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Chapter 753 Half a year later!  The Dharmakaya is destroyed!  [Thank you for tip 00001¡¯10000!  ¡¿

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    Practice in Shuifu.

    It can be called swift.

    Not long ago, Lu Qingfeng¡¯s cultivation base advanced rapidly to the peak of the first realm of immortals when he was preaching in the Barbarian God Realm.

    Returning to Tianhe, I practiced cultivation for more than a year. Not only was my cultivation completely stable, but I also showed a tendency to make further progress.

    It¡¯s not far from the second realm of immortals, the ¡®Yandao¡¯ realm.


    Improve Taoism.

    Dharma practice comes naturally.

    Lu Qingfeng spent most of this time on stabilizing himself, focusing most of his energy on the practice of magical powers.

    at present.

    Lu Qingfeng has a total of six supreme supernatural powers¡ª¡ª

    Five colors of divine light.

    Implicate is too vain.

    The number of the Seven Birds and Xiaoyan Gods.


    The art of transformation.

    Cloud top step.


    With the five-color divine light and the inverted Taixu glazed wall, at the level of great supernatural power, Lu Qingfeng had already reached the sixth level of cultivation.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? After we have deduced and strengthened his supreme powers, because they are of the same strain, not only can he master them easily and quickly, but the power he can exert is far beyond.

    But when it comes to the level of mastery of magical powers, due to the increase in the overall upper limit, it has actually been reduced a lot.

    Like five colors of divine light.

    At the level of great supernatural powers, Lu Qingfeng has reached the sixth level of cultivation.

    But the version at the supreme level of supernatural power is more mysterious and obscure.

    Lu Qingfeng has practiced and comprehended, inheriting his previous accumulation, and now he has barely reached the third level of 'integration'.

    Practice in the future.

    Not only must we painstakingly comprehend it, but we must also constantly refine the innate Qi of the Five Elements, transforming the visible and intangible elements at will, so that we can hope to reach the original level of the Peacock Ming King.

    ??Whether it is enlightenment or refining the innate essence of the five elements, it takes a long time and consumes a lot of effort.

    An ordinary golden fairy.

    Even if he is immortal, he still has no hope of catching up with the Peacock King.

    That is Lu Qingfeng.

    Only with the "Huang Ting Jing" in your body and constant enlightenment can you hope to catch up or even catch up.

    This is the five-color divine light.

    Since Lu Qingfeng obtained this magical power, he has always been a major practitioner and spent most of his energy on it.

    So this is the highest level.

    The level of great supernatural powers was also cultivated by Lu Qingfeng to the sixth level of ¡®Inverting the Taixu Glazed Wall¡¯.

    It's just a little bit worse.

    After strengthening into the supreme magical power, it is still at the second level.

    In general.

    If the fifth and sixth levels of great magical power are strengthened into supreme supernatural powers, Lu Qingfeng can easily reach the second level.

    It seems to be reduced.

    In fact, both the power and the mystery have been greatly increased.

    Far stronger than before.

    This is the power of the supreme supernatural power itself.

    ??The same way.

    The same understanding.

    The power exerted is even stronger.

    The reason why Lu Qingfeng continues to strengthen his magical powers, great magical powers, and supreme magical powers is because his training time is short, and he wants to make up for his power from the level of magical powers, so as to crush the same level or even higher levels of fighting.

    ?Facts prove.

    The effect is indeed good and extremely significant.

    For example, the Seven Birds Xiaoyan Divine Number, Invisibility Technique, Transformation Technique, and Cloud Top Step have all been practiced to the fifth level before.

    Strengthened into supreme magical power, it can also be easily cultivated to the second level.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    It is both the second level, but compared with the ¡®Inverted Taixu Glazed Wall¡¯, there is some gap.

    But the power is not small.

    Stepping like a cloud.

    When Lu Qingfeng's Golden Immortal Dharma Body was deployed, few people at the same level could catch up.

    Relying on the speed of feet.

    Lu Qingfeng first hurriedly complained to the Jade Emperor before Master Sa.

    He arrived later, caught up with Lingji Bodhisattva and sat in meditation, and made great contributions to calming the Tianhe River.


    The transformation technique played a big role in this.

    "at the moment."

