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Chapter 906 A storm never seen before

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    Feani left the time insurance.

    Su Xiao activated the combat belt and directly engaged this Feani in close combat!

    The blood shadow thorn explodes!  Su Xiao used real shadow magic to form a spear and stabbed towards Feani.

    When the Feani first came out, only Su Xiao was seen attacking it. Feng Feihong was immobilized by another Feani in the sky. Wang Weina was seriously injured and was still being treated. Baijiu was rushing here.

    He immediately made the judgment that a prince-level evil creature should make.

    The invisible tentacles swatted at Su Xiao!

    Even though Fiani is not a prince-level evil creature who is good at melee combat, he still has a strong melee ability by relying on the time stasis field. How can he be afraid of a little guy who is not a transcendent in melee combat in front of him?

    That little guy doesn¡¯t even have a first-grade body control secret technique. Even if Feani has learned from a certain history that Su Xiao has a black blade of disaster, he can kill him in exchange for his injuries!

    Su Xiao¡¯s face was slightly distorted.

    He allowed the invisible tentacles to smash the power armor and slap it on his body.

    A stronger force spread to Su Xiao's body, as if every cell in Su Xiao's body was sleeping, falling into a state of hibernation, and all physiological functions were about to stagnate.

    As a prince-level evil object in the time domain, Feani's invisible tentacle slap also comes with attacks in the time domain, one of which is the effect of the second-grade ability "time stasis"!

    At the same time, Fiani's invisible tentacle slap also has the ability to absorb time. He can absorb the "future" of any living thing!

    The young Feani used this method to suck away the life of the girl. Even when Su Xiao infused her with vitality for treatment, she felt the attraction from the past.

    This ability to absorb time and make time pass, combined with Feani's invisible tentacles, can easily smash the psychic shield and let the power armor decay.

    Extraordinaries can still use their momentum to resist and avoid being killed instantly, but Su Xiao has no momentum.

    Feani¡¯s tentacles hit a red film as thin as human skin.

    The red film began to beat like a heartbeat.

    Facing the prince-level evil object, Su Xiao did not hold back and had already used the power of the blood-colored crystal ball.

    The infinitely proliferating vitality spread out like cancer, impacting the Feani's body.

    "It's you!"

    Feani roared, roaring in the Eldar language.

    A certain doubt came to light in Su Xiao¡¯s heart.

    This adult Fiani is indeed the baby Fiani that attacked Clock Village!

    But that young Feani has a mystical connection with Him.

    Could it be that this is Him in the future, and because of some ability, he can go back to the past and prevent his past self from being killed?

    That¡¯s too too sci-fi, right?

    The lines of cause and effect are all messed up.

    Su Xiao wanted to think about it, but her movements were not slow. A strange shadow killer connected with her.

    The fear he gave to this Feani was that his vitality was corrupted and turned into a ball of flesh that would only grow infinitely!

    Coupled with the reality that is happening now, this fear is particularly convincing.

    Feani reluctantly pulled away the invisible tentacles to avoid gaining vitality from Su Xiao, but was immediately attacked by fear.

    Even though he was a prince-level evil creature and had a rank to suppress Su Xiao, his movements were half a beat too slow.

    Su Xiao took a step forward, and the three-foot god controlled his body, breaking away from the time stasis field and coming close to him.

    There was a look of madness in his eyes.

    ¡°Can you run if you want to?¡±

    "You thought it was the time when you attacked the little girl's future from the air?"

    He burned all his mental energy and sent it all into the blood-colored crystal ball to corrupt Feani in front of him!

    In the sea of ????thought, a large number of crystal fragments are used as fuel to replenish mental power.

    That Feani couldn't bear it, but there was thunder falling above its head.

    Boom boom boom boom!

    Feng Feihong stopped acting, and thunder struck.

    With the explosion of his power armor, Baijiu reached a position where he could barely attack. He immediately blasted away the aura of wisdom and blindness, affecting his mind.

    Rosalie is also condensing the Black Blade of Calamity, and using it with Dimensional Slash, it hits Feani.

    Su Xiao desperately used psychic surgery to delete Feani's next thought.

    When he was in such a situation, his first reaction would definitely be to go back in time and fight again.

      As long as this thought is deleted, Su Xiao will have the opportunity to explode Rosalie's Xiping Jade Pendant and kill him completely!

    Feani¡¯s body erupted with psychic energy fluctuations.

    Su Xiao has identified the spiritual energy fluctuations in Feani's body, which is going backwards in time!

    Baijiu¡¯s aura of wisdom and blindness were suppressed by his rank, which did not make him lose the ability to rewind time. Su Xiao¡¯s psychic surgery was also suppressed by his rank, and his thoughts were not deleted.

    Su Xiao looked at this scene unwillingly, inspired Rosalie to give him the jade talisman, and made a last ditch effort!

    The darkness swallowed up the Fiani.


    "It's so relaxing"

    Baijiu whispered.

    Several people followed Su Xiao and walked in the illusion shield, easily passing over the evil spirits in the city and arriving at the building.

    Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past them, and the force of the wind could even make it impossible for ordinary people to move forward.

    Baijiu put a hand in front of his face and said, "Why is there such a strong wind suddenly?"

    "This is a subconscious habitual action. In fact, they are wearing power armor. It doesn't matter whether they can block the wind and sand. The mask will not be stained with sand and cannot be seen clearly.

    Su Xiao frowned and said: "Why is it so windy here?"

    "I didn't feel the strong wind here with my previous super induction. Is it because there is something wrong with that building?"

    "It's possible." Feng Feihong said: "I am also very sensitive to storms, but before we came here, I didn't feel the wind here."

    Several people temporarily stopped moving forward.

    Wang Weina asked: "Will this windwill evolve into a time storm?"

    Su Xiao said: "I don't know. I checked the relevant information in the secret library before coming here. In fact, the academic community has not yet reached a conclusion on the origin of the time storm. I only know that the time storm is not only a physical storm, but it can also brew into a mental level and chaos.  The storm of space and time.¡±

    Feng Feihong said: "Maybe, as you said, it was the storm generated by that building."

    Hearing what Su Xiao said, Baijiu became interested. He asked: "What are the opinions in the academic circles?"

    Su Xiao said: "Over there with the secret party"

    Baijiu said: "Wait a minute, why is the Secret Party also studying the Wuya Secret Realm?"

    Feng Feihong said: "The Wuya Secret Realm has its own entrance in the United States, Western Europe, and Africa. It's just that the entrances are too far apart."

    "Oh, Su Xiao, please continue." Baijiu said.

    Su Xiao continued: "According to the secret party, they believe that the nature of the weather 'storm' is close to that of a deceased god of time, so when a storm occurs, the storm will absorb the power of that deceased god.  , evolved into a storm in the time domain."

    "According to the Wizard Towers, some of them feel that there is a problem with the secret structure of the Wuya Secret Realm itself. It is very sensitive to time and space, especially the abilities of the time domain. Therefore, it is possible that the power of the time domain at the authority level can  Touch time and space and form a storm." (Remember this website address:
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