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Start a base Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Rebirth in the End TimesChapter 2 Starting a baseChapter 3 The First Pot of GoldChapter 4 Final preparations
Chapter 5 The end of the world beginsChapter 6 Zombie SiegeChapter 7 Turn the base into a fortressChapter 8 Collecting Building Materials
Chapter 9 The park under the apocalypseChapter 10 Changes in Human NatureChapter 11 Breaking out of the JediChapter 12 Escape from Death
Chapter 13 Establishing Survivor OrderChapter 14 Improving Base ConstructionChapter 15 Please give me a chance to change my waysChapter 16 Rescue other survivors
Chapter 17 Exploring the Outside WorldChapter 18 Li Yunpeng enters the villageChapter 19 Just out of the wolf's den and into the tiger's denChapter 20 Stupid Woman
Chapter 21 I am a normal womanChapter 22 Rescue Li QiChapter 23 The Hard Turtle ShellChapter 24 Withdrawing to Base
Chapter 25 Undercurrent surgingChapter 26 The First TraitorChapter 27 AmbushChapter 28 Wu Gang¡¯s Choice
Chapter 29 Expanding the BaseChapter 30 Breaking into the Grain DepotChapter 31 Imprisoned Men and WomenChapter 32 Kowtow to thank
Chapter 33 Base UpgradeChapter 34 Dealing with Ma FenChapter 35 Doomsday BusinessmanChapter 36 Mysterious Crystal
Chapter 37 The Magical Use of CrystalsChapter 38 Establishing a HospitalChapter 39 DepartureChapter 40 The Wisdom of Zombies
Chapter 41 Fighting Evolved Zombies AgainChapter 42 Double shotChapter 43 Evolve AgainChapter 44 Flirting
Chapter 45 ForcedChapter 46 Worry-free CountryChapter 47 Huo Feng'er is trappedChapter 48: Stalemate under the scorching sun
Chapter 49 Who gave you the courage?Chapter 50 Natural EnemiesChapter 51 The strange group of corpsesChapter 52 Can you let me play with you?
Chapter 53 Troops 1000Chapter 54 Discovery of a settlement of 2,000 peopleChapter 55: Taking advantage of the situationChapter 56 2000VS60
Chapter 57 The cold hunterChapter 58 Passionate OrionChapter 59 The Collapse of Niu ErChapter 60 Steel Tower Colony
Chapter 61 The fat guy who looks like a loyal manChapter 62 Leader of the SettlementChapter 63 Let¡¯s go into the cave!Chapter 64 Convergence
Chapter 65 Attacking the Worry-free CountryChapter 66 No WillChapter 67 Women¡¯s CampChapter 68 Furious Li Yunpeng
Chapter 69: Stacked Evolved ZombiesChapter 70 I¡¯m here to protect youChapter 71 Living with ZombiesChapter 72 Wanton Killing
Chapter 73 Li Yunpeng fights zombiesChapter 74 DespairChapter 75 Goodbye, friendsChapter 76 Pain and happiness
Chapter 77 PassionateChapter 78 A tragic victoryChapter 79 Evolution to the bottleneckChapter 80 I leave you with no choice
Chapter 81 Target, Worry-free CountryChapter 82 The Emperor in DreamsChapter 83 Capture of Wuyou CountryChapter 84 Human Shield
Chapter 85 The end of the worry-free countryChapter 86 Die togetherChapter 87 The Queen of Worry-free KingdomChapter 88 Talent
Chapter 89 Return in triumphChapter 90 Winning over Wu BinChapter 91 Longhu Mountain SettlementChapter 92 Anrong in Longhu Mountain
Chapter 93: Diverting trouble to the eastChapter 94 Base Tank UpgradeChapter 95 Expanding the BaseChapter 96 The First Plenary Meeting
Chapter 97 Different voicesChapter 98 No PeaceChapter 99 Poor An NingChapter 100 The Power of Tanks
Chapter 101 Ready to goChapter 102 Xiao Hei¡¯s debutChapter 103 The fight for industrial equipmentChapter 104 Crisis
Chapter 105 Wanton VentChapter 106 Level 2 EvolverChapter 107 An Rong¡¯s VisitChapter 108 Sealess Armed Forces
Chapter 109 Grain Depot AttackedChapter 110 Level 2 Agile ZombiesChapter 111 Interesting SoulChapter 112 A famous teacher gives birth to a great disciple
Chapter 113 Level 3 Evolver?Chapter 114 The troops are dispatched to Longhu MountainChapter 115 Li Kui laughs at Li GuiChapter 116 One is more ruthless than the other
Chapter 117 Senior Shen SipingChapter 118 Stormy weatherChapter 119 MutationChapter 120 Flamethrower
Chapter 121: Soldiers Attack Wuhai CityChapter 122 Merciless FireChapter 123 Grenades hit tanksChapter 124 One shot at a child
Chapter 125 Weird dark cloudsChapter 126 Crisis situationChapter 127 Battle with mutated batsChapter 128 Li Yunpeng is missing
