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Chapter 357 Entering the Auction

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    After having breakfast and chatting for a while, Su Chen estimated that it was almost time for the auction to start, so Su Chen went to the Beicheng Auction with everyone.

    The Beicheng Auction is held once a month, and its reputation in Tongtian City is still very high, thus attracting many people to participate.

    And if you want to enter the auction, you must purchase a ticket.

    An ordinary seat ticket costs 10 energy stones per person, and a box ticket costs 200 energy stones. A box can seat about ten people.

    Whether it¡¯s a ticket or a private room, the price is not cheap.

    Those who come to participate in the auction are not ordinary people, and they can still get the money for the tickets.

    However, most of them chose to sit and vote.

    There are very few people who choose to buy a box.

    As a rich man, Su Chen naturally wanted to show off his rich temperament and directly purchased a box ticket.

    When he got the ticket, he took a look and found that the word "seven" was written on it, which should be box number seven.

    ¡° Later, when he was about to lead everyone in, Leng Buding saw traces of the gray old man in the crowd again.

    "We are quite destined." Su Chen muttered and greeted the gray old man: "Old man, what a coincidence."

    The gray old man was buying tickets when he vaguely heard a familiar voice.

    So I looked around, when Su Chen's handsome face appeared in my sight.

    The gray old man was stunned for a moment, and his face turned dark instantly.

    Then he turned around and walked out of the crowd, murmuring to himself as he walked, "It's so unlucky that I can run into this guy wherever I go."

    Wherever Su Chen went, someone would be killed. He did not dare to get too close to Su Chen, lest he would be killed.

    However, he still had some doubts in his heart.

    Su Chen has committed many crimes along the way and has killed countless powerful people. How is he still alive and well now?

    This is a bit unreasonable!

    Seeing the gray old man disappearing, Su Chen rubbed his nose and said, "This old guy is really sick and we need to seize the time to treat him."

    Later, without thinking too much, he entered the auction with everyone.

    Not long after Su Chen and others entered, two mysterious men bumped into each other and started whispering to each other.

    "Have you seen clearly, are they these people?"

    "Sir, I can see clearly that it is them. When will we take action?"

    "Don't worry, there is a powerful level 4 evolver among them, we are no match."

    "Just leave them alone?"

    "Humph, the city lord already knows about this. He told us to just keep an eye on it and not to act rashly."

    "Yes, I understand."


    As soon as Su Chen entered, a waiter led them to private room No. 7.

    The auction is divided into two floors. There are thousands of seats on the first floor, which belong to those who buy tickets.

    The private rooms are on the second floor, and there are only ten private rooms in total.

    Entering box No. 7, the waiter explained some of the rules and methods of the auction, and then left.

    Su Chen squinted his eyes and sighed, "You really get what you pay for."

    There is plenty of space in the box, and even if there are nine of them, there is no feeling of crowding at all.

    In addition, there are ten sofa-like seats.

    In addition, there are all kinds of fruits, tea and other things.

    Su Chen sat on the seat in the middle. There was a transparent glass in front of him, and he could clearly see the scene on the first floor.

    And in front of you, there is a red button.

    According to the waiter¡¯s introduction, it is used for bidding.

    Every time you press it, it means increasing the price.  (Remember the website address:
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