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Chapter 239 Transferring Badges

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    Seeing the properties of this jewelry, Su Yu's eyes lit up.

    Overall, [Advanced Unicorn Badge] is a very good accessory. The control skills and treatment skills attached to the accessory are excellent.

    But the settings for accessories in "Evolution": Accessories can be replaced during combat, but if the accessory's skill has been used, the accessory cannot be replaced before the accessory's skill cooldown ends.

    Because of this setting, players usually only bring two accessories, not too many.

    He now has two accessories: [Advanced Scholar Badge] and [Seraph's Embrace], and after the second phase of the Tina line is completed, he will be able to get the third accessory - [Zhonya's Hourglass] as expected.

    These three accessories are better than the [Advanced Unicorn Badge], so this accessory is a bit useless to wear.

    However, "Characteristic 4" of the unicorn badge caught his attention.

    "Tina." Su Yu stroked Tina's hair and brought his face very close to her: "Can I give this badge you gave me to someone else?"

    The Unicorn Badge is a mission reward. According to the rules of the game, Su Yu cannot trade it to other players.

    But the rules of the game are not completely nailed down. In the past life, some players discovered that rewards obtained from NPCs can be transferred to other people with the permission of the NPCs.

    Tina¡¯s favorability towards him was so high that he wanted to try to see if he could pass it on as a gift.

    It was the first time that Tina had such an intimate act with Su Yu in front of so many people, and her cheeks turned slightly red.

    But she still shook her head and said: "No, nemesis. [High-level Unicorn Badge] is the highest honor of the Unicorn Knights. Wearing it can gain the favor of all knights and gain the support of the people. How can you do it casually?  Give the badge to someone else?¡±

    "If you promise me, how about I play chess with you all night tonight?" Su Yu said seductively.

    Tina¡¯s eyes widened and she immediately replied: ¡°Okay, deal!¡±

    You told me so earlier!  If I had said this earlier, I wouldn't have to go on.

    Su Yu immediately received a game prompt: "Ding, you have [Tina Garcia]'s permission to transfer the [Advanced Unicorn Badge] to those who have participated in the main plot [Austrian] within the next 1 hour and 59 minutes.  Lancheng Saint¡¿50th ring player."


    Not far away, Fiona heard the conversation between Su Yu and Tina, crossed her arms, and looked depressed.

    A man and a woman alone in a room playing chess all night long?  Who believes this!

    In order to prevent the world from being destroyed, to maintain world peace, and to implement love and true evil, Fiona decided to do something.

    So she coughed twice and said: "Nemesis, in order to ensure the purity of the legion leader, I think it is best for you not to stay in her room all night, let alone make up the idea of ??'playing war chess all night'  Such a ridiculous excuse."

    "How is this ridiculous?" Su Yu looked innocent: "We really plan to play chess all night long!"

    "Who would believe this?" Fiona rolled her eyes and looked at the snow leopard and the red-eyed black dragon: "Hey, two adventurers, do you believe it?"

    Snow leopard and true red did not answer.

    They pretended they didn¡¯t hear anything and turned their heads to look to both sides.

    "How about this?" Su Yu raised his head and said, "Fiona, you will also come to Tina's house tonight. Can't you just stand by and supervise us?"

    "What? You want me to go too?" Fiona's eyes widened in surprise.

    If the nemesis and the legion commander really do something indescribable, what should she do?  You can't join them, right?  !

    ¡°We¡¯ll talk about it then.¡± Fiona said the next sentence and ran out of the hall through the side door as if she was running away.

    Clerk Jessica looked at Fiona who ran away with a confused look on her face: "Ms. Fiona, what's going on?"

    "I don't know either? Could it be that she doesn't want me to indulge in chess?" Tina guessed seriously.

    Su Yu: ""


    After bidding farewell to Tina, Su Yu, Snow Leopard, and Zhenhong walked out of the Scarlet Federation Hall together.

    Zhenhong was in a very happy mood. He laughed loudly and said: "90 million psychic coins! In other words, we have harvested trophies with a total value of 3.6 billion flower coins this time! It was really unimaginable before!"

    The currency value of psychic coins in the black market is still rising, rising from 1:25 some time ago to 1:40, and it continues to rise.

     All countries and major capitals are purchasing large amounts of psychic coins. The black market is basically full of purchase information, and almost no one is selling it.

    Snow Leopard smiled: "Yes, 90 million psychic coins. This money is really important to us humans."

    Then he looked at Su Yu solemnly: "Nemesis, thank you"

    "There is no need to say more if you want to thank me." Su Yu waved his hand and threw the [Advanced Unicorn Badge] to Snow Leopard: "This badge is for you. You should build up your territory as soon as possible and become a high-level powerhouse. Help me more."  Sharing some pressure is the real deal.¡±

    "Territory?" The snow leopard had a question mark on his face. Why did he suddenly become involved in the territory?

    But after taking the badge and seeing its attributes, he immediately understood what Su Yu meant.

    After one-time use of the badge, you can get 10 points of world reputation, and 10 points of world reputation can be exchanged for a territory!

    At this stage, the value of a piece of territory is really unimaginable!

    "Buster, I really don't know how to thank you"

    "As I said before, you're welcome. This is what I should do." Su Yu patted Snow Leopard on the shoulder, "If you really want to thank me, just marry your sister to me! In reality, I still lack someone.  Wife."

    Snow leopard: "???"

    "Haha, just kidding." Su Yu laughed and said, "By the way, where is Xue Hua Luo? Why haven't I seen her recently?"

    When Su Yu was in Novice Village, she had frequent contact with Xue Hualuo, but then she went to a rural primary school to teach and the contact between the two gradually decreased, and they have not even been in contact for a long time.

    "Oh, you're talking about Luoluo!" Snow Leopard replied: "She arrived at the Lion Empire through a hidden mission, and became a teacher with an NPC named [Maiev Shadowsong]. She has now switched to the [Watcher] profession. It's just me  I¡¯m also busy with work, so I don¡¯t communicate with her much.¡±

    "What? Xuehualuo actually went to the Lion Empire?" Su Yu was slightly surprised.

    The Lion Empire will only open new content in the second expansion pack. Unexpectedly, Xue Hualuo was lucky enough to find a way to get there.

    "It seems that I need to contact Xuehualuo more in the future. There are many high-value hidden tasks in the Lion Empire, and maybe I can contact [Thor] and [Khadgar] through her, and learn many high-level mage professions from them."  Skill¡­¡­"

    But now is not the time to think about this.

    Su Yu temporarily retracted his thoughts and looked at Snow Leopard: "Snow Leopard, you have to work hard! The strength of Merk and Katie in my territory have reached level four. If there are any monsters that you can't defend in the future, I will  You can ask them to help I have to go back to the territory to upgrade my technology now, let¡¯s talk when we have time!¡±

    After Su Yu finished speaking, he activated [Hearthstone], and his body turned into white light and disappeared in front of the hall.  (Remember the website address:
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