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Chapter 901 Embarrassment

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    On the straight and spacious road, a group of people marched northward.

    The third prince, no, he should be called the third prince. Through the car window, he looked at the frequent traffic of people and vehicles outside. He couldn't help but sigh: "Zhenbei Gong, he is really a capable minister in governing the world!"

    "Your Majesty, none of the princes in the court are worse than Zhenbei Gong!"

    In the carriage, the close aides sitting together disagreed and chuckled: "It's just that they don't have much room to play!"

    "Yes, right now the Imperial Capital"

    The third prince sighed, shook his head and stopped talking, his face full of helplessness and annoyance.

    "My lord, there is no need to do this!"

    A confidant advised: "The royal family is full of talents, and there will always be someone who can compete with the Langya Earth Immortal!"

    Of course, I don¡¯t have much confidence in saying this. How many years has it been?

    Langya Earth Immortal has been in the imperial capital for more than sixty years, and he is still the "overlord" of the imperial capital. Not to mention the three princes who were riding in the same car, even the current emperor is living in a miserable state. No one can say when he will be able to turn around.

    The third prince nodded in approval. The information he knew was naturally more and more secret.

    The ancestor of the royal family has made a breakthrough in his cultivation not long ago. Although he is not as good as Immortal Langya, the gap is not as big as before.

    Whether it is the current emperor or a core member of the royal family like the Third Prince, his heart is full of confidence and expectations at this time.

    It is also depressing to say that Immortal Langya has been in the imperial capital for more than sixty years, and most of the resources of the royal family have been plundered by him. As a result, the royal family's own cultivation resources are insufficient, and they have to find ways to beg from everywhere, which is simply embarrassing.

    The situation of the Third Prince is pretty good. He had taken advantage of Feihu Jing's leadership and secured a small territory in the core circle of the imperial capital early on.

    Although it is not as good as the princes outside, it is still much better than the brothers, nephews and nieces who rely on the royal family for support.

    He also realized the importance of strength. He has practiced hard over the years and his strength has improved rapidly. At this time, he has reached the peak of the magical power realm.

    This is also the main reason why he was able to become a prince and live for such a long time.

    Back then, when he went to inspect Beidi City, Chen Ying, the lord of Feihu Trail, had not yet gained momentum and was just an inconspicuous little transparent person.

    A hundred years have passed, and the situation has been completely different.

    Chen Ying, the lord of Flying Fox Trail who was just an inconspicuous and transparent person at the beginning, has now become the overlord of the northern region.

    Although it appears that the leader of the northern region is Zhenbeigong Chen Longcheng, in fact the real boss is Chen Ying.

    It¡¯s just that this guy has always been reluctant to come out and always hide behind the scenes and watch with a cold eye. This makes outsiders misunderstand the power structure in the northern region.

    According to the information that my father got from Immortal Langya, the arrogant and domineering Immortal Langya was very afraid of Chen Ying, the overlord of the northern region.

    The Third Prince sighed in his heart, and he didn¡¯t know how tyrannical Chen Ying¡¯s cultivation was.

    "Speaking of which, the behavior of the northern region is always incompatible with the mainstream of the empire.

    But the key point is that every time it turns out that what the northern region did was the right thing to do, this is the most embarrassing thing for the imperial capital.

    Because the Third Prince has many contacts with high-level officials in the northern region, of course that was more than sixty years ago, he thinks he knows Chen Ying fairly well.

    Originally, he actually wanted to learn from the practices of the northern region and popularize education and martial arts in his own territory, but unfortunately the resistance was too great, and the third prince had no choice but to think about his own village and industry.

    Unexpectedly, after more than ten years of development, it has produced fruitful results.

    He had previously thought of ways to obtain school textbooks from the northern region, as well as all the basic martial arts courses taught by martial arts, which played an important role in his own village and industry.

    There are many rising stars emerging in Zhuangzi¡¯s industry, and the number is quite sufficient.

    ¡°In fact, because of this wave of talents, the third prince¡¯s strength at this time can be regarded as the second-ranked existence in the royal family, just one step behind his father.

    Having tasted the sweetness, the Third Prince was naturally more enthusiastic about imitating various measures in the northern region.

    After all, he has strong force and sufficient talent reserves at hand, and he also wants to push it hard.

    ?????????? Go to such a wealthy family, go to such a powerful place, if something really happens, it would be even harder to get them to help.

    Not as good asbsp; On the road, all the people passing by are talisman vehicles, the kind that don't need to be pulled by horses or oxen.

    In fact, the Third Prince is no stranger to such talismans and vehicles.

    There are many such talismans and vehicles in my own palace.  Only a small amount of true energy or blood energy is needed to make the talismans on the vehicle operate normally and provide the power needed for the vehicle to move.

    The spacious and flat road is densely packed with vehicles, and the sidewalks and shops on both sides are also bustling with people.

    The architectural style here is different from the Imperial Capital or other places in the Daqi Empire. Tall buildings of about ten stories can be seen everywhere.

    I heard that this was Chen Ying¡¯s idea.

    When it comes to expanding living space, buildings with a maximum of three or four floors were not very practical in the past. Compared with the increasingly dense urban population, it is obviously more convenient and practical to expand the living space upward or downward.

    There are also more than a dozen such high-rise residential buildings in the Third Prince's territory.

    He is also familiar with the environment inside. The living environment is indeed good, but the space is a little narrow. If he wants to practice, he can't stretch out.

    But obviously, such a problem is nothing in the northern region. There are not many other towns that serve as gateways. There are various training venues, both open-air and enclosed (Remember this website's website address:
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