Chapter 129 So excited that I wet my pantsChapter 130 Chinook GunshipChapter 131 Upgrade RewardsChapter 132 Level 3 Evolved Zombies
Chapter 133 Underground Trade FairChapter 134 The Lord of Moyang CityChapter 135: Great Wise Ruo FoolChapter 136 Underground Trading Ground
Chapter 137 Meeting an acquaintanceChapter 138 Accidentally stabbing the second-level mutant beast to deathChapter 139 AuctionChapter 140 Passion in the Bathroom
Chapter 141 Like a son, like a parentChapter 142 Brother Ren, get well soonChapter 143 Qiu Ba Bandit BrigadeChapter 144 Look, flying saucer
Chapter 145 Spending 20 Million PointsChapter 146: Strike first to gain the upper handChapter 147 Going deep into the enemy campChapter 148 The Story of Laojun Mountain
Chapter 149 The dispute between father-in-law and son-in-lawChapter 150 Digging your own graveChapter 151 Go away, I won¡¯t kill youChapter 152 Turning enemies into enemies
Chapter 153 Ambush BattleChapter 154 Bombardment of Laojun MountainChapter 155 Mutated beastsChapter 156 Confrontation across the Bank
Chapter 157 Street FightingChapter 158 Death with DignityChapter 159 Return to Moyang CityChapter 160 Mysterious Energy
Chapter 161 The zombies roarChapter 162 Nanzhou Democratic RepublicChapter 163 More than ten thousand peopleChapter 164 When the war begins
Chapter 165 Going deep into the tiger¡¯s denChapter 166 The Wisdom of Level Three ZombiesChapter 167 BreakoutChapter 168 Dungeon
Chapter 169 Dungeon leaders gather togetherChapter 170 The battle is fierceChapter 171 Surrounded on all sidesChapter 172 Night Battle
Chapter 173 Lu He¡¯s DilemmaChapter 174 The winner and the loserChapter 175 The beautiful picture in Dezi¡¯s eyesChapter 176 Red Kiln City
Chapter 177 Xing QingChapter 178 Population MigrationChapter 179 Li Yunpeng¡¯s AppealChapter 180 The Hope of Humanity
Chapter 181 Tan Xin¡¯s choiceChapter 182 Black Wind VillageChapter 183 Tan Xin¡¯s decisionChapter 184 The Taoyuan Survivor¡¯s Choice
Chapter 185 Level 4 Base TankChapter 186 V3 Rocket LauncherChapter 187 The power of V3 rocketChapter 188 Miracle
Chapter 189 Ordinary ManChapter 190 Reunion after a long separationChapter 191 Li Yunpeng¡¯s evil intentionsChapter 192 Encircled
Chapter 193 Life or Death UncertainChapter 194 Blocking Wuzhou CityChapter 195 Gong Lei VisitsChapter 196 The courageous Lu He
Chapter 197 Father and son meet in the dungeonChapter 198 Return to Wuzhou CityChapter 199 Battle against Level 3 ZombiesChapter 200 Terrifying Points
Chapter 201 Target, Wuzhou CityChapter 202 The Anti-Humanity Nanzhou ArmyChapter 203: Fire and FireChapter 204 Zombies who know the art of war
Chapter 205 Pig teammatesChapter 206 Old City Renovation ProjectChapter 207 Li Yunpeng¡¯s small stepChapter 208 Mysterious Object
Chapter 209 Cleaning up Wuzhou CityChapter 210 Inspection of Scientific Research CenterChapter 211 The experience of level three zombiesChapter 212 A sudden increase in military power
Chapter 213 Invasion of Yingzhou CityChapter 214 Breaking Two Cities in a RowChapter 215 Divide the troops and defendChapter 216 The unruly Fire Phoenix
Chapter 217 Black Hawk Goes NorthChapter 218 The two armies are fighting, and the envoy is not killedChapter 219 Lu Zhenguo¡¯s sorrow, Li Yunpeng¡¯s bad luckChapter 220 Meeting in Wutong Town
Chapter 221 Losing his wife and losing his troopsChapter 222 Fighting alone against thousands of armiesChapter 223 Population Growth BottleneckChapter 224 Adventurers Guild
Chapter 225 Bronze Mercenary GroupChapter 226 The Role of MercenariesChapter 227 Crazy PlanChapter 228 Bloody Caused by Greed
Chapter 229 Talents from all over the worldChapter 230 The collapsed messengersChapter 231 Meeting the City LordChapter 232 New Year is coming
Chapter 233 New Year¡¯s ChangesChapter 234 Blockade of Moyang CityChapter 235 The Injured Silver Wolf KingChapter 236 Rescue the Silver Wolf King
Chapter 237 The Night Before the StormChapter 238 The ultimate planChapter 239 Level 5Chapter 240 Being tricked again
Chapter 241 Intercepting MissilesChapter 242 Bandits blocking the roadChapter 243 Threaten Li YunpengChapter 244 If you want to wear the crown, you must bear its weight
