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Chapter 902 Shock

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    "What, Chen Ying went into seclusion again?"

    In the Beigong Mansion in the northern town, the Third Prince asked with disbelief: "Did you go into seclusion just recently?"

    Damn it, if you don¡¯t want to see him, just say so. With such an excuse, who do you think is a fool?

    "The Third Prince has misunderstood. The Third Prince entered seclusion a few years ago and has never come out!"

    Chen Longcheng calmly explained: "All affairs in the northern region are handled by me, Xiong Dazhuang and Ling Feng through discussion!"

    The third prince's heart suddenly moved, and the dissatisfaction on his face immediately disappeared, and he said helplessly: "It's not that I am overly worried, it's really because of the difficulties in the imperial capital"

    Chen Longcheng smiled and said nothing, thinking that even the Dao Emperor had troubles, what was the matter with him in the northern region.  The current emperor is very shrewd.

    "By the way, since Duke Zhenbei can make the decision, can the northern region support the imperial capital?"

    The Third Prince didn¡¯t feel embarrassed, he just hit the snake with the stick and made a request: ¡°Especially the Talisman Master!¡±

    He had some thoughts in mind. As soon as the talisman masters from the northern region arrived in the imperial capital, he would immediately find a way to invite them all to his own territory.

    The imperial capital will definitely not pay attention to it, but he does.

    I really want to lay a talisman track on my own site. I hope the talisman train can increase the traffic speed on my site.

    "This matter is not easy to handle!"

    Chen Longcheng shook his head directly, spread his hands and said helplessly: "There are indeed a lot of Talisman Masters in the northern region, but they may not be willing to go to the Imperial Capital!"

    ¡°Just kidding, after so many years of development, the economy and people¡¯s livelihood in the northern region have long surpassed that of the imperial capital and the rest of the Qi Empire.

    Not to mention, the transportation here in the northern region is convenient and all kinds of daily necessities are extremely abundant. The living conditions of ordinary people are probably better than those of small landowners in the imperial capital.

    Under such circumstances, it is not easy at all to recruit talisman masters to go to the imperial capital to help.

    It is obviously not appropriate to use administrative orders for such matters, and it should be done on a voluntary basis.

    "Zhenbeigong, aren't there Fu troops among the armies in the northern region?"

    The third prince was a little dissatisfied and said directly: "I heard that there are full-time combat talisman masters among them, just send some of them there!"

    At this point, he paused and reminded: "As long as we can help the imperial capital to eliminate the Yin spirits, it won't take much time!"

    "I really can't make the decision in this matter!"

    Chen Longcheng smiled bitterly and said: "Not only the Fu Army, but also the entire army in the northern region is basically in the hands of Xiong Dazhuang and Ling Feng!"

    "How can it be?"

    The third prince did not believe that Chen Longcheng was Chen Ying's biological father.

    Even if there are some conflicts between father and son, there is no reason to leave the army to outsiders. Isn't this creating trouble for yourself?

    "I have two legitimate sons!"

    At a faint glance, Chen Longcheng shook his head and said, "If the three kings want to ask the actor, come to Bengong, really go here!"

    "Well, I would also like to ask the Duke for some experience in governing the place!"

    Regardless of whether he believed it in his heart or not, the third prince stopped mentioning the previous topic and asked curiously: "Since Zhenbei Gong is in charge of the political affairs in the northern region, it is impossible that he has nothing to teach me, right?"

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? "Even my father, when he mentioned Zhenbeigong, he was full of praise and thought that you are a capable minister in governing the world!"

    "Your Majesty is so flattering!"

    Speaking of this, Chen Longcheng's face suddenly turned red, his eyes shone brightly, and then he started to talk endlessly about how to govern the place, regardless of whether the Third Prince wanted to listen or not.

    By the time the third prince came out, most of the day had passed.

    At the gate of Zhenbei Gongfu, he met up with the guards who had been waiting for a long time. He repeatedly declined the banquet invitation from Zhenbei Gongfu and returned directly to the official post where he temporarily settled.

    "My lord, is everything going well?"

    "It's not going well, that guy Chen Ying already went into seclusion a few years ago!"

    "It should be true. I also inquired outside before. Chen Ying has not been in Beidicheng for a long time, and even the Flying Fox Trail leader showed up!"

    "This guy is really big-hearted. He keeps himself in seclusion, and even lets Xiong Dazhuang and Ling Feng take care of the most powerful army in his hand. Aren't he afraid of something happening?"

    "My lord, I heard that Chen Ying has been a powerful immortal for a long time. I'm afraid he doesn't care about this!"

    "Yes, this guy's strength is too tyrannical.? Smiling silently, he couldn't help but feel frightened in his heart. What he disliked the most was this kind of attitude.

    Nima reminded nothing, so how can he guess?

    At this time, he had given up the idea of ??asking for help from the northern region, and his mind was full of thoughts on how to improve the relationship.

    Two Tianxian power, as long as they are willing to just call the entire Great Empire collapse.

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????OUTOUT OFFICE

    Even now, the third prince does not have the arrogance of a royal prince at all, but only respects and fears for the powerful gods.

    "I heard that Lord Chen opened a training market in Xiandong Mansion in the Snow Mountain!"

    When the conversation changed, the third prince asked directly: "I just don't know. If I want to participate, will I be welcome?"

    In order to get the maximum benefit, he directly showed all his cards.

    The practice market in Xiandong Prefecture in the Snowy Mountains is somewhat famous now.

    The third prince also knew the news accidentally, and originally planned to use it as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the northern region. After all, it would not be a good thing for the northern region if things like Xiuxianfang Market really spread.

    But now, how dare the third prince to play any tricks?

    Even if the news about Xiuxianfang City spreads to the streets, is it possible that with the strength of Xiong Dazhuang and Ling Feng, they still can't suppress the situation?

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Unless they are brainless, any fool knows how to choose (Remember this website address:
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