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Chapter 161 Legendary Talent

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    Su Yu¡¯s territory¡ª¡ª[Apu Xi Village].

    The pier in Apushi Village has been expanded several times, extending nearly 50 meters from the river bank.

    The water along the river bank of the territory is shallow, and only after extending out for 50 meters can a large cargo ship be docked.

    A large number of cargo ships, fishing boats and small warships are docked on the 50-meter-long pier.

    Tina lay on the edge of the boat and carefully counted the number of these boats.

    "1, 2, 352, 53, nemesis, a total of 53 ships!" Tina smiled at Su Yu.

    This trip gave Tina the feeling of an outing, and she was traveling with Su Yu, which made her very happy.

    "Yes! There are already 53. In a few days, the number will be hundreds!" Su Yu replied with a smile.

    At present, the blueprints of the territory [Shipyard] have not been unlocked. Ships are mainly purchased. When the [Shipyard] is built in the future, large-scale shipbuilding can begin.

    "It's just there are so many people on the pier!" Tina pointed to the pier full of people: "Are these all residents of your territory?"

    Looking in the direction of Tina's fingertips, Su Yu found that the pier was indeed full of people.

    There are very few NPCs among them, most of them are players who come to watch the fun.

    20 minutes ago, Su Yu sent back the news of "taking Tina back to the territory".

    After receiving the news, the entire territory was shocked!

    Tina is not the unknown rural girl she used to be.

    She has more than 100,000 video views for each main plot. In addition, she is the protagonist of the main plot, and her popularity is among the top three among all NPCs!  Maybe just a little worse than Princess Alijie.

    So when they learned that Tina was coming, the players were very excited and ran to the pier to watch.

    "These are not all my subjects, most of them are here to watch the fun."

    "Watching the fun?" Tina blinked her big, confused eyes.

    "I can't explain it clearly now. Just follow me later. Remember not to get lost."

    "Okay." Tina suddenly took Su Yu's hand, her eyes turned into two crescent moons: "Let's hold hands, so you don't have to worry about me getting lost later."

    Su Yu: ""


    The cargo ship docked at the pier.

    Su Yu and Tina walked off the boat together.

    Seeing Tina stepping off the cargo ship, the whole dock was boiling!

    "Damn it! Mr. Ke actually brought someone here!"

    "The degree of freedom in this game is so high! Can NPCs like this who publish the main plot also be able to move freely?"

    "Now that Tina is here, will the princess Loli be far behind?"

    "Hi! Hearing what you said, I'm really looking forward to the arrival of the princess."

    "Mr. Ke, can I take a photo with Tina?"


    Su Yu smiled and greeted the players.

    "Let's take a group photo next time! We still have important things to do."

    With that said, Su Yu pulled Tina and walked out of the crowd.

    There are several game anchors in the crowd, such as "Songdao Maple Forest", "Rape Flower", "Evolution Unique Brother"

    At this time, they gathered around and pointed their cameras at Tina. At the same time, they also communicated with the water friends in the live broadcast room:

    "Look, everyone, Mr. Ke is actually holding Tina's hand. Can players and NPCs in the game also develop a close relationship?"

    Especially "Maple Forest on Songdao" gives a close-up of the hands held by Su Yu and Tina.

    Seeing this scene, the barrage in his live broadcast room suddenly exploded:

    "It's true! Mr. Ke and Tina are holding hands. Could it be that Tina has been captured by Mr. Ke?"

    "You are overthinking! It's just holding hands, it doesn't mean anything. (Lemon) (Lemon)"

    "But Mr. Ke already has Dave! You scumbag! Have you forgotten your real wife Dave?"

    "This game is set in the Middle Ages. It may have three wives and four concubines. Now I announce that Dave is the principal and Tina is the concubine!"

    "I don't agree! Where did you put our princess Lolita?"

    "Yes, the princess is the main palace!"

    "Stop saying that the princess is the official of the palace! The princess is only 14 years old, you beasts!"

    "Police officer, that's them!"

    I don¡¯t know where the barrage discussion has gone.


    The players were making noise on the pier to watch the excitement, but Cole, the butler, was a little unhappy.

    He felt that this group of adventurers from another world were being careless and disrespectful to the master and distinguished guests.

    So taking this opportunity, he quickly squeezed into the crowd and squeezed to Su Yu's side.

    "Master, welcome back to the territory!" Cole bowed respectfully and saluted.

    "Oh, Cole!" Su Yu patted his shoulder: "I just have something to ask you. I will introduce you to a new colleague, Weiner Heijin, who will be in charge of the territory's foreign trade in the future."

    Su Yu pulled the goblin Weiner Heijin behind him to him and introduced him to Cole.

    "Is it a goblin?" Cole frowned.

    Cole has a natural dislike for this thin green-skinned dwarf.

    But since it was brought back by the master, he suppressed his discomfort and shook his hand: "Welcome to the territory, Mr. Black Gold."

    "Hello, big man." Weiner Heijing was proficient in observing words and emotions, and he keenly sensed that Cole didn't like him.  But for the sake of his nemesis boss, he wouldn't say anything.

    Su Yu also noticed the incompatibility between the two subordinates, but he didn't take it too seriously. It always takes time for different races to live harmoniously.

    "Cole." Su Yu ordered: "Instruct the porters to move the goods on the ship to the village. Also, send the [Sunstone] to Dave as soon as possible."

    "Understood, sir!" Butler Cole immediately became energetic after receiving the order.

    Su Yu patted his shoulder again, and then pulled Tina towards the village.



    Now [Apuxi Village] has been established for two days and has a population of close to 200 people.

    The environment in the village is also much better than that of the newly built village.

    Outside the village, a wooden fence protects the village.

    In the village, wide roads extend in all directions, and rows of brand-new houses are located on both sides of the road.

    The village center is equipped with pubs, squares, hospitals and other supporting facilities.

    The villagers have food to eat, work to do, and everywhere is full of laughter and laughter.

    When they arrived at the village, Su Yu let go of Tina's hand because he wasn't worried about her getting lost.

    Tina didn¡¯t mind either. She looked left and right, very curious about everything around her.

    After seeing a wild cat on the roadside, her childlike innocence grew. She ran forward and hugged it in her arms for a while, making it "meow meow".

    "Nemesis, I like the atmosphere in your village very much." Tina said happily: "In Nolan Village, we are all burdened by heavy taxes, and many people have never smiled. But it is different here!  "

    Tina took a deep breath and closed her eyes: "I can feel that the residents here are very happy! I like this feeling very much!"

    "After we help Her Royal Highness regain the lost land, I want to come and settle in your village. Will you accept me then?"

    "Ding, the legendary talent [Tina Garcia] wants to join your territory in the future, do you accept it?" (Remember the website address:
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