Chapter 245 BBQ PartyChapter 246 Changes in ChonglingChapter 247 Battle against Level 4 ZombiesChapter 248 Ren Xiao¡¯s hidden worries
Chapter 249 Attack on YijinChapter 250 Decisive BattleChapter 251 The trump card of level four zombiesChapter 252 Level 4 Evolver
Chapter 253 The mysterious visitorChapter 254 The power of the mercenary groupChapter 255 Deploying troops and generalsChapter 256 Bombing the Nanzhou Army
Chapter 257 Attacking Nanzhou KingdomChapter 258 Zombies AttackChapter 259 Enemies from both sidesChapter 260 Truce
Chapter 261 A great gift prepared for youChapter 262 Are you surprised?Chapter 263 Occupying Nanzhou CityChapter 264 Reappearance of the Demon Altar
Chapter 265 Major Scientific Research BreakthroughChapter 266 Evolution MadmanChapter 267 Dealing with Lu ZhenguoChapter 268 Liu Jianbin calls
Chapter 269 Pulled into the fire pitChapter 270 Northern ForcesChapter 271 The situation is tenseChapter 272 Border Guard Corps
Chapter 273 Figures by the WaterChapter 274 Midnight CrisisChapter 275 Zhao Qian is injuredChapter 276 Commander of the Border Guard Corps
Chapter 277 Bombing Eagle RuanChapter 278 Destroy Ying RuanChapter 279 Receiving the Seed BaseChapter 280 Provincial Conference
Chapter 281 Western NavyChapter 282 Wulan Army¡¯s ChangesChapter 283 Huo Feng¡¯er leavesChapter 284 The situation is complicated
Chapter 285 A meeting between wind and cloudChapter 286 The Western Navy is establishedChapter 287 A head-to-head contestChapter 288 Air Combat
Chapter 289 The Eve of the BattleChapter 290 BattleChapter 291 Surrender to the Blue Sea FleetChapter 292 Recruiting the Wei Zhong Division
Chapter 293 Commander Liu fellChapter 294 Besieged on all sidesChapter 295 The Silver Wolf King¡¯s MissionChapter 296 Overseas Powers
Chapter 297 Population 7 millionChapter 298 Establishing a Business SystemChapter 299 Seeking DeathChapter 300 The Big Fish in the Western Navy
Chapter 301 The Fate of the Mutated Wild Boar KingChapter 302 Overseas PowersChapter 303 I really didn¡¯t expect itChapter 304 Invasion of Overseas Forces
Chapter 305 The first battle with overseas fleetsChapter 306 The Spirit of the Warriors of the East Japan EmpireChapter 307 One Hundred Thousand PrisonersChapter 308 The fiery Luo Xiaotian
Chapter 309 Lu Qianshan¡¯s angerChapter 310 Level 6 SystemChapter 311 Building the NavyChapter 312 Air Combat
Chapter 313 The situation changesChapter 314 The Blue Sea Fleet increases its troopsChapter 315 Nuclear Bomb AlertChapter 316 Level 5 Evolver
Chapter 317 The Origin of Zhao QianChapter 318 The decisive battle on the banks of the Wu RiverChapter 319: Carry away and buryChapter 320 The Navy¡¯s First Voyage
Chapter 321 The Silver Wolf King has become a coveted coolieChapter 322 The Expanding Silver Wolf KingChapter 323 Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the TigerChapter 324 Selling the Tiger King
Chapter 325 Magic CityChapter 326 The Blue Dragon Empire¡¯s PlanChapter 327 Visit to the Blue Sea FleetChapter 328 Dr. Wang Lang
Chapter 329 End of visitChapter 330 You are trying to trick meChapter 331 Wang Lang gives giftsChapter 332 The Most Shameless Contest
Chapter 333 Blue Sea Fleet AmbassadorChapter 334 Meeting XianyuChapter 335 The rare meeting with Xiao WangChapter 336 Follow the rules
Chapter 337 Purchase of Zebin ProvinceChapter 338 Angry Lu QianshanChapter 339 How many years have we been related?Chapter 340 Adventurers Guild Branch
Chapter 341 The Eve of the Decisive BattleChapter 342 Defeat the Zombie ArmyChapter 343 Purchase GangdongChapter 344 Angry Liu Jianbin
Chapter 345 Luo XiaolinChapter 346 Return to Moyang CityChapter 347 Kidnapping Ren XiaoChapter 348 Black shop boss Ren Xiao
Chapter 349 The Sales Department in the End of the WorldChapter 350 Recruiting talentsChapter 351 Shocking ChangeChapter 352 Bloody Battle with Zombies
Chapter 353 ReinforcementsChapter 354 Have you always fought like this?Chapter 355 Advance to GangdongChapter 356 Confrontation between the two armies
Chapter 357 Air Raid GuardsChapter 358 Army Crossing the BorderChapter 359 The Gangxi Army is invincibleChapter 360 The scary phone call
Chapter 361 I stand uprightChapter 362 Good guy Luo XiaotianChapter 363: Skinning Wang LangChapter 364: Will we build a country or not?
