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Chapter 305 Come to my room tonight and IĄŻll show you something good.

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    Deputy Marshal Lucas frowned slightly: "Although I understand your original intention of doing this, I still feel that something is wrong. Are we taking a bit too much risk?"

    "What, do you have any objections?" Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

    Lucas was startled and shook his head hastily: "No, no, no, of course I don't dare. You have the final say in everything!"

    Although he is a high-ranking deputy marshal and has made a lot of contributions in the war to restore the country, if Su Yu really makes up his mind to remove him from his post, I am afraid no one can stop him. Of course, he will not dare to fight Su Yu.

    "Then it's decided!" Su Yu clapped his hands and turned to look at [Antonidas] standing at the end of the tent.

    Antonidas wore a blue mage robe and held a magic wand in his right hand that was taller than others.

    Now his pupils are completely filled with starlight, and there is no expression on his face. It is obvious that he is in a state of deep control.

    "Antonidas, how many people can your [Group Teleportation Technique] send from here to Haiyan City?" Su Yu asked.

    AntonidasĄŻs body shook as if a machine was starting up, and he asked: Ą°How far is the distance?Ą±

    Su Yu turned around and looked at the scale on the map, and replied: "A total of 3,785 kilometers."

    "If it's such a long distance" Antonidas stroked his long beard that hung down to his waistband: "If it is to teleport a seventh-level powerhouse, I can probably teleport 2 people. The lower the strength of the person being teleported, the  The more I can teleport.Ą±

    Su Yu touched his chin and asked, "What if the ones you teleport are all first-level adventurers?"

    "Probably" Antonidas pondered for a moment and replied: "10,000 to 12,000 people. The specific situation will depend on the actual spatial fluctuations."

    "If 12,000 peoplethat's enough!" Su Yu was quite satisfied with this data.

    Antonidas continued: "However, my magic power is basically completely exhausted after teleporting so many people, and it will take at least two weeks to recover."

    "Okay, let's teleport 10,000 people there and leave you with some magic power left." Su Yu made a decision.

    Antonidas saluted respectfully: "Thank you!"

    Su Yu has already decided that these 10,000 places will be reserved for players!

    After all, players will not die. Being killed in a conflict means they will be offline for half an hour;


    So Su Yu opened the [President Chat Room] and posted this information: "We are urgently recruiting 10,000 bosses to do the main mission. Please help the newbies!"

    Real Red-Eyed Black Dragon: "[vomiting blood expression] So cute? How cute are you and how new are you?"

    Su Yu: "Hey, Zhenhong, you don't have a share in this mission."

    Really red-eyed black dragon: "I was wrong! Stop, brother! I was really wrong!!! [Horrified expression]"

    Laser pointer: "What is Mr. Ke's mission? I'm a newbie too, so I really want to know."

    Su Yu: "It's a 'house raid' mission, and I have a hunch that the reward for this mission will be greater than the rewards for previous battles involving ten thousand people!"

    Laser pointer: "'Searching'?! I like this!"

    Laser pointer: "By the way, does Mr. Ke want to fencing?"

    Su Yu: ""

    He suddenly wanted to kick this person out of the chat room.

    But when it comes to "fencing"

    Su Yu closed the chat room interface and looked at Antonidas: "Antonidas, come to my room tonight and I will show you something good."

    "Yes." Antonidas replied without thinking.

    People in a tent said: "???"

    Deputy Marshal Lucas even had a question mark on his face.

    ??ItĄŻs okay for this guy Nemesis to maintain an affair with Her Royal Highness the Princess and Marshal Tina, but now he actually likes this bad old man?  What special flavor is this?

    Su Yu was too lazy to explain: "Okay, let's break up the meeting! I'll give everyone three days to rest and adjust. In three days, the army will set off on time at ten o'clock in the morning!"

    "Understood!" All the generals in the camp agreed.



    After nightfall that night, Antonidas came to Su Yu's residence as promised.

    Su YuĄŻs residence is located in the wealthy area in the west of Maple Leaf City. It was originally a property under the name of Duke Anzu Seifer.

    After the Sever family was destroyed, the princess gave him this house with a wave of her hand. He usually entertained some NPC guests here.

    Anton?Das followed the waiter inside expressionlessly.

    In a relatively quiet secret room deep in the courtyard, he successfully met Su Yu.

    "Lord Nemesis." Antonidas saluted Su Yu respectfully: "Why did you come to see me?"

    Without waiting for Su Yu to answer, he immediately added: "Her Royal Highness has ordered that if you make any strange request, I can refuse it."

    "Oh? A strange request? What is Her Royal Highness referring to?" Su Yu asked pretending to be innocent.

    "This" Antonidas couldn't answer for a while.

    "Okay, let's not mention this. I came here to show you this thing." Su Yu waved his hand and took out the [Plantagenet Chain] from his backpack.

    Su Yu always keeps this piece of equipment and the [Celestial Clan Badge] in his backpack and rarely wears it on his body.  Because these two pieces of equipment were so precious, he was afraid that envious NPCs who were stronger than him would snatch them away.

    "This is" Antonidas' eyes widened for a moment, staring at the star-studded necklace in Su Yu's hand, and his breathing became extremely heavy.

    This necklace is a treasure for space magicians!  As long as you keep analyzing the mysteries, a space magician will gain endless benefits.

    It is not an exaggeration to even say that it is the "graduation necklace" of a space mage!

    How could he not be excited when he saw his "graduation necklace" appearing in Su Yu's hands?

    If it werenĄŻt for the constraints of signing a contract with the princess, he would really want to pounce on her and rob her!

    After taking a deep breath to calm down, Antonidas looked at Su Yu: "Lord Nemesis, do you have anything else to do with me? You can't just show off this necklace to me, right?"

    "Of course not." Su Yu smiled and shook his head, and then his expression became serious: "I called you here this time because I want to learn space spells from you. I have never learned space spells. It's best to learn from the basics.  Come."

    "What? You've never learned space spells before?" Antonidas's eyes widened and he felt a sharp pain in his heart.

    The "graduation necklace" that every space magician dreams of is actually in the hands of a rookie who has never studied before!

    What a waste of natural resources, what a waste of natural resources!

    Antonidas squeezed the magic wand in his hand so hard that it almost cracked.

    Finally, he squeezed out a sentence through his teeth: "Okay, I will teach you. But my condition is that you have to plead with Her Royal Highness on my behalf to reduce the time I am controlled."

    "Don't worry, I'll take care of it!" Su Yu replied confidently.  (Remember the website address:
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