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Chapter 654 It was obviously me who came first

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    Standing next to Xingxia was a girl who looked no more than thirteen or fourteen years old. Her figure was extremely voluptuous. She was wearing a gorgeous dress as white as snow, with black hair like ink and beautiful eyes.  It was as if all the spiritual energy in the world had been concentrated on her, almost no less powerful than Xingxia.

    The girl's eyes were cold and indifferent, and her whole body carried a sharp aura that could not be compared to anyone else. She was like an unsheathed divine sword. If you stare at her for a few more times, you will involuntarily feel the sword aura coming to you.  .

    Qin Feng quickly realized that this was the talented swordsman girl who competed with him for the Canglong relic at the Jinhua Pavilion auction last time. At that time, he asked Jian Lingyu Chan to deduce the identity of the other party, and he had already learned  She was born in Taihao Star Palace.

    However, because Ji Binghuang¡¯s cultivation was too terrifying and protected by secret treasures and heavy weapons, Jianling Yuchan was unable to deduce the relationship between this girl and Ji Binghuang.

    It is not difficult to understand. With the method of celestial calculations, the fortune and destiny of ordinary people can be calculated accurately. The stronger the cultivation level, the more difficult it is to calculate. It is difficult for a big shot like Ji Binghuang to even spy on a starship.  , unless Qin Feng is willing to spend more energy.

    "I knew it was you, the bastard,"

    The sword cultivator girl said coldly: "For that Canglong relic, I made a long and secret investigation, and finally found out that there is one for sale in Jinhua Pavilion. Then I returned from the stars day and night. I didn't expect that you would cut off my hair and hurt me."  The plan to condense the Kenshin Taoist body has been postponed indefinitely!¡±

    Qin Feng sighed: "I didn't deliberately embarrass you about this matter. That thing is equally important to me, so I can only apologize. If I have a chance in the future, I will find another one for you."

    If it were someone else, of course she would stay where she was. However, she was Ji Binghuang's daughter, so he couldn't handle it simply like this. He didn't look at the monk's face and the Buddha's face. Qin Feng still understood this point of human nature.

    The sword cultivator girl's face brightened slightly: "That's about the same, but you have to move faster. I will soon break through to the Pohuan Realm. Condensing the sword heart Taoist body before that will have a greater impact on the future path."  Help."

    Ji Binghuang frowned slightly: "Wanxin, how precious is the Canglong relic? Even I can't think of a way, where can you ask him to get it for you?"

    ??The main reason is that this thing is too rare. If the problem can be solved by just spending more spiritual stones, Ji Binghuang can use his own private treasury to solve the problem, and it will not be so embarrassing at all.

    ??????????? It may be said that it was due to time constraints at the time. Ji Wanxin had been traveling abroad all year round and had no time to seek help from her mother. Therefore, the spiritual stone resources she carried with her were not enough, otherwise Qin Feng might not have been able to obtain it so easily.

    Ji Wanxin glanced at Qin Feng: "This guy is so lucky, I guess he must have a way. If he can do this, he is barely qualified to be someone else's Taoist companion."

    Qin Feng smiled: "Your requirements are a bit low."

    Ji Wanxin stared at him with disdain: "Don't brag in a hurry. You can do it first before talking about it. Neither my mother nor I like people who boast!"

    Qin Feng wisely stopped talking. For others, the solution to this problem may be to go to the outer stars to find the settlement of the Canglong clan and try to hunt a real Canglong. It must be an individual in the prime of life.

    However, adult Canglongs usually have the cultivation level of Breaking the Illusion Realm, and it is not uncommon to reach the Extreme Sky Realm. How can they be so easy to hunt?  Moreover, the Canglong clan is extremely defensive and xenophobic, and will seek revenge when it comes to vengeance. If you offend such an enemy, it is definitely not fun to be chased by a large group of Dragon clan elders.

    That¡¯s why Ji Wanxin decided that Qin Feng was telling lies. Even if he had the cultivation level of his mother Ji Binghuang, it would be extremely difficult to accomplish this matter.

    "I said your requirements are low because I still have the Canglong relic here. I originally planned to use it in the future. Since you are in a hurry to use it, I will give it to you first."

    Qin Feng said calmly. In the flash of light and shadow, a translucent amber bead the size of a fist and showing a black gold color appeared in his hand, and the heart-stopping aura of dragon power spread quickly.


    Ji Wanxin's face suddenly stiffened, and she snatched the bead and looked at it carefully. It took a long time to confirm that Qin Feng had not lied to her, and that this was indeed a genuine Canglong relic.

    In fact, the Canglong relic at the auction has been used by Qin Feng, but with the starship there, the composition and structure of the Canglong relic has been analyzed by Jian Lingyu Chan. It is not difficult to condense one again. It costs tens of billions of resources.  That¡¯s it.

    "Then you pass."

    Ji Wanxin's face was slightly red, and she felt quite ashamed as she spoke.

      Although most sword cultivators are straightforward and decisive in character, and there are few mothers-in-law and muddled people, the affairs of Taoist companions are not only related to their lifelong happiness, but also closely related to their own path and great cause. How can they be easily allowed to do so?

    "It's just that I made my promise first, and now that I've benefited from it, I'm going to turn around and deny it?"  With Ji Wanxin's temperament, she really couldn't do such a thing. Her mother and sister were watching.

    "Sister, you are wrong about this,"

    Xing Xia suppressed a smile and said, "Qin Feng didn't ask you to be his Taoist companion, so you don't have to worry about this matter. I think it's better to listen to his own opinion."