Chapter 365 Kill Li YunpengChapter 366 Nuclear ThreatChapter 367 Receiving a Nuclear BombChapter 368 Leaving the fighter plane behind
Chapter 369 Food CrisisChapter 370 Level 5 EvolverChapter 371 Entering the Demonic CityChapter 372 Level 5 Zombies
Chapter 373 Special CreaturesChapter 374 Recapture the Magic CityChapter 375 Founding Ceremony 1Chapter 376 Founding Ceremony II
Chapter 377 Founding Ceremony IIIChapter 378 Invasion of the Three Black EmpiresChapter 379 Cut off communicationChapter 380 Supporting the Blue Sea Fleet
Chapter 381 Annihilation of the United FleetChapter 382 Heavy lossesChapter 383 The mastermind behind the scenesChapter 384 Liu Zide¡¯s blind date
Chapter 385 CampusChapter 386 Weird focusChapter 387 Marching into LingnanChapter 388 Confrontation
Chapter 389 Accidents happen frequentlyChapter 390 ContestChapter 391 Level 7Chapter 392 Fighting for Soldiers
Chapter 393: The legion commander is being coerced. Update three to one today.Chapter 394 The Steel Straight Boy Group has three updates today.Chapter 395 Shocking Changes Three Updates TodayChapter 396 Uninvited Guest
Chapter 397 Kidnapping the Prime MinisterChapter 398 Conditions for returning Prime MinisterChapter 399 Uninvited GuestChapter 400: Each other looks ugly
Chapter 401 Evolutionary Combination CreaturesChapter 402 Crisis in the South China SeaChapter 403 Disadvantages of the Blue Ocean Fleet SystemChapter 404 The Nuclear Bomb Contributes
Chapter 405 Three Treasures of the Blue OceanChapter 406 The system finally speaksChapter 407 Things change and people changeChapter 408 3 million mercenaries poured into the Blue Dragon Empire
Chapter 409 News about Wang ShiyanChapter 410 Destroy BeituchengChapter 411 Total WarChapter 412 Occupying the Jiangbei position
Chapter 413 The Sky-shattering Silver Wolf KingChapter 414 Beast King versus Beast King in Jiuquan ValleyChapter 415 Defeat Black King KongChapter 416 Underground World
Chapter 417 The Lord of the Fire TempleChapter 418 The Collapse of the Fire Temple GangChapter 419 NegotiationChapter 420 Underground World
Chapter 421 The Secret of the Underground WorldChapter 422 News from Wanjie CityChapter 423 The Ancients in the City of All RealmsChapter 424: The Darkness of Wanjie City has been updated. I wish everyone a happy holiday.
Chapter 425 Meeting an old friend in a foreign landChapter 426 Level 5 zombies meetChapter 427 Staring at one side for a lifetimeChapter 428 The last passage
Chapter 429 Blood connectionChapter 430 Father and son recognize each otherChapter 431: GenocideChapter 432 Little Master
Chapter 433 Tian¡¯er returns to Dragon PalaceChapter 434 Rebellious ForcesChapter 435 Speaker of the House of Representatives and SenateChapter 436 Beheading in public display
Chapter 437 Tian'er returnsChapter 438 I will skin him even if I die.Chapter 439 Crazy plan to have a babyChapter 440 Naval Operation Plan
Chapter 441 Future Industrial ZoneChapter 442 Naval BattleChapter 443 Reinforcements from various countriesChapter 444 Capture the Island
Chapter 445 The tragic Silver Wolf KingChapter 446 Destruction of the Wild Boar GroupChapter 447 You should be gentler.Chapter 448 The Demon King¡¯s Holiday
Chapter 449 Xie Huimin starts to cause troubleChapter 450 Sending Xie Huimin to the East Japan EmpireChapter 451 The nervous East Japan EmpireChapter 452 Shocking Change
Chapter 453 LostChapter 454 Level 8Chapter 455 Imperial Academy of SciencesChapter 456 Top Scientist
Chapter 457 Air and Space FightersChapter 458: Reaching for the starsChapter 459 Assassination of Zhao HailongChapter 460 The Power of Air and Space Fighters
Chapter 461: WithstandChapter 462 Fierce battle on both sides of the Hua RiverChapter 463 Nuclear ExplosionChapter 464: Complicity
Chapter 465 The Silver Wolf King is willing to give up his throneChapter 466 The Fragile Silver Wolf KingChapter 467 The Strongest Second GenerationChapter 468 The Boss¡¯s Dinner Party
Chapter 469 Care from TianerChapter 470 The threat from zombiesChapter 471 Endless ZombiesChapter 472 The Secret of Zombies
Chapter 473 Wulan gets itChapter 474 It¡¯s time to show your true identityChapter 475 Low Orbit SpaceChapter 476 The Holy Son of the Temple
Chapter 477 Presbyterian ChurchChapter 478 Offending Mother-in-LawChapter 479 Liu Zide¡¯s bumpy dating journeyChapter 480 Soul Torture
Chapter 481 The Straight ManChapter 482 Give her the bestChapter 483 Quantum ComputerChapter 484 Unmanned War Equipment
Chapter 485 Driving a Yacht to Do MissionsChapter 486 Riding the Wind and WavesChapter 487 Island Reef MutationChapter 488 Airtight Shark Skin
Chapter 489 Destroying SatellitesChapter 490 Launching SatellitesChapter 491 MadmanChapter 492 The Law of the Black Forest
Chapter 493 A country of toleranceChapter 494 Preparation before the warChapter 495 The War BeginsChapter 496 The battle was brutal
Chapter 497: Banking TroublesChapter 498 Burning GuiduChapter 499 Mecha LegionChapter 500 Mecha Warrior Chapter 500!
