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Chapter 715 Two invitations from the Heavenly Master!  [Please give me a monthly ticket!  ¡¿

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    "The God-catching General is courageous, resolute and extremely talented. He has been cultivating in the Star Sea Realm for thousands of years, broke out of the formation, and rescued dozens of fellow Earth Immortals among them. Then he lay dormant for thousands of years, and finally killed the demon Qin Zhen.  The last general, General Dongfang Searching God and General Yangjian Searching God were able to save their lives and recover safely this time, all thanks to General Catching God's efforts to turn the tide."

    Marshal¡¯s Mansion Supervising Heaven.

    Marshal Zhang Weiyu of Supervising Heaven sat at the head, while General Yanshen below was giving a report, and he did not hesitate to speak with praises.

    Leaving aside the fact that he was under the care of Lu Qingfeng in the Immortal Qin Realm and later the Guangyuan Realm.  Simply speaking, Lu Qingfeng's current magical ability is no less than that of Marshal Supervisor Tian in front of him.

    What¡¯s even better is the huge potential.

    General Yanshen knows how to treat people, and he also knows what to say and what not to say.

    Marshal Jiantian felt a little uncomfortable when he heard this.

    Seeing that the little boy who was only a true immortal at the beginning and was given a god status by him at will has actually become a heavenly immortal and can sit on an equal footing with him, he is even more despised now.

    Anyone would feel angry.

    Zhang Weiyu is no exception.

    "Since we turned around together, why didn't we see the general who captured the gods?" Zhang Weiyu said in a deep voice.

    Zhang Weiyu¡¯s divine power is vast, and his cultivation is higher than that of General Yanshen.

    Asked like this.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? suddenly made the Yan Shen general under a heavy pressure, and he hurriedly said:

    "Come on to the marshal."

    "After catching the divine general and helping the weak general return to the immortal world, he left on his own without knowing his whereabouts."

    Face your immediate boss.

    Seeing that Marshal Jian Tian was obviously angry, General Yan Shen did not dare to help Lu Qingfeng any more, and just gave him a casual explanation.

    "Leave on your own?"

    Zhang Weiyu frowned. Although he was dissatisfied, he did not want to show too much signs in front of his generals.

    No matter what, the pure boy is already a heavenly figure, and I am afraid he will not be wronged in the mansion of his god-catching marshal in the future.

    But after all, he is an immortal, so there is no need to offend him for nothing.

    Thinking like this.

    Zhang Weiyu suddenly thought of Huang Fengling again: "Did he go to find his elder brother?!"


    But even if you are an immortal, what can you do to help in a battle like that in Huangfengling?  Even if we go, it will just be a mess.

    "This boy is quite grateful."

    Thinking about this.

    Zhang Weiyu¡¯s anger dissipated a little.

    "The sworn brother was really suppressed by the Buddhist Bodhisattva. If this god-catching general was still leisurely and came to the Marshal's Mansion to report on his duties, it would be chilling.

    Although his current behavior seems to be arrogant, in the end he values ??loyalty and friendship.

    Such a character, with the origin of the marshal of the Tian Yuan, will ask for something in the future, and may not be rejected in the friendship of this friendship.

    In the future, I will have another connection.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? also thought that this pure boy has cultivated the immortal Taoist fruit in a short period of time.

    Zhang Weiyu had a plan in mind.

    "Perhaps he returned to Huangfengling because of his elder brother's affairs." Marshal Jiantian said.

    "His eldest brother?"

    General Yanshen was confused for a moment.

    He has just come back, and he still doesn¡¯t know what happened in Huangfengling.


    Marshal Jiantian did not explain, and only said: "General Yanshen has worked hard on this journey, so he should go back and rest first. When General Zhushen returns, I and Marshal Sou Shen will sum up and ask for credit for the four generals."

    "Thank you, Marshal."

    "I will finally retire!"

