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Chapter 653 Taoist Companion

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    When Qin Feng walked into the cave of the Supreme Master again, he saw a lot more scrutiny, both overt and covert, some of which were kind, some of which were malicious, and more of which were filled with doubts, indifference, and loss

    When I think that the future of Taihao Star Palace is very likely to be dominated by him, many so-called elites are not convinced, but the situation is stronger than others, and there is nothing they can do if they are unwilling to accept it.

    The so-called geniuses are also divided into three, six or nine levels. Among those who can become core disciples, which one does not have the dazzling halo of genius?  However, in front of Qin Feng, their qualifications and achievements were not worth mentioning.

    The master of the Xinglu Palace was coming out of it at the moment. When he saw Qin Feng, his expression suddenly became much kinder. He said warmly: "Have you reached the realm of transformation? Very good. The master is waiting for you inside. Come in quickly.  .¡±

    After fifteen days of cultivation in the Secret Palace of Inheritance, Qin Feng naturally demonstrated his cultivation in the Transformation Realm. Although it was not as good as Gui Guchen on the surface, it was enough to shock the other core disciples.  With his incredible cultivation speed, it probably won't take too long to break through the Return to Void Realm.

    Qin Feng thanked him humbly and entered the depths of the cave.

    The master of the palace smiled and watched his figure leave. It wasn't until he was far away that he looked back at the sky and it turned into a rainbow and left.  As for those secretly prying eyes, she only felt disdainful.

    For a top-level orthodoxy like Taihao Star Palace, the ownership of the headship is naturally no small matter. It is much more important than the battle for the throne and the thousands of miles of mountains and rivers in the secular empire.  The one who can take over this position can only be the one with the highest cultivation level, the strongest luck, far-reaching strategy, and decisive killing. Only in this way can the sect be able to safely survive the many disasters in the future and create a new situation.

    It's a pity that some old guys are so selfish that they no longer even put the overall interests of the sect first. The headmaster is right, these people are already dispensable to the great cause of Taihao Star Palace.  If you don't know the meaning of existence, you can only give up on them.

    On the cloud bed, Ji Binghuang saw Qin Feng coming in and looked satisfied: "You have improved your cultivation a little too quickly. I remember it hasn't been long since you advanced to the Virtual God Realm, right? You need to polish it a little bit next. You can't  I rushed forward in a hurry."

    Qin Feng explained: "The speed is a little faster, but the disciple has not made any advances, and the foundation is still very solid."

    ¡°As he spoke, he stretched out his hand for Ji Binghuang to check.

    Ji Binghuang pinched his wrist, and a ray of cold breath circulated along the meridians in her body. What she heard back surprised her and was incredible.

    "The total amount of mana is equivalent to more than 600 times that of an ordinary real-world monk? And your body, which has been refined by star power, is almost strong enough to withstand the attack of a first-grade magic weapon, right? You are really a monster!"

    Even with her experience, she has never seen such a powerful physical body, and even the few high-level physical practitioners in the sect do not seem to be up to Qin Feng's level.  If you really want to compare, perhaps only a few physical practitioners at the peak of the Delusion Realm can be compared to him, but those are all supreme elders in the sect who have been cultivating for many years.

    Ji Binghuang is looking forward to it very much at this moment. Once Qin Feng is promoted to a powerful person in the extreme heaven realm, how powerful will his physical body be? Maybe it will be more terrifying than the real ancient Tianlong?  And with the momentum of his simultaneous advancement in law cultivation, sword cultivation, and physical cultivation, I guess even I won't be able to suppress him by then, right?

    It is normal for a disciple to be better than his master, and as long as the master is not a narrow-minded person, he will be happy to see such a result. However, not long after Qin Feng became his disciple, he would be suppressed by him in turn. To say Ji  Ice Phoenix doesn't mind at all in his heart, that doesn't exist.

    "By the way, I remember that your body-building secret method seems to be incomplete,"

    Ji Binghuang suddenly frowned: "That old guy Yu Qingyu got this incomplete technique ten years ago. Because it was too difficult to repair, he just let it go. Last time, I took advantage of Ryuzaki's opportunity to provoke you and lost this technique to  If I kill you, I might be suspected of digging a hole for you. How could you"

    It is impossible to cultivate incomplete skills and magical powers. Even if you practice them forcefully, there will be major flaws and it will consume a lot of resources but make it difficult to achieve anything. That's why Qin Feng's move made Ji Binghuang a little puzzled.

    "The disciple has a rare treasure that can be deduced to complete the remaining copies of the exercises. As long as the completeness is above 50%, it can be repaired. Therefore, the body-forging secret method of the ancient Tianlong clan is already complete."

    Qin Feng, who had been prepared for a long time, said that he took out a book-sized blue crystal. The surface was smooth and clean, and a bright golden light like water rippled out from time to time. It exuded a mysterious atmosphere. It was a pocket version of a super quantum light machine.  brain.

    ¡°???  "

    Ji Binghuang took it over and took a closer look, but even with her rich experience and knowledge, she was confused.  Of course, this is not difficult to understand. After all, this thing is the product of another world and another civilization system. It is normal not to understand it.

    "The use of this thing is a bit difficult and complicated. If Master doesn't mind the trouble, the disciple can explain it to you in detail."

    "Forget it, let's talk about it later when you are free,"

    Ji Binghuang returned the thing to him and said seriously: "I called you here today to tell you something important. Ten years ago, my master accidentally picked up a baby girl and adopted her as his adopted daughter. The secret  Since her training, very few people in the sect know of her existence."

    "I have accepted three direct disciples as my master. Besides her, they are you and Xingxia."

    "I see."

    Qin Feng knew it in his heart. He had learned before that the Supreme Leader had three direct disciples, but his identity was extremely mysterious and had almost never appeared in the sect. Therefore, even some core elders were not clear about it.

    It now seems that Ji Binghuang¡¯s daughter may be an even better person than Gui Guchen, at least comparable to Xing Xia.

    "My master has decided to adopt Xingxia as his adopted daughter, what do you think?" Ji Binghuang asked again.

    "Master is wise, and my disciples have no objections."

    Qin Feng replied calmly, feeling a little strange in his heart. It was entirely her private matter that the Supreme Headmaster wanted to have more adopted daughters. How could he have the right to express his opinion?

    But what Ji Binghuang said next made him stunned: "You don't have a Taoist partner yet, why not choose one among them?"


    Qin Feng looked at her confused, wondering why this matter had anything to do with him again?  Xing Xia's words are easy to understand. After all, they have been together for so long, and he has a good impression of the girl. As for the other onehe has never even met her, so how could he choose her as a Taoist companion?  Isn't this a joke?

    "If you agree to this matter, I will defy all opinions and appoint you as Taoist Priest. How about that?" Ji Binghuang's expression did not seem to be hypocritical.

    Qin Feng pondered for a moment and secretly communicated with Jian Lingyu Chan: "Do I need to agree?"

    "Promise, why don't you agree?"

    Jian Lingyu responded calmly: "That Xingxia's destiny and luck are very extraordinary. Choosing her will be of great benefit to you. Of course, she will also benefit. This is a win-win result."

    The pleasant jingling sound of pendants came from behind the screen, and after a few breaths, two beautiful silhouettes appeared.  One is Xingxia, the other

    Qin Feng¡¯s expression changed slightly: ¡°So it¡¯s you?¡± (Remember the website address:
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