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Chapter 240 Gathering the power of the people

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    After Su Yu left, the red-eyed black dragon looked curiously at the badge in the snow leopard's hand.

    Snow Leopard did not intend to hide it, and directly shared the badge attributes with Zhenhong.

    After seeing the attributes of the badge, especially "Characteristic 4", Zhenhong looked envious: "Old Xue, you are so lucky! Prince Ke will give you a territory, so that you will become a high-level powerhouse in the future!"

    "If this badge is sold to the American emperor, the big capitalists in the American empire may be willing to pay half of their family property to buy it!"

    "Yes, this favor is too big." Snow Leopard smiled reluctantly.

    ?? Humanity¡¯s second territory in the game world, he didn¡¯t expect it to appear in his hands in this way.

    "No, we can't accept such a big favor in vain, I must do something to repay the nemesis!" Snow Leopard murmured.

    As soon as he finished speaking, he went offline directly and disappeared from the entrance of the hall.

    ????????? I saw Snow Leopard offline and was so popular that I didn¡¯t take it seriously. Of course, such an important matter must be reported to the boss. It¡¯s normal to go offline.

    So he opened various chat rooms and showed off Su Yu's story of "obtaining 90 million psychic coins for players" in the chat rooms.



    Twenty minutes later, the Southeast Military Region Headquarters in the real world.

    Wearing a neat military uniform, Zhong Feng was pacing back and forth in front of the conference room of the headquarters, looking a little worried.

    Not long after, the conference room door opened.

    A dozen generals and army staff officers wearing various military uniforms hurriedly walked out.

    They glanced at Zhong Feng who was standing at the door, greeted him with his eyes, and then hurriedly left the headquarters to do their own things without stopping for a moment.

    Political Commissar Zhang¡¯s tired voice also came from the conference room: ¡°Zhong Feng, come in!¡±

    "Good political commissar." Zhong Feng strode into the conference room.

    Political Commissar Zhang is the only one in the conference room now.

    His face was pale, his expression was indescribably tired, and he didn't know how many days in a row he had not had a good night's sleep.

    He looked at the report in his hand and his expression became slightly more cheerful.  He raised his head and looked at Zhong Feng: "Zhong Feng, I just glanced through the report you submitted. Did the nemesis really gift you a piece of territory?"

    "Of course." Zhong Feng replied seriously: "I have clearly written the attributes of the jewelry in the report."

    "This is a great thing!" Political Commissar Zhang rubbed his temples fiercely, and the wrinkles on his forehead relaxed: "After we have the territory, we can pool resources to build high-level strong men. I may not worry about the territory being in the hands of others, but  We are 100% assured in your hands!¡±

    Political Commissar Zhang showed a rare smile: "Zhong Feng, the country will definitely concentrate its resources on cultivating you. I hope you won't let us down."

    "Don't worry, political commissar, I know what to do." Zhong Feng replied.

    He paused here, and then continued: "Political Commissar, the reason why I report to you in person this time is because I feel that we have accepted such a huge favor from our nemesis, and we cannot repay the favor without repaying the favor."

    "Oh? How do you plan to repay him? Will you marry your sister to him? The organization has agreed, so go ahead and do it boldly!" Political Commissar Zhang said cheerfully.

    "No, it's to repay him in another way." Zhong Feng wiped his sweat and said: "We have to collect monster materials for the nemesis recently. I want to use the specifications of the last 'disclosure of information about the existence of the Skrulls' with a video  The way the picture is displayed is disclosed to all the public, so that we can best help the nemesis.¡±

    "This specificationisn't it a bit too high?" Political Commissar Zhang was slightly startled.

    The last time they announced the Skrulls information, they spent a lot of resources to ensure that it was announced simultaneously on all channels and in the game, and there were a lot of troubles that needed to be solved at all levels.  Do we really have to spend a lot of resources to collect monster materials for the nemesis this time?

    "Political Commissar, compared to the territory given to us by our nemesis, this is completely worth it." Zhong Feng said seriously: "And in extraordinary times, we can often use this method to deliver the most accurate information to the people and reduce panic in society.  Emotions are definitely beneficial and harmless!¡±

    Political Commissar Zhang did not answer immediately, but touched his chin and thought for a while.

    After thinking for about half a minute, he nodded and said: "Okay then, in extraordinary times, we will do it again for the nemesis!"


    The efficiency of the relevant departments is still very high.

    Two hours later, 12 noon.

    Su Yu is at homeWhile cooking instant noodles, I browsed the information about ghosts sent by Xue Wenli.

    Since the Skrulls¡¯ information was publicized, almost all takeaway guys have left the takeout industry, and takeout platforms have closed down one after another.

    In order to prevent riots, the country has adopted wartime control measures, and it is not easy to go out to restaurants for a meal.  So Su Yu could only stock up on some instant noodles of various flavors at home to make ends meet.

    But just as he was preparing to eat the noodles, the screen of his phone suddenly flashed and went black.

    "What? The phone crashed?" Su Yu was startled and picked up the phone.

    But at this moment, a video screen popped up on the phone screen:

    In the picture, Political Commissar Zhang is dressed neatly in military uniform and sitting seriously at the conference table. It is exactly the same as the beginning of the last video announcing the Skrull information!

    "Could it be that something big happened?" Su Yu felt nervous and immediately put the phone away and stared at the screen.

    At the same time, this video window also popped up on everyone¡¯s mobile phones and computers in the real world, right in front of the player¡¯s field of vision in the game.

    Everyone had the same reaction as Su Yu, they were all nervous and staring closely at Political Commissar Zhang on the screen.


    Political Commissar Zhang paused for a few seconds like last time, and then slowly said: "Hello everyone, I am Zhang Ling, we meet again."

    ¡°We have something very important to announce this time, let¡¯s watch a video first.¡±

    The video screen switches, and a piece of in-game footage is edited into the video.

    On the screen, you can see the city of Apxi built by the joint efforts of the players.  A large number of troops were waiting on the city wall of Apxi City; outside the city wall, Claude, the lord of Oran City, led an army to press the border.

    The camera kept switching, and finally the picture settled on a figure who was not very majestic.

    Su Yu took a closer look, isn't this the same person he is in the game?  !

    Political Commissar Zhang¡¯s voice also sounded in the video at the right time: ¡°This player¡¯s game ID is called ¡®Nemesis¡¯, and everyone must be very familiar with it.¡±

    Hearing what Political Commissar Zhang said, everyone nodded one after another, whether in the game or in reality.

    Whether they have played "Evolution" or not, most people already know the first person in the game.

    Especially the two strategy posts Su Yu posted on the official forum.  Everyone has read it many times. Even those who have never played the game know these two guides by heart.

    Political Commissar Zhang continued: "With the efforts of Nemesis and the [Yellow Turban Army] guild, they have built the first player territory in the game, and the core building in the territory [Mage Tower] is about to be completed."

    "After the [Mage Tower] is completed, Nemesis can convert the materials dropped by all monsters in the game into experience points and quickly become a high-level powerhouse."

    "But the monster materials currently on the market in the game are not enough to upgrade the nemesis, and more materials are needed."

    ¡°So I would like to implore you all, after entering the game, give priority to collecting monster materials in the leveling area and dungeons as much as possible, and sell the monster materials to the [Yellow Turban Army] guild and the [Relevant Department] guild, and do not sell them to others.  ."

    "I hope that everyone can work together to gather the power of the whole people and make the nemesis a high-level powerhouse as soon as possible. Do you think it is okay?" (Remember the website address:
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