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Chapter 525 A bold idea!

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    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Stand upon the gate of the west district of Wanling City, nine masters of the firmament level, and the one in the center is the Hundred Generals of Heavenly Thunder.

    Beside the nine people, the Heavenly Thunder Army arrived one after another.


    "All members of the Wanling Army, Duan Chenhao's army defeated the monsters, and 692 people died!"


    "Chenyue tribe, Jiang Xinxin's army defeated the monsters, 469 people died!"


    "The members of the Wanling Army"


    One battle report after another was reported to General Tianlei after statistics from the Tianlei Army.

    These nine strong men also pay attention to the battle situation in Xicheng District at any time.

    This is only the first wave of beasts, and many regional armies have lost more than 500 people

    There were even those who wanted to be deserters and were executed on the spot by the Tianlei Army, and they were also included in this number.

    Among the hundreds of areas, the surrounding areas were better, while the areas near the city center suffered heavy casualties.

    The hundred central areas are guarded by the top forces of Wanling City and the elite generals of Wanling City, and the impact they receive is the most terrifying.

    Members of Qing Coffin guard eight areas.

    Almost all of them suffered casualties of around 500 people.

    Because the overall strength was slightly inferior to Chen Feng's troops, Mei Yue's troops, including Mei Yue's troops, suffered nearly 400 casualties, and this was even after Chen Feng supported them.

    But the next piece of information made Mo Xiu laugh out loud.

    "Members of the Green Coffin Tribe, Chen Fengjun defeated the Warcraft, and 139 people died!"

    At this moment, except for Mo Xiu, the other eight people showed strange expressions.

    "How many?"

    "139 people! Confirmed!"

    The Tianlei Army in charge of Chen Feng¡¯s area watched as Chen Feng¡¯s army won this battle.

    He even went to rescue the Meiyue troops on the side

    General Tianlei nodded and said:

    "Okay, let's go down."


    Mo Xiu tilted his head and looked at the red girl, with a hint of pride in his eyes.

    It means that I still have something to say.

    What is the concept of casualties of about a hundred people?

    Almost some of the fish died in the team, no

    Not even the fish belly is dead.

    How did Chen Feng do it?

    General Tianlei looked at Mo Xiu and asked respectfully:

    "Lord Mo Xiu, who is this Chen Feng?"

    "How come I haven't heard of it?"

    Although Tianlei is the president of Xicheng District.

    But whether it was in terms of strength or status in Wanling City, he would call Mo Xiu Sir.

    This is a figure that even the Lord of Wanling City has nothing to do about him.

    "A very interesting person."

    Mo Xiu smiled slightly.

    There is a charm in Chen Feng, which can make all the people gather around him.

    Whether it¡¯s his group of Dongzhou partners, the Blue Coffin Southwest Alliance in the Beast Demon Realm, or now.


    The faint morning light fell on the majestic and towering walls of Wanling City.

    The sky is turning white and the morning sun is shining.

    Outside the area where Chen Feng¡¯s team was, the air was filled with a strong bloody smell, but at this stage, this bloody smell has actually become a tranquilizer for everyone, familiar with the cruel atmosphere of the battlefield.

    At this moment, Chen Feng, who was standing on the city wall, felt another shock and slowly opened his eyes.


    "Here they come! They're here again!"

    A loud shout of terror suddenly sounded on the city wall, and the ground began to shake again.

    ¡°Damn it, you really don¡¯t give me a chance to breathe!¡±

    A big khan picked up the ax in his hand and cursed angrily.

    But in fact, because they solved the World of Warcraft relatively quickly, they still got some breathing space.

    Unlike some teams that have just finished killing Warcraft, the second wave of Warcraft is here again

    And this wave of Warcraft is not much smaller than the last wave of Warcraft.





    Four days later.

      On the towering wall of Wanling City, the warriors from Chen Feng's team were sitting on it, keeping an eye on the situation in the distance.

    For four whole days, the charge of the monster wave never stopped.

    They have now finished fighting the fifth wave of Warcraft.

    All members of Chen Feng¡¯s team took the time to restore their spiritual power and wait for the arrival of the next wave of monsters.

    There were heavy casualties outside the core area, but at least there was a steady stream of less powerful warriors from Wanling City to supplement them.

    However, the casualties in the core area were extremely heavy, and some troops even suffered more than half of their casualties.

    Among them, Chen Feng¡¯s unit has the best casualty data.

    Even though Chen Fengjun, who had strong combat effectiveness and strong cohesion, still sacrificed more than 300 people.

    The biggest reason is that Chen Feng can save people, and it is not a healing skill.

    It is a skill that can reverse the fate of team members in a certain death situation.

    Chen Feng alone saved more than a thousand lives.

    Some people even had their lives and deaths reversed several times by Chen Feng alone, and they already had 100% trust in Chen Feng.

    At this time, Chen Feng was squatting on the ground, lowering his head and talking to a middle-aged man.

    The surrounding soldiers all showed unbearable expressions.

    That battle just lasted too long.

    This team member was seriously injured and had demonic blood in his heart. He was already destined to die.

    After explaining the funeral affairs, this middle-aged man closed his eyes and let his brother understand him.

    Chen Feng patted the brother, and then walked side by side from the city wall towards the east with Linglong.

    "Chen Feng"

    "If the demon blood enters my heart, will you kill me?"

    Linglong pursed her lips and asked after seeing the scene of parting between life and death.


    Chen Feng replied calmly without turning his head.

    Linglong puffed her mouth:

    "Then you want to let me turn into a dragon?"

    Chen Feng put his arm around Linglong and said with a smile:

    "If you become a dragon, I will tie you up."

    "Then find a way to save you."

    "I have Jiuxin Begonia. If I can't save you after being promoted to the Hunyuan realm, I will be promoted to the Cangqiong realm. If I can't save you after being promoted to the Cangqiong realm, I will be promoted to the Saint realm."

    "If the saint realm can't save you, I will continue to look for a way."

    "Let me kill you?"

    "You overestimate me too."

    Linglong felt inexplicably happy when she heard this, and her tired body was filled with energy.


    "Then what are we going to do with that woman now?"

    Chen Feng smiled and said:

    "According to the superiors, the next wave of Warcraft will be the first stage of the general attack of the Warcraft wave."

    "With the current situation of our team members, the formation will be directly dispersed if it cannot maintain its combat effectiveness."

    "At that time, we can only use the human sea tactic to fill in those monsters."

    "Have you not seen that so many supplementary troops are ready in Xicheng District?"

    Linglong has always admired Chen Feng, not just for his fighting ability.

    "Then what are you going to do?"

    "You'll find out later."

    When Chen Feng came to Meiyue area, Meiyue's troops also added a lot of members of Xicheng Qingcoffin.

    Many of these members are peripheral members who previously worked for death arenas and facilities.

    Because Chen Feng¡¯s team is relatively complete, there is no need to add peripheral members for the time being.

    "Chen Feng."

    "Chen Feng!"

    "Leader Chen Feng!"

    Countless Qing Coffin disciples shouted politely when they saw Chen Feng.

    They are extremely grateful to Chen Feng. If it weren't for the three supports from Chen Feng's area, they might have suffered even more losses.

    "Chen Feng, what are you doing here?"

    "Yes, treating two more people will give you two more combat effectiveness later."

    Meiyue and Jiang Haoning stood up and met Chen Feng on the city wall.

    "I want to discuss a strategy with you."

    "A tactic that gathers all the monsters together and uses the power of two long-range attacks to kill them."

    Chen Feng smiled slightly and said a bold idea.  (Remember the website address:
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