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Chapter 358 Bidding for Magnetite

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    The auction will begin soon.

    A young woman with a graceful figure and beautiful appearance walked up to the front desk on the first floor. She was the female host of this auction.

    The woman first briefly introduced the rules of the auction, and then began to auction the first item of the day.

    The first item is a pill called Energy Gathering Pill.

    After taking it, there is a certain probability that a level 2 evolver will be promoted to a level 3 evolver.

    The starting price is 100 ordinary energy stones, and each increase in price shall not be less than 20 energy stones.

    After the female host announced the start of the auction, the prices started to increase crazily. In the blink of an eye, the price had soared to 200 energy stones.

    And, this price did not last long and continued to rise.

    There are very few pills that can improve your cultivation. Those who have been stuck as level 2 evolvers for many years will naturally not miss this opportunity.

    Su Chen showed little interest in this and never raised the price once.

    He himself relies on attribute fragments to advance and does not need any pills at all.

    ¡° Moreover, there are a lot of [Physique Potions] in the storage bag, and the probability of promotion is 100%, which is definitely not comparable to the energy-concentrating pills.

    He even thought that if the [Physique Potion] were auctioned, it would definitely cause a sensation.

    Of course, he won¡¯t sell things like [Physique Potion], and he doesn¡¯t lack the energy stones.

    In the end, under crazy bidding, the energy gathering pill was bought by a middle-aged man on the first floor for 380 energy stones.

    This man left the auction as soon as he delivered the energy stone and received the energy-gathering pill.

    Immediately afterwards, the second item started to be auctioned.

    The second item is a long sword named Wuyou Sword.

    The introduction given by the female host is that the Wuyou Sword is extremely sharp and can cause damage to evolvers one level above itself.

    The starting price is the same as the energy gathering pill, which is 100 energy stones, and each increase in price is also 20 energy stones.

    Although the Worry-free Sword is good, it is obviously not as popular as the Energy Gathering Pill. There were very few bidders, and the final transaction price was 180 energy stones.

    Later, the auction continued, and seven items were auctioned in a row, but Su Chen did not take action on any of them.

    His main targets are the Essence Fruit Tree and the Earth Star Pulse Condensation Stone, and other things are somewhat despising.

    "The tenth item will be auctioned below. This is an unknown ore with a special power fluctuation"

    The hostess said eloquently that the auction was about to begin.

    Su Chen originally thought that what appeared would be the Earth Star Condensation Stone, but what appeared was a purple ore.

    Su Chen shook his head and stopped paying attention.

    But at this moment, the [Intelligent Chariot] suddenly connected with Su Chen.

    "Master, that piece of ore is magnetite, which can upgrade my detection range."

    Hearing this, Su Chen's eyes suddenly lit up and asked: "How much can it be improved?"

    Although the detection range is an auxiliary function, it is of great significance.

    With the increased detection range, it will be easier to find the whereabouts of zombies and mutant beasts.

    This is something Su Chen values ????very much.

    "On the original basis, the detection range will be increased by one hundred kilometers."

    Su Chen was a little excited.

    ¡¾Smart Chariot¡¿The current detection range is 200 kilometers. After obtaining the magnetite, it can be increased to 300 kilometers. This improvement is still very large.

    Su Chen took a deep breath and started bidding for the first time.

    Since magnetite is an unknown ore, it did not attract much attention and there were only a few bidders.

    Su Chen didn¡¯t care so much, he kept pressing the red button and raised the price to 200 energy stones in one breath.

    No one would pay more for an unknown ore, so Su Chen successfully harvested the magnetite.  (Remember the website address:
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