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Chapter 231 The secret of Novice Village, the three clones of a god-level expert

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    After the mission was completed, the village chief took Su Yu back to his home.

    After a while of rummaging through boxes and cabinets in the dusty storage room, the village chief walked out with a gray face, holding a stick glowing with purple light in his hand.

    "Ahem, nemesis, this is your reward! Thank you for your contribution to Nolan Village, helping us successfully deal with this beast tide, and not a single villager died because of it!"

    The village chief walked towards Su Yu and put the stick into his hand with a smile.

    "Ding, the main plot [Glory of the Plantagenet Empire (50100)] has been completed."

    "Rewards obtained: [Useless Stick (Epic)] x1, Psychic Coin x1000."

    "Ding, it was detected that you have three pieces of equipment: [Tears of the Goddess], [Useless Stick], and [Amplification Book]. Do you want to combine these three pieces of equipment into [Archangel's Staff]?"



    Su Yu didn¡¯t think much and directly chose [Yes].

    After the selection was completed, the [Useless Stick] turned into a stream of light and flew into the air.

    The [Amplification Book] rewarded by the 45th ring of the Princess Line in Su Yu's backpack and the [Tears of the Goddess] worn on his body each turned into a stream of light and a stream of [useless stick].

    The three streams of light converged together, eventually forming a magic wand glowing with blue light in mid-air.

    "Ding, congratulations on getting the legendary item [Archangel's Staff]!"

    ¡°Ding, it¡¯s detected that [Archangel¡¯s Staff]¡¯s mana accumulation reaches full value, [Archangel¡¯s Staff] evolves into [Seraph¡¯s Embrace]!¡±

    Following the system prompts, the appearance of the [Archangel's Staff] erupted with a burst of bright light, reorganized and evolved in mid-air, and finally evolved into a more dazzling staff with blue light.

    The staff fell from the sky and fell into Su Yu's hand.

    Su Yu quickly checked the properties of the staff.

    ¡¾Seraph's Embrace (Legend)¡¿

    Accessories, weapons

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Spell Power +100

    Maximum mana value +1000

    Feature 1: Provides additional spell power equivalent to 5% additional mana.

    Feature 2: Increases your maximum mana by 10%.

    Feature 3: Condensate a shield equal to 20% of your maximum mana to protect you from damage.  Instant cast, cooldown time 120 seconds.

    Feature 4: This equipment can be equipped in the [Weapon] column or the [Accessories] column.

    Note: Once upon a time, a restaurant owner named grilled chicken wings "Seraph Wings". Is "Seraph's Embrace" something similar?


    Su Yu is very satisfied with the attributes of [Seraph's Embrace].

    This piece of equipment can be said to be the ceiling of first-level equipment. It can greatly increase his spell strength and mana, and it also comes with an instant shield skill.

    The attribute bonus of [Seraph's Embrace] is not inferior to that of level 50 third-level equipment. At least in the short term, he will not need to change equipment.

    At this moment, he received another system announcement:

    "Ding, the second phase of the main plot [Glory of the Plantagenet Empire] has been completed, and the next phase will start on July 1, so stay tuned."

    The day Su Yu left the territory was June 20th, and today is June 26th. It took him 6 and a half days to complete the second phase of the Princess Line, leaving only 4 and a half days to complete the Tina Line.  .

    But fortunately, the plot of Tina's line is more compact than that of the Princess's line. Four and a half days is enough for him to complete, so Su Yu is not in a hurry.


    After putting [Seraph's Embrace] into the [Accessories] grid with satisfaction, Su Yu looked at the village chief in front of him: "Mr. Village Chief, do you agree to go out to deal with the rebels?"

    The village chief did not answer, but turned his head and looked straight out the window.

    Su Yu sensed that the village chief wanted to go back on his word, so he took out a strategic map from his backpack, spread it out, and used magic power to fix it on the wall of the village chief's house.

    "You see, I have already made a plan for you. When Her Royal Highness's troops arrive at Oran City, the rebel troops will definitely take advantage of the victory while we are not yet secure. By then, we will be flanked on two sides in the Redridge Mountains.  The high-level strong men attacking the rebels"

    Su Yu pointed to the location of Redridge Mountain in Oran City on the map and kept talking.

    "Nemesis, you made a mistake." The village chief interrupted Su Yu: "My promise to you is, 'If you complete my test, I will consider going out to assist Her Royal Highness.' But I never said  Pass meAre you going to come out? I just want to think about it.

    You wait for me to think about it for a while, and I will give you an answer.  "

    The village chief began to shirk.

    Su Yu crossed his arms and stared at him with burning eyes: "Aren't you afraid that Tina will die on the battlefield?

    I have talked with Tina¡¯s father. Tina is the only descendant of Lady Bernina Tide who can awaken her bloodline.  If Bernina Tide-sama knew something, she would definitely be very disappointed with you clones!  "

    Hearing the name "Bernina Tide" and Su Yu's words, Cun opened his mouth wide and his body began to tremble violently.

    "Youyouwhat do you know." The village chief's voice was full of trembling and disbelief.


    According to the information Su Yu learned during this period, the origin of the matter must be told thousands of years ago:

    Thousands of years ago, three god-level powerhouses were born in the human world at the same time, namely Kevin Plantagenet, Bard and Bernina Tide.

    ??Kevin Plantagenet relied on his family¡¯s power to establish the Plantagenet Empire;

    The various tribes under Bard united and established the Wind Chime Empire on another continent;

    And Bernina Tide is a free person who does not join or establish any force.

    A hundred years ago, Bernina Tide died.

    Her fall was not due to an enemy attack, but her own choice.

    As for why this was chosen, no one knows why.

    After Bernina died, her body turned into a small world.  Her descendants opened up a village in the center of this small world and named it Qingfeng Village, which is the origin of Novice Village No. 1.

    Afterwards, the hundreds of other novice villages that players came into contact with, including the Novice Village No. 6 "Nolan Village" where Su Yu is located, are actually projections of Qingfeng Village in various independent planes. Only Qingfeng Village is real.  .

    Nearly a hundred years after Bernina¡¯s death, her descendants have lived in Qingfeng Village.

    In order to protect her descendants, Bernina kept her three seventh-level clones.

    These three avatars are the village chief, the widow Jenny, and Anne¡¯s adoptive father, the woodcutter Beru. They have been playing cospaly (role-playing) games, completely hiding their strengths, almost like ordinary people.

    It is worth mentioning that these three clones are still in a love triangle relationship.


    The descendants of Bernina are generally very talented. Through practice, many high-level experts can emerge. The village also has a teleportation array connected to the outside world.

    External forces do not know that this village was left by Bernina, they only know that there are talents here.

    So in the next hundred years, small and medium-sized forces from the empire settled in Qingfeng Village one after another, such as the Temple of Scholars, the Warriors Guild, the Mage Guild, etc.

    As these small and medium-sized forces settled in, a large number of outside humans moved in, and the royal family also joined in the fun and sent [Baron Wilson] to collect taxes.

    The village chief doesn¡¯t care about these outsiders. As long as they don¡¯t harm Bernina¡¯s descendants, they can do whatever they want.

    So Qingfeng Village gradually became what it is now.

    As for [the best sword in the village], it is one of the few legal weapons left by Bernina.

    The village chief only gave Su Yu 10 opportunities to use it, and he had to recycle it after use.

    "I just didn't expect that Su Yu used it very sparingly and has only used it three times so far, so this law weapon is still in Su Yu's hand.  (Remember the website address:
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