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Chapter 526 All things are attracted by heaven!  !  !

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    "What are you going to do?"

    Meiyue looked at Chen Feng and asked doubtfully.

    As soon as Chen Feng told him his plan, Mei Yue looked at Chen Feng with wide eyes!


    "I have a solution."

    Chen Feng said confidently.

    "you sure?"

    "Well, sure, just follow the plan."


    On the towering city wall, the soldiers of the Tianlei Army looked at several elites from the Chen Feng area and Meiyue area gathered together, and they all showed doubts.

    Their first thought was that the two teams should join forces to fight, but this was not part of Xicheng District¡¯s defense plan.

    It is best to use a small team to defend the area. The main reason is that the guarding army is scattered, and it is easy to cause trouble when expanding the defense area.

    But Chen Fengjun and Meiyuejun have been helping each other from the beginning.

    In addition, Chen Fengjun¡¯s casualties have been maintained perfectly, and the Tianlei Army did not interfere.

    A moment later, thirty elite Hunyuan warriors from two teams gathered around Chen Feng.

    Among them are Meiyue, Xue Qingfei and other two strongest members of the army.

    Chen Feng and Mei Yue¡¯s team members all got tactics for the next wave of big beasts.

    "Gather your most powerful long-range attacks, use the exquisite dragon flames as a command, and blast towards where Chen Feng is!"

    When they first heard this order, everyone even suspected that they had heard it wrong and had no idea what Chen Feng was going to do.

    "Are you sure?"


    "give it to me."

    Chen Feng nodded and said, this combination of skills can only be used once in a short period of time.

    The players of both teams are not in good condition now.

    If there is another bloody battle, the casualties may double.

    "You really don't need me?"

    Linglong said with some worry.

    Linglong was already at the peak of Obsidian before retreating, and in the past half year, she has also broken through to the fifth level of Wucai Realm. Coupled with the strong dragon bloodline, her combat power is comparable to many masters at the peak of Wucai.

    "No need, I have space skills that can instantly move away from the central area."

    Chen Feng smiled softly.


    About half an hour later, the fifth wave of beasts struck again.

    When everyone just felt the powerful momentum of this wave of beasts, their expressions had already changed dramatically!

    The first four waves of beasts are actually on the same level, and everyone can barely resist them with all their strength.

    But this wave is just about feeling this overwhelming energy

    The entire team in Xicheng District is already a little desperate!

    In the teams of Chen Feng and Mei Yue, many people were breathing heavily. Without Chen Feng¡¯s clear tactical command, they really didn¡¯t know what to do.

    Looking at the thirty Hunyuan Realm elites waiting high in the air in the center of the two areas, everyone shouted:

    "Believe Chen Feng!"

    "Believe in Chen Feng!"

    "Brothers believe in Chen Feng!"

    Now, they urgently need to grab a straw and a glimmer of hope.

    Otherwise, you will never wake up from the endless fighting.

    "And Chen Feng is this hope.


    With violent cries, countless flying monsters with terrifying auras began to hover in the air, and then suddenly rushed towards the guards in the two areas!

    "Resist for half an hour!"

    "Resist for half an hour!"

    Jiang Haoning and Zhou Lin, the temporary commanders of the two armies, shouted.

    Everyone has to wait for all the subsequent Warcraft to arrive.

    Only Chen Feng can gather all the monsters together and launch an ultimate attack!

    The thirty elites around Chen Feng were also resisting the impact of the Warcraft army in the middle area, waiting for the best opportunity.

    The Tianlei Army on the city wall watched the movements of the two teams and had no idea what they wanted to do.

    After all the real elites were drawn out, the pressure on both sides became much greater!

    Fortunately, after the cooperation and bloody battles of the first four waves of beasts, everyone has already had some tacit cooperation, and they were able to withstand the impact of the leading warcraft army at the beginning of this battle!

    In an instant, half an hourpast.

    Although the casualties of the two armies were not many, the spiritual power of everyone was not at its peak.

    If you go on, you will have to work hard.

    In Chen Feng¡¯s army, a seriously injured team member was blown away by a monster. He spat out a mouthful of blood and shouted:

    "Captain, I can't hold on any longer!"

    "Believe Chen Feng!"

    "Believe Chen Feng!"

    The two armies now have no choice.

    At this moment, thirty rays of Hunyuan level light suddenly rose into the sky.

    As if everyone saw hope in the darkness, they suddenly became energetic and their morale increased greatly!

    Each one shouted:

    "Brothers, hold on!"

    "Hold on!"



    Chen Feng saw that the time was right and gave the order.

    Thirty people cooperated with Chen Feng and took off directly.


    "We open the way."

    Thirty Hunyuan Realm experts, already the most elite force among the two teams, were heading directly towards the tide of Warcraft!

    The Tianlei Army who was paying attention to the battle situation in the two areas was completely stunned.

    No matter how strong thirty people are, they will be overwhelmed sooner or later in the huge tide of beasts!

    Swish swish swish¡ª¡ª

    Boom!  boom!  boom!

    Thirty elites continued to take action, constantly bombing the surrounding Warcraft, passing through a large number of Warcraft from the sky and arriving at the center of the Warcraft!


    Everyone fell to the ground.

    Qingfeng, the second in command of Xue Qingfei¡¯s team, had already cut off the heads of several monsters with a swipe of his long sword.

    ?????????????? Then another sword sank into the body of a monster, and with a slight stir, the monster was shattered into pieces, its combat power exploded.

    Thirty men surrounded Chen Feng in the center of the monster wave.

    For Chen Feng, he carved out an area in the center!

    Chen Feng waved his hand.

    The central Wuji apricot yellow flag, the eastern green lotus flag, the southern flame light flag, the western plain cloud flag, and the northern Xuanyuan water flag.

    The five innate flags appeared around Chen Feng.

    Following Chen Feng's urging, five small flags, yellow, green, red, white, and blue, unfolded, rising in the wind and suspended in the air. The spiritual power on the flags spread out and connected with each other, forming a huge  The spiritual shield!

    Covered all the open space around Chen Feng.

    Even if the monster's attack hits it, there will only be a thin wave like a trace of water on the flag!

    This is the Xiantian Five Directions Flag!

    Its defensive power can definitely rank among the top three in the prehistoric continent.

    "Chen Feng, the next step is up to you!"



    The task of everyone is just to escort Chen Feng to the center of the monster wave. The rest is all up to Chen Feng!

    Chen Feng had one breath left.

    The Samsara Eye keeps turning, and a terrifying wave of spiritual power is dispersing towards the surroundings.

    Thirty people looked at each other and fought back from the wave of monsters.

    Chen Feng slowly stretched out his right hand, palm facing outward.


    "Heavenly Yin!!!"

    As these words fell.

    Suddenly, a terrifying spiritual power overflowed from Chen Feng's body, causing the dust on the ground to rise up!

    Countless team members looked at the center of the monster wave!  (Remember the website address:
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