Chapter 501 Defeat the Enemy ArmyChapter 502 Asking for helpChapter 503 Optical ScientistChapter 504: Take your life, bitch
Chapter 505 Air and Space WarChapter 506 Defeat the enemy againChapter 507 PrecariousChapter 508 Maritime Battlefield
Chapter 509 East China Sea BattlefieldChapter 510 Beaten until begging for mercyChapter 511 Laser WeaponsChapter 512 Retreat
Chapter 513 Red AlertChapter 514 Dongri Nuclear ExplosionChapter 515 Nearly destroying the countryChapter 516 The Daily Life of the Commander-in-Chief
Chapter 517 Air Raid on XilijanChapter 518 The Prelude to All-out Nuclear WarChapter 519 The outbreak of all-out nuclear warChapter 520 The Final Chapter of Total Nuclear War
Chapter 521 Unreasonable ConditionsChapter 522 ArmisticeChapter 523 Post-war NegotiationsChapter 524 Come back next time we fight
Chapter 525 Future Development DirectionChapter 526 Target, spaceChapter 527 Exploding the SkyChapter 528: Those who are close to ink are black
Chapter 529 EarthshakingChapter 530 Li Xingchen gets beatenChapter 531 Crossing the Hua RiverChapter 532 The Retreating Dongri People
Chapter 533 Freedom and EqualityChapter 534 National AssemblyChapter 535 Integration PolicyChapter 536 No! I reject
Chapter 537 The space city is beginning to take shapeChapter 538 Selection of Space ResidentsChapter 539 The First Space TravelChapter 540 The first visitors to the space city
Chapter 541 Controlled Nuclear FusionChapter 542 The Chaotic Blue Dragon EmpireChapter 543 Zhao Hailong who betrayed everythingChapter 544 The First Global Conference
Chapter 545 Goodbye Zhao QianChapter 546 Trial of Zhao HailongChapter 547 It must be both reasonable and surprisingChapter 548 Participating in International Conferences
Chapter 549 Poor BertChapter 550 AtadiChapter 551 Conditions for trading grainChapter 552 Letting go
Chapter 553 The First Grain AuctionChapter 554 Li Yunpeng is bad at mathematicsChapter 555 Gaining hope through tradingChapter 556 Wang Lang was almost beaten
Chapter 557 Negotiations with AliensChapter 558 Atadi was trickedChapter 559 The first batch of residents go to heavenChapter 560 Asteroid Attack
Chapter 561 Interception PlanChapter 562 The fleet sets sailChapter 563 Landing on an AsteroidChapter 564 Brief Unity
Chapter 565 A word awakens the dreamerChapter 566 Don¡¯t talk about martial ethicsChapter 567 Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion MiniaturizationChapter 568 A desperate proposal
Chapter 569 The moment of life and deathChapter 570 News about ZombiesChapter 571 The system said a lot of things at onceChapter 572 The system ran away after saying that
Chapter 573: All races suffer disasterChapter 574 Right and WrongChapter 575 3 yearsChapter 576 Two aliens from the South Gate?