    General Yanshen saw the change in Marshal Jiantian's attitude and couldn't figure out the reason, so he retreated.

    We just left the Marshal's Mansion dozens of miles away.

    I saw a escaping light flashing in the distance, arriving in a moment.  The light dissipated, revealing the figure in the middle, it was Immortal Emperor Guangyuan.

    "Your Majesty¡ª¡ª"

    General Yanshen was about to call, but he suddenly remembered that this place was already the world of immortals. He stopped in a hurry, stepped forward with a smile, and said respectfully: "Capture the God General."

    "General Yanshen."

    Lu Qingfeng looked at General Yanshen and nodded with a smile.

    Return to the immortal world.

    This General Yanshen is no longer the ¡®Leixiao Emperor¡¯, one of the nine emperors of Guangyuan Immortal Court, nor is he the supreme ¡®Guangyuan Immortal Emperor¡¯. The two of them are just colleagues.

    It¡¯s hard to talk too much about this past, and it would be troublesome to delve deeper into it.

    &A Satian master.

    This time.

    He really couldn't refuse.

    Heifeng Mountain will not accept him.

    Buddhism wants to take him.

    This side, if he offends heaven again.  In these three realms, there really is no place for him.

    Seeing the pure boy laughing, Sa Tianshi also laughed out loud and said: "Your Majesty said that as long as the little great sage is willing to go to heaven, he will not neglect it."


    Just look at Lu Qingfeng, taking his time and waiting for a response.

    "The little god is terrified."

    Lu Qingfeng straightened his clothes, made a look of fear, bowed to the sky, and said respectfully: "I never thought that Your Majesty would be so kind to you, how dare you refuse again? Now I will go to heaven with you, and thank you, Your Majesty!"

    "Ha ha!"

    "The little great sage is truly a wonderful person!"

    Seeing this, Heavenly Master Sa burst out laughing.


    The moment.

    Before he could report his work, Lu Qingfeng went to heaven with Master Sa.

    This side.

    General Yanshen watched the two people leave in a daze, and did not react for a long time.

    I only felt that the clouds in the clouds in the clouds were clearly listened to it, but at this moment, I was still like a fool, as if I didn't see anything.

    At this time.

    A majestic god with a black crown, a black robe, and red robes strode out.

    General Yanshen woke up with a start, rushed forward to see him, and said: "Marshal."

    It is Marshal Jiantian.

    "Just now the goalkeeper reported that Master Sa Tianshi and General Zhushen had arrived, why didn't they see them?" Marshal Supervisor Tian looked around, but there was no trace of the two of them, so he asked General Yanshen.

    He was handling affairs in the Marshal's Mansion.


    Suddenly, the gatekeeper general rushed to report in a panic, saying that Tianshi Sa from Tongming Hall was outside, and he was accompanied by General Zhu Shen.

    So he hurried out to greet him.

    Unexpectedly, it was still a step too late.

    General Yanshen was confused and felt very uncomfortable. He immediately asked Lu Qingfeng to come first and Master Sa Tian to come later. The content of their conversation and their respective attitudes were repeated word for word to Marshal Jiantian.

    After that, he stared at Marshal Jian Tian.

    I was hoping to get some answers from the Marshal.

    But all I saw was¡ª¡ª

    "Little Great Sage?"

    "This great sage?"

    "His Majesty personally ordered Master Sa to summon him to heaven as an official?!"

    "Or a second invitation?!?!"

    The more Marshal Jiantian heard, the more shocked he became. In the end, he ended up looking like General Yanshen.


    "It turns out that the marshal doesn't know either."

    General Yanshen felt better.

    Before he could think too much, Marshal Supervisor Tian¡¯s order came to his ears: ¡°Go to Huangfengling quickly, find out the situation, and report back as soon as possible!¡±

    General Yanshen looked solemn and responded hurriedly¡ª¡ª

    "Follow your orders!" (Remember the website address:
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