    "Oh, okayok."

    Ji Wanxin breathed a sigh of relief. As long as she was not forced to make an immediate decision, this matter could still be considered. The person who could defeat Gui Guchen certainly had a strong cultivation base. Besides, after taking back the Canglong relic, this guy didn't seem to be  So annoying.

    Ji Binghuang asked warmly: "Qin Feng, have you made up your mind? Which one should you choose to be your Taoist companion?"

    Only children do multiple-choice questions, and I am no longer a child.

    Qin Feng thought silently in his heart and straightened his expression: "If Xingxia has no objection, then it is her."

    Having been in Yuanluo Realm for so long, Qin Feng is naturally familiar with many overt and covert rules of this world.  Although thousands of monks pursue immortality and eternal freedom as their ultimate goals, their daily lives are still greatly affected by the secular world.

    The method of combining fellow practitioners has been around since ancient times. There are not a few monks who get married. Some sects are even famous in the world for their proficiency in dual cultivation techniques. There are both good and evil sects.

    The relationship between husband and wife in the secular world only lasts for a hundred years at most, while the relationship between Taoist couples often lasts for thousands of years or even longer. In ancient times, it was not uncommon for couples to become immortals. Therefore, the selection of Taoist couples is very important.  It became a very important event for the monks.

    Moreover, high-level monks often have great benefits, which will have a considerable impact on the people around them and the sects or families behind them. Therefore, this kind of thing is absolutely impossible to be hasty. Compared with the emperor in the secular world, he must be cautious when choosing his concubine.  solemn.

    Marriage in the secular world is more about being well-matched, and the same is true in the spiritual world where strength is respected. If one's own conditions are poor, wanting to eat swan meat like a toad is basically a delusion. This is no different than in the secular world where one can change one's destiny by getting married or climbing a high tree.

    Of course, there are exceptions to everything. Those monks who have poor qualifications and limited expected achievements, as long as they have a strong enough family background, sect background, or have a powerful master as their backer, they want to find an outstanding Taoist companion.  It's still relatively easy.

    These monks usually consider choosing a woman and man with good luck to form a Taoist couple, so as to achieve the purpose of sharing luck, breaking through the original shackles, and changing their destiny. Countless facts have proved that this approach is still very effective.

    After thousands of generations of monks have repeatedly tried and tested, the practice books in this area have been quite perfect and are applicable to both male and female monks. There is no shortage of secret methods for sharing luck and connecting destiny. Through the relationship between Taoists and Taoists, we can achieve the result of sharing weal and woe.  .

    Of course, the kind of magic method that is unwilling to pay and only seeks to unilaterally extract and exploit also exists. Many evil sects or families like to do this. Every year, there are countless innocent boys and girls who are murdered by them.

    So Qin Feng can understand Ji Binghuang's thoughts. Anyway, he won't suffer from this kind of thing. It's a win-win result, so there is no reason to refuse.

    Xingxia was not embarrassed at all. When she saw Ji Binghuang looking over her, she said calmly and gracefully: "My daughter makes the final decision based on her mother."

    The corner of his eye glanced at Ji Wanxin for a moment, and he thought to himself, it¡¯s just you, do you want to compete with me?

    It was obviously me who came first.

    " I just recalled that in my previous life, the Taihao Star Palace was robbed. This girl had a chance to escape at the last moment, but she resolutely chose to go with her mother. The ending was extremely miserable, and I felt a little pity.

    Of course, Taoist companions like Qin Feng are not common goods and can be found casually. It is related to her future path and the fate of Taihao Star Palace. It is impossible for her to give in.

    Ji Binghuang sighed slightly in her heart. She was originally leaning towards Ji Wanxin. This girl was extremely talented but not good at destiny. Even if she was not very proficient in the art of divination, she could deduce that Ji Wanxin's future was not optimistic. If  With the support of someone like Qin Feng, she might have the opportunity to change her destiny. However, this girl's hesitation at the critical moment caused her to miss this rare opportunity.

    Speaking of which, it is also my fault that I did not make up my mind in time to call her back to meet Qin Feng as soon as possible. As a result, Xingxia and Qin Feng spent more time together, and their friendship was naturally not comparable to that of outsiders.

    ¡°And with Xingxia¡¯s unique advantage, it would be extremely difficult for Ji Wanxin to compete with her. Perhaps this is God¡¯s will.

    However, if his plan succeeds and Taihao Star Palace can successfully survive the calamity in the future, he will not die early, and Ji Wanxin should also be safe and sound, right?

    ¡°That¡¯s okay, that¡¯s it,¡±

    Ji Binghuang changed countless thoughts in an instant and continued: "My master will invite all the Supreme Elders to establish the Taoist throne. You should go back and wait for the news." (Remember the website address: www.hlnovel  .com)??, the affection is naturally not comparable to that of outsiders.

    ¡°And with Xingxia¡¯s unique advantage, it would be extremely difficult for Ji Wanxin to compete with her. Perhaps this is God¡¯s will.

    However, if his plan succeeds and Taihao Star Palace can successfully survive the calamity in the future, he will not die early, and Ji Wanxin should also be safe and sound, right?

    ¡°That¡¯s okay, that¡¯s it,¡±

    Ji Binghuang changed countless thoughts in an instant and continued: "My master will invite all the Supreme Elders to establish the Taoist throne. You should go back and wait for the news." (Remember the website address: www.hlnovel  .com
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