Chapter 577 Mecha WarChapter 578 Forcing the Imperial Academy of SciencesChapter 579 Still the original recipe, still the familiar tasteChapter 580 The most dramatic war
Chapter 581 New Weapon TestChapter 582 The South Australian people after drinking are so scaryChapter 583 The Strongest Undercover Agent in HistoryChapter 584 Divine Weapons Fall from Heaven
Chapter 585 Counter EncirclementChapter 586 RoutChapter 587 Asking for Industrial Production EquipmentChapter 588 Falling into the trap
Chapter 589 The commander faintedChapter 590 Asking for Industrial Production Equipment 2Chapter 591 The Broad-minded Lord of the KingdomChapter 592 The time is ripe
Chapter 593 Treating the WoundedChapter 594 Emond, who has no desires or desiresChapter 595 Requesting Industrial EquipmentChapter 596 Get the equipment
Chapter 597 The picture shows the poor daggerChapter 598 Old routineChapter 599 No one wants to lose the battleChapter 600 It¡¯s better to hand out sweet potatoes
Chapter 601 Use humans to destroy humansChapter 602 The alliance gradually formedChapter 603 Start taking actionChapter 604 Loneliness comes
Chapter 605 Fierce Battle in the Southern OceanChapter 606 Dancing in the CurrentChapter 607 An unexpected surpriseChapter 608 Uninvited Guests from the Southern Ocean
Chapter 609 Meeting againChapter 610 Planetary ShieldChapter 611 Technological BreakthroughChapter 612 The Spring of Humanity
Chapter 613 Liu Zide¡¯s married lifeChapter 614 New Star BattleshipChapter 615 Departure, MarsChapter 616 Goodbye, Mother Planet
Chapter 617 There is a spy to catchChapter 618 Cleaning up nuclear radiationChapter 619 Return to the SurfaceChapter 620 Breathing Tax
Chapter 621 Another run on the stormChapter 622 Mars CrisisChapter 623 The Prospects of Deep Space ExplorationChapter 624 The final struggle
Chapter 625 Return of GloryChapter 626 Hiding a Nuclear BombChapter 627 Punishment of Ren XiaoChapter 628 Successful Capture
Chapter 629 I¡¯m going to see my asteroidChapter 630 The first responsibility is Ren XiaoChapter 631 Beating WorkersChapter 632: Supporting private enterprises to participate in deep space exploration
Chapter 633 Internal ConflictsChapter 634 Low Frequency Pulse TechnologyChapter 635 The Temptation of AtadiChapter 636 Underground Project Completed
Chapter 637 Ford is afraid of hot springsChapter 638: Having both sidesChapter 639 The aliens refuse to admit their guiltChapter 640 I beg you to pay me to hit me
Chapter 641 Li Yunpeng sends troopsChapter 642 Ford TreasonChapter 643 The split is imminentChapter 644 The hydrogen bomb is lost
Chapter 645 Atadi relentsChapter 646 One TwentiethChapter 647 Honest Man FordChapter 648 What should I do if the enemy is too cooperative?
Chapter 649 Wise AtadiChapter 650 Re-acquaintanceChapter 651 Tanya returns in gloryChapter 652 Big eyes stare at small eyes
Chapter 654 Global UnificationChapter 655 Goodbye GrantChapter 656: You still said you didn¡¯t mean it?Chapter 657 Selling off property
Chapter 658 Eat one bite and spit it outChapter 659 Ren Xiao borrows moneyChapter 660 Unknown EnemyChapter 661 Received a reply from an unknown enemy
Chapter 662 Human Development PotentialChapter 663 VariablesChapter 664 The destruction of the starry sky behind youChapter 665 You will die first later
Chapter 666 It¡¯s better than everyone dying togetherChapter 667 You must go backChapter 668 Disintegration of No. 1Chapter 669 The rescue team sets off
Chapter 670 The most powerful nuclear explosion in historyChapter 671 Finding a needle in a haystackChapter 672 Global AlertChapter 673 A century of shame
Chapter 674 Atadi appearsChapter 675 Call meChapter 676 The Atta Era Comes to an EndChapter 677 Interstellar Mecha Legion
Chapter 678 The first real battle with the Kakul CivilizationChapter 679 Zombies moveChapter 680 Star WarsChapter 681 Fierce battle in deep space
Chapter 682 Light Blue Light CurtainChapter 683 The terrifying aspect of planetary shieldChapter 684 What is this?Chapter 685 Horrible Conversation
Chapter 686 Finally takes action against Gou FeiChapter 687 Gou Fei¡¯s planChapter 688 Gou Fei¡¯s Plan 2Chapter 689 Double Happiness
Chapter 690 The little princess is bornChapter 691 Are you a fool?Chapter 692 Brother, this is your favoriteChapter 693 Li Xingchen runs away
Chapter 694 Memorial to Ren XiaoChapter 695 Ren Xiao signs for receiptChapter 696 Leaving CeresChapter 697 Biochemical Bomb
Chapter 698 Electromagnetic CatapultChapter 699 Li Xingchen¡¯s Experimental ConclusionChapter 700 Farewell, Blue HopeChapter 701 Imprisoned in a lunatic asylum
