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Chapter 140 It¡¯s scary to think about it carefully

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    "I was not in King Kong City that day, otherwise how could I have allowed you to escape?" Huang Can's face turned red and blue, and he roared.

    In fact, he was indeed in King Kong City that day, but he did not dare to show up because he was afraid of Su Chen's strength.

    And this matter, to him, is tantamount to a great shame and humiliation, and he has the nerve to say it.

    "Really?" Su Chen rubbed his nose and sneered, "Now I'll give you a chance to come over and challenge me to avenge your good-for-nothing son."

    "You" Huang Can's mouth trembled angrily.

    If he had the courage to challenge Su Chen, he would have shown up in King Kong City, why would he be a coward?

    And this time, the reason why they dared to chase Su Chen was because they invited two level 3 evolvers. The three of them could join forces to kill Su Chen.

    "Are you afraid? Is the majestic Lord of the city really a coward?" Su Chen said jokingly.

    Huang Can's face turned red. In front of so many people, he was humiliated naked by Su Chen. He wanted to cut Su Chen into pieces.

    However, even if he was extremely angry, he did not have the slightest courage to challenge Su Chen one on one.

    "Boy, you are so crazy! Let me weigh you and see how much you weigh."

    Seeing Huang Can speechless being squeezed by Su Chen, a middle-aged man wearing a yellow robe with a fat head and big ears stood up next to him.

    Su Chen glanced at him coldly. Seeing the disdain in the other person's eyes, he snorted: "Fat pig, do you want to stand up for him?"

    "You are asking for death!"

    The fat on the yellow-robed man's face was trembling, and he was obviously completely angered by Su Chen's words.

    Although he looks like a pig, he hates others comparing him to a pig.

    ¡°No one has dared to make such a joke with him.

    Even if there were some who were ungrateful, he would kill them all.

    "Fat pig, I'm waiting for you here, come and kill me." Su Chen smiled calmly.

    The man in yellow robe couldn't bear it any longer and stepped forward violently, like a heavy tank rushing towards Su Chen.

    ¡°You¡¯re a level 3 evolver, no wonder you have such a loud tone.¡±

    Su Chen¡¯s eyebrows narrowed, and an invisible and colorless spiritual power shot out.

    Judging from the speed at which the opponent is running, he is definitely a level 3 evolver.

    Although Su Chen has never fought against a level 3 evolver, with his own strength, he can kill even a level 4 evolver, so he doesn't take it seriously at all.

    ¡°Boy, suffer death!¡±

    The man in yellow robe rushed towards Su Chen, but when he saw that Su Chen looked unmoved, he suddenly felt happy and smashed it out with a fist as big as the mouth of a bowl.

    Just when he was about to meet Su Chen, suddenly, as if he had fallen into a quagmire, all his movements froze.

    "Psychic powerlevel 3 mentalist!"

    The man in yellow robe widened his eyes and looked at Su Chen as if he were a monster.

    Only a spiritual master of level 3 or above can restrain him to this extent silently.

    But how old is Su Chen, no more than twenty, right?

    Can you become a level 3 spiritual master at the age of twenty?

    This is such a ridiculous and unbelievable thing.

    You must know that among the three major professions, spiritual master is the most difficult to cultivate successfully.

    Even level 1 spiritual masters are rare, and level 3 spiritual masters are almost as rare as a feather in the sky.

    "How did he do it?" The face of the man in yellow robe was extremely complicated.

    He really didn¡¯t want to admit that Su Chen was a level 3 mentalist, but the fact was before him, so even if he didn¡¯t want to admit it, he still had to admit it.

    "He is actually a level 3 spiritual master!"

    After learning the news, Huang Can's expression changed drastically.

    Compared to the man in yellow robe, he knows more.

    When Su Chen was wreaking havoc in King Kong City, his men witnessed it with their own eyes. Su Chen clearly used the power of Dharma Masters and Evolvers.

    How come you became a level 3 mentalist again in the blink of an eye?

    Is it possible that he is a fellow practitioner in the three major professions?

    And the levels have reached level 3?

    It¡¯s scary to think about it!

    Thinking of this, Huang Can¡¯s whole heart felt like it had fallen into an ice cellar.  (Remember the website address:
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