plantagenet Empire]: [Level 6 Temporary Experience Scroll]. Do you accept it?"

    Su Yu is overjoyed!

    He didn¡¯t expect that the princess would actually give him a brand new [Level 6 Temporary Experience Scroll]!

    Although he sacrificed the main line 20 and 25 ring rewards, he still felt it was worth it!

    With this scroll and it plated in gold, he has a trump card to save his life in the real world, which is really more important than anything else!  (Remember the website address:
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