Chapter 702 ReunionChapter 703: Taking over for Ren XiaoChapter 704 Gou Fei is exposedChapter 705 Returning to the Deep Space Exploration Group
Chapter 706 Li Yunpeng on the verge of bankruptcyChapter 707 Countdown to BankruptcyChapter 708 Ren Xiao stands upChapter 709 Dividing Shares
Chapter 710 Another spring has arrivedChapter 711 Hospital situationChapter 712 It¡¯s time to leaveChapter 713 Breakup
Chapter 714 Tentative BreakoutChapter 715 Counterattack on the SurfaceChapter 716 The bloody storm outside Moyang CityChapter 717 Showdown between Kings
Chapter 718 News from the Center of the EarthChapter 719 Entering the battlefield randomlyChapter 720 Black and White WorldChapter 721 Ling¡¯s ultimate goal
Chapter 722 Eighth Level EvolverChapter 723: One in a ThousandChapter 724 Humanity enters a new eraChapter 725 Star-Moon City
Chapter 726 Super DisasterChapter 727 Another Order from the LordChapter 728 Target, SaturnChapter 729 The terrifying Ling
Chapter 730 Human beings are too complicatedChapter 731 Capture the Kakul Civilization BaseChapter 732 Fast Radio BurstChapter 733 Ling¡¯s departure
Chapter 734 ReturnChapter 735 Return to TuyuexingChapter 736: Here, your favorite gift. The previous chapter has been changed. It is recommended to read it again.Chapter 737 Li Xingchen¡¯s Obsession
Chapter 738 The person taking the blameChapter 739: Deceiving the PrincessChapter 740 The Holy Word of DestructionChapter 741 Current status of private development
Chapter 742 Prophet ElderChapter 743 Past eventsChapter 744 Traveling around the worldChapter 745 Face to Face Confrontation
Chapter 746 CluesChapter 747 The wealthy Ren XiaoChapter 748: Virtue developedChapter 749: Killing the Big Households
Chapter 750 Mo Qianqian¡¯s methodsChapter 751 Ten Years LaterChapter 752 Bai Mo¡¯s accidentChapter 753 Amera
Chapter 754 Planetary Defense PlanChapter 755 Population 1 billionChapter 756 Gravity BombChapter 757 Humanity Before the War
Chapter 758 The Arrival of the American CivilizationChapter 759 On the verge of breaking outChapter 760 Meeting LingChapter 761 Orphan Zombie
Chapter 762 Almost diedChapter 763 Breakthrough DefenseChapter 764 Super Energy ExplosionChapter 765 Opening the Planetary Shield
Chapter 766 The Last BattleChapter 767 Dismantling the Planetary ShieldChapter 768 Mass SuicideChapter 769 Strategic Hydrogen Bomb
Chapter 770: Running out of ammunition and foodChapter 771 Strategic RetreatChapter 772 Win-winChapter 773 Furious Ubuqi
Chapter 774 The Collapse of UbuqiChapter 775 Return to TuyuexingChapter 776 Everyone must dieChapter 777 The trapped beast comes out of the cage
Chapter 778 The group is destroyedChapter 779 Bidding selectionChapter 780 Would rather die than eatChapter 781 Divide the Cake
Chapter 782 Iron SquidChapter 783 Central Computer KeyChapter 784 Don¡¯t bully XingyaoChapter 785 The impact of technological leaps
Chapter 786: Suffer death, Nanmen ErChapter 787 Humanity is promoted to the second level civilizationChapter 788 Target South Gate TwoChapter 789 Flying out of the solar system
Chapter 790 The enemy is nowChapter 791 Invasion of the Solar SystemChapter 792 Gravity Field SuperpositionChapter 793 Detonating the Proton Bomb
Chapter 794 Separate InterrogationChapter 795 Give it a tryChapter 796 CatastropheChapter 797 Arriving at South Gate 2
Chapter 798 Kaku Civilization and Kakul CivilizationChapter 799 The catastrophe is comingChapter 800 Red Armored MonsterChapter 801 Endless
Chapter 802 Crazy EscapeChapter 803 Earth, Moon, Star, DangerChapter 804 Critical momentChapter 805 Planetary Shield Charging
Chapter 806 Jupiter, HopeChapter 807 Disaster, OpportunityChapter 808 Major DiscoveryChapter 809 Going to the battlefield in person
Chapter 810 Hunting FeastChapter 811 Return to TuyuexingChapter 812 "Poisoning"Chapter 813 American Cuisine
Chapter 814 Vashel recruitsChapter 815 Collecting Dark MatterChapter 816 One year later, it¡¯s time for the lottery drawChapter 817 The winners
Chapter 818 Cornerstone of CivilizationChapter 819 MutationChapter 820 Arriving at the Thousand Stars DomainChapter 821 A bizarre world
Chapter 822 Thousand Star CityChapter 823 Three Major Trading CentersChapter 824 Beixuan Alliance Trading CenterChapter 825 The catastrophe begins in full swing
Chapter 826: One hundred yuan for all belongingsChapter 827 Getting richChapter 828: CheatingChapter 829 Uninvited Guests at the Barbeque Hall
Chapter 830 Ren Xiao is goneChapter 831 Invitation from the Rock TribeChapter 832 MeetingChapter 833 What is the real catastrophe?
