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Chapter 861 Our decision

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    Su Xiao was sitting in the cafeteria, listening to Taoist Master Ming Zongyuan's powerful declaration with everyone.

    We don¡¯t want to sit on Noah¡¯s Ark, we want to build an Ark of civilization.

    Then, Taoist Master Ming Zongyuan announced a measure:

    Based on the information obtained from all aspects, all immigration quotas obtained by Zhongxia will be destroyed without exception.

    What this means is that no one will get a quota, no matter he is a sage or a relative of a sage, no one will get a quota.

    One stone stirs up a thousand waves!

    The student next to Su Xiao said: "Is this a bit too much?"

    "How did you get through?" A student asked: "If you really left those so-called boat tickets, the ones who escaped must be the small group of people with connections. No matter what, it won't be our turn. If there are exceptions, there will definitely be loopholes to take advantage of. No  I think it¡¯s good to have people on board.¡±

    "You can also send some people in a scientific and reasonable manner." The student said: "It might as well really leave the spark of human civilization behind."

    Su Xiao listened to their words and sighed in her heart.

    They still don¡¯t know the truth about the so-called immigration plan. It is not a way of escape at all, but a ticket to death.

    The news spread quickly.

    The vast majority of people can realize that if such a ticket is really open to candidates, they will not be elected in the end. Many people support this approach.

    Don¡¯t worry about scarcity, but worry about inequality!

    But there are also many people who disagree.

    ¡°There are many people who initially thought they could get a ticket and escape safely.

    Their mentality was shattered. They felt that their way of survival had been cut off, and they were crying everywhere.

    Of course, they are very good at finding reasons to whitewash themselves.

    Some people say that they do not want to escape, but they want to leave fire and memory to human civilization in the universe, prevent the civilization on earth from being destroyed by evil things, and pretend to be the inheritors of human civilization.

    Su Xiao looked at the messages they sent and was speechless.

    Why would someone rush to die?

    Of course, they didn¡¯t know the truth of the matter, and they didn¡¯t know that they were going to die in the past.

    In fact, Su Xiao didn¡¯t know either, but Su Xiao tended to believe what Ye knew. He thought Ye knew that he was not lying.

    What is even more panicked are the surrounding countries.

    They saw that the human world had rejected the "Noah's Ark" ticket, and they were afraid that their own ticket would also be destroyed.

    The Secret Observer only negotiates with the five major countries, and the ship tickets are also given to the five major countries, and the five major countries will issue them to other countries on their behalf!

    In this regard, in the afternoon of that day, someone from the authoritative speaking department came out to express their position and said:

    "There is reliable information that proves that the Eternal Empire summons immigrants not really to preserve the fire of human civilization, but to collect sacrifices."

    "But this sentence did not stop those neighboring countries who wanted the tickets. They didn't believe it. Some even thought that this might be some conspiracy to monopolize the tickets.

    In the end, they got the tickets as they wished.

    After all, legally speaking, the tickets were given to them by the Eternal Empire, and Zhongxia just distributed them on their behalf.

    As for foreign countries, some occultists who study occult knowledge and track history, etc., after hearing the news from the human world, some people stood up and expressed concern:

    "The 'prophet' of this generation is from Zhongxia. The news from Zhongxia may be true. There may be something wrong with the Noah's Ark ticket, otherwise they would not be able to give up the ticket completely."

    But such rational words were quickly drowned in everyone¡¯s enthusiasm and luck.

    On the island of Nauru.

    Human transport ships and passenger ships are quickly picking up the last batch of island residents.

    During this period, the secret observer did not even take any action. Qu Tianwen's illusion stayed on the shore, looking at the Pacific Ocean with no visible edge.

    The head of the Zhongxia delegation came behind him and spoke.

    ¡°¡­The above is our decision.¡± The head of the delegation said.

    He was a little nervous.

    The Hidden Observers have not established diplomatic relations with any country. They are really like gods and do not care about human diplomatic rules. Therefore, the task of informing the Hidden Observers of affairs is given to a group of diplomats stationed on the island.

    But the covert observers did not give them any promises, nor did they say there was any diplomatic immunity or anything like that.

    Although Ye knew that the secret observers would not take action against civilization, who knew they would hear voices saying they would not accept immigrants?? Will he get so angry that he kills the person who informed him?

    As the waves of the sea lapped at the beach, Qu Tianwen put his hands behind his back and looked in the direction of Zhongxia.

    Qu Tianwen listened patiently.

    He smiled sadly and sighed.

    ¡°I don¡¯t know how many historical twists and turns the ¡®prophets¡¯ of this generation have seen and how many truths they have recorded.¡±

    "However, if you deviate from the already successful and mature path, walk towards the long night where no light can be seen, and walk on the long road with no end in sight, will you really not be overwhelmed by despair and swallowed by darkness?"

    When the head of the delegation heard this, he was suddenly shocked.

    When he came here to perform his mission, in addition to informing the secret observers of their decision, he also received a few words of unknown meaning.

    The person who gave him words asked him to reply with those words after Qu Tianwen spoke.

    Now, the head of the delegation discovered that those words actually matched Qu Tianwen¡¯s words.

    This made him feel like he was opening the bag of tips given to him by Zhuge Liang and marveling at the ingenious plan!

    The head of the delegation said:

    "If you want to be hidden by the long night, then search for it in the long night. If the right path can only be seen at the end of the long road, then walk there."

    Qu Tianwen was not surprised and said with a smile: "Your civilization is indeed very special."

    "However, every civilization born on the earth is a special civilization and unique."

    "They are all special, which means they are all the same."

    "History has proven that no civilization can walk out of what you call the 'right path', no matter how special it is. This is the experience left by the long history, and this is a universal law that cannot be violated."

    The head of the delegation was shocked. He thought silently: "I've met the remaining words again"

    He followed the words left behind and replied sonorously:

    "The road we have taken."

    With the words, the waves crashed on the beach.

    Qu Tianwen was speechless for a long time.

    He looked at the point where the sea and the sky met, where it was gradually being swallowed up by darkness, leaving only the clouds with some glow.

    Qu Tianwen said with some sadness:

    "Perhaps, in some forgotten history, we were as naive and childish as you."

    He paused and wanted to say something, but paused again.

    In the end, Qu Tianwen sighed and said nothing.



    Su Xiao and Rosalie used their teleportation powers to get back together and take a walk in the brightly lit city.

    "It would be great to have the power of teleportation." Su Xiao thought: "At least we can get together whenever we are free, without having to separate the two places."

    The two were walking on the street, chatting about each other, and soon they also talked about the ferry ticket incident.

    As Su Xiao expected, even if Rosalie didn't know the nature of the Eternal Empire, she still agreed with the Taoist Master's approach.

    She said: "It would be great if I was powerful enough to take all mankind away. If we want to evacuate the earth, everyone must evacuate together."

    Su Xiao nodded and said: "It would be great if I were powerful enough to kill all the evil things, and no one would have to evacuate the earth."

    Rosalie heard Su Xiao imitating her words and bumped Su Xiao's shoulder hard.

    Lidya Su smiled.

    In his super-sensory observation, the power of civilization in the city became more and more intense like hot fire cooking oil.  (Remember the website address:
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