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Chapter 458 Let me be a human being!

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    Under the burning of the Eight Ominous Mysterious Fire Arrays, although the beast god was immortal, he was seriously injured. He was like a wounded beast, hiding alone in a cave and licking his wounds!

    Qin Moyu and the humanoid beast god are hiding in the dark and waiting!

    Based on history, they knew exactly what was going to happen next!

    Sure enough, not long after, Linglong led the five most elite warriors of the Miao tribe into the Hundred Thousand Mountains in line with the thought of long nights and many dreams!

    Then, we arrived at the Ancient Demon-Suppressing Cave with ease!

    The Beast God was created by Linglong. Naturally, Linglong knows everything about the Beast God!

    She understood even more that apart from this ancient cave, there was no place for the Beast God to hide!

    However, after chasing them outside the Ancient Demon-Suppressing Cave, Linglong had no intention of leading the five Miao warriors in, but asked them to wait outside the cave!

    Although they were a little surprised, these Miao warriors didn¡¯t mean to ask too much about Linglong Witch¡¯s words!

    He nodded and waited outside the cave!

    Then, Linglong entered the Demon-Suppressing Ancient Cave alone!

    Hearing the footsteps, the beast god raised his head!

    Seeing Linglong walking in, she was the only one, and the beast god lowered his head again!


    Although it looked like a life and death battle outside, when she walked to the side of the Beast God and stretched out her hand to touch the Beast God, Linglong let out a long sigh!

    "Why? Why do you treat me like this"

    With his head lowered, the beast god seemed to be heartbroken!

    Although it is said to be an immortal body, its heart is already dead!

    "It's all my fault, I made you!"

    "You were transformed by the most ferocious anger in the world, and you were born with a strong sense of murderous potential. If you are allowed to survive in this world, I am afraid that all the people in this world will suffer endless disasters forever and ever!"

    ¡°I won¡¯t, I just want to be with you, I won¡¯t think about anything else, I won¡¯t even do it!¡±

    Hidden in the darkness, beside Qin Moyu, the humanoid beast god suddenly whispered in a voice as low as a mosquito!

    This voice was very low, but Qin Moyu, who was standing next to the Beast God, could hear it clearly!

    Hearing this, Qin Moyu turned around and glanced at the beast god beside him!

    ¡°I won¡¯t, I just want to be with you, I won¡¯t think about anything else, I won¡¯t even do it!¡±

    Sure enough, after a moment, the injured beast god spoke, and every word he said was no different from the humanoid beast god next to Qin Moyu!

    "But, what if I die?" The humanoid beast god said again!

    Sure enough, almost at the same time, Linglong also spoke and asked the injured beast god!

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Silent, stunned!

    Obviously, the injured Beast God has not considered Linglong¡¯s issue at all!

    Yes, the beast god is an immortal existence. If Linglong is here, he can indeed restrain it!

    But Linglong is a human being after all. Even if she is successful in cultivation, her lifespan will only be a few hundred years at most. What if she dies?

    Facing Linglong¡¯s words, the injured beast god was speechless!

    Seeing the stunned expression of the beast god, Linglong smiled, but there were two lines of tears sliding down her pale face!

    Then, Linglong activated the Eight Ominous Mysterious Fire Arrays again!

    The beast god is transformed into the evil spirit between heaven and earth, and is immortal. However, as long as the evil spirit in the beast god recovers a little, it will be immediately burned by the Eight Ominous Mysterious Fire Array!

    The beast god stayed quietly in the flames, with no intention of resisting anymore!

    Just like that, a few days passed in a flash!

    After being burned for several days, although the beast god was extremely weak, he still showed no tendency to be burned to death!

    Linglong seemed to fully understand this. Suddenly, the Eight Evil Mysterious Fire Array was put away. Linglong stared at the dying beast god and asked him: "Do you have any other wishes?"

    "Wish? My wish is to be with you, why can't we be together?"

    The dying beast god¡¯s eyes were very bright. He stared at Linglong seriously, but he still didn¡¯t quite understand!

    As long asIf two people want to be together, then let¡¯s be together. Isn¡¯t it that simple?

    Why not? Why do you have to consider so much?

    "Because you are not a human being, not even a living being, so we are destined not to be together" Staring at the beast god in front of her, Linglong shook her head and said!

    "Then just let me be a human being!" Lowering his head, the Beast God suddenly said this!

    When Linglong heard this, she felt like she was struck by lightning!

    After being silent for a long time, my mind reflexively thought that the beast god I met before was probably not the beast god of this era!

    He has become a human being, and in addition to the still extremely strong aura of violence, he also has his own aura!

    Immediately, Linglong seemed to understand something, stretched out her hand and took out a short knife!  He cut himself with a knife!

    The injured beast god next to him looked completely dumbfounded, as if he didn¡¯t understand what Linglong was doing!

    The flesh, blood and bones were directly cut off and a new skeleton was built!

    At the same time, Linglong¡¯s mouth began to chant complicated spells, and placed the beast god on the skeleton!

    The dense light lit up, completely covering the beast god and the skeleton made of exquisite flesh and bones!

    Qin Moyu tightly grasped the beast god beside her!

    He could feel that after Linglong took out the knife, something was wrong with the Beast God, and he wanted to rush forward to stop it!

    Holding the Beast God tightly, it seemed that he still couldn't catch him. Immediately, Qin Moyu followed up and covered the Beast God's eyes.

    "Don't do it. If you rush out now, you will fail! Just bear with it!"

    Covering the Beast God¡¯s eyes and holding him tightly, Qin Moyu whispered to the Beast God in a low voice!

    "Young Master Yu, just like this, cover my eyes and don't let me see, otherwise, otherwise I can't help it"

    The beast god¡¯s whole body was trembling, and he seemed to be stammering when he spoke!

    Obviously, he was also trying his best to restrain himself at this time!

    The miserable scene happened again. Seeing Linglong slashing at him with his own eyes, the beast god couldn't bear it!

    The performance of witchcraft seems to have a very cumbersome ritual, but as the most powerful witch in the history of the Miao people, Linglong finally completed the witchcraft!

    "Then, Qin Moyu saw that Linglong had really reached the end of her strength, and could no longer maintain her strength. She used Instant Step, and Qin Moyu rushed out in an instant!

    Seeing Linglong¡¯s now dilapidated body, he shook his head slightly, and immediately, the Zanpakutš­ was unsheathed!

    Use the scabbard to directly mark Linglong¡¯s eyebrows!

    The beast god¡¯s eyes widened and he stared closely!

    He could clearly see that with Qin Moyu¡¯s movements, Linglong¡¯s soul was shot out of her broken body (Remember this site¡¯s website address:
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