Chapter 834 Forced MarriageChapter 835 Poisoning Incident in Barbeque HallChapter 836 Solving the Barbeque Hall CrisisChapter 837 Starry Sky Alien Beast Soup
Chapter 838 Cleaning up the Toluka Catering GroupChapter 839 Toluka Group collapsesChapter 840 Ren Xiao¡¯s persistenceChapter 841 Rock Tribe Altar
Chapter 842 Meeting the leader of the Rock TribeChapter 843 Li Yunpeng¡¯s great fantasyChapter 844 A Hundred YearsChapter 845 Liu Xiaocong
Chapter 846 Challenger AllianceChapter 847 Ninth Level EvolverChapter 848 Killers come one after anotherChapter 849 Li Yunpeng¡¯s Gift
Chapter 850 Challenger Alliance LeaderChapter 851 Ren Xiaoyan fights against the heroesChapter 852 Rescue Ren XiaoChapter 853 Conflicts Begin to Appear
Chapter 854 Crazy HarvestingChapter 855 Planetary Shield ExplosionChapter 856 The Rock Tribe EntersChapter 857 I can¡¯t leave with you
Chapter 858 GodsonChapter 859 The End of the Promissory NoteChapter 860 Crisis of TuyuexingChapter 861 Destroying the Planetary Shield
Chapter 862 Space BarrierChapter 863 The Rock Tribe takes the blameChapter 864 Chaos in the North CantileverChapter 865: Stealing chicken but losing rice
Chapter 866 MissingChapter 867 A Century of ChangeChapter 868 Losing weight is dangerousChapter 869 The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility
Chapter 870 Divine CageChapter 871 Heading to the edge of the black holeChapter 872 Dark Energy BurstChapter 873 Entering the Divine Cage
Chapter 874 Millions of DescendantsChapter 875 Want to get rich againChapter 876 Crazy Money MakingChapter 877 Great Cleverness
Chapter 878 A sound of frogsChapter 879 Reaching ConsensusChapter 880 Sacred MountainChapter 881 Entering the Sacred Mountain
Chapter 882 FightingChapter 883 Fighting for the Yuan StoneChapter 884 The system takes actionChapter 885 Obtaining the Yuan Stone
Chapter 886 The Humiliation of Mechanical CivilizationChapter 887 Yuan Stone ExposedChapter 888 Hand over the Yuan StoneChapter 889 Reverse Encirclement
Chapter 890 UnionChapter 891 Conditions for coming outChapter 892 Ten Thousand YearsChapter 893 Return to the regular universe
Chapter 894 Beixuan EmpireChapter 895 Changes brought about by technologyChapter 896 Er Gouzi and San DonkeyChapter 897 Entering the Beixuan Empire
Chapter 898 The top brass of the Moyang EmpireChapter 901 God KillingChapter 902 Surrounding the GuardsChapter 903 The army returns
Chapter 900 Divine Weapons from HeavenChapter 904 Kneel in a rowChapter 906 Xu Meng¡¯s whereaboutsChapter 907 Adoptive Dad
Chapter 908 The use of Yuan StoneChapter 909 Four-dimensional spaceChapter 910 Level 10 Release PlanChapter 911 There is no value in searching anymore
Chapter 912 Civilizations return to the regular universeChapter 913: Tortured into a DogChapter 914 Everyone is crazyChapter 915 Purchasing Yuan Stone
Chapter 916 Embarrassed Li DunChapter 917 TransactionChapter 918 Level 4 civilization?Chapter 919 A ??strange reunion
Chapter 920 The vicissitudes of lifeChapter 921 Step by step towards the abyssChapter 922 Ren Xiao¡¯s Lightning WeddingChapter 923 Prophet Gula
Chapter 924 The forgotten ones will eventually appearChapter 925 Arrangements for Big BrotherChapter 926 Converting into paying customersChapter 927 Mysterious Shop
Chapter 928 The Origin of the EnemyChapter 929 Okra CivilizationChapter 930 Level 4 Civilization WarChapter 931 Stellar Evolutionary
Chapter 932 Fortunately this is a dreamChapter 934 You know nothing about the Milky WayChapter 935 The Galaxy BossChapter 936 Advance and retreat together
Chapter 937 May the deceased be a brotherChapter 938 Control of the Divine CageChapter 939: EstrangementChapter 940 Conflict in the Divine Cage
Chapter 941 Conflict breaks outChapter 942 Stellar LevelChapter 943 Damn metabolismChapter 944 Full Retreat
Chapter 945 Midfield WarChapter 946 Recognizing the LordChapter 947 Energy AccumulationChapter 948 Heavenly Explosion
Chapter 949 The Space-Time Behemoth ClanChapter 950 Spring of LifeChapter 951 The galactic civilization is chasing after themChapter 952 You can actually see the system?
Chapter 953 The system leavesChapter 954 Galactic CivilizationChapter 955 Departure to the center of the Milky WayChapter 956 Taking over Yuan Neng Skynet
Chapter 957 The Lord of the Local Galaxy GroupChapter 958 Building a Station  
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