    "The magical powers of speed, change, invisibility, deduction, and prevention of deduction have all been strengthened into supreme magical powers. There are also five colors of divine light, and everything within the five elements cannot be brushed."


    "The main focus should be on 'offensive' and 'defensive'"There is no rush.

    Lu Qingfeng is not in a hurry.

    Once you have a good plan, follow the plan step by step.

    Time flies.

    Half a year has passed in the blink of an eye.

    The northern border was recovered, the navy expanded, and Tianhe gradually became stable.

    This day.

    In the water mansion, Lu Qingfeng was bathing in the sun, moon and stars, swallowed a three-thousand-year-old flat peach, and was cultivating.


    Opening his eyes, the chaotic scene in his eyes flashed away, and there was a look of destruction¡ª¡ª

    "Journey to the West in Time and Space."

    ¡°It¡¯s shattered.¡±

    Lu Qingfeng sighed.

    He raised his head and looked at the chaos thirty-three days away.


    There was a flash of gray light, Lu Qingfeng stretched out his hand, and a command talisman fell into his hand.

    It is the ¡®Huntian Talisman¡¯.

    The time and space of the journey to the west where he dreamed in the past was shattered, and Lu Qingfeng's Golden Immortal Dharma Body, which was practicing and exploring in the chaos, also disappeared.

    Suddenly looking back.

    It¡¯s really like a dream.

    ??Although it has not been a long time since I cultivated this Golden Immortal Dharmakaya during my journey to the West, there is a world of difference between the one before and after.

    From Guangyuan world.

    A dharma body emerges and returns to the immortal world.

    First, he was accepted by Lingji Bodhisattva and helped his eldest brother, Huang Feng, get out of trouble.

    Then relying on the Golden Immortal Taoism, he broke through the blockade of the Eighteen Arhats, and was summoned into the Lingxiao Palace by the Second Master Sa.

    Showing off his power in the Lingxiao Palace, he defeated Wang Lingguan in a battle and was named the True Lord Tianpeng. From then on, he first became famous in the Three Realms.

    After that, he took charge of Tianhe.

    With the help of the Golden Immortal Dharmakaya, the Tianhe River was purged again, and the benefits of flooding the sky were obtained. I, the Golden Immortal, was in sight.

    Calculate according to the sun in the lower world.

    This Golden Immortal Dharmakaya has only existed for seven or eight hundred years.

    But in retrospect.

    In just a few hundred years, Lu Qingfeng has done a lot of things with the help of the Golden Immortal Dharmakaya.


    Lu Qingfeng also felt lucky in his heart.

    Fortunately, there is no too much delay.

    Before the Golden Immortal Dharma Body dissipated, he quickly cut through the mess and cleared the Tianhe River. He made an unparalleled contribution and became famous in the three realms.

    Within a short period of time.

    Can find peace.

    Give him time to develop stably.

    ?????????? If it had been half a year later, he would really not be able to deal with Tota King Buddha and others by now.

    Time is also destiny.

    It¡¯s really mysterious.

    "It's not easy to be a golden immortal."

    "During the journey to the west, I took advantage of the great sage's influence and secretly ate countless flat peaches and golden elixirs. I also practiced hard for a long time before I became a golden immortal."

    "But this time I went to the time and space of the Conferred Gods."

    "Although I am not slow in cultivation, I have been practicing for more than 1,200 years, but I am still in the middle stage of the Celestial Immortal, far away from the Golden Immortal."

    "It's not of much use."

    Lu Qingfeng felt a little guilty as he felt distracted by practicing with Ao Le in the God-Selfing Time and Space.

    He is now in a high position.

    What you rely on is the Golden Immortal Dharmakaya.

    At this time, the Golden Immortal Dharmakaya was disillusioned.

    Although his strength may not be invincible among the immortals, he still has to take charge of the vast Milky Way.

    Who doesn¡¯t feel weak?

    Great power.

    ??The name is loud.

    But there was no corresponding strength, and it was like a fire was burning under his butt.

    Not only is it difficult to sit still.

    What¡¯s more important is that you don¡¯t know when you will burn yourself to ashes.


    Lu Qingfeng had already made a plan.

    "Three years."

    "I hope it can happen."

    Stand up.

    Lu Qingfeng looked up at the sky and saw stars all over the sky, shining brightly!  (Remember the website address:
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