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Chapter 655 Fellow Practitioners

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    Return to Creation Peak.

    Looking at Xing Xia who had followed him, Qin Feng asked thoughtfully: "Are some old guys in the sect still unwilling to give up? That's why Master is anxious to settle this matter as soon as possible?"

    "Otherwise, what do you think it is?"

    When Xingxia thought about this, he became very angry: "Those old guys want to use me as a bargaining chip to make a deal. They said that they can appoint you as the Taoist Priest, but they have to let me be the Taoist companion of that Gui Guchen. I really don't know.  So-called! He's just a traitor and a traitor, and you still want to take advantage of me?"

    Qin Feng was slightly shocked: "You said Gui Guchen was a traitor? Is there any solid evidence?"

    Xingxia shook his head: "Not yet, so I'm still hesitating on how to deal with him!"

    So that was it. Qin Feng knew in his mind that in the timeline where she lived in her previous life, Gui Guchen turned traitor and surrendered to the enemy for some reason. Presumably, he caused great losses to the sect. So Yixing  Only then would Xia hate him and his group of people so much.

    But at least at this time, Gui Guchen has not done anything to steal others, even though he and the headmaster are not on the same page, so Xingxia has not yet decided whether to remove him in advance. I am afraid Ji Binghuang has different attitudes towards this matter.  reserved.

    It was also the first time that Qin Feng encountered this kind of thing, so he was also a little troubled. After pondering for a few breaths, he said, "Can we prepare for a rainy day and not give him a chance to defect to the enemy?"

    "Well, this is what mother means. The necessary measures are being arranged one after another. However, I am not very optimistic about the effectiveness of this approach." Xingxia frowned.

    In her memory, it was not just Gui Guchen who had the problem, but also a bunch of core disciples and high-level elders. If they had to be eradicated in advance, the negative impact on all aspects would be too great. Even Ji Binghuang could not find it.  Once she makes up her mind, even the supreme elders of her line may not support her.

    Maybe this is one of the unique worries of the reborn, right?

    Qin Feng pondered for a moment and said: "It is not appropriate to kill or imprison them in advance, but they can be idle, transferred away from the center and no longer entrusted with important tasks. At the same time, arrange forces to secretly monitor and make targeted plans. If the situation arises,  If the situation changes, we will deal with it immediately with thunderous means to minimize the potential harm."

    There was a hint of smile in Xingxia's eyes: "You are right, this is what we are doing now."

    Qin Feng nodded. Since complete preventive measures have been taken, these people will no longer have the possibility of coming into contact with the core secrets of the sect. No matter how they behave, the losses they cause will be quite limited.

    Xingxia looked at him secretly for a moment, and her fair and beautiful face suddenly turned a bright red, just like the morning glow reflecting the snow, which was particularly moving.

    In his previous life, he spent his whole life in various battles and intrigues. Until his last breath, exhausted, he blew up his sect's weapons and died together with the invading powerful enemies. Unexpectedly, after his rebirth, he not only had the opportunity to change the fate of his sect, but also had the opportunity to  A monster-like Taoist monk.

    With Qin Feng and himself, Taihao Star Palace is not only expected to survive the catastrophe, but it is not impossible to coerce other sects and dominate Yuanluo Realm in the future, right?


    Ying Xin, wearing a luxurious purple dress and a beautiful figure, came out. When she saw him holding Xing Xia's hand, the color in her eyes suddenly disappeared.

    She was the beneficiary of the first activation of the Advanced Mirror Kingdom. Qin Feng not only fully optimized and improved her physique, but also invested a lot of resources to allow her to successfully reach the Yundan Realm in the past six months. As a result, Ji Bing was  Huang Feng became the new core disciple, had his own exclusive dojo, and had a completely different status.

    Of course, this girl is still used to staying in the Creation Peak to cultivate. She can see Qin Feng all the time and continue to take care of various affairs for him. It doesn't matter if she occasionally pesters him to act coquettishly. Anyway, among the many female disciples who are on duty at the Creation Peak, she  Always the most favored.

    Xingxia said warmly: "You go and open the restricted closed dojo. No one can disturb you within ten hours. Qin Feng and I are going to practice Taoism in seclusion."

    "Okay, okay."

    Ying Xin glanced at Qin Feng and saw that he had no objection, so she reluctantly agreed.

    Deep inside the cave.

    Qin Feng opened all the protective formations inside, and launched the Universe Stars Formation. In addition, with the Xuanyang Divine Prison Cauldron communicating with the earth and suppressing the center, even if a powerful person from the extreme heaven realm comes to attack, he can guarantee that he can withstand it.  The few days and nights were uneventful.

    "It's still not enough."

