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Chapter 154 Maze Exploration, [Crystal of Tina¡¯s Obsession]

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    Su Yu still has some experience in clearing the maze copy.

    The most taboo thing about a maze copy is breaking in and walking around blindly.

    The walls inside the maze are almost identical, so it is easy to misjudge the direction and become completely lost if you walk around blindly.

    It¡¯s actually very simple to clear the maze dungeon.

    After Su Yu entered the maze, he took out a pen and paper from his backpack and recorded the route he took.

    He moved forward at a constant speed with a distance of 0.6 meters per step. Every time he passed a fork in the road, he clearly marked the distance he had just walked and the location of the fork in the road.

    Every time you make a turn, turn the paper 90 degrees.

    In this way, you will basically not lose your way, and you can easily pass the maze.


    Although the maze part is simple, it is the main plot after all, and there are many other elements mixed in the maze.

    As soon as Su Yu reached the second fork in the road, he bumped into four monsters.

    "Two of them are giant snakes.

    ¡¾Forest Python lv27¡¿

    Blood volume: 2220

    Attack power:75

    Skills: [Poison Bite]: Bite the target, causing damage of 240% of the attack power, superimposing a layer of [Poison], and refreshing the duration of the [Poison] effect on the target.

    ¡¾Poison¡¿: Causes 35 points of poison damage every second, lasting 4 seconds.  Stack up to 10 times.

    ¡¾Snake's Swiftness (Passive)¡¿: There is a 15% probability of evading single target attacks and spells.

    Note: Tina was not afraid of snakes when she was a child, until she was bitten by a poisonous snake in the forest

    The other two are big spiders.

    ¡¾Wall spider lv27¡¿

    Blood volume: 1955

    Attack power:86

    Skills: [Binding Spider Web]: Spit out a spider web towards the target, causing damage of 150% of the attack power and making the target [Restrained] for 3 seconds.

    [Venomous Sting]: Pounce and stab the target, causing damage ranging from 120% to 600% of the attack power. The lower the target's health, the higher the damage caused, and the opponent will be [poisoned], causing 35 points per second.  Poison damage lasts 4 seconds.

    ¡¾Spider's Compact (Passive)¡¿: There is a 15% chance to dodge single target attacks and spells.

    Note: Tina had a spider as a pet when she was a child, but then she adopted a cute stray cat and the spider was abandoned by her.


    These four monsters are all of ordinary level, so they are not difficult for Su Yu.

    Su Yu used the [Summon Rock Element] skill, and a large rock element made of granite and more than three meters high appeared next to him.

    Under his control, the rock element quickly rushed towards the four monsters.

    Spiders and pythons obviously also discovered the intruder rock element and attacked it one after another.

    The python's big mouth and the spider's poisonous pincers stabbed at the rock element's body, scraping off a large amount of stone chips.

    Su Yu, of course, also made some moves. After the rock element used [Group Taunt], his [Rain of Fire] and [Chain Lightning] spells hit it without any scruples.

    Su Yu¡¯s spell strength is high, and his skill damage bonus is also extremely high. With just two spells, the health of the four monsters was quickly cleared in the thunder and fire, turning into experience points and some drops.

    Su Yu stepped forward to check these drops.

    In addition to basic drops such as equipment and psychic coins, the four monsters also dropped four consumable items called [Tina¡¯s Obsession Crystal].

    ¡¾Tina's Crystal of Obsession (Consumables)¡¿

    Use it on the boss [Tina's Obsession] to reduce all its attributes by 1%, and the score gained by killing the boss will be +5%.  Can be stacked and lasts 2 minutes.

    Seeing this prop, Su Yu immediately understood: "It seems that clearing the maze is only part of the mission. The more you explore inside the maze and kill more monsters, the more benefits you will get from the final mission."

    After figuring this out, Su Yu no longer hesitated.

    He put away the drops from the four monsters, put on the double-speed leather armor, and fully explored the maze.


    In addition to spiders and pythons, there are also traps that spew poison and fire occasionally on the ground and walls.  But these can only be regarded as minor troubles to Su Yu.

    The real threat to Su Yu is a creature called [Ghost Cat].

    ¡¾Ghost cat lv63¡¿

    Blood volume:?  ?  ?

    Attack power:?  ?

    Skill: [Ghost Pounce]?¡¿: The ghost cat pounces on the target, causing 100% of its health as true damage, ignoring shields and damage reduction skills.

    ¡¾Ghost Body (Passive)¡¿: In ghost state, you can easily pass through the maze walls.

    ¡¾Silent (Passive)¡¿: Movement and attack will not make any sound.

    Note: The stray cat Tina adopted when she was a child died of a malignant disease, which is one of the sources of Tina's obsession.

    ??The ghost cat moves silently and goes away with one strike, making it difficult to detect.

    For Su Yu, it would be okay if the ghost cat appeared in front of him. He could also use [Flash Technique] and [Refrigerator Technique] to avoid the ghost cat's attack.

    If the ghost cat appears in a corner behind him or in Su Yu's blind spot, it will be impossible to prevent it.  You can only consume the number of blocks of [Maze Talisman] to avoid damage.


    In the next 50 minutes, Su Yu kept paying attention to whether there were ghost cats around him, while racing against time to kill monsters in the maze and collect obsession crystals.

    At the same time, he also has to find the exit of the maze.

    Finally, after 42 minutes, Su Yu successfully explored 100% of the area in the maze, killed two mini-bosses [Spider Queen Elise] and [Embrace of the Demonic Serpent Cassiopeia], and came to the maze.  exit location.

    Until now, the number of remaining resistances of [Maze Talisman] is only two, and the collected [Tina's Obsession Crystal] has reached 40 pieces!

    After walking out of the maze, Su Yu looked at the empty plain in front of him and couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­ He had been wandering around in the dark and closed maze, which made him dizzy and almost got claustrophobia.

    Now looking at the empty plain in front of him, he suddenly felt refreshed!

    However, the maze copy is not over yet.

    One hundred meters away from the exit of the maze, a giant 30-meter-high metal golem stood there. This should be the final boss of the maze copy.

    The metal on the upper body of this demon is red, with a huge word "Thunder" on it;

    The metal on the abdomen is green, with a huge word "wind" on it;

    The metal of the lower limbs is blue, with a huge word "water" written on it.

    Overall, it looks like a golem made up of three constructs.

    ¡¾Guardian of the Gate lv27 (Excellent)¡¿

    Blood volume: 25500

    Attack power: 378

    Skills: [Storm Strike], [Wind Dragon Sweep], [Water Dragon Roar]

    ??Remarks: A large structure composed of the Thunder Demon God-Sangjia, the Wind Demon God-Shujia, and the Water Demon God-Sijia has very powerful power.


    Seeing this boss, Su Yu couldn't help but sigh in his heart: "It seems that players who have cleared the main plot must have the ability to challenge bosses of the same level. Ordinary players cannot do it even if they receive the main plot."

    After sighing, Su Yu put on a complete set of cloth armor equipment and began to cast spells, preparing to condense a 20 times more powerful [Lightning Technique] to kill the boss in one blow.

    But before casting the spell, Su Yu saw the [Rock Element] around him, and a fresh idea suddenly appeared in his mind: "How about playing like this?" (Remember the website address: www.
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