    Xingxia said, and took out a large black flag, which was covered with a dark and deep mysterious brilliance. When it moved slightly, the water light rippled, with an extremely soft and hazy light.The hazy water atmosphere is deep and distant, with the faint sound of rushing tides.

    "What kind of magic weapon is this?"

    Qin Feng was slightly surprised. This big flag was actually at the level of a top-quality magic weapon and a defensive treasure. It should be one of Xingxia's secret trump cards.

    "The Xuanyuan Ten Thousand Waters Spiritual Flag was once an ancient spiritual treasure. Later, it fell to the level of a top-grade magic weapon due to damage, just like your pill furnace."

    Xingxia said, activating several dense and thick black light shields inside and outside under the formation flag, and then nodded with satisfaction.

    Then, an antique and extremely gorgeous huge bed appeared in the middle of the room, followed by incense burners, screens, dressing tables, murals, lamp stands, vases and other furnishing objects. She took them all out of the storage bracelet and placed them properly.  They were all beautiful, extremely luxurious and exquisite. Soon, Nuo Da's room was decorated into a gorgeous palace filled with fragrance, drooping curtains, and full of silk and brocade.

    Finally, she took out a jade slip and handed it to Qin Feng with great care. It was a profound exercise book for male and female practitioners. Ji Binghuang gave it to her personally.

    ¡°It¡¯s a pity that there is no Picture of Heavenly Bliss, otherwise¡­¡± Xingxia sounded a little regretful.

    "what is that?"

    Qin Feng thought for a moment and couldn't remember that he had heard the name of this rare treasure.

    "This is a very famous treasure in ancient times. It is said to be the treasure of a certain super Taoist sect. It also comes with a cultivation method, which is known as the top cultivation method for men and women in Yuanluo Realm. As long as they become Taoist couples  The two of them work together to activate this treasure fellow practitioner, and if their luck and destiny are connected, they can successfully reach the realm of the extreme heaven within a hundred years, and there is great hope to go further"

    "My mother told me about the whereabouts of this treasure. Unfortunately, it was lost in a terrifying outer world millions of years ago. Even she would not be able to easily try it, otherwise she would have gone to retrieve it long ago."

    Xingxia explained that she still remembered Ji Binghuang¡¯s regret when she mentioned this matter at the beginning, which showed that the ancient spiritual treasure was really extraordinary.

    However, in the memory of the previous life, at the critical moment of the sect's fall, the Map of Paradise appeared, but it was in the hands of a notorious evil master.

    "It seems that I have to complete this important matter."

    Qin Feng said, making even Ji Binghuang feel that it was a difficult and dangerous situation. Perhaps only he could consider trying it, and other strong men in the sect would not be enough.  Such a heavy weapon can only be rest assured if it is in your own hands. If it falls into the hands of hostile forces, it will be an outright disaster for Taihao Star Palace.

    "Well, let's go together then."

    Xingxia said softly, her eyes were like water, and she came over and hugged him gently.

    Qin Feng leaned over to pick her up and walked towards the bed that was just a short distance away



    The exquisite white jade wine flask hit the floor tiles heavily, shattering into pieces in an instant, and the mellow spirit wine flowed all over the floor.

    "What? The master wants Qin Feng and Xing Xia to form a Taoist couple? Do you want to make him a Taoist prince? No, no, no! We will never agree!"

    Yan Chenzi roared angrily, his old face turning red.

    There were a circle of high-level elders sitting around, all of them with pale faces and gloomy and angry eyes.

    Yu Qingyu shook his head and sighed: "This woman Ji Binghuang is really shameful. I didn't agree with her taking over the position of head teacher at the beginning. If her master hadn't been on good terms with those supreme elders, who would have gotten her?  "

    "With things like this now, does she really not want to take the overall situation of the sect into consideration?"

    The elders all agreed one after another, and they were all very emotional, and they had the attitude of joining forces to make trouble and force the emperor to go to the palace.

    For a top-level orthodoxy such as Taihao Star Palace, the benefits involved in the position of leader are really astonishing. In the secular world, the thrones of hundreds of empires and billions of miles of country combined cannot be compared with it. No wonder they don't  He refused to give up until the last moment.

    Gui Guchen's master Chu Qiuhao said slowly: "The plan for now is to separate Qin Feng and Xing Xia first and prevent them from continuing to contact each other, and then ask our Supreme Elder to come forward and convene a meeting with the sect's senior officials.  At the meeting, I will personally propose the motion for Gui Guchen to marry Xingxia. As long as the voices supporting us are in the majority, it will be difficult for Ji Binghuang to change."

    "This is a very good plan,"

    Yan Chenzi agreed: "And we have to move quickly and secretly. Ji Binghuang is not easy to fool. If we delay for a long time, she may get the upper hand."

    The elders naturally had no objections, so they discussed for a while, assigned each other's tasks, and then dispersed.  (